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New Elements Roster Banner


Following numerous rumors on players leaving, and with Rekkles heading to Fnatic, Elements has finalized their roster for the LCS Summer Split.

The team is a complete rework of it’s former, with only Henrik “Froggen” Hansen remaining from the 2015 Spring Split line-up. This also marks the return of AD Carry Erik ”Tabzz” van Helvert, who played with the team in the 2014 LCS under the Alliance banner.

With a 7th place finish and narrowly avoiding relegation, changes were definitely necessary for the Elements squad. With a fresh roster built around veteran Mid Laner Froggen, they hope to contend for not only the top spot in EU, but at the 2015 World Championship.

Jacob Toft-Andersen, Elements team Owner, had this to say:

We have tailored and tinkered with the new lineup for months now and put a lot of effort into ensuring that the team were equally motivated, had the desired attitude and would function as a cohesive unit both in and outside of the game.

I am very happy and proud to announce the Elements LCS Summer lineup will be:

– Jesper ‘Jwaow‘ Strandgren

– Marcel “dexter” Feldkamp

– Henrik “Froggen” Hansen

– Erik ”Tabzz” van Helvert

– Hampus ‘promisq‘ Abrahamsson

With Patrick” Nyph” Funke continuing as our Head Coach.


Read the the full statement on Facebook

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It has been one of the worst kept and most predictable secrets that the professional LoL scene has had in quite some time. Nevertheless, it is finally official; Froggen, Wickd, Snoopeh, Krepo and Yellowpete will play under the EG banner from now on.

Evil Geniuses, founded in 1999, are one of the oldest and best established organisations in eSports. After avoiding League for a very long time, they finally found the right team to invest in. We wish them the best of luck in Season 3, though they probably won’t need it.


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– Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexzander