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IEM Cologne saw the first time an amateur team took home an IEM title, as well as a ticket to the IEM World Championship. ESC Ever, notorious for taking down 2015 World Champions SK Telecom on their path through the KeSPA cup, edged out one of the LPL’s elite in a 3-2 victory over the Qiao Gu Reapers. We dove into the games and picked out some stats, like KDA and Game time, and how much – or even if – a team benefits from taking Rift Herald, and threw them together to get a better look at what went down in Cologne.


IEM Cologne 2015 Infograph


Visuals by: Ling Gu

Stats and other information by: Caymus


Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin and Alberto “Crumbzz” Rengifo have come together to create a new Challenger team.

Long time veterans of the LoL scene, the two have crossed regions to join forces and compete in North America.

From the official announcement:

Rengifo and Ichetovkin will be joined by Maria “Yuno” Creveling in the support position. Creveling previously played for Team Roar’s bottom lane alongside Shan “Chaox” Huang.

The AD Carry and Top lane positions have yet to be finalized, but the team is currently scrimming with Ritchie “Intense” Ngo (AD Carry) and Oleksii “RF Legendary” Kuziuta (Top lane). Badawi states that the scrims so far have been going great but that the team is still considering all available options and accepting applications.

See the official announcement for complete details as well as a Q&A with team owner Chris Badawi.




Team Dignitas has announced that beginning in Week 6 of the NA LCS Spring Split, Andrew “Azingy” Zamarripa will be trying out for the Starting Jungler position. The move comes among team performance issues and is the second change in jungler this split, the first being with week 3’s departure of Crumbzz.

Azingy was the jungler for TSM Darkness, it is unclear who will be taking over for the Challenger squad.


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Heya folks. While CLG and GGU may be a little bit different to match up with Velocity and Cloud 9’s freshness, there are two members of NA LCS that are coming in wild and crazy. For the majority of NA LCS teams there’s a certain feel to how they’ll do and predictions can be rather logical. For Dignitas and Vulcun however, that solid feeling isn’t there, and the two teams maintain themselves as the least consistent teams in LCS – enough to make a gambling man cry.

Top – KiWiKiD
Jungle – Crumbz
Mid – Scarra
ADC – ImaQTPie
Support – Patoy

Dignitas is in a unique position. They were in competition for top a two towards position the end of the season, but found themselves in a downward slump. Their win rate in the last two weeks of the LCS was a very weak 2 wins to 5 losses and fell down to third place. Curse found themselves in a slump as well, but with more early wins they were able to keep themselves in the top 2. However, Curse had a roster shuffle to recover from their slump, while Dignitas hasn’t done anything comparable to that level of change. While they were able to beat Team Summon 3-1 to stay in the LCS, Team Summon was a team that had two new players and yet they were still able to put up a fight and take a game off Dignitas. Is the slump really over?

Inner Workings: It’s important to know how Dignitas functions. Dignitas tends to solidify their strategies with a certain framework “Run it until it stops working.” Dignitas’s compositions in the Spring Split were very similar for a decent chunk of the split. Alistar Support, Diana or Gragas Mid, Draven on AD, and Junglers/Tops that could start fights on their own. Bans did force this comp to change, but the general plan was pick 4-5 guys that can all start a team fight on their own and then just snowball out of lane and early team fights. If anyone on a team can start a fight it is much harder for a champion to be caught out of position. This strategy worked for quite a while, but started to flounder once bans came in and off-picks couldn’t fill the needed roles. This was really clear when Scarra showed some of his Twisted Fate bloopers or games where Dignitas would just get bullied and passively lose.

There’s more to Dignitas than strategies though. Dignitas runs on fuel that can be hard to pump back up: emotions. I personally got to see an emotional crash in action at the World Playoffs in 2012. I watched their games against Saigon Jokers and CLG.EU, where Dyrus had given away the gameplan for Dignitas in a moment of foolishness. Worlds had a setup at the event for constant vision of the players faces, unlike the current LCS where it’s a rotation of players on the bottom of the screen. I remember watching Dignitas play CLG.EU and you could see the instance where Dignitas lost confidence as the match headed south. This was amplified by their strategies being revealed, but never have I seen an entire team react so quickly to a bad situation. Scarra frowned and didn’t stop for the rest of the game, Patoy looked pale, and Crumbz had this grim dedicated gaze. ImaQTpie looked like QTpie because he doesn’t react much emotionally, but he’s not necessarily a positive banner that helps his teammates recover. That was the game though, once the team was emotionally on tilt all hell broke loose and they were crushed.

What really stuck out from this is that these expressions of despair stuck around for their game against Saigon Jokers. Dignitas could have still left group stages, but they just didn’t have the resolve and Saigon Jokers styled on them as a result. This is how Dignitas operates – when they’re hot they do well and might drop a game or two, but if they go cold they stay cold until they find a new OP strategy that they’re confident in. Scarra in particular has the most trouble with this, and solving overconfidence is not as simple as curing a mechanical mistake – if it can even be fixed.

What does this mean for the Summer Split? Dignitas has to have their strategies in a row to deliver well early on, but once opposing teams figure out those strategies they have to make sure they don’t enter another cycle of losses before they have something new planned out. They are an inconsistent team and unfortunately for Dignitas it means that they have two options to reach worlds: fix their consistency issues, or be on a hot streak when playoffs roll around. If Dignitas loses 2 games during a 2-3 game week, or 3 games during a 5 game week, expect Dignitas to just keep on losing for about a week or two. This does mean that if Dig can find solid enough strategies there are long gaps between their losses, but it’s also a strategy that expects losses.

Top - SychoSid
Jungle - Xmithie
Mid – MandatoryCloud
ADC - Zuna
Support - Bloodwater

Vulcun comes back to the Summer Split as one of the less talked about teams. They were able to finish in third place in the LCS NA Playoffs and had one of the most chaotic seasons imaginable. They ended strong but will this finish continue into the Summer Split?

Inner Workings: Here is the secret to Vulcun: MandatoryCloud is a dramatic playmaker and he is the glue that keeps the team together. Vulcun used to be referred to as Aphromoo’s team, now sometimes Zuna’s team, but the heart of Vulcun lies in ManCloud.

Or used to. Which is great for Vulcun, who have been spreading around the love when it comes to big plays. Towards the end of the split Zuna became a much stronger carry, and with Bloodwater there to help relay information and outplay in botlane, their laning has become solid. What was missing from Vulcun throughout Spring Split was experience as a team. Both Zuna and Sycho Sid were new to the roster, and Zuna was also new to the AD Carry role. This led to MandatoryCloud taking the brunt of the carrying for the team, and while his Nidalee was beastly, expecting one player to carry every game is ludicrous. This is why as Vulcun got closer to the playoffs the team got much, much better.

Before that happened however, every time MandatoryCloud had an off game, the team crashed horribly. When ManCloud was off his game Xmithie floundered as he based lot of his gameplan on ManCloud. Without Jungler presence top and bot are both left to their own devices while the enemy team still has their jungler, which led to some incredible stomps. It’s important to note that the relationship between Xmithie and ManCloud is still there. If ManCloud is having trouble in-lane or doing something across the map, then Xmithie will most likely fall behind since he’s generally trying to play with ManCloud and get movement started. Now however, Xmithie can work well with Sycho Sid and Zuna if ManCloud is having troubles and still fight across the map.

What does this mean for the Summer Split? While they’re much less dependent on MandatoryCloud, he’s still their mid and a lot rides on his play – but now it’s not everything. Their season results were great for week ten (4-1), but lackluster for week eight (1-1) and just outright bad for week seven (0-3) – they didn’t play week nine. This data shows Vulcun’s improvement as well as the slump of Curse and Dignitas, but it also shows the wild inconsistencies of the team. They’re in a similar position to Dignitas, they’re going to have unpredictable weeks, but results should be similar throughout a week. On a strong week they’ll be almost unbeatable, on an off-weak expect LCS watchers to want to bench a member. The question is whether or not their strong finish was just the upward momentum of a hot streak, or the beginning of consistent team play. If they’ve been able to solidify their play then expect them to be one of the many Top 4 contenders and incredibly tight results keeping the teams in check. However, if they’re still as streaky as they once were, competition is stiffer this time around and Vulcun’s last season record was an average 12-16. In the end however, they should be able to make playoffs with CLG sabotaging their own roster, but it’s going to be closer this time around.

There’s one more piece to the LCS NA puzzle and that’s the anchors of NA LCS – TSM and Curse. Come back for the last bit of analysis and a different look on what Edward might be bringing to Curse. If there are any questions or comments, feel free to contact me on Twitter (@LeagueOfStudio) or leave a comment below.


Christopher “Studio” Grant

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Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas may have stumbled, but they’ve managed to pull ahead and are 4-2 as of Week 2. Although Season 2’s World Championship was rough for Dignitas, they’ve managed to come back strong in Season 3. Having wins against TSM Snapdragon, Good Game University, Team MRN and Vulcun they’ve proved to the world that Dignitas is still one of the strongest teams in North America. Scarra, Dignitas’ AP Mid, also hinted toward the possibility of his team having acquired their own gaming house:

I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions, but we just met with a landlady today and signed a lease agreement. Hooray.

— Scarra (@dscarra) February 18, 2013

On Saturday, Dignitas also released an AMA on their website. The team answered questions about their current meta, play style and even their roster. Many people remember the disaster that was IWillDominate’s year suspension from League.  “About IWD, he has the potential to rejoin the team once his ban is lifted, but only if a spot opens up from our team. Currently, our team roster is very solid, and I have no problems with the current team,” William ‘Scarra’ Li said during the AMA. Coming into Week 3 it seems that Dignitas is perfectly happy with their new roster–and who can blame them?

TSM Snapdragon

TSM Snapdragon may have room for improvement in the upcoming weeks, but they’ve pulled together and have managed to win a number of games. Although Kayle may have not worked out so well for the team, Champions like Kha’Zix have definitely wowed the crowd as far as TSM goes. They’ve always been known for their aggressive, all in team compositions. However, it will be interesting to see how they adapt to playing against Dignitas, whom definitely surprised the crowd by beating TSM.

Despite some stumbling here and there, this team certainly isn’t an underdog going into Week 3.  With a 4-2 win loss score, TSM is right up there with Dignitas. Other teams such as Vulcun, Complexity and GGU have had their moments, but it will be interesting to see how the younger teams deal with old, established teams such as CLG, TSM and Dignitas.


Counter Logic Gaming

With CLG being this week’s featured team, Week 3 is all ready off to a nice start for CLG.  Known as one of the oldest teams, CLG has had its ups and downs throughout the years. This season, however, has started out strong for them. Having lost only one out of the three games they’ve played, CLG has proved that their poke comps are still just as powerful as they were in earlier seasons. Although they haven’t given away much in regards to their plans for Week 3, CLG’s official Twitter announces the outcome of scrims. At least it’s something:

Team MRN

Team MRN’s games in the past week of LCS could definitely be described as unfortunate. Having been bopped by both Dignitas and TSM, MRN will be pressed to come out on top during Week 3. All work and no play would make MRN a dull team. Although they’ve worked hard to come this far, it seems that they’re still not afraid to have fun. (Though they do seem to have a fear of sausages.) MRN has made the qualifiers interesting with their base races that have kept everyone on the seat of their pants.

Now, in Week 3, their strats may have to change. Cheese can only work for so long, especially when other teams definitely want to avoid getting ‘MRN’d’. With a total score of 0-2 Team MRN has definitely shown that there’s much room for improvement, but they’re a team that definitely has the potential to go far. Despite their rocky start, Peter ‘Heartbeat’ Lim released some promising news in regards to their scrims–they’ve been winning!

3-0 against Curse today in scrims. 😀

— Peter Lim (@HeartbeatLoL) February 21, 2013


Having only played 1 game and lost it, it’s safe to say that CompLexity hasn’t exactly had much time to shine. Having just gotten their own gaming  house, perhaps the team will find it easier to come together now that they’re all under the same roof. Their game versus Curse was exceedingly close. Samuel ‘Chuuper’ Chu, CompLexity’s AP Mid, remained positive despite the loss.

With three games coming their way, CompLexity will have the chance to show viewers that their hard work behind the scenes has the potential to pay off. CompLexity’s future is unclear, if only because they haven’t really gotten the chance to play yet.



The past two weeks for Vulcun can only be described as painful. With a total score of 0-5, Vulcun has been struggling to win against teams like TSM and Dignitas. Some games were closer than others, but it’s safe to say that Vulcun has much to work on. Formerly known as Team FEAR, Vulcun is now sponsoring the team. Their sponsorship may be relatively new, but their team manager has said only positive things about the organization.

Despite their rather abysmal start for Season 3, it’s definitely nice to hear that their new sponsors are being supportive. Teams lose from time to time–it happens–and it’d be a shame if people starting counting Vulcun out now. Having just moved into their own gaming house, hopefully their team play will improve alongside the other teams that have ran into some trouble.


Even though they didn’t make it to the Season 2 World Championship, Curse has proved that they can be absolute terrors when they come together. With a score of 5-0, they are the current kings of North America’s LCS. It’s hard to point out anything negative when Curse’s score speaks for itself. Curse’s roster has been erratic, but it’s nice to see that no one has been benched in the past weeks of LCS. Once the Bench King, Elementz is now what could be considered the top support in North America–and it sounds as if he couldn’t be happier.

In Week 3 it will be interesting to see if Curse will be able to hold their lead over the other LCS teams. They’ve had close games against teams like CompLexity and they’re certainly not unbeatable.  For now, however, Curse remains godlike.

Good Game University

GGU may have gotten schooled in three out of their four games, but they’re still proving to be a strong team as Season 3 carries on. Dignitas and CLG may have bested them, but their win against Vulcun has put them on the map. Josh ‘NintendudeX’ Atkins has brought Trundle back into the jungle.  Foxzii, who keeps GGU’s Facebook page up to date has finally revealed herself. They’re also holding a competition for the design of their new team logo. Overall, the past couple of weeks have been eventful for this team.


GGU has promised much cheese for Week 3 of LCS. Although they haven’t revealed what the cheese is, they’re certainly leaving a trail for the fans and competition to follow. Despite the interesting things happening revolving around GGU, the team has been having some troubles in regards to getting their players to LA. Shiptur, one of the players for GGU, may miss his flight according to their jungler, NintendudeX.


Being from the UK myself, it has always saddened me that eSports is simply not that big over here. A mix of the high cost of living as well as high taxes make being a pro, or running an organisation in the UK a little harder than it is in many other countries. The number of full-time professional gamers from the UK is small and many of them choose to leave after they have become established, so the scene doesn’t grow.

The one major exception to this rule has always been Team Dignitas, a long-standing, multi-game eSports organisation based in England. Today, in association with SCAN Computers, they announced a UK-only LoL tournament. It will feature eight teams and run throughout March with a £2250 prize pool.

This is wonderful news for the fledgling UK scene. You can find all the details, as well as how YOU can sign up, on the official page: HERE

Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexzander@Ravus


The former team Pulse, consisting of Nam ‘Kenace’ Truong, Leon ‘Onionbagel’ Chen, Zachary ‘Sneakycastro’ Scuderi, Even ‘Evaniskus’ Stevens and Derek ‘zignature’ Shao, has been acquired by Dignitas. For awhile now there has been hints that Dignitas wanted a reliable scrim partner and they have made a fantastic choice with Pulse.

You can read the full story, including a quote from scarra, here

My twitter: @Ravus



After a couple of weeks trying out new players (following the unfortunate removal of IWillDominate and Crumbzz’ move back to the jungle) Dignitas have finally selected their new top-laner.

He had this to say:

I am honored that Team Dignitas chose me as their Off-laner; I feel like Harry Potter, TheChosenOne. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will do the best I can. Thank you to all my fans, especially the ones that still follow me from the HoN scene. Season 3, here I come!

He has played a few games with Dignitas on stream and has performed very well. The future is bright for the boys in black and yellow, hopefully they can maintain their roster for longer this time.


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Alberto “Crumbzz” Rengifo has switched his position from top lane back to the jungle. His original role used to jungler and as he states it is what he is most comfortable with. Now that IWillDominate has become IWillSpectate that role has freed up for his taking.


The situation we are in as unfortunate as it may have been, has happened right in the beginning of a new era for League of Legends, in which everyone has to start from scratch in their updated roles. This is an opportunity for me to play in the jungle once more and be hopefully on par with the already established junglers.

I have made the decision to jungle because there is a much greater abundance of great top laners than there are junglers, as well as jungling being a position that I can impact the game more than top lane. Having played League of Legends for so long, I feel comfortable in every role, but jungling for me just feels right.

-Alberto “Crumbzz” Rengifo


On the official Dignitas website it has been announced that they are now looking for a new top laner and are currently trying out applicants. So go to their website and try your luck.

Cheers and thanks for reading!