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NA Server Roadmap Update: Details on 8/25 Server Move

August 24th, 2015



NA’s servers are moving to Chicago tomorrow. Here are the details on how the move will be executed:


TL;DR: From ~5 AM – Noon PDT on 8/25, the NA game servers will be moving to a new, centralized location in Chicago, Illinois. This move, along with other components of the NA Server Roadmap, should improve connection quality for the vast majority of NA players. West Coast players will see an uptick in raw ping numbers, but should also see that uptick mitigated by connection improvements in the form of better overall stability and reduced packet loss. We’ll follow up the server move with a weekend stress test (complete withParty IP) from August 28 – 30. More details below.

Last week, we gave you guys a date, and now the time is upon us! From ~5 AM – Noon PDTon 8/25, the NA game servers will be moving to their new home in Chicago, Illinois.


What to expect

Ahab Final PortraitAround 5 AM PDT on the 25th, we’ll disable ranked play and kick off a phased, zero-downtime transfer of server activity, with an escalating percentage of game starts steadily re-allocated to Chicago over the course of the move. Keep in mind your game starts may hop back and forth between Chicago and Portland if you’re playing during this period. By the end of the migration, all games will be supported out of Chicago, with Portland reverting to a disaster-recovery backup while we continue to gather data and make any required adjustments.Tentatively, we’re shooting to complete the transfer by 12 PM (noon) PDT.


Things to look out for

Considering our extensive preparation and the lack of downtime, the most likely outcome is that you won’t notice any disruption on your end, but we’re also preparing for any and all contingencies. Worst case, we encounter significant issues and temporarily roll back to the current Portland servers so you encounter minimal downtime or disrupted play as we fix any major problems. Look for up-to-date info in the in-client ticker and Service Status page!

Given the complexity of NA’s internet architecture and ISP landscape, we know we’ll have to troubleshoot various local routing issues that crop up following the server move; we’re already preparing to make sure your connections take the most efficient possible paths on our dedicated network to the new servers. Most connections will be already well-aligned by the time Chicago is live, but there will likely be at least some that aren’t getting to Chicago as quickly as they could be. And we could use your help! Tomorrow, look for our Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread in which you guys will actually be able to help us troubleshoot any emergent network pathing problems by testing your connection to Chicago and sending us traceroute info from your machines.


ISP Peering

On a related note, ISP peering will of course play a major role in making sure your connections are getting to Chicago as quickly as possible. One of our key Roadmap efforts over the past year has been signing and maintaining agreements with ISPs across the US and Canada – check out our latest peering list here. A note on some of the more high-profile names missing from that list: we’re currently installing our connections with Cox, AT&T, andVerizon, and expect to have peering fully up and running with all three within a few weeks. If you’re with one of these ISPs, your connection post-Chicago move may not be on the most efficiently routed path until that work completes. We’ll keep you updated as these ISPs come online.



As we’ve mentioned, starting tomorrow, we’ll also offer free transfers to players located in the US, US territories, and Canada who are currently playing on other servers – look for a transfer email from us and a free transfer option in the store on your account! Lingering questions about transferring your account? Check out our Account Transfer FAQ.


Stress Test Weekend

After the move itself has been successfully completed, we want to roll right into a stress test weekend from August 28 – 30 to observe how well the new game servers handle peak traffic. To help make sure we really put the new Chicago infrastructure through its paces, we’re enabling Party IP over the weekend – check out the details below in case you need a refresher.

Number of players in party –> Bonus IP awarded

  • 2 –> 100% bonus
  • 3 –> 150% bonus
  • 4 –> 200% bonus
  • 5 –> 300% bonus

You earn rewards win or lose, but only if you’re in a party with at least one other player. Make sure to log in, help us test, and earn extra IP from August 28th, 00:00 PDT through August 30th, 23:59 PDT!

We’ll be back tomorrow with up-to-date info on the progress and outcome of the move, but in the meantime we’re also happy to address any immediate questions you may have in the comments below!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]