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Finishing in 8th place of the 2015 EU LCS Summer split, Gambit Gaming finds themselves facing relegation yet again on September 5th. With star AD Carry Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou still serving the last two games of his suspension, Substitute Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen will replace him in the upcoming promotion tournament, where Gambit Gaming will play against Mousesports for their spot in the 2016 EU LCS.



Official Statement



Chris Badawi, part owner of LCS team TDK, and CS team LA Renegades, will have to reapply to join the LCS as an owner in 2017 if he wishes to serve in the LCS in the owner, coach, or manager capacity. Riot has released an official statement, found below.


By RiotNickAllen



Chris Badawi, current part-owner of LCS team Team Dragon Knights (TDK) and CS team Renegades (RNG), solicited a player under contract with Team Liquid to join his team. After doing so he was notified by Team Liquid’s owner and LCS officials that soliciting LCS players under contract was a violation of league tampering rules and could disqualify him for consideration as an owner, coach, or player. Despite the warning, he again tampered with another Team Liquid player shortly thereafter. Due to this pattern of willful tampering, we are declining to certify Chris Badawi as an eligible LCS owner and issuing a one-year ban on him holding any officially recognized LCS team position (i.e. owner, coach, manager). In order for TDK and RNG to be eligible to play in the LCS next season, Chris will have to divest his ownership stake in both teams.




Over the last month and a half we have received numerous reports from parties directly involved with the LCS of alleged misconduct by current Renegades (formerly Misfits) owner, Chris Badawi, who is also a part-owner of the LCS team TDK. After concluding an investigation into these reports we have determined that he has engaged in tampering on multiple occasions. Given his repeated pattern of misconduct, we are declining to certify Chris Badawi as eligible to be an LCS owner and issuing a ban on him holding any officially recognized LCS team position (ie. owner, coach, manager) for the remainder of the 2015 season and the entirety of the 2016 season.

Ownership in the LCS is a major responsibility, and requires a relationship built on trust between the owner and all members of the league. In this case, Badawi’s actions as a team owner have shown a lack of integrity, challenging that trust and disqualifying him from consideration as an LCS owner at this time.




This week, we concluded a full investigation into several allegations of tampering against Chris Badawi, current owner of Renegades (formerly Misfits). Our investigation confirmed that Badawi engaged in tampering– inappropriately influencing a player under contract with one organization to consider joining another– specifically against Team Liquid on two separate occasions. He was also dishonest about it to LCS officials during the standard screening for entry into the LCS that all prospective LCS owners must undergo before being approved (in this case, TDK submitted Badawi as a part-owner).

In the first incident, Badawi approached LCS player Yuri “KEITH” Jew while he was under contract with Team Liquid in an attempt to recruit him to Misfits, including discussing salary. Upon being made aware of this contact, Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet warned Badawi that soliciting players under contract with an LCS organization without first getting permission from team management was impermissible. After his conversation with Arhancet, Badawi then reached out to KEITH and asked him to pretend their conversation had never happened if questioned by Team Liquid management.

Following the first incident, Badawi spoke with LCS officials in early February to discuss the CS and LCS poaching and tampering rules. After discussing how tampering and poaching rules operate in CS and LCS and having numerous questions answered, he was directly told tampering was impermissible and was given the following condition of entry into the league in writing: “At some point owners, players, coaches, are all behavior checked and if someone has a history of attempting to solicit players who are under contract, they may not pass their behavior check.”

Following this discussion with LCS officials, Badawi approached Diego “Quas” Ruiz, who was also under contract with Team Liquid. During discussions with Quas, he suggested that Quas consider leaving Team Liquid – in addition, he made an explicit offer that Misfits would offer a higher salary than Team Liquid if Quas were to join his team. Both of these statements constitute tampering. When questioned about approaching Quas, Badawi originally denied that the conversation had happened. However, after media reports about his discussions with Quas became public he later admitted to LCS officials that he had engaged in impermissible conversations with Quas regarding leaving Team Liquid and had offered him a spot on Misfits. He still denied having offered him a salary, a statement which we ultimately determined to be false.

When we considered appropriate penalties, we took into account the fact that Badawi had engaged in multiple instances of tampering, even when aware of the ruleset which expressly forbids it and after being directly briefed about tampering rules by LCS officials. Tampering is an offense which we take very seriously, and recent events have shown that our previous penalties are not achieving the goal of deterring organizations from this kind of unscrupulous behavior. As a result, we are taking a harder line on tampering and poaching to ensure that it is clear that they are unacceptable.

Due to the repeated pattern of soliciting players under contract, we are declining to certify Chris Badawi as eligible to be an LCS owner and issuing a one-year ban on him holding any officially recognized LCS team position (i.e. owner, coach, manager).




Chris Badawi will not be accepted in any official LCS position for any team for the remaining 2015 and entire 2016 season. If Renegades qualify for the LCS during the 2015 promotion tournament, they will be required to declare another owner or will be denied entry into the LCS.

In addition, Badawi currently owns a minority stake of TDK. In keeping with this ruling, we will require TDK to replace or resell his stake in the team’s ownership – if not completed by playoffs, the team will face disqualification.




Q: What does this mean for the players on Renegades?

A: The Renegades players are in no way implicated in this ruling– the penalty is solely against Chris Badawi as owner, and it is our hope that this has as little as possible impact on the Renegades players. It’s up to the team as to what their next steps are, but this can be settled by either selling the ownership slot to another individual, or (as has been the policy for CS spot ownership in previous splits) offering up the slot to the players.


Q: Chris Badawi wasn’t a member of the league when he engaged in this tampering, is it fair to penalize him for breaking a rule he may not have thought he was covered by?

A: Entry to the LCS is a multi-step process that involves not only qualification through the Promotion Tournament, but also meeting the professionalism bar of the LCS. In the case of players and coaches, this includes things like abiding by the Summoner’s Code and LoL – for prospective owners, this also includes vetting based on past actions. In this case, Chris Badawi was warned in writing by LCS officials that further tampering might challenge his entry into the LCS as an owner – the fact that he continued to engage in these behaviors shows us that he does not currently meet the professionalism requirement of being an LCS member.


Q: Does this effectively ban Chris Badawi from working within esports?

A: No. Chris Badawi is free to work within any esports organization he chooses, including Renegades. Our only stipulation is that he cannot currently serve in a recognized LCS capacity (owner, coach, manager) due to these incidents. If he would like to reapply to join the league as an owner in 2017, we would be willing to reevaluate his application and potentially approve it.


Q: This seems like a pretty long time to keep someone out of the league. Is tampering really such a big deal?

A: To recap some of the issues we discussed in a previous post, poaching protections are important both for the stability of organizations and to avoid situations in which legitimate contracts are undermined by competing offers from other teams during the season without the agreement of all parties – the player, the current management, and prospective employer.

When players and teams sign a contract they are entering into an agreement that a player will play for a team during a defined period of time and be duly compensated – players abruptly dissolving their contracts due to employment discussions with other teams during the season creates a chaotic environment for teams and players and undermines stability for teams and their competitors. It also puts honest teams which comply with anti-tampering/poaching rules at a disadvantage in acquiring players.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t want players to ever switch teams or find the team that is the best fit for them – players always reserve the option of exercising buyout clauses that may exist in their contracts, discussing the possibility of being traded to another team with their management, or simply waiting until their current contract is up before engaging in any negotiation they want. Ultimately, the value of contracts goes both ways. For players, contracts provide stability and the promise of a paycheck. For teams, contracts guarantee that contracted players play for their team and if a player wants to leave a team, the team management are a necessary part of that discussion. This is an important dynamic to preserve, and tampering/poaching protections are one way of doing so.




3.1 Team Ownership Restriction

The League shall have the right to make final and binding determinations regarding Team ownership, issues relating to the multiple team restriction and other relationships that may otherwise have an adverse impact on the competitive integrity of the LCS. Any person that petitions for ownership into the LCS can be denied admission if they are found to have not acted with the professionalism sought by the LCS. Someone seeking admission into the LCS must meet the highest standards of character and integrity. Candidates who have violated this rule set or attempted to act against the spirit of these rules, even if not formally contracted to the rule set, can be denied admission into the LCS.


10.2.13 No Poaching or Tampering

No Team Member or Affiliate of a team may solicit, lure, or make an offer of employment to any Team Member who is signed to any LCS team, nor encourage any such Team Member to breach or otherwise terminate a contract with said LCS team. Violations of this rule shall be subject to penalties, at the discretion of LCS officials. To inquire about the status of a Team Member from another team, managers must contact the management of the team that the player is currently contracted with. The inquiring team must provide visibility to LCS officials before being able to discuss the contract with a player

NoL has reached out to Chris Badawi for comment.


Mohammed “Jebus” Tohki has started his journey to North America and is set to join upcoming Challenger team Misfits as their AD Carry. Jebus played for Gamers2 in the EU Challenger Series Playoffs, narrowly missing the Promotion Tournament with a 4th place finish and is considered one of the top prospects of his position in the Challenger scene.

Chris Badawi, the owner of Misfit’s, confirmed the move in an official statement to DailyDot.

Jebus is an immense talent, to be sure.  But the true appeal of him to Misfits is his stellar reputation as a team player with an absolutely ridiculously kick-ass and positive attitude. He’s the kind of guy you want speaking at your wedding (or funeral for that matter.) A kind, hard-working, good-natured friend who, for his part, has had trouble finding the perfect environment and support structure in EU—a misfit to the core, there is really only one logical place for him to be.  We are all just waiting for the visa gods (visa Jebus?) to do their thing and I can’t tell you how excited every one of us is to have him join our band of misfits.
Go Misfits!

Ocelote” Rodriguez sent a tweet shortly after the announcement was made, indicating that Jebus was still contracted to Gamers2.

I reached out to Chris Badawi on the matter, who had this to say:

I reached out to Ocelote and never heard back.  I know Jebus isn’t and hasn’t been getting paid – and a contract for services without payment is essentially slavery – it is unenforceable in every jurisdiction in the world.  I’m a former lawyer and not easily intimidated by flaccid, limp and unsubstantiated contractual claims/threats.  If a contract is legitimate and its terms honored in good faith by the controlling party I will respect it absolutely – this is unfortunately not the case here. Players deserve better.  They deserve to be better treated, respected and valued – unfortunately many owners/management in this scene simply won’t and don’t.  Jebus has a heart of gold and a truly good and decent soul.  If any one deserves better than the scene currently has to offer, it’s him.

reported that Nick “LastShadow” De Cesare had difficulty receiving payment for coaching services.

Tim Kimbirk is a content creator and interviewer for SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


TDK Banner


After 5 splits in the LCS under three different monikers, Team Winterfox was the only LCS team to be relegated across both EU and NA as the 2015 Summer Promotion tournament came to a close on Sunday, April 26th.

In the wake of Seo “Kyle” Ji-sun’s departure from the team, Team Dragon Knights called on substitute Alex Ich to hold down the mid lane for the series. The veteran mid laner put up a signature performance, closing out the four game series  on a 7-1 Kog’maw and securing TDK’s place in the NA LCS.

Watch the series on Youtube or Twitch.

The LCS Summer split starts on Thursday, May 28th.


Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin and Alberto “Crumbzz” Rengifo have come together to create a new Challenger team.

Long time veterans of the LoL scene, the two have crossed regions to join forces and compete in North America.

From the official announcement:

Rengifo and Ichetovkin will be joined by Maria “Yuno” Creveling in the support position. Creveling previously played for Team Roar’s bottom lane alongside Shan “Chaox” Huang.

The AD Carry and Top lane positions have yet to be finalized, but the team is currently scrimming with Ritchie “Intense” Ngo (AD Carry) and Oleksii “RF Legendary” Kuziuta (Top lane). Badawi states that the scrims so far have been going great but that the team is still considering all available options and accepting applications.

See the official announcement for complete details as well as a Q&A with team owner Chris Badawi.

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How is playing in the starladder and what prompted this decision?

It’s pretty hard to find a team in my circumstances and I felt really burnt out after trying with NIP. We tried out several teams and it didn’t go that well, so I decided to play soloqueue and stream. But I didn’t feel really good from that because I really love playing competitively, so I decided to join a team that I will be able to play tournaments even if it is lower level and at the same time try to develop russian eSports.


The prizepool of Starladder is noticeably small compared to the LCS and other events, what else are you doing to sustain yourself in the mean time?

I still have some savings, I’m streaming though I decided to do break because I felt a bit burnt out and wanted to focus on my own gameplay. Also I get a salary from RoX.KIS team.


You said you want to focus on playing to maintain and improve your skill level. Where would you place yourself currently in comparison to other LCS mid laners, skill wise? Do you have plans to stream in the future?

I will stream and I think even if I am behind from LCS mid laners, it is not that far. Most difference of LCS teams right now is decision making, teamplay and vision control rather than personal skill. I will start streaming after I get back home after holidays maybe.


What went into your previous switch to Top lane before your return to mid? Which role do you prefer to play and where do you feel stronger? Why?

Right now I really prefer playing mid lane. I found a lot of flaws in my gameplay and fixed most of them I feel. It was a fun time playing top lane but switching back and forth isn’t the best idea in my opinion, so I will just stabilize and show some cool mid lane performance.


What is your current visa situation? Where would you prefer to play if you could play anywhere and is it possible for you to relocate for a team?

I cannot do visa solo, so I need the team that will help me with the visa. It is much easier to do it in NA rather than EU in my opinion  because of NA athlete rules. And overall right now I think NA environment is much better for playing with team rather than EU. So I would prefer to play in NA. It is possible for me to relocate for team with my family, I don’t see much problem in that.


Would you prefer to join an existing LCS team? How viable is it for you to play through the Challenger series?

I think it is viable for me to play in Challenger Series if I am 100% sure in team commitment and get some help with visa so I can be more stable. It is really hard to focus on the game when your visa is not in a stable situation and you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I would prefer to play in an LCS team but if I get a good challenger offer I would accept it. A lot of teams and fans think that a team needs to provide an apartment for me and my family, but I can sustain myself and pay for everything myself. The main thing I need help with is the visa and finding an apartment for me and my family that I will be able to play from.


Have you ever considered working in eSports outside of being a player? What would you do, if anything?

Hmm, I have considered it but I don’t want tobecause I am interested in the competitive side of eSports.


What is your favorite memory from the LCS?

Getting through to worlds in season 3 against CLG.EU.


What are you thoughts on Gambit currently?

I think that right now Gambit looks really strong, maybe one of the favorites for the upcoming split. I am glad that they finally found their spirit and a strong lineup.


Would you participate in the infamous CLG.EU / Moscow 5 reunion showmatch?

Of course I would. It could be really fun!



Thanks everyone who still supports me and cheers for me, thanks to my wife and my family for helping me especially in current situation. I think that I still got really decent chances of getting back on track.


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Official Announcements: River Spirit Nami in Store – 975 RP

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River Spirit Nami in Store Banner

Nami’s new skin is riding the tide to League’s store!


 The young farmer had walked this way home countless times before. Beside the jungle, the path stretched from crop to home, but lately he’d found himself a companion on his long trek: a song, drifting through the woods with the cool fall breeze. He’d always ignored his curiosity before – pulled his hood up and marched on home – but this time… it was different. It was calling to him. The boy paused, peering into the mighty woods beside him. Without thinking, he dove into the trees.

 The song filled him, pulling him through the brush. Thorns and nettles clawed at him, tearing through his clothes and ripping his flesh as he sped through the woods. Louder still, the melancholy voice sung.

 Finally, he burst through the undergrowth and fell into an open grove. The boy, gasping for breath, stumbled to his feet and looked around. Evening sunlight danced through the canopy, and in the grove’s center lay a crystal- clear pond filled with water lilies. River Spirit Nami sat at its heart, her emerald mane of hair framing a wide smile on her pale face. Humming, she beckons him forward, healing his wounds with faerie-touched water. Step by step, he wades into the pool, the water coming to his chest as he lurches deeper into the pool. Tears stream down his face. River Spirit Nami pulls him towards her, wrapping him in an embrace. Slowly, she slips beneath the surface, dragging him into oblivion.

Soothe your allies and enthrall your foes with River Spirit Nami, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP.



Suspension of Nukeduck and Mithy Banner

 A reminder that not only lowly casuals can be punished in League: Nukeduck and Mithy from Challenger team NiP are being suspended from League for excessive language and poor behavior in-game.



Riot aBhorsen Button Rioter Riot aBhorsen: Summoners–

We recently completed our investigation around highly offensive language used by two Challenger Series players. Below you will find competition rulings related to those events.

League of Legends Competition Ruling

Player: Alfonso Aguirre Rodriguez / Mithy
Region: Europe
Date of Ruling: 2/6/14
Subject: Suspension; Violations of CS Ruleset


In recent months, Rodriguez has exhibited extremely toxic behavior in solo queue. This behavior included, but was not limited to, in game harassment, verbal abuse, and continual use of racial slurs. In the past month, Rodriguez has been reported in over 30% of the games he played, with nearly 60% of those reports being for Offensive Language, Negative Attitude, and Verbal Abuse. During this period, his harassment score rose to be within the top 1% of all players on EUW. Additionally, he was reported over 30 times for leaving the game/going AFK.

Despite previous punishments for his toxicity, Rodriguez’s behavior has shown no improvement over the past months, even after his account became Chat Restricted.

Relevant Rules

Section 9.2.7 of the CS Ruleset states:

If LCS or Riot determines that a Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, LCS officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.

Section 9.2.9 of the CS Ruleset states:

A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the LCS to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to the conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.


Rodriguez has consistently engaged in behavior which violates the letter and spirit of the Summoner’s Code. His tendencies to engage in verbal abuse, racial insults and otherwise offensive behavior is unacceptable for any player (even if provoked).


Rodriguez has violated the Summoner’s Code in a persistent and systematic fashion, and has therefore violated rules 9.2.7 and 9.2.9, and will be subject to penalties.

Competition Penalties

Rodriguez is:
– Suspended from the League Championship Series and the Challenger Series through the end of 2014.

League of Legends Competition Ruling

Player: Erlend Holm / Nukeduck
Region: Europe
Date of Ruling: 2/6/14
Subject: Suspension; Violations of CS Ruleset


In recent months, Holm has exhibited extremely toxic behavior in solo queue. This behavior included, but was not limited to, in game harassment, verbal abuse, and general toxicity. In the past month, Holm has been reported in nearly 30% of the games he played, with over 65% of those reports being for Offensive Language, Negative Attitude, and Verbal Abuse.

Despite previous punishments for his toxicity, Holm’s behavior has shown no improvement over the past months, even after his account became Chat Restricted.

Relevant Rules

Section 9.2.7 of the CS Ruleset states:

If LCS or Riot determines that a Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Service, or other rules of LoL, LCS officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion.

Section 9.2.9 of the CS Ruleset states:

A Team Member may not engage in any activity which is deemed by the LCS to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to the conventional standards of proper ethical behavior.


Holm has consistently engaged in behavior which violates the letter and spirit of the Summoner’s Code. His tendency to engage in verbal abuse and otherwise offensive behavior is unacceptable for any player (even if provoked).


Holm has violated the Summoner’s Code in a persistent and systematic fashion, and has therefore violated rules 9.2.7 and 9.2.9, and will be subject to penalties.

Competition Penalties

Holm is:
– Suspended from the League Championship Series and the Challenger Series through the end of 2014.



[ Facebook ] Alex Ich on losing Nukeduck & Mithy


546114_398523980255859_743118986_n Button Rioter Alex Ich: I did know the risk of playing with nukeduck and mithy. And having them banned now, ye its sad, but I guess we will be fine. They are really nice guys in real life and really dedicated and all the circlejerk about them being super toxic started from the leaked screenshot of custom game. I guess I agree on bans but the timing isn’t really the best one for the team. Now we got only around 10 days to prepare for next Coke match. But I won’t give up, there are worse things happening in life. Sad morning.



[ Facebook ] Mithy and Nukeduck released from NiP 


1012624_325736094226509_560515048_n Button Rioter NiP: Erlend “NukeDuck” Holm, and Alfonso “mithy” Rodriguez have been released from Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas have released Erlend “NukeDuck” Holm and Alfonso “mithy” Rodriguez from our roster with immediate effect. This is as a direct result of the recent suspension they have both received from Riot due to breach of code of conduct which bans them from competition for the rest of 2014. Therefore they are unable to participate in Coke Series in 2014.

NiP will immediately start searching for suitable replacements for the two players, and will try out several options during the upcoming weeks.

Statement from Gustav M. Karto, Managing Director of Ninjas in Pyjamas:

“This is a highly regrettable situation that the players can only blame themselves for. Ninjas in Pyjamas do not condone this kind of behaviour and we hope that the players take the time to learn from this incident and come back to competitive play in the future with a refreshed attitude. But for now, we will unfortunately have to say goodbye to Alfonso and Erlend, who have been exceptional and loyal players of NiP for the last 9 months.”



Hardcore vs Casual Banner

Ghostcrawler is up on the forums again to clarify what Riot’s target audience is following their statements in a recent devblog.


Relevant News





Q: Are hardcore players the target audience for Riot?


ghostcrawler  Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: I think we’re all using a different definition of “hardcore” and “casual” here, which isn’t surprising because those terms are pretty vague and subjective. It seems like some of you above are using casual to mean non-Diamond players or even non-LCS players. That’s not what I meant at all.

League is not an easy game to learn. It certainly isn’t an easy game to master. If you play League at all, chances are good that you’re a pretty hardcore gamer (under the definition I am using). Someone whose primary interaction with games is tablets, or someone who buys one console game a year, or someone who don’t really buy games but might play them if they visit a friend’s place once in awhile, probably isn’t a hardcore gamer. 

Riot likes to define core gamers as folks who self-identify as gamers. If you asked me my hobbies or what I do in my free time, gaming is on those lists. I suspect the same is true of many of you.

There are games out there whose mission is to try to attract very casual or even non-gamers. There are games out there who try to appeal to everyone. That’s not something Riot is interested in. We make games for gamers.

So, if the original question was “Are you interested in providing a fun experience for someone who loves messing around, playing League with friends but views it more as a social experience or a way to blow off steam, and isn’t ever going to hit plat and doesn’t care?” the answer is yes.

If the original question was “Are you interested in providing a more casual experience to attract players who play casual games or no games at all?” the answer is no.

Does that clear things up?





ghostcrawler  Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: I posted something similar in another thread, but to reiterate, if you are the kind of League player who is posting on forums in what is the middle of the night in North America, then you are the kind of player who is important to us and we want you to have fun. These design values were crafted with you in mind.

When I joined Riot, I saw a few concerns that I would try to dumb the game down. The quote you are referring to was an attempt by me to reassure you that isn’t the case. Part of the reason I joined Riot was because I found it exciting to be able to work on a game targeted at gamers (in other words, dudes like me). All of the games I have worked on before had a mission of trying to broaden the existing audience. League’s mission is to provide a great experience to you guys. Pardon my language, but F yeah!



Q: Why don’t you take the direction you took with WoW?


ghostcrawler  Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: They are different games with different business models and even different development cultures. If I went to work on the Sims and told them I wanted to steer the direction towards players who play League, I probably wouldn’t be working on the Sims for long. 

However, I do hope the success of League can send a message to developers and publishers that they don’t need to try to appeal to ALL different kinds of gamers with their games.



Q: Follow-up: If someone plays the Sims for 9 hours a day, isn’t he a hardcore gamer, too?


ghostcrawler  Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: Totally. That’s the challenge with labels. People don’t tend to fit into neat little buckets like that.

There are certainly players who enjoy both The Sims and League, and that’s awesome. But if I came out here and said one of our design values to change League to be more attractive to players who liked The Sims, there would probably be a lot of concern from League players. 

You’re awesome!


ghostcrawler  Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: Thanks! Another thing I really like about Riot is that so many Rioters are interested and encouraged to hang out with players on forums and Reddit. While I was a lead on WoW, I was just one of many leads on a very large team. Because players knew my name, I got credit or blame for many decisions that were made on the game. With so many Rioters, it’s easier (I hope!) for our individual personalities and opinions to come out.

It’s still fine to blame me, or any of us, for things you don’t like in the game. But earning your trust is also important to us, which is why I’m making a little effort here to restate that our goal is not to “dumb the game down” in hopes of attracting a broader, more casual audience.



Update on Sion's Rework Banner

Sion’s rework is still a priority for the team! This and a few bits about Skarner.



Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Sion is actually going quite well. 

There was a long discussion thread over here.

However, now we’re into that part of development where things go dark, as rapid iteration, experimentation and development means that a play-by-play forum update doesn’t help as much. I think it will be fair to expect lots of interesting reveals once he’s closer to showing off.



Q: Why are we only hearing about the rework on forums ?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: If it were as easy to develop new art, concepts and feature as it is to write a forum post, I’d be out of a job. 

That’s OK, you don’t have to believe me. The proof will be once the character is ready. Development is never as easy as you ever wish it was from the outside.



Q: Can we have an update on Skarner?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Few details from RiotSeb a couple of weeks ago can be found here.

We’re still aiming to get something onto the PBE within a patch or two. The passive changes we’re trying out, aimed at giving him a bit more CC if played successfully, require that we change some visual effects. As a result it’s not as simple as just adjusting some numbers in a spell, which is the case for many balance changes, hence the longer timeframe.



Single Posts banner



Q: Which jungle path should I take as Shaco?


Riot Wittrock Button Rioter Riot Wittrock: I like to start at my own red, take Q and level 2, and gank mid, then go to my own blue.

Sometimes gets a kill, usually gets at least some summoners out of the opponent. Be careful not to dive or get too greedy with this play. 

Shaco has TONS of options at levels 1-3, and being adaptable is really important. So, as a Shaco player, don’t ever get locked into “this is my jungle path”.



 Q: Is Nightblu3 good company in Solo Q?


Cedriel Button Rioter Cendriel: Having been trolled by Teambuilder and matched against Nightblue3 (I’m Gold 3), I found him to be a classy gentleman in chat even as his Braum pounded my face.




Q: Why am I stuck in a 40+ minute queue in Team Builder?


Lyte  Button Rioter Lyte: This is because you have higher MMR than the majority of players. This is fixed in a patch in the near future.




Q: Did you take out the stun on Zyra’s ultimate?


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: The stun used to last much longer than the knockup.





CLG partners with Twitch, leaves Azubu


Link to onGamers article.


Counter Logic Gaming announced today that the organization has established a new exclusive streaming partnership with Twitch.

Effective immediately, CLG’s League of Legends player streams will be available on the team’s new Twitch directory. The new partnership ends the company’s previous relationship with competing service, Azubu.

The sponsorship also marks the first time an official partnership has been established between the two esports organizations as CLG streams were previously only available on the now defunct prior to Azubu.

Counter Logic Gaming Owner George ‘HotshotGG’ Georgallidis said of the announcement:

The CLG organization was built out of a community; a group of fans who rallied together behind a League of Legends team and set of values which defines CLG to this day. Streaming, and interaction with our community through it, is one of these primary founding values, which I will readily admit we’ve at least partially neglected. Friends, I’m here to tell you now however that I and the rest of CLG are back. I know CLG fans have waited on this moment for a long time, and I’m happy that we can finally deliver it to them.

Additionally, Twitch released the following statement from COO, Kevin Lin:

At long last, we are incredibly excited to welcome Counter Logic Gaming to Twitch. The good folks at CLG have built one of the most respected brands in esports: one rooted in community, friendship, and gaming culture. Together, we will bring their audience an endless river of pentakills, ragequits, and awkward moments. We look forward to working with CLG to bring premium competitive gaming content to new heights.

Along with the new Twitch partnership, CLG also announced the addition of sports nutrition company Cellucor as a sponsor.



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First off, what is something unknown or that very little people know about you?

Alex Ich: Dunno, not sure if everyone knows yet that I am married, I have a beautiful child and his name is Dmitry.


Thoughts on the teams at worlds and did everyone make it as far as you expected? Did any of the outcomes surprise you?

Alex Ich: I don’t think that outcomes surprised me, only Samsung Ozone did worse than expected, but everything else was ok, I think we could have done better though.


Who do you think is the current strongest team in the LCS? Who do you expect to be the best in Season 4?

Alex Ich: With all the current changes I cannot answer this question. Time will show


Zed, Kassadin, and Ahri recently received changes. What would you have done differently, if anything, to tune these champions?


Alex Ich: Kassadin’s obvious nerf should be increasing ult cd, I would say the same for ahri’s ult and zed’s ult. All these heroes power is from their ultimates, so you should nerf them but not their kit overall. They can assassinate too often and it is bad.


What is it like playing under pressure for you, how do you handle high pressure situations?

Alex Ich: I think I just got used to it.


What is your opinion of Faker?

Alex Ich: I think that he is good, LOL.


What do you think seperates your playstyle from other mid laners? Is there a “best” way to play the role, or is it based on your teams overall plan?

Alex Ich: I think that my playstyle is a bit farm oriented, not sure if it is the best way to play but it is strong, my goal is to farm and become beast until the lanephase ends. I think that I excel at playing mobile assassin heroes


Are there any champions you want to see return to competitive play? Who, and what would make them viable?

Alex Ich: I would like to see a Ryze buff so he can get more playable for me. I don’t think that he is that good at the moment.


Do you think the mid lane is more important in EU than other regions? What about EU’s midlaner playstyle is different?

Alex Ich: I think that jungle is the most important role and most of the time junglers get mid lane rolling, but people give less credit to jungler and more to mid laner because he has a better score.


Who is the shotcaller within the team and how are things like objectives handled? Is there always a goal in mind or do you just takeopportunities as they come?  

Alex Ich: We have everyone speaking, I think it is one of the best ways to handle it, though has some flaws. Most of the time you can’t see all the game yourself so it’s good that people say their opinions, you only need to filter and help so there will be no mess.


What should a mid laner do to make the most impact on the game for his team?

Alex Ich: He should farm, roam, not feed, play good champion, good positioning. For example if you play orianna, u need to stay on range, use all your skills, save your ad carry, land op ultimate and not get caught, its hard.

What champions are you current favorite to play as? Who is your least favorite to play against right now? Who do you think the strongest mid champion is currently?

Alex Ich: My favourite champion to play is Kha’Zix though I am not sure if I want to play him competitively. Least favorite to play against is Riven and the strongest is Orianna/Gragas/Nidalee, something like that.


Who is the toughest mid laner you have faced?

Alex Ich: I would say Xpeke, dunno why but I got most problems with him in lane.


How have you and the team been spending the offseason?

Everyone is spending his time with the family, so we don’t spend the time together. We are still training though, preparing to IEM.


Is Froggen still one of the best mids in the world?

Alex Ich: Yes he is


What do you like to do in your free time?

Alex Ich: I like spending my time with wife and child, play soloq and play some other games.


Looking into Season 4, do you think the current top teams will stay on top, or new ones emerge as we have seen in the past? Do you think SKT can stay as dominant as they have been?


Alex Ich: I don’t know, I am not oracles, everything can happen, I would say there will be a lot of changes.


Do you feel the NA region is weaker than other regions overall? Will they emerge in Season 4? What prevents them from growing as rapidly as other regions?

Alex Ich: I think that NA region is not weaker than other regions, they have C9 who are really strong and  TSM can get big with Bjergsen, so I would say they should be ok.


How do you feel about the roster changes announced so far in Europe? What team will they impact the most?

Alex Ich: Dunno every team will be hugely impacted because of changes. We should just wait and see how it goes.


Reginald recently retired as a player, and Ocelote stepped down from the main roster of SK gaming.  We’ve seen your thoughts on them, but what was it like playing against them?

Haven’t played against Reginald for ages so don’t really remember, but tbh both Ocelote and Reginald were good midlaners, so playing against them was fun. In tournaments I got an edge most of the time though.


How do you feel about the current format of the LCS and World Championship? Do you think there should be changes for Season 4?

Alex Ich: I think that travelling every week for teams is bad thing. I would say that travelling just once every 2 weeks would be much better. And I think that games should be bo2 because the game is hugely dependent on side and pick and it can change in the next patch.


What do you think has been the biggest issue so far when finding a new support player? What are the biggest obstacles you have faced while trialing other players? What are you looking for in your support?

Alex Ich: We need a Russian speaking support that plays well. We have little time, so you should just pick and go. Most of the time we cannot just change support during the season, because we cannot take a Russian support, due to the fact that it takes around 1 month to get him passport+visa.


This was actually supposed to say “Will Edward ever return to Gambit?”, however it was recently announced that he is returning to your roster. What led to this decision? Not being able to find other supports that were as good or fit the team, or something else?

Alex Ich: I think that he knows that he will do the best in our team and we will do better with him, I would say it is just synergy.


Now that Edward has returned, do you expect Gambit to be back in top form?

Alex Ich: Yes


What are Edwards biggest strengths and what does he bring to the team that other supports can’t? What does he lack or need to improve in?

Alex Ich: Edward has one of the highest percentage of skillshots landed, he has huge experience and he is not stressful. I think his temper is explosive so he needs to work a bit on that, but overall I think he is a beast support.


Do you ever wish you could play a different role? If so, what would it be?

Alex Ich: I like to play ad and jungle in soloq, but I would say that mid suits me the most, though sometimes heroes get out of my meta.


How does the team plan to prepare for Season 4? What types of improvements overall does the team need the most? How about you individually, what would you like to improve on the most and what do you feel you are currently weakest in?

Alex Ich: I think we need to see the changes of season 4 first to know what we and I myself should change. I would say that we need to know next year’s LCS system and depending on that plan better our training because it is the weakest part of our team.


Thoughts on Mandatorycloud? Do you feel he is the best mid laner in NA?

Alex Ich: Not with Bjergsen been there. I think he is mechanically good , though he lacks experience and his or rather his team transition into mid-late game is not that good. He needs to improve on that part of game.


Predictions for the upcoming Battle of the Atlantic?

Alex Ich: I don’t do predictions, we should win our games though 😀


Are there any item changes you want to see? Or perhaps a new type of item for the mid lane?

Alex Ich: Zhonya’s nerf please, thank you.

Bjergsen was recently the latest European player to head to NA by joining TSM. How much of an impact do you think he will have on the team, and will he live up to the standard TSM has set the past 3 seasons? How good of a mid is Bjergsen compared to other NA mids? Do you expect to see more international team rosters as the game progresses?

Alex Ich:  The more the game progresses – more money included – more transfers like in professional gaming. I would say that Bjergsen is really strong mid and if not strongest then one of the strongest in NA. TSM should do better with him because Reginald will control them and will have more time for handling TSM as organization so there will be five players fully related on game.


Anything else?

Alex Ich: Dunno, delete Riven from game? Tired of playing against her.



Alex Ich: I want to thank Gambit, BenQ, Steelseries, Pringles and Twitch for helping and supporting me and my team. Also I want to thank all our fans all over the world for watching our plays and rooting for us. I hope we will do even better now and in season 4 with Edward and I hope our team won’t have any more changes and internal problems.






The new father announced the good news over on his facebook.


We wish Daddy Ich and his lovely wife the best of luck. This marks the first LoL-eSports baby, but as the game keeps on trucking, it surely won’t be the last. Who’ll be the next?


The name of our new organization contains six letters. G – That’s the first letter of the name, as you already guessed it.

Although Moscow 5 is done for as an organization, the talented players who brought the brand to its former glory remain. Today, the young Russians have announced that they will be taking on IEM Katowice in Poland under a new name.

With humble beginnings as Team Empire, to their victory at Kiev which shot them to the top, and their subsequent domination of Kings of Europe, IEM VI, ESL, Dreamhack, ECC, and the European Regionals; Moscow 5’s legacy will endure under their new moniker, Gambit Gaming!


Yes, Edward is GoSu Pepper