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With a roster set to compete at IEM San Jose, TSM has revealed the final pieces to the roster puzzle in it’s new coaching staff. Taking over the Head Coach position will be KC “Woodbuck” Woods. Operating as Strategic Coach will be Josh “Jarge” Smith, who formerly served as Head Analyst for Fnatic.




Meet the Coaches:




Head Coach KC and TSM analyst Parth took to reddit to discuss working together and the future of the team:


KC, aka Woodbuck, here. I am the new head coach for TSM this year. Hopefully you give me a small break for my first time on camera, it was not very natural for me.

This year, I will be working with my strategic coach, Jarge, to help the team reach their personal and team oriented goals. Jarge will focus on their performance in game by helping the players understand the fundamental strategy of the game, adjust to metas, pick/ban, etc. You all should be extremely hyped by how ridiculously talented he is in this regard. Since this is an extremely time consuming task, I will take responsibility for everything else, so he can remain focused.

My role as the head coach will be to create a culture and structure within the team that promotes a strong work ethic, a resilient team bond, and a sense of responsibility to do everything the right way — the TSM way. I have laid out my expectations to the players and I will ensure they follow through. I am telling everyone right now, I will not accept anything but their best effort and I will not allow the culture of this team to breakdown. This will be the most unified and disciplined team in NA.

Jarge and I are 100% committed to working our asses off this year and we will set the example for the players to follow. A lot is going to change in the TSM house/office, and I hope everyone is ready to come along for the ride.


Hey guys, Parth here.

I’ll be working closely with Andy, Josh, and KC to set up a solid infrastructure for this year. Then I’ll be stepping back and working for the TSM organization. Thank you everyone for your support last year, and I know KC and Josh will do an incredible job for the team moving forward.


Check out the new TSM roster in action at IEM San Jose, beginning on November 21st.


Team SoloMid continues to make big changes to it’s League of Legends division, and are looking to fill several positions within their coaching and support staff. Here is the announcement in it’s entirety, from


Following our changes to the League of Legends team, we are currently seeking to restructure our coaching staff and support team. This restructure requires the following positions to be filled, with their necessary qualifications and responsibilities:

  • Following our changes to the League of Legends team, we are currently seeking to restructure our coaching staff and support team. This restructure requires the following positions to be filled, with their necessary qualifications and responsibilities:
  • Head Coach


    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Previous experience working with players in traditional sports
    • A level-headed authority figure able to settle disputes and facilitate further progress within the team
    • Work with TSM staff to create an environment for players to grow and improve
    • Basic knowledge of League of Legends


    Additional Gameplay Coaches


    • In-depth knowledge of competitive League of Legends
    • Ability to read and prep the team for a fast changing metagame
    • Ability to work with players and head coach to develop strategies well-suited for the team



    Online Analysts


    • In-depth knowledge of competitive League of Legends
    • Assist the coaching staff with prep work and research on opponents
    • Must be able to provide information in a way that also helps to improve the team


    In addition to the previous tryout announcement, for every position available (meaning both coachingand player), we will announce when it has been filled within 24 hours of making the decision. We will be processing every application submitted up until when an announcement has been made. To paraphrase: this means that every position should be considered open until there has been announcement that it has been filled.


    Please send your applications to [email protected] with the following information:


    Requested Position:
    Previous experience(s) in (e)sports:
    Motivation for joining:


Update: TSM Head Coach Choi ‘Locodoco’ Yoon-Sub clarified on twitter that he will no longer maintain the head coach role but will remain with the team.



NoL will continue to provide updates to the Team SoloMid roster and staff as the offseason develops.



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After announcing their return to League of Legends, Natus Vincere has started their hunt for a head coach.

The team will be attempting to enter the 2016 Challenger series and qualify for the EU LCS in the Summer.

To continue our expansion, we are looking for a passionate, enthusiastic and experienced Head Coach to be a vital part of building a League of Legends team in Western Europe. We value our players and employees as they are the foundation of our success and take great care of their individual development. Thus, we are not only looking for a coach helping to grow the team within League of Legends but also outside of Summoner’s Rift.


You can view the complete requirements of the position in the full announcement.


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After Team Liquid’s finish at the top of the standings in the Summer Split, fans were let down when the team faltered in the semi-finals and fell to the Gauntlet, losing a 3-1 series to Cloud 9 and failing to make the 2015 World Championship. Now, a month after the end of the 2015 Summer Split, Team Liquid head coach Peter Zhang has announced that he will be leaving the team and will continue to pursue a career in coaching.



Peter took to social media to share his thoughts on his departure. Excerpt:


Future plan


It’s been a long time i write about this. First of all , I want to thank big Steve for helping me
improved as a person also as a coach, and thank mark/joka for helping me all the time managing team.
Thank all 5 player’s and TL staff work with me, especially Dom.Dom helping me lot to coach the team in the beginning of the spring split. Really appreciate the time spend with all of you guys.

Team Liquid
TL is the first foreign team I joined. I have never been to a different language team, it
hurts a lot in the beginning, especially we still have 2 Koreans on the team. But I think we fixed
these issues in the end of spring split which we eventually break the curse. But also there is lot
issues we didn’t fix as a team which I don’t want to mentioned here, I hopefully they will fix in
the next split. They are all talented player, i wish them best of luck and do well in the next split.


In more Team Liquid related news, the organization recently shared that on September 21st, AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin’s had his contract extended to November 20, 2016. Co-owner Steve Arhancet said the team will share full roster details after the 2015 World Championship.

Full statement by Peter Zhang
Team Liquid has not officially commented on the coaching situation. NoL will continue to provide updates as information surfaces.
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After several weeks of declining performances, Andy “Reginald” Dinh will take the reigns as head coach of Team SoloMid.

With the Airing of TSM: Legends Episode 21 on July 17th, we were given a behind the scenes look at and the teams coaching structure. That same day, Reginald took to twitter to express his thoughts on the current state of the team.


Right now Loco is having a difficult time keeping the conversations productive,””Multiple players have expressed that they’re not confident with giving Loco complete authority.

Starting Monday I will be stepping in as head coach and I’ll be leading discussions within the team in a productive manner. (I won’t be on stage.)


In a second post, Reginald addressed the initial reaction from the community, confirming that locodoco will remain with the team.

“Even though Loco has made some mistakes with coaching TSM, he’s actively trying to fix his issues and become a better coach.

“Everyone on the team is working towards one goal, improving. I believe Loco will learn from this experience and he’ll be a better coach for it in the future.”

Sitting at 9-6 currently, Team SoloMid plays against Team Dignitas on Sunday, July 19th to round out their week 8 in a tiebreaker match for 6th place.


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Announced on Twitter on Saturday, May 2nd, Joe “Innerflame” Elouassi has stepped down as Managing Coach of SK gaming. He has also made clear that he will only be pursuing a management position.


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.32.06 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.35.51 AM

Citing differences of opinion in direction of the team, as well as potential roster changes, Innerflame had this to say:


Hey Guys,

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I stepped down from my position as Managing Coach in SK Gaming after a year and a half of working for the organisation. I’m going to give some insight into my decision:

First of all, one thing that you should know about me is that I have built my career off scouting talent. I had mindset differences with certain members of the team about how younger and more skillful players have the potential to be better than older/smarter players. There was a certain stubbornness about this and it eliminated the usage of subs or maybe even future starting players in the future. This is not something I liked and I almost felt helpless not being willingly able to do so.

From the start of the split, we never really felt like a team. Some have publicly said it was 1-1-1-1-1-1 but I actually felt it was more like 2-2-2. We wouldn’t really go and do stuff together to be honest. Not necessarily because people couldn’t be bothered to, mostly because people didn’t have motivation to do something with people they particularly get along with. This caused an atmosphere that was almost awkward at times and people were too stubborn to not hold grudges. Eventually this built up and everyone has seen the result of this. The worst moment was the week before Madrid just after we lost 3-2 to UOL. I think most of the team was in disbelief after we lost, but that still doesn’t warrant not actually giving a shit whether we finish in 3rd or not.

Personally the laziness in general has climaxed and I find it very hard to motivate myself when not everyone (some I cannot doubt the effort from) around me is working to finish first.

When I took the job offer, it was to Manage the team. Something I have been doing my whole career and when I had the coaching part added to it, I was already unsure but I wanted to give it a shot. At least if things went wrong, I would know what to look for in a coach in the future. I was a good manager, I wasn’t that good of a coach. I was a valid 6th opinion in drafting but I wouldn’t go further than that. I would say my game knowledge is above average, however not what is required to coach a team that is aiming to compete on the highest international level.

I won’t go too much into detail, but I was kept in the dark largely about what is going to happen to the team next split. I had a vision for what the team needed next split, some in the team agreed with me. However, what is going to happen is in the opposite direction and deeply saddens me that SK chose that direction over mine. I have always thrived with authority and making smart changes here and there in my career, to not have any say is not in order and was the last straw for me. I’m not sure how well the guys will do next split, however I do hope they perform well and I wish them the best for next split.

I would like to go out of my way to thank Fox who has stuck by me the last year and been everything that I would want from a professional player. The guy barely touched another game this year and when others were playing those games, he was sitting there watching replays of apdo, faker or watching vods of his next midlane opponent. What a tremendous talent. Thank you for not only being a perfect professional but also being one of my best friends outside of the game too.

I wish everyone in SK the best and I hope everything with the team works out next split. I am considering doing an AMA in the upcoming days for people who have any questions.

Thank you SK for the time I had there. It almost feels weird not being a part of it anymore.


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As the offseason develops, Gambit Gaming has decided to terminate their contract with Head Coach  Jordan “Leviathan” Thwaites, citing a lack of commitment and focusing more on social media presence instead of the team.


Statement from Dmitry “Moo” Sukhanov, Team Manager:

Today we bid farewell to our Head Coach, who was in charge of our team throughout an entire Spring split. Our decision was based on our results at IEM Katowice, regular part of the season and the playoffs, as well as individual conversations with our players. We believe that Jordan had a successful start as a Head Coach of our team, but in the past couple of months he lost his interest and was dedicating more and more time to his image in social networks, instead of working with our team. Our players are as professional as one can get, therefore they require the same level of commitment from their support staff. We want our coach to be not only sociable and capable of resolving conflicts – tasks Jordan had coped with well, but also be a self-motivated specialist with organizational capabilities, extensive LoL game knowledge and an ability to set his priorities straight.

With the Summer Split starting in May, Gambit has just over a month to search for a Head Coach and familiarize them with the team.

[ Official Statement ]



Just recently on April 17th, Counter Logic Gaming announced that Head Coach William “Scarra” Li would be stepping down from his position as head coach, and would be leaving the organization. The organization cited that despite a strong regular season finish, CLG again faltering the in the playoffs proved to be a “tremendous obstacle”. As a result of their placing along with personal issues, Scarra has resigned from his position.

An interview was conducted with OnGamers regarding scarra’s decision.


Coaching Position Open

With the departure of Scarra, applications for CLG’s new coach have been opened. Team owner George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis was interviewed as well, regarding the team’s future:

The organization released this statement as part of their press release:

While we are saddened to lose such an experienced presence and friend, we recognize that this is a decision made in everyone’s best interest. We wish Scarra the best of luck and will do all we can to support him in his future endeavors, whatever he decides them to be.


As a result of this decision, CLG will be accepting resumes for the head coach position of its League of Legends team. These are the desired qualifications:

  • 25 years of age or older
  • Prior coaching experience
  • Experience working within LCS and/or NACS highly desired
  • Extensive LoL game knowledge
  • College degree preferred
  • Must have strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly disciplined


Please submit your cover letter, resume and a summary of your coaching philosophy, with the words “LoL Head Coach Application” in the title of the email, to: [email protected]


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No stranger to roster changes, Team Roccat is rumored to have parted ways with head coach  Titus “Ducky” Hafner, and is currently hosting tryouts for their AD Carry position.

A poor split performance and differences of opinion leave Roccat in the search for a new coach heading into Summer Promotion. While the removal of Ducky is the only change thus far, sources say they have been considering the high ranking Challenger AD Carry “EXORKK” as a replacement to current AD Carry Woolite.

EXORKK has been recently seen duo-queuing with Roccat Support Vander.  “ChewedUp” Rodriguez, a U.K. player with limited competitive experience, is also potentially on trial for the AD Carry position.

Woolite and Ducky both came to Roccat from the Copenhagen wolves under an air of praise, with Woolite winning the LCS Rookie of the Year award in 2014.

*It is important to note that this information was reported from an outside source, and has not yet been confirmed. NoL has reached out to Team Roccat for comment, and will update with their response accordingly.