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Sitting proudly at the top of the standings, H2K is hard at work as the playoffs loom just over a month away. After narrowly losing to Vitality and a clean victory against Origen in week 6, I spoke with support player Vander on the split so far, looking ahead, and playing through temporary roster trouble.

You recently finished playing against UoL, G2, Vitality, and Origen, and will face off against Fnatic this week. Having completed the perceived “harder” part of your schedule with most of the current top teams out of the way, is there as much focus on the season or is the team already looking towards playoffs?


It is still very important to us to win every consecutive game. Our main goal now is to secure top two in the split. It gives us a free BYE to the semifinals, which is very helpful, especially if we want to win the whole split. Also we will be able to book our flights to Rotterdam a bit earlier and save some money.


You came up just short of a win against Vitality in a 60 minute game in week 6. What led to the game lasting as long as it did and what contributed most to the loss? What is your mindset in a game that plays out that long?

We played bad early game; after Graves TP top we had 3 losing lanes. On the other hand we had a better team-fighting composition, so the enemy team was scared to push our towers and we couldn’t really step out any further. It was a long stall until the fifth drake buff. At this point we had to stop farming and try to regain control of the map by catching targets with our ultimates. Sadly we failed the last and crucial fight and Vitality won the game.


You play a big part of your teams vision game, especially early on. Is there a specific emphasis on vision for you is it just in the nature of the role? What is your ideal way of playing the early game as a support?

My goal every game is to have lane control, which lets me to push out or move faster than enemy support to any skirmish on the map. If you can do it, warding becomes easier. I am also scared that Forgiven will get mad if we lose lane. Both me and Jankos try to cooperate a lot to setup good vision for our laners.


How is shotcalling handled in game and what is the team environment like on a typical day?

I think in the first few weeks Ryu was the main shotcaller, but when we lost him other people had to take on the responsibility. Right now it’s much more divided – the worst thing is when the game is really long and one mistake costs you the game – people become scared to make the aggressive call. I think we have good time with each other, everyone plays as much as possible, we definitely aim to win the split.


You have a lot of synergy with Jankos, who came with you to the team from Roccat. How strong is your bond inside and outside of the game? What makes you such a strong duo in your opinion?

I can definitely say that we are good friends and we really trust each other – both inside and outside of the game. I think we are A good duo, because we like to fight a lot and gain control of the game together. We lived through so many meta changes together, it allows us to understand what to do quickly. We are experienced players at this point.


How are you enjoying playing with Forg1ven so far and what bot lanes do you think stack up to you? Are you the strongest bot lane in EU? Which teams are the hardest to lane against?

I think we are a really good lane. Forgiven gets a lot of advantages by himself, so my main job is to make him safe and peel off the enemy support most of the time. It makes my life pretty easy. I wouldn’t say any lane is hard to play against. We have our own playstyle that just works most of the time. I think our main weakness that we do not play some champions that are currently really strong.


Due to visa issues, you played for several weeks without Ryu. How did the team operate with Selfie in his absence and what was the most noticeable difference between the two?

Selfie is way less experienced than Ryu. He often played way too aggressive and got caught in early game. It made games very different for us, because Ryu is probably the best at understanding the pressure game in our team. Mechanically they are very close, so it was all about knowledge and losing the backbone of our team.


Who is the strongest team in the LCS?

Hard to say right now, I think us and Vitality are the strongest. I am confident we will be better than them by playoffs. I am also a bit scared Origen will catch up and become really dangerous again, their players are both very experienced and skilled – if they tryhard.


Looking ahead, do you think G2 will continue to remain at the top of the standings? Who do you see in the finals of the playoffs and representing Europe at the Mid Season Invitational?

In my opinion G2 is the most likely team to drop off from the current top three. It is my 3rd season already and I have never played in the final. Our players are really good and smart, if everyone puts their 110% effort I am sure we can go to MSI.


You took down Origen pretty handedly, and they are currently struggling, especially when compared to their performance last year. Do you expect to see them back on top by the end of the season? Are other teams getting that much stronger or is it just growing pains?

This split a lot of powerful teams formed. Last year when I was on Team ROCCAT we almost took them down in the qualifiers to Worlds. They were a really good team, but not invincible. I think right now their biggest problem is their personal performance. Every game someone from Origen makes a huge mistake, which turns into a big lead or easy snowball for enemy team.


How are you enjoying the current meta so far and what is your favorite support champion?

I don’t really care about the meta; I always try to adapt and have my own opinion on strong champions and team comps. I try to follow everyone and see what they are doing, but blindly copying them is not the right way to go. I really like to play Alistar, he is very versatile champion.



I want to thank my team and coach for trying their best to improve each day. Big shoutout to H2k and people behind this organisation. And the most important ones – our fans.



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After facing a four game suspension that resulted in Gambit playing for their LCS spot in the 2016 Promotion Tournament, Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou has been put up for transfer.

Gambit cited that while individual performance and dedication was satisfactory from all players, that they were unable to successfully approach the game in a way the team could utilize Forg1ven’s skill to the fullest. Consequently, they will remove the AD carry from the starting position and into a substitute role.

Rather than forcing him to stay and warm the bench, the team has opted to allow him to join another team, and is ready to negotiate with interested parties.


We are not interested in keeping FORG1VEN on our bench until his contract expires by the end of LCS EU Spring 2016. He has already experienced this unpleasant situation. Besides, we believe that he will be able to fulfil himself in another team. Consequently, we are putting him up for transfer and are ready to negotiate deals with interested parties.


While it is unclear where the AD Carry will be headed, he has expressed his interest in the past to travel to North America, or other English speaking regions. NoL will provide futher details as information becomes available.


image via Gambit


Interview with Forg1ven banner

Touted as one of the best AD carries the west has to offer, I had a chance to talk with Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou about his time on Gambit, the upcoming World Championship, and his competitive future.


I’ll jump straight into it. You’re currently serving a 4 game suspension due to negative behavior. What are your thoughts on the ruling?

Whatever I say on this matter won’t change anything even if I obviously am still really furious so what’s done is done.


How are you spending your downtime? What are your hobbies besides League?

Whenever I am not in front of a computer for my job I just divulge into social life. Otherwise I am either watching a tv series or playing a different game.


You were recently searching for another game to play, with a potential to win money in the future. Does this mean you wish to switch games, or is it just something to do on the side? Are you considering taking a break?

I have changed from CS 1.6 to DotA to League to CS:GO and in the future to HotS or whatever gaming title is really fun and appealing so yes. This doesn’t mean I will go pro because at some point I will have to finish my university studies and fulfill my army obligation so we will find out eventually.


Where do you stand on your current goals for competitive LoL? Do you see yourself returning to Gambit next year? If not, where would you want to play if you could play anywhere?

My intention is to play my last upcoming spring split with GMB unless an offer comes for the team which me and the organization find beneficial for both(Which i don’t see happening). I intend to honor my contract.


How is playing with Edward? Did you have to make any changes to your playstyle?

It was certainly the most entertaining and fun bot lane partnership I’ve ever had. It was harsh in the start but I really cared about Edward to improve him and through this I would improve too. I think in the end he became a better player, not the best, but significantly he showed progress that he did not with his former AD carries. One of the best personalities I’ve ever encountered. I didn’t have to change playstyle cause of Eddy, mostly cause of how my team operated and how I think I was misused or not prioritized at all so I gave up a lot.


If you could play with any support in the world, who would it be?

I don’t care tbh I believe that whoever I play with for a month or a bit more the player will show drastic improvement in at least one or more aspects of the game. Unlimited did, nRated did, Edward did, so I can’t see why this trend wouldn’t continue.


Would you ever consider playing in a different region? Where?

Yes. Obviously I want a go to NA at some point. Next worlds I will be 24 years old and I don’t think that is really hopeful. In general. wherever they speak English.


What do you think the teams “skill cap” was in terms of potential placing?

I think 4th place was the highest most likely.


What are Europe’s chances at worlds? Do you believe Fnatic is a title contender?

I am not following league since I got punished so whatever I say would be wrong and a lie so good luck to the representatives.


Which AD Carries were the most difficult to play against in the regular season? Who in your opinion are the top 3 AD carries in Europe? Who do you want to play against the most?

There was no bot lane that would stand out in general either cause of the meta or cause of the inability that exists with European bot lanes for consequent years. The only exception was the H2K bot lane. I think top 2 are Hjarnan and Freeze. No preference since everything seems to be the same over and over.


There was a recent overhaul of AP items, and talks have surfaced of AD Carries needing an item overhaul as well. What do you think on the current state of AD carry items and do you think item paths are stale? What would you change to improve the role?

I really wish that at some point AD carries would cease to exist so they fully realize that the role/items are extremely problematic. I prefer the Bloodthirster meta. I am not the one responsible for changing the role there are people that are getting paid to solve this kind of issues so it’s up to them.

It already started to happen kind of with Mordekaiser. I was thinking about it and I don’t get why teams haven’t tried to replace AD Carries with an AP Mage bot lane for example.


There has been criticism of your champion pool in the past, notably that you don’t like playing champions like Kalista and Sivir. Is there a truth to this? What is the decision making like behind what champion you will play during the game?

I didn’t play Kalista and I don’t think this was a problem since even if I played I am 101% sure that nothing different would have happened or we wouldn’t get a win just because of ‘that champion’. I was playing Sivir but after 1 week teams that had blue side were banning Sivir against us so nothing I could do there either. It’s rarely up to me to pick a champion. I present my team with the choices we have during a champion select and based on what we trained last week and they decide pretty much what is the most optimal.


The promotion tournament is just around the corner and Gambit has chosen Mousesports as their opponent. Why Mousesports?

I guess they are seemningly the weakest team available to pick. Wishing GMB the best since I won’t be able to assist.


After watching the final, were there any surprises in the Origen vs. Fnatic Matchup?

I saw the vods. Pretty much expected a 3-1 in favor of fnatic but not 3-2 to be honest.


What are your thoughts on either team and their current strength heading into worlds?

Origen could go further if they don’t collapse under pressure or hype. But for most Fnatic is the sure bet.


Do you watch/follow other regions?

No not at all.


Did you watch the NA Finals? What are your thoughts on NA teams and where they stand comparatively to Europe? How good is Doublelift/Aphromoo?

Since lane phase has pretty much disappeared it is really hard to see combinations to shine but I personally think they will stand up to their responsibility that they will be given by their team.


What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in maintaining a career as a pro gamer? What drives you to keep playing?

Riot cause with their rulings or decisions they have created a really big apathy and disappointment inside of me for the game and this ‘career path’. In the past it used to be motivation to show a better quality than my counterparts in my role, now I really don’t know. It doesn’t matter anyway.


Will you continue competing in League of Legends? 

We will know after worlds.


You’ve been playing quite a bit of Heroes of the Storm. What is your opinion of the game so far and do you expect its eSports scene to grow to be a viable option for players? What attracts you to the game?

I think it’s a fundamentally different game from DotA and League and it will attract people. It’s up to Blizzard to pretty much make it a stable professional gaming title because in some years the other titles will ‘drop’ in popularity. I have no idea how it will do. You can say that HotS is comparable to Season 1 League at the moment.


What is your ideal breakfast?

Fast food or cereal.


Tim Kimbirk is a journalist for Team SoloMid. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


Finishing in 8th place of the 2015 EU LCS Summer split, Gambit Gaming finds themselves facing relegation yet again on September 5th. With star AD Carry Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou still serving the last two games of his suspension, Substitute Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen will replace him in the upcoming promotion tournament, where Gambit Gaming will play against Mousesports for their spot in the 2016 EU LCS.



Official Statement



With the recent return of CandyPanda to SK Gaming, there has been one question on everyone’s mind: Where will Forg1ven go?

Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou, EU LCS MVP and hailed as one of the best players the west has to offer, is set to join Gambit Gaming after stepping down from SK.

Gambit has tried several combinations of players to prepare it’s bot lane for the upcoming Summer Season, including  Mohammed “Jebus” Tohki of Gamers2 and Fnatic AD carry Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi. With veteran support Edward “Edward” Abgaryan at his side, it seems they have settled on Forg1ven to round out their roster.

Known for his work ethic and focus on winning, Gambit may have found what they need to attain some of their former success.  Time will tell.

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Adrian “CandyPanda” Wubbelman has returned to the starting lineup of SK Gaming, taking over the AD carry slot.

After a disappointing playoff run, SK Gaming has opted to replace star AD Carry Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou, citing issues within the team Dynamic.  Despite an impressive showing in the regular season and a 15-3 record, SK Gaming seemingly fell apart in the playoffs. Former Managing Coach Joe “Innerflame” Elouassi also spoke on differences in team direction, and it seems that direction would take them right back to where they started.

Spending nearly 3 years on and off under the SK Gaming Banner, CandyPanda originally left the team in October 2014 after a poor showing at the 2014 World Championship. After spending the Spring Split away from competitive LoL, CandyPanda hopes to reach the World Championship once again.

Official Statement

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Announced on Twitter on Saturday, May 2nd, Joe “Innerflame” Elouassi has stepped down as Managing Coach of SK gaming. He has also made clear that he will only be pursuing a management position.


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.32.06 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.35.51 AM

Citing differences of opinion in direction of the team, as well as potential roster changes, Innerflame had this to say:


Hey Guys,

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I stepped down from my position as Managing Coach in SK Gaming after a year and a half of working for the organisation. I’m going to give some insight into my decision:

First of all, one thing that you should know about me is that I have built my career off scouting talent. I had mindset differences with certain members of the team about how younger and more skillful players have the potential to be better than older/smarter players. There was a certain stubbornness about this and it eliminated the usage of subs or maybe even future starting players in the future. This is not something I liked and I almost felt helpless not being willingly able to do so.

From the start of the split, we never really felt like a team. Some have publicly said it was 1-1-1-1-1-1 but I actually felt it was more like 2-2-2. We wouldn’t really go and do stuff together to be honest. Not necessarily because people couldn’t be bothered to, mostly because people didn’t have motivation to do something with people they particularly get along with. This caused an atmosphere that was almost awkward at times and people were too stubborn to not hold grudges. Eventually this built up and everyone has seen the result of this. The worst moment was the week before Madrid just after we lost 3-2 to UOL. I think most of the team was in disbelief after we lost, but that still doesn’t warrant not actually giving a shit whether we finish in 3rd or not.

Personally the laziness in general has climaxed and I find it very hard to motivate myself when not everyone (some I cannot doubt the effort from) around me is working to finish first.

When I took the job offer, it was to Manage the team. Something I have been doing my whole career and when I had the coaching part added to it, I was already unsure but I wanted to give it a shot. At least if things went wrong, I would know what to look for in a coach in the future. I was a good manager, I wasn’t that good of a coach. I was a valid 6th opinion in drafting but I wouldn’t go further than that. I would say my game knowledge is above average, however not what is required to coach a team that is aiming to compete on the highest international level.

I won’t go too much into detail, but I was kept in the dark largely about what is going to happen to the team next split. I had a vision for what the team needed next split, some in the team agreed with me. However, what is going to happen is in the opposite direction and deeply saddens me that SK chose that direction over mine. I have always thrived with authority and making smart changes here and there in my career, to not have any say is not in order and was the last straw for me. I’m not sure how well the guys will do next split, however I do hope they perform well and I wish them the best for next split.

I would like to go out of my way to thank Fox who has stuck by me the last year and been everything that I would want from a professional player. The guy barely touched another game this year and when others were playing those games, he was sitting there watching replays of apdo, faker or watching vods of his next midlane opponent. What a tremendous talent. Thank you for not only being a perfect professional but also being one of my best friends outside of the game too.

I wish everyone in SK the best and I hope everything with the team works out next split. I am considering doing an AMA in the upcoming days for people who have any questions.

Thank you SK for the time I had there. It almost feels weird not being a part of it anymore.