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The IEM World Championships will be at CeBIT on March 5th-9th and today the groups were released. There will be no NA teams this year as many of the larger NA organisations chose to travel less and focus more on NA-centric events. The only NA team to qualify was AL, but since that team no longer exists they could not attend. Europe has a much better showing with Gambit Gaming, Evil Geniuses, SK and Fnatic all taking part- while also being the top four teams in the EU LCS. To add to the Euro list; Millennium will attend along with MYM and Anexis from Poland. Korea will have a great showing as both Frost and Blaze, as well as SKT1 and IM, are coming to see if they can put their stamp onto the IEM. One final team is on the list: paiN Gaming from Brazil will be making their international event début and will be the only team to represent America in any form, albeit from the South. The very best of luck to them and all the teams attending CeBIT this year.



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View IEM’s announcement and further details: here.

Addendum: You can see a breakdown of all the points earned over the season here. Any absent team that is higher on the list than an attending team will either no longer exist or have chosen not to go.

– Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexander – @Ravus


It has been one of the worst kept and most predictable secrets that the professional LoL scene has had in quite some time. Nevertheless, it is finally official; Froggen, Wickd, Snoopeh, Krepo and Yellowpete will play under the EG banner from now on.

Evil Geniuses, founded in 1999, are one of the oldest and best established organisations in eSports. After avoiding League for a very long time, they finally found the right team to invest in. We wish them the best of luck in Season 3, though they probably won’t need it.


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– Jaszon ‘Lightblind’ Alexzander