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Aatrox banner


Slaughter your enemies with Aatrox, the Darkin Blade! Huge changes to Shyvana and Kha’Zix, tweaks to jungling items, Woad King Darius and Ghost Bride Morgana previewed and the new Champion Rotation and Champion/Skin Sale!

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade
Champion Changes
Item Changes
Woad King Darius
Ghost Bride Morgana
Map Preview Images
Champion Rotation
Champion/Skin Sale



Aatrox, the Darkin Blade






Blood_WellBlood Well ( Passive ) 


Cooldown: 225


Upon taking fatal damage, Aatrox extracts the current blood in the well and recovers it as Health over 1.5 seconds. When using an ability that costs Health, Aatrox stores 70% of the self-inflicted damage into the Blood Well. The Blood Well has a base of 35% of the max pool and decays 3% of the well a second while out of combat.



Dark_FlightDark Flight ( Q )


Cost: 10 % of Current Health || Range: 650 || Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12


Aatrox takes flight and slams down at a targeted location, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.7 AD) physical damage to all nearby enemies and knocking up targets at the center of impact for 1 second.



Dark Flight (Q)



Blood_ThirstBlood Thirst ( W )


No Cost: || Cooldown: 0.5 || Toggle


Every third attack, Aatrox restores 20/25/30/35/40 (+ 0.25 Bonus AD ) Health. If he drops below half health, that amount is tripled.



Blood_PriceBlood Price ( W )


No Cost: || Cooldown: 0.5 || Toggle


Every third attack, Aatrox deals 60/95/130/165/200 (+0.7 Bonus AD ) bonus physical damage and loses health equal to 25% of the damage dealt.



Blood Price


Blades_of_TormentBlades of Torment ( E )


Cost: 5% of Current Health || Range: 900 || Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8


Aatrox unleashes and sends forward the power of his blade, dealing 75/120/165/210/255 (+ 0.6 AP ) Magic Damage to all enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 1.75/2/2.25/2.5/2.75 seconds.

E Cast 1

Blades of Torment (E)

E Cast 2

Blades of Torment Part 2

E Cast 3

Blades of Torment Part 3



MassacreMassacre ( R )


No Cost || Cooldown: 120/100/80


Aatrox draws in the blood of his foes, dealing magic damage to nearby enemy champions equal to 15% (+ 0.01 AP) of their current health.

For 12 seconds, Aatrox increases his Maximum Health by 100/175/250 (+ 50/65/80 per champion hit) and Attack Speed by 25/35/45% (+ 10% per champion hit). Aatrox’s attack range is increased to 325 for the duration.



Massacre (R)

R Growth

Massacre Visual Growth




PBE Update



Champion Changes





Twilight_ShroudTwilight Shroud (W)

  • Cooldown lowered to 20/19/18/17/16
  • Cost reduced to 60 at all ranks from 80/75/70/65/60





SummonTibbersSummon: Tibbers (R)

  • Mana cost reduced to 100 at all ranks from 125/175/225
  • Now lasts 60 seconds, up from 40 seconds
  • Tibbers’ HP increased from 1200/1600/2000 to 1200/2100/3000
  • Tibber’s Magic Resist increased from 25/45/65 to 30/50/70




 FocusFocus (Passive)

  • Ashe gains 1/2/3/4/5/6 (increased per 3 levels) stacks of Focus per second. At 100 stacks, Ashe’s next attack will critically strike.

If you’re curious about this change, feel free to check out my article on the decision.





Agony's_EmbraceAgony’s Embrace (R)

  • Cooldown lowered from 150/120/90 to 120/105/90





WarpathWarpath (Passive)

  •  Hecarim can no longer move through units


Onslaught_of_ShadowsOnslaught of Shadows (R)

  • Damage increased  from 100/200/300 ( +0.4 AP ) to 150/250/350 ( +1.0 AP)
  • No longer deals additional damage after the charge





RenewalRenewal (R+W)

  • Now heals for 20% of Karma’s missing health instantly
  • If the link is not broken, it heals Karma again for 20% of her missing health





Taste their Fear (Q)   Taste_Their_Fear

  • Isolated bonus damage changed from 100/145/190/235/280 to 45% of the ability’s damage


Evolution_Enlarged_ClawsEvolved Enlarged Claws (Q Upgraded)

  • Now deals 8% of target’s missing health in physical damage or 12% if the target is isolated


Void_SpikeVoid Spike (W)

  • Void Spike ( W ) now slows by 20% for 2 seconds.
  • Void Spike ( W ) mana cost reduced to 55/60/65/70/75 from 60/70/80/90/100.


Evolution_Spike_RacksEvolved Spike Racks (W Upgraded)

  • Can no longer consume Unseen Threat (passive)


Void_Assault Void Assault (R)

  • Recast cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12


Evolution_Active_CamouflageEvolved Void Assault (R)

  • no longer reduces damage taken while in stealth but can now be recast 4 times.






 Ring_of_FrostRing of Frost (W)

  • Damage lowered from 70/110/150/190/230 to 65/100/135/170/205
  • Mana cost lowered from 70 to 55
  • Cooldown lowered from 18/16/14/12/10 to 16/14/12/10/8

Frozen_TombFrozen Tomb (R)

  • Damage lowered from 150/300/450 to 150/275/400
  • Slow increased from 20% to 20/30/40%





Titan's_WrathTitan’s Wrath (W)

  • Bonus damage on-hit changed from 30/55/80/105/130 to 40/55/70/85/100 ( +0.4 AP ) over 2 seconds .





Flail_of_the_Northern_WindsFlail of the Northern Winds (W)

Damage reduced from 16% of Sejuani’s maximum health to 12%


Permafrost Permafrost (E)

  • Slow duration reduced to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 from 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3


Glacial_PrisonGlacial Prison (R)

  • Stun duration reduced to 1.25/1.5/1.75 from 1.5/1.75/2.





Fury_of_the_DragonbornFury of the Dragonborn (Passive)

  • New passive  now grants 5 (+1 Per Level) bonus Armor and Magic Resistance which doubles in Dragon Form


Twin_BiteTwin Bite (Q)

  • Basic attacks now reduce the cooldown of Twin Bite by 0.5 seconds


BurnoutBurnout (W)

  • Basic attacks now extend the duration of Burnout by 1 second, up to 4


Flame_BreathFlame Breath (E)

  • Now deals 80/110/140/170/200 ( +0.6 AP ) magic damage to all enemies it passes through and marks them. Basic attacks against marked targets deal bonus damage equal to 25% of the ability’s damage


Dragon's_DescentDragon’s Decent (R)

  • No longer grants bonus Armor and Magic Resist
  • Now generates 10/15/20 fury per basic attack.


This is basically shuffling Shyvana’s skillset. With her old passive being integrated into her abilities this opens the way for her to be tankier earlier on. Probably the most exciting change is Flame Breath now being AoE. Given that it doesn’t suffer from reduced damage for each target hit this will be an incredible farming/poking tool.




  • Base HP increased from 340 to 380
  • Base Armor increased from 6 to 8

Aria_of_PerseveranceAria of Perseverance (W)

  • Passive Armor and MR Aura changed from 3/6/9/12/15 to 6/7/8/9/10
  • Bonus Armor and MR granted for activating reduced from 8/11/14/17/20 to 6/7/8/9/10 for 3 seconds



Tooltip Updates




BlazeBlaze (Passive)

  • Tooltip states it now deals 8% of maximum health over 4 seconds, not 2% each second for 4.




Item Changes



Spirit_of_the_Ancient_Golem_itemSpirit of the Ancient Golem

Passive (Butcher): Damage to monsters increased from 25% to 30%.



 Spirit_of_the_Elder_Lizard_itemSpirit of the Elder Lizard

Passive (Butcher): Damage to monsters increased from 25% to 30%.



Spirit_of_the_Spectral_Wraith_itemSpirit of the Spectral Wraith

Passive (Butcher): Damage to monsters increased from 25% to 30%.



 Spirit_Stone_itemSpirit Stone

Passive (Rend): Bonus damage on-hit to monsters changed from true to magic



Hunter's_Machete_itemHunter’s Machete

Passive (Rend): Bonus damage on-hit to monsters changed from true to magic




New Skins



Woad King Darius


Model Final



Decimate (Q)


Crippling Strike (W)



Ghost Bride Morgana

(renamed from La Llorona Morgana)


Model Final


Dark Binding

Dark Binding (Q)

Tormented Soil

Tormented Soil (W)

Black Shield

Black Shield (E)

Soul Shackles

Soul Shackles (R)




Map Preview Images


The artwork for the League’s battlegrounds in the client has been replaced by a detailed map showcasing each game mode.


Summoner's Rift

Summoner’s Rift

Crystal's Scar

Crystal Scar

Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline

Howling Abyss

Howling Abyss




Champion Rotation


Champion Sale Week 16

Enjoy playing the following champions for free until May 28th!


  • Evelynn – 1350 IP/585 RP
  • Malphite – 1350 IP/585 RP
  • Mordekaiser – 3150 IP/790 RP
  • Rumble – 4800 IP/880 RP
  • Soraka – 450 IP/260 RP
  • Syndra – 6300 IP/975 RP
  • Talon – 6300 IP/975 RP
  • Urgot – 3150 IP/790 IP
  • Varus – 6300 IP/975 RP
  • Vi  – 6300 IP/975 RP




Champion/Skin Sale – May 21st to 24th


Sale 21st to 24th

 Enjoy the following champion and skins at a discount until May 24th!


  • Cassiopeia – 440 RP
  • Gragas – 395 RP
  • Vladimir - 440 RP


Bilgerat Rumble – 260 RP


Bilgerat Rumble


Dryad Soraka - 260 RP


Dryad Soraka


Musketeer Twisted Fate - 375 RP


Musketeer Twisted Fate



What do you think of the update? Share below!




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blackfrost anivia banner


More PBE Balance changes introduced! Rioters discuss Lux and Diana’s shields changes, Udyr stealth nerf, preview of the legendary Blackfrost Anivia, a Freljord mini-website and the next Champion/Skin Sale announced!


I’ve organized the content in the following categories:

PBE: Balance Changes
Udyr’s Tiger Nerf!
Explore the beauty of the Freljord
Freljord Summoner Icons – here’s how!
Blackfrost Anivia
Champion/Skin Sale – May 3rd – 6th




PBE: Balance Changes





Pale_CascadePale Cascade ( W )

  • Damage readjusted from 20/35/50/65/80 to 22/34/46/58/70
  • Shield lowered from 55/80/105/130/155 + 0.45 AP to 40/55/70/85/100 + 0.3 AP
  • The second shield now stacks with the first, instead of replacing it


Read CertainlyT‘s comment on the matter below.





Spider_FormSpider form ( R )

  • No longer grants bonus armor or magic resist.





Resolute_SmiteResolute Smite ( Q )

  • Damage lowered from 80/135/190/245/300 + 0.6 AP to 80/125/170/215/260 + 0.5 AP
  • Mana cost lowered from 60/65/70/75/80 to 60 flat
  • Cooldown lowered from 7 flat to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds
  • Movement speed reduction now only lasts for 2 seconds down from 2.5





Prismatic_BarrierPrismatic Barrier ( W )

  • Shield lowered from 80/105/130/155/180 + 0.35 AP to 50/65/80/95/110 + 0.25 AP
  • The second shield now stacks with the first, instead of replacing it


Read CertainlyT‘s comment on the matter below.




Miss Fortune

Impure_ShotsImpure Shots ( W )

  • Damage lowered from 6/8/10/12/14 to 4/6/8/12
  • Number of stacks increased from 4 to 5
  • Tooltip updated to state maximum damage from stacks as 20/30/40/50/60 + 0.25 AP




Aqua_PrisonAqua Prison ( Q )

  • Stun duration increased from 1.3 to 1.5 seconds




ConsumeConsume ( Q )

  • Now gains bonuses for 120/150/180/210/240 seconds based on the type of creep he has consumed.


  • Golem – 10% maximum health and 10% increased model size
  • Lizard – Your attack deal an additional 1% of your maximum health as magic damage.
  • Wolf / Wraith – 15% bonus movement speed on kill for 3 seconds.


  • Damage increased from 500/600/700/800/900 to 600/700/800/900/1000
  • Heal decreased from 125/180/235/290/345 + 1.0 AP to 90/130/170/210/250 + 0.75 AP
  • Cooldown increased from 16/14/12/10/8 to 17/15/13/11/9





Electro-HarpoonElectro Harpoon ( E )

  • Damage lowered from 55/85/115/145/175 + 0.5 AP to 45/70/95/120/145 + 0.4 AP
  • Bonus damage from Danger zone increased from 25% to 50%





Flame_Breath Flame Breath ( E )

  • Damage lowered from 80/125/170/215/260 to 80/110/140/170/200
  • Tooltip now applies a DoT called Cinders for 5 seconds.
  • 15% Armor Penetration buff removed
  • This effect is applied to all enemies if cast during Dragon Form


Dragon's_DescentDragon’s Descent ( R )

  • Now brings enemy champions along the path with her



Twisted Fate


Stacked_DeckStacked Deck ( E )

  • No longer grants Cooldown Reduction
  • Attack speed bonus increased from 3/6/9/12/15 to 10/15/20/25/30


DestinyDestiny ( R )

  • Teleport channel lowered from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Cooldown increased from 150/135/120 to 180/150/120





Piercing_Arrow Piercing Arrow ( Q )

  • Minimum damage increased from 10/43/77/110/143 to 10/47/83/120/157
  • Maximum damage increased from 15/65/115/165/215 to 15/70/125/180/235


Hail_of_ArrowsHail of Arrows ( E )

  • Damage lowered from 65/105/145/185/225 to 65/100/135/170/205





ElasticSlingshotElastic Slingshot ( E )

  • Damage lowered from 80/130/180/230/280 to 80/125/170/215/260


Let'sBounceLet’s Bounce! ( R )

  • Tenacity lowered from 75% to 50%
  • Damage per bounce decreased from 160/240/320 to 100/150/200
  • Tooltip no longer states that enemies hit more than once half damage.






Read below to discover the reasoning behind the Diana/Lux changes, as well as insight on Udyr’s live stealth nerf!


On the changes to Lux and Diana


Darius_Default_AvatarRiotlink Button CertainlyT: These data mined “patch notes” often completely miss the boat, since they are just grabbing numbers without context into associated mechanics changes. We should probably develop a better system for communicating PBE changes to players as we put them on that environment. We just need a way of doing so without making speculative efforts seem like certainties.


The change to Diana/Lux that is on PBE for testing is that their shields have lower values, but if the second trigger is met (3 orbs broken and boomerang double hitting respectively), the shields will stack instead of renew. Volty feels this opens up new opportunities for premeditated gameplay (like stacking a monster Lux shield on your team as you engage), while making aggressive counterplay more rewarding since hitting a Lux shield with the projectile still airborne can feel like an exercise in futility.




Udyr’s Tiger Nerf!




Tiger Stance ( Q )

  • The damage on-hit can only be procced within the first 5 seconds of activation
  • Damage on-hit is lost when swapping stances



Why does Udyr’s proc on-hit disappear when I switch stances?


JarvanRiotlink Button Pabro: This is intended. The temporary attack speed from Tiger Stance lasts 5 seconds, swap stance or not, but the first attack bonus can only be applied if you are still in Tiger Stance. Upcoming changes to the tooltips and buffs will make this more clear.


Is this change game-breaking? To an extent yes, you lose a 1.5 AD Scaling Spell if your target slips away and you have to switch back to Bear Stance. It basically ruins Udyr’s already limited combo.


But wait, there’s more! Statikk is here to present a far more detailed explanation on the matter:


harbringerkasRiotlink Button Statikk: Sorry guys, I’d like to start by apologizing because we definitely screwed up here both in terms of what we put into the game and what we failed to communicate out to you guys, but let me clarify what is and what is not intended with Udyr’s Tiger Stance.


What Is Intended:
– Udyr can “prime” Tiger Stance’s damage-over-time proc indefinitely as long as he remains in Tiger Stance
– Tiger Stance’s Attack Speed bonus carries over into other Stances

What Is Not Intended:
– Udyr should not be able to use Tiger Stance’s damage-over-time proc while in other Stances

With the new patch, we removed his ability to get the Tiger first hit proc unless he used it within the first 5 seconds of being in Tiger Stance. This is not intended. Udyr’s first hit after switching into Tiger Stance should proc the DoT regardless of how long he has been in Tiger Stance, but the instant he switches out of it he will not be able to proc it.

I know removing the ability to proc the Tiger DoT while in other stances is a nerf, but it is intended. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense for him to apply his Tiger hit in other Stances from several perspectives (gameplay, visuals, or thematics). Tiger’s proc, Bear’s stun, and Phoenix’s Flame Breath are all intended to be local to those stances. At the end of the day, if the only reason to use Tiger is to switch into it and then immediately switch out of it…that seems to point to a core problem that Tiger Stance is simply not attractive enough on its own. So we’ll deal with that if that’s an issue.

We will be giving Udyr back the ability to prime his DoT indefinitely as long as he remains in Tiger Stance. Removing the ability to proc the Tiger DoT while in a different Stance is an intended change.




Explore the beauty of the Freljord


Freljord Website


A spectacular mini-website has been released to honor Freljord’s champions!

Scroll sideways to see all the artwork and click on the blue crystals to reveal hidden lore pieces!


howling abyss website

Freljord Site Banner




Freljord Summoner Icons – here’s how!


Remember these three?


frost icons


Here’s how to get them!


Choose your tribe


Rammus_Default_AvatarRiotlink Button Pabro: Welcome to the frozen North – a windswept and war-torn region home to some of the most resilient people in all of Runeterra. Here, three great tribes vie for control of their icy homeland. The Avarosan, led by Ashe, strive to unite the Freljord under a banner of peace. The Winter’s Claw, boldest and most warlike of the three, follow Sejuani on her campaign of conquest. And the Frostguard, secluded and mysterious, bide their time haunting ancient ruins alongside Lissandra, the Ice Witch. As they prepare for war, something ancient and sinister stirs deep beneath the earth, threatening to corrupt the land itself.


Click here to explore the Freljord


Choose your tribe


You can join the battle for the Freljord by declaring your allegiance to Ashe, Sejuani or Lissandra. At the start of the event, you’ll be able to choose from the following three summoner icons:






Winter’s Claw





Choose the tribe you want to support by selecting their banner as your summoner icon. Win 10 games without changing your icon, and you’ll unlock it permanently. Win a game with a different tribal icon and you’ll have to start over, so choose wisely!


Choose your tribe FAQ


Rammus_Default_AvatarRiotlink Button Pabro: During the Freljord event you’ll have the opportunity to permanently unlock a summoner icon featuring the emblem of your favorite tribe. At the start of the event, all three tribes will have icons available. Winning games wearing the icon associated with your favorite will earn you points toward unlocking it permanently.


How do I unlock a tribe’s icon?


After accruing ten wins with a tribal icon, you’ll permanently unlock an upgraded version. This upgraded icon is a badge of honor reserved only for loyal members of the tribe.


Which game types count toward my wins?


All matchmade games against human opponents count toward unlocking the banner of your chosen tribe. This includes all normal and ranked games on Summoner’s Rift, the Crystal Scar, the Twisted Treeline and the Howling Abyss.

Custom game or co-op vs. AI wins won’t help you join a tribe.


How long do I have to unlock my chosen icon?


The Freljord event will run until 5/14. Victories within this time period will count towards joining a tribe.

Temporary icons won’t be available once the event’s over, so be sure to join a tribe before time runs out.


What happens if I change my icon while accruing my 10 wins?


Playing a game with the icon of a new tribe will reset any progress you made toward unlocking any of the others. Non-Freljord icons have no effect on your progress toward joining a tribe.


How long after I complete my 10th win will I receive my icon?


It can take up to 48 hours for you to receive the icon of your chosen tribe. You’ll know you’ve successfully completed the process when you find an upgraded version of the tribe’s icon available in-client.


Can I unlock more than one icon?


No. You can only join one Freljord tribe, so choose your allegiance wisely.

You can switch tribes over the course of the event by winning 10 games with a new icon. At that point you’ll gain your new tribe’s icon, but lose your previous tribe’s icon.


I’m still confused. Can you give some examples?


Sure. Here are a few examples for the sake of clarity.

Example 1:

  • Morello wins seven games for the Winter’s Claw, then changes his mind and wins one game for the Avarosan.
  • Result – Morello currently holds one win toward unlocking the Avarosan icon. He needs nine more wins to join the tribe. If he switches back to the Winter’s Claw banner, he needs 10 wins to join them.

Example 2:

  • Phreak wins 10 games for the Frostguard, successful joining the tribe. He then wins nine games under the Avarosan banner.
  • Result – Phreak is still a member of the Frostguard, but he has nine wins toward unlocking the Avarosan icon. If he wins another game for the Avarosan, he’ll join that tribe and replace his Frostguard icon.

Example 3:

  • ByronicHero racks up 100 wins in a row, but changes his icon to a different tribe every time.
  • Result – ByronicHero doesn’t unlock any icons, because no tribe wants to be associated with a dirty, noncommittal flip-flopper like him. Don’t be like ByronicHero – join a tribe so you don’t get left out in the cold!


What do these icons represent?


Shaco_MaskedRiotlink Button RiotVox: Crown + arrow = The Avarosan (Ashe’s tribe), axes = The Winter’s Claw (Sejuani’s Tribe), and the dark sinister looking eye = The Frostguard (Lissandra’s Tribe). We’re working on getting this reflected in the post better, stand by!



Do I have to play that champ or just use the icon?


Shaco_MaskedRiotlink Button RiotVox: Just use the icon . Once you pick it in the client, just play 10 normal or ranked games with that icon selected to unlock the icon. Co-op VS. AI games do not count toward your 10 played games.



Does dominion count?


Shaco_MaskedRiotlink Button RiotVox: Yes, every map counts.





Blackfrost Anivia


Join the Dark Side with Anivia. Her Blackfrost remake is available for 1820 RP at the store (Legendary skin)



Splash Art


model final




Flash Frost (Q)


Q Explosion

Flash Frost (Q) Explosion



Crystallize (W)



Frostbite (E)



Glacial Storm (R)


recall part 1

Recall Animation – Part 1


recall part 2

Recall Animation – Part 2


egg final

Rebirth (Passive)




 Champion/Skin Sale – May 3rd – 6th


sale 3 to 6 may

For the next three days, you can pick up the following champions and skins at half price:



  • Fiddlesticks – 292 RP
  • Morgana – 292 RP
  • Xerath – 487 RP




Infernal Alistar – 487 RP

infernal alistar

Galactic Renekton – 260 RP

galactic renekton

Shadow Prince Malzahar – 260 RP

Shadow Prince Malzahar


Go forth and win ‘dem Summoner Icons!






Buffs to the League’s hardest late game carries, as well as changes to Hecarim, Warmog‘s, Blade of the Ruined King and more!


Xypherous Discusses Changes


You can check out the original forum thread here.


Vayne / Tristana / Ashe

Heavy changes to the attack speed these champions gain per level.



Vayne: 3.1% –> 4.5% ASPD / Level



Tristana: 3.01% –> 4.5% ASPD / Level



Ashe: 3.1% –> 4% ASPD / Level



xyphavatarThe goal of this change is mostly to fulfill the basic promise of Vayne / Tristana. At level 18, these characters are supposed to absolutely destroy the enemy team – so long as you can get them there. They are, along with Kog’maw, some of the truest ranged carries in League of Legends at the moment.

However, with the decrease in power from itemization – these characters are suffering from a mid-game slump and a farming slump – thus power in their levels seemed to make sense for addressing their basic curve. This change basically ensures the power level of these traditionally weaker early-game carries for guaranteed power late game.

As for Ashe, she’s kind of the ultimate late game utility/kite carry – thus the attack speed here is mostly so that she is always able to fulfill her role as kiting carry. Attack speed is a major factor in being able to “orb-walk” to poorly use DoTA Jargon (Attack Move fluidity, roughly).




* Spirit of Dread (W) heal from damage flattened to 20% at all ranks from 10-30%
* Rampage (Q) base damage increased slightly at all ranks.



xyphavatarHecarim is a character who is entirely dependent on levels for his major game advantage – The terrific power of his ‘W’ sustain once he actually gets the levels to fuel it.

This also leads to his major weakness – in that when he falls behind, he tends to be terrible at almost all ranks. We’re essentially flattening this ‘W’ curve out a bit better such that Hecarim has a more consistent performance. He is already fairly intensive to play from a mechanics perspective with a lot of subtle nuances in successful ‘E’ and ‘R’ positioning so the added level pressure seems superflous a lot of the time.




* Shatter no longer gives a flat 10-30 armor aura, instead radiating X% of Taric’s armor to allies.
* Shatter has an armor scaling damage ratio.
* Taric’s passive changed to deal X% of his maximum mana as bonus damage.


xyphavatarTaric is a generalist support pick that has a success rate far far far above his compatriots at the moment. We have a couple options on where to go with him at this point – but in general, Taric suffers from being a generalist lane bully to transitioning to a walking ball of aura statistics for his team.

This tends to lead to Taric feeling like he does very little overall to the team – even if he is adding something like 1000 Gold to everyone’s base statistics.

Keep in mind, we’re still heavily iterating the numbers on him. In the end, Taric should be a compelling pick if you are facing a heavy attack damage team and we’ll adjust the aura value until he fits that mold.

Taric’s base AD reduction is mostly compensate for his passive attack damage which is still undergoing numerical tuning.



Item tweaks



Bilgewater Cutlass

RECIPE: Long Sword + Vamp Sceptre + 200 Gold = 1400 Gold total from 1950 gold.


40 AD –> 25 AD
10% LS –> 12% LS
150 Active Damage –> 100 Active Damage
30% MS slow –> 25% MS Slow
400 range –> 500 range

xyphavatarSo, our major problem with Bilgewater Cutlass has been that, while attractive, it never really felt like the utility you purchased was anywhere near the price.

It’s meant to be a cool utility pickup that offered some lane sustain and gave you a chance at an all-in but it seemed to be just generally ineffective unless your character already had an all-in. Hence, we’re trying to tune it so that it becomes a better utility pick-up and slightly more usable in general at the cost of some of the active power.


Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

RECIPE: Cutlass + Dagger + Dagger + 500 Gold = 2700 Gold total from 2850 Gold on live.

* 45 AD –> 30 AD
* 0% AS –> 40% AS
* 10% LS –> 0% LS

* Passive now heals you for 30% of your total attack damage, rather than 50% of the damage dealt. This is essentially premitigation lifesteal.
* Active slow/speed duration is now 4 seconds from 2 seconds.
* Active now deals 100 + 10% of the targets maximum life – serving as an execute or a wind-up peel
* Range increased to 550 from 400.

xyphavatarNumbers still need further tuning.

So our problems with the previous iteration of the PBE BoRK was that it still suffered from a number of cross-purposes. This version is most likely way too mathy to be entirely elegant – ideally we’d find a more elegant phrasing of it – but this is kind of the sledgehammer approach. We’ll probably try to find ways to refine it.

Essentially, the problem with the ‘sustain-tank’ approach that the old BoRK was after was simply it gave you the sustain frequently at a time where you didn’t need it and as you got low. By the time you wound up needing the sustain near the end of the fight, the item simply didn’t give you any sustain – hence the move towards a more flattened sustain approach.

The active is either an execute for those close fights and then further MS to capitalize on cleaning up the fight – or a mid-fight kiting tool.

The approach here is to move BoRK away from being a primary damage slot item and into your attack speed slot as a Carry. BoRK should be ideally competing with your 2nd major multiplicative item, like Shiv or Phantom Dancer – rather than your first big damage item.

Also – I am now deathly scared of Irelia – but at the very least she’s not assassinating squishies exponentially faster than tanks with it.


 Warmog's_ArmorWarmog’s Armor

* Regeneration lowered to 1% from 1.5%.


xyphavatarWe’re mostly concerned at the moment with the early laning snowball case of this item, rather than the teamfight potential – considering the way we’re trying to position BoRK. Depending on how well the BoRK tuning works out – the majority of the pain point of Warmog’s should be how well it allows you to win the lane by mere stubborness and be immune to ganks.


Further Tuning


xyphavatarWe’ll be trying to look at the various AS options for this patch and trying to ensure that AD carries have sufficient options for customizing their damage load-outs based on playstyle / needs of the game.
Additionally – we’ll probably be looking more at the Bulwark / Locket / Sunfire combination and trying to assess how powerful this defensive teamfight style is, as it’s been very effective in LCS thus far.



Champion Changes



  • Courage ( W)  now grants additional value to BONUS Armor and MR instead of total Armor and MR. 



  • Rampage ( Q ) damage increased to 60/95/130/165/200 from 50/85/120/155/190
  • Spirit of Dread ( W ) damage decreased to 80/120/160/200/240 from 80/125/170/215/260.
  • Spirit of Dread ( W ) now heals for 20% at all ranks from 10/15/20/25/30%.
  • Spirit of Dread ( W ) cooldown increased to 18/17/16/15/14 from 14 at all ranks.



  • Reckoning ( Q ) slow changed to 35/40/45/50/55% for 3 seconds from 25/30/35/40/45%


QuinnSquareQuinn and Valor
  • Tag Team ( R ) now allows Valor to move through units
  • Tag Team ( R ) damage reduced to 120/170/220240/340/440 from 130/185/240 from 260/370/480.



  • Base Damage reduced to 48 from 58.
  • Gemcraft ( Passive ) has been reworked: Now deals bonus magic damage 4% of Taric’s Maximum mana as magic damage per hit. Damage doubled against champions.
  • Shatter ( W ) mana cost decreased to 50 at all ranks from 50/60/70/80/90 mana.
  • Dazzle ( E ) mana cost reduced to 75 from 95.



  • Base damage reduced to 52 from 55.



Item Changes


Bilgewater_CutlassBilgewater Cutlass

  • Total price is now 1400.
  • Now builds from Vampiric Scepter + Long Sword instead of Vampiric Scepter + Pick Axe
  • Attack damage reduced to 25 from 40
  • Life Steal increased to 12% from 10%.
  • Active now slows for 25% down from 30%
  • Activate range increased to 500 from 400.


Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Total Cost reduced to 2700
  • Attack Damage lowered to 30 from 40.
  • Attack Speed increased to 40% from 30%.
  • Unique Passive now heals you for 30% of your total AD on hit instead of equal to half of 5% of target’s current HP.
  • Unique Active now deals 100 base damage instead of 150.
  • Unique Active now slows for 4 seconds up from 2 seconds.
  • Unique Active range increased to 550 from 400.


Hextech_GunbladeHextech Gunblade

  • Total price is now 3400 again.
  • Lifesteal increased to 12% from 10%.



Spirit_of_the_Elder_LizardSpirit of the Elder Lizard

  • Unique Passive damage decreased to 14-50 from 15-66.



 What do you guys think of the coming changes? Share in the comments below!


Good luck on the Fields of Justice!



As you may have guessed it, Nasus is the star of this small PBE Update. Scroll down to find out more as well as see the brand new iBlitzcrank splash art!

Balance changes:





  • Fury of the Sands ( R ) now grants Nasus 50 bonus attack range.
  • Fury of the Sands ( R ) now costs 100 mana at all ranks down from 150/200/300;
  • Fury of the Sands ( R ) cooldown reduced from 120 seconds at all ranks to 100 seconds.
  • Wither ( W ) Range increased to 800 from 700.



Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Attack damage increased to from 40 to 45;
  • Percentage of current health damage increased from 4% to 5%;


Wit's_EndWit’s End

  • Magic resist increased from 20 to 25;





Debonair Jayce



Mercury Cannon



Mercury Hammer



Swing, Swing baby



Recall – Final



Recall – Backside






Note: iBlitzcrank is unavailable on the PBE and the Debonair Jayce skin is extremely unfinished. I will be reviewing both skins fully when they’re in a better state.


Good luck on the Fields of Justice!

Update banner
Smoother zoom-in and out, lots of item tweaks as well as the brand new control bars – all in the latest PBE update!



Balance changes:





  • Base Movement speed increased to 340 from 335;



  • Siphoning Strike mana cost reduced to 20 at all ranks from 20/25/30/35/40;





Abyssal_ScepterAbyssal Scepter

  • Total cost reduced to 2560 from 2650;


Athene's_Unholy_GrailAthene’s Unholy Grail

  • Total cost reduced from 2600 to 2550;
  • Cooldown reduction increased from 15% to 20%;


Avarice_BladeAvarice Blade

  • Unique Passive – G/10 increased from 2 to 3;


Banshee's_VeilBanshee’s Veil

  • Total cost reduced to 2520 from 2610;


Chalice_of_HarmonyChalice of Harmony

  • Needs one more Faerie Charm to be built;
  • Recipe cost reduced from 300 to 120 (total cost is the same);



Deathfire Grasp

  • Total cost lowered from 3300 to 3100;
  • Cooldown reduction reduced from 15% to 10%;


Eleisa's_MiracleEleisa’s Miracle

  • Unique Passive – Reduced cooldown of Heal, Clairvoyance, and Clarity  (Heal, Clairvoyance, and Revive on live);
  • Unique Passive – Aid now increased effects from 20% to 30%;


Executioner's_CallingExecutioner’s Calling

  • Critical strike chance increased from 15% to 20%;


Frozen_HeartFrozen Heart

  • Total cost reduced from 3000 to 2950;
  • Armor increased from 90 to 95;


Glacial_ShroudGlacial Shroud

  • Total cost reduced from 1500 to 1350;
  • Armor increased from 40 to 45;
  • Cooldown reduction reduced from 15% to 10%;


Iceborn_GauntletIceborn Gauntlet

  • Total cost reduced from 3400 to 3250;
  • Cooldown reduction lowered from 15% to 10%;
  • Field of Slow is now 50% smaller for ranged champions;


Liandry's_TormentLiandry’s Torment

  • Ability power reduced from 60 to 50;
  • Unique Passive now deals 2% of current HP per second, as opposed to 5% of current HP over 3 seconds (1.66% per second). Damage against CC-ed targets is still doubled.


Mikael's_CrucibleMikael’s Crucible

  • Total cost reduced to 2020 from 2200.


Mercurial_ScimitarMercurial Scimitar

  • Total cost reduced from 3810 to 3700;


Negatron_CloakNegatron Cloak

  • Total cost reduced from 810 to 720;



  • Total cost reduced from 2850 to 2835;
  • Now builds out of Philosopher’s Stone, Ruby Crystal, and Blasting Wand;
  • No longer grants mana or armor.
  • Now grants 50 ability power (AP), 15 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds (Hp/5), 15 Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds (Mp/5) and 350 Health.

Quicksilver_SashQuicksilver Sash

  • Total cost reduced from 1660 to 1550;
  • Combine cost decreased from 850 to 830;


Rabadon's_DeathcapRabadon’s Deathcap

  • Cost increased from 3200 to 3300;
  • Unique Passive now increases ability power from 25% to 30%;


Spirit_of_the_Spectral_WraithSpirit of the Spectral Wraith

  • Now reduces the cooldown of smite by 20%;


Spirit_VisageSpirit Visage

  • Combine cost increased from 540 to 630;
  • Cooldown reduction increased from 15% to 20%;


Zeke's_HeraldZeke’s Herald

  • Total cost increased from 2450 to 2550;
  • Cooldown reduction increased from 15% to 20%;


Zhonya's_HourglassZhonya’s Hourglass

  • Total cost reduced to 3260 from 3410.



Control Bars:


Slow Bar

Control Bar – Slow

Silence bar

Control Bar – Silence

control stun

Control Bar – Stun

Fear Bar

Control Bar – Fear


 Good luck on the Fields of Justice!