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Riot’s latest dev blogs are a behind-the-scenes look at the creative struggles with Fiora’s redesign and a series of GIFs to show what was removed from League in 2015:


Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer


One of our fundamental goals in creating League of Legends champions is ensuring each has a distinct, cohesive, and well-executed identity. In a game with an ever-expanding roster of champs, some are better examples of this than others — especially when you consider some of the older characters inhabiting the Rift. Some champions don’t offer distinct enough gameplay, despite working well within their role. Some champions have fundamental things that feel right, but require a more cohesive package. Others need to be rebuilt from scratch (see: Poppy). Champion Update is the team tasked with sorting out which champions fit where, and figuring out how to update and upgrade as needed to help those champs reach their full potential.

This process isn’t without risks. If Champion Update is committed to the goal of blowing players away and defying their expectations, the occasional strike will always be a possible side effect of swinging for the fences.



When the ChampUp team looked at Fiora earlier this year, it spotted some major gameplay problems. With no dodgeable spells and immense damage output, a fed Fiora felt like an unfair opponent. If she caught someone, she killed them — end of story. Her tower dives were legendary. But Fiora’s strength hinged heavily on her early-game performance; if she was behind, there wasn’t any real way to come back. Even worse, she lacked utility that could make up for her low damage output, leaving a struggling Fiora no option but to sacrifice herself to the fray in the hopes of at least contributing a bit of useful damage. Fiora was either an unstoppable monster or a liability to her team.

Additionally, ChampUp saw a mismatch in the promise of her character and her actual gameplay, as game designer Stash Chelluck explains. “She was promised to be the Grand Duelist,” says Chelluck, “but her pattern felt very straightforward. It required little thought and reactivity.” And so, ChampUp dove into Fiora’s kit and started making tweaks.

image (53)

Instead of focusing on what could be dialed back or toned down, ChampUp looked for opportunities to more effectively tie her gameplay to her in-game persona. Says Seb Rhee, who lead the ChampUp team during the Fiora re-work, “that’s where Stash discovered the really interesting fencing gameplay — the idea of dueling between two players. Not only would it solve some of her innate gameplay problems, it would make her more cohesive as a character.” The new duel mechanics would help Fiora live up to the image of a talented duelist who can dodge attacks and hit opponents where they’re weakest, along with providing some much-needed utility in the event that she fell behind.

Going big with Fiora’s mechanics posed significant risk. Players who loved her old ult, for example, likely wouldn’t be happy to see it removed. However, ChampUp often has to remove pieces of the original champion in the interest of making him or her better overall (Sion’s original VO, for example). The decisions aren’t easy, but the hope is always that players feel like they’re gaining more than they lose. In the case of Fiora, the team felt as though her new mechanics were a marked upgrade from her old kit, enough that the pain of losing some familiar play patterns would be mitigated.

With the mechanics in place, the team moved into refreshing Fiora’s visuals.



New and modified champion mechanics usually need art assets or updates. In the case of Fiora, the team saw a chance to pair gameplay-centric art additions (VFX, ability animations) with a refreshed vision for Fiora’s base appearance. ChampUp concept artist Michael Maurino brings up an increased understanding of League’s universe and factions as inspiration: “We saw an opportunity to dig into the work Foundations was doing with Demacia, to see if there were some aspects we could apply to Fiora from there. We know she’s from Demacia; she should look like it.”

Rhee adds, “The update felt like a second chance to execute on the sort of haughty, condescending character she was originally intended to be.”

image (54)

The art team worked to align Fiora’s costume with that of Demacian nobles, using muted golds, clean white fabrics, and high-quality leathers. The team also used visual cues to emphasize Fiora’s character attributes. Says Maurino, “Fiora is a sharp character; her design is going to have a lot of aggressive points. Her armor comes to a point. Her tunic ends in a point. Anything we can do to drive home what the character represents on first read is a high priority.” From a design perspective, it’s important that players can glance at a character and tell exactly what that character is about.

image (55)

The art adjustments weren’t limited to costuming. ChampUp also took a knife to Fiora’s features, both on the in-game model and in the new splash art set to accompany her launch. Maurino walks through the thought process of artists working on the update: “We stylized Fiora very intentionally. We decided to give her a much more chiseled face. We wanted to make her sharp—not just in design and costume, but in features. He hair was sharp and her face was much more rigid.” Each change was carefully considered in terms of what it conveyed about Fiora as a character and as an in-game weapon.

It was another big risk — one that wouldn’t play out quite as well as the one the team had taken with her mechanics.


Initial reactions to Fiora’s updated art were negative, to say the least. Across the League of Legends community, Fiora fans expressed concerns about her new, more angular design. While players were largely in support of her gameplay changes, they rejected her art changes almost unanimously. The outcry was a stark contrast from what the ChampUp team had expected. It seemed as though the team and players had dramatically different visions for Fiora’s identity and how that identity should be represented.

image (56)

Rhee explains that the team went into the reveal with high hopes: “From the team’s perspective, the art changes on Fiora were above and beyond what we needed to make the gameplay work. In the moment, it was like, ‘Wow, we can deliver this incredible cohesiveness on smaller-scope projects — even if they’re not huge Sion-level re-works.’ We came out the other side of the process thinking, ‘This is incredible. We ended up with something so much more than we anticipated this project would ever become.’” Moving from that sense of excitement into immediate damage control, he explains, “felt like running faster than you ever thought you could, then being exhausted at the finish line and realizing you ran the wrong direction.”

The feedback highlighted a disconnect between ChampUp’s understanding of Fiora and the understanding players had developed through their interactions with her. In playing as Fiora, game after game, players gave her an identity of their own invention. Rhee frames it as a natural evolution: “Once a character goes live and players learn that character and use that character (sometimes in ways we don’t anticipate), that character becomes something different from what we built.” In other words, the character matures. Rhee explains that players rejected Fiora’s new art not because of its objective quality, but because “the update failed to honor who Fiora had become for players.” ChampUp focused on her haughtiness and better-than-thou attitude, but players more closely associated her with a young, beautiful swordswoman.

image (57)

This type of feedback, though difficult to hear, is immensely resonant to teams like ChampUp. Players weren’t reacting from a negative space or from an aversion to change, but to something that betrayed their understanding of a character they cared about. Notes Rhee, “It’s not so much that players are loyal to a particular hairstyle, or to Fiora’s cheekbones. They’re loyal to what Fiora represents to them, to the parts of the character that resonate.” Again, players had been asked to give something up — in this case what they gained didn’t feel like more than they lost.

Maurino continues the thought: “Players said, ‘This character would not represent herself this way.’ Not, ‘I don’t like, red, I like blue,’ for example, but, ‘Fiora as a character wouldn’t choose red, she would choose blue.’ When a player says, ‘Fiora’s hair streak, or the way her hair is positioned, does not fulfill what this character is to me,’ that’s completely valid. That’s what happens when a character’s design speaks directly to a player.”

ChampUp worked hard to accommodate player feedback by making changes to Fiora’s new art, softening her features and bringing her hair closer to the original design. But without the bandwidth for another complete overhaul, the team had to settle for a middle-ground. “In the end,” concedes Rhee, “our corrections were more of a compromise. We made a lot of players happier with the changes we made, but ultimately it felt like us and players may have started with different understandings of Fiora.” It’s a lesson the team won’t soon forget.


Updates to Come Banner

For ChampUp, success isn’t measured by the quality standards set by artists or designers. Says Rhee, “Fiora’s update shouldn’t be judged by ‘What did we want to make, and did we make it?’ It’s measured by, ‘How do players feel about this? Do players love this change? We try to surprise and to do things players don’t expect, but that end goal is always present.” The objective quality of art assets or VFX are a lower priority than whether those elements reflect player passion for a given champion. A miss is a miss, regardless of its technical execution.

The Fiora update and the controversy surrounding its art brought plenty of self-examination for the ChampUp team. Champion Update isn’t here to change things for the sake of change, but to improve League of Legends by constantly improving upon the game’s roster of champs. If changes — artistic, mechanical, or otherwise — don’t feel like big gains to players, those changes are missing the mark. The Fiora update served as a lesson on both ends of what can happen when we work to improve the characters players know and love, and a reminder that these improvements aren’t without their potential pitfalls.

Making bold choices and trying to surprise players will never be completely safe. Rhee concludes: “In our effort to really reach, to raise the bar, we’re going to take chances. If we’re taking the level of risks we should be taking as artists, designers, and people who love League, we’re bound to miss the mark sometimes. What’s important is that when we miss, we figure out what went wrong and we move forward with those lessons in tow.”

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Rip list of 2015 Banner


Rip List 2015 Banner

Riot Jaws Final PortraitLeague of Legends can often feel like a living creature that evolves right before our eyes. With each change comes new champions, new item combinations to try out, and new strategies to win the game. But change also means saying goodbye (or good riddance!).
Join us in remembrance of the parts of LoL that are no longer with us.


RIP Minion Models – Updated with SRU

Animation by Xenitaph

In honor of their service, let’s raise a glass to those who’ve been our faithful gold generators for six years.


RIP Baron Nashor Model – Updated with SRU

Animation by yeamarc1

Here he is enjoying retirement as the centerpiece to the time-honored “Circle of Life Drain”.


RIP Revive – Removed from the Game

Now even Zombie Karthus can’t worm his way out of this many ultimates.


RIP Deathfire Grasp – Removed from the game

Video Source

It will be missed.


RIP Runeglaive Ezreal – Item changed

Video Source

So much poke…so much damage…


RIP Fiora’s Hydra Blade Waltz – Gameplay and Visual Update

Video Source


RIP Gangplank – Gameplay and Visual Update


RIP Old Mordekaiser – Gameplay and visual update

Now he haunts the occasional bot lane in search of AD carries and Dragons to enslave.


RIP Indestructible Poppy – Gameplay and Visual Update

Nothing inspired terror quite like a fed Poppy waddling toward your team.


Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2015, what are you looking forward to the most in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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Following Ryze’s recent rework on the PBE, Q&A analyst Repertoir jumped on the forums to explain the rationale behind his new kit. Also, Scruffy posted a list of all champions currently being worked on and answered questions regarding the announced reworks to Gangplank and Warwick.

 Red Post Topics


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Ryze Rework QA Banner



Why does the CDR of his passive scale with the CD on Overload Q

Repertoir New PortraitIt’s not so much that his passive becomes less effective as it just stays equally powerful throughout the game regardless of CDR levels. This contrasts with his Live passive which scales incredibly well with CDR.

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Follow Up

Does this mean that his passive will become less effective later in the game

Repertoir New PortraitTry not to think of it as the passive becoming less effective with CDR, and try to think of it this way…

During your passive regardless of your current CDR value:
Q’s cooldown gets reduced by 100% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
W’s cooldown gets reduced by ~20% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
E’s cooldown gets reduced by ~50% when it gets reduced by other spellcasts
R’s cooldown gets reduced by ~5/7/10% (based on spell rank, since its cooldown goes down with rank) when it gets reduced by other spellcasts

If the amount the cooldowns got reduced was unaffected by CDR, W’s base cooldown would have to be something like 25 seconds so that W’s weren’t overlapping, Q’s cooldown would have to be closer to 6 seconds, etc.

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So Ryzes Q will never go on cooldown during his passive

Repertoir New PortraitIt means that while he is supercharged from his passive, casting a spell will basically reset his Q, so you can perfectly Q every other spell.

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Follow Up

Does this mean that casting a spell will reduce the CD of every other spell

Repertoir New PortraitCorrect. It’s like the old passive, but an amped up version.

Q reduces W/E/R
W reduces Q/E/R
E reduces Q/W/R
R reduces Q/W/E

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Youre removing a lot of the consistency the old Ryze had

Repertoir New PortraitOne thing we’ve done already to accompany Ryze’s reduced reliability and reliance on charging his passive is to reduce the cost of his Q and increased his Mana Regen per level. These changes should actually be a net buff to Ryze overall, so if it seems like they just make him worse, we will have to adjust upward. With a long duration on his passive stacks (12 seconds currently), he can roam to mid from top, or bot from mid, spamming a few Qs along the way, and have his passive ready to go when he gets there. Until very recently, these stacks were infinite duration (Annie/Malz style), and he would just sit on them forever and people could never approach him. I still want him to be able to threaten opponents by sitting on high stacks for awhile, just not forever.

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Why does the new Ryze get so much Cooldown Reduction from his ult

Repertoir New PortraitIt will only negatively impact his itemization insofar as Frozen Heart will be a little less attractive and other AP items will be a little more attractive. He’s also had some AP ratios boosted to further make AP items a bit more attractive.

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Follow Up

Repertoir New PortraitRyze’s old passive worked extremely favorably with CDR (flat 1 second off cooldowns on cast), but the new one doesn’t to the same extent (because the reduction scales with Overload’s cooldown). Because of this, the CDR is now built in and you can choose a different item in the place of Frozen Heart without feeling like you’re missing a core item, or you can just go over the cap a bit and build the FH.

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Is the 30 CDR bonus meant to make Frozen Heart less optimal on Ryze

Repertoir New PortraitWe are trying to make Frozen Heart somewhat less attractive, yes. We like Tear+RoA as core items on Ryze, but with having a third core item in Frozen Heart, he really had very little build flexibility whatsoever. This gives him a bit more build flexibility to build things like Zhonya’s, Abyssal, Luden’s Echo, GA, etc. without just spamming the same three items for his first ~9k gold.

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Would maxing E over Q be an effective strategy

Repertoir New PortraitMaxing E is probably a bit of a gamble because of the 60/70/80/90/100 Mana cost on it, as well as the fact that Q’s base damage and Mana ratio both increase with rank in it. That said, if the opponent wants to stand in the middle of the minions and eat multi-hit E’s, it’s probably an effective strategy.

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Are the lowered base stats meant to make Ryze squishy without the shield

Repertoir New PortraitYep, he’s intended to be a bit tankier with passive up, and a bit squishier without it up. If he gets on you during his passive, prepare to feel bullied. If not, try to push him around.

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Why was the cooldown on Rune Prison

Repertoir New PortraitW cooldown was a change made so that he could keep the spell with his new passive. Earlier this week in playtests, Ryze could hit you with Rune Prison while you were already in Rune Prison if his passive was up.

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Will Ryze also receive a visual update

Repertoir New PortraitWe hope to hit model and animations at a later time, but due to some unforeseen issues, we couldn’t yet do them, and we didn’t want to hold the VFX/SFX/Gameplay until whenever that might be.

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Single Posts banner 10 04



Champion Update Schedule

Scruffy Final PortraitThings that we are currently working on:

-Ryze (duh)
-Ashe (small scope)
-Yorick (just started, so a ways off)

This doesn’t mean 100% expect to see these in the next year, sometimes things get modified or put on hold. Not every one of these projects is like Sion in size and scope as well, the update is meant to fit the needs of the champ. Also, don’t have a lot of details to share on the specifics of these, but info will come in time.

Hope that answers your question.

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Whats the scope of Gangplanks rework

Scruffy Final PortraitIt’s somewhere between Ryze and Sion I’d say. There are some iconic abilities that we wanted to preserve on GP’s kit so it’s not quite as big of a change as Sion. Not much concrete info to give out right now but look forward to it, it’s gonna be really fun.

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Its okay to have simple champions in the game

Scruffy Final PortraitI totally agree. Some of the best designs are the simplest. A lot of rich decision making and very complex play can come from something as simple as Singed Q. I hope that rather than try to add more mechanics we can improve our designs in the future by getting more value from less (“elegance” in a nutshell).

This will be especially key on some of our historically simple mechanic champions (Taric for example). We are making it a goal to add more depth and interest to his play without over complicating the kit or increasing the mechanical floor.

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Sions rework was the best rework in a while

Scruffy Final PortraitI’m really glad you’re enjoying the new Sion as much as we are. We definitely hope to try and build on the learnings from what we did with him for future large champion updates (see poppy, urgot, taric, yorick etc).

The goal is to take the core of what was really resonant and good about the old champion and try to enhance and deliver on it rather than discard. This often doesn’t mean that you keep the exact abilities and art details, but everything we make for the updated champion should feed back into that core theme. A coherent and consistent champion leads to the most fun and compelling character.

All of the feedback we get from the community (positive and negative) helps us improve and find inspiration for how to keep elevating LoL to be a more fun and competitive experience.

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Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators

RickVanPrim: [Quick visibility thing – we’re posting this in English first but getting it localized for all regions as soon as possible.]

Hey folks,

Due to internal miscommunication, two important changes to Quick Cast shipped in patch 5.7 but never made it into the patch notes.

So what did we change and why?

The first change is a bug and affects normal and quick cast with range indicators only. Using the right mouse click to cancel abilities should cancel on mouse down, not mouse up (as in releasing the button), as you may have noticed. This has made cancelling abilities using the right mouse click difficult and unresponsive.

The second change was intentional for quick cast when used with range indicators. In order to make chucking out a quick series of abilities more responsive and predictable (think Brand, Annie, or Ryze unleashing their combos), we changed this behavior to fire the first ability held down when the second ability is pressed. Basically we assumed that if you pressed a button, you were committed to using that ability (a la quick cast) and if you decided to press another button, that was because you were trying to cast something else.

What we didn’t account for was that some players were using quick cast with range indicators in a different way, where they would hold down each button to get the range of the ability before releasing it to pull off a combo. In other words, they were basically ‘queueing’ up abilities by holding down buttons – releasing a button was their version of “quick cast.”

That said, from a lot of discussion it’s clear we’ve introduced tons of disruption without much context for players who used it to test ranges. Sorry!

So here’s what we’re going to do.

We are fixing the right mouse cancel bug and re-implementing the old quick cast with range indicator behavior. In other words, abilities will continue to fire on button release, rather than on button press.

In the meantime, we’re going to be re-examining the problem space for players who want to better understand their champion’s ranges while maintaining the responsiveness of true quick cast (that is, on button press). Any future solutions here will not disrupt existing play and most likely live on their own as an option.

One last thing, to alleviate some of the existing pain of using quick cast with range indicators, we’ll be adding individual ability and item binds for this input type in an upcoming patch.

Thanks for your patience and feedback here! We’ll be trying to get this in as soon as possible (it could potentially take as long as patch 5.8 due to the scope and stability of the changes, sorry!).

I will be around throughout the day to answer questions or try to give more context into what has changed. I hope this helps clarify things.

— James

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Can we have an update on Warwicks rework

Scruffy Final PortraitWarwick is not currently getting worked on. Zenonthestoic had some good ideas in the work he did about a year ago and we will definitely pick it back up some day but he’s not currently in flight.

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DanielZKlein is making a new champion




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



News Update July 21 Banner



Everyone’s favourite parrot IronStylus comments on the size of the Champion Update team and what the requirements for working at Riot are, Rioters address the issue of queue-dodging in ARAM instead of rerolling and ARAM-only accounts, Lead Champion Designer Meddler explains the thought process behind the latest PBE changes to Varus, Nome addresses the buggy state of the Death Recap screen, an explanation of the steep cost to move to the NA East Coast realm and news on upcoming nerfs to Heal and changes to Exhaust on the PBE.


Recent News


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Champion Update Team Banner



The Champion Update team should be bigger

IronStylus New PortraitWelp! I’ll never turn down more awesome people to work with in order to up cadence!

So, if you know anyone who’s a:


  • Concept artist who has top tier drawing and painting skills with the ability to design and render characters for our in-game environment.
  • 3D artist who is prolific in Zbrush and Maya who can expertly model, retopo and hand paint textures.
  • Animator who specializes in hand-keyed animation which is targeted from the top down 3/4’s view.
  • Technical artist who is proficient in rigging/skinning.
  • VFX artist who can hand-paint their own textures/assets and implement them clearly keeping in mind timing and graphic readability.

..then let me know 

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Follow Up

Do they have to know how to do all of those things

Meddler New PortraitNo, each of those is a separate set of requirements.

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So you’re not hiring people because the requirements are too specific

IronStylus New PortraitNo, we hire the people who are right. We’re certain hiring, just head over to the jobs page. All the positions I’ve listed are available. The requirements we put down are industry standard. Maybe the only exception is hand-painted texturing ability and hand-keyed animation. Those are genre and sometimes company specific. 

Not sure what “advertise” means, but we go to a lot of conventions, conferences, schools, etc. We’re always looking to recruit. 

You can indeed train people, but the skill sets I’ve listed are minimum requirements for pretty much any industry job. Also, it’s best to have people who already have a great start than to train up someone from nothing. Just throwing more bodies at the project helps no one.

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These skills are hard to learn at school or even trade programs

IronStylus New PortraitIt can be difficult to get a straight answer in school as to what skills (technical and personal) one needs to know to get into the industry. That’s why it’s super important to look at specific companies and what they specifically need in order to tailor your education. Part of learning is knowing what you want. Sometimes that’s hard to find, I understand. No one told me how to get where I am, I had to learn in a fairly difficult way. Now I try to communicate best I can to students and aspiring professionals what the qualifications are for the industry.

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Shouldn’t Riot have no problem finding the right people to hire

IronStylus New PortraitWe have a whole page of postings. We also visit a lot of places talking to prospective hires. It can be a challenge to find the right people who have the necessary skills in both technical areas and personal areas. “Soft skills” are super important to culture fit.

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Not so Random ARAM Banner



Fixing the not-random factors of All Random All Mid

L4T3NCY New PortraitHeya guys ^_^/

This is definitely something that is on our radar. We also agree from a design perspective, that ARAM-only accounts manufacture a disingenuous experience, and aren’t in the true spirit of ARAM (the “R” stands for Random btw).


Much like the game modes on other maps, certain champs in ARAM trend to being more effective and separate into perceived ‘tiers’. The issue is the asymmetrical champ selection experience that ‘ARAM-only accounts’ create. In all other modes, when picking, you have an equal opportunity to choose champs you want as the other team does. ARAM-only accounts undermine this by giving a statistical advantage of hitting those ‘tier champs’ compared to other players. Here lies the crux of the unfairness.

Making ALL champions available on ARAM is likely to contribute a net positive to the overall sustainable health of ARAM as a game mode, but there are still many things to consider. There is so much energy and passion from you guys surrounding ARAM, we want to do justice to that spirit and not just pull a trigger without thinking.

Personally, I like the idea of making all champions available in ARAM games, and hope this is something we can eventually take a closer look at to find a healthy solution. ^_-

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If you unlock all Champions in ARAM, you can rework the reroll system

L4T3NCY New PortraitYou’re absolutely right here. The reroll system is one of many facets we would need to revisit before implementing something like this. We agree that simply switching on ALL champs in ARAM with it’s current shape, would not feel very good. If/when we do it, we want to do it right. ^.^o

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Is the ARAM pool locked because you want people to buy the Champions

Tiki New PortraitCan’t stress enough how much the above is not the case. I believe L4T3NCY was referring more specifically to how the re-roll system in its current state doesn’t necessarily work as well in a situation where all the champs are unlocked. Imagine 2 situations:


1. Current situation, player has a limited amount of champs available in ARAM (assuming it’s a non-ARAM only account). These are likely Champions they are familiar with or have been interested in at some point, even if they’re not great ARAM champs. Rerolls will consistently get them something they are likely to know.

2. Unlocked situation, player has access to all champs available in ARAM. The day this gets turned on, you’re likely to start playing with a slew of unfamiliar characters. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the long run, but it is very different. Your re-rolls mean something a little different now. Instead of rolling out of a champ you don’t want to play into another you’re familiar with, you’re much more likely to get another champ you don’t know which can feel pretty disruptive.

If we’re going to design something new, we want to keep that second player experience in mind. I think exposing players to more champs is probably a good thing in the long run, but not at the expense of a really poor initial experience. Don’t know the exact solution, but it likely revolves around revamping the re-roll system in some way to give players a little more control, or some alternative that meets the same need.

Anyway, as someone who plays a LOT of ARAM I’m pretty passionate, if we do ever do this I want us to approach it in a way that feels good for my fellow ARAM players 



Summary of community ideas to make ARAM better

Tiki New PortraitThanks for discussing all this folks! Here are some of my thoughts on what’s being talked about. Disclaimer that I’m not a designer, just an ARAM player with a vested interest in the mode 

Altering champ selection based on win rates: This could definitely make the core experience nicer in some ways (I could do with less Sona’s showing up in queue myself) but I feel like it’s no longer ARAM at that point. Much as I don’t love certain team comps, I still like the overall concept enough to roll the dice and see what I get. Also games are short enough that I’m OK with it. Would want to do some research (big shock) on this and talk with actual designers on the long term implications.

Hybrids of all champs available & only your champs available: Even though this would likely thin out the # of games where you or your opponents have a seriously OP comp I still think it wouldn’t address a core problem. Namely that when I see the enemy team with a super OP comp, can I trust it was because of randomness and we all had a fair chance at getting that comp? If I can’t, a part of me wants to rage and it ruins the experience overall.

Seeing opponents beforehand: Unfortunately I think this would make queue dodging worse. I suspect a significant # of players would dodge if they saw the enemy team ultimately rolled something better. 

Draft pick all random: Again, a pretty different mode, but an interesting one! I wonder if players would actually pick “bad” ARAM champs into the mix in hopes of the other team getting them, or if everyone would just pick OP champs and hope for more. I think the later one is more likely, but I think the former would be really cool.

I personally love the craziness that ARAM brings, even if I get my share of crappy team comps. I like being forced to play champs I don’t love, I like playing awesome ARAM champs, and mostly I like seeing variety. One thing ARAM can bring that is tough with SR & other modes is consistent variety. There are so many champs and I love the thought that they can all get some play.

Love the discussion on all this!

p.s. I love me some Yorick in ARAM 

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Is ARAM mode really giving me a random Champion each time

L4T3NCY New PortraitARAM’s champ select RNG is not ‘rigged’ by any means, but certain players are curtailing their champion pools to gain an unfair advantage in what should be a random (there’s that word again) experience. This is the cause of your Master Yi déjà vu.

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Punishing queue dodging in ARAM to get the pick you want

L4T3NCY New PortraitTo the general sentiment here RE queue-dodgers, we would like to do everything possible to discourage them. Harsher penalties are one valid path, but we should consider the reasons for queue-dodging too. Some players aresimply just gonna dodge until they roll a Lux. :/ But others might be doing it due to the perceived unfairness in champ pool selection, which is something we could realistically have a chance at mitigating.

As someone who used to play ARAM back when it was a custom game mode on SR and the rules were a “gentlemen’s agreement”, I feel like we’ve taken some Cloud Giant sized steps forward on queue dodging, but of course, could still improve on player’s experiences even more. We should all be spending less time in champ select, and more time on the Abyss! \>o<


Queue-dodging is a shortcut to Frowntown for everyone. Don’t go there guys. Everyone is frowning. Like this-> 🙁

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Why was the CD on Varus’s ult decreased on the PBE

Meddler New PortraitCouple of thoughts behind the change we’re testing:

1. As a non mobile ADC giving Varus a bit more safety/control via his ult being up more reliably’s an appropriate place to offer a bit of power.


2. Following on from that one of the prime reasons to pick Varus in a team comp is if you want crowd control from your marksman slot (with a focus on team disruption, and greater reliability as a counterinitiate, in contrast to Ashe’s strength as an initiator). Amplifying that strength’s therefore fits well with our goals of increasing clear strengths and weaknesses for champions to create further distinctions between them.

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Why not increase the size of the ult’s hitbox

Meddler New PortraitA higher hit rate, via width, was something we’ve talked about as well. Agree it feels like it’s missed a lot, it’s a pretty fast skillshot (2000) with a fair bit of width already (around 100 from memory, not certain off the top of the head) though so I’d be a little hesitant to make it too generous (would also reduce the current cases we see of chaining it with allied CC from your support which can add some interesting play to bot lane comps, CD reduction by contrast supports that).

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Will Varus get back the 5 MS he lost

Meddler New PortraitNo plans to do so at present. Wouldn’t rule it out of the question entirely, there are likely more interesting ways we can add power to him though.

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Follow Up

How much power does 5 ms usually translate to anyway

Meddler New PortraitFrom what we’ve seen it varies a lot depending on that champion’s kit and role. On some that’s not massively position dependent (not a primary target or heavily range constrained) it may not have too big an impact. ADCs on the other hand do tend to be pretty sensitive to MS changes. Vayne’s a particularly good example of that, with even small changes to her movement speed translating into noticeable power differences.

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Follow Up

In Vayne’s case, is it because it increases her movement radius under stealth

Meddler New PortraitNot completely certain, couple of things I’m inclined to attribute it to though. Vayne doesn’t have any way of projecting influence beyond her auto attack range. Combine that with the way ADC trading/CSing/harassment bot often skirts just around AA ranges (to the extent that a 550 AA versus a 575 AA is a really noticeable difference) and a small difference in MS can make the difference between being able to land or avoid a hit or not. Similarly kills or escapes will often come down to a single AA’s worth of health, often just barely landed or escaped.

Agree with your point that dashes/blinks should be expected to reduce such impacts. In Vayne’s case however I think the factors amplifying movement sensitivity are strong enough to outweigh the mobility she gets from her kit though.

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Why not buff the slow on his E then

Meddler New PortraitNo shortage of champs with slows. As above we’re seeing if there’s mileage in buffing something more distinct. On top of that a slow’s fairly or completely ineffective against a fair number of diving champs, in contrast to a root.

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Do you think Ashe actually could be buffed to a top-tier ADC pick

Meddler New PortraitI’m not sure top tier’s necessarily a good goal, that implies she’s potentially strong even against those that are meant to be good against her and therefore overwhelming against those weak to her (given she’s not as much of a baseline pick as some other champs). Sometimes picked in competitive play (with the right team comp/enemy team comp) on the other hand I could see being appropriate. We did see a little bit of that last year with some of the Ashe/Zyra lanes being run. Personal suspicion is she’s probably not too far off situational picks like that being valid, particularly with the decreased number of assassins in the competitive meta of most (all?) regions right now.

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Can you update the Death Recap info screen

Nome New PortraitIt’s a thorny question, and depends what you mean by updating it.

If you mean the multitude of bugs, then that’s going to take a lot of time, and might not be worth the effort. Rather, we need to go back and re-assess what the value of a good death recap is. We don’t want to go the combat log route; raw information is rarely actionable. Likewise, I’m not entirely clear on how the existing implementation is useful outside of letting you know how much magic or physical damage you took. We’ll probably update it at some point in the future once we knock out some competing UI features, but if we do, expect more of a redesign.

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Shouldn’t it be a priority for Riot to fix buggy features

Nome New PortraitTo make an analogy, consider an intricate mansion built with a poor foundation that’s resulting in structural issues. The citizens find it unsightly, but still recognize the value in the property. There’s a few ways for the city to address this–

  • A. Build a nice facade that hides the issues.
  • B. Carefully rebuild the foundation piece by piece without touching everything else.
  • C. Demolish and rebuild from the ground up.

Now, we’re fairly certain that we’ll want to do Option C at some point. This makes A and B much less attractive. But then there are other uses of resources, like building that new elementary school, cleaning up the city square, etc.

This is the situation we’re in–the bugs that plague death recap are deep. How deep? There’s already been a few attempts to fix it to no avail! We have to prioritize redoing the feature with all the other things we’re doing, and measure value that way. Maybe I’ll share some of our concepts for how death recap could work in the future. We’re definitely thinking about it 🙂

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Suggestion for Death Recap 2

Link to the suggestion thread.

Nome New PortraitSome critique here–

This is moving more towards the combat/death log approach, which I think is less compelling on the basis that it doesn’t provide actionable information. Players who die generally need one thing out of death recap–which is why they died. Unfortunately, why is never an easy answer, so most players tend to be OK with extracting the why out of the how. Combat logs explain thehow, but not the why. If we were to redesign, we’d want to head more towards why.

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How will you address the “why” you died in a Death Recap

Nome New PortraitI don’t want to delve too much into this, as it’s still a problem space under exploration. Some examples of why could be–
“You just took 2000 magic damage. You have very low MR.”
“That champion is several levels above you.”
“When you died, you still had both your Summoner cooldowns up.”
Note that not all of the why is directed at experienced players either.

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Tentative nerfs to Heal and Changes to Exhaust coming to PBE

Ricklessabandon New Portraitnot sure if this is relevant or not, but heal is potentially getting nerfed in the 4.13 patch (the changes should be in the next pbe update).

i also have a change to exhaust, but that’s it for summoner spells in 4.13 (and again, they’re candidates—like anything else on the pbe, they will be subject to change/removal).



Can we expect buffs to Soraka before her rework

Meddler New PortraitTesting at the moment to see if we can add one of the things from the rework to her current kit. Initial testing suggests it may not function well enough without other corresponding kit changes, looking into it though in case we can give her a bit of help sooner.

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Do you think Sejuani will become popular with the new items

Meddler New PortraitI think it’s safe to say she’s a strong pick in solo queue with the Quill Coat/Ancient Golem changes. Not sure that necessarily translates to FOTM though, Amumu and Maokai may be favored picks over her still if you want a tanky jungler that can build heavy defense.

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Why does it cost 2600 RP to switch to East Coast Servers

Marowe New Portrait I’m sorry I jumped into this thread without saying much; I wanted to quell some confusion surrounding the suggestion to contact Player Support for a free transfer. 

I understand why you’re frustrated. I played with east coast ping for a couple of years before moving to the west coast. Understanding doesn’t help though, and I’m sorry that I can’t do more for everyone here.

LAN doesn’t support english as a language option and it isn’t intended to be the long-term solution for connectivity issues that east coast players are facing. We’re not ready to say too much about the plans for the east coast at the moment, and I’m not really the one equipped to talk about it. You can keep an eye out for updates like this one in the future:…92229#45392229

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]