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With SK Telecom crowned as world champions for the second time, the offseason rears it’s mysterious head yet again, devouring the rosters we know and spitting them out completely disfigured.

To help you keep up, we’ve aggregated all the offseason news over the past month of LoL eSports to recap the chaos so far. Just looking for roster changes? Check out our roster tracker to see who’s playing where in the 2016 NA and EU LCS.


North America








  • Amateur players PentaQ (AD Carry) and City (Support) have joined Master3 to replace Smlz and LoveCD in the bottom lane.
  • Top Laner Loong has transferred from Vici Gaming to Unlimited Potential.  Hetong, Peng, Xuan and World6 have also been transferred.
  • Spirit announced that his contract with World Elite has officially ended, and is now one of the most highly valued free agents of the offseason.
  • Dada7 announced his free agency, leaving World Elite without playing any games with the team.
  • San has left OMG, announcing his retirement from competitive play in early November.
  • Superstar Jay Chou announced the formation of his own eSports brand, MRJ, and will include a League of Legends team.







  • Flash Wolves mid laner Maple will stay with the team after receiving offers from teams in North America, China, and Taiwan.
  • Westdoor announced his retirement from competitive play. Chawy will fill the gap in the mid lane for AHQ.
  • Hong Kong Esports was fined NT $200,000 for match fixing in the LMS playoffs. Toyz is currently looking to break his contract with the organization and has hinted that he was forced to participate in the scandal by HKE owner Derek Cheung.
  • Taipei Assassins announced their new roster, re-signing Bebe as AD carry and adding a substitute for each role.



  • Trident Esports mid laner Claire was suspended from competing in Riot affiliated events for the first split of the 2016 OPL season.








  • The National Electronic Sports Tournament 2015 (NEST) is currently underway, with seven of China’s best teams battling for a $32,000 grand prize.
  • The 2015 All-Star voting has completed, and the regional teams have been announced. All-Star 2015 takes place December 10-14th.
  • IEM Cologne takes place beginning December 18th and features Team Liquid, Cloud 9, and Edward Gaming, with the remaining three teams still being voted in.




 image credit: Ling Gu, lolesports



With the offseason well underway, rosters have already started to transform completely, with many teams opting for at least one change. We’ve put together a quick guide by region, and will be adding the LMS soon. In the meantime, here is the current state of the 2015/2016 Offseason.













SKT Marin Bengi Faker (Confirmed for 2016) Bang Wolf
KOO Tigers (renamed to just the Tigers) Smeb Hojin Kuro Pray Gorilla
KT Rolster Ssumday Score Nagne Arrow Piccaboo
SBENU Soul CatchFlaw SaSin Nuclear Secret
Najin e-mFire Duke Watch Ggoong Ohq Pure
CJ Entus Shy(Tryouts) Ambition (Tryouts) Coco (Tryouts) Space (Tryouts) Madlife (Tryouts)
Jin Air TrAceSoHwan Chaser GBM Pilot Chei
Rebels Anarchy ikssu Lira Mickey Sangyoon Snowflower
Longzhu IM Expression TusiN Frozen Roar IgNar
SSG CuVee Eve Crown Fury Luna





LGD Acorn TBQ(Leaving after IEM) GodV Imp Pyl
EDG Koro1 Clearlove Pawn Deft Meiko
IG Zztai Kakao Rookie KidTime KittiesMo
Qiao Gu V Swift DoinB TnT TcT
Snake Flandre Beast U kRYST4L Ella
Vici Dandy World6 Peng Xuan Mata
OMG gogoingxiyang LovelingJuejue COOL UziNorth sanLuo
Master3 Looper Condi dade smlz lovecd
RNG Letme mlxg xiaohu wuxx ley
Unlimited Potential Loong Eimy Jiaoyang Skatch Heart
Team WE Aluka SpiritWuShuang Xiye Mystic sukiM Conan
King Cola insec Corn Namei Zero


NA/EU LCS Free Agency Tracker

  • Wildturtle
  • Xpecial
  • Freeze
  • Forg1ven
  • Vardags
  • H0RO
  • Jwaow
  • Loulex
  • Freddy112
  • Dexter
  • GBM (Previously Mid Laner for Jin Air Green Wings, heading to NA)
  • GosuPepper/Edward
  • Goldenglue
  • Porpoise


NoL will continue to provide updates to each list as well as the status of free agents as information becomes available. Watch out for more in depth offseason coverage starting with IEM San Jose.


image credit: lolesports

Mata Leaves Samsung White

World Champion Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong has decided to part ways with the Samsung Organization. In a Facebook post, he announced his departure from the organization.

In his post, he cites that he feels he’s done everything he could have in pro LoL, winning an OGN title and the World Championship. He now intends to make a decision between retiring and joining the army (compulsory for Korean males to serve for two years around his age), move to a streaming position or join another team. Outside of the post itself, it’s been stated that he could also move to North America, as he hopes to improve his English to a fluent level.  With this, worries have risen that this could begin the fall of the great Samsung White, coincidentally as history has shown past World Champions don’t do too well the season after their victory. Mata has been the core of Samsung White for the whole season, being hailed as the best support player in the World, also acting as their primary shotcaller. Being able to fill both of those roles has allowed them to be the best team in the World.

ex-KT Rolster Bullets Ryu and ex-SKT T1 S H0R0 Join Millenium

French eSports organization Millenium have picked up Ryu “Ryu” Sang-ook and Cho “H0R0” Jae-hwan in an effort to qualify for the upcoming Expansion tournament. Millenium was relegated by Unicorns of Love during the 2014 Spring Promotion tournament, and recently lost mid laner Kerp and dropped Kottenx to import the Korean talent.

Both of these players are seasoned veterans, with Ryu being on the KT Bullets Roster that could be considered the second best team in the World at the time of the 2013 OGN Summer season. Despite that, his career has fallen farther and farther, most notably since his infamous duel with Faker:

Despite all of this, he’s still a capable player and is sure to hold his own in the EULCS. At his peak, he is likely a better player/at a similar skill level than Kerp can be, however Kerp notoriously chokes hugely when it comes to playoffs or relegation matches.

H0R0 on the other hand, is a founding member of SKT’s original LoL team, and has Jungled for them since their inception. While he’s no KaKAO or DanDy, he’s a strong player who can easily contest the best junglers in Europe. He decided to look for offers from foreign teams after the 2014 OGN Summer season, where he failed to make it to the finals, likely realizing he didn’t truly have a shot at winning an OGN title. The Millenium roster is now as follows:

  • Kev1n (Top)
  • H0R0 (Jungle)
  • Ryu (Mid)
  • Creaton (AD Carry)
  • Jree (Support)


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