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PBE: New Splash Arts

November 17th, 2014


PBE 18 11 Banner

Pretty minor patch and it’s just to round up the splash arts for the new skins, so Patch 4.20 should be deploying within the next few days.


Also, you can now play the new Summoner’s Rift in Normal Blind Pick and Normal Draft Pick.


PBE 18/11:


I’ve compiled all PBE updates for Patch 4.20, check them here:




New Splash Arts


The new splash arts for the four skins priced at 750 RP are merged. one splash for two skins. You can find in-game previews of all of them here.


Constable Trundle and Volibear


Trundle_4 Volibear_4



Safecracker Evelynn


Evelynn_4 Twitch_6



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