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Patch 5.24 Official Notes

December 8th, 2015

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Patch 5.24 will hit live in a few hours. Here are the official notes:


Champion Updates – Poppy

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Don’t know when Patch 5.24 will hit live? Here’s the maintenance schedule for all regions:

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Scarizard Final PortraitGreetings, Summoners.

Welcome to patch 5.24, the last one of 2015. It’s been a wild ride with Cinderhulks, Juggernauts and Devourers in-between, but this is no time to get sentimental. It’s still preseason, there are still outliers to balance, systems to maintain and bad jokes to make.

Speaking of balance outliers, we’ve got a lot of balance changes below for champions you might not see often – let’s dive into that for a bit. Like preseasons past, we’ve traveled (via the diversity dirigible, naturally) to an entirely new ecosystem of champion balance, where many old “champion power” assumptions just don’t hold water. A moment of silence, please, for 4.20 Warwick and six-Cleaver everyone. New systems, masteries and items combine to make weak champions strong, strong champions weak, and Brand a god. So while it may shock you to see champions like Swain and Anivia nerfs, or Riven buffs (gasp!), keep in mind that we’re working off of as much objective data as we can.

Then there’s Soraka.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget.

With that out of the way, what else is there? Poppy’s looking cuter and more imposing than ever, Snowdown’s back and brought the Legend of the Poro King game mode with it, and we’ve put the finishing touches on our item and champion tuning before taking a balance break to January.

So, from all of us at Riot Games: good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you in 2016.

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Poppy’s received a complete visual & gameplay update. There’s no “Traditional” skin for her, meaning if you have her currently, she’ll be completely replaced with her new looks in Patch 5.24.


gallery-image-1 (1) Poppy_0 (1)

Poppy_Square_0 (1)



Poppy Model 1 Poppy Model 2


Recall Banner

Poppy Recall 2 Poppy Recall 1




Poppy Final Portrait


  • Health: 540 [+90 per level];
  • Mana: 280;
  • Attack Damage: 58 [+4 per level];
  • Auto-attack range: 125 (melee);
  • Base Movement Speed: 340;
  • Armor: 29 [+4 per level];
  • Magic Resist: 32 [+1.25 per level];



Iron Ambassador Final Icon

COOLDOWN: 18/14/10 seconds (values for levels 1/7/13) || RANGE: 400

Poppy’s basic attack throws her buckler, gaining 400 basic attack range and dealing 10 [+ 10*Champion Level] bonus magic damage.

The buckler lands at a nearby location and Poppy can pick it up to gain a shield for 15% of her Maximum Health for 5 seconds. Enemies can step on the buckler to destroy it.

The buckler automatically returns to Poppy if the attack kills the target.


Poppy Passive 1 Poppy Passive 2



Hammer Shock Final Icon

COOLDOWN: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds || MANA COST: 35/40/45/50/55

Poppy smashes the ground, dealing 30/65/100/135/170 [+0.7 Bonus AD] [+ 6% of target’s Max HP] as physical damage, and leaving an unstable area.

The area slows enemies inside it by 20/25/30/35/40% and erupts after 1 second, dealing the same damage again. Damage is reduced by 20% against minions.


Poppy Q 1 Poppy Q 2



Steadfast Presence Final Icon

COOLDOWN: 24/22/20/18/16 seconds || MANA COST: 50 at all ranks

Passive: Poppy gains bonus [12% of current Armor] Armor and [12% of current MR] Magic Resist. This bonus is doubled if Poppy is below 40% Max Health.

Active: For the next 2.5 seconds, Poppy gains 27/29/31/33/35% bonus Movement Speed. While Steadfast Presence is active, she stops enemy dashes in an area around her, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 [+0.7 AP] to targets who have their dash blocked.


Poppy W 2 Poppy W 1



Heroic Charge Final Icon

COOLDOWN: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds || MANA COST: 70 at all ranks

Poppy rushes to target enemy, dealing 50/70/90/110/130 [+0.5 Bonus AD] physical damage and carrying them forward. If Poppy’s target hits terrain, it takes the same damage again and is stunned for 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2 seconds.


Poppy E 1 Poppy E 2



Keepers Verdict Final Icon

COOLDOWN: 140/120/100 seconds || MANA COST: 100 at all ranks

First Cast: Poppy channels for up to 4 seconds, decreasing her Movement Speed by 15%. If Poppy doesn’t recast the spell within the 4 second period, the cooldown of the spell is decreased by 75%.

Second Cast: Poppy smashes the ground and sends a shockwave forward that deals 200/300/400 [+0.9 Bonus AD] physical damage and knocks enemy Champions hit a large distance toward their Summoning Platform. The shockwave length and knockback distance increase with channel duration. Enemies are untargetable while they are being knocked away.


Poppy R 1 Poppy R 2






gallery-image-2 (1) Poppy_1

Noxus Poppy Model 2 Noxus Poppy Model 1

Noxus Poppy Recall



gallery-image-4 Poppy_3

Blacksmith Poppy Model 3 Blacksmith Poppy Model 4 Blacksmith Poppy Model 5



gallery-image-5 Poppy_4

Blacksmith Poppy Model 1 Blacksmith Poppy Model 2

Blacksmith Poppy Recall



gallery-image-3 (1) Poppy_2

Lollipoppy Model 1 Lollipoppy Model 2

Lollipoppy Recall



gallery-image-6 Poppy_5s

Battle Regalia Poppy Model 1 Battle Regalia Poppy Model 2

Battle Regalia Poppy Recall



gallery-image-7 (2) Poppy_6

Scarlet Poppy Model 2 Scarlet Poppy Model 1

Scarlet Poppy Recall


Here’s Poppy’s new Champion Select quote:


And here’s her short-form client lore:


”I’m no hero. Just a yordle with a hammer.” 

Runeterra has no shortage of valiant champions, but few are as tenacious as Poppy. Bearing a hammer twice the length of her body, this determined yordle has spent untold years searching for the ”Hero of Demacia,” a fabled warrior said to be the rightful wielder of her weapon.


Here’s Poppy’s login theme that will go live with Patch 5.24 (after December 9th):


Here’s the music from the animation:


And here’s the still image:

Poppy Still Image Animation




Snow Day Bard will be available in store for 975 RP until January 10th, 23:49 PST. Afterwards he’ll return to his regular price of 1350 RP. Snow Day Bard is NOT legacy.


Bard_Splash_5 (1) BardLoadScreen_5


MODEL Banner

Snow Day Bard Model 1 Snow Day Bard Model 2

Snow Bard Model 3 Snow Bard Model 4


Recall Banner

Snow Bard Recall 2 Snow Bard Recall 1



Snow Bard Passive 1 Snow Bard Passive 2




Snow Bard Q 1 Snow Bard Q 2



Snow Bard W 2 Snow Bard W 1



Snow Bard E 1 Snow Bard E 2



Snow Bard R 1 Snow Bard R 2




Snow Day Gnar will be in store for 975 RP after Patch 5.24 hits live and is a legacy skin.


MODEL Banner

Snow Gnar Model 1 Snow Gnar Model 2 Snow Gnar Model 3


Recall Banner

Snow Gnar Recall 1 Snow Gnar Recall 2



Snow Gnar Q 1 Snow Gnar Q 2



Snow Gnar Q 3 Snow Gnar Q 4


HYPER W  Banner

Snow Gnar W 1 Snow Gnar W 2



Snow Gnar W 3 Snow Gnar W 4



Snow Gnar E 2 Snow Gnar E 1



Snow Gnar E 3 Snow Gnar E 4


Gnar R

Snow Gnar R 1 Snow Gnar R 2 




Snow Day Syndra will be available in store for 975 RP until January 10th, 23:49 PST. Afterwards she’ll return to her regular price of 1350 RP. Snow Day Syndra is legacy.


MODEL Banner

Snow Syndra Model 1 Snow Syndra Model 2

Snow Syndra Model 3 Snow Syndra Model 4


Recall Banner

Snow Syndra Recall 1 Snow Syndra Recall 2




Snow Syndra Q 1 Snow Syndra Q 2



Snow Syndra W 1 Snow Syndra W 2



Snow Syndra E 1 Snow Syndra E 2



Snow Syndra R 1 Snow Syndra R 2




The new Penguin Skier ward skin will cost you 640 RP and is the only way of making sure no one will kill your wards:

Penguin Ward 2 Penguin Ward 1


New Summoner Icons


profileIcon979 profileIcon980 profileIcon981 profileIcon982 profileIcon983 profileIcon984



This PROJECT: Poro icons is legacy and will be available for 250 RP:




Champion Changes


Anivia Final Portrait


Nerf BoxGlacial Storm Final IconGlacial Storm [ R ]

  • Range for the channel to be canceled decreased from 1200 to 1000;
  • Now applies the “Chilled” debuff (double damage from Frostbite) for 1 second, decreased from 2.



Ashe Final Portrait


Buff BoxRangers Focus Final IconRanger’s Focus [ Q ]

  • Focus now caps at 4 stacks, decreased from 5;
  • Cost to activate the on-hit arrow volleys decreased from 5 to 4.



Bard Final Portrait


Buff BoxMeeps Final IconTraveler’s Call [ Passive ]

  • Meeps recharge cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 8.


Buff BoxCaretaker Shrine Final IconCaretaker’s Shrine [ W ]

  • AP Ratio increased from 0.2 – 0.3 to 0.45 – 0.6 (depending on time spent on the ground).



Brand Final Portrait


Nerf BoxPillar of Flame Final IconPillar of Flame [ W ]

  • Mana cost increased from 70/75/80/85/90 to 70/80/90/100/110.




Caitlyn Final Portrait


Change BoxHeadshot Final IconHeadshot [ Passive ]

  • Stacks needed to charge Headshot changed from 7/6/5 (values for levels 1/11/18) to 6 at all levels.



Dr Mundo Final Portrait


Nerf BoxInfected_CleaverInfected Cleaver [ Q ]

  • Damage decreased from 15/18/21/23/25% of target’s current HP to 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%;
  • Cap on damage against monsters decreased from 300/400/500/600/700 to 300/350/400/450/500.


Nerf BoxMasochism Final IconMasochism [ E ]

  • Maximum HP ratio on active decreased from 5% at all ranks to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5%;
  • Bonus damage is no longer dealt to towers.



Hecarim Final Portrait


  • Health changed from 695 [+95 per level] to 670 [+90 per level].


Nerf BoxWarpath Final IconWarpath [ Passive ] 

  • No longer lets Hecarim ignore unit collision.



Buff BoxDevastating Charge Final IconDevastating Charge [ E ]

  • Now allows Hecarim to pass through units for the duration of the charge.



Karthus Final Portrait


Nerf BoxWall of Pain Final IconWall of Pain [ W ]

  • Slow drops to half effectiveness after 1 second


Kindred Final Portrait


Change Box

Lambs Respite Final IconLamb’s Respite [ R ]

  • Cooldown changed from 150/130/110 seconds to 160/130/100.




Kogmaw Final Portrait


Change BoxBio Arcane Barrage Final IconBio-Arcane Barrage [ W ]

  • AD ratio on-hit removed (1.25% per 100 points of Total AD on live)
  • Now deals an additional flat damage of 2% (of target’s Max HP).



Malzahar Final Portrait


Nerf BoxNull Zone Final IconNull Zone [ W ]

  • Damage decreased from 4/5/6/7/8% of Max HP to 4/4.5/5/5.5/6%




Master Yi Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalMeditate [ W ]Meditate Final Icon

  • AP ratio per second of channel time changed from 0.3 to 0.15 (tooltip update)




Miss Fortune Final Portrait


Nerf BoxStrut Final IconStrut [ W ]

  • Bonus Attack Speed on active decreased from 60/70/80/90/100% to 40/55/70/85/100%.


Nerf BoxMake it Rain Final IconMake it Rain [ E ]

  • Slow strength decreased from 40/45/50/55/60 % to 28/36/44/52/60%.




Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Buff BoxJavelin Toss Final IconJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Minimum base damage increased from 50/70/90/110/130 to 60/77.5/95/112.5/130 ;
  • Maximum base damage increased from 150/210/270/330/390 to 180/232.5/285/337.5/390.



Quinn Final Portrait


  • Base damage decreased from 56.5 to 54.5


Nerf BoxBlinding Assault Final IconBlinding Assault [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 25/55/85/115/145 [+ 0.8/0.95/1.1/1.25/1.4 Total AD] to 20/45/70/95/120 [+ 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2 Total AD];
  • Mana cost increased from 50 at all ranks to 50/55/60/65/70.



Rammus Final Portrait


Nerf BoxPowerball Final IconPowerball [ Q ]

  • Slow duration decreased from 3 seconds to 2;
  • Hitbox radius decreased from 325 to 225;
  • Clicking beyond minion waves will no longer make Rammus try to move around them while in Powerball.




Riven Final Portrait


  • Base Health-per-5 increased from 3.34 to 5.34.



Rumble Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalFlamespitterFlamespitter [ Q ]

  • Tooltip no longer mentions that Flamespitter deals halved damage to jungle monsters.




Sivir Final Champion Portrait


Buff BoxRicochet Final IconRicochet [ W ]

  • Total AD Ratio increased from 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65/0.7 to 0.6/0.65/0.7/0.75/0.8.




Skarner Final Portrait


Buff BoxFracture Final IconFracture [ E ]

  • No longer has a cap on maximum targets that can be hit (6 on live).



Nerf BoxImpale Final IconImpale [ R ]

  • Total AD ratio decreased from 1.0 to 0.6.




Soraka Final Portrait


Nerf BoxStarcall Final IconStarcall [ Q ]

  • Cast range decreased from 950 to 800.



Nerf BoxAstral Infusion Final IconAstral Infusion [ W ]

  • Mana cost increased 20/25/30/35/40 to 40/45/50/55/60.



Nerf BoxWish Final IconWish [ R ]

  • No longer removes Grievous Wounds from allies.




Swain Final Portrait


Nerf BoxNevermove Final IconNevermove [ W ]

  • Root duration decreased from 2 seconds at all ranks to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.




Tahm Kench Final Portrait


Nerf BoxDevour Final IconDevour [ W ]

  • No longer gains bonus movement speed when not moving away from enemy champions with a devoured ally (gains half the MS buff [15/17.5/20/22.5/25%] from moving toward enemy champions on live)



Twisted Fate Final Portrait


Nerf BoxWild Cards Final IconWild Cards [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 60/110/160/210/260 to 60/105/150/195/240.




Ziggs Final Portrait


Buff BoxShort Fuse Final IconShort Fuse [ Passive ]

  • Bonus damage to structure increased from 150% to 200%.




Item Changes


Nerf BoxDead Mans Plate Final IconDead Man’s Plate

  • Health decreased from 600 to 500.



Nerf BoxFarsight Alteration Final IconFarsight Alteration

  • AoE vision decreased from 900 to 500;
  • Cooldown increased from 61/48 seconds [values for levels 9/18] to 76/60.



Change BoxPhantom Dancer Final IconPhantom Dancer

  • Attack Speed increased from 40% to 45%;
  • Total Cost increased from 2700 Gold to 2800.


Nerf BoxRapid Firecannon Final IconRapid Firecannon

  • Total Cost increased from 2500 Gold to 2600.



Nerf BoxRunaans Hurricane Final IconRunaan’s Hurricane

  • Total Cost increased from 2500 Gold to 2600.



Nerf BoxStatikk_ShivStatikk Shiv

  • Total Cost increased from 2500 Gold to 2600.


[ Note ] Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv now take greatest potential damage instead of just stacking the damage for an attack. (Source)

Nerf BoxZeal Final IconZeal

  • Gold cost increased from 1200 Gold to 1300




Jungle Changes Banner


Ancient Krug Final IconAncient Krug

  • Health decreased from 1450 to 1440;
  • Armor decreased from 12 to 10.


Greater Murk WolfGreater Murkwolf Final Icon

  • Health decreased from 1320 to 1300;
  • Armor increased from 9 to 10.


Rift Scuttler Final IconRift Scuttler

  • Gold granted increased from 50 to 70.






Assassin [ New Cunning Mastery ]

  • You deal 1.5% increased damage when there are no allied champions nearby.


Here’s where the new Assassin mastery is located:

Assassin Mastery


Nerf BoxBond of Stone Final IconBond of Stone [ Keystone Mastery in Resolve ]

  • Base damage reduction increased from 2% to 3%;
  • Damage reduction when near an allied Champion decreased from 8% to 6% (the damage transferred is also down from 8% to 6%


Change BoxDeathfire TouchDeathfires Touch Final Icon [ Keystone Mastery in Ferocity ]

  • Bonus AD ratio decreased from 0.16 to 0.125 (damage-per-second);
  • AP ratio decreased from 0.06 to 0.05 (damage-per-second).
  • Duration of DoT for single-target spells increased from 3 seconds to 4;
  • Duration of DoT for DoT spells decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1;
  • Duration of DoT for AoE spells increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.


Buff BoxExplorer Final IconExplorer [ Resolve ]

  • Bonus to Movement Speed while moving in brush or river increased from 12 to 15.



Nerf BoxFeast Final IconFeast [ Ferocity ]

  • Cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 25.



Change BoxFervor of Battle Final IconFervor of Battle [ Keystone Mastery in Ferocity ]

  • Spells now only generate stacks if they hit enemy Champions, not when they’re cast.
  • Stack duration increased from 5 seconds to 6.


Murderous Intent [ New Ferocity Mastery ]

  • You deal 5% increased damage to champions until you gain a kill or assist (afterward the mastery is disabled for 15 seconds).


Buff BoxPrecision Final IconPrecision [ Cunning ]

  • Bonus to Armor Penetration increased from 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3 [+ 0.06/0.12/0.18/0.24/0.3 per level] to 1/2/3/4/5  [+ 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 per level].



Buff BoxThunderlords Decree Final IconThunderlord’s Decree

  • Bonus AD ratio increased from 0.2 to 0.3.



Nerf BoxUnyielding Final IconUnyielding [ Resolve ]

  • Bonus to Armor and Magic Resist decreased from 1.2/2.4/3.6/4.8/6% to 1/2/3/4/5%.



Change BoxVeterans Scars Final IconVeteran’s Scars [ Resolve ]

  • Bonus health decreased from 0.8/1.6/2.4/3.2/4% to 9/18/27/36/45 (flat).



Change BoxWindspeakers Blessing Final IconWindspeaker’s Blessing [ Keystone Mastery in Cunning ]

  • Now grants 4 – 22 bonus flat Armor and 2.5 – 11 bonus flat Magic Resist, changed from 15% bonus to both Armor and MR;
  • Level is taken from the highest between the caster and the target.




The active on Zhonya’s Hourglass now contains 200% more sparkle:


Zhonya VFX 1 Zhonya VFX 2



Persistent Chats Upgraded

Limely: Hi, Everyone,

A couple months ago we rolled out persistent chat rooms onto the PBE. This was an early test for building the foundation for new social features we announced with the 2016 Season Update. As we officially move forward, we’ve updated the name on PBE to reflect that these “chatrooms” have evolved into our earliest version of clubs.

What are clubs? They are player-named, player-organized, and player-controlled social groups. The long-term goal is to help you head into games with the right teammates every time by helping you find like-minded players to compete with. We plan on building a whole lot more on top of the current functionality of clubs but right now we’re starting simple. Just like “persistent chat rooms”, you can own one club and be a member of three at any given time, with all the same moderation tools.

With this first update, you can now set a tag for your club that can be displayed in various places including your Hovercard, and more importantly, in game. Ranked team tags will still take precedence in ranked team games. Since you can belong to multiple clubs, you now have the option of setting a club to be active, which means that club’s chat room will open on login, and other players will see that affiliation.

We plan to push out updates to clubs as they become available (which means we’ll need to occasionally reset all clubs), so take a look and let us know if clubs make it easier to stay connected in League with friends!

Limely :3
p.s. We are playing around with colors on tags so please put up with the current atrocity for a day or two. :3

[ Link to Post ]


Here’s the Snowdown login theme that will go live with Patch 5.24 (by FrostyNinja):


Here’s the still from the animation:

Snow Day Wallpaper


Below you can find the instrumental without the animation:




Reverting the minion pathing changes made so far in preseason.

We’ve made a few changes to minion blocking this preseason, targeted at making creep block more intuitive. When you get stuck in a minion clump you should be able to understand what’s happening, and your champ’s attempts to escape (or avoid) it should make sense as well. While these changes technically worked, they caused problems when interacting with other systems. We’re turning them off until those interactions are fixed.

[ EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN ] All minion pathing changes made in 5.22 and 5.23 have been reverted. We’re right back to pre-preseason while we work on a better implementation.


It’s easier to get to lane without losing a minion

We made some behavioural changes to minions in the very first wave of the game when no enemy champions have interacted with them. Left to their own devices, the minions will spread damage evenly and avoid randomly focus-firing a single soldier. The goal here is that you should be able to more predictably realise whether or not you’ll lose a minion when you get to lane late. This actually went out in 5.23, but we figured you’d like to know!

[ FIRE EVERYTHING ] Minions won’t gang up on a single enemy minion when no enemy champions are present.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]