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Skins on Sale Until August 31st, Will Become Legacy After

August 20th, 2015




Battle Boss Blitzcrank sends skins into hiding

WizardOTL Final BannerFinal Boss Veigar returns and he’s brought a baddie to do his brutal bidding. He’s mean. He’s green (and purple). He’s Battle Boss Blitzcrank (CRASH. BOOM. LIGHTNING SOUNDS). Now that these two violent video game villains joined forces, it seems that their sights are set on our retro skins. While we figure out a way to send these two tyrants back to the broken code they spawned from, we’re kicking out a Legacy Vault sale to help keep retro skins out of their dastardly hands… and claws.

Here’s the info: Over the next week, 21 Legacy skins will go on daily sales at 50%, three at a time. And 21 current skins will be designated as New Legacy skins and also go on 50% off sales, three at a time. On August 31st 08:59 BST, the Legacy Vault will open, and we’ll send all 42 retro skins in and away from those game goons.

As we get the skins safe and sound, we’re also throwing a Party IP weekend from August 29th – 31st. That’ll show em’ that they can never hold us down!



These skins are available from now through August 31st at 08:59 BST. At that time, they’ll all leave the store and head into the Legacy Vault. Every day for the next week, six of these skins will be on sale for 50% off.


Friday, August 21st

  • New Legacy skins
    • Big Bad Warwick
    • Jaximus
    • Rune Wars Renekton
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Masquerade Evelynn
    • Longhorn Alistar
    • Frozen Shen

Saturday, August 22nd

  • New Legacy skins
    • Explorer Ezreal
    • Prom Queen Annie
    • Queen Ashe
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Spectacular Sivir
    • Almost-Prom King Amumu
    • The Magnificent Twisted Fate


Sunday, August 23rd

  • New Legacy skins
    • Vindicator Vayne
    • Guerilla Tristana
    • Sun Goddess Karma
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Professor Ryze
    • Workshop Shaco
    • Unmasked Kayle

Monday, August 24th

  • New Legacy skins
    • Secret Agent Miss Fortune
    • Jailbreak Graves
    • Sinful Succulence Morgana
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Tempest Janna
    • Sabretusk Sejuani
    • Nightmare Cho’Gath


Tuesday, August 25th

  • New Legacy skins
    • Fiddle Me Timbers
    • Defender Leona
    • Major Ziggs
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Hot Rod Corki
    • Prototype Viktor
    • Desert Trooper Garen

Wednesday, August 26th

  • New Legacy skins
    • Sheriff Caitlyn
    • Imperial Lux
    • Obsidian Malphite
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Highland Tryndamere
    • Muse Sona
    • Leopard Nidalee


Thursday, August 27th

  • New Legacy skins
    • Primal Udyr
    • Ruthless Pantheon
    • Winged Hussar Xin Zhao
  • Returning Legacy skins
    • Stinger Akali
    • Badger Teemo
    • Infiltrator Irelia


From August 29th – 31st take advantage of another Party IP weekend! You earn rewards win or lose, but only if you’re in a party with at least one other player. Sorry, Amumu.

Keep this chart handy to maximize your gains… to the max!:

Number of players in party Bonus IP awarded
2 100% bonus
3 150% bonus
4 200% bonus
5 300% bonus

Get extra IP from August 29th, 09:00 BST through August 31st, 08:59 BST!

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