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Following the rumored departure of Rekkles come more potential roster changes for Elements in the off-season.

It has been reported that both Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema and Mike “Wickd” Petersen are exploring other options, dissatisfied with the current state and future of the team.  Sitting just out of relegation, the team is a shadow of it’s former self, having been the number one team in Europe just last split. Since it’s acquisition of former Fnatic AD Carry Rekkles, the team has taken an unexpected dive in the standings, crashing to seventh place in the 2015 Spring Split.

From the article:

Both players, along with Larsson, have grown increasingly disillusioned with the team and don’t feel that the current roster can match their expectations. He added that the team will rebuild around the remaining two players in the organization, Henrik “Froggen” Hansen and Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels.

While not confirmed, if the three players did leave the Elements team, recently acquired substitutes Erik “Tabzz” Van Helvert and Marcel “Dexter” Feldkamp would be the most likely replacements for the starting roster.

Author’s Note: This information has not been officially confirmed, and as such is considered a rumor. We will update this article as more information becomes available.


Left: Cyanide, Right: xPeke

Following Rekkles’ move to Alliance, Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño-Martinez and Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen have officially left Fnatic. Three of Fnatic’s 2014 Roster members have left since the end of the season, leaving only Paul “SoaZ” Boyer and Bora “Yellowstar” Kim at the moment.


New Team for xPeke

xPeke intends to create his own team, to start from scratch. He wants to build a team the way he envisions, which he could not do as part of Fnatic. It appears as though his new team will be called Origen, as he recently added a photo to his Facebook page, which happens to be present on Origen.GG as well.

 (Origen logo)

xPeke has been with Fnatic essentially since the beginning of his career, even winning the Season 1 World Championship with them.

Here’s his official statement on leaving the organization:

I have a lot of god things to say about Fnatic, and my teammates. But to not make it too long I’ll say there is only one reason for me to leave fnatic and it is fulfill this dream I have had for a long time now… And I think now its the time to go for it and create my own team.
At some point I said that I was gonna stay in fnatic for the next year and that’s because I thought so that way, but with the events that have happened lately I thought that this was the time to have a change in my life and start this new adventure.


Cyanide to Retire

Cyanide on the other hand, has stated he feels burned out of League of Legends. He’s made the decision to retire, but has appeared to not rule out coming back at some point.

Here’s his reasoning for leaving:

Ever since season 3 world championships I didn’t like the game as much. I got totally burned out there and really never regained my thrive to play. Entire season 4 I wasn’t able to play as much and stay focused as I was before just due to simple boredom of the game. I tried my best but overall I feel like my season 4 was disappointing from my part and I didn’t play at the level I used to. I had my moments, but I’m incredibly self critical and put a ton of pressure on myself and I considered retiring already during the season as I was unhappy. I decided to play until the Championships as I thought I’d be able to get my shit together and perform as I did in the past.

However, that was not the case. I always told everyone that the time to retire as a pro is when you lose the passion for the game and that arguably happened to me already a year ago but I wasn’t able to recognize it. I thought I could force myself to practice and keep up focus through sheer power of will but I was wrong. That being said, I still enjoy playing League more casually, just not the insane hours required to be a top competitive player in tournaments. I always played multiplayer games with the goal in my mind to be the very best like noone ever was. I see now that is not possible with League as I am now. I hate the thought of playing a game competitively with the goal of being average which I could easily do but that’s not who I am.

IEM 9 San Jose.jpg

On December 6th to 7th, North American teams Cloud 9 and Team Solomid, European teams Alliance and Unicorns of love, a Brazilian To Be Determined team and a To Be Determined Latin American team will face off in the original BayLife City, San Jose during Intel Extreme Masters Season 9, San Jose. After TSM and Alliance were decided as the invited teams participating, a fan vote was set to determine the other NA and EU team.

The vote ended up as follows:

Embedded image permalink

Note how Team Curse is 4th

Despite a strong push with the CRS Piglet hype, Cloud 9 was able to beat Curse in votes. After no official announcements on the CLG roster (except that they’re trying out players), CLG’s fanbase didn’t pull through for them either. Instead, the All-American Cloud 9 will be heading to San Jose, where they lived just last season not too far from Team Solomid’s former base of operations.

Unicorns of Love are both untested and have an interesting name, creating a lot of curiosity for them to go and compete. However, they haven’t even competed in the LCS yet, which may mean LAN jitters could be present. SK Gaming were not voted in, despite many fans wanting to see their true potential after a spoiled World Championship.




Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Match
  Alogo std.png A
  C9logo std.png C9
  Brazilian Winner
  Tsmlogo std.png TSM
  UOLlogo std.png UOL
  LatAm Champion


During the first day, Cloud 9 will face the Brazilian qualified team while Unicorns of Love will take on the top Latin American squad. The winners of these two Best of 3 matches will be taking on Alliance and Team Solomid in the semifinals, respectively. Afterward, the winners of the semifinals will take each other on.
Tune in to ESL’s Twitch when the event goes live.


Stage 2 Day 4 Banner


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]

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Stage 2 Day 4: All Games


Game : Kabum e-Sports vs Cloud 9

Game 2: LMQ vs Samsung Blue

Game 3: Kabum vs Alliance

Game 4: Fnatic vs Samsung Blue

Game 5: Cloud 9 vs Najin White Shield

Game 6: OMG vs LMQ

Tiebreaker: Najin White Shield vs Cloud 9


[ Analysts ] Quickshot, Krepo, Crumbzz, Monte, Phreak

















Champion Select Stats


Champion Bans Picks Wins Losses Winrate Picks+Bans Pick+Banrate
Yasuo 7 9 7 2 78% 16 32%
Twitch 8 9 6 3 67% 17 34%
Kassadin 2 4 3 1 75% 6 12%
Ryze 20 19 10 9 53% 39 78%
Alistar 40 5 4 1 80% 45 90%
Janna 2 27 17 10 63% 29 58%
Maokai 26 15 9 6 60% 41 82%
Jarvan 1 10 3 7 30% 11 22%
Orianna 1 15 9 6 60% 16 32%
Lucian 6 26 12 14 46% 32 64%
Thresh 8 25 14 11 56% 33 66%
Rumble 5 14 9 5 64% 19 38%
Kha’Zix 7 32 16 16 50% 39 78%
Zilean 32 9 5 4 56% 41 82%
Tristana 4 23 10 13 43% 27 54%
Nami 2 20 9 11 45% 22 44%
Twisted Fate 4 4 1 3 25% 8 16%
Zed 14 11 7 4 64% 25 50%
Lee Sin 15 29 17 12 59% 44 88%
Syndra 10 8 3 5 38% 18 36%
Nidalee 14 5 1 4 20% 19 38%
Fizz 6 10 3 7 30% 16 32%
Jinx 3 7 2 5 29% 10 20%
Blitzcrank 0 3 0 3 0% 3 6%
Rengar 6 6 5 1 83% 12 24%
Kog’Maw 1 13 6 7 46% 14 28%
Nunu 0 1 0 1 0% 1 2%
Xerath 0 6 2 4 33% 6 12%
Talon 0 5 2 3 40% 5 10%
Vayne 0 3 3 0 100% 3 6%
Lulu 1 10 3 7 30% 11 22%
Kayle 2 10 4 6 40% 12 24%
Aatrox 6 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 6 12%
Dr Mundo 0 5 0 5 0% 5 10%
Sona 0 2 0 2 0% 2 4%
Caitlyn 0 2 1 1 50% 2 4%
Irelia 3 11 8 3 73% 14 28%
Elise 1 11 4 7 36% 12 24%
Corki 0 9 7 2 78% 9 18%
Jarvan IV 0 1 0 1 0% 1 2%
Ahri 1 9 3 6 33% 10 20%
Leona 0 3 1 2 33% 3 6%
Braum 0 5 2 3 40% 5 10%
Ezreal 0 2 0 2 0% 2 4%
Katarina 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
Pantheon 0 1 0 1 0% 1 6%
Jayce 0 2 0 2 0% 2 4%
Morgana 0 5 4 1 80% 5 10%
Graves 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
Vi 0 1 0 1 0% 1 2%
Swain 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
Ziggs 0 2 1 1 50% 2 4%
Gragas 1 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 1 2%
Evelynn 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
Riven 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
Rammus 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
Lissandra 0 1 1 0 100% 1 2%
57 champions played/banned in 50 games
Blue Side 33 17 66%
Red Side 17 33 34%



Stage 2 Day 3 Banner

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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Stage 2 Day 3: All Games


Game : Fnatic vs OMG

Game 2: Alliance vs Cloud 9

Game 3: Kabum e-Sports vs Najin White Shield

Game 4: LMQ vs Fnatic

Game 5: OMG vs Samsung Blue

Game 6: Alliance vs Najin White Shield

[ Analysts ] Quickshot, Krepo, Crumbzz, Doublelift, Phreak















Champion Select Stats


Champion Bans Picks Wins Losses Winrate Picks+Bans Pick+Banrate
Yasuo 4 8 6 2 75% 12 32%
Twitch 6 5 4 1 80% 11 30%
Kassadin 2 2 1 1 50% 4 11%
Ryze 15 15 8 7 53% 30 81%
Alistar 29 4 3 1 75% 33 89%
Janna 1 20 12 8 60% 21 57%
Maokai 19 10 5 5 50% 29 78%
Jarvan 0 6 2 4 33% 6 16%
Orianna 1 12 7 5 58% 13 35%
Lucian 5 21 8 13 38% 26 70%
Thresh 3 19 12 7 63% 22 59%
Rumble 1 9 7 2 78% 10 27%
Kha’Zix 4 25 11 14 44% 29 78%
Zilean 23 6 4 2 67% 29 78%
Tristana 3 18 10 8 56% 21 57%
Nami 1 16 8 8 50% 17 46%
Twisted Fate 4 4 1 3 25% 8 22%
Zed 10 8 5 3 63% 18 49%
Lee Sin 9 23 15 8 65% 32 86%
Syndra 6 7 3 4 43% 13 35%
Nidalee 14 4 1 3 25% 18 49%
Fizz 6 7 3 4 43% 13 35%
Jinx 2 5 1 4 20% 7 19%
Blitzcrank 0 3 0 3 0% 3 8%
Rengar 6 5 4 1 80% 11 30%
Kog’Maw 0 10 5 5 50% 10 27%
Nunu 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Xerath 0 4 1 3 25% 4 11%
Talon 0 3 1 2 33% 3 8%
Vayne 0 3 3 0 100% 3 8%
Lulu 1 8 2 6 25% 9 24%
Kayle 2 6 2 4 33% 8 22%
Aatrox 6 0 0 0 Not played 6 16%
Dr Mundo 0 5 0 5 0% 5 14%
Sona 0 2 0 2 0% 2 5%
Caitlyn 0 2 1 1 50% 2 5%
Irelia 1 8 7 1 88% 9 24%
Elise 1 6 2 4 33% 7 19%
Corki 0 4 3 1 75% 4 11%
Jarvan IV 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Ahri 1 6 1 5 17% 7 19%
Leona 0 3 1 2 33% 3 8%
Braum 0 4 2 2 50% 4 11%
Ezreal 0 2 0 2 0% 2 5%
Katarina 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Pantheon 0 1 0 1 0% 1 6%
Jayce 0 2 0 2 0% 2 5%
Morgana 0 2 2 0 100% 2 5%
Graves 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Vi 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Swain 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Ziggs 0 2 1 1 50% 2 5%
Gragas 1 0 0 0 Not played 1 3%
Evelynn 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Riven 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%



Stage 2 Day 2 Banner


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


You’ll find Champion Select statistics at the bottom of this post when the day is over, brought to you by Lucas Krings.


Stage 2 Day 2: All Games


Game : Najin White Shield vs Alliance

Game 2: Samsung Blue vs Fnatic

Game 3: Najin White Shield vs Cloud 9

Game 4: OMG vs Fnatic

Game 5: Alliance vs Kabum e-Sports

Game 6: Samsung Blue vs LMQ

[ Analysts ] Quickshot, Krepo, Crumbzz, Doublelift, Phreak















Champion Select Stats


Champion Bans Picks Wins Losses Winrate Picks+Bans Pick+Banrate
Yasuo 4 8 6 2 75% 12 32%
Twitch 6 5 4 1 80% 11 30%
Kassadin 2 2 1 1 50% 4 11%
Ryze 15 15 8 7 53% 30 81%
Alistar 29 4 3 1 75% 33 89%
Janna 1 20 12 8 60% 21 57%
Maokai 19 10 5 5 50% 29 78%
Jarvan 0 6 2 4 33% 6 16%
Orianna 1 12 7 5 58% 13 35%
Lucian 5 21 8 13 38% 26 70%
Thresh 3 19 12 7 63% 22 59%
Rumble 1 9 7 2 78% 10 27%
Kha’Zix 4 25 11 14 44% 29 78%
Zilean 23 6 4 2 67% 29 78%
Tristana 3 18 10 8 56% 21 57%
Nami 1 16 8 8 50% 17 46%
Twisted Fate 4 4 1 3 25% 8 22%
Zed 10 8 5 3 63% 18 49%
Lee Sin 9 23 15 8 65% 32 86%
Syndra 6 7 3 4 43% 13 35%
Nidalee 14 4 1 3 25% 18 49%
Fizz 6 7 3 4 43% 13 35%
Jinx 2 5 1 4 20% 7 19%
Blitzcrank 0 3 0 3 0% 3 8%
Rengar 6 5 4 1 80% 11 30%
Kog’Maw 0 10 5 5 50% 10 27%
Nunu 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Xerath 0 4 1 3 25% 4 11%
Talon 0 3 1 2 33% 3 8%
Vayne 0 3 3 0 100% 3 8%
Lulu 1 8 2 6 25% 9 24%
Kayle 2 6 2 4 33% 8 22%
Aatrox 6 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 6 16%
Dr Mundo 0 5 0 5 0% 5 14%
Sona 0 2 0 2 0% 2 5%
Caitlyn 0 2 1 1 50% 2 5%
Irelia 1 8 7 1 88% 9 24%
Elise 1 6 2 4 33% 7 19%
Corki 0 4 3 1 75% 4 11%
Jarvan IV 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Ahri 1 6 1 5 17% 7 19%
Leona 0 3 1 2 33% 3 8%
Braum 0 4 2 2 50% 4 11%
Ezreal 0 2 0 2 0% 2 5%
Katarina 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Pantheon 0 1 0 1 0% 1 6%
Jayce 0 2 0 2 0% 2 5%
Morgana 0 2 2 0 100% 2 5%
Graves 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Vi 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Swain 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Ziggs 0 2 1 1 50% 2 5%
Gragas 1 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 1 3%
Evelynn 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Riven 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%


Stage 2 Day 1 Banner

Group C and D are on stage and ready to compete; here’s my coverage of the first day.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


You’ll find Champion Select statistics at the bottom of this post when the day is over, brought to you by Lucas Krings.


Stage 2 Day 1: All Games


Game : LMQ vs OMG

Game 2: Najin White Shield vs Kabum e-Sports

Game 3: Samsung Blue vs OMG

Game 4: Cloud 9 vs Alliance

Game 5: Fnatic vs LMQ

Game 6: Cloud 9 vs Kabum e-Sports

[ Analysts ] Quickshot, Krepo, Crumbzz, Prolly, Doublelift, Phreak















Champion Select Stats


Champion Bans Picks Wins Losses Winrate Picks+Bans Pick+Banrate
Yasuo 4 8 6 2 75% 12 39%
Twitch 5 5 4 1 80% 10 32%
Kassadin 2 1 1 0 100% 3 10%
Ryze 12 14 7 7 50% 26 84%
Alistar 24 4 3 1 75% 28 90%
Janna 1 19 11 8 58% 20 65%
Maokai 14 10 5 5 50% 24 77%
Jarvan 0 5 2 3 40% 5 16%
Orianna 1 11 7 4 64% 12 39%
Lucian 5 17 7 10 41% 22 71%
Thresh 3 14 9 5 64% 17 55%
Rumble 0 8 7 1 88% 8 26%
Kha’Zix 3 21 11 10 52% 24 77%
Zilean 20 4 3 1 75% 24 77%
Tristana 3 15 8 7 53% 18 58%
Nami 1 13 7 6 54% 14 45%
Twisted Fate 4 3 1 2 33% 7 23%
Zed 9 6 4 2 67% 15 48%
Lee Sin 6 21 13 8 62% 27 87%
Syndra 4 7 3 4 43% 11 35%
Nidalee 13 4 1 3 25% 17 55%
Fizz 6 6 2 4 33% 12 39%
Jinx 1 5 1 4 20% 6 19%
Blitzcrank 0 3 0 3 0% 3 10%
Rengar 6 5 4 1 80% 11 35%
Kog’Maw 0 8 4 4 50% 8 26%
Nunu 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Xerath 0 4 1 3 25% 4 13%
Talon 0 2 1 1 50% 2 6%
Vayne 0 3 3 0 100% 3 10%
Lulu 1 5 1 4 20% 6 19%
Kayle 2 6 2 4 33% 8 26%
Aatrox 6 0 0 0 #DIV/0! 6 19%
Dr Mundo 0 5 0 5 0% 5 16%
Sona 0 2 0 2 0% 2 6%
Caitlyn 0 2 1 1 50% 2 6%
Irelia 1 4 4 0 100% 5 16%
Elise 1 4 0 4 0% 5 16%
Corki 0 3 2 1 67% 3 10%
Jarvan IV 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Ahri 1 5 0 5 0% 6 19%
Leona 0 3 1 2 33% 3 10%
Braum 0 4 2 2 50% 4 13%
Ezreal 0 2 0 2 0% 2 6%
Katarina 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Pantheon 0 1 0 1 0% 1 6%
Jayce 0 2 0 2 0% 2 6%
Morgana 0 2 2 0 100% 2 6%
Graves 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Vi 0 1 0 1 0% 1 3%
Swain 0 1 1 0 100% 1 3%
Ziggs 0 2 1 1 50% 2 6%
52 champions played in 23 games



eSports Today August 15 S4


 This is an experimental series where I’ll try to cover pro-level games, going over picks, bans, a summary of the game, highlights, winner/loser. Everything you see here is MAJOR SPOILERS! The series is for people who have limited time to follow eSports and want to know interesting matches they can rewatch, standings and so on. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as I’ll likely do more than a few changes to the format.

This is a work-in-progress article I’ll continue to update as games progress.

Fnatic vs Roccat (Best-of-5)

Spoiler Inside: Fnatic vs Roccat, Best-of-5 Winner SelectShow


Alliance vs SK Gaming (Best-of-5)

Spoiler Inside: Alliance vs SK Gaming, Best-of-5 Winner SelectShow


Fnatic vs Roccat Match Banner


Casters: Deficio & Joe Miller

Fnatic 79% favored to win


Game 1


Fnatic Picks


  • (Top) soAZ – Alistar
  • (Jungle) Cyanide – Jarvan IV
  • (Mid) xPeke – Syndra
  • (AD) Rekkles - Twitch
  • (Support) YellOwStaR – Nami

Bans: Elise, Maokai, Fizz


Roccat Picks:


  • (Top) Xaxus – Nidalee
  • (Jungle) Jankos – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Overpow – Zilean
  • (AD) Celaver – Kog’Maw
  • (Support) VandeR – Thresh 

Bans: Kassadin, Orianna, Twisted Fate


Team Comps: Fnatic’s pick comp is a standard this season: strong focus on single-target lockdown and laners that can bully early, deny gold and snowball by midgame. Roccat’s comp is more late-game rounded, with solid utility and front-liners to keep Kog’Maw safe and tearing down Fnatic.


 Roccat’s relentless invades pushed soAZ and Cyanide away, but a late response to an invasion in their own jungle left Jankos without a blue buff.

 A level 4 set-up on mid from xPeke’s long-range stun, followed by CC from Cyanide and Jarvan IV made for a successful dive at level 4. Roccat promptly reacted by moving top and securing their first tower of the game.


First Blood – 4:43 (in-game timer)

 Shortly after, a 4-man rotation from Fnatic took out Roccat’s bot lane tower. VandeR’s attempt to put deep jungle wards as a follow-up, however, resulted in his death and evened out the gold for Fnatic. (11.2k to 11.3k)

 Another brilliant show of coordination from xPeke, Rekkles and YellOwStaR on mid lane set Overpow even further behind, as he was again dove, despite the revive.


First Dragon fight: 9:30 (in-game timer)

 A messy fight on dragon cost Fnatic dearly, as they underestimated the speed at which Roccat could rotate to the pit. With Celaver backing them up, Roccat won a 2-for-1 exchange, pushed Fnatic away and secured the objective.

 Top and bottom towers were traded for both teams at 12:30 and Roccat set up a long siege on the second-tier bot-lane tower.


 Second Dragon fight: 17:30 (in-game timer)

 A hook from VandeR onto xPeke started another engage onto Fnatic. Between Kha’Zix’s AoE slow and the speed of Roccat’s comp, they cleaned up a 2-for-0 and secured the second dragon.

 Xaxus overtended on top lane and wandered into a full burst from xPeke. His death, however, pulled the majority of Fnatic on top lane and Roccat once again correctly rotated and took out the inhibitor bot lane tower. One by one, members of Fnatic dived in to protect the base, but their lack of coordination left them without an inhibitor.


Baron attempt: 26:30 (in-game timer)

 Roccat meticulously set up vision control around Baron, but the threat of Tidal Wave and Fnatic circling around them made them abandon the objective.


Teamfight: 31:00 (in-game timer)

 With vision around the Baron area swinging in Fnatic’s favor, they set up an ambush in the mid lane brush and caught Roccat off-guard and a successful engage from xPeke and SoAZ won them a decisive battle. But the decision to chase after Roccat instead of going for a siege forced them to fight in a terrible chokepoint near blue buff. VandeR landed hook after hook, followed-up by a clean-up from Kha’Zix and Nidalee and yet another dragon for Roccat.


Fnatic successful fight

Fnatic’s vision control paid off and caught Roccat in a bad spot.

failed fight for fnatic

Fnatic overextended after winning an engage and paid everything for it.


Baron taken: 43:00 (in-game timer)

 Despite gaining the momentum, Roccat were indecisive around Baron, constantly giving up vision to Fnatic and falling back. Their patience paid off in the end, when VandeR baited Fnatic into another disastrous fight in the jungle. They pushed two members away and piled on Baron, bursting it down before any meaningful retaliation. Fnatic stuck around for way too long and xPeke and soAZ were both picked off.

An ace for Roccat near the bottom lane inhibitor decided the match and Roccat picked up their first win in a best-of-5.

Game ends: 44:00 (in-game timer)


 Verdict: Absolutely spot-on rotations from Roccat. Fnatic maintained the pressure even after losing the first dragon, but Roccat were one step ahead throughout the whole match. Even though Fnatic managed to successfully shut down attempts at split pushing with the Twitch pick, they couldn’t hold up to Roccat’s relentless map control.

 Roccat controlled the momentum of the entire game, removing vision from Fnatic, forcing fights for objectives and decisively winning them. They identified the purpose of Fnatic’s comp – creating picks – and, for the most part, denied them opportunities to lock down a target. When fights weren’t going their favor, they kited and landed poke until they felt they could gain the upper hand. They got every single dragon and played fights to the strength of their comp.

 MVP of the game was definitely VandeR, who was an absolute beast on Thresh, securing picks and saves with the lantern left and right, winning all of Roccat’s crucial fights practically on his own.


Spoiler Inside: Fnatic vs Roccat, Game 1 Winner SelectShow


Game 1 Fnatic vs Roccat




Game 2


Fnatic Picks


  • (Top) soAZ – Swain
  • (Jungle) Cyanide – Evelynn
  • (Mid) xPeke – Syndra
  • (AD) Rekkles - Kog’Maw
  • (Support) YellOwStaR - Nami

Bans: Maokai, Elise, Zilean


Roccat Picks:


  • (Top) Xaxus – Nidalee
  • (Jungle) Jankos – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Overpow – Fizz
  • (AD) Celaver – Tristana
  • (Support) VandeR – Thresh

Bans: Orianna, Twisted Fate, Kassadin


Team Comps: A heavily AoE-focused comp from Fnatic, focused on overwhelming damage in the late game and control of waves. Roccat fell back to a more pick-oriented comp with Fizz and Tristana, but still kept their focus on late-game strength.


 Standard 2v2 and 1v1 lanes on top and bottom. Solid roaming from Jankos forced flashes from Fnatic on both top and bottom and denied Cyanide his second red buff.


First dragon: 11:00 (in-game timer)

Despite the map control, however, Roccat found themselves struggling in all lanes. Aggressive pushing from soAZ pulled Jankos to top without much result, but his position opened a clear dragon take for Fnatic.

Continued ganks from Jankos ultimately helped Roccat’s bot lane take the first tower of the game. But the struggling Xaxus was left without support and was soon dived by Cyanide and soAZ.

Cyanide death

Cyanide chased deep into Roccat territory for the kill on Xaxus and was welcomed by a full combo from Overpow.

Xpeke Death

Overpow dies to soAZ and YellOwStaR; on the other side of the jungle, xPeke gets caught and dispatched of by Jankos.


First dragon fight: 19:30 (in-game timer)

 Fnatic tried to pull dragon and switched to Roccat’s mid towers. An awkward rotation put 3 people on top lane, leaving the defending side of Roccat without any wave-clear. Overpow sacrificed himself to stall the push from Fnatic, who followed an inhibitor tower with a dragon. Roccat went all-in with Jankos and managed to shove Fnatic back. Accidentally, the chase left Roccat completely split and Rekkles managed to pick off two free kills while kiting.

Rekkles 2 Free Kills

Roccat went deep and fell into a slurp of void ooze and burst from Rekkles.


First inhibitor: 24:40 (in-game timer)

 Fnatic turned on the aggression and grouped for the exposed inhibitor in mid. A quick pick-up on Celaver secured the objective and Fnatic rotated to Baron.

 A brilliant play from xPeke clearing a ward while his team was hiding in the pit baited Xaxus, who had no vision and was quickly sniped.

 After an unsuccessful attempt at Baron, Fnatic chose top lane as their next focus. A couple of mistimed engages from both teams left both teams without crucial cooldowns and, in the process, Rekkles was instantly deleted by Overpow.

 Roccat fell back to defending their respawned inhibitor, but couldn’t find an opportunity for a pick with Overpow and abandoned the objective.


Second inhibitor: 34:33 (in-game timer)

 Fnatic again switched to pushing top lane. A long-ranged stun from xPeke secured a kill onto Celaver and, without their AD, Roccat were forced to fall back and play without two inhibitors.


Baron: 35:30 (in-game timer)

 The troubles for Fnatic started after Baron was taken. YellOwStaR was hooked and bursted down, leaving the rest of Fnatic trapped in the pit, with a blood-thirsty Roccat closing in on them. With no way to jump the wall and barely any health, Fnatic grouped patiently and waited for the engage. But what was sure to be an ace for Roccat ended with a twist.

 xPeke came out huge in the fight, landing a stun and instantly dealing with two of Roccat’s surrounding members. The clean-up from Fnatic left Roccat outmanned and the momentum of their game slipped from that point.

In the baron pit

Fnatic were cornered in the baron pit in a 3v5 and managed to swing the fight.

baron pit turnaround

xPeke turned the tables with a spectacular stun onto Roccat’s back-line.


A desperate attempt at an ambush from Roccat backfired horribly; they leaped onto soAZ, only to be caught around a Zhonya’d Swain and a turn-around from the rest of Fnatic.

final ambush

One Zhonya and Roccat’s seemingly certain pick-off resulted in a wipe-out from Fnatic.


 Game ends: 39:00 (in-game timer)


Spoiler Inside: Fnatic vs Roccat, Game 2Â Winner SelectShow


Game 2 Fnatic vs Roccat




Game 3


Fnatic Picks


  • (Top) soAZ – Nidalee
  • (Jungle) Cyanide – Evelynn
  • (Mid) xPeke – Ahri
  • (AD) Rekkles – Kog’Maw
  • (Support) YellOwStaR – Morgana

Bans: Elise, Maokai, Zilean


Roccat Picks:


  • (Top) Xaxus – Aatrox
  • (Jungle) Jankos – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Overpow – Fizz
  • (AD) Celaver – Tristana
  • (Support) VandeR – Nami

Bans: Orianna, Kassadin, Syndra


Team Comps: Roccat went with Nami and Aatrox, both of which strong laners who ca. Fnatic correctly counter-picked the Fizz and Aatrox picks with Morgana, who can easily deny an engage and peel for the squishy Kog’Maw.

Both top laners and junglers invaded on opposite sides and Roccat rotated for a 4-man-push on the top lane tower, securing their first objective at the 4:22 mark.


 First Blood: 5:10 (in-game timer)

xPeke blew his flash very early in a poor engage with Overpow, which cost him his life later on. With his defensive summoner on CD and no escsape on Ahri, he was an easy kill for Jankos and Overpow.


 A timed bait from Xaxus made soAZ stick around after he had popped Blood Well and exposed himself to Jankos right after losing vision. Fnatic’s reaction was immediate – a gank onto bottom lane which quickly had VandeR killed – but they mistimed their recalls after they’d stayed to push the lane, which gave Roccat plenty of time to secure dragon.

 With just a few minutes until the next dragon, Jankos moved to establish vision control. Caught by xPeke and Cyanide, he ran deep into Roccat’s jungle, baiting both members of Fnatic into a brilliant Tidal Wave from VandeR and two kills secured at the cost of none. Over-commiting for Jankos cost Fnatic the second dragon of the game.

Jankos caught

Jankos tried to sweep-clean a ward and was immediately engaged on by xPeke and Cyanide.

tidal wave

A perfect Tidal Wave sealed the deal on xPeke and Cyanide, who’d chased into no-man’s-land for Jankos.


 The persistence of Fnatic to split-push with soAZ and xPeke paid off and both tier 2 towers for Roccat were taken down with failed response.


Third dragon: 23:40 (in-game timer)

 Roccat were denied vision of the dragon area and Xaxus facechecked just as Fnatic were moving to secure to objective. Mid-way, he fell in love with xPeke’s Ahri and his death gave Fnatic an uncontested dragon.

 Fnatic switched their tactics to careful probing around Roccat’s defense, managed to find an opening and took bot lane’s tier-2 tower, leaving Roccat without vision of all their jungle entrances.

 soAZ overstayed his welcome on top lane and was hunted down by Overpow and Xaxus, dragging xPeke in the grave with him. A few minutes later, his overly aggressive split-pushing again cost him his life.

 The trend of Fnatic committing to pushing continued to feed Roccat kills, as YellOwStaR was cornered and quickly taken down. However, the results of Fnatic’s suicidal runs were starting a landslide- Roccat’s base was low on health.

Yellowstar caught

Even YellOwStaR paid for Fnatic’s over-zealous split pushes without proper map vision.


A careless chase from Roccat found Celaver snared to the ground, with soAZ walking along the flank to turn the fight and wipe out the fleeing members of Roccat.


Celaver caught

Roccat commit without thought and soAZ is there to swing the fight.


 Another wonky engage from Roccat; Overpow went deep into Fnatic’s jungle for a kill onto YellOwStaR and Roccat lost two members in the process. Fnatic’s bottom inhibitor tower was taken down by Xaxus in the process, but the team was already in a dominant position to pressure Roccat. VandeR and Celaver tried to take dragon on their own, but were promptly punished and hunted down by xPeke and Cyanide. Xaxus, caught in the cross-fire of the chase, also died, as Roccat’s control of the game quickly crumbled.

  Fnatic knew they needed little to tumble over Roccat and went for a push on the bottom lane. A critical positional mistake from Xaxus snowballed the fight beyond control and Fnatic proceeded to tear down Roccat’s base and take the win.


Endgame for Fnatic

An overly greedy soAZ falling prey to Roccat, but without consequence- the match was already sealed.


Game ends: 41:30 (in-game timer)


Spoiler Inside: Fnatic vs Roccat, Game 3 Winner SelectShow


Game 3 Fnatic vs Roccat




Game 4


Fnatic Picks


  • (Top) soAZ - Shen
  • (Jungle) Cyanide – Jarvan IV
  • (Mid) xPeke – Syndra
  • (AD) Rekkles – Vayne
  • (Support) YellOwStaR – Lulu

Bans: Maokai, Elise, Kog’Maw


Roccat Picks:


  • (Top) Xaxus - Irelia
  • (Jungle) Jankos – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Overpow - Kassadin
  • (AD) Celaver – Tristana
  • (Support) VandeR -Nami

Bans: Orianna, Nidalee, Evelynn


 Team Comps: Fnatic put all their bets on a strong late game, with Vayne and Kassadin, backed by Jarvan and Shen on the front line. Vayne needs a 2v1 lane to come out the early game with a gold lead, and Roccat properly counterpicked with Tristana and Nami, both of which can pressure and deny a 2v2 lane.


 Fnatic were quick to establish control of Roccat’s red-side jungle. Clever mind games from Roccat baited a few recalls from Fnatic’s bottom lane, who wanted Vayne put in a 2v1 lane. Ultimately, Fnatic managed to have their bot lane go against Irelia, but at the cost of experience and minion gold.

 Roccat weren’t going to have their way with a Vayne free farming and Jankos put heavy pressure on the top lane; first time he was kited back, but after a cheeky teleport from Xaxus, they secured first blood on YellOwStaR, putting Vayne further behind and forcing her away from gold and XP.


Teamfight: 15:30 (in-game timer)

Jankos and VandeR went deep into the jungle for a pick onto YellOwStaR, but a clutch Wild Growth prevented his death. Cyanide, with a perfect Cataclysm, trapped Roccat in their retreat as xPeke flanked from the side. Despite solid positioning, however, Fnatic’s AoE comp was promptly overpowered by Roccat’s assassins, who even took down Rekkles on the other side of the blue buff area.

Cyanide ult

Perfect positioning by both Cyanide and xPeke; unfortunately, not enough to halt the engage.

Rekkles 1v3

Rekkles caught over the wall in a 1v3; flashy kiting secures him a kill on Celaver.


 A costly mistake from Jankos and Xaxus on the top lane: both assassins dived past Cyanide onto Rekkles, only to be trapped in a Cataclysm and chased down by 3 members of Roccat.


First Dragon fight: 23:00 (in-game timer)

Fnatic rotate to secure dragon, taking the objective before Roccat could intervene. Regardless, both teams clash, and Roccat once again went way too deep against a Jarvan that quickly punished them for playing over-aggressive.

roccat dragon fight

A seeming advantage for Roccat turns into disaster…

roccat caught

as they are once again caught and punished for their terrible positioning.


 Second dragon: 30:00 (in-game timer)

Fnatic secure the next dragon and take Jankos along with it, as he dives for the last-second smite.


Baron: 31:00 (in-game timer)

With a numbers advantage they head for Baron and a classic over-commitment for an objective they can’t kill in time. Jankos respawns, Overpow goes ham in the pit and the resets and mobility of Roccat wipe out  stragglers. Only Rekkles survives to tell the tale of Fnatic taking Baron.

fnatic lost baron

Fnatic secure baron, but Roccat are on top of them and Jankos is coming from the side.

fnatic retreat

With Fnatic low on life and fleeing, Roccat’s trio of hoppers can chase and wreck.


Second Baron: 39:13 (in-game timer)

Fnatic try to find an opening, but only their front liners can jump into a fight quickly, with xPeke and Rekkles dangerously behind and exposed. A fight breaks out on the bottom lane and a deceptively strong engage from Cyanide goes wasted; the rest of Fnatic couldn’t follow up and they’re chased down and killed, one by one.

roccat fnatic fight

What looks like a good engage ends in shambles; Fnatic are all burned out on resources to follow-up.


Roccat follow-up on the ace with a mid tower and inhibitor.


Third Baron: 47:30 (in-game timer)


 Overpow and Xaxus get a sneaky gank onto soAZ, blowing Stand United and rushing for the inhibitor. Rekkles and YellOwStaR flank from the side and take out Xaxus, but the damage has been done and Fnatic lose an inhibitor and key map control.

 With bot lane being constantly pushed, Roccat rotate to the top lane. Cyanide tries out a last desperate engage and is countered mid-flight by a Buster Shot; with the front liners left alone and the back line being murdered by Overpow and Jankos, Fnatic lose the game after almost an hour of back-and-forth fights.

Game ends: 51:12 (in-game timer)


Spoiler Inside: Fnatic vs Roccat, Game 4Â Winner SelectShow


Game 4 – Fnatic vs Roccat




Game 5


Fnatic Picks


  • (Top) soAZ – Lulu
  • (Jungle) Cyanide – Rengar
  • (Mid) xPeke – Orianna
  • (AD) Rekkles – Kog’Maw
  • (Support) YellOwStaR – Nami

Bans: Maokai, Elise, Kha’Zix


Roccat Picks:


  • (Top) Xaxus – Alistar
  • (Jungle) Jankos – Jarvan IV
  • (Mid) Overpow – Fizz
  • (AD) Celaver – Tristana
  • (Support) VandeR – Thresh

Bans: Nidalee, Evelynn, Kassadin


Team Comps: Fnatic’s comp is the new flavor of Season 4 – Rengar in the jungle, helping deliver Orianna’s ball in the middle of a teamfight, with Lulu and Nami’s utility backing Kog’Maw against back-line divers. Roccat’s comp is more thinly spread across controlling fights with Alistar and Jarvan and creating picks with Tristana and Fizz, while scaling into late game with both damage and utility.


 Standard lanes and lack of early jungle invades, with bot teams playing the farm game. With both summoners on Xaxus on cooldown, Jankos rotates for a gank and gets soAZ dangerously low.


First Blood: 4:45

 Jankos and Xaxus push onto the tower, diving soAZ and securing a kill for Jankos. But Cyanide leaped from the side brush, rooting Xaxus under the tower and evening the trade. From top, Jankos rotated for a dive onto xPeke and got a second kill with Overpow.

Teamfight: 9:30

Roccat’s bot lane baited a bubble engage from YellOwStar, with a ward behind them ready for Xaxus and Overpow to join the fight. A clean 2-for-0, followed by a dragon for Roccat.

roccat 4 man gank

Right when Rekkles is turned into fish food.


First Dragon: 16:10 (in-game timer)

 soAZ went further and further behind, as Jankos kept camping his lane and diving him with Xaxus. Eventually, the response from Cyanide came and a successful gank on Celaver allowed Fnatic to siege the tower and take dragon afterwards.

 Without a Statikk Shiv on Tristana, the troubles with Roccat’s comp began go creep up; with Fnatic grouping up to push mid lane, Roccat had no opportunities for picks and, without any wave clear, were forced to leave their tier-2 mid tower uncontested.


Second Dragon: 24:30 (in-game timer)

Fnatic were in place for the second dragon, took it without retaliation and rushed to clear the Baron area of wards. With Overpow sitting in the brush on top lane waiting for an ambush, he chose a risky route to escape and found himself chased by a balled Cyanide. As Roccat were retreating, an amazing ult from xPeke held them in place and got Fnatic a clean 2-for-0.

xpeke ult

xPeke flanking from the side to land a perfect Shockwave.


Teamfight: 33:05

 Roccat dived onto xPeke in mid in a 1-for-1 trade, but had to flee with Fnatic looking for revenge. YellOwStaR and Rekkles found themselves alone in mid lane, flanked by a teleporting Overpow and YellOwStaR bit the bullet for his carry. But an overextend from Overpow onto Cyanide threw the advantage Roccat had built that fight and cost them a mid inhibitor.


First inhibitor: 34:57

dive on xpeke

A dangerous dive on xPeke is more than Overpow can chew off.


A messy fight broke out in Roccat’s red-side jungle and Fnatic ran scattered, with Cyanide scrambling to enter stealth and save Baron.

Fnatic vs Roccat fight

Terrible place for Fnatic to be fighting and Cyanide lives by the skin of his teeth.


Fnatic shifted towards the bottom lane and set up a siege. Cyanide was hooked and Roccat went for the opportunity, but through Lulu’s ultimate and a plethora of shields, Rengar survived. Despite Celaver not dying in that engage, the difference in health bars was enough for Fnatic to shove down the inhibitor.

fnatic onto celaver

Cyanide survives the engage and a greedy Celaver almost dies chasing.


A desperation Baron from Roccat was a reflection of the ends to which a team determined to go to Worlds would go; but Fnatic were in position and aced Roccat, securing a spot in Seoul.

desperate roccat

An all-or-nothing attempt at Baron from Roccat ends in a (predictable) ace for Fnatic and the game.


Game ends: 44:00


Spoiler Inside: Fnatic vs Roccat, Game 5Â Winner SelectShow


Game 5 – Fnatic vs Roccat




Alliance vs SK Banner

Casters: Quickshot and Deman

Alliance 78% favored to win


Game 1


Alliance Picks:

  • (Top) Wickd – Alistar
  • (Jungle) Shook – Lee Sin
  • (Mid) Froggen – Ahri
  • (AD) Tabzz – Twitch
  • (Support) Nyph – Nami

Bans: Nidalee, Orianna, Kog’Maw


SK Picks:

  • (Top) fredy122  – Aatrox
  • (Jungle) Svenskeren – Elise
  • (Mid) Jesiz – Ziggs
  • (AD) CandyPanda – Tristana 
  • (Support) nRated – Braum

Bans: Kassadin, Twisted Fate, Maokai


Team Comps: Alliance knows there’s no reason for risky comps; with Ahri and Twitch, they have solid teamfight potential at any point in the game and good wave clear, and Lee Sin in the jungle is enough to keep them safe from ganks early on. SK’s comp is also not reinventing the wheel, but a mix of mobility and CC means they are capable of standing up to Alliance in teamfights. Of the two teams, Alliance’s comp can more easily create picks, while SK’s comp is more about controlling the field and having a safe back-line.


First Blood: 3:00 (in-game timer)

 An invade from Alliance on SK’s red-side jungle forced a flash for fredy, making Shook an easy victim for a dive.


 First Dragon: 3:34 (in-game timer)

The response from SK was spot-on – a level 2 dragon.

 Alliance continued their effort to shut down Fredy on the bot lane. On the second attempt at a gank, Wickd pulverized Aatrox mid-flight and Fredy’s escape route was cut off by Shook. But with amazing juking around the minion wave and life stealing with the triple life steal bonus on Blood Thirst, Fredy got his passive back during the fight and flashed away, surviving against all odds.

wicked interrupt

A well-timed Pulverize stops Fredy mid-flight and Shook Safeguards in.

fredy lives

Masterful micro from Fredy keeps him alive as he dances around the minion wave, life stealing at no health.


Teamfight: 19:00 (in-game timer)

With Alliance ahead in kills but lacking in objective gold, they head to secure dragon and find a wandering SK. Wickd dove and the positioning from Alliance seemed to outpace that of nRated’s wall. But, as is common for regionals today, the chase went too deep and SK eventually apprehended the low-health members of Alliance.

alliance vs sk fight

A well-split Alliance set up for a teamfight with Wickd in the front.

alliance overcommit

Alliance push on, but Jesiz is coming to swing the fight in SK’s favor.


Third Dragon: 19:45 (in-game timer)


Teamfight: 26:30 (in-game timer)

Another dragon fight where Alliance seem to be reacting to SK’s movement rather than initiating objectives on their own. They’re out of position and relentlessly chased down by a full Blood Well Fredy.

another dragon fight

Shook jumps in, but Elise beats him to the execute on dragon and a fight breaks out.


Teamfight: 32:00 (in-game timer)

Yet another fight for dragon breaks out in a repeating pattern: Alliance trying to get a free pick and being poked hard after very exposure. Another objective went to SK and Alliance were again forced to run away, incapable of dealing with Fredy.

SK chase down

Fredy dives in and stays a threat for Alliance who can’t commit much to killing him.


A timed engage from Froggen onto Candypanda sniped the carry of SK and got Alliance a tier-2 mid tower. At the same time, however Fredy pushed down the top inhibitor tower. A fight for control of the Baron pit area created another pick for Alliance, but with no chance to gain anything from it.

sk baron fight

Fredy goes wild and gets kited and blown up. Again, Alliance can’t take an objective


Teamfight: 41:40 (in-game timer)

Another oddly familiar fight begins with Fredy recklessly diving onto Froggen, almost taking him out as the rest of SK struggle to catch up. Skirmish after skirmish found Tabzz alive and healthy, swinging every fight in Alliance’s favor.

fredy dies

Fredy dives for another Baron fight but Tabzz and Froggen abuse their mobility and wreck face.

Tabzz cleans up

Tabzz gets the jump onto Candypanda and afterwards walks to top lane to clear up an overcommitted SK.


First Baron: 52:10 (in-game timer)

Alliance won the vision control battle and secured Baron, catching an overextended Candypanda and continuing their chase. A perfect disengage from nRated meant SK’s ADC would be the only victim of that poor trade.

reckless dive

A solid Tidal Wave starts a dive for Alliance and opens the inhibitor.

Alliance turn around

Alliance seemed to be getting pushed back, but a stealthed Tabzz with red buff turns around the initiative.


With SK’s base bleeding health on both Nexus turrets, they went for an ambush from the brush onto top lane, the obvious target for Alliance to close the game. Unfortunately, it was Wickd who facechecked and SK couldn’t disengage before losing two members, which proved enough to decide the end.

Wickd caught

An all-or-nothing fight from the brush catches Wickd, but the cow is too tanky for SK to handle and they get dismantled all the way to the Nexus.

Game ends: 56:21 (in-game timer)


Spoiler Inside: Alliance vs SK Gaming, Game 1 Winner SelectShow



Game 2


Alliance Picks:

  • (Top) Wickd - Maokai
  • (Jungle) Shook - Elise
  • (Mid) Froggen - Xerath
  • (AD) Tabzz - Corki
  • (Support) Nyph - Morgana

Bans: Nidalee, Orianna, Kassadin


SK Picks:

  • (Top) fredy122  - Aatrox
  • (Jungle) Svenskeren – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Jesiz – Ahri
  • (AD) CandyPanda – Kog’Maw 
  • (Support) nRated – Kayle

Bans: Twisted Fate, Twitch, Nami


Team Comps:

 Maokai – the latest of the top laners to emerge in pro play – fell in the hands of Wickd. A strong mid-lane comp from Alliance, with good area control from Xerath, Corki and Morgana. SK’s comp was a mix of strong engage with Morgana and Elise and safety to fall back on, with Kayle’s Intervention.


First Blood: 3:37 (in-game timer)

 An easy flank from Shook caught Jesiz from the right side of mid lane. Jesiz wisely didn’t blow Flash, as he was already left without room to escape. Shook continued to set up map control by forcing a flash on top lane.

 Past 6, Froggen was caught by Svenskeren from the side and tried to flash over the Wraith wall to escape, but a quick follow-up from Jesiz’s Spirit Rush secured the kill.


Bot lane gank: 12:20 (in-game timer)

 An aggressive Flash into Soul Shackles from Nyph started what was seemingly a 3v2 on bot lane, when Svenskeren joined the fray and quickly dealt with Alliance’s support.

bot lane gank

A gank from Alliance goes ultimately in SK’s favor, as Svenskeren leaps with Intervention to kill Nyph.


First Dragon: 17:15 (in-game timer)

A completely out-of-position Alliance gives up dragon to SK without getting an objective in return.


Second Dragon: 25:11 (in-game timer)

As teams closed in on the dragon pit, Candypanda ate two crucial Dark Bindings from Nyph, the second of which almost cost his life, even through Intervention. Those skillshots were enough to push SK away from the objective and Alliance got an uncontested dragon.

Candypanda caught

A binding lands onto Candypanda and SK runs scared and at half health.


Teamfight: 26:40 (in-game timer)

A binding engage from Nyph started a fight and Candypanda was caught in a chain of CC by a Flash-Cocoon from Shook. This time, however, the engage baited Alliance and SK began to push back. But the follow-up split Svenskeren from the group. SK lost their jungler and had to fall back.

 A 3-for-o Dragon fight ended in a landslide for SK as they cleaned up a way-out-of position Froggen. With Intervention being used aggressively on Fredy, Alliance couldn’t deal with the front line of SK.

sk engages

Fredy dives in and Intervention keeps him healthy and swinging as Alliance scramble for room to retreat.


First Baron: 37:30 (in-game timer)

A terrible engage from Wickd left Alliance unable to follow-up and the tree was left to be chopped down by SK. Without a front-liner, Alliance are forced to give up Baron.

Wickd engage

Wickd dives with Twisted Advance, but look at where the rest of Alliance are.


 A desperation attempt at catching Candypanda overextending on the bot lane resulted in disaster as Living Artilery scouted the attempt and Froggen was hunted down and killed. With the main wave-clearer for Alliance down, SK were free to take out the rest of Alliance’s base and secure the win.

Game ends: 38:00 (in-game timer)


Spoiler Inside: Alliance vs SK Gaming, Game 2 Winner SelectShow



Game 3


Alliance Picks:

  • (Top) Wickd – Swain
  • (Jungle) Shook – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Froggen – Ahri
  • (AD) Tabzz – Tristana
  • (Support) Nyph – Thresh

Bans: Nidalee, Aatrox, Kog’Maw


SK Picks:

  • (Top) fredy122  – Maokai
  • (Jungle) Svenskeren – Evelynn
  • (Mid) Jesiz – Orianna
  • (AD) CandyPanda – Twitch
  • (Support) nRated – Morgana

Bans: Kassadin, Twisted Fate, Nami


 Team Comps: Alliance’s comp is about poking and then going for picks with Shook and Froggen. SK is more focused around snowballing early game, with two stealth champions to catch people off guard. Both comps can teamfight really well; however, Alliance can afford to take more risks due to the mobility of their comp, whereas SK are more reliant on finding the right moments to engage.


With the fear of Swain countering Maokai, SK went for a surprise 2v1 lane and forced a level 1 Flash from Wickd with the threat of Morgana and Twitch. A level 2 roam from Nyph also burned the Flash of Jesiz.


 First Blood: 3:35 (in-game timer)

The ambush comp quickly paid off for SK and Evelynn and Twitch piled onto Nyph on the bottom lane, who was locked down by a binding from nRated. The retaliation from Alliance was a kill onto Jesiz, who already had Flash down and made an easy target for Shook and Froggen.


First Dragon: 8:40 (in-game timer)

An uncontested dragon went the way of SK.

A fight for the second dragon broke out with nRated and CandyPanda finding an out-of-position Nyph. Despite a numbers advantage, SK couldn’t find an opportunity; a Nevermove from Wickd caught two people and zoned the rest and Alliance got dragon in exchange for Nyph.

fredy in the dragon pit

Fredy goes deep, but Wickd zones the rest of SK and Alliance secure dragon.


 While both teams fought for objectives, Froggen was trying to make plays on his own, Spirit Rushing aggressively to get the jump on Jesiz. Eventually, his persistence paid off and he took out Fredy on the top lane.

 A dragon fight started, but SK were woefully out of vision and Alliance abused that lack of wards to bait SK into fog of war and pick them apart.


teamfight sk alliance

SK try to finish off Wickd, but Ravenous Flock outheals everything and SK lose control of dragon.


First Baron: 31:30 (in-game timer)

SK caught Alliance without vision of the Baron pit and with Froggen pushing bot lane. An uncontested Baron went without response, as Froggen was unable to kill the inhibitor.


First inhibitor: 36:25 (in-game timer)

With the Baron buff ticking away, SK grouped up to pressure bot lane. Wickd teleported to defend the turret but was immediately hit with Dark Binding and bursted down. SK continued their push and took out the bot inhibitor.


Second Baron: 40:25

SK established map control around Baron and set up an ambush in the brush. In the ensuing fight, they traded a support for jungler and felt confident taking Baron afterwards. But they were dropped dangerously low and Alliance, instead of defending their base, went on the initiative and killed everyone on SK safe for Candypanda and Svenskeren.

sk baron

SK set up an ambush near Baron and trade a 1-for-1.

SK failed baron

SK overcommit for Baron and, despite taking it, die in the retreat.


From there it’s a predictable outcome; Alliance pushed to the Nexus and with some fancy kiting around the structure, secured the win.


 Game ends: 41:40

Spoiler Inside: Alliance vs SK Gaming, Game 3 Winner SelectShow



Game 4


Alliance Picks:

  • (Top) Wickd – Alistar
  • (Jungle) Shook – Lee Sin
  • (Mid) Froggen – Tristana
  • (AD) Tabzz – Kog’Maw
  • (Support) Nyph – Braum

Bans: Nidalee, Aatrox, Orianna


SK Picks:

  • (Top) fredy122  – Maokai
  • (Jungle) Svenskeren – Kha’Zix
  • (Mid) Jesiz - Kassadin
  • (AD) CandyPanda – Jinx
  • (Support) nRated – Morgana

Bans: Twisted Fate, Twitch, Nami


Team Comps: A double AD comp for Alliance, backed by the safety of Lee Sin’s early jungle and Alistar and Braum’s peel says one thing – Alliance want a drawn-out game where they can siege and set the pacing. SK’s comp is assassin and reset-focused – they need to dive on priority targets and get kills, relying on just the peel from Morgana to keep CandyPanda safe.

 An invade from Alliance forced an Flash from CandyPanda. A level 3 gank on top lane from Shook traded Flashes, but overall early aggression was non-existent. Bad news for SK, who had a mid lane to babysit as Froggen’s Tristana mercilessly pounded on Jesiz trying to farm under tower.

First Dragon: 11:45

An uncontested Dragon went the way of Alliance.

First Blood: 14:11

A bottom lane gank from Svenskeren caught an overly aggressive Nyph.


SK set up a siege on mid and Svenskeren spotted Froggen on the side and went for the kill. However, Alliance quickly established control of the fight and zoned SK from advancing onto Froggen while the rest of Alliance flanked from the side.

froggen caught

Froggen baits Svenskeren onto the side and Alliance trap SK in a narrow jungle path.

SK get caught

A zoning ultimate from Nyph keeps SK in place while Alliance clean up.


A prolonged fight on bot lane split both SK and Alliance in opposite directions. Froggen was forced to run, but later turned around as Shook and Tabzz made wonderful plays on their own. In the resulting overcommit from SK, Froggen got himself a quadra kill and his bounty was swiftly cashed in by Jesiz, who cleaned up a triple kill.

frogger quadra

Froggen with the resets on Tristana secures a quadra kill.


First Baron: 33:22

A fight around Baron started as Wickd was caught near the golem area. His ultimate kept him healthy while the rest of Alliance ran to assist. SK were fighting in a choke against Braum and Lee Sin and lost decisive control of Baron.

wickd in front

SK collapse onto Wickd, but Alistar’s ultimate is enough to get him back to his teammates and turn the fight around.


First Inhibitor: 35:10

 The rest of the match was witnessing SK collapse into a pool of bad calls and getting caught left and right; Alliance pushed their way into SK’s base by brute force and after countering a final engage from SK, wrapped up the game and secured their place in the finals against Fnatic.


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