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PBE: Updated Headhunter Caitlyn Model

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Fan Art Showcase: Joon Ahn Art, Irelia Action Figure and Baron Art


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PBE: Updated Headhunter Caitlyn Model


HH Cait has had the weird alien face on her head replaced with a shiny new helmet and her arms are now wrapped in armor. Also, her right thigh is covered in metal.



New Headhunter Caitlyn Turnaround


New *head, arms and right thigh

Updated Headhunter Caitlyn



Caitlyn VU And Armored Ladies Banner

IronStylus continues to gather feedback on a possible visual rework for Caitlyn.


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IronStylusRiotlink Button IronStylus: Related question:

If you were to pick which actress would play Caitlyn in a movie, who would it be?

Post suggestions and I’ll see what I can work into any potential VU 😛



[ Follow-up ]


Morgageddon Riotlink Button Morgageddon: Morgageddon pops in.

Yvonne Strahovski.





IronStylus worked on Ahri

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: And the original Sejuani.





[ Question ] What do you think about the low amount of armored ladies in the league, and how do you plan to address this?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Probably doubling down on Poppy when she comes around.





[ Opinion ] I’m pretty sure that the benefits of wearing pants and not needing to worry about cuts and abrasions far exceed the “freedom of movement” gained by the miniskirt.


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Tactical mini-skirt?





[ Question ] Why can the men of Freljord walk around shirtless and exposed but Sejuani can’t show midriff?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Not sure, didn’t design any topless Freljord champions. The Bravo Ray is your man for Braum and this is mainly a Caitlyn thread.




[ Question ] How conflicted is the art team between having Poppy be an adorable ball of murder like Tristana and her current charm of being an ugly little munchkin (outside of, say, Battle Regalia Poppy)?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: I’d suggest starting a Poppy thread if you’re curious, though I don’t have too much to say on the subject at the moment. But that aside, I don’t think she has much “adorable” in her. Being a yordle is probably only the real thing tying her to a “cute” trope.



[ Question ] Wasn’t your reasoning for the no bikini armor Sej because she was in the cold? If so, as the art lead, shouldn’t you want consistency for all the champs?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: I’m not the art lead. I’m one of a few senior concept artists. There’s one for each content team. Champions, Skins, Champion Update.




[ Opinion ] Champion design moving from “fun” to “serious”


I’d like to say that Sej’s old design was fine because of the time she was released. The concepts back in early 2012 were fun, even if they were lacking in creativity. I mean, we have an anchor wielding diver, a bomber squirrel, magic smurf hippie, snobby french Nikasaur and Badlands/Tundra Barbarian Babe. Right after Lulu, we were suddenly smashed with champion after champion who tried to be ‘Cool,’ with the two exceptions being DRAAAAAAAAAAAVEN and Jayce, the latter of which caused a huge ****storm when he was released due to lore.

After Jayce, we had Angry Plant Lady, Angry Moon Lady, Angry Cat Man, Angry Psychic Lady, Angry Mantis Alien, Evil Spider Lady, Angry Ninja. Even when we were supposed to take Sej seriously, she still was a relic of the time– when LoL champ releases were more goofy/outrageous/cool/fun. Even ignoring the handwave of a reason why she was in a bikini, it still made sense in the context of LoL champs, because the game was more cartoonish. Something I personally liked, and am saddened by riot removing from the game.


On the subject of Caitlyn, the only thing I’m expecting is a hat larger than she is.


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: This is a very well constructed, thoughtful, and in many ways, valid point. This is not an isolated opinion, and I understand very much where you’re coming from.




[ Off-topic ] Why are you getting hate by the community?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Reasons 

Edit: Champion Update is the Live Design of art and theme. I’m bound to get some flack. I’ve grown to accept it.



Curse Voice Debate Banner
 The discussion on why Curse Voice is still blacklisted continues on the forums.


[ Question ] Why is Curse Voice banned for being voice chat software when pros have to use 3rd party programs to communicate?

Riot Sargonas Riotlink Button Riot Sargonas: There are two answers to this, one – Pros are a 5 man premade, and just like my previous answer we don’t care about friends in voice chat or voice chat in general for that matter. We care about strangers being prompted by third part software to join each other together in chat using methods and tools that interact directly with our game. Secondly, believe it or not the pros don’t use voice chat like you think they do in competition. As it happens, their headsets are all hardwired together via a mixunit. They are not using voice software, but old school direct cables.


[ Trolling ] If people are being banned for using Curse Voice, why not ask them to shut down the service?

Riot Sargonas Riotlink Button Riot Sargonas: We’re not asking them to shut it down because Curse Voice is a tool for all gamers to use in any game, not just LoL. It’s a great voice client that does good things outside out ecosystem, and it’s unfair to them and players for us to take that route. Also, people are not getting banned at this time for using the app, so taking our time to resolve it diplomatically is of no harm to the players.



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[ Question ] Can you get a chat ban without typing?


Lyte Riotlink Button Lyte: I’m currently out of the office so I can’t look at your specific account; however, there’s some misunderstandings to how the system works.

If you were communicating in a toxic manner, you’ll get a chat restriction; it’s nearly impossible to get your first chat restriction without behaving toxic in some way.

However, what happens afterwards varies a lot from player to player. In each case, after the chat restriction ends for a player, the system reviews all the games you played recently and tries to determine if you’ve improved your behavior. If your behavior has gotten worse, you will get even more chat restrictions than what you got in the previous set of restrictions. If your behavior has improved dramatically and you are in neutral or positive standing, you will receive no chat restrictions. If you don’t talk at all, it’s still better than communicating in a toxic way so you may receive a few chat restrictions until you are in better standing. In fact, many players never talk in League of Legends and just use smart pings to communicate in-game and that’s perfectly fine.

If the system is unsure about your current standing (because you never talked in your past sets of games, or you showed both positive and negative patterns of behavior in your games), you’ll receive a few more chat restrictions so the system can collect more data. In ambiguous or extreme cases, Player Support will also assist the system with manual review of the data to determine next steps; for example, some players who become even more negative after a chat restriction may end up losing their Ranked rewards or receive permanent account bans if Player Support feels like the player is unlikely to ever reform.



[ Question ] Which support benefits from Ardent Censer?


Riot Whist Riotlink Button Riot Whist: I find it really nice on support Karma, especially since chalice’s nerf to mana regen I don’t find that to be a must buy. Now I typically just get me some spooky ghosts and censor.

The movespeed from the two items is super useful to allow Karma to kite even harder.



[ Question ] Do you ban streamers who use cheats?


Riot Boompje Riotlink Button Riot Boompje: Sure. Whenever we find people who are using tools we don’t want them to use, we punish them. But Naming & Shaming is something we simply don’t want on the forums. If you see someone on stream using such tools, take screenshots (as you did) and send a ticket to our player support (use the button on the top right). That way, you will report them and we will notice your report guaranteed.



Fan Art Showcase Joon Ahn


Do you love League art? Check out some previous showcases!



Fan Art Enijoi

Fan Art School Designers


Katarina and Ashe in Freljord by Artist Joon Ahn


Note: Joon Ahn is a Concept Artist working for Riot.





Baron Art by NA Summoner Ice Hippo


speed_paint_004 (1)


Irelia Action Figure by NA Summoner Luigi87







If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



LoL Design Values Banner


Another devblog has been posted by Riot, this time on the topic of in-game clarity, the controversy of jungle timers and lots more!


DevBlog: In-depth with Clarity

Jungle Timers Small Q&A


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Welcome to the first deep-dive entry in our ongoing League of Legends design values! A few weeks ago we spoke about our core design pillars in League, and we promised additional entries that would go in-depth with each particular one.Up today we’ve got Richard ‘Nome’ Liu, an environment and clarity designer for League of Legends. In addition to talking at length about gameplay clarity, Nome’s also going to be talking about the decision-making that went into the development of jungle timers. So read on to hear Nome’s thoughts on clarity and why it’s so important to League of Legends as a whole!

 Chris ‘Pwyff’ Tom



What is Clarity


Super Nomegeta This article is written by clarity and environment designer Richard “Nome” Liu

Can you spot exactly where you are in a teamfight?When you glance at the scoreboard, can you figure out whether you or your opponent has a higher minion score in less than three seconds?

On first use – without reading the tooltip – can you understand the full effects of an ability?

On a deeper level, how much information does a player need to make a meaningful choice, and how many more layers can be added before that choice turns into bookkeeping of obscure information?



Where information is presented is important. When Shyvana was updated, her melee attack effects were moved to their affected ability tooltips — since that’s where they’re most relevant!

These are the kind of challenges – and more – that the gameplay clarity team tackles on a daily basis, and they’re ones that we firmly believe can be improved in League of Legends. As mentioned in our design values dev blog, gameplay clarity is incredibly important for the evolution of League of Legends and our mission is to ensure that players are fighting their opponents, not the game.

But what is gameplay clarity? Clarity is pervasive. It’s in visuals, gameplay, design, art, and everything in-between. In League of Legends, gameplay clarity relates to the availability of information as well as the intentional obfuscation of it. We can make clear gains – like updating minion particles to be more accurate in their direction – but these aren’t what we’re here to discuss.

So what are we here for? Well, with the push of Jungle Timers to the PBE, we felt this would be a good time to discuss gameplay clarity in spaces yet to be explored as well as how we’re aiming to improve your gameplay experience.



Jungle Timers Putting The Focus on Mastery Banner


Boiling down what we talked about in our design values, League of Legends provides three basic paths to mastery: personal expertise, teamwork, and adaptability – our focus will be on the first. Personal expertise is a complex soup of skills but we can generally agree that elements like mechanical mastery, situational awareness, and game knowledge are vital ingredients.

Most of these are universal to the League of Legends experience and are agnostic to the map, mode, or champion you play – though a few of them can be overloaded based on your preferences. Regardless, we’ve also declared that a few things aren’t part of the experience, like hardcore multi-unit micromanagement, rote memorization of patterns, or bookkeeping.



The new jungle timers are nestled at the top of the screen. They won’t be presenting any new or hidden information. Rather, they present existing information in a visual display.

Jungle timers fall into that last case, and serve as an example of important information being presented in an impractical manner. Looking back, there was a lot of internal debate over whether this level of information should be exposed.

On one side, a case could be made that map-level objective awareness is a significant aspect of skill – and to that, we wholeheartedly agree. We would not, for example, alert you when an opponent entered your immediate radius from fog, nor would we ever track enemy cooldowns for you. Your interactions with your opponents are sacred and we will always leave those interactions alone.

On the other side – and here’s what finally changed our minds – the jungle is a constant environment; unlike champions, monsters will always be where you expect them to be; unlike cooldowns, there is no variability in respawn rates. With timestamps available in the team chat window, timing of jungle monsters often came down to whoever remembered to type it out. We also don’t want to beat around the bush here: the emergence of third party applications put fuel on the fire, but they only increased our confidence that such a feature was in line with our values.

Ultimately, the question we asked was whether bookkeeping of jungle timers (which, as I mentioned before, was often solved by doing quick math in the chat box) contributed satisfaction of the play experience and we realized it was just too much of a routine task to be of significant value.



Turrets How Clarity is Applied Banner


But this dev blog isn’t all about jungle timers (although they’re the most contextually relevant), and I’d like to highlight other uses of clarity. We’re not always about displaying all information – clarity is about intentionality: a game that makes every piece of knowledge available creates information paralysis, while a game that hides all information promotes mental archiving rather than rewarding moment-to-moment mastery. The job of design is to use informational clarity (or the lack thereof) to create interesting situations.



It’s extremely important for players to understand when they’re being targeted by a turret. At the same time, it’s important to leave space where players can be baited into taking turret shots as well.

To provide an example in which clarity is important in limited scope, we can look at turrets. It’s incredibly important to understand when you’re targeted by a turret, as their attacks are especially impactful and feature a unique set of rules: they ignore a portion of your armor and deal increased damage with each successive hit. To this end, turrets utilize exaggerated ceremony: there’s a persistent targeting laser, a distinct sound alerts you when you’re targeted, and it fires bright balls of energy. Now here’s something turrets don’t feature: a persistent range indicator (outside of Co-Op vs AI and beginner games).

Certainly a range indicator would improve clarity around the turret – no one denies this. A scenario where one player harasses another under the turret is rife for plays to be made, and this contributes heavily to our decision-making. When an indicator is present, the play is between the aggressor and the indicator rather than the aggressor and the defender. If we were to make turret range indicators permanent, then aggression would be boiled down to who can toe the line better, which ultimately decreases the potential for interesting plays to arise.



The Sanctity of Clarity Banner


For my final point, we’ve covered when information should be exposed and when it should be hidden. Now, I want to briefly touch on when information is available but inaccessible.

A good example here would be the visual update to Karthus’ Lay Waste. The previous particle grossly misrepresented the ability’s area of effect, while the new particle is far more functionally accurate. In approaching a change like this, the argument could be made that inaccurate particles create gameplaythrough deception, but this collides directly with clarity as a core value: the game should never deceive players. The player should deceive other players!



It was easy to hide the old particle, but the resulting gameplay was deceptive. The new particle communicates the gameplay clearly.

On this point, creating gameplay through intentional miscommunication doesn’t actually add depth or personal mastery. One Karthus may be strategically and tactically superior to the other, but if the better Karthus loses because he didn’t know the skittle extended beyond its indicated hitbox, that’s not a victory that can be chalked up to skill. The job of clarity is to refine knowledge such that both parties can make intelligent choices. If one player makes a fatal error (either due to a lack of knowledge or mechanical skill), they should lose due to their opponent’s superior skill, not the inconsistency of a game rule (that all particles accurately represent their hitboxes).



Onwards Banner


We’re passionate about pushing League of Legends to be more readable, understandable, and usable – all so that we can put the focus back on personal mastery. On that note, while clarity is a design value we’ve been pursuing for some time, it’s also one where we have great opportunities to grow. Our hope is that as we continue to add more clarity to League of Legends, we’ll also be pushing the envelope of player skill.

Either way, we absolutely welcome your feedback on all of these points – and call us out when we fall flat! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can improve the game from a clarity standpoint, be sure to leave them in the comments.


Jungle Timers Small QA Banner


[ Question ] If I don’t have vision on the enemy’s jungle camp will the timer go off?


RoboLions RoboLions: You only get the timer if you were there for the kill, just like the minimap icon on live.





[ Follow-up Example ] So if I see it without any monsters, i.e. the camp died 2 minutes prior to me seeing the camp, does the timer start at 3 minutes, or does it not start at all?


RoboLions RoboLions: You don’t get a timer in that case. You will only see that it is dead, until it is not dead, just like the minimap.





[ Follow-up ] What if I leave a ward at the enemy buff?


RoboLions RoboLions: Good question: Since you saw the death, thanks to your ward, you’ll have the timer.





[ Clarity ] 


RoboLions RoboLions: You will only see that the buff is not alive. Since you missed the actual time of death you don’t get a respawn timer, it’ll show -:– for the timer instead. When the camp respawns it’ll show up as alive, just like the minimap on live. 🙂




Riot opposed Curse Voice because it didn’t give the timers to everyone


Phreak Phreak: Yep, that’s the major distinction.

We do not want third-party mods directly affecting in individual player experience. We don’t want League to be a game where you say to your friend, “Hey come try out this game… But if you actually want to win, make sure you download these five additional programs.”



[ Opinion ] Jungle Timers are taking away from game knowledge players need to develop


PhreakPhreak: You still have to keep track of them yourself. But typing “12:20 tb” and pressing Z to check up on it is really no different from pressing Tab and looking at the top of the screen. In fact, inferring your opponents’ timers based on their buffs’ remaining duration even though you didn’t see them is still a skill you’re going to have to retain.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



News Update June 21 Second Banner


Red Post Collection

Single Posts – Darius Rework, Sona, Sion, Headhunter Caitlyn & Much More


Recent News

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Direction for Caitlyn’s Visual Update Banner

Caitlyn’s slated for a visual update and how her design would shift is still being discussed.

[ Question ] Will Caitlyn still be a sexy sniper woman after her VU?

Riot Paddo Button Rioter Riot Paddo: I have nothing to do with a VU but besides her officer skin when I think of Cait I don’t see her as a super sexualized champion comparatively to the rest of the female cast. Most of her skins she is pretty covered up not showing a lot of cleavage and at most she just wears a lot of short shorts and skirts.

Does this image work for capturing Caitlyn’s personality?

Caitlyn Redesign

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: I may or may not have this image in my reference file for an eventual or non-eventual VU.



[ Follow-up ] Caitlyn’s design

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Let’s get slightly less cryptic. I’ll try for at least an 8/10.

There’s a fine line where any champion update is concerned. Yep, that hat is goofy. It’s straight outta Willy Wonka. Egads, that dress, what is she, a ballerina? WHY ALL THE BELTS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THE BELTS. However, despite all that inconsistency, there’s charm. I’m coining a term, right here, right now. “Incongruity charm”. The positive emotional responses derived from particular visual aspect of a character that despite making no logical or stylistic sense allows a character to be a) recognized distinctly and b) creates uniqueness. 

That’s what we don’t want to kill, the distinct recognizably and uniqueness of a champion. We want to find a way to make some of that contrast actually consistent without dismantling the character. For me, that means keeping particular reads of a character. It might mean ditching the tutu, but it might mean giving her a long/half coat that creates a similar silhouette. It might mean keeping a hat that’s to a certain extent over-sized, but give it a reason for it to be a little unusual, whether that be by adding functionality, adding fashion or creating story.

For Caitlyn all of the above apply in terms of a solution, I feel. We can turn that hat into something that has functionality that Piltover gadgetry is known for, we can make it something that feels integrated into her fashion persona and we can allow it to be a marker of her story as a member of law enforcement. 

I actually see Caitlyn being able to get a way with high-fashion garb. I wouldn’t yank it right from Victorian London, but I would want to bring it in line with what Piltover is manifesting as in newer characters. That style is more evident and unified in Vi and Jayce. I think it’s only appropriate that Caitlyn follows a similar progression. Making sure that charm is intact but dialing back on some of the incongruity.

[ Opinion ] The above concept just doesn’t fit Caitlyn. It’s too much steampunk, not enough wackiness

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: It’s not so much about execution nor literal translation of this art. When embarking on any character, a new champion or a VU, I gather reference. I gather a LOT of reference. Sometimes it’s photo reference, sometimes other artist’s reference. It’s reference for design, style, technical execution, etc. This piece happens to be among my reference as is has something to contribute to the conversation. Not necessarily at face value, or from a polish standpoint, but because it’s a player’s interpretation and they’ve let me see the champion through their eyes. I find that extremely valuable.

PBE Changes to Maokai Explained Banner

Maokai got a major overhaul in today’s PBE patch. How will these changes affect his gameplay?

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Clarity on PBE changes

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Couple of notes here on the Maokai changes that aren’t immediately apparent from looking at the tooltips on PBE.

W no longer has a cast time, essentially this makes it easier for him to reactively use this ability for either the fast snare or to duck a spell with the untargetability.

Sapling movespeed starts lower at 450, but now scales with Maokai’s movespeed, this is why we had to hit the damage on the skill, the damage is more reliable throughout the game and thus the 460 total base damage was a bit whacky.

What’s with the changes to Twisted Advance [ W ] ?

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Totally get this confusion and I’ll do my best to clarify how we got to where we currently are on the W changes.

Essentially the start of the changes to the character were centered around the ult and making it more usable and the initial proposal for ult change was a slightly less polished version of the change you see on PBE today. We liked most of what we saw with this version of the ult, but it left a fundamental flaw in the character where he had an ultimate that made him want to stick by and protect his teammates that was constantly at odds with the 650 range snare dash that screamed “initiate on the opposing backline.” The two mechanics didn’t make sense together, so we set out to re-focus the W around shorter range, but faster teamfight positioning that was most effective vs. the opposing front line to keep Maokai closer to his allies. This is also the reason why the damage paradigm shifted from flat damage to % damage; we wanted Maokai’s W to be more target agnostic so that you can feel good about W’ing to that opposing Vi rather than always feeling compelled to dive the opposing squishies.

The results of these changes have been pretty promising in playtests. Maokai still has decent ability to start fights by opening with Sapling slow to make up the extra range lost on the W, but it doesn’t feel quite as inevitible and frustrating when playing against, and meanwhile Maokai gets to feel much better about using the W to get in useful positions for protecting other members of his team. I want to continue to monitor this and test my assumptions about how this is playing out on PBE, but as I said, thus far I’ve been pleased with the result that this change has on it’s kit alongside the other changes that support it (the E for giving him some reach in ganks/initiation scenarios and the R for preferable teamfight positioning).

Hope this helps you understand where we’re coming from on this!

[ Question ] Will you also make the items for tanky junglers better?

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Yes, as we’ve said in the forecast, itemization is also being looked at and improved for Tank Junglers this patch, which involves some changes that I won’t go into on the Golem line since we’re still hashing out some of the details before sharing them with yall. Still not sure when they’ll be ready for PBE, but I can tell you that the benefits that tanks are seeing from these changes in internal playtests have been very promising.

[ Question ] How will these changes affect AP Maokai?

SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Hard for me to tell what exactly it does for AP Mao. Q is essentially unchanged for AP Mao. W is better as a 1 pointer due to the base damage scaling naturally with game time, but the AP ratio doesn’t catch up to live until the target hits 2K HP, sooooo kinda tough to tell?

E retains it’s high ratio, but takes a base damage hit, BUT also gets extra movespeed off your movespeed and slows the opponents, so his poke game becomes more reliable, but less punishing in terms of damage.

Ult is probably strictly buffed for AP Mao since now he can follow his target to nuke them with it.

I think it’s a small net positive for the AP build, but enough parts are moving around for him and we’ve gotten pretty limited testing on it since it is an off-build, so I can’t really say with confidence where it all puts him. It’s a neat little off-build though, and I’d love for it to still be as effect as it is now, so I’ll be keeping an eye on how AP Maokais perform with these changes and adjust ratios around for him if he’s struggling compared to the current power (or if by some chance I’m missing something and he goes crazy with it :p).

Curse voice still banned Banner

Curse Voice is still forbidden! Why?! (I can’t think of a better summary, I don’t know why it’s still banned).

My thoughts on Curse Voice



Riot Sargonas Button Rioter Riot Sargonas: Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in here. It is NOT ok to use Curse Voice yet. Yes they removed timers, but there are still other concerns we had outlined in our original statement regarding voice chat and overlays. (timers were only 1 of three issues we had with the application at that time.) We’re working closely with Curse to help them make changes that will fit within the guidelines of our ecosystem, so hopefully in the future it will be in the clear once more, as we DO want this to work out well for everyone. However, at this time nothing has changed since our last posting about the issue a few weeks ago.

Why Curse Voice is against Riot policies

Riot Sargonas Button Rioter Riot Sargonas: Since this is a hot topic again, let me outline some clarity on why programs like Curse Voice, Razer Comms, and others are considered against our policies. 

We do not have an issue with people using voice chat, per-say. Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, we know these things are used regularly and that’s fine. Our concerns are when programs interact with the game (during the champion select lobby experience for example) and prompt you with overlays that say “Hey, people on your team are running XYZ software. Click here to chat with them.” That’s where our concerns come in as this is doing several things, including breaking the “should not interfere with the player experience from Play to End of Match Screen”.

I also want to point out you’re perfectly fine to have curse voice installed and use it with other games, we wont ding you for simply having it. We’re even working with them to hopefully find a solution where everyone, especially the players, win.

[ Off-topic ] Why are you working on voice chatting instead of fixing drophacks?

Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: I can promise you that the network engineers are not the ones handling Riot-Developer relations, or detailing Third-Party-Programs rulings.

[ Question ] Why not add your own voice chat option to the game?

Riot Sargonas Button Rioter Riot Sargonas: Adding our own is something we are researching. Not saying we definitely will, or wont, but we are sincerely taking the community sentiment into consideration and investigating possibilities. What may come of that, who knows.. but it’s not something we’ve closed the book on.

Update on Soraka's Rework Banner

How is Soraka’s rework coming along? Game designer Vesh has some thoughts to share with the community on Soraka’s healer theme. 

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My ideas for Soraka


[ Question ] Is it true Morello doesn’t want Soraka to be a healer?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Actually, Morello has been the one who has really been driving the vision of her remaining as a healer above all other things, at any cost.

pls nobody tell him i told u dis. it would ruin his reputation of hating healerz


[ Follow-up ] So Soraka will remain a dedicated healer?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: That’s the goal . We sat down and said “what would we be willing to sacrifice to make Soraka the best healer we can” and we decided the answer was everything (if we had to).



[ Question ] How do you balance a healer to not stay back and just heal everyone from safety?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: This is absolutely the biggest risk with a healing champion. Heals undermine action and make it feel pointless to engage with the enemy. One way we are looking at solving this is the idea of the “infuse healer” who martyrs herself by giving up her health to an ally. Ideally, she has some interactive way to regenerate her health if she is successful (for instance, some form of offensive spell with adequate counterplay). If you make the healer more at risk as they heal (by making them at lower and lower health) then the “kill the healer” gameplay becomes much more realizable.

[ Question ] Will she have both health and mana costs?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: It would probably also need a mana cost to make Soraka not feel bad about buying all the mana items that we push supports towards. I’ll be able to talk more about what is working and what types of things we’re trying as we build more confidence in the direction. Right now we are really just exploring whether this healing pattern can work and feel fair and impactful for both teams.

[ Question ] Will you keep Starcall unchanged?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Starcall is literally just a stat-check. It also tells Soraka to build tanky and stand in the middle of the fight. These things directly conflict with the goals of making an interactive character who can also be a best-in-class healer as her unique support niche.

[ Question ] Why not add risk to healing by making Soraka’s heal melee-ranged?

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Haha, don’t want to talk about specifics too much while we are still uncofident, but that’s literally the change I made for this week’s testing. It solves that problem to some degree but feels realllly bad as Soraka when people are over walls or running from you and you can’t help them. (trying a new passive that might help with this though)

[ Opinion ] Soraka’s pushing strengths are a big part of her niche in lane

Vesh Button Rioter Vesh: Didn’t say she wouldn’t still have that aspect. The auto-target starcall that just hits stuff for damage can’t stay though. Can still find ways to preserve the pushing aspect without sacrificing interactive gameplay.

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New theme for Baron’s pit

[ Update ] More ideas for Diana

Related Collection

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gypsylord Button Rioter Gypsylord: Hey guys,

Thanks a ton for all the feedback. Am reading through the whole thread.

Again, it’s unlikely these changes will happen. I’m just spitballing with you guys to better understand Diana’s identity and what could be done with her.

Some general trends I’m picking up:
Assassin pattern would be missed.
What’s a “fighter” anyways and how does that help define a champ’s identity?
R damage spike at 6 would be important to laning and sorely missed.
Maybe switch R and E?
If she doesn’t just kill a guy how does she survive in a fight?

Will try to respond to some of this stuff later this evening when I get more time. Gotta get back to work on next champ D:

[ Question ] How are Sona and Sion’s reworks coming alone?

MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Actively in progress is about all I can say at the moment. For Sona timing’s going to depend on availability of art support once possible design changes are locked down. Sion on the other hand’s a really large job (same amount of work as a new champion in many regards, but with more skins) so he’s coming along well but a mammoth project.

[ Follow-up ] Sona rework

MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: We’re investigating ways to address some issues with her auras at the moment (how can we can that power more appreciable, get some additional skill differentiation). Some more details/discussion here.

[ Update ] Darius Rework

morello Button Rioter Morello: These are very specific and not ready to talk in detail about those (I always think the details are pretty mutable anyhow!). But I can answer a few queastions:

  • What about bleed damage? I think Bleed Damage should be rewarded more in the skill damage ramp than the bleeds. Maybe at higher levels is could go up over the current amount, but I’d imagine the bleed damage itself wouldn’t be seeing huge increases.

  • Will he get tankiness? In this Darius model, he actually needs to be very tanky – agreed. We’re requiring him to spend more time in combat to score kills, so more tankiness is required to get him to be able to do that. Some of this would be itemization, some maybe in skills, or base stats.

  • His kiting issue will NOT be addressed – on purpose. This version of Darius would eventually win any long fight. The key play to deal with Darius is to peel him and keep him off you. I think being kitable is a fine weakness, and there’s quite a few champs with moveblocks who can be played for those players who hate being kited 🙂

Does this help?

Thoughts on Headhunter Caitlyn’s looks

My criticism of Headhunter Caitlyn


Riot Whist Button Rioter Riot Whist: Headhunter Cait is just the headhunter line (which is heavily predator inspired) and is not made to be a future-tech skin.

This doesn’t close the door to a future/mecha/battlecast/pulsefire/whatever kind of skin at all. I’d love to work on a future tech Caitlyn skin, though I’d prefer to wait until after her VU.

Also in defense of cleavage/miniskirt…
That’s Cait. Take a peek at the base model, big boobs and a miniskirt. You’re noticing her boobs more probably because the texture work is better and they look like boobs, not a shelf. Part of the task of Skins team is to make sure skins still look like the base champion. We are looking into addressing some of the concerns though.

A lot of the complaints about the skin seem more like a discussion about Cait as a character and would fit more into a VU discussion. We here at Riot all agree (at least those I’ve spoken with) that a Sheriff probably shouldn’t have a miniskirt.


[ Question ] Will we have a better explosion animation for the Nexus when the game is over?

RiotForScienceButton Rioter RiotForScience: Yup I can though I am certain that the end-of-game-ceremony is stilll work-in-progress

[ Update ] Indicators for Blue/Red buffs on Summoner’s Rift

Button Rioter Les Nomerables: We’ll be creating new ones later in the process 🙂

Riot Games paying employees to quit

Link to announcement (scroll a bit down).

Riot WhistButton Rioter Riot Whist: I expect utilizing this program to be a fairly rare thing thing as stated we are very careful with hires.

This is something other companies like google and amazon have done for years now. It’s a win for both sides, we don’t have new employees who aren’t enjoying their job not giving it their all, and they don’t have to hang around at a job they don’t like.

Riot’s an amazing place to work for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everybody.

We aren’t paying people to leave, Riot doesn’t initiate this. The new hire is the one who decides to leave and get money for it.

[ Follow-up ]

Riot WhistButton Rioter Riot Whist: It’s only for new hires in their first 60 days. If they’re doing a terrible job, we will let them go with no pay if need be (though I doubt we’d ever consider firing in the first 60 days and they’d have adequate warning they need to up their game first). It’s up to THEM to decide if they want to leave.

I don’t know where this elaborate sketchy scheme came about, but Riot would not do this. No sane company would do this.
If you aren’t working out with the company we let you go. There’s no “hey you’re going to get fired in a few months”. That would be a really dumb move.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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With the recent debacle over Riot allowing Curse Voice to be used by players, I thought I’d give you guys an objective rundown of why this is a non-issue. If drama is what you crave, Reddit is more than welcome to supply you; this will be a factual analysis.

NOTE: A moderator for Curse Voice has added a clarification about beta keys and payment model. Please read his comments.

This article will address the Curse Voice and 3rd Party software general. I hope I’ll give you an idea of the difference between an app that provides a service and one that harms the competitive environment of a game. I’ll also talk about pay-to-win software, exploitative apps, suggested policies and cookies. Ned Stark dies somewhere in this article.



Curse App Legal


Quoting Shapzar in his Reddit comment:

“Programs that give you information you have already earned (such as visible timers) are ok. Programs that give you information you have not earned (such as enemy timers/timers in the fog of war), ones that make decisions for you, or take actions for you, are NOT ok.”

 Curse Voice doesn’t provide more information to the player than what’s already available. If something happens in the fog of war, the program won’t alert you to it. Onto the second point, which is more controversial: is an automated timer taking actions away from a player?  The answer to that relies on a distinction between player decisions and mechanics that don’t require thoughtful/skilled input. This translates to what 3rd party software should be acceptable in LoL.

 Here’s a jungle overlay that I’ve been using for over a year:

Jungle Overlay

This is a standard buff overlay, which you can download for free. You click the appropriate icon when the objective is down and the timer starts. It was confirmed as legal all those years ago and still is. It requires some player input, but it lifts the responsibility of memorizing numbers and puts a focus on the timer so you plan out your teamplay accordingly. The overlay is, in this case, passively assisting your play with information you want to keep track of.

 The difference between this and Curse Voice is that the latter will, reportedly, remove the mediator (you) and start the timer by itself. So the question becomes: is this click on an overlay or memorizing of numbers an interactive mechanic? If so, then the software would be treated as a hack, because it’s assisting people through an automated feature. If not, it’s as harmless as all the other jungle timer apps that have existed since the early days of stonewall008.

 I don’t think these required tasks are indicative of player skill, and I’ll give you an example with another game: StarCraft II. There are two features that did not exist in the original and were implemented with the Heart of the Swarm expansion – auto-mining and worker count. Auto-mining sends your initial six workers to a mineral patch automatically when the game starts (resource gathering). Before that, you’d have to order your units as soon as the game started. Similarly, you had to keep track of how many workers you’re sending to mine a single base; more than the maximum meant some workers were moving pointlessly between occupied resource nodes, not doing anything. A UI window was introduced to keep track of worker count.


Ease of Play Did these features cheapen the experience? Was the game ruined for the casual masses flipping birds and crushing candy? No, because neither of those mechanics contribute to a player’s thought process in-game – they were busy-work, something that became reflexive with practice. You were not a better player for clicking on a mineral patch quicker than your opponent – maybe you had lower latency, faster mouse response or maybe you’re the Flash in which case how is it fair you’re playing StarCraft ladder? It’s a parallel situation when counting workers on mineral patches – you just did it because it was the optimal way to play, not because you had a deeper understanding of the game. And this is where my main argument for automated objective timers in LoL lies.

 The act of you timing Dragon or blue buff, in itself, doesn’t make you a better player. It makes you a competitive player, because it’s a requirement in a game that’s objective-focused, but keeping timers in your head, or on a sheet of paper, or on an automated overlay isn’t indicative of a mechanic you’ve developed as a result of becoming better at the game. Am I improving, mechanically, when I click on that timer? No. I don’t associate this action with a choice in the game, I don’t consider whether it’s a must – I do it because it’s stuck in my head and I have to do it if I want to win. If a 3rd party software exists that does this for me, I will not, magically, become Challenger. Timing objectives is not a result of assessing the game situation – it’s the video game equivalent of accounting and that’s boring and non-interactive.


“If we allow automated timers, we have to allow highlighting low-health minions, track ward placement and enemy cooldowns, etc.”


 It’s a reasonably analogy, if you only take Riot’s short statement as evidence of their upcoming 3rd party policies. But it falls apart when you consider that all the above-mentioned information depends on the game environment, therefore, depends on the player’s involvement. CS-ing is a mechanical skill, but it’s also a strategy – getting in range, timing your hits and AA resets so you get all minions, avoiding aggro, calculating risk and so on. Vision and enemy cooldowns also directly influence player choice in a game, so if you have software that tracks wards you saw get placed or downtime of enemy spells, that software is harming your personal assessment of how the match is developing. Timing objectives, in itself, is neutral. Actually taking objectives is player-involved.

 Let me present an alternate scenario for those who find the above statements confusing. You have two apps – one times objectives, the other –  enemy cooldowns. Now, you stop them individually. First, you lose the objective timer. This doesn’t change the environment, because you can still time objectives yourself and you still have to develop a strategy to take them. The timer was passively influencing your gameplay; it was providing a service that’s easy to keep track of and its automated feature doesn’t give an advantage over the enemy. Now, you disable the enemy CD timer. If that timer was proper, it would be collecting information on current cooldown reduction, level of spells and would have the entire lolwiki database to work with.  It’s humanly impossible for you to accurately reproduce the results of that timer. Worse, still, the timer was actively altering your gameplay, making you more aware of when to commit or disengage, etc.





 If you’re worrying Riot will allow apps that calculate your movement with Tier 2 Boots, you’re overly dramatizing – no company writes their 3rd party software agreement without considering what’s abusing the concept and what’s not. Let me break down the difference between a beneficial app and a harmful one:

Good App
Bad App

* Provides irrelevant service for competing
Does the opposite. (no, seriously)

* Has no impact on player’s performance

* Doesn’t use datapools to calculate

* Is free

* Doesn’t provide hidden information

* Doesn’t generate input (macros, bots, etc.)

* Doesn’t monitor or decrypt user data

* Doesn’t interfere with game files

I should point out that the price of an app is of no importance if it follows point 1 about what’s expected of a “good app”.  As long as it follows the above guidelines, the app should be optional, therefore its price is a non-factor. At higher levels, people will feel forced to use software that makes following the game flow easier. That’s where accepted apps are beneficial – they provide a better service that helps people focus on developing a strategy. They don’t take away the element of strategy from players – that’s what bad apps do.

Let’s go over this again. TeamSpeak – allows players to communicate between each other, makes no active impact on the game, passively provides a service. Approved. Motion Tracking (imagined name), gives you an estimation of a Champion’s path and arrival time, taking into account Movement Speed, abilities, masteries, runes and in-game statistics. Rejected.

Curse Voice

Banning 3rd party software altogether is the no-brainer here. If we remove the community aspect of developing for the game, we avoid the risks of having it in the first place, but we’re left with nothing. Fact is, apps are already being used in LoL. Whether it’s a harmless Skype call or a jungle timer overlay, or a malicious drop-hack or macro-bot for Cassiopeia’s E, we won’t get rid of systems that go against an establishment. Didn’t work for the States when they banned alcohol in the 20s, won’t work for software on the Internet. What we can do is help Riot form reasonable restrictions on 3rd party software.

And may I point out how hypocritical it is that the community wants to be more involved in the direction of the game but then actively rejects community-created apps?





 Curse Voice is currently in closed beta, so it’s not an equal playing ground for people who want to take advantage of it. In its boom of popularity, marketers take advantage and provide popular streamers with keys they give to people who subscribe. Or give them away to people who like their page or lick their shoes or whatever – this is common business practice. Whether it’s unethical and taking advantage of consumers is a side topic. For this article, the main factor is the software isn’t provided to everyone.

 Further segregation will occur if Curse Voice is not a free app. If this indeed becomes a software players need installed to compete and puts those who don’t have it at a disadvantage, then either the program will be banned or the community will look for alternatives. Either way, paid required apps are unacceptable, because they constitute a pay-to-win model.

 As I’ve established in the previous section, I don’t believe Curse Voice will be a necessity. But the arguments against paid apps concern the practice in general, and it’s something Riot will have to actively discourage, through their policies. If common logic dictates the development of future 3rd party apps for LoL, the benefits they’ll provide players with will not justify people paying for them.

It’s a thin line that outside software can thread when it’s being used in a competitive environment. To completely erase that line is squandering the potential of a community to deliver quality service.





 Timers won’t make you Challenger. Yes, 3rd party software is a gray area when it comes to what’s allowed and what’s not. These issues have existed and have been resolved in the industry since the dawn of online games. There are strict and logical policies that ban programs which destroy competitiveness. Companies today have the tools to differentiate between 3rd party software used. The community that commits to developing them for serious use understands the guidelines for their implementation, they’re not just blindly putting together macro bots or dataminers or whatever have you.

 To ban all apps from being used is to go the way of companies that don’t put faith in players. The fear of exploits when LoL has grown to such scale is real and, yet, it’s no more justified than the fear of any company putting out an online game. I hope this article has at least made you consider that pulling a curtain over 3rd party software in general isn’t necessary. What is necessary is having proper Terms of Service that can’t be misinterpreted.

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