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OGN Weekly Round Up: Week 4

April 30th, 2013


Week 4 of OGN Champions Spring has come and gone. With only two weeks left of group stage, the stakes of each match are climbing higher than ever. Judgment Day and KT Rolster B have already secured their playoff spots with dominating performances already this season, but the remaining ten teams all still have a chance. There were some great matches this week, and for those of you unable to watch or subscribe to OGN’s TwitchTV channel, I’m here to recap the battles for you. So without further ado, let’s look into the first match of the week.


KT Rolster A versus SK Telecom T1 #2

Game 1
Blue – SK Telecom T1 #2 – Kennen/Zac/Kha’Zix/Miss Fortune/Sona
Purple – KT Rolster A – Rumble/Nasus/Jayce/Twitch/Thresh

Going into this match, KT Rolster A desperately needs a win in order to still have playoff hopes. If they get 2-0’d, they will not make it to the playoffs. And unfortunately for them, they’re facing off against SK Telecom T1 #2 (Judgment Day), the team leading Group A in points so far.

As Sona and Miss Fortune walked into lane after doing their double golems bot lane, Thresh and Twitch casually strolled out of the lane brush to pick up first blood off PoohManDu’s Sona, Bronze League-style.

Despite a gank top lane putting Judgment Day down 2-0 in kills, both mid and bot lanes came out ahead in fights at the 7 minute mark to bring them into the lead with a 3 for 0 globally, followed by an uncontested Dragon. No more action went down until about 4 minutes later, when multiple lanes aggressed upon one another again, with an over-dive top lane yielding a 2 for 1 in KT Rolster’s favor, and both supports dying in bottom lane.

Judgment Day focused a lot of bullying on Vitamin’s Rumble in top lane as he fell to half of Impact’s Kennen’s farm. With the kills on Vitamin going to Faker in the mid lane, the gap in both top and mid led to solo kills in both lanes a few minutes further in. Judgment Day continued to abuse their lane leads and fighting 2v2 and 3v3 skirmishes wherever possible and pulled into a 9k gold lead by the 19 minute mark as KT Rolster A’s bottom inner tower fell.

KT Rolster A still had hopes in the game as a few misplayed team fights for SK Telecom went down without the three AoE CC ultimates stacked upon one another, but SKT held on to their lead until a 28 minute uncontested Baron for SKT turned into a perfect dive and perfect team fight under KT Rolster A’s middle inhib turret, followed by a surrender to give Judgment Day the 1-0 series lead.
Game 2
Blue – KT Rolster A – Shen/Elise/Fizz/Ezreal/Lulu
Purple – SK Telecom T1 #2 – Jayce/Lee Sin/Twisted Fate/Vayne/Mordekaiser

PoohManDu once again showed his flexibility as he locked in a Mordekaiser for himself as the support. And yes, that is seriously a support Mordekaiser. Before you say, “Wow, what trolls!” — they selected Mordekaiser as a plan to 2v1 lane and make up for Vayne’s painful lack of wave clear with a manaless lane pusher.

Judgment Day’s early game plans paid off perfectly as Piglet and Pooh both walked into top lane against Zero’s Fizz, leading to him immediately turning tail, and heading back to base to swap with Vitamin’s Shen who had originally gone bottom. As Zero made it into bot lane, he found himself as a level 1 Fizz against an already level 3 Jayce.

Meanwhile, Bengi’s Lee Sin tried to invade for the blue buff of KT Rolster, he was collapsed upon by three members of KTR and cleaned up by Hiro’s Ezreal, passing over a red buff to the mid lane 2v1ing Ezreal.

For the next ten minutes, no kills went down, although Judgment Day managed to knock down the side lane outer turrets, and KT Rolster shoved over mid lane. The teams finally got into a fight around Dragon and SKT’s Blue buff at the 13:30 mark, leading to a 3 for 1 in favor of KT Rolster A, who still trailed by 2k gold due to Judgment Day’s superior laning. 0-2 Bengi’s trouble in the jungle continued as Hiro all but evened up the gold with an Ezreal ult to steal the Dragon at 14:24.

KT Rolster A were looking strong as they caught Faker in mid lane and the Hiro/Me5 duo chased down Impact’s Jayce in top, but Benji managed to turn the tower dive on Impact into 2 kills for himself to catch him back up into the game.

The first full team fight erupted at KT Rolster’s bottom inner turret at 20:30 as KT Rolster engaged on Faker’s Twisted Fate, bursting him down as soon as possible. The fight stretched all the way up to Dragon and ultimately ended in a 3 for 3 trade between the teams. As Faker respawned and headed into bottom lane, Kakao’s Elise met him in the lane brush and picked up another kill to be 4/0/4 and drop Faker to a 0/3/1 score.

Another team fight erupted at the 24 minute mark as Bengi dove deep into the KT Rolster line-up mid lane, ultimately trading himself for Fizz and a Lulu ult, with Fizz’s ghost being abused to help SKT shove down the mid inner turret for KT. 9 minutes later the teams finally traded blows at KT Rolster’s bottom inner tower again as Zero initiated with a completely whiffed Fizz ultimate. Hiro managed a spectacular double kill as four members of Judgment Day dove the tower to finish him off, Arcane Shifting aggressively to ensure the second kill and salvaging the would-be 4 for 0 team fight.

The match was ultimately determined at the 41 minute mark as Kakao got caught farming too deep in the mid lane, turning into a chase and clean up of the rest of KT Rolster A, putting the final nail in the coffin both for the series and for KT Rolster A’s playoff hopes. SK Telecom T1 #2 wins the series 2-0, guaranteeing themselves a spot in the playoffs.


NaJin Shield versus ahq.Korea

Game 1
Blue – NaJin Shield – Rumble/Elise/Kha’Zix/Varus/Thresh
Purple – ahq.Korea – Jayce/Kayle/Ryze/Miss Fortune/Sona

This series carries a ton of playoff implications for both teams, as the two are tied for fourth place in Group B. If either team were to come out victorious, it would all but secure their spot beyond the group stage.

Despite Save’s Kha’Zix playing with reckless abandon in mid lane to try to secure first blood with an Elixir of Fortitude, first (and second) blood of the match came from a perfect gank out of NoFe’s Elise with help of a Wolf’s Thresh taking down both Promise and Loray. NoFe earned a killing spree with another gank top lane shortly after to put NaJin Shield into a 3-0 kill lead, with all three kills on NoFe. ahq.Korea answered the top lane gank back with a dragon.

The first tower of the game fell at 15 minutes, in NaJin Shield’s favor as NoFe executed another great gank with the kill going to a Wolf on Thresh. Rotating to mid lane, NoFe picked up another kill for himself and set up NaJin Shield for a free Dragon for their troubles. ahq.Korea tried to mitigate the gold advantage with a mid lane tower, but they could not kill it fast enough and Expession collapsed from top lane to pinch ahq as they fled, turning into two more kills and a 7-0 score for NaJin Shield.

Despite the kill deficit, ahq.Korea saw an opportunity to push hard down the mid lane as NaJin Shield was pushing bot lane. All but Save’s Kha’Zix recalled for Shield, and Save pushed on to the bottom inhib as ahq.Korea picked up 3 kills for themselves before taking down Shield’s mid lane inhibitor in return. However, ahq were whittled down too low and forced to back, leading to a completely free Baron kill for Shield. After the Baron, Shield managed to find back to back favorable fights, leading to their victory in game 1.
Game 2
Blue – ahq.Korea – Rengar/Lee Sin/Katarina/Varus/Thresh
Purple – NaJin Shield – Kha’Zix/Nasus/Kha’Zix/Miss Fortune/Sona

Although in game 1, Diana had been target-banned against Save in the mid lane, NaJin Shield decided to pass Diana to the top lane in Expession’s hands and give Save Kha’Zix. Meanwhile, TrAce selected a champion that he’d been teasing all season without actually picking — Rengar.

ahq.Korea managed to snag first blood in top lane, where the duo lanes resided, as Locodoco accidentally flashed into a Thresh Q while attempting to flee from ActScene’s Lee Sin. NaJin Shield answered back with a gank bottom lane, but TrAce showed why he was known for his Rengar with some clever usage of Unseen Predator’s leap to juke around Nasus and Diana. As ActScene came to bail TrAce out, the duo turned it around into two kills turning into a 3/0 ActScene Lee Sin by 6 minutes.

NaJin Shield managed to quell the aggression as they started to play a bit more passively, but ahq.Korea extended their lead through objectives of Dragon and all three outer towers over the next nine minutes. After 20 minutes, ActScene was still the only player in the game with any kills, as he secured his fourth kill of the game against Save’s Kha’Zix in an epic chase scene that displayed where Boots of Mobility got their name.

At the 22:30 mark, ahq pushed past the top inner tower for Shield and brought the kill score to 8-0 with all four of the new kills going on to Hoon’s Katarina. With no vision on the map out of Shield, ahq took a 24 minute Baron, leading to two more kills and a Dragon. After an ace in the top lane, ahq finished off the game with a 15-1 kill lead and not a single tower of their own knocked down to tie the series 1-1.

ahq NJShd

MVP Ozone versus NaJin Sword

Game 1
Blue – MVP Ozone – Jarvan IV/Nasus/Jayce/Tristana/Thresh
Purple – NaJin Sword – Renekton/Zac/Kha’Zix/Miss Fortune/Sona

Both MVP Ozone and NaJin Sword come into this match looking for a 2-0 victory, as a split does nothing to solidify either team’s playoff hopes, and the 4-way tie for 2nd place in Group A meaning any team that doesn’t pull ahead of the pack is on the verge of elimination alongside KT Rolster A.

First blood went to Watch’s Zac in bottom lane as he ganked Homme’s overextended Jarvan IV. Dade’s Jayce teleported bottom hoping to even out and force a kill trade, but ultimately ended up a waste of a summoner for himself. As teleport came off cooldown, Mata’s Thresh landed a hook onto Sona in the top lane, and four members of MVP Ozone just converged onto Sword’s duo lane for a kill onto Imp’s Tristana and Dade’s Jayce. However, as four members of Ozone were in the top lane, Sword took the free Dragon as Ozone pushed the tower.

A max range Zac dive at the twelve minute mark turned into a 2 for 1 team fight in Sword’s favor to tie up the kill score 3-3. The two teams butted heads again shortly after over Dragon, but MVP Ozone came out ahead with two kills exchange for another kill on Watch’s Zac, though neither team managed to finish Dragon. This led to the two teams returning to the Dragon as soon as many of the cooldowns were back up for the teams, but this time NaJin Sword found themselves victorious in the fight, going 4 for 1, only losing Pray’s Miss Fortune, and only failing to take down Jayce.

After a failed pickoff from sSong’s Kha’Zix, a team fight erupted around an empty Dragon pit in the 21st minute, and Sword managed to secure two kills to avenge sSong’s death, followed by knocking down their first tower of the game. The action dulled for the next seven minutes, until a huge crescendo out of Cain turned into a quadra kill for Pray and a final clean up for sSong, leading to a free Baron as MVP Ozone were stuck staring at the respawn screen. NaJin Sword grouped bottom before their baron buff wore off and managed four kills as the tower fell, leading to a surrender from MVP Ozone.
Game 2
Blue – NaJin Sword – Kha’Zix/Lee Sin/Orianna/Miss Fortune/Thresh
Purple – MVP Ozone – Jarvan IV/Nasus/Ryze/Vayne/Sona

The game started out painfully slow with no significant action or advantages coming out of either team, apart from a slight, and growing, CS lead for Miss Fortune. First blood wasn’t acquired until after the eleven minute mark, where, following a Bullet Time from Pray that managed no kills, Imp’s Vayne and Mata’s Sona turned to chase down PraY, and through some creative flashing, tumbling, and condemnation, Vayne managed to secure the first kill of the game. However, fearing that Vayne was getting back into the game, NaJin Sword answered back by quickly pushing down the tower upon respawning, and switching into the bottom lane and taking down a second turret to take over the gold lead.

The next aggression came at 15 minutes as sSong and Pray versus Dade and a tower turned into a dead Orianna and Ryze, followed by a dead Pray and dead tower as the rest of the teams converged upon one another. The next fight came as Dragon respawned at 19 minutes and MVP Ozone were directly on the spawn. The Bullet Time out of PraY hit air, and Dandy’s Nasus scored a triple kill in the 5 for 0 ace for MVP Ozone. With all of NaJin Sword down, and much of MVP Ozone still fairly healthy, Ozone took down a Baron as well, with Sona dying to a Baron execution.

The Baron buff turned into no objectives or additional kills for Ozone, however, and acted only as a deterrent from Sword’s itch for aggression. They attempted a Dragon after their Baron expired, but with a ward-Safeguard-Lantern escape, Watch’s Lee Sin managed to smite steal the Dragon away and get out without a single tick of damage making it onto him in return.

A bit after Baron’s respawn, NaJin Sword lost vision of the pit, leading to a snuck Baron from MVP Ozone as Sword pushed down mid lane. Ozone chased Sword toward Ozone’s own base, and Sword fled away toward Ozone’s blue buff, with a few flashes turning into a team fight in the jungle. Ultimately, the fight ended in only MaKNooN on Kha’Zix surviving with a triple kill. Yet another team fight erupted on Ozone’s side of the map at the 38 minute mark, but not a single member of Ozone fell as Imp scored a triple kill in the 4 for 0 fight. MVP Ozone pushed down Sword’s mid lane Inhibitor as their spoils of the battle.

As Baron respawned, MVP Ozone attempted to bait NaJin Sword’s lack of vision by waiting in the banana brush, but upon Cain illuminating their plans with his lantern, MVP Ozone popped Shurelya’s and hard-engaged. By killing MaKNooN and sSong and forcing the flash from Pray’s Miss Fortune, Ozone pushed into the mid lane and finished off the game to tie the series 1-1.


LG-IM versus CJ Entus Frost

Game 1
Blue – LG-IM – Rumble/Zac/Zed/Vayne/Sona
Purple – CJ Entus Frost – Jayce/Rammus/Diana/Kog’Maw/Thresh

LG-IM find themselves in a dire situation at the bottom of the rankings as Shield and ahq tied earlier in the week, granting them both a one point advantage over LG-IM and leaving Incredible Miracle looking for its namesake against the on-fire CJ Entus Frost in week 4 to pull themselves out of last place in Group B.

This was another game of announcer silence early game, with no kills on champions or turrets for the first eleven minutes of the game, at which point both teams traded a side lane tower. Frost gained the first gold lead of the game by taking Dragon as LG-IM backed off the dead bottom lane tower, and then turned their attention bottom lane as they drew first blood on Lasha’s Sona (losing MadLife in the process).

As all ten players grouped mid after LG-IM dropped Frost’s mid tower, Lilac’s Zac engaged with no potential for Crescendo follow-up out of Lasha and turned into a kill for Frost with no retaliation. As Frost started the Dragon afterward, Lilac used his dash to attempt a steal, but failed and forced an engage which turned into a 2 for 1 fight for LG-IM. The teams traded kills back and forth for the next few minutes without any major tide-turning team fights, but Frost pulled ahead in gold to a 4k gold advantage.

Upon picking off Smeb’s Rumble with a Flash+Exhaust out of MadLife, Frost immediately turned to Baron. RapidSTAR was caught alone in mid lane, but Lilac again failed a Smite Steal and paid with his life. With Baron on all but Diana, Frost engaged a fight mid lane with a 4 for 1 in their favor, followed by knocking down an inhibitor in mid lane and the inhibitor turret in bot lane. Before the Baron expired, Frost pushed back into the bottom lane to knock down the naked inhibitor. Frost immediately moved to top lane where after a 2 for 2 fight, they managed to knock down the third inhibitor.

Frost regrouped and engaged a 5v5 fight in the open area of LG-IM’s base, but LG-IM managed to turn it into a 4 for 1 fight and cling on to the hope for a victory. Unfortunately, they remained pinned in their base, allowing Frost to take another Baron for free and leading to Frost pushing in and finishing off the game.
Game 2
Blue – CJ Entus Frost – Jayce/Nasus/Diana/Miss Fortune/Thresh
Purple – LG-IM – Rumble/Zac/Kha’Zix/Ashe/Zyra

Despite a very aggressive opening in bottom lane out of MadLife, this turned into yet another no-announcement early game, with the only significant advantage in the game coming out of MidKing’s Kha’Zix with a near-30 cs advantage over RapidSTAR by 10 minutes. The first kill of the game went to MidKing as LG-IM used 4 ultimates to kill CloudTemplar around the Dragon, but no Dragon was cleaned up to follow. As Shy dove Smeb top lane (with no kill going to either player), Lilac was pulled for LG-IM to cover the lane, leading to the Dragon and a small gold lead going to Frost.

After a bit of confused roaming, Shy was caught and pinched between Rumble and Zac and picked off with a kill going to Lilac’s Zac. Meanwhile, in bottom lane, Hermes and MadLife attempted some aggression of their own, but as MadLife’s Thresh Q pulled Lasha out of Bullet Time while Hermes stood on the Zyra ultimate, Hermes died to Paragon’s Ashe and MadLife was forced to clean up Lasha’s Zyra himself. MidKing roamed to bottom to catch the fleeing MadLife for a kill of his own between the towers, pulling LG-IM to a 4-1 kill score lead.

Once again the two teams aggressed onto one another in both top and bottom lanes with both teams’ top, ADC, and support players dying, but Frost came out on top as both side lane towers died for LG-IM. The teams both grouped after the 19 minute mark where Dragon respawned, and CloudTemplar managed to smite steal the Dragon started by LG-IM. The ensuing fight left 3 dead for LG-IM and only one dead for Frost, which led to the final outer turret of LG-IM’s falling.

The action slowed down until the next Dragon, where Diana was caught split pushing and attempted to teleport out, but an Enchanted Crystal Arrow from Paragon interrupted the summoner spell. LG-IM took Dragon to follow, but CJ Entus answered by taking Baron even with RapidSTAR down. A team fight followed, ending 3 for 2 in LG-IM’s favor, and Baron buff only remained on MadLife’s Thresh.

Frost began to split push top lane with Diana as RapidSTAR’s teleport came off cooldown, and as LG-IM engaged on Frost in the bottom lane, leading into a triple kill for RapidSTAR followed by two more kills as Frost continued to push. Frost healed up and grouped to push mid, with a 3 for 0 team fight in their favor breaking out and ending in an inhibitor taken down by CJ Entus. After regrouping yet again, Frost managed to split LG-IM up in their own jungle and pick off 3 players yet again, followed by the shoving of the top lane Inhibitor. Frost followed up with another Baron and polished off the game and the series with a 2-0 victory.


MVP Blue versus CJ Entus Blaze

Game 1
Blue – MVP Blue – Rumble/Zac/Kha’Zix/Caitlyn/Nami
Purple – CJ Entus Blaze – Diana/Lee Sin/Zed/Kog’Maw/Lulu

Yet another match between teams tied for second place in Group A. As NaJin Sword and Ozone tied earlier in the week, a 2-0 from either team in this series would secure their spot in the playoffs.

MVP Blue opened up the game with an incredibly aggressive play, with Zac and Kha’Zix skilling their leaps, and Nami burning flash to jump over the wall near Dragon and sneaking into the tribrush below Blaze’s blue buff, then sneaking up into the Golem brush itself, where they awaited Flame’s path into bottom lane. Easyhoon secured first blood with a leaping chase and ChuNyang stayed to secure the blue buff.

As soon as Cheonju’s Rumble hit level 6, he wandered down to the Dragon as MVP Blue knocked down Blaze’s mid tower, forfeiting his own top lane tower as Blue killed the first Dragon of the game. A while after a max-range Rumble ult was cast to initiate onto LustBoy and Cpt Jack in the bottom lane, turning into a kill for Deft’s Caitlyn with a Headshot. As Cheonju chased LustBoy, he was picked off by Diana instead. Blaze followed it up with a 2 for 0 fight and the bottom lane turret.

As Dragon respawned at the 15:30 mark, MVP Blue prepared to take it down, but after a teleport, Flame managed to steal it with a perfect Crescent Strike, and Blaze engaged onto MVP Blue and emerged with a 4 for 2 advantage post-fight, as well as two towers in the mid lane of MVP Blue falling.

Blaze began to take advantage of Diana’s ability to split push, leaving Flame in the top lane as the next Dragon came up, and allowing MVP Blue to dance around the Dragon. Blaze stalled the potential for backing with their ability to poke using Kog’Maw, leading to Flame knocking down the inhibitor turret and Blaze taking down the Dragon while MVP Blue were stuck between Scylla and Charybdis for decisions on which to engage, ultimately picking neither.

At the 24:30 mark, MVP Blue managed to catch 3 members of Blaze on an Equalizer, followed by a Let’s Bounce from Zac. However, Flame came in with a flank on Diana and managed to turn the fight into a 4 for 2 in Blaze’s favor. A few minutes later, ChuNyang attempted to scout and ward Baron, but was caught by Blaze, leading to a 4 for 0 fight and two inhibitors for Blaze. MVP Blue attmpted a desperation Baron only to be forced off and engaged for yet another 4 for 0 fight for Blaze, followed immediately by a surrender from MVP Blue.
Game 2
Blue – CJ Entus Blaze – Elise/Nasus/Karthus/Kog’Maw/Lulu
Purple – MVP Blue – Rumble/Diana/Orianna/Ezreal/Thresh

First blood went almost immediately to Deft’s Ezreal as the minions clashed in bottom lane as Lustboy and Cpt Jack got too aggressive onto FLahm’s Thresh. MVP Blue followed up the newxt few minutes with CS leads in mid and bottom lane, while Flame maintained a similar advantage in top lane. Deft pulled further ahead with a kill onto Lustboy a few minutes into the lane as Thresh landed a Death Sentence into Flay combo. With Flame bullying Cheonju’s Rumble in the top lane, ChuNyang came for a gank which allowed Cheonju to close the gap.

MVP Blue burned Equalizer and Trueshot Barrage to attempt to kill Flame under his tower as Diana came for another gank, leading to Blaze taking the first Dragon of the game. However, as Cpt Jack moved to assist, Deft dueled him to death to move to 3/0. Each team traded kills after the Dragon as well. MVP Blue stretched their kill lead to 6-1 with a three-man brush gank onto Karthus as he moved to take his second blue buff of the game.

After using several ultimates to kill Helios, Blue went for a Dragon, but Blaze chased after. LustBoy flashed over a wall to sacrifice himself behind MVP Blue’s escape path to slow down the entirety of MVP Blue to gain two kills for Blaze. After MVP Blue backed off from a mid lane siege, Blaze abused their Elise/Nasus/Karthus/Kog’Maw composition for a quick Baron as MVP Blue rushed to get back into position. Ambition’s Karthus and Helios’ Nasus were both picked off in the retreat, but the damage had been done.

After Baron buff expired, a hook from FLahm’s Thresh onto Nasus initiated a fight, but ignoring Nasus and Karthus a little too long led to a 4 for 3 fight in Blaze’s favor. After some cheeky vision wars with the Orianna ball, Blaze scared Easyhoon off far enough to initiate a sneaky Baron and close the gold gap MVP Blue had been holding onto for the entire game. Blaze sieged down a tower with a 1 for 1 kill trade.

Blaze aggressively pushed down mid lane with MVP Blue to their backs. Blaze pulled out a 3 for 2 team fight and pushed down the middle inhibitor with the main damage threats of MVP Blue stuck in limbo. As Baron respawned again, Blaze managed to pick off ChuNyang, ensuring they could attempt Baron without risk of a steal from Smite. After the Baron, Blaze forced down the bottom lane buildings for Blue and finished the series 2-0, ensuring their own playoff spot.


SK Telecom T1 #1 versus KT Rolster B

Game 1
Blue – SK Telecom T1 #1 – Kha’Zix/Hecarim/Diana/Twitch/Lulu
Purple – KT Rolster B – Irelia/Shaco/Jayce/Caitlyn/Sona

KT Rolster B comes into this match-up already guaranteed to be in the playoffs, and therefore able to take it easy for the remaining two weeks. SK Telecom T1 #1 is now tied with ahq.Korea and NaJin Shield following the two teams’ tie with one another earlier in the week. With a split in this series, SK Telecom T1 #1 (Terminator) only need a split with NaJin Shield next week to guarantee their spot in the playoffs.

Terminator is notorious for their split-pushing style of play this season. Knowing this, KT Rolster B went a little unconventional on their choice of jungle champion for inSec. InSec chose to play Jungle Shaco with Smite/Teleport. First Blood came from sneaky Shaco Deception with Insec deceiving over the top lane Tower Tri-Brush wall to come in behind Reapered’s Kha’Zix. Ryu’s Jayce secured the kill with his Ignite.

A second attempt gank came out at the four minute mark, with inSec teleporting onto a ward deep into the bottom lane, but Terminator answered back with aggression out of Raven and StarLast dropping Ssumday’s Irelia low, with SuNo’s Diana teleporting into the minion wave to dive the tower for the kill. Meanwhile in top lane, Reapered returned to all-in Ryu’s Jayce for a kill as Ryu whiffed his Shock Blast.

Action settled down four about seven minutes until Reapered’s Kha’Zix once again met Ryu in the mid lane and began engaging, only for Beelzehan’s Hecarim to ult and secure the kill, trampling Ryu. With a Pink Ward thinking it had cleared out the Dragon pit, but failing to kill a ward safely tucked away in a pocket of fog of war, inSec began a Dragon attempt. Terminator collapsed on the Dragon with a teleport from SuNo to engage, stopping the attempt and killing Score, but with Suno dying himself in the process. Shortly after returning to lane, Score died again to Raven’s Twitch as StarLast and Mafa traded support kills under the tower.

A few kills came in some skirmishes top lane to keep some action in the game as Terminator slowly pushed for a turret lead with SuNo’s split push knocking down the bottom inhibitor turret before a fight broke out in mid lane, with SKT’s Twitch and Lulu falling to Score’s Caitlyn. The action slowed until inSec baited a freshly level 16 Reapered into a dive on top of him, dodging the Leap damage and blocking isolation by casting his ultimate while he awaited Ryu’s help.

The naked bottom inhibitor was finally taken down around the thirty minute mark on the back of a 3 for 1 team fight for Terminator. The next team fight game 4 minutes later at KT Rolster B’s red buff, with Raven being the only to fall for Terminator as four fell for KT Rolster B. SK Telecom followed the team fight by pushing the open bottom lane and finishing off KT Rolster B’s Nexus as inSec’s Shaco tried in vain to stop it.
Game 2
Blue – KT Rolster B – Renekton/Nasus/Kha’Zix/Miss Fortune/Fiddlesticks
Purple – SK Telecom T1 #1 – Malphite/Hecarim/Diana/Kog’Maw/Lulu

First blood came this game for Ssumday’s Renekton with an aggressive dive onto Malphite in the top lane. With KT Rolster focusing their other four champions in bot lane, they managed to also take down the bottom tower. Shortly after hitting level 6, Ssumday dove top tower with inSec again to kill Reapered once again, but this time around Beelzehan’s Hecarim managed to finish off Ssumday.

Mafa showed off the power of Support Fiddlesticks upon hitting level 6 with Ryu roaming bot lane as Mafa flash+Crowstormed onto StarLast for an easy kill, which led into a free dragon for KTRB. Ryu roamed back into the top lane, meeting Ssumday at the top tower to dive Reapered for a third time, followed by the tower finally falling as well.

The action stalled until the 16 minute mark where SKT’s Hecarim and Malphite ults chained into a dead score, with Mafa falling shortly after, and only SuNo’s Diana falling for SKT. As Dragon respawned at 18 minutes, SKT were forced into engaging without a Malphite ult, leading to a 4 for 0 team fight and a tower in KT Rolster B’s favor, though Beelzehand did manage to steal Dragon.

The sneaky thing about KT Rolster B’s composition was that Ssumday and InSec both bought Spirit of the Ancient Golem, and Ryu bought Spirit of the Elder Lizard. As Score pushed bottom lane on Miss Fortune, KT Rolster B took a 20 minute Baron with no vision from SKT giving any hint that such an action could be occurring. KT Rolster B grouped mid and quickly won a massive AoE team fight in 4 for 0 fashion yet again. InSec baited SKT into yet another fight as Terminator all respawned, but KT Rolster B emerged with a 5 for 2 victory in the fight, leading to SK Telecom T1 #1’s surrender vote, and a 1-1 tie in the series.

KTRolster SKTelecomT1

 After Week 4, SK Telecom T1 #2 and CJ Entus Blaze have secured their spots in the playoffs from Group A, and CJ Entus Frost and KT Rolster B have secured their spots in the playoffs from Group B.

Going into week 5, in Group A, MVP Blue plays the whipping boys, KT Rolster A this weekend while they trail Sword and Ozone by a single point. With a 2-0 win over KTRA, they can still secure a spot in the playoffs, as Sword and Ozone face off against the already-qualified Blaze and Judgment Day respectively.

In Group B, Shield faces off against Terminator, while LG-IM and ahq.Korea face off at the bottom of the group. The match to watch for this week will be Saturday’s clash of the titans between CJ Entus Frost and KT Rolster B to determine who will come out of Group B at the top.

With just one week of group play left, you can guarantee the teams that haven’t secured their spots are going to be training hard to play their best League of Legends to date in hopes of making it to the eight team, single elimination bracket stage.

As always, I am TiberiusAudley. Follow me on Twitter @TiberiusAudley, and look forward to my next A Look Back — which should be up later this week.

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