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PBE 15/07


Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


PROJECT: Ekko, Ashe & Katarina have received their limited loading screen borders; no news on how to obtain them yet, but if the promo is identical to last year’s, you’ll get them for purchasing the PROJECT skins during the first week of sales.

AsheLoadScreen_8_LE EkkoLoadscreen_3_LE KatarinaLoadscreen_9_LE


PROJECT: Yasuo has also received a limited-edition border; no news on how to get it yet (speculation: the skin will go on sale and everyone who buys it or has bought it before the sale ends will get the border).



The existing PROJECT skins received updated to their limited-edition borders; the stylized inner border now wraps tighter around the picture.

Left side: OLD, right side: NEW

ZedLoadScreen_3_LE_old ZedLoadScreen_3_LE

MasterYiLoadScreen_9_LE_old MasterYiLoadScreen_9_LE

LucianLoadScreen_6_LE_old LucianLoadScreen_6_LE

LeonaLoadScreen_8_LE_old LeonaLoadScreen_8_LE

FioraLoadScreen_4_LE_old FioraLoadScreen_4_LE



Champion Changes


Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Prowl [ Passive ]  Change BoxProwl

  • Bushwhack [ W ] no longer triggers the Hunt debuff;
  • The duration of the Movement Speed buff when Hunting while in Cougar form has been increased from 2 seconds to 4.


Buff BoxJavelin_TossJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Minimum base damage increased from 60/77.5/95/112.5/130 to 70/85/100/115/130 (maximum base damage has likewise been adjusted from 180/232.5/285/337.5/390 to 210/255/300/345/390).


Buff BoxBushwhack (1)Bushwhack [ W ]

  • Hitbox width of trap increased from 150 to 200.


Buff BoxTakedownTakedown [ Q ]

  • Minimum damage changed from 4/20/50/90 [+0.36 AP] to 20/40/60/80 [+0.4 AP] (maximum base damage has also been changed from 8/45/125/248 [+0.36 AP] to 40/90/150/220 [+0.4 AP];
  • Bonus damage against targets with the Hunt debuff increased from 33% to 40%.


Quality of Life Box FinalAspect_of_the_CougarAspect of the Cougar [ R ]

  • Tooltip now correctly states that [ R ] doesn’t reset Nidalee’s auto-attack timer and the cooldown of [ R ] isn’t reset when Hunt is applied.



Renekton Final Portrait


Dominus [ R ]
Buff BoxDominus

  • Fury-per-second decreased from 6 to 5 (revert on the change in this PBE update);
  • Now immediately grants Renekton 20 Fury when cast.



Item Changes


Nerf BoxArdent_Censer_itemArdent Censer

  • The passive granting a 15% bonus to heals and shields is now UNIQUE (meaning it can’t stack).


Nerf BoxMikael's_Crucible_itemMikael’s Crucible

  • The passive granting a 15% bonus to heals and shields is now UNIQUE (meaning it can’t stack).



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


News Update June 20 Banner


Note: I’m making / posting today’s articles from an Internet café (yes), so I won’t be able to answer questions until tomorrow.


Red Post Collection

Single Posts

BonusFilmmaker Jinx

Second BonusConcepts of La Llorona Morgana


Recent News


PBE-18-June-Banner (1)



Patch 4 point 11 Forecast Banner


Here’s what you can expect from the next Patch – a healthy dose of nerfs! You like nerfs.



Riot Pwyff Button Rioter Pwyff: Hey all,

Time for a forecast for 4.11! In our future forecasts we’ll probably throw these under the banner of “Live Gameplay” or “Riot Live Gameplay” to reinforce that it’s an entire team that works on shipping each patch, and not a single individual (except nerfs. That’s Morello. Only Morello.).

Regardless, while we set all of that up, we still need to make forecasts.SmashGizmo of the Live Gameplay & Balance team will hang around after the post to answer any questions you might have. Remember, feedback should be more focused on how you feel about a change rather than getting real prescriptive about the exact change you want to see.


BRINGIN’ UP THE SUPPORT / TANKY JUNGLERS - Our largest narrative for Patch 4.11 is centered on bringing up supportive / tanky junglers. In competitive play, we’re seeing a common trend of early aggression junglers in the form of Lee Sin, Elise, Kha’Zix, and Evelynn. When we see early aggression as king, those junglers also have the averse affect of invading and beating the snot out of the slower clearing utility-focused tanky dudes (like Maokai). On that note, our approach here is less focused on reducing the power of the stronger champions, and more on bringing up the power of the less capable.

Much of this shift will come in the form of itemization changes. Right now a lot of the items junglers are buying are more focused on amplifying damage (which tanky support junglers don’t have a lot of) or giving raw tank stats (which tanky junglers want, but then slow down even more in the jungle). We think tank junglers are in need of a jungle item that better supports their play style across the board.

To go along with our item-focused changes, we’ve also singled out a few junglers who we’re pretty sure will fall under the bar even with item changes. We feel like there are a few tank junglers who just have no reason to be picked over fighters, so we’re going to amp up some of their utility in order to solidify their identity as scrappy disruptive picks.

Finally, outside of the above narrative we’re looking at a few high-priority champions who’ve been rather dominant in the competitive scene (and in ban rates at all levels of ranked play). Those champs include:


Kayle New Portrait

This is one tough angel to crack. Like we’ve said before, Kayle’s big problem is that she lacks a lot of meaningful weaknesses to capitalize on. Specifically, does anyone know why Kayle’s this hybrid damage-support champion who also happens to be top tier at both?


Jax New Portrait

Even though Jax is intended to be a champ that scales well into the late game, he’s currently so well-rounded that ‘scaling well’ ultimately turns him into an offensive brick wall with very few weaknesses.


Ziggs New Portrait

Right now we see Ziggs as having a unique strategic fit in the game (stalling out to let his teammates ramp up in strength), but he’s a little too safe in lane and still has a lot of offensive power to push a victory when a ahead. Adding on these strengths, Ziggs is also a well-rounded, consistent champion who can do a lot of things at once, so we’re looking for ways to add more risk or unreliability to his kit.


Yasuo New Portrait

Yasuo’s a really strong late-game champion but his weaknesses in the early game are masked by his high offensive threat. Good Yasuos need to balance offense with defense, but Yasuo’s just bullying out opponents before they have the chance to really retaliate or capitalize on his moments of weakness.


And that’s all for this forecast! Expect to see a bevy of changes hitting the PBE sometime soon. Once again, SmashGizmo of the Live Gameplay & Balance Team will hang out after to answer some questions in between his work.



[ Question ] Do you have any plans for tanky utility junglers like Sejuani?


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Right now we’re focusing on Nautilus, Maokai and Zac in terms of changes beyond those to the itemization options. I think the itemization will really help out guys like Sejuani, Amumu, and Rammus, but we will of course be watching what happens with them all and try to adjust accordingly if we see someone struggling (or dominating). I actually also think the itemization changes will be pretty big for Malphite, Shen and Mundo too, but I think we’re less concerned with making sure those guys are doing well in the jungle since they are all solid top laners too.



[ Suggestion ] Give tanky junglers a passive that rewards building tanky


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: We are currently taking a similar approach by exploring a direction that gives % bonus HP. The biggest question we’re running into with this exploration though is whether this actually benefits the tank class more than the fighter class, since fighters also frequently buy comparable amounts of HP to tanks. There’s certainly some promise here, but it’s tough due to the amount of overlap in desirable stats on Tanks and Fighters.



[ Off-topic ] Why is Alistar not intended to be a jungler?


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: We like the guy as a support, but his jungle pattern has always been just about chain-ganking and undermining the other team’s laning experience, so we’re not really looking to put him back in the jungle.




[ Question ] Won’t buffing utility support junglers prevent the split-push meta?


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Actually, tanks have historically been difficult to use effectively vs. split pushes, so I question whether this is actually how that meta shift would play out. Tanks tend to be a bit weaker than fighters in terms of mapwide mobility and skirmishes, so when tanks are in, we frequently see players trying to sidestep their powerful teamfighting capabilities by picking a dedicated split pusher to split the opposing team up.



[ Question ] Why aren’t you nerfing priority picks in tournaments, like Ryze and Lulu?


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: The way professional League of Legends is played is very very different from the way that millions of other players play the game. When balancing the game, we try to strike a balance between balancing for pro play and balancing for our average player, which means that sometimes we have to take a swing at a character even when they’re trending downward in the professional arena. Jax might be struggling a bit in competitive, but he’s still causing a lot of frustration for a lot of players.

Lulu and Ryze are on our radar, but we’re still trying to work out some of the larger issues that are currently deleting the laning phase from competitive play, which, if successful, would potentially change the landscape of these picks.



Visual Updates Priority Banner

IronStylus landed on a thread asking which old Champion would be updated next. How is the community affecting which visual update has priority?



IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I’d be interested in general to see the community’s perception of potential high value targets for Visual Updates and Visual/Gameplay Updates to compare against our internal assumptions.




[ Question ] Weren’t you already basing your priorities on what the community requests?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: IPlayer value and player experience first is our core tenant at Riot, above all else. There will always be a balance between what the player expectation is and we can realistically achieve, in how much time, at what quality bar, etc. Where the worlds intersect is where we’re able to act most efficiently, I feel. Where we do our players the most service is very much served by how efficient we can be, or so my gut says. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to wrack our brain over something that might be, perceptually, highly desired, but maybe isn’t achievable without a lot of time for development, limited resources, or other factors, and might not be seen for quite a while. That’s why the balancing of high value in the short/medium term versus long term slow-burn on larger character reworks is essential in my view. 

From ChampUp point of view, it might come in the form of where the most player value can come given a set of circumstances, such as the visual/thematic fidelity of a champion, how viable or visible they are in the current meta, if the opportunity is ripe in terms of investment versus payoff, and what the realistic time frame is. Bang for the buck, really. 

Sion is a huge priority for example, maybe more pressing than Twitch, Heimer, Karthus, etc, in the grand scheme, but he’s been slowly baking while these other champions have had a clearer path to solving. The Sion progress has been highly iterative, and meanwhile, we’ve been able to deliver quality stuff that resonates while we tackle something really big.



Update on Taric Banner

Taric’s been starkly non-fabulous for quite awhile, both in terms of gameplay and how he looks compared to newer Champions. Is he in the line for an update?



[ Question ] Is Taric being worked on, gameplay-wise or visually?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I can’t really speak to gameplay, I know RiotScruffy has some ideas. But I agree, he is one of our top targets at this point. I feel he’ll need a lot of concept iteration however. He’s.. complex.. to say the least.




[ Follow-up ] Why is he complex to work on? Because he’s hard to balance?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Complex as in his theme and intended experience. 

There’s one side of Taric which was probably the intended experience when he was first under development. One which probably more or less equates to League’s version of a paladin. That was certainly flavored a lot. However, with the execution capability of the time, a lot of Taric is currently up for interpretation due to execution. That has lead us to what is currently perceived by players. A character that has very much taken on a life of it’s own beyond (I’m assuming) the intended experience.

One initial direction was more or less intended to be “serious”, while the current state of Taric has taken on a very flavorful, sometimes comedic, level of over-the-topness, shown in how we create memes around him, the perception that he’s flamboyant, etc.

So, with the original intention in mind (which by the way, wouldn’t be considered to be “serious) and the current experience, how should we balance the two? I’m interested in hearing ideas. 

My gut is to move him towards someone who’s powerful yet has a certain elegance. Is a lover of beautiful things, someone who cherishes life, and channels that into his abilities and personality. My feeling is that he really should embody a paladin experience but one which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Tropes that come to mind Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers from GoT or Lancelot from the Arthurian tales. A certain amount of vanity from such characters like Vega from Street Fighter (but not a bad guy). All in all someone who’s got a lot of flavor, but provides satisfaction that you as the character are being valiant, kind and heroic enough to save the day with your plays. 

I think it’s key that he has an innate tanky feeling. He should feel like he can slam down his hammer and deal decisive blows, but also be the one sacrificing for his team, bringing his healing and magic to those he’s supporting.

I dunno if that makes sense, that’s at least my gut. I’m very curious to hear any and all thoughts.



[ Question ] Is Riot capable of producing and releasing a homosexual Champion?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I am not advocating for or against but I’d be interested as to what people’s thoughts are on a matter just like this, framed in this way.





Update on Kayle and Morgana Banner

Don’t jump yet, but there is a chance Kayle and Morgana might both receive visual updates as part of their lore and sister relationship.


Relevant Collection





[ Update ] Meeting to discuss Kayle and Morgana Concepts


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Checked in with the team quickly today. Basically, we’re waiting for what we call “breaking meetings” which involve us getting together and creatively brainstorming what we feel are the essential pillars of the character, locking those down, and then building the character up to align with those pillars, or goals. As I said, Morgana has a concept hanging around, but it might end up just being one of many concepts.

To steal a line from RiotEntropy, there is no dearth of ideas in terms of where Morgana and Kayle are concerned. It’ll just be about sitting down, putting those ideas on the table, picking a direction and moving forward on them. That’ll take some creative alignment between the three disciplines of art, design and story.

That’s where the most work for Morgana has to be done right now. Her creative hooks. I think everything will be derived from where we end up after creative brainstorming and breaking.



[ Question ] Will this end up in a retcon of Morgana (and possibly Kayle’s) lores?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I have no idea. I would suspect that her and Kayle’s relationship would be what we would lean on to build out from. I’m not familiar enough with her story to have a strong stance. I’d default to our Creative discipline guys on the team for those specifics.



[ Question ] Can you poke people around the office for what they consider pivotal to Morgana and Kayle’s designs?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Our Creative dudes are a little slammed right now, but I’ll check. RiotEntropy is our point man on ChampUp, though he has some other obligations across his department as well.




Ideas for Diana Rework Banner

Diana’s been a wonky character in terms of gameplay for quite some time. Will she remain an assassin after her update or is the focus somewhere else?



[ Update ] Diana’s rework


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Vesh was looking into it for a bit, but I don’t think she’s going to be hot on the priority list right now. As has been said, there’s some other really serious champion mechanics that are being looked into.

She’s considered a “high value target”, but at the moment, there are just higher value targets above her. I think she’s going to go through the same analysis that game designers have talked about in terms of where fighters stand in LoL in general. 

She’ll have her day.. er.. night, rest assured 



[ Off-topic ] Will you ever do anything to Fighters beyond “we don’t like how they work today”?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Well, I’m unfortunately not the best person to ask. What I do know is that I do understand.. as much as an artist can understand.. the predicament designers are in when it comes to fighters. 

This is the most anecdotal and non-professional opinion ever, but my amateur guess would be that once a broad analysis is done, more broad strokes can be made in terms of fighters, past and future. At least with some of the insight I’ve seen on the side of ChampUp, where a lot of those heavier balance and mechanics changes now happen, I feel it’s going to take a broad initiative and some good analysis.



Idea for a Diana Rework


gypsylord Button Rioter Gypsylord: Hrrmmmm…

I have some thoughts on Diana. Wondering what you guys think. Not saying any of this will actually happen. Just spitballing.

Hypothesis: Diana is NOT an Assassin. She is an “agile fighter” with a vacuum.

My opinion is that if we continue to sell Diana as “The tanky assassin with no outs.” She’s never going to be balanced. If she’s ahead she just crushes you with no recourse and if she’s behind she just dies every fight because she can’t get out. On top of that she’s always going to be fighting with Akali, Fizz, and the like for viability because we’ve had to nerf her “vacuum” out of the game to make her assassin pattern more manageable.

To me, the most unique thing about Diana is her vacuum (if we were to make it work like one). That’s something that she can bring to the team that no one else in her class has. She could be this fighter who’s focused, not on one-shotting squishies, but on diving into the enemy team and knocking them all together, setting up for things like Rumble and J4 ults.

Basically I’d want to shift power out of her burst pattern and put it into her Vacuum and sustained damage (passive)

Proposed change list:
Stats – Increase Base AS
P – Greatly increase base damage and AP ratio
Q – Decrease AP ratio
W – Unchanged
E – Turn into an actual vacuum (increase pull distance and radius)
R – Remove Damage (Lowers burst and incentivizes using for movement, no more double tapping a guy 2 feet from you to secure a kill)

Thoughts? Is something like this what you’d want as a Diana player? Is removing the assassination pattern a big no-no? Is putting another vacuum into League super unhealthy?



Single Posts banner



[ Bugfixes] Draven and Ardent Censer




[ Suggestion ] Add footstep movements when a Champion walks through the River


Button Rioter RiotDesertRose Hey guys, we totally hear your feedback. This is something we might add later on. Our main objective, is to keep the game play space subdued and clear. If water splashes/footstep movements is not distracting or busy, then yes, we might add it to the river. 🙂



[ Update ] Lighting on the New Summoner’s Rift


RiotForScience Button Rioter RiotForScience: We have not yet done the cohesive lighting pass across the map, and are adjusting the overall tone in order to preserve as much of the “SR-ness” of the map while not compromising on improving the clarity of the map. When that is in place hopefully it will resolve your concerns about the brightness without the need for an additional tool.

I doubt that our tech resources would prioritize that tool right now above the things that we really need in order to ship the map.



[ Question ] Are you expecting the VU to be on PBE for awhile?


RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: I am not in a position to discuss specific timeframes, but I would expect the VU to be on PBE much longer than we normally have things on PBE. We are actually using PBE as a testing environment for the map rather than an early preview. We have a lot of bugs to fix, tonal adjustments to make. These things are very fluid, but I do not expect the map to be leaving PBE soon.



[ Announcement ] Quit working for Riot, receive 10% of annual salary (up to $25,000)


This week we rolled out a new program we’re calling Queue Dodge. Basically, we’re offering new hires cash to quit:

  • Any new hire (North America only for now) can elect to Queue Dodge at any time during their first 60 days
  • Those who elect to Queue Dodge will be paid 10% of their annual salary, up to $25,000

Now, we don’t want to actively push people out or dare them to leave, but we do want to provide a well-lit, safe exit path. Additionally, we want to:

Reinforce Riot’s culture. From the beginning, we’ve focused on culture. We operate on a foundation of shared mission, values, passion, trust, and mutual respect. If someone gags on the unique flavor of our culture, they’d be doing themselves and the company a disservice to hang on just for the paycheck. Culturally aligned people and teams are more effective, and alignment around mission and values allows us to better serve players. We’ve designed Queue Dodge to help self-identified mismatches move on in an open, positive, and constructive way.

Backstop the hiring process.  We carefully vet every new hire through a rigorous interview process, but that’s not enough to ensure a great fit every single time. Rather than allow mismatches to fester, we want to resolve them quickly. This is good for the company, and good for the professional. We don’t know yet how many people might choose to Queue Dodge, but we’ll learn from this and make better hiring decisions as a result.

Sound familiar? If all of this sounds familiar, that’s because we’re not first. We watched Zappos, that insanely customer-focused company, with wonder and amazement when they announced back in 2009 that they were paying people $2,000 to quit. At the time, this seemed a bit nutty, but Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh explained:

“We want to make sure that [people] are here for more than just a paycheck. We want people that believe in our long term vision and want to be a part of our culture.”

Credit and fist bumps to Zappos and Tony for their insight and inspiration.



Bonus! Filmmaker Jinx by artist AndreaLeon



Filmmaker Jinx Concept


Filmmaker Jinx Splash Art



Another Bonus! Concepts of La Llorona Morgana (I refuse to call her Ghost Bride)








If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


Patch 4 point 10 Notes Banner


Patch 4.10 Notes


pwyff Button Rioter Pwyff: Hey Summoners,

It’s patch day! There are a lot of things to be covered, but our two major themes are: gameplay updates and help for the marksmen. Focusing on the gameplay updates first, we’re finally ready to roll out Nidalee and Skarner, two of the highest priority projects for the champion update team. For Nidalee, she’s always been one of the best at forcing low counterplay games through her long-range spears and high evasiveness. You’ll be hearing more of the same in her individual context, but Nidalee’s been a big challenge for us as we try to maintain her satisfying gameplay without coming at the cost of 9 other players forced to play her way as well. Skarner’s a bit of a different story, as our last gameplay update for him in 4.2 might have made him a more balanced champion but didn’t leave enough to be an exciting pick for you scorpion fans out there. These changes make Skarner a stickier, more disruptive arachnid, so we hope this’ll give you a good reason to pick him back up.

As for the help for the marksmen, we’ve got a whole pile of attack damage, lifesteal, and attack speed itemization changes that should open up early to mid game item builds as well as bridging the gap between burst-focused AD marksmen (looking at you, Lucian) and the more traditional auto-attack focused marksmen (Vayne / Tristana / etc). You can get the full rundown of the changes below, but the overarching goal is to give more strength back to the marksman role while also leveling the playing field in terms of champion viability. There are a lot of changes to digest here (we’ve removed the passive movement speed debuff on Randuin’s Omen!), so make sure you get informed before hopping into your next ranked game.

Oh, and did I mention Bloodthirster got a different passive and we’re adding two new items? Well, I just did! Read on for the 4.10 patch notes!






Offensive Physical Itemization (1)

Offensive Physical Itemization

Lifesteal Items
Attack Damage Items
Attack Speed Items
Warden Mail

Support & Ability Power Itemization

Support Items Text

Summoner Spells



Reinforced Armor

Summoner's Rift



Bots Text

Ranked Duo Queue

Ranked Duo Queue Text

Team Builder

Team Builder Text


Bugfixes Text

Upcoming Skins

Upcoming Skins

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



PBE 11 June



Previous PBE Updates for Patch 4.10 Cycle:


PBE-June-9-Banner (1)


PBE-6-June-Banner (2)



Champion Changes


Galio New Portrait

  • Now gains 1.25 Magic Resist-per-level (previously 0)



Lucian New Portrait


Ardent_BlazeArdent Blaze [ W ]

  • Bonus AD ratio reduced from 0.6 to 0.3



Twitch New Portraits


  • Base damage reduced from 49 to 46


AmbushAmbush [ Q ]

  • Stealth delay if Twitch isn’t taking damage increased from 1.25 seconds to 1.5
  • Stealth delay if Twitch is taking damage increased from 3 seconds to 6



Item Changes


Note: If you’re new to Ardent Censer, Essence Reaver and the changes to Bloodthirster, feel free to check out the theorycraft article I wrote on them.


Theorycrafting PBE Content 6 July Banner


Ardent Censer IconArdent Censer

  • Tooltip updated: no longer states “direct” heals or shields



  • Unique Passive shield reduced from 50-450 to 50-440


Berserker's_GreavesBerzerker Greaves

  • Attack Speed increased from 20% to 25%


Note: This is a bugfix, as the change was announced along with the other buffs to AS items.


Related Collection


PBE-Item-Changes-Explained-banner (2)


Essence Reaver IconEssence Reaver

  • Combine cost increased from 950 Gold to 975 (Total Cost is 2650)


Mercurial_ScimitarMercurial Scimitar

  • Magic resist reduced from 50 to 45


Runaan's_HurricaneRunaan’s Hurricane

  • Combine cost reduced from 700 to 600 (Total price is same, because Daggers are 50 Gold more expensive now)


Wit's_End_itemWit’s End

  • Recipe cost increased from 700 to 750 (Total Cost is 2500)
  • Attack Speed increased to  50% from 42 %



Summoner Spells



  • Cooldown when teleporting a turret increased from 200 seconds to 240



Recent Nidalee PBE Changes


Note: Nidalee was recently reworked. You can see her new kit below.


PBE-Nidalee-Gameplay-Update-Banner (2)


Changes following 6/9 for 6/10 PBE build:

  • Armor / Magic Resist no longer granted when using Hunted Pounce
  • Reducing Pounce’s cooldown via minion kill or Swipe on a Hunted target reduces Pounce’s cooldown to 1 second, down from 1.5
  • Minor visual adjustments to Javelin Toss particle so that it no longer visually extends so far beyond its actual hit range
  • Javelin Toss Mana cost reduced to Live values (50/60/70/80/90)
  • Base Armor reverted to Live values (15)
  • Javelin Toss cooldown increased to 6 seconds from 5
  • Added better visual/audio feedback for when Hunted Pounce is available on a target


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Hey all, Though I’m sure it will make some people sad, today we decided to move away from Armor and MR in any form while in Cougar and just reduced the Pounce reset timer from 1.5 to 1.0. We decided to go this route because we think that with a low enough value, the in-out provided by this mechanic can serve as a better form of agile mitigation by means of repositioning away from danger. I understand that this will give more mileage some times than others, but it should ultimately fit the feel of the character better, and if worse comes to worse, we can still consider base defenses adjustments. There’s been a lot of discussion about Javelin Toss width, namely how hard it is to hit the skill now. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the gameplay I’m seeing around the Javelin Width, and I think we’re going to stick with this width/speed combination for release, but the missile speed is something we’re going to be using as a major tuning point following her release if it just honestly feels like they’re too hard to hit late game. Lastly, it’s not exactly a numbers buff, but I did some work on improving the audio and visual cues for when Hunted Pounce is available on a target, so there should be fewer instances of thinking you can make the jump when you actually can’t.

I apologize for not being able to respond to individual posts the last few days. It’s been a bit hectic monitoring all these PBE games while getting her ready for release in various ways. That said, I’ve still been reading everyone’s posts every few hours just to keep in touch with what’s being talked about here. Please continue to let me know what you think. -Repertoir



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


PBE June 9 Banner

Previous PBE Updates for Patch 4.10 Cycle:


PBE-6-June-Banner (2)

Champion Changes

LeBlanc New Portrait

Sigil_of_SilenceSigil of Silence [ Q ]

  • Renamed to Sigil of Malice
  • Sigil of Silence no longer silences.


Sivir New Portrait

  • Mana pool increased from 246 to 250
  • Mana-per-level increased from 43 to 50
  • Mana regeneration-per-level increased from 0.1 to 0.18

Tristana New Portrait

Rocket_Jump Rocket Jump [ W ]

  • Mana cost reduced from 80 mana at all ranks to 60

Buster_ShotBuster Shot [ R ]

  • Range reduced from 700 to 550

Item Changes

Ardent Censer IconArdent Censer

  • Recipe Cost increased from 250 to 550 (Total Cost increased from 1900 to 2200)

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the item, feel free to check out the theorycraft article I wrote on it (+ Essence Reaver and the Bloodthirster’s changed passive):

Theorycrafting PBE Content 6 July Banner


Summoner Spells


  • Movement speed buff now lasts 1 second, reduced from 2

New Item Icons

Ardent Censer Icon

Ardent Censer

Essence Reaver Icon

Essence Reaver



New Summoner Icons

profileIcon665 34234234 45455454


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]




Theorycrafting PBE Content 6 July Banner


 Lots of item changes are coming with Patch 4.10 and I’ve explored the major ones in this article, particularly the new Bloodthirster shield mechanic, the Ardent Censer for Supports and the Essence Reaver mana-AD item. I’ve briefly touched on the swing from AD/Life Steal to AS/Crit in the upcoming patch, but the bulk of the theorycrafting focus is on those three items. Enjoy reading!


PBE Update in Discussion here


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Essence Reaver Fun Niche Mini Banner


It’s a unique item, as far as passives go, but the combination of weak stats with out-of-combat benefits make it underwhelming to warrant wasting an item slot.


Essence Reaver


  • 3508_EssenceReaverRecipe: vampiric scepter + Pickaxe_item + 950 Gold = 2650 Gold
  • Grants 50 Attack Damage, 10% Life Steal and 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Unique Passive: 2-8% of your basic attack damage is converted back as Mana. This percentage depends on how much mana you’re missing.


Essence Reaver Gold Efficiency: 2556 Gold (94 Gold inefficient, ~96% efficiency)

 So Essence Reaver is almost a hundred Gold off of breaking even in terms of efficiency. Its stats make sense in the context that the item is targeted towards AD Casters. Still, it’s a bad item and for quite a number of reasons.


You have to auto-attack to even make use of the passive.


 This is the point that makes Essence Reaver so much less efficient to its AP counterpart, Athene’s. Basic attacks are way riskier than spells. Not only that, you need to continue auto-attacking to get any worthwhile mana back (example, at 5% mana return, a 300 damage attack will give you back a staggering 15 mana) . This allows you to, in theory, spam spells on cooldown to push the wave. But if you’re in a position to push, you’re winning your lane anyway and you should be building up towards core carry items, not investing in mana gain.


You’re investing in mana on Champions that don’t need it.


 Because it’s so reliant on auto-attacks, Essence Reaver is an item you could pick when you’re already winning your lane and you want to win it harder. It’s a selfish item because its a gold sink for mana and that’s the problem with mana – when you can manage your mana pool and you’re building for mana gain anyway, you’re hurting your team. There are Champions like Jayce that need a lot of mana to be efficient, but…

Tear already does what it needs for AD Casters who need the extra mana pool.

 Manamune and Muramana afterwards provide a sizeable damage increase at low cost. The Tear by itself solves mana issues for AD casters completely. Buying Essence Reaver handicaps you in both combat stats early on and item slots later in the game. Marksmen can’t swap any of their core items for Essence Reaver, nor can they rush it in lane without falling behind. AD Casters who could use it don’t build Attack Speed to utilize the passive and are, likewise, hampering their DPS because of the reaver’s weak stats. The Champions who might make use of it already have a better alternative; the rest don’t need to be investing in mana-regen at all and should be spending all their gold on damage / survivability.


It’s a wasted slot because it doesn’t upgrade into anything.


 This is an issue for a lot of mid-tier pick-ups in League (Executioner’s Calling, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Sword of the Divine, to name a few). Unlike those items, however, Essence Reaver isn’t even providing solid combat stats to be considered over staple AD items. If Essence Reaver was the Chalice to an Athene’s, it would had been a compelling pick on assassins that want to farm quickly and then transition properly into late-game. At the moment, it’s an item that should both be rushed and punishes you for rushing it.

Essence Reaver fills a very specific niche; it might look like the AD equivalent of Athene’s, but the passive mechanic is too lackluster.


Ardent Censer Mini Banner


Now this one is amazing and might introduce a lot of forgotten Supports back in the meta.


Ardent Censer


  • 3504_ArdentCenserRecipe: 3114_Forbidden_Idol + Aether_Wisp_item + 250 Gold = 1900 Gold
  • Grants 30 AP, 10 Mana-per-5, 10% Cooldown Reduction and 8% Movement Speed
  • Unique Passive: Whenever you heal or shield another champion, they gain 25% attack speed for 6 seconds.


Let’s start with whether the item is a good investment on its own.

  • Ardent Censer – 1560 Gold (340 Gold inefficient, or ~82% efficiency)

Note: Percentage Movement Speed is tricky and I’ve calculated its gold efficiency with the presumption that the item owner has Boots + Support MS Masteries.

The proof is in the passive here, which ranges from very cost-efficient to borderline-insane.

  • Passive on 1 Target – 833.25 Gold

 Wow… Of course, these calculations exclude on-hit steroids. If you proc Ardent Censer on Vayne or Kog’Maw, the value of the buff skyrockets. And some Champions can trigger it on their entire team! The trick to fully utilizing Ardent Censer is to both pick the right Support for the job and roll a team comp that can make full use of the AS buff.


Best Supports for Ardent Censer


Best Supports for Ardent Censer

 Notice anything awesome about this list? They’re all Supports that have largely fallen out of popularity (except Nami). The best thing about Ardent Censer is it can bring back a lot of the forgotten S2-S3 supports in the meta. Sustain lanes may still be lacking in all-ins, but the sheer power of Ardent Censer’s passive will be enough to justify picking heal/shield Supports again. Champions that already provide auto-attack buffs can stack beneficial stats on their ADC and lead the glorious march of hypercarries like Tristana, Vayne and Kog’Maw.

 All of this sounds great and I’m really impressed with this item overall. But the story probably won’t end well…


The AoE Shield/Heal Murder Party


 I don’t see Ardent Censer not getting nerfed and that’s because some Supports can practically break it. I’m not talking about Janna or Sona here -I think they’ll do great with it – I’m talking about AoE that can effectively give over 3000 Gold worth of stats in a teamfight. Number one abuse scenarios would be Alistar and Karma, since they both have relatively low-cooldown spells that can proc the item once or twice on the whole team. Soraka can also be a potential balance mess with her ultimate, delivering the AS buff globally.  In fact, Janna giving the friendly carry 50 AD and 25% AS will seem mundane compared to the frenzied slaughter party Soraka can raise across the whole map.

 The single-target ratio on Ardent Censer will likely remain the same and I believe it’s in a good place. With one ally, the item is only ~400 Gold cost-efficient, which puts it in a really good place. The AoE component, however, will be nerfed more likely than not. I foresee a mechanic added that gives, say, the maximum AS value to the closest ally and then half (12.5%) to everyone else.

 Regardless of what happens to Ardent Censer, it’s a genius way to bring back sustain / peel supports back in the meta. I hope no nerfs follow and the item indeed helps bring back hypercarries and more passive Support picks.



New Bloodthirster Passive Mini Banner


 I have a bone to pick with this design and I think the overall changes to Bloodthirster will go down pretty badly on live servers. The current problem with Bloodthirster is that whoever gets it first wins the lane. Initial stats aside, its stacking mechanic makes it so you fall further and further behind in terms of gold efficiency if your opponent has a Bloodthirster and you don’t.

  • Bloodthirster at 0 Stacks = 3048 Gold Value (152 Gold inefficient, or ~95% efficiency)
  • Bloodthirster at 30 Stacks = 4392 Gold Value (1192 Gold over-efficient, or ~137% efficiency)

 The item almost breaks even at 0 stacks, so it’s not a what-if investment. If you’re sitting on a Vamp Scepter and a B.F. Sword when the enemy AD comes back with a Bloodthirster finished, you’re looking at over a 1000 gold less in terms of stats in a few minion waves’ time. It’s the worst kind of snowball mechanic, because there’s no risk involved in farming a Bloodthirster.

 And a stacking shield presents the same flawed design.

  • New Passive: When you Life Steal beyond 100% of Health, you gain a shield that can block 50-410 damage (+20 per Champion Level) . The shield starts decaying if you’ve not taken or dealt damage in the last 15 seconds.

 Riddle me this, isn’t this passive just as non-interactive as the previous one? Arguably, a shield that boots your Max HP and scales with levels is even worse in allowing counterplay. It’s still a mechanic that passively increases cost efficiency with zero Champion interaction.

  • PBE BT at Level 9, 0 Shield = 3540 Gold Value (40 Gold over-efficient, or ~101% efficiency)
  • PBE BT at Level 9, 230 Shield =  4152 Gold Value (652 Gold over-efficient, or ~119% efficiency)
  • PBE BT at Level 18, 410 Shield = 4630 Gold Value (1130 Gold over-efficient, or ~132% efficiency)


New Bloodthirster Shield Preview


 Granted, this is a much better power-curve for the Bloodthirster. In fuction, however, it’s the same must-have pick for AD Casters that need it instead of BotRK. And it still pushes a gold efficiency gap that’s achieved just by farming. The shield prevents all-ins, which should be the logical counter to building sustain. In-fact, the only disadvantage the new Bloodthirster brings is 20 AD less, which is augmented by the fact that it’s better right off the bat and gives a shield mechanic that shouldn’t belong to the Ranged Carry archetype. To make matters worse, with Blade of the Ruined King being shifted more towards an anti-tank role, the Bloodthirster will become the dominant Life Steal option for bot lane.

 The problems with this passive are only now ramping up.


The new Bloodthirster can kill melee top.


 Melee vs Ranged is so flawed in League that it’s shifted both Champion design and meta around it. The only way Melee can compete is with either extreme mobility or durability, both of which are must-have awful solutions when put in a game environment outside just Melee vs Ranged interaction. If you have no range, you can’t orb-walk, you can’t re-position and you can’t measure your engages. You either all-in or die and herein lies the problem – the shield mechanic counters that.

 The staleness of top lane is actually a necessity for the health of the game. If you ever see Ranged characters dominate a 1v1 environment with low jungle presence, solo Melee will become irrelevant. And the reason this isn’t the case currently is because Marksmen are squishy and most top laners can all-in them, even if they’ve been denied CS. But what if they had an extra shield? And it’s the inevitability of the snowball effect that’s the real problem, again; Melees will fall off in levels and gold as Melees are used to vs Ranged. But they can’t actually afford to, because a stacked shield seals the lane in the ADCs favor. They can’t trade with Ranged, they have to go all-in. Maybe the shield won’t completely prevent that, but it again swings the match-up unfauvorably.

 The most real issue of this shield existing for AD Carries, however, is…


A stacking shield on ADCs will remove assassins from play.


What purpose should an assassin serve to be considered “viable”? It’s established that assassins should be very risky picks: they should struggle early, snowball hard and destroy squishy targets. If an assassin fails to kill the ADC in a teamfight at the 40th minute mark with his burst, is he a detriment to the team? I would argue yes, because assassins sacrifice all possible team utility another pick could bring for targeted damage that should eliminate the highest-priority target, which is the ranged AD.

 A 410 Shield late-game is a ton of effective health gain when stacked on top of Guardian Angel resists or even just the MR from Banshee’s Veil. It’s adding a layer of safety the archetype of Ranged Carries shouldn’t have – protection from burst. And while Mikael’s heal/cleanse buff is a reactive trigger, i.e it requires spells to already be burned so it’s effective, the shield from Bloodthirster is just… there. It’s making ADCs overly tanky for way too long; a 15-second duration can be sustained just by aggroing a jungle camp occasionally or hitting a minion wave with a spell. In fact, the overly lenient time window this shield has makes it very easy to enter a teamfight with a full shield on. And squishy targets that are harder-to-kill in a meta that’s already seeing less and less assassin play is exactly what you shouldn’t be shifting towards.

 ADCs are an oddball in Season 4; they’re not theoretically weaker than they were in Season 3, but the strong late-game carries are inhibited by both aggressive Supports and lane bullies like Lucian and Twitch. A shield mechanic is adding more trouble on a class that should be looked at on a much simpler basis; what changed in a year? Sustain supports were shifted out of viability, but Ardent Censer will probably bring them back in. Masteries now favor bruisers over damage dealers, but hypercarries can deal with them and they can actually be picked if the Support role changes from aggressive play-maker to defensive baby-sitter again. Adding to that are the buffs to Attack Speed and Infinity Edge, making auto-attack based carries even stronger. I see this cause-effect scenario with Ardent Censer and AS items solving a lot of woes in League’s balance currently; however, the Bloodthirster shield is can of worms that could only bring more problems than it could solve.



Closing Comments Mini Banner


 Regardless of my assumptions about the new Bloodthirster, I still think these item changes will freshen up the meta quite a bit. Thoughtfully-created items can bring back old Champions without reworking them and I think Ardent Censer is an excellent proof of how new additions can alter the game better than blanket nerfs. As for Essence Reaver, I don’t see the item being a factor in either decision-making or builds – it’s too niche and too ineffective at what it does.

 As with all my articles, I encourage you to take part in the discussion and I’ll answer everyone separately, in my own time. Let’s see how much the meta will change!


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PBE-June-51 (1)


More on Future Item Changes Banner

Xypherous is continuing the discussion on the big item changes that went into yesterday’s PBE update. Frozen Mallet will likely be deleted. Sorry to all 3 people that buy it.


Relevant Collection


[ Question ] Won’t Ardent Censer be broken in the hands of Supports with spammable Shields / Heals?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Items should feel kind of broken when you use it.

Whether it actually is broken, I’m not sure. I do recall the days of Stark’s Fervor – but there were so many things that were broken about that item that the Attack Speed actually seems like the most non-broken part.

That being said – that’s why I post the item specifics – it gives us time to consider your responses and react accordingly.

Ardent Censer In-Game

[ Ardent Censer from 06/06 PBE Update ]

[ Question ] Should Ardent Censer work on Turrets?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Probably not – but now that I think about it – the way I hooked it up, turrets would gain AS from it.

On the one hand, not intended – on the other hand, that’s actually kind of cool. Hm.. I think I’ll want to talk to my team before making a call one way or the other.

[ Question ] Will Soraka’s ultimate work with Ardent Censer?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Yes – an AoE restriction might be tricky to do, but if we really need to do it, we can. I just think it’s premature to do an AoE restriction as the two cool interactions are:

  1. Single target high uptime heals/shields with offense boosts (Janna/Lulu/Kayle/Nidalee)
  2. AoE low uptime mass effects (Karma/Thresh/Locket/Soraka ult)

I kind of want to see how #1 and #2 pan out before thinking about the AoE stuff. Under the hood, I can already detect most of the AoE cases as is.

[ Question ] What are AP midlaners that do not benefit from AD or building tank supposed to build for MR now? 

ricklessabandon Button Rioter ricklessabandon: speaking very broadly, ‘mages’ have traditionally looked to generic defenses instead of specific defenses (i.e., they buy health and ‘damage prevention effects’ like the actives on zhonya’s hourglass and seraph’s embrace, as well as the passives on banshee’s veil). it’s typically much more difficult to get a mage’s armor or magic resist to ‘fighter’ levels, which is more or less the intent right now.

to answer your hypothetical, if i needed more defense as brand, anivia, ziggs, lux, et al, i would likely buy chalice of harmony or a ruby crystal + giant’s belt (or negatron cloak) to eventually upgrade into items that character wants. athene’s, rylai’s, and liandy’s can all be fine. even just a cowl can be great since banshee’s veil is really good for long range champions like the ones you mentioned.

[ Question ] Will you be adding more Spell Vamp items?

ricklessabandon Button Rioter ricklessabandon: spell vamp is something i’d like to look at in the future for sure. i don’t know yet if that means we need to add/rework spell vamp items once that’s done, but as a stat it’s not in a great enough place currently to be made widely available in the item shop. not sure when we’d be able to put in time for this, but given our current ‘to do’ list i don’t think it’ll be anytime soonâ„¢.

[ Question ] Why are low crit chance values an issue in balancing?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Due to how the PRNG system works, lower amounts of critical strikes are more dangerously swingy than higher amounts – because it needs more time/hits to function in order to guarantee that 1 in X attacks critically strike.

As critical strike values get higher, PRNG can actually ensure that in smaller windows – the amount of critical strikes can be normalized.

However, with low critical strike values (10%) – there is very little that PRNG can do to prevent or tackle streaks or luck events. PRNG needs to work off of high base values in order to ensure consistency in a 3 to 4 second time window.

Conversely, a 10% critical strike is far less predictable as it needs a 20 to 30 second window to normalize out.

This is not true of pure RNG, of course, which doesn’t care about time windows at all.

The problem with critical strike isn’t that if a critical strike happens, it’s automatically bad.

The problem with critical strike is that at low values it is inconsistent and unpredictable because there’s no way to plan around it – what you want is increased predictability of the system – and PRNG needs a large base and a better time frame to do that kind of work.

Triforce gives 10% crit.

Zeal after BT gives 10% crit, and that’s almost at laning over.

The argument that Zeal after BT is ‘lane is over’ – then a similar analysis can be done on the I.E. ‘rush’. Current Zeal after BT in the live game has at minimum – 4375 gold.

I.E Rush is at minimum – 3800 gold. As I.E. Rush will necessarily need another DBlade to sustain it – it becomes 4275 gold in order to be an effective strategy.

Note that this is 4200 gold after whatever baseline items you assume an ADC needs (typically default blade + 325 G boots).

Essentially, by the time critical strike enters the equation with the IE rush – it’s a similar time window to when crit enters the equation at the moment, except in the case of Tri-force rushers – in which case critical strike enters the equation earlier.

The short of this is that unless Cloak of Agility actually turns out to be a good purchase (it’s not and easily tunable to always suck) – we don’t actually introduce critical strike chance much earlier than the current state of live. The leftover change is easily tunable with Gold if we’ve determined we’ve overbuffed things.

Therefore, if your assessment is that Zeal after BT is effectively lane over – then you also have to take with it that double blade into IE is effectively lane over as well.

The other portion of this is that if double Dblade into I.E. becomes the default, we’ll raise the cost of I.E. The entire point of this item adjustment exercise is that there are multiple competing strategies. If in fact, 2x Blade into I.E. becomes the overwhelming default – we’d fix it with price increases because we’d be annoyed there is an overwhelming default that doesn’t care about champion specifics.

TL;DR – Timing doesn’t change much to crit in lane. PRNG system makes higher crit chances more predictable and better able to be planned around. We’ll adjust 2x blade into I.E. down if if becomes overwhelming default.

Frozen Mallet to be deleted

[ Question ] Do you have any plans on Mallet as defensive item?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: We’ve done a lot of Mallet experimentation – but the result keeps coming back to – Why is this item in the game – whenever it’s not fringe, the game sucks.

We’re more inclined to delete the item entirely at this point.

[ Question ] What part of Frozen Mallet presents a balancing issue?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The basic question is – Is Frozen Mallet essential to the game functioning well?

And it seems to be no, at this point.

Frozen Mallet doesn’t really seem to help any combat cases we’re happy with – nor does it seem to invite interesting gameplay when it works.

The main problem with Frozen Mallet is basically the concept of an on-hit slow and the idea that it’s somehow supposed to help fighters or ranged characters.

At its core, there’s a lot of interesting design space we could put on fighters or ranged characters – but Frozen Mallet doesn’t help any of those patterns when it’s good. It simply flattens all the patterns down to ‘land one basic attack.’

It’s not the permaslow – or the stats really. There’s a richness in how ranged vs. melee fight each other and how they position against each other but Frozen Mallet, whenever it’s been good basically tells people that a single basic attack should be what defines that pattern.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t numbers or mechanics that you could do to make the current Frozen Mallet work. It’s just, the gains really wouldn’t be worth the costs in the end – You’d have a cool item at the expense of a lot of other things. This isn’t a question of viability or whether or not we can make it attractive. All that is really simple to do. It’s whether or not it’s worth it and I’m not really sure at this point.

[ Suggestion ] Instead of a passive perma-slow, give Frozen Mallet an active that slows heavily on the next auto attack

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The item could theoretically exist – but it doesn’t really add much other than Frozen Mallet is in the game. Low mobility, high-CC fighters are still screwed. High mobility fighters now have one more CC. Ranged ADCs don’t benefit from it – nor do they have a compelling reason to get it.

It’s not that you can’t make a viable slowing item in the game. That’s obviously possible if you want to jump through the right hoops. The question is whether it adds anything of value to the overall game and what is it trying to solve.

[ Suggestion ] Change Phage to passively give movement speed when moving towards an enemy Champion (Vayne). The movement speed buff doubles if the item owner takes damage

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: That is neat. It always does feel kind of bad giving the opponent a boost when you attack them but adding directionality solves a lot of edge cases and could feel intuitively right.

We’d have to make it a lot more precise that Vayne’s 180 degree 2000 range I want to murder ze enemy type movement – but it could be supported with visuals in a really cool way.

Hm.. I’ll talk to my team about it. Slight concern here in that it might make Vayne feel bad because her unique passive gets replicated on an item… but you know.. it’s not like that’s never happened before.

Very interesting thought though.

More on New Summoner's Rift Banner

The discussion on the recently announced visual update for Summoner’s Rift continues.

Relevant Collection

Summoner-Rift-VU-QA-Banner (1)

[ Question ] Shaco can Deceive over terrain much more effectively than Flash. Are you making sure those locations still work?

RiotForScience Button Rioter RiotForScience: Yes they will still work. The nav mesh is copied directly from the map on live. It is not a new map. It is a visual update. The only difference is a few bugs we cleaned up.

[ Suggestion ] The area around the towers should be paved to indicate the tower’s range

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: Having a really clear circumference around the towers is problematic from a design perspective because it would allow players to stand 1 pixel outside of the range something we would prefer there to be some risk/mastery in order to do.

[ Question ] Will the Dragon and Baron AI be improved?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: There are some distinctions between those 2 camps and how they behave on the current map.




[ Suggestion ] The shop bounds should match the heal zone, or at least have the same center

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: Good point on the heal zone. I will look into it. There is a design feedback thread located in the summoner’s rift sub-forum. If you could post it there I will not lose track of the concern.

4. There are some distinctions between those 2 camps and how they behave on the current map. I think it will have an impact.

[ Question ] Will there be any weather effects?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: Yes there will be some weather effects. The north east quadrant is going to be rainy, apart from that we will have dust, fog, lightrays and other environmental effects.




[ Question ] Will we have daytime/nighttime cycles?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: We will not have day/night cycles. Our lighting is all hand painted. The wins that we would get by having a day/night cycle would be massively outweighed by the losses we would get from adopting a more artifical lighting system.



[ Question ] Will we have camera rotation?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: We will not have camera rotation, but the fundamental issue behind why we want the ability to rotate the camera is being looked into. We are not prepared to discuss that yet. The solution will not be part of the visual update.

[ Follow-up ] Why not shift the camera angle by 45 degrees?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: I think the 45 degree solution is a lot stronger than the 180 degree or 90 degree solution because it creates a more stable play environment and allows us to optimize the map in cleaner way. There is inherent asymmetry in the map (Dragon Baron, the locations of the buffs) but testing a camera shift would tell us if those things are really distorting balance or if they just provoke tactical adjustments. 

That being said I am not saying that we are doing the 45 degree option at any point. We could hit huge unforeseen obstacles. But, (in my opinion) it is a stronger option than the methods we have considered previously.

[ Question ] What kind of work besides optimization and Wraiths / Double Golems is left?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: The “Wraiths” (Now Razorbeaks) and Double-Golems (Now Krugs) are just as far along as the other creatures in the map, we just didn’t show them in the video. We have a lot of refinement to do on textures. The map is still unlit (which is one of the things leading to the complaint about darkness) We are still in the process of populating flowers easter-eggs and player orienting props.We need to tighten the visuals around the nav-mesh. We need to do a lot of optimization work on our texture/mesh optimization… apparently we need to find a duck? I am not sure about that one.

[ Question ] Will we be able to turn off some of the more hardware-intensive animations?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: We are working on tech to get things really clean for min-spec machines. that is one of the things being considered.

[ Question ] Does the map affect ping?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: I don’t believe so. I don’t think a map could effect ping. Do you mean FPS? Could you go into more detail about the concern?

Single Posts banner

[ Bug-fix ] PBE: Ardent Censer not giving the AS buff after a direct heal

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Seems like I forgot to get the part where it actually works on heals onto the PBE. My bad.

Err.. I have no idea when the next PBE push is – but I’ll try to get it working as soon as it’s feasible – it’s weird because it’s the weekend.

Thanks for ze bug report!



[ Question ] Why haven’t we received any news regarding the NA East Coast Servers?

Cedriel Button Rioter Cedriel: We try to be transparent on what we do and why we do it: that’s why we’re doing things like patch previews, post content ahead of time for feedback on PBE, write dev blogs and interact directly with players in the forums, twitter, reddit and such. Unfortunately, there are things about which we can’t say much until we have something to deliver.

For instance, take a project that is still in an early stage and is undergoing a lot of testing and revision. Anything we show you is going to create excitement and set expectations, but what we actually launch might end up being very different, to the disappointment of a great many people who were anticipating something else. Sometimes, we find along the way that what seemed like a great idea turns out to just not to be fun in practice, and simply never release it because it would’ve been a pretty bad player experience. We messed up bad with Magma Chamber on this one, for instance.

Another example would be projects that are large in scope and technically complex. Sometimes these things change mid-development, or we find out that some problems were more complicated than we anticipated. Particularly when you’re doing new things, deadlines can slip. If we promise stuff and fail to deliver, you have a right to be pissed at us. We’d rather under-promise and over-deliver!

Finally, there are projects that we simply have to be vague about for security reasons. Security often plays out like a cat-and-mouse game in which hostile parties come up with creative new vectors for attack and we come up with counter-measures. Spelling out in detail what those counter-measures will be ahead of time amounts to giving these people advance notice, and making them less effective. For instance, we’re working on solutions to reduce or eliminate the pain that players feel from DDOS and drophack attacks, but we can’t really talk about what or how.

We recognize that East Coast players are not getting the same quality of service that West Coast players do—and we’re committed to doing something about that. Wiser heads than mine are working on this. Unfortunately, if their work hits any of those points—and almost any solution will—there’s just not much we can say until it’s ready or near-ready. It’s frustrating to you because it feels like we’re not listening, and it’s frustrating for us because there’s nothing that we want more than to show all the cool stuff we’re doing to make League of Legends better—but there are good reasons for it.

In the meantime, all we can do is apologize for not being good enough, thanking you for your patience, and telling you that we’re working on it.

[ Question ] Will Patch 4.10 include changes to Quinn and Urgot?

Wav3Break Button Rioter Wav3Break: Hey guys, I just want to clarify some of our views on sensitive/gray area champions like Quinn and Urgot since there is a lot of lively discussion. Currently, we don’t necessarily see these two champions fitting into the traditional marksman role and thus 4.10 will not have specific changes reflecting them. The scope of 4.10 has us incredibly focused on improving the health of traditional marksman role and we plan to deliver our best work regarding that focus. Discussion is always valuable to us though and we are grateful for all the feedback you guys provide us.

[ Follow-up ] Quinn is a lackluster bot-lane Marksman

Wav3Break Button Rioter Wav3Break: I agree that Quinn currently does not function at her best as a traditional marksman and that she feels like she is at an awkward spot regarding her champion identity. That being said I don’t think that she is a particularly weak champion. She is an incredibly interesting character and we want to observe how the overall game changes after we implement the changes we have planned in 4.10. The post 4.10 analysis will be real and we look forward to the feedback and discussion you guys will have for us :).


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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PBE Item Changes Explained banner

Xypherous and Feral Pony are answering questions regarding the most recent PBE changes to items.


 Note: Click here if you want to be taken straight to the Q&A section.


BFS / Attack Damage Items


  B._F._Sword_item B.F. Sword

  • Attack Damage increased from 45 to 50


Infinity_Edge Infinity Edge

  • Attack Damage increased from 70 to 80


Mercurial_Scimitar Mercurial Scimitar

  • Total Cost: 3700 –> 3800
  • Attack Damage: 60 –> 80
  • Active: Now also gives the Movement Speed to ranged characters.


Notes: We’ve generally liked the fact that AP items have three distinct tiers of AP, 60 / 80 and 120 for major Ability Power items. We’re taking some steps to get Attack Damage into similar tiers for the major Attack Damage items with 80 as our high-end point.

Youmuu's_Ghostblade Youmu’s Ghostblade

  • Active: Now lasts 6 seconds on ranged characters.

Notes: We’ve tried to remove ranged/melee splits on most of the locations on which they didn’t seem to make sense anymore in the modern game.

…Yeah, we’ll probably have to nerf Heal. Stop looking at me like that.

Attack Speed



  • Total Cost increased from 400 gold to 450
  • Attack Speed increased from 12% to 15%



  • Total Cost decreased from 1175 gold 1100
  • Attack Speed increased from 18% to 20%


Notes: Attack Speed is a hard stat to commit to – mostly because it’s very trivial to overcommit to the stat – as by the end-game, you have a healthy amount of Attack Speed. What we’re doing here is making the build up to a complete Attack Speed grant more Attack Speed along the way and be smoother on the way there.


Berserker's_Greaves Berzerker Greaves

  • Total Cost increased from 950 gold to 1000
  • Attack Speed increased from 20% to 25%


Notes: This is more tier 2 boot consolidation into the 1000 gold range – while keeping the deviations from the 1000 gold range intentional and part of that specific boots’ strength or weakness.


Life Steal


Doran's_Blade Doran’s Blade

  • Health decreased from 80 to 70
  • Attack Damage decreased from 8 to 7
  • Life on-hit removed, now grants 3% Life Steal instead


Explanation: Yes, this is essentially a directional revert to S2 days of Doran’s Blade. Basically, we tried to phase out Life Steal as an early game statistic in the transition from S2 to S3 – as Life Steal should feel compelling or expensive.

However, in that environment, sustain or defensive supports were at an all time high. A carry character didn’t need much in the way of life steal early because there was a reliable source of sustain in their lane (the support.)

With the addition of offensive supports and the continuing rise of non-sustain supports, the limited amount of life steal options essentially forced all carries down a single path – Vampiric Scepter – as the sustain factor required in lane wasn’t being provided from either the support or their Doran’s Blade.

With only a single large source of life steal – carry players only had two options for life steal – Either stay at 4.5% from quints or dramatically overshoot and get 14.5% from Vampiric Scepter – which kind of makes sustain supports redundant to begin with.

I’m retuning life steal as a more expensive stat that is highly accessible in many different sources rather than it being more concentrated power because the reality of the situation is that there isn’t a single life steal value that is correct if you cannot rely on a surplus of sustain from your support pick.

Hence, AD carry players need a wider array of smaller more flexible options that can build up to their ideal amount of life steal – based on the needs of the lane, their opponents and who their support is. In a high sustain lane, you might be able to get away with a Doran’s Blade into an infinity edge, for example – whereas in a low sustain lane, you might need a couple of blades and a vampiric scepter – but the lack of offense on your side is compensated by the fact that you hav an offensive support.

TL;DR – A wider amount of smaller life steal options will make ADC builds more flexible because they’ll be able to tailor the right amount of life steal for the situation – rather than be railroaded down one path if they need any amount of sustain.


Old_VampiricScepter Vampiric Scepter

  • Life Steal decreased from 10% to 8%


 Bilgewater_CutlassBilgewater Cutlass

  • Life Steal decreased from 12% to 8%


 Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Life Steal decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Proc Damage: 5% Current Health –> 8% Current Health
  • Active Nuke Damage: 15% Maximum Health –> 10% Maximum Health
  • Active Movement Speed Slow: 30% Movement Speed Steal –> 25% Movement Speed Steal


Notes: Shifting this item to be a little more about the proc damage and less about the active nuke – which will shift it a bit more towards the sustained damage space rather than the burst space. This item looks nerfed – but only because so many things are changing around it – which you’ll see in the followup posts – mostly Dagger becoming a better value in the build up to the item as well as Warden’s Mail and Randuin’s Omen which heavily impact this item more than any of the other items listed here.


The_Bloodthirster Bloodthirster

  • Combine cost increased from 850 to 1100 (Total cost from 3250 to 3500)
  • Attack Damage increased from 70 to 80
  • Life Steal increased from 12% to 15%
  • Removed: Attack Damage / Life Steal – Stacking Passive
  • New Passive: “Your life steal can now overheal you, granting a shield that can block from 50 to 410 damage, based on champion level. This shield decays rapidly if you have not taken or dealt damage in the last 15 seconds.”

  • Note: Passive is heavily non-linear scaling. At level 6, the shield is around 100. At level 16, the shield is around 330 – to give you an idea of how far up it scales.


Notes: Bloodthirster is kind of the ultimate snowball item design. If you rush it first, you get sustain and an AD advantage – that then keeps growing as you stay in lane for longer.

However – it was kept down by the fact that it was relative poor scaling compared to other options – an I.E. for example would dramatically outclass its damage mid game when combined with a multiplier item.

However, with the rise of ratio driven carries being the default rather than the exception – coupled with the sustain issues that made Vampiric Scepter the default rather than the exception – Bloodthirster proves to be a fairly unhealthy item in its current stacking iteration.

We’ve retuned Bloodthirster to be a heavy life steal / defensive option.

Notes: In the short term, we are aware that this leaves stacking Attack Damage builds in a bit of a pinch as there won’t be an option for something like triple Bloodthirster heavy stack – it’ll be something we’ll be trying to figure out how to better support without running straight into Caster / Ratio driven carries dominating lane and suppressing traditional Attack Speed carries and then falling completely off the map – causing the entire carry role to feel somewhat anemic.


(NEW) Essence Reaver

  • RECIPE: Vampiric Scepter + Pickaxe + 950 Gold = 2650 Total Gold Cost
  • Attack Damage: 50
  • Life Steal: 10%
  • Cooldown Reduction: 10%
  • UNIQUE Passive: You gain 2 to 8% of the damage dealt by basic attacks as Mana. Mana drain increases based on how much Mana you are missing.


Notes: While iterating with life steal slots – we realized that caster based carries are split into two camps: One that needs mana – and one that wants ratios. While we were iterating, we stumbled across this item that seemed to allow for a really intensive mana spam/attack combat pattern that seemed fun especially on Ezreal (Q) /Graves (Q) / Corki / Draven (W) / Sivir (W).


Support Items


Mikael's_Crucible_item Mikael’s Crucible

  • New Recipe: Chalice of Harmony + Forbidden Idol + 870 G = 2450 Gold Total
  • Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds increased from 10 to 20
  • Now gives 10% Cooldown Reduction


Notes: Mikael’s Crucible is dominant in competitive play and shuts down the value of our utility focused carries (Varus/Ashe) while being fairly ineffective against the more spammy pick patterns of everyone else (Elise ‘E’ for example). While we like what Crucible brings to the table – we’d like to shift it towards our more mana hungry supports (who tend to be more defensive) rather than being a generically good pickup for everyone.


(NEW) Ardent Censer

  • Recipe: Forbidden Idol + Aether Wisp + 250 G = 1900 Total Cost
  • 30 Ability Power
  • 10 Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
  • 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • 8% Movement Speed
  • Unique Passive: Whenever you heal or shield another champion, they gain 25% Attack Speed for 6 seconds.


Notes: We wanted to create a mid-tier support item for supports now that Mikael’s sits at a higher price point. We also want to see how you guys respond to this particular trigger effect as it has interesting interactions across supports. Thresh, for example, has an AoE AS boost from this item – while Janna and Lulu both offer attack steroids that synergize well with the Attack Speed.

And it’s probably overkill on Nidalee.

Note this is your heals and shields on other champions – so self-healing is right out. When we tested it, there was a lot of weird rules cases and edge cases that seemed to make very little sense – how would you expect Malphite’s passive to interact with this, for example?


Athene's_Unholy_Grail Athene’s Unholy Grail

  • Magic Resist decreased from 40 to 25
  • Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds decreased from 15 to 10
  • Mana Restoration on kill or assist increased from 12% to 15%


Notes: Now that we have two Chalice of Harmony upgrades in a very similar price range, we wanted to do a pass on Athene’s Unholy Grail (currently a very cost-efficient purchase) to make sure this item wasn’t crowding out other items in the ‘Mp5 + CDR’ family. With Mikael’s Crucible decisively taking the ‘the defensive path’ from Chalice, we choose to preserve Athene’s offensive power. This meant reducing the item’s Magic Resist and taking this as an opportunity to increase strength of the kill/assist passive. Those changes combined with a small adjustment to Morellonomicon should shore up the stat lines of these items.


Morellonomicon_item Morellonomicon

  • Ability Power increased from 75 to 80
  • Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds decreased from 12 to 10


Notes: Small stat adjustment as mentioned above. Though minor, this should help make Morellonomicon feel a bit better in terms of item slot efficiency as the game goes on.


3114_Forbidden_Idol Forbidden Idol

  • Cost decreased from 750 Gold to 700


Notes: Small cost adjustment. All items that use Forbidden Idol as a component will have the same overall cost (e.g., Morellonomicon will still cost 2200 Gold).


Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_item Locket of the Iron Solari

  • Unique Active will now use a recipient’s level to calculate shield strength if the recipient’s level is higher than the item owner’s level.


Notes: This change should give a small boost to defensive support players that like to purchase Locket of the Iron Solari for their team.


Defensive Items


Warden's_Mail Warden’s Mail

  • Attack Speed Slow decreased from 15% to 10%


 Randuin's_OmenRanduin’s Omen

  • Attack Speed Slow decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Movement Speed Slow (On Being Hit) removed (currently 10%)


Notes: This change will have heavy ramifications in the fighter space as Randuin’s Omen effectively gave non gap-closing fighters a way into fights. However, this came at a significant expense to ADC kite patterns and general ADC power.

This also made carries with innate gap closing powers much more powerful in comparison to ADCs that didn’t have gap closers as those abilities were unaffected by the slow of Omen.

We’re aware that with the recent Heal changes, this move will probably tip the scales much in favor of the kite based ADC patterns – but we want to evaluate on live for a while before deciding just how much to scale back ADC kiting or scale up defensive itemization.


Final Notes


As usual, these numbers are aren’t final and hence the forecast + these specific PBE notes. To the best of my knowledge, you’ll be able to play with these tomorrow – (Although there will be still some temp assets in that build.)

ricklessabandon / FeralPony and I will be around in the next couple of hours to field any initial set of questions – and I think rickless has some other support item changes (numerical tweaks) that he’ll be updating this post with.



ricklessabandon Button Rioter ricklessabandon: i just updated the post to reflect some upcoming changes to athene’s, locket, idol, and morellonomicon. i’ll be around for a bit making sure everything gets in correctly for the next pbe update, so feel free to ask if you have questions~




[ Question ] What do you mean that Mikael’s is too commonplace?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Specifically, that note is about competitive play – Mikael’s is pretty much in every game – which means that Ashe or Varus ultimates get far less useful.




[ Question ] Why are you making the final upgrade components less satisfying in terms of power increase?


ricklessabandon Button Rioter ricklessabandon: it’s not really a shift in direction or anything—we look at items on a case-by-case basis when it comes to what you get for paying the combine cost for items. in the case of athene’s, we wanted to keep the ‘aggro’ flavor of the item so your 900g will still double the ability power and cdr you had from codex as well as give you a new mana regeneration passive based on killing champions. the item was never really supposed to read as an ‘anti-mage’ item, so a significant magic resist increase (while very, very useful) just makes athene’s adoption a bit ubiquitous. it somewhat naturally follows that if athene’s is crowding out other mp5+cdr items we should chip away at the stats that aren’t core to the item’s original identity.

all that said, there will likely always be a mix of item combine costs that are purely functional (i.e., it just frees up an item slot) and some that are significant power spikes (i.e., zhonya’s, youmuu’s, etc).



[ Question ] Isn’t swinging itemization towards Infinity Edge going to introduce crit strike randomness in trades?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: A couple of notes on this:

Rushing I.E. with zero sustain means you’re running a heavy sustain support or basically dying.

I.E. with DBlade support is more expensive than rushing BT and we should work towards tuning it such that the lane is either decided by that point or winding down.

The current world isn’t much better in terms of critical strike: Critical strike does pop up in the most common laner currently with the prevalence of Tri-Force –> BT or BT –> Zeal.

Instead of a critical damage multiplier, it’s backed up by 15% lifesteal instead – which produces equivalent swings in total life.



[ Follow-up ] But Life Steal isn’t random, while Crit chance is


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: You missed my point here – BT builds typically have a Zeal in them, either directly before in the case of TF –> BT builds or directly after in the case of BT –> PD Builds.

Which means the RNG portion of it – assuming similar gold – was already in lane. It then becomes whether you think 15% LS or 50% Crit Damage is more swingy – and for me it works out roughly the same.



[ Question ] Will the Doran’s Blade Life Steal bonus be unique?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Nope. The intent here is that you can build 1 to 3 DBlades depending on your need and it won’t immediately become irrelevant unlike the current one.





[ Suggestion ] Why can’t Ardent Censer give Attack Speed to the user, when the mechanic’s already been done on Sivir and Warwick?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: It’s mitigated slightly by the fact that it’s an item that has a gold cost – rather than an intrinsic facet of a character that we have to balance around.

On champions, Sivir and WW’s power are essentially free but then you’re forced to optimize around it. However, with this item, we can reasonably assume that Ardent Censer will be bought by characters seeking to abuse that power directly and thus can better control the cost.



[ Question ] Won’t short-CD shields make the new support item easy to abuse?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: We’ll see. It’s fairly trivial to add AoE or single target restrictions onto the item – but it’s premature to add restraints onto the item before people have gotten a chance to use it.

If AoE shields are really that spammy we can adjust easily.

The key difference currently is that the single target shields have 100% uptime at max CDR while the AoE ones typically don’t or sacrifice some other utility if used at the wrong moment.



[ Question ] Does Lulu’s ult or Soraka’s mana return proc Ardent Censer?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Lulu’s ult does not count as a heal – nor does Soraka’s mana heal.

The trigger is very specific in what events it’s looking for. I suppose I could special case some of them but I’d rather not at the outset.



[ Question ] Why isn’t Wit’s End being buffed in terms of Attack Speed?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: We actually wanted to do this – but couldn’t actually get this feeling right for this patch or any of the upcoming ones.

I know FeralPony is still trying to figure this particular problem out though. He essentially wants to nuke Recurve Bow and figure out alternate recipes for anything that built out of it.

(For example, for a while we were testing a 20% AS item that had 10 magic damage on it. It would build into Nashor’s, BoRK, Wit’s End and Hurricane. Little weird that the magic damage became physical in certain cases – but we could never get it to feel quite right.)



[ Question ] If you want to make Blade of the Ruined King kill tanks, why not change it to deal a % of maximum health, instead of current?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: % Max isn’t a tank buster item. % Max Health damage is a bruiser item at its core – the reason for this being that an item with % Max Health damage is far better on you when you have low damage of your own.

Since the % Max Health would be lower – you’d actually want to target low armor targets to get the most value out of it – again, better against squishies.

To throw a thought experiment – who would benefit more from the following item?

50% Current HP on hit

25% Max Hp on it.

The ADC would most likely kill you in 3 hits with either item as he’s dealing 300 + 50% of your current health or 300 + 25% of your max health. In any event, against a 2000 health target, you’re dying in 3 hits.

However, let’s look at the bruiser who does relatively low damage per hit. 100 + 50% of your maximum health would take 5 hits to kill you – however, regardless of his damage, he would kill you in 4 hits with the Max HP version.

Obviously the numbers are extreme here and tilted to favor my point but % Current Health damage favors characters with intrinsically high damage per attack – whereas % Max Health is agnostic and thus favors characters regardless of their base damage (which end up being bruiser focused.)



[ Follow-up ]


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Bruisers typically attack things that are lower resistance, while ADCs ignore more resistances on the targets they attack.

I’ve just generally found that whenever we put % Max HP damage on anything, squishies tend to die all over the place.



[ Question ] What about % bonus health scaling?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Bonus Health scaling suffers from the same problem as Bonus Armor Scaling.

If you make the number feel satisfying (since there’s a lower pool to work with) – if the item is in any way decent, you absolutely murder the (perceived or actual) value of the stat itself.

I’ll use Armor as an example here, as it highlights the problem better – Last Whisper is 35% total armor penetration. On a typical end-game tank, let’s say they have 250 armor (100 base, 150 bonus). To have % bonus armor penetration be equivalent to total armor penetration – this new last whisper would have to have 58% bonus armor penetration.

If there is an item in the game with 58% bonus armor penetration, you had either make armor cheap as hell and overpowered against anyone without bonus armor penetration – or more likely, players will naturally think buying armor is pointless.



[ Question ] Why is the AD value on Doran’s Blade going down again?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Mostly because every time we make Doran’s Blade more stackable, we have to keep in mind that we never want triple Doran’s to be the best option – just one of several potential options.




[ Question ] Why is the active on Mikael’s being nerfed, while the Mercurial Scimitar one is being buffed? Don’t they serve the same function?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: There are two main differences as I see them.

1- Time to purchase – Mikael’s comes pretty early currently, even with the changes to Mercurial I don’t see it being picked up as a first or second item.

2- Free targeting versus self targeting – Scimitar only allows the user to cleanse stuns, CC effects etc. Mikael’s grants that power to anyone who gets picked/caught leaving the opponent no reasonable targets. Compare that to playing an Ashe/Varus vs an enemy with a Scimitar which gives you the option of simply targeting someone other than the holder of the Scimitar



[ Question ] With the nerfs to Randuin’s passive slow, how will Udyr be able to close gaps?


FeralPonyButton Rioter Feral Pony: The same way he’s always done it, 15 flat MS, 35% near constant Movement Speed Boost, and the lunge on Bear Stance. As a guy who loves playing Udyr myself, I’m not super concerned as the enemies I normally have trouble dealing with – really heavy peel- are largely unaffected by this change. That said the Live guys are going to be keeping an eye on the “unreliable” tanky men, such as Udyr as the patch goes out and see if further adjustment is needed.



[ Question ] Why buff AS items and nerf Randuin’s at the same time? Won’t this create balancing issues?


FeralPonyButton Rioter Feral Pony: The AS Boosts with the exception of the 5% boost on Zerker Greaves are all in the buildup on the items which means that late game AS (when Marksman are actually attacking enemies with WM/RO) it should be largely unchanged, so the RO changes will be effectively done in isolation.



[ Question ] Ardent Censer with an AoE shield/heal would potentially provide 3k Gold worth of stats. Won’t this create the same issues Warwick’s W does?


FeralPonyButton Rioter Feral Pony:  Xpherous has mentioned this before but WW’s if effectively free and generally unappreciated (WW casts it mostly for himself) and we have to cut power from other parts of the kit to compensate which generally makes the character feel worse. Players opting into Ardent Censor want to use this power and are paying a price for doing so at the expense of other items and choices.



[ Question ] Won’t Miss Fortune and Varus be weaker after these changes are implemented?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: I agree with you that Miss Fortune / Varus are really going to suffer from the changes. It’s splash damage but I couldn’t see any way around it with this set of changes – it’s unfortunate.

That said, both of these characters do have alternate AS routes that pay off quite well – and hopefully the AS parts of their kit can tide them over until we figure out how to support MF / Varus mid/late games.

We managed to slip in the item for carries that are more in the vein of Ezreal / Corki – ones with spammy spells but moderate AD ratios.



[ Question ] Will you be doing any changes to Frozen Heart?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: I don’t believe there are Frozen Heart changes in this patch – minus the fact that Warden’s is weaker and thus the build path is slightly weaker.





[ Question ] Will Essence Reaver allow Jayce to bypass Tear of the Goddess?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: It does solve a lot of Jayce’s issues – but it’s also pretty swingy depending on lane matchup. Essence Reaver demands that you be able to autoattack a lot and in Jayce’s case – this may or may not be possible depending on the lane.

Essence Reaver also has less of a payoff than Manamune / Muramana – the reason AD Jayce is so strong is that he can get multiple procs off of Muramana’s toggle in a very short amount of time.

So, short answer: Maybe – depending on circumstance, although he won’t have as big of a payoff at the end of the game.



[ Question ] Why are you against “safe” picks such as Lucian?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: We’re not against “Safe” picks. We’re against “Safe” picks that consistently win far more than unsafe picks – even though the strength of a “Safe” pick should be that it doesn’t get hard countered.

That is “Safe” picks are about guaranteeing a minimum win rate. For example, if you want a champion with truly no weaknesses and no capacity to be hard countered at all – what you’re asking for is a champion that is reliable but as a consequence – this automatically means that you should be less rewarded than picking a champion who might have bad matchups.



[ Question ] Will you be addressing top lane Champions this patch?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: My team (Systems) will not be looking at them. Live Balance will be looking at individual champions as they were the ones pushing for Randuin’s changes and will ultimately be tasked with looking at how it affects individual fighters.




[ Question ] Are you watching what effect AS buffs could have on outliers like Xin, Shyvana, Yi, Udyr, Nocturne, etc.?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Since it’s only the path that is getting smoother rather than the end amount of AD – I’m not too worried about the characters in question. In a final build, the only AS item that increased in power in total is Berzerker’s Greaves – and while many of those characters can get Greaves – they make major sacrifices in order to do so.

[ Question ] Have you considered what effect buffing BotRK will have on top lane?

XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous:  BoRK loses threefold in terms of LS / Capture power and active nuke ability – in exchange for greater scaling off Attack Speed. While certain Attack Speed centric bruisers will be able to take advantage of this – I’m not actually sure I can make any comments about the Bruiser class with the Omen changes. While BoRK might be massively stronger on them in terms of damage – not having Omen would mean their overall effectiveness decreases.



[ Question ] Are you worried Essence Reaver might be abused by mana-dependent assassins, such as Talon?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous:  As for Talon, if Talon actually decides to basic attack, he’ll be able to get mana back. This is something that Talon players, traditionally, have been resistant in doing – even though his basic attack basically cuts through things like butt r. However, Talon is a problem in that literally anything you make that might be attractive AD-wise makes Talon stronger in ways that no one particularly wants – thus it tends to be Talon that is the issue.



[ Question ] Will Randuin’s Omen see an increase in health or armor to compensate for the MS slow nerfs?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: It ultimately depends on what live thinks at this point and how they want to adjust fighters around the item or the item around fighters.



Discussion on Melee vs Ranged in League



[ Question ] Will the interaction between Melee and Range ever be healthy?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Unless the fundamental expectations for what people want out of a melee champion change – I somehow doubt it. Part of this problem is that ‘Glass Melee’ is an archetype that people expect tremendous payoff for – but currently, there isn’t a good way to translate personal skill into better melee combat ability.

You can certainly make complex judgment calls and the like – but on the whole, Melee inputs aren’t complex enough and melee combat at its core is fairly uninteresting and thus something has to change fundamentally on what melee combat means before even talking about melee vs. range. Melee vs. Melee isn’t that well explored or particularly interesting – for example.

For example, you can imagine a world in which every Melee character had some kind of roll innate basic ability that was slow but could deflect damage. That’s the kind of fundamental mechanical basic you would need on Melee in order to have the proper inputs to justify what people expect out of the fantasy of Glass Melee.



[ Question ] Isn’t Melee DPS supposed to achieve its goals without obscene durability?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: I would be weary of assuming intentions here. I can’t read your mind on what a Melee without obscene durability is. Is it Riven? Is it Talon? Is it complete AD Yi? There isn’t a consensus on what the Melee DPS class is – and until there’s a consistent definition with clear success goals and failure cases outside of ‘I just want to be able to murder everyone, every team fight by right-clicking’ – it’s hard to say if everyone agrees on what they want.

For example, the last time I was in a conversation about the melee DPS class, the person said ‘Melee DPS’ but it was in reference to Season 1 Jax – which was the most durable champion on top of having the highest sustained damage.



[ Suggestion ] Make Melee DPS rely on proper rotation in relation to its target in a fight (which side it faces)


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: While it’s an interesting facet to consider – rotation doesn’t have a cost, and thus the skill expression here is mostly lost. The reason why a ranged carry’s positioning gameplay is important is because repositioning has a serious cost.

If rotation did have a significant cost – you’d pretty much murder every aspect of control that makes League what it is – plus, I’m uncertain of how much cost there would have to be in rotation in order to actually bring forth the gameplay that you are describing. Not to say that the gameplay you’re describing doesn’t work – it just tends to work in frameworks where movement is more of the game.

Though there would be some people that would favor that approach – it’s outside of what we consider acceptable as we value tight controls over strategic advantages.

However, I applaud your line of thinking on this part – trying to leverage the basic variables of melee in order to bring more skill expression on their basic actions is pretty rare to see. The approach you’re speaking of definitely works in a lot of games, especially ones involving vehicular combat (Tank Wars, raaawr!) where movement, in itself, is a whole game and thus sides / facing matter – it’s just hard to apply that pattern to LoL without other severe costs.



The problem is Ranged Champions are designed to express their strengths vs other archetypes, whereas Melee are not


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Yeah – I think we agree on this point. It’s the set of basic actions available to everyone and how certain archetypes should interact with them that you need to leverage. We’re using different terminology here, of course but it boils down to, as you’ve said – what actions are available to everyone and how do players leverage that common set of actions to express skill in different ways.



[ Question ] Any long term plans for creating decisions based on actions that are available to everyone that can be leveraged by melee champions to express skill in different ways from a system wide point of view?


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Not particularly interested in this approach at the moment – mostly because there does not appear to be a set of intuitive patterns that solve this.

Because of this, I suspect that it’s more likely that you’ll end up with a well designed game that no one will play.

Ultimately, you have to weigh the gains of supporting glass melee (6 to 8 champions) versus forcing every melee player to jump through an unintuitive hoop to get there.

That being said, however – I’m making that statement off of ignorance. There’s a lot of melee patterns and melee vs. melee knowledge that needs to be researched before we can actually talk about plans to do it. I’m fairly certain it would be premature to think about that pattern without understanding how melee are supposed to fight in general in a teamfight rather than how melee combat is supposed to be interesting in general.

For example, skarner might just never work with these demands, or if not him perhaps some other melee champion down the rework road. What then?

This argument cuts both ways. Whatever pattern you subject melee will inevitably cut off some patterns or portions of design space that may be crucial to the identity of some characters.

You can claim that Skarner will never be work without going down the global solution path – but in all reality, the global solution probably says that some portion of the population is fundamentally flawed identity wise and needs to be destroyed.

In either approach – you will be nuking some character identities period.



Endless Chat Restrictions Banner

Some Summoners are experiencing a repeating wave of Chat Restrictions. Learn how the punishment system has translated between shutting down the Tribunal and now.


Relevant Collections


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[ Question ] Why am I endlessly chat-restricted?


Slumber jack Button Rioter Slumber Jack: Hi there!

I get this question a lot and I think this would be a good opportunity for me to clear up how the new automated chat restrictions work, as it’s catching a lot of players off-guard that they’re being punished immediately after finishing all of their chat restricted games.

At the time the Tribunal was taken down, if you had what was a relatively poor standing with the Tribunal we would issue you a chat restriction. The worse your standing was, the worse the chat restriction.

Once you’ve finished all of your chat restrictions, we basically take another look at your account and see where you stand with the would-be Tribunal. If you still have a relatively poor standing with it, we issue more chat-restricted games. What you’ll basically see is this: if you never improve, you’ll be hit with a lot more chat-restricted games and you’ll find yourself always chat-restricted. If you get better, you will see less and less chat-restricted games being issued.

A way to tell if you’re improving would be this: You finish your chat-restricted games, get issued 20 games. You finish those, you get issued 17. That would mean in the course of those 20 games, you improved but your standing with the would-be Tribunal is still not very good. You’re ever-so-slowly moving in the right direction, though.

I hope this clears it up a bit!



[ Question ] Why not issue the max amount of Chat restrictions in the first place?


Slumber jack Button Rioter Slumber Jack: Some people take the opportunity to improve very seriously.

I could issue one guy a 40-game chat restriction, and he doesn’t take it seriously and gets hit with 20… and another 20… and another 20…

I could issue another guy a 40-game chat restriction, and he’s like “oh ****, maybe I should stop calling everyone racial slurs”, he gets it together and ends his 40-game chat restriction and receives no more.

Beyond our initial wave of chat-restrictions, it’s the player who gets to decide how long their chat restriction is.



[ Question ] Why am I only now getting Chat restricted?


Slumber jack Button Rioter Slumber Jack: We took the Tribunal down because, well, it wasn’t doing what we needed it to do. Which is create cases in a timely manner.

If you didn’t receive any cases before we started handing out chat restrictions, it is likely you were among the many who should have been hit by the Tribunal but because it was having some difficulties you just never got hit. Honestly, if you started with a 60-game chat restriction, there is a high probability that had the Tribunal been working you would’ve been suspended many times by now. Maybe even permanently.



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[ Question ]  Why is Lucian getting a new skin when older Champions haven’t received skins in so long?


Riot Whist Button Rioter Riot Whist: We didn’t pick these champions based on “who deserves a skin”. We picked them because they had the best ideas made for them (we wanted one skin for each role too so one had to be an ADC). The reference to a real-world player we could do with Lucian was too good to pass up over just tossing another ADC in a jersey with no interesting references or theme.

We take good ideas over a hard ordered list of who needs a skin next. There’s no point in hindering creativity and spinning our wheels on a skin that just isn’t cutting it because that champion was “next in line”. We do consider what champs could use a skin though when we’re brain storming. Sometimes you just need to sit on something and do something else while you work on that next great idea.

Sorry you feel this way, if it helps ease your pain, there are no Teemo skins currently in the pipeline.



[ Question ] Why didn’t the Football Skins receive any extra attention?


Riot Baconhawk Button Rioter RiotBaconhawk: Actually, try using TF’s ult 

These skins are not legendaries, like Super Galaxy Rumble or anything, so we didn’t add new particles/new animations, but they are freaking awesome and we’re really happy to make them!

cawws and flies off



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


 UPDATE: Added In-game images of item effects, build paths for the new items and tooltips.

PBE 6 June Banner


Previous PBE Updates for Patch 4.10 Cycle:





New Items




Ardent Censer


Recipe: Forbidden Idol + Aether Wisper + 250 Gold = 1900 Gold

  • Grants 30 Ability Power, 10 Mana-per-5, 10% Cooldown Reduction and 8% Movement Speed
  • Unique Passive: Whenever you heal or shield another champion, they gain 25% attack speed for 6 seconds.

 Ardent Censer In-Game



Essence Reaver


Recipe: Vampiric Scepter + Pickaxe + 950 Gold = 2650 Gold

  • Grants 50 Attack Damage, 10% Life Steal and 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Unique Passive: 2-8% of your basic attack damage is converted back as Mana. This percentage depends on how much mana you’re missing.

Essence Reaver In-Game

Essence Reaver Effect

Essence Reaver Mana Effect



Item Changes


Athene's_Unholy_Grail Athene’s Unholy Grail

  • Magic resist decreased from 40 to 25
  • Mana regeneration-per-5 reduced from 15 to 10
  • Passive: Mana restore on kill or assist increased from 12% to 15%


Berserker's_GreavesBerzerker Greaves

  • Total cost increased from 950 Gold to 1000 (as a result of the Dagger cost increase)
  • Attack Speed increased from 20% to 25%


Bilgewater_CutlassBilgewater Cutlass

  • Life Steal decreased from 12% to 8%


Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Lifesteal decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Passive: Damage increased from 5% of target’s current health to 8%
  • Active: Damage decreased from 15% of target’s maximum health to 10% and Movement Speed slow decreased from 30% to 25%



  • Combine cost increased from 850 to 1100 (Total cost increased from 3250 to 3500)
  • Attack damage increased from 70 to 80
  • Life Steal increased from 12% to 15%
  • No longer stacks bonus AD and Life Steal on enemies killed
  • New Passive: Now, when you Life Steal beyond 100% of Health, you gain a shield that can block 50-410 damage (+20 per Champion Level) . The shield starts decaying if you’ve not taken or dealt damage in the last 15 seconds.

bloodthirster shield preview

Bloodthirsted Shield Effect – On and Disappearing

Bloodthirster Sated Tooltip


B._F._Sword_itemBF Sword

  • Attack damage increased from 45 to 50



  • Cost increased from 400 to 450
  • Attack speed increased from 12% to 15%


Doran's_BladeDoran’s Blade

  • Health decreased from 80 to 70
  • Attack damage decreased from 8 to 7
  • Now grants 3% Life Steal instead of 3 life on-hit (5 for Melee)


3114_Forbidden_IdolForbidden Idol

  • Total cost decreased from 750 Gold to 700


Infinity_EdgeInfinity Edge

  • Attack damage increased from 70 to 80


Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_itemLocket of the Iron Solari
  • Will now shield based on the target’s level, now the item owner’s level.


Mercurial_ScimitarMercurial Scimitar

  • Total cost increased from 3700 Gold to 3800
  • Attack damage increased from 60 to 80
  • Now grants 50% MS for 1 second after breaking CC to Ranged characters as well.


Mikael's_Crucible_itemMikael’s Crucible

  • New Recipe: Chalice + Forbidden Idol + 870 Gold = 2450 Gold (1600 Gold live)
  • Mana regeneration-per-5 increased from 10 to 20
  • Grants 10% Cooldown Reduction (doesn’t grant any CD on live)



  • Ability power increased from 75 to 80
  • Mana regeneration-per-5 decreased from 12 to 10


Randuin's_OmenRanduin’s Omen
  • Attack speed slow reduced from 15% to 10%
  • No longer slows targets who hit item user (slows by 10% on live)


vampiric scepterVampiric Scepter

  • Life Steal decreased from 10% to 8%


Warden's_MailWarden’s Mail

  • Attack Speed slow decreased from 15% to 10%


Youmuu's_GhostbladeYoumuu’s Ghost Blade

  • Duration of active for Ranged characters increased from 4 seconds to 6



  • Total Cost decreased from 1175 Gold to 1100
  • Attack Speed increased from 18% to 20%



Nidalee Rework Changes


  • Various tooltip adjustments and bug fixes throughout
  • Base Mana increased to 250 from 220
  • Mana per level increased to 60 from 40
  • Base Mana Regen per 5 seconds reduced to 5 from 6
  • Mana Regen per level reduced to 0.4 from 0.5
  • Base Health Regen reduced to 4.5 from 5.0
  • Health Regen per level reduced to 0.5 from 0.6
  • Armor per level reduced to 3.0 from 3.5
  • Javelin Toss Ability Power nerf reverted back to 40% (120% max) from 35% (105% max)
  • Javelin Toss cooldown now 5 seconds at all points in the game
  • Javelin Toss mana cost increased to 60/75/90/105/120 from 50/60/70/80/90
  • Bushwhack damage now capped against neutrals at 150 damage based on Health per tick
  • Primal Surge Mana cost reduced to 60/75/90/105/120 from 60/80/100/120/140
  • Primal Surge buff duration increased to 7 seconds from 6
  • Aspect of the Cougar cooldown adjusted to 3.0/2.5/2.0/1.5 from 5.00/3.75/2.50/1.25
  • Aspect of the Cougar now additionally grants 5/10/15/20 Armor and Magic Resist while in cougar form


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter Riot Repertoir: Generally, I really liked what I saw from the reduced width on Javelin Toss. I’m not sure if 20 is the exact correct width at this point, but it looked like if someone tried to dodge it reasonably well, they would in most cases. With tweaks to her mana costs and cooldowns, Nidalee can spam spears that do good damage if she wants to, but they’re going cost her quite a bit of the blue bar to do so. I’ve increased her mana pool by a bit, but lowered all her Health Regen and Mana Regen stats. Tuned correctly, she won’t just have infinite mana with a Chalice due to the lower Regen stats. Additionally, now that she’s not bursting people quite so hard, I put some resists on Aspect of the Cougar so she can get in there and mix it up with similar resists to other melee characters. To do this, I took some off her Armor per Level so that she remains quite squishy in ranged form.

Keep the feedback coming. I’ve seen a lot of good stuff just watching you guys play her over the last few days! – Repertoir



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]