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Yuka New PortraitCosplayers, start your sewing machines!

You spooked us with your Harrowing costumes, and you helped us ring in the New Year with your ornate Lunar Revel cosplays. We have exciting plans for 2015, and even more cosplay round-ups to come, so we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up in case you want to start preparing early!

May Roundup Fights and Friendship

Challenge: Take a photo of two cosplayers portraying any pair of champions in a candid pose where they are fighting each other, or are having fun together. All champions and official skins will be accepted.

July Roundup Pool Party

Challenge: Take a dynamic, splash-art inspired photo where it looks like everyone’s just been caught in the middle of having an awesome pool party. Or put together the largest pool-party group you can with as many cosplayers as possible! Make sure to get everybody’s summoner name who takes part! We encourage you to design your own original pool-party skins for your favourite champion!

September World Championships

Challenge: Submit photos of your Worlds and esports-inspired skins, including (but not limited to): the Championship skins (Riven, Thresh, Shyvana), Victorious skins (Jarvan, Janna, Elise, Morgana), esports skins (Fnatic, TPA, SKT1) and the Challenger Ahri skin. You can also create an original design based on your favourite champion and esports team. Unicorns of Love Hecarim, anyone?


December Winter Wonderland

Challenge: Submit photos of your winter holiday-inspired skins; whether they are official Christmas/winter skins or original designs. Extra points for those who create interesting themed backgrounds!

We’ll publish an announcement post closer to the time to clarify any specific rules for the round-ups and to give you submission links. In the meantime, however, rules aren’t likely to change from the previous round-ups (with the exception of which champions/skins we’re looking for) so you can reference rules 3-8 here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]

From hosting a DotA tournament in 2009 to hosting the EU LCS Regionals in 2014, Riot Games has established an almost expected presence at the world’s largest gaming exhibition. This year, they have announced that they will not be attending.

Wanting to create a larger, unrestricted impacted in more locations and a deeper presence at the local level, Riot has chosen to replace the event with more specifically tailored options in more places. Their goal is to give communities across Europe more chances to get together at live events, aiming to boost player experience.

From the announcement:

We’re not going to gamescom, then, but overall we believe what we do instead will result in a better experience for players all over Europe. There will be more opportunities throughout the year to attend live events and engage with the community through specifically tailored League of Legends experiences.

Official Announcement