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CLG Brings on Scarra as Head Coach

 After parting ways with Christopher “Montecristo” Mykkles, Counter Logic Gaming has announced that their new Head Coach will be former Dignitas Captain and Head Coach, William “Scarra” Li. Scarra has been in the League of Legends eSports scene for nearly five years, bringing his expertise and experience. Scarra is seen as a very mature, level-headed person, someone who could properly manage Counter Logic Gaming’s internal struggles. By living in the house with them and seeing their day-to-day progress and interactions, Scarra is able to do more than Montecristo ever could while he was coaching from Korea. Scarra joined CLG after leaving Dignitas, largely because he felt he needed a change seeing as he had been with the organization and some of those players on the roster for years.

Comely Joins CLG’s Coaching Staff

Working alongside Scarra and Tony “Zikz” Gray will be the LoL personality known as Comely. Comely is more famously known as the parody Twitter account DrunkScarra and as a former assistant coach for Dignitas, working alongside Scarra and Mylixia. Not much has been said about what Comely can bring to the table, however he will specialize in macro strategy and team communication if his past work with Dignitas is used as a frame of reference.

CLG Prepares for Tryouts

Counter Logic Gaming will be looking for both a Mid Laner and a Jungler, and have opened up applications for tryouts. Current CLG mid laner Link will also be trying out, and Scarra has stated he will be scrutinized more than other players because CLG expect him to immediately outperform the other tryouts.

The Application 

Applicants must be:

  • A high-school graduate.
  • Challenger in ranked solo queue or have previous challenger/professional league experience [LCS, OGN, Coke, etc].
  • Eligible to play in the LCS.
Please fill out the following application and send it to [email protected] in the body of the email.
The subject of the email should include:
[Role] Name | IGN

An example would be: [Mid] George Georgallidis | HotshotGG
What is your history with League?
Describe any other game and/or competitive experience.
How would you describe yourself as a player?
What are your three strongest champions and why?
Why do you want to be a part of CLG?
What value can you bring to the team in comparison to other applicants?

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