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You can find Kindred’s official Champion reveal HERE.


Can Kindreds passive hunt be activated during combat

Meddler Final PortraitMark of the Kindred is actually deliberately locked out while Kindred’s in combat. That’s because we want Mark of the Kindred to be something you engage with strategically, picking targets to hunt ahead of time, rather than something you put on a target you think will die during the current fight. For that reason there’s also a delay between selecting a target and being able to collect on the mark (so that marking something right before you engage on them a second later isn’t the optimal play).

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Will Kindreds passive current HP damage work against all targets

Meddler Final PortraitYes, once you’ve killed a marked target all your future auto attacks will deal % current health damage to their targets. Monsters get marked occasionally by Wolf, until you’ve completed 6 hunts. Damage from Mark of the Kindred is uncapped, so in an infinitely long game you could get infinite damage. In reality though given the CD on the Mark and the way you need to kill a specific pre selected target you won’t normally be able to get as crazy late game as Veigar or Nasus frequently do.

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Why doesnt Kindreds Q damage prioritize Champions over minions

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s intended that Kindred’s Q does not automatically prioritize champions, we don’t want to make the spell auto optimize itself each cast to that degree. It will however prioritize the target of Kindred’s last auto attack, so if there’s a particular enemy you really want to hit you have the option of doing so.

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Meddler Final PortraitThe first of the three arrows will fire at your auto attack target. The second and third arrows will fire at other targets based off their proximity to Kindred. If the target you recently auto attacked isn’t in Q range the first arrow will also fire at a nearby enemy instead.

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Will Kindred have a separate dialogue line if you steal a kill

RiotUtora: yup! if you take Kindred’s marked jungle creep from her, she will say a line that only the thief can hear.

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Is Kindred reliant on the stacked Mark damage to be a carry threat

Meddler Final PortraitIt’s intended that Kindred will be reliant on Mark of the Kindred for a significant amount of their damage, later on in the game in particular.

The ult’s there in part to give a baseline contribution that’s independent of how farmed Kindred is or isn’t. It’s also a way of allowing a squishy, short ranged sustained damage dealer to take risks without that being a completely terrible idea. On top of that it’s a way to distinguish Kindred from other moderately similar characters (farm junglers and other short ranged mobile ADCs). It also doubles down on the power within a specific area concept that the W also presents.

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Meddler has shared a list of teams currently working on features, champion updates and balance changes:


A quick look at a few teams at Riot and some of the stuff theyre working on

Meddler Final PortraitHi folks,

Following on from a couple of longer posts on Juggernauts recently I thought I’d try some longer posts on some other subjects as well. First of those is below, which is a quick look at a part of Riot called Core Gameplay, for anyone interested in a mixture of how some of Riot works and what that part’s working on. Core Gameplay’s focus is on the components of LoL that drive choices within the game itself (champions, items, minions, map layout etc). Core Gameplay’s composed of four teams that deliver different sorts of projects, plus a playtesting team that provides advice and expertise.

There’s quite a bit of overlap between the work the teams below tackle (all of them were contributors to the recent Death Recap fixes for example). Each team is primarily focused on a specific type of work though and is staffed with people who have expertise in that area.

The Live Gameplay Team (also referred to as the balance team)

  • Live Gameplay’s focus is on regular changes, usually quicker and smaller than those from other teams. Balance changes are the most common thing the team works on, though they’re also involved in other work (e.g. long term game health. provision of expertise on high level play to other teams, some new content creation). Also worth calling out that while Live Gameplay does more balance work than the other teams they’re not solely responsible for the balance of the game.

  • Recent examples of Live Gameplay’s work include heaps of champion balance changes, the addition and tuning of Zeke’s Herald, mastery tweaking.
  • Live Gameplay’s just finished working on patch 5.18. Because 5.18 is the patch the World Champs will be played on changes in it focused on balance changes for high level play, generally on a pretty small scale. Now that that patch is out of the way Live Gameplay’s shifting focus to work on a mixture of some stuff for the preseason patch late this year and balance changes for 5.19 (including possible MF buffs and a bug fix on Shen’s E where it’s not reducing damage from taunted enemies). .

The Systems Team

  • Systems focuses on long term work, looking particularly at the parts of LoL that aren’t champions (items, runes, the jungle, minions, summoner spells, gold income etc). That work tends to get released in large amounts every so often (e.g. preseason, or big patches like 5.16), rather than being present in every patch.

  • Recent examples of Systems work includes the AP item adjustments, new Juggernaut items (Dead Man’s Plate, Titanic Hydra, Sterak’s Gage), items for the Bilgewater event (in conjunction with the Events team).

  • Systems has been primarily working on preseason work for a bit now, and will continue to do so for quite a while (post preseason launch they’ll swap over to preseason followup, with balance adjustments as needed and possibly some additional content afterwards if there are things that don’t make the preseason itself). A lot of the team’s work has been on items recently (marksmen items especially). They’ve also been exploring some other stuff that preseason’s the best time to do (e.g. can we speed up game start a bit by having minions/the jungle spawn earlier, while speeding up the homeguard effect out of base to keep invade timings the same?).

The Champion Team

  • The new champion team primarily makes new champions as you’d expect, while also doing a bit of other work as well (initial balance follow up on new releases, overhauls of champion systems like death recap etc).

  • Recent examples of Champion work include Tahm Kench, Tahm Kench’s teaser and the balance changes to him in the first couple of patches after his release (in discussion with the Live Gameplay team of course).

  • At present we’ve got half a dozen champions in development (which is pretty standard). Those range from the nearly finished that are getting final work done before they hit PBE (‘They are coming’) to really early idea brainstorming (we’ve just kicked off work on a new champ for sometime next year, with so far just desired class, plus some possible tonal and thematic notes, identified). Champion team’s also working on some improvements to what we call ‘zombie mode’, which is the state dead, but still acting, champions get put into (e.g. Karthus passive or Yorick ult). That work, whenever it ships, won’t be very noticeable in the average game, but should fix a number of bugs and make it easier for us to create additional characters that use zombie mode if desired.

The Champion Update Team

  • Champion Update works on existing characters in the game that need more work than just balance adjustments. That work ranges from full overhauls like Sion, to visual only updates like Karthus, to smaller projects like Ashe or Maokai’s changes a while back.

  • Recent examples of Champion Update’s work include the Gangplank update, the Juggernaut changes and Fiora’s update.
  • Champion update’s got a few different things going on at the moment. One part of the team’s just finished some balance follow up work on the juggernauts from the 5.16 patch (teams own balance on content they create for a couple of patches post launch on average, before the Live Gameplay team takes over). Those folks will be pretty focused on some work for the preseason period now. Another part of the team by contrast’s working on bigger, longer term reworks (Poppy, and some exploration into which other full scale relaunch might follow her). Finally Champ Up’s also looking into doing a sizing pass on a number of champions, which would involve shrinking champions that are inappropriately large (e.g. Tristana) and increasing the size of champions that are inappropriately small (e.g. Malphite).

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All player punishments up to this point are being wiped; check out how those will be handled with updates to existing systems like Chat Restriction:


Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions

Neurocat New PortraitHi everyone! I work on Player Behavior and want to take you through some updates to chat restrictions launching alongside the big instant feedback upgrade. But first, a little context:

Punishments for negative behavior in League should accomplish three things:

  • Encourage moderately or occasionally negative players to reform
  • Shield players from negative experiences
  • Remove players who won’t reform from League

Since we launched chat restrictions last year, we’ve observed a few problems. Some negative players accumulate ridiculously high numbers of chat restrictions, yet use their limited chat to spread negativity without any sign of reform. Others reform their behavior, but still need to work off hundreds of chat restricted games before learning if they’d reformed or continued earning punishments. Still others would receive chat restrictions, but not know what specific behaviors their fellow players found objectionable and subsequently have difficulty reforming.

Here’s how we’re fixing these issues:

  • Punishments will rapidly escalate for those who don’t reform. Here’s how it works:
    • First offense: 10 game chat restriction
    • Second offense: 25 game chat restriction
    • Third offense: 2 week ban
    • Fourth offense: Permanent ban
  • We’re reducing the delay between action and consequence (which we’ve observed significantly increases rates of reform) by handing out chat restrictions within 15 minutes of a game’s end. Along those same lines, restricted players now receive escalated punishments as they ‘earn’ them, rather than waiting until their restriction expires to learn what’s next.
  • The offending player now receives direct feedback about their behavior. Players now receive in-client reform cards containing the chat logs their peers found troubling.

One last note: because of the scope of these changes, all chat and ranked restrictions will be reset and past restrictions won’t count against you in the new system. Everyone’s slate is wiped clean (for these restrictions), so this is a great time to turn over a new leaf.

All these upgrades go live over the course of this patch (5.18). Let us know what you think!

EDIT: I’ll check back later to answer further questions.

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How will punishment decay work

Neurocat New PortraitAn account will generally have a permanent record of past punishment received. However, there will be systems in place to show consideration to players who demonstrate long term, genuine reform.

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If a players been banned for 2 weeks a year ago would that affect the system

Neurocat New PortraitThis system won’t take into account those older bans before instant feedback. Consider this a fresh start.

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Why isnt there a punishment step between a chat restriction and a 2week ban

Neurocat New PortraitGenerally, we’ve observed that bans shorter than 2 weeks don’t have a significant enough impact on the play patterns of the average player. Take for example a player who only plays on weekends – if this player gets 3 day banned on a Sunday, that’s probably not going to be very significant to them.

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Can you elaborate on what it means to have our previous punishments wiped

Neurocat New PortraitAll previous chat restrictions are wiped, and any future chat restrictions are only based off of new behavior (aka this patch and forwards).

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How will the new system determine if a person actually deserves a chat restriction

Neurocat New PortraitOne thing to keep in mind – when you’re talking with strangers over the internet, they don’t necessarily have the same context you do. What you see as ‘constructive advice’ may come across to others as mean or insulting. Next time in game before you give someone feedback, take a second and put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you weren’t doing well and heard this from a teammate? Properly framing feedback is a pretty useful skill not just in League, but in life.

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Introducing Blitzcrank Bot

Bluefire Final PortraitGreetings fellow human beings (for real),

I’m BlueFire, just one of many behind the creation of Blitzcrank Bot, the newest agent of our support team. Who is Blitzcrank Bot? He’s a sophisticated, precise, and friendly robot we built to answer your tickets as fast as possible. We surveyed many of you who submitted tickets at the beginning of this year and the number one thing you guys wanted was faster tickets! We heard you and have not only increased our staff to serve you, but also invested heavily in this new piece of technology to answer you as quickly as possible. I wanted to get an FAQ in front of you as you start seeing him.


Q: How will I know if I am talking to Blitzcrank Bot?

A: We plan to make it very clear that you’re speaking to our Blitzcrank. You’ll see his picture and name in the response and the reply itself will reinforce this through text.

Q:What if I want to talk to a person?

A: Simply reply to the ticket and we’ll forward you to an agent. Its that simple!

Q: How fast is Blitzcrank Bot?

A: If Blitzcrank Bot can both understand your ticket and help you solve it he will normally do it within 5 to 10 minutes. He shouldn’t respond to any conversations you’re already having with agents if they happen to be faster.

Q: How accurate is Blitzcrank Bot?

A: Right now we have him tuned for about maximum accuracy; which is actually above what we can reasonably expect from humans. Sometimes people write in unusual ways which both confuse Blitzcrank and our agents. Seriously, one time I received a ticket that merely said “help” with NO OTHER INFORMATION. We think that the occasional miss will make-up for the fact that we’ll generally be able to help you much sooner.

Q: What issues will Blitzcrank Bot be handling?

A: We will start with English Account Recovery tickets. This is because these are one of our largest ticket problems and someone else having access to your account when you don’t feels really bad. We hope to expand to other languages and issues if you guys like him.

Q: I hate Blitzcrank bot!!!

A: Sorry you had a bad experience. We’re going to be surveying players who received an answer from him and seeing how everyone feels about him. If you guys don’t like him we’ll reconfigure him or potentially even scrap him. So your feedback matters!

Feel free to ask further questions or report problems here and I’ll try to get back to as many as I can.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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Azir has been delayed on the live client because of bugs, Ghostcrawler explains the goals of the Fighter rework and Lyte notes that extending chat restrictions for neutral players is a mistake of the system. Lastly, IronStylus with clarity on texture rebalances and why the end result seems less detailed than the original.

TL;DR in featured comments.


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Are you delaying Azir because his Shurima story isn’t over

sixtwo Final PortraitHey guys, not sure where the quote comes from, but Azir isn’t out yet because he’s not done – bug fixes are being checked in around me as I type this. Now carry on!

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Baconhawk Final PortraitI was not clear in stating Azir is not available yet because of “reasons” (he is getting bugfixes). I did not mean to insinuate we are waiting for a lore story part 2… just to give some sort of hope and looking forward. My wording was ****.

I’ll try to be more clear next time. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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He shows up in Champ list but is unavailable for purchase

Baconhawk Final PortraitThis is because he was shipped in the patch but not switched on. This is normal.

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Can’t you give us detail on issues or at least a timeline

Baconhawk Final PortraitI totally understand. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten really burned when trying to give you guys dates on when x will come out (or if it even will at all, RIP Magma Chamber, so say we all), so to save us all the the heartache, its best if we just get him ready and unlock him when he’s finished.


You DO know there’s a champ coming. There was a time before PBE when [email protected] and other sites wouldn’t be able to do all these great screencaps and preview videos, and set the hype stage for champs, skins, game modes, etc. We have a lot to deliver and we’d like to make sure it’s ready before we say YES IT IS GOING OUT ON THIS DATE and then what happens when we get an Azir and he ends up with some last minute bugs that just absolutely cannot ship? We look bad, you’re upset, we’re upset, and no one wins. The expectation is that we will release everything perfectly, meet everyone’s expectations 100%, release on time AND let you know ahead of time when that is. IN A PERFECT WORLD!

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What are the exact goals for the fighter rework

Ghostcrawler New PortraitThe goals are to agree on what is the strategic identity – the strengths and weaknesses – of melee champs, as well as figure out how many categories of melee we actually have (e.g. Is a bruiser different from a diver? What is a melee carry?)

The list of champs that we’d want to adjust to meet these goals is beyond the scope of a forum post. Generally those who are largely balls of stats with limited counterplay or those who seem mirror images of other melee are the ones most in need.

We haven’t decided yet on the future of red buff. As a general guideline, I think we do throw around movement speed debuffs too readily.

It’s okay for someone to have good or weak laning, within reason, as long as there are trade-offs elsewhere. Our general concern about melee is they don’t have any trait to offset their lack of range. The two characteristics that we have tried (hard to kill or eats your face if they manage to close) have been problematic. The former erodes a niche for true tanks and the latter makes the counterplay pretty binary, as well as making melee on melee engagements slow slugfests.

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How would you define a “tank” in League

Ghostcrawler New PortraitA common thread we’ve found with tanks is that they are good at initiating. The problem is that the word “tank” also carries a strong connotation from other games that they have a ton of survivability as well. If we renamed the role it would be easier to define, but we’re not sure players would react well to redefining a whole lot of roles in the game (as I mentioned for fighters above).

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Why don’t you name the Fighters you plan to rework

Ghostcrawler New PortraitNot sure I agree with that.  Even stating that we think a champ is overtuned feels like a mic drop without a lot of context. The other challenge is that when we mention we want to work on something (like say a fighter rework) and then it takes a lot longer than expected, players get frustrated and want even more context for the delay. Believe me, my inclination is to be as honest and open as possible. If we can earn enough trust with the community that changes we mention will eventually come to pass, I’d love to be able to talk more about long-term plans.

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Can we have specific information on the Fighter reworks

Ghostcrawler New PortraitIt’s just a big project that touches a whole lot of champions. At our current cadence for gameplay updates, it would take a long time to reach them all. In the meantime, if we introduce say counterplay for one fighter and not another, then the second one becomes overpowered in the interim. It’s not just fighters either. If we decide that we offer too many slows, then a lot of ranged champs would need to be touched as well. This is the kind of thing we’d love to be able to hit with some sweeping changes all at once, but we’re still working out how that could be possible.

I’ll talk to Morello and some of the other designers. Maybe we can put together a dev blog that explains our current thoughts so long as we can provide sufficient caveats that we haven’t ironed out all the details yet and would welcome plenty of feedback before those thoughts turned into patch notes.

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Chat Restrictions shouldn’t be extended if you’re neutral

Lyte Final PortraitCompletely agree. We recently tuned the system to try to be more accurate up front, but it’s clear we might be up to ~20 games off still in some cases.

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Can you provide an example of toxic gameplay

Lyte Final PortraitAt the end of the day, are you a neutral player, or a negative one? If you’re still negative, your account will continue to get chat restrictions.

Have you actually reformed after going ~50 games in silence? The answer is probably no. Even how you communicate with others here on the forums shows that your behaviors really haven’t changed.

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Lyte Final PortraitThe idea that the system expects toxic players to be “positive” is a misunderstanding. If a player is “neutral,” their account will eventually be clean of any penalties or punishments.

The actual problem with the system is with situations like these, where the system should have probably just given the player 78 chat restrictions right off the bat; however, that’s a tuning problem that we’ll need to continuously work on to get right.

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Why texture rebalances seem less detailed

IronStylus Final PortraitGotta remember that detail frequency often works against us. Excessive detail, especially detail that is highly contrasted against it’s adjacent material leads to “flickering” and “buzzing.”

That a) hurts they eye, b) generally feels low quality, c) doesn’t fit in with our changing style.

While it can be sometimes confused with feature removal, it results in a cleaner asset, it’s for the overall health and quality of the game.

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What are some of the more known Rioters working on

FeralPony Final PortraitSure, no real spoilers here (sorry) but CertainlyT is still working on Champions. From what little I’ve seen the next one he’s working on looks pretty awesome. Xypherous and myself are working on “Systems” which is primarily working on the next pre-season patch change with a number of other folks.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]