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Worlds Collide: Group Stage

September 30th, 2015


With the 2015 World Championship kicking off in Paris tomorrow, October 1st, Riot has released a hype video showcasing the 16 teams attending the tournament. The video goes by the same name of the recently released song by Nicki Taylor, who previously worked with Riot on the song “Here Comes Vi!

For event details, stop by the Worlds page on lolesports


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Following the recent departure of former Head Coach Titus “LeDuck” Hafner, Tadayoshi “Hermit” Littleton has stepped up from his role as team analyst to fill the void left in the coaching staff. With the 2015 World Championship less than two weeks away, this move solidifies the Origen staff heading into Worlds.

NoL reached out to Hermit, who had a few words on his new position:

Origen has given me this opportunity for worlds, and I intend to fulfill it to the best of my ability. Working with Origen is an exciting chance to prove myself on the highest stage.


Origen is currently bootcamping in Korea in preparation of the 2015 World Championship and will play their first match against LGD Gaming in Paris on October 2nd.


Official announcement + Q&A With Hermit


By Riot Magus

With teams on the brink of qualifying for the 2015 World Championship, here’s a comprehensive overview of the tournament structure. In this article, we’ll be summarizing the 2015 Worlds format and explaining our process for determining team placements during the main stages of the tournament.



As we confirmed in our Worlds venue announcement, the 2015 World Championship will be made up of the Group Stage, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.

The tournament is divided into two main sections:

Group Stage

Over two weeks, 16 teams will compete in a double Round Robin-style tournament in Best of 1s. The Group Stage contains four groups with four teams in each. Each group will have 12 total matches, plus potential tiebreakers. The groups are populated based on seeding from their regional events and determined during a live Group Draw. This Group Stage format is the same as the one we used in 2014.

Knockout Stage

Following the Group Stage, eight teams will advance to the Knockout Stage (formerly known as the Bracket Stage) and matchups will transition to Best of 5s. The Knockout Stage is comprised of Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.



Heading into planning for 2015 Worlds, we’ve made a couple of improvements to the overall structure of the tournament. To promote transparency around how teams are selected into groups, we’ll be hosting a live Group Draw Show.

We also weren’t completely satisfied with the way teams were seeded into the Knockout Stage from the Group Stage, with teams potentially being incentivized to not win a group in order to draw a perceived better matchup in the knockout round. As such, we’ll be introducing randomization elements on which 1st place group finishers face-off against 2nd place group finishers in the Quarterfinals.

We’ll share more about the Group Draw in September, but here are some details on what this means for Worlds 2015.



To kick off the 2015 Worlds, a Group Draw will occur according to the illustration below to sort the teams into four different groups – A, B, C, and D.


Group Pool

Overall, the 2015 Worlds Group Pool Structure is almost identical to that of 2014 Worlds with the exception of some qualifying International Wild Card (IWC) regions. Pool 1 contains the first-place seeds from China, Europe, Korea, and North America. Pool 2 has the second-place and third-place seeds from China and Korea, LMS’s two representatives, and the second-place seeds from North America and Europe. Pool 3 is comprised of the third-place seeds from North America and Europe as well as the two International Wildcard Qualifier winners. Each of the four groups will contain one team from Pool 1, two teams from Pool 2, and one team from Pool 3.

Group Draw Procedure

Like last year, there’s one cardinal rule for the 2015 Worlds Group Draw, and it’s intended to maximize the amount of cross-regional play:

  • No group will have more than 1 team per region

During the Group Draw Show, teams will be drawn until a pool is exhausted and we’ll place one team in each group before drawing the next team. However, if a team is randomly drawn that cannot be placed in the first available group; it will be automatically placed in the next available group.

For example, if an LCK team is randomly drawn with the 9th overall pick, but there’s already an LCK team in both of Group A and B, the LCK team would be moved automatically to the next available group (i.e. Group C).

Additional procedural rules apply to prevent invalid draws but we’ll release the full technical details of the Group Draw in advance of the Group Draw Show.



Previously, there was a preset bracket based on how Groups finished, but this year teams will be drawn into randomized Quarterfinals matchups. We’re making this change to incentivize teams to win their group and focus on playing their best. The Knockout Stage bracket will be drawn live on-air immediately following the final day of the Group Stage.

There are two cardinal rules for how we will decide teams’ Quarterfinal placements in the Knockout Stage for 2015 Worlds:

  • First-place group finishers must face second-place group finishers
  • No two teams from the same group can be placed on the same half of the bracket

The first rule is to reward teams that finished higher in the Group Stage while the second rule is to prevent rematches of Group Stage games before the Finals.

Knockout Pools and Procedure

Based on the bracket rules, we’ll assign the Quarterfinals bracket based on two pools: the first seeds from the Groups (A1, B1, C1, and D1) and the second seeds from Groups (A2, B2, C2, and D2).

The Knockout Stage Draw will proceed as follows:

First, all of the #1 seeds are randomly drawn and placed from top to bottom in the bracket.

For example, B1 was randomly drawn first and placed in the topmost matchup, then A1 was randomly drawn and placed in the second matchup, and so on.

Then, all of the second seeds are drawn. During the drawing of the second seeds, keep in mind that no two seeds from the same group can occupy the same half of the bracket. However, if a team is randomly drawn that cannot be placed in the first available matchup; it will be automatically placed in the next available matchup.

For example based on the above graphic, if A2 is randomly drawn from the second-seed group, it must go to the first valid slot (vs C1), then if C2 is drawn it goes to B1 because that’s the first available slot, etc.

After Quarterfinals, matches will proceed as bracketed for the remainder of the Knockout Stage.



We look forward to kicking off an exciting 2015 Worlds. Stay tuned to Lolesports to see what teams will qualify for the 2015 World Championship.


By Riot Magus

It all comes down to this, the final event of the 2015 World Championship. It’s time for the ultimate showdown in Berlin between the top two teams who will face-off to be crowned world champions.

Here’s the important information that you need to secure your seat at Finals below:




Q: When do Finals tickets go on sale?
Tickets will go on sale on July 29 at 8:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM CEST via Eventim.


Q: How much are tickets?
A: Tickets are €59.55 / $65.38 for lower level and €45.75 / $50.23 for upper level seats, plus applicable fees. All ticket prices will be listed in Euros on the ticket site.




Q: Can you confirm the ticket prices after all fees and taxes?
A: Fees vary based on the individual buyer since you might need to pay taxes based on your location. Fees also vary on how you decide to receive your ticket such as e-ticket, will call, mailing, etc. Find out more information over on Eventim.


Q: What languages is the ticket site available in?
A: German and English.


Q: Do I have to make an account to buy tickets?
A: Yes, Eventim requires an account to purchase tickets. To save time, we recommend that you sign-up and create an account before tickets go live.


Q: Will there be a queue/waiting page for tickets?
A: If the event is in high enough demand, an automatic system will go live to mitigate the traffic for Finals. Remember that being in the queue or lobby doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase tickets.


Q: Are seats assigned? I want to sit with my friends.
A: If you want to sit with your friends, buy tickets together. Seats are assigned for every ticket.


Q: Where are the best seats in the house? What does the setup look like?
A: As we announced in our Semifinals Q&A, for the first time at a World Championship, we’ll be presenting both Semifinals and Finals ‘theatre-in-the-round’ – meaning that the action will be in the center of the venue with the audience around it rather than our traditional stage setup. This central staging setup allows us to welcome more fans and maximize the view from each seat at Finals.


Q: Are tickets refundable?
A: Tickets are non-refundable.


Q: How many tickets can I purchase at once?
A: Six tickets may be purchased per order.


Q: Will there be more tickets in August?
A: There will be extremely limited quantities including a small number of floor seats released in August based on our final production setup. If you want to guarantee a seat at Finals, we suggest not waiting until August since we cannot guarantee availability after the initial wave of Finals tickets coming on July 29.


Q: When will more tickets go on sale?
A: We’ll confirm August ticket sale timing in the coming weeks.




Q: Where is Finals?
A: Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin, Mercedes-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin, Germany (Google Maps)

For your navigation system, enter Mühlenstraße 12-30, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain


Q: When is Finals?
A: Finals takes place on October 31.


Q: What games are being played at Finals?
A: The final two teams will face-off in a Best of 5 to determine who will be crowned the 2015 World Champions. We won’t know the final two teams until Semifinals are done.


Q: What language will the live commentary of the event be in at Finals?
A: Live commentary in Berlin will be in English.


Q: Will there be radios with other languages available?
A: We’ll have options to listen with other languages available.


Q: When does Finals start?
A: The show begins at 12:00 PM CET with some pre-game analysis and the opening ceremony.


Q: When do doors open at Finals?
A: Doors open at 10:00 AM CET.


Q: Will there be other events (cosplay, merch, etc) at Finals?
A: We’re still working on our final plans so we’ll confirm when we we get closer to the event. Cosplayers and costumes are welcome especially since the Finals takes place on on Halloween!


Q: Is there an age restriction for players to attend Finals?
A: The venue requires all attendees under 16 be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. The accompanying adult is required to have a valid ticket for the event.




Q: What’s the best way to get to Mercedes-Benz Arena?
A: Head on over to the Arena’s Getting There & Parking page for more information on your transportation options.


Q: Wait, I thought Finals was at O2 World (Berlin), did you change venues?
A: In July, O2 World (Berlin) rebranded to Mercedes-Benz Arena. It’s still the same venue that we confirmed in our Worlds venue announcement.


Q: Is there parking available at the arena?
A: Yes, head on over to the Mercedes-Benz Arena Parking page for directions and details.


Q: Can I bring my own food and drink into the arena? Where can I smoke? Can I bring a backpack to the arena?
A: Mercedes-Benz Arena has an extensive FAQ that will answer most of your questions and outlines the venue’s policies.

Don’t miss any of the journey toward Worlds as teams begin to qualify for the 2015 World Championship in August and September.


Official Announcement