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Patch 4 point 10 Live Gameplay Forecast Banner

Here’s what you can look forward to in the next patch. The discussion on Life Steal is continued by Xypherous in the next collection!



Wav3Break Button Rioter Wav3Break: Hey guys, Wav3Break here for the 4.10 Patch Forecast. I’ll be explaining some of the reasoning and insights that the balance team is using to approach some of the major issues we have found in live League of Legends gameplay. Keep in mind that this forecast is meant to highlight some of the problems we’ve identified and that not all issues mentioned will necessarily have changes reflecting them in the upcoming patch. Some changes might take longer than others and everything is subject to change! Without further ado:


 4.10 – The Marksmen Patch: We’re currently looking at a lot of things in and around the space of the marksmen role in League of Legends. In 4.10, we expect to tune a lot of game elements that currently impact the health and success of the role. You’ll be seeing a lot of changes regarding marksmen itemization paths, champions, items that affect their late game power, etc. Our overall goal is to make these champions feel more satisfying late game and shine even brighter as the powerful late game champions they were meant to be.

 Marksmen we feel that are too strong: We feel that the following champions currently warp the role in such a way that it is unhealthy for the role itself and/or the holistic game. The power of these characters negatively impacts the overall viability of other marksmen and we plan on making some changes to bring them back in line with their marksbrothers and markssisters.


Twitch New Portraits

 As Jag mentioned in our 4.8 patch forecast ( ), Twitch is an incredibly powerful champ that has been on our radar since his rise in popularity in both competitive and casual play. Our current feelings on this sneaky rat are that his early game power does not give him enough weaknesses to offset his hyper scaling carry potential in the late game. Our challenge is to retune his early game dominance to be better balanced with his late game power levels.


Lucian New Portrait

 Lucian is still widely regarded as one of the safest and most reliable marksmen in all levels of play. His early game poke via Piercing Light and a scaling double-hit passive allow him to dominate the lane phase while also dealing very respectable damage late game. These problems coupled with his innate safety continue to allow him to dominate the role. In this upcoming patch we plan to retune some his early game strengths and give him well-defined weaknesses and strengths throughout all stages of the game.

 Marksmen that we feel need some special lovin’: We feel that the following champions have currently fallen out of flavor for reasons that specifically have to do with their lack of power or loss of late game identity. We plan to implement changes that will help these champions reestablish themselves as compelling markspeople to play in the current live game.


Sivir New Portrait

Our previous changes to Sivir were aimed at reducing her capabilities in the early game to push minion waves down while avoiding any interaction with her lane opponent(s). While the changes we last implemented did accomplish this goal, we feel that some of the constraints we enforced on her early game currently inhibit her identity as a powerful AOE Marksmen in the late game. Thus we are looking to retune some of her mana issues in the late game to make her feel more like the powerful ricochet damage dealer she was meant to be.


Tristana New Portrait

Tristana is one of the most classic Marksmen and we’ve identified her as one of the weaker ones in today’s landscape. That being said, we believe there are many low risk changes we can actualize to make her a more attractive champion in the live game.


Game Systems that impact the Marksmen role (Marksmen Items / Defensive Items):

1) Warden’s Mail and Randuin’s Omen

These items are currently the premier buys for players wishing to itemize against ubiquitous physical damage. While we want to maintain the defensive effectiveness of these items, we feel that they may be too powerful due to their combination of high base stats and unique passives.

2) Life Steal Itemization

The game systems team has a lot of changes for marksman itemization (specifically centered on life steal) that they’ll go into on their upcoming game systems forecast.

Other Pressing Issues:


LeBlanc New Portrait

 As mentioned in the previous patch forecasts, we are continuing our efforts in creating a healthy LeBlanc for League of Legends. We still enjoy her skill requirements and mind-gamey playstyle, but LeBlanc’s issues reach further into the core of the character and therefore the scope of our long term goals for her have also increased. Still, due to her power and lack of counter play in the live game, we are looking at some incremental changes that will make her play pattern healthier and maintain her defining playstyle.

Champion Rework Updates: We’ve got some champion rework updates on the way in the form of Nidalee and Skarner, so head over to the champion update forecast ( ) for more information there.



[ Question ] Weren’t your plans to buff other Marksmen instead of nerfing Twitch and Lucian?


Wav3Break Button Rioter Wav3Break: I apologize if this was not clear in the original post, but many of the game systems updates we plan to roll out in 4.10 will increase the power level of the entire marksmen role. All marksmen champions will have even more impact on games. Thus in the wake of these changes, we are paying extra attention to Twitch and Lucian as they are already two of the strongest and we are bringing the entire class’s base line higher.



Upcoming changes to Life Steal

Staple items on AD Carries are getting a complete overhaul to prevent Bloodthirster ADs from continuing to dominate.



XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Note: As this is a forecast, this won’t have many specifics in it. I’ll have my usual style of post with the specifics of item changes on Friday when we try to coordinate a PBE push.



Attack Damage – B.F. Sword normalization

Items Affected:  The_Bloodthirster B._F._Sword_item Mercurial_Scimitar Infinity_Edge

 We’re going to be normalizing everything that builds out of B.F. Sword to have 80 Attack Damage with minimal price increases to compensate – as well as shifting B.F. Sword to have 50 Attack Damage at the 1600 Gold price point, instead of 45 Attack Damage at the 1550 Gold price point.

On the whole, we like what this does to the overall decision making when purchasing a B.F. Sword – you know it will eventually morph into an 80 Attack Damage item – the only question being what sorts of side utility you want out of the whole deal.

There’s a slight caveat here in that this puts an unfortunate damper on Bloodthirster – whose presence is too dominant and skews the power between Ratio driven carries and more traditional basic attack oriented carries.

Essentially, BT goes down in power – everything else goes up in power – including the midgame where you build up to BT.


Attack Speed Itemization – Dagger Retuning

Items Affected:   Dagger_item Zeal Berserker's_Greaves

 Attack Speed isn’t a particularly attractive statistic to overcommit to at the moment given the natural Attack Speed growth of carries. We’re making some slight buffs to Dagger to help mitigate some of the mid-game power issues that carries are facing at the moment where Attack Speed only feels good at the final completed item rather than during the build-up, where it matters.

Basically, you usually do get enough Attack Speed by the end of the game with your build. It’s just that the entire way to the end item, you don’t have nearly enough. You can expect these items to have slightly more attack speed with a minimal price increase.

For example: Berzerker’s Greaves giving 5% more Attack Speed and costing 50 more Gold.



Going to start with a quick item preview as a framing piece:


Doran’s Blade



  •  80 Health –> 70 Health
  • 8 Attack Damage –> 7 Attack Damage
  • 3/5 Life on Hit –> 3% Life Steal


For a long time, we were trying to phase out early life steal as a statistic and replacing it with other mechanisms such as life on hit. However, with the rise of non-sustain supports – this avenue no longer makes sense. With non-sustain based supports being the norm rather an exception – Life Steal needs to be easily accessible from a variety of sources in order for the ADC to not be locked into a single early build path – the one that includes Life Steal.

With this in mind, it makes more sense for Life Steal to be more expensive overall but easier to ‘stack’ from a wider variety of sources rather than have Life Steal be a single specific path.

 Hence, we’re going to lower the life steal amounts of all items – but introduce it back into Doran’s Blade in order for carries to have a wider range of possible % Life Steal values – this allows carries to basically build the ‘right’ amount of life steal for their carry type, their support and the power of their lane opponents – rather than having one single overpowered choice that tries to cover every situation in which you might need sustain.

On the whole, you can expect there to be less life steal on each of the life steal items but more available % life steal options. What we expect to see is a slightly wider range of potential first order buys – especially since this version of Doran’s Blade has more mid game potential.











 The_Bloodthirster Bloodthirster

70 Attack Damage –> 80 Attack Damage
12% Life Steal –> 15% Life Steal

Unique Stacking Passive –> Removed
New Passive –> Your life steal effects can overheal you, granting you a shield equal to the excess up to X (based on character level). This shield decays if you haven’t dealt or taken damage in 15 seconds

 Bloodthirster becomes a problem when its too commonplace as it creates a situation where it basically comes down to who acquires it first. This is both due to the power and build path of the item as well as the stacking mechanic on it. Additionally, it favors Attack Damage ratio-driven carries who traditionally have weaker end-games to begin with. We’re retuning Bloodthirster to be a more consistent choice and to give other damage options a more favorable comparison point.

 We know that this will leave certain ranged characters that rely on Bloodthirster Stacking in a bit of a bind at the moment – Certain heavy AD Varus and Miss Fortune builds will be in a bit of a pinch without a stackable Attack Damage source. However, given how Bloodthirster both supports these characters and suppresses them by beingmore favorable to other characters – it’s not really contributing to a healthier ecosystem.

Melee will generally come out favorably as they have a very offensive life steal item (Hydra) and a more defensive one (Bloodthirster).


Mikael's_Crucible Mikael’s Crucible

 Lastly, I want to talk about Crucible – this item is too commonplace and negates a lot of decision making in the end game. Crucible does odd things where it devalues long cooldown initiation patterns in exchange for repeated pick patterns.

This heavily suppresses utility centric carries like Ashe or Varus who rely on these patterns to be strategically interesting.

 We do like that Crucible is an option in the game but it is currently too broad of a pick and appearing too frequently on a much wider array of supports than intended. Mikael’s is just as good as a buy on offensive tanky supports as defensive ones – which skews the balance of power even farther away from initiation based carries as their unique niche both gets countered and replaced by the same character.

 We’re going to both raise the cost of this item and adjust the statline to favor more Mana intensive supports to shifts Mikael into favoring more mage-centric supports rather than Tank supports. We’ll be adding another support item in Mikael’s price point in order to grant a wider breadth of items – the details of which will be on the PBE post on Friday.

Note – 11:43 p.m.: Gotta run. Won’t be responding to posts for the rest of the night. I’ll check back in this thread tomorrow.



Overview of AS & BF Sword Changes


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Attack Speed

We’re mostly only targetting the mid-game build up of these items with Attack Speed. Currently, any Attack Speed build tends to build an excess of it – rather than not have enough. What we specifically wanted to do is make the traditional ADC Attack Speed items give more Attack Speed along the waybecause currently their midgames seem far more painful than they have to be.

The only real item that will see a net increase in power / gold will be Berzerker’s Greaves – which has been more traditionally ADC focused – though it does see some fringe use in super aggressive fighter builds.

BF Sword cost increase

This has come up once or twice in playtesting but a 50 Gold difference is fairly minimal in terms of the pace of the overall game. It’s effectively 2 CS – which can be overcome by skill.

Essentially, I don’t expect it to be a problem – but if it turns out to be the case, then the important thing that we’ll keep is that B.F. Sword goes to 50 Attack Damage.


[ Question ] Will you be shifting Blade_of_the_Ruined_King‘s power from its overall DPS to its anti-health passive?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Yeah – I’m still trying to figure out the final numbers on this.




[ Question ] Any plans to to improve Youmuu's_Ghostblade and Statikk_Shiv paths?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: We were trying to polish up critical strike a bunch but the more we churned on it, the less confident we were in that it’d be a good idea to do mid-season.





[ Question ] How will you solve lifesteal sustain on top lane?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: We really weren’t concerned about lifesteal in top lane – mostly because top lane seemed mostly unchanged even after the DBlade tweaks.




[ Question ] Is Ravenous_Hydra receiving any changes?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Nope – mostly just concerned with ADC/LS at the moment.





[ Question ] How will this affect the end-game for AD carries?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The ADC typically suffers from a lack of uptime on their damage in the end-game, rather than a lack of damage straight up.

What usually happens is that they either don’t have the time to kite or the survivability to survive the initial burst – and thus whatever damage window they have is pretty meaningless and tiny.

The Live team ultimately decided that removing the MS slow from Randuin’s was a better call (detailed in their forecast, which I should really duplicate here) – which will give uptime through evasion / kiting.

The thought behind this version of BT is that it can help to provide a defensive buffer such that carries feel safer and can get more attacks in dangerous situations. It’s essentially a form of survivability that you can only really access when your basic attack damage is insane.



[ Question ] What do you hope to accomplish with these changes?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The common BT –> Tri-force build will definitely be weaker – as that’s kind of the goal here. Ratio driven carries have pushed more traditional basic attack driven carries out of the playing field.

My goal is to ensure that the item system in general doesn’t favor one subclass of carry over another – and that we try to add power onto ADC midgames such that they feel relevant earlier. Granted, these changes aren’t huge by any means, some small amount of AD / AS and a better mid-game focused DBlade but we are doing things slowly for now as we’re doing lots of things simultaneously.



[ Follow-up ]


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: As stated in the post – Vampiric Scepter and almost every life steal item will have a reduction in % Life Steal.

Right now, carries only have three possible stopping points for life steal: 4.5% (Quints), 14.5% (Quints + VS) and 16.5% to Y% (BT).

My goal is to nerf every source of lifesteal that stems out of the Vampiric Scepter path, including Vampiric Scepter but add a small component source of % lifesteal such that there is a wider range of lifesteal values that a carry can get or stop at which will then allow him to choose what level of sustain he wants / feels like he needs.



[ Question ] Doesn’t Vampiric Scepter already make harass supports irrelevant?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: A couple of notes:

  • 3 life on hit will typically give far more returns than 3% life steal to begin with – so the early game life steal will be cut back – even if they go for an immediate vampiric scepter.
  • Vampiric Scepter will be nerfed in % LS.
  • We nerfed the LS quints a couple patches ago.

Your assertion is that Vampiric Scepter itself at any amount of % LS will make harass supports impossible to run. I disagree with this as harassment is typically balanced on an edge because the duration of the laning phase is a very extended time table – thus minor changes to harass, regeneration or sustain tends to have very large impacts because it has a long time to work on.

The other facet of this is that sustain / defensive supports actually seem far less common than harass supports currently – and after the defensive item starts (and the spellthief’s changes) have brought a lot more mage supports back into the fray.



[ Follow-up ]


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Which harass support are you thinking of here? Karma/Nami/Lulu all do fairly well in bottom lane (even in Lulu is stronger mid in the current ecosystem.)





[ Question ] Won’t Sona and Nami suffer too much as a result of these changes?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I agree with you on Sona – though I don’t think nerfing Vampiric Scepter will help Sona any – mostly because she gets murdered by the burst factor of other supports due to her squishiness.

I disagree with you on Nami though – Internally, it seems like Nami is doing really well with these changes. I’ll ping some people about it as I’m not an expert on Nami.



[ Follow-up ]


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Since I work on overall systems – I can’t comment on Sona. I don’t think anything’s planned in the interim for Sona.

As for Nami – again, not a Nami expert. I’ll have to poke around tomorrow to ask if people think Nami is in a weak state or not.



[ Clarity ] Will these “small component sources” work as Boot enchantments?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The small component source is just Doran’s Blade. I’m not doing an enchantment style approach to life steal – sorry if you got that impression.

Eventually, I do think that ADC items should probably have more linear upgrades in general but I’m not exactly sure what kind of space is left.



[ Question ] If IE, a crit-dependent item, becomes the go-to rush item for AD Carries, won’t this randomize bot-lane duels too much?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: While that’s an interesting point – I don’t actually see that random factor changing as much – mostly because the first item you get after BT is a Zeal – which has much less crit chance and just as much variance.

Secondly, the triple DBlade into I.E. build is more expensive than a straight BT rush. By the time you finish triple doran’s into IE – it’s far more likely that you’ll be at the tail end of the laning phase as it’s far more gold.

In both of these cases – the situation where the game is more random because of dive/duel cases is mitigated by the fact that it either takes longer to get to the crit (in the case of DBlade –> IE) or by the fact that when you’re at the same gold equivalent value – there was crit in the BT build as well.



[ Question ] Do you see AD ratio carries still building Bloodthirster, or will they just shift into traditional auto-attack carry builds?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I think ratio driven carries should still build BT as it’ll be a smoother path in general.

The unfortunate part here is that the triple BT builds won’t function anymore which makes Varus/MF sad.



[ Question ] Will there be other changes to spread out ADC itemization further, especially lategame?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: You’re right in that there’s a pure optimization of DPS pattern going on here – but Ratio driven carries tend to be more dominant in the early / mid-game which is hurting the variety of carries.


The goal right now isn’t to spread out ADC itemization in general – it’s to ensure that items aren’t favoring a select group of ADCs over another – so that there can be more variety in the entire carry space – this is also why Mikael’s is getting nerfed, for example – because it mostly murders our Utility Carries.

It’s less about item diversity and more looking at what itemization does to the ADC pick diversity in general. There’s a couple things that my team wants to look at – but we need to give ourselves enough of a buffer to look at and respond to these changes.



Community wishes for SR banner

RiotforScience has compiled a full list of proposed changes to Summoner’s Rift.



Full List of Community Wishes for Summoner’s Rift


RiotForScience Button Rioter RiotForScience: I apologize in advance for this huge post. I have been trying to condense the feedback from this thread over time and trickle it out into smaller digestable bits that are easier to discuss. I want to make a single post that has most of the feedback in one easy place to reference.

Consolidated Critique from the Art and Audio feedback forum.
Most common feedback
Minons and Monsters and Towers need a VU
Balance the map by rotating it 45 degrees
The map needs to retain a lighthearted feel
We need to add 4th camp (Allready done)
The creep camps need to make sense for the monsters that live there
The river needs to make sense and feel like a river
Trees and bushes should not be so uniform, Need to be proportional to the Champions
Make Summoner’s Rift fit it’s lore; or make the lore fit SR.
Make Baron look like the ToF cinematic
SR should be themed for conflict.

1. Textures and rendering needs to be higher fidelity
2. Flora is not integrated with each other or with the terrain
3. Flora scale is not appropriate to the champion scale
4. Baron’s area does not feel as epic as it should
5. Architecture seems out of place with the environment as a whole
6. Objects in the map are repeated too frequently
7. The turrets do not look as good as HA
8. The Map needs to retain it’s “Fairy Tale” thematic
9. The map needs to be single themed ***
10. Laser range needs to be clearly defined
11. The nav-mesh on the map needs to stay the same
12. The map must be highly performant on a min spec machine
13. The map needs better integration with the lore
14. There are props that seem inappropriate for the environment
15. The jungle camps need to be higher quality
16. The minions need a VU
17. We should flip the golem camp so that they face the other direction***
18. More destructible content like HA
19. Make SR look like the beta-site background Illustration***
20. Make brush move dynamically
21. Add damage states to the turrets
22. More variety in tree types
23. There needs to be a clear (but not clean) boundary between terrain and path
24. The River needs to make more sense
25. The different sections of the map need slightly different themes
26. There needs to be SFX for walking through grass or water ***
27. The terrain could get more worn as the game progresses ***
28. The houses feel really unnatural in the forest, the statues don’t make much sense
29. Summoner’s Rift needs to actually feel like a Rift
30. Trees should wobble when you shoot a skillshot through them ***
31. The Nexus needs to be updated
32. The Terrain feels too flat ***
33. Reposition the minion camps***
34. Add weather ***
35. Make the base look better
36. Higher tech deep water for the River
37. SR needs to be symmetrical
38. The map should feel war-torn
39. We need to avoid Visual and Audio clutter
40. The 2 sides need to be visually distinct Arcitecture as well as gamplay objects like towers
41. The 8-eyed wraiths seem really weird
42. Red Buff Spikes feel unnatural
43. Baron needs a VU
44. Flat flowers all over the map does not make sense
45. Make colorblind mode the default method of play
46. Secret Portals
47. Make Buff monsters more prominent
48. More directed audio based on factions and characters
49. More SFX in the jungle
50. Stranger audio interactions with Baron and Dragon
51. Darker color template ***
52. The place needs to feel like either an arena or a site of conflict
53. SR needs to feel organic and grounded in reality
54. The jungle shoulden’t feel cultivated to have specific paths
55. The buff creatures and dragon deserve names and implied stories
56. The map needs little details that give it character
57. The map needs to feel “Clean”
58. Make bold changes to the layout***
59. SR should have a very distinct top feel vs Bottom feel (Light Side Dark Side)
60. Avoid cliché divisions between the top and bottom, like good vs evil
61. Need a more iconic exploration of dragon
62. Make creep comps feel lived in by their inhabitants
63. Minions need a rework and it would be great to have a map-specific skin for minons
64. Build models and textures in a way that permits the map to be rotated***
65. Destroy landscape when towers fall
66. Make Baron look like the Twist of Fate cinematic
67. Make baron be a multi phased bossfight. Fight tentacles before baron spawns***
68. Make SR look as good as HA
69. Redesign the map to be as animated as CS
70. Balance the map by fixing inequity of HUD and camera. Orient the map from right to left***
71. Have min spec lower than HA
72. Create landmarks in the playspace to indicate where you can flash or ward
73. Increase the resolution of the map, but don’t change it like we did with HA/TT***
74. Tie SR into Freljord and Ironspine mountains. Hook it into the lore of Runeterra***
75. More easter eggs especially things associated with specific champions
76. Make the map immersive but avoid clutter
77. Each lane needs to have something special about it…like CS
78. Each lane should have special and unique turrets
79. Midlane needs to feel great
80. Maintain the playful and cartoony essence of SR
81. It doesn’t need to feel literally like a river or a jungle
82. Purple side needs to not be at a disadvantage
83. Need small visual ques to indicate tower range
84. Contextual soundtracks based on location on the map or status
85. Align SR to the Vis-Dev image ***
86. Make baron’s lair feel acid burned. Make it feel more dreadful and deadly
87. Have dragon be sleeping when we first see it. Have him surrounded by bones
88. Better water effects
89. Trees look like party hats. Too much repetition in flora
90. Have camps repositioned so that they face each-other ***
91. Have more options and mobility for jungler, change map layout for Season 4
92. Reposition Tri bush so that it is not such a long walk to gank ***
93. SR needs to feel alive like CS, TT, and HA. SR is too static
94. Add pixies or fireflies
95. Higher fidelity lane and jungle ground textures
96. Add overgrown statues or architecture
97. River should connect through the middle otherwise it doesn’t feel like a river ***
98. The jungle should feel thick and scary
99. Use the unused space in the bases to add a more defining theme
100. Get awesome updated music
101. Set SR at nighttime, add more light sources***
102. Change the ground texture when towers are destroyed
103. Make the 2 sides visually asymmetrical
104. Have trees that overhang the playspace and have them go transparent when occluding***
105. Have height variation that effects gameplay for mobile champs***
106. Be able to destroy a lane and make it impassable for a period of time***
107. Fix the golem advantage for blue side
108. Add day/night cycles***
109. Add Hazardous environmental effects***
110. Add things that can knock around your character on the map randomly***
111. Add weather conditions that alter visibility and mobility ***
112. Create additional play phases on the map that would allow players to rebuild structures***
113. Raise the item tier cap and create a 2-3 hour long game mode ***
114. Have customizable map setings like turret damage and global xp and gold***
115. Be able to set a camera offset on the purple side
116. Allow players to zoom the camera out further***
117. There are too many lantern doodads. They are distracting
118. No more pigs knights and garden gnomes
119. Redesign the map so that all of the lanes meet straight-on***
120. Dragon’s anatomy needs to feel similar to Shyvanna’s. More consistancy***
121. Add random ambient life to the map
122. Killing Baron needs to feel EPIC
123. Replace dragon with phoenix because a phoenix would respawn***
124. We need a buff to indicate temporary invisibility within the brush
125. Add a vista on the borders of the map like in HA
126. Need a critter in SR like HA’s poro
127. Have the river give a mana regen buff***
128. There needs to be a thematic opening
129. There needs to be a grave at the site of first-blood
130. Nexus and inhibs should be updated and thematic for the map
131. Have unique shopkeepers at both ends of the map
132. Have story elements in the map like in TT
133. We need to increase engagement on the Dragon
134. Add more jungle monsters to help purple side
135. Have splashes in the river when you walk on it
136. If minions don’t do magic damage, they should have a bow rather than a magic effect
137. Wolf camp is located in such a way that it interferes with pathing
138. Some camp openings should be inverted
139. Lanes should bow in toward the map. Should be concave
140. There needs to be a Rift in Summoner’s Rift
141. Have Shopkeeper dialogue like HA
142. Dragon should have a gold hoard that vanishes when you kill him
143. Do not add environment effects
144. Add a gravestone for URF
145. Tie the map into the Rune-Wars lore
146. Torches should light up the fog of war
147. The jungle asymmetry makes it easier for Purple to gank
148. There should be terrain advantages to vision. Higher ground for more vision***
149. Minions should have a little VO. Like yelling Charge!
150. Have Baron emerge from water at the source of the river
151. Smaller more frequent updates
152. SR should be themed for conflict.



Updates on Visual Updates Banner

Everyone’s favourite artists Grumpy Monkey and IronStylus are up on the forums to update the community on who’s getting a visual overhaul next!



[ Questions ] Are the Pentakill skin updates work-in-progress and will Mordekaiser be getting a VU?


grumpy monkey Button Rioter Grumpy Monkey: I don’t know if they are finished to be honest. I think the goal was to clean them up and make them less noisy to better fit the current lower contrast/easy read texture style we like. Since pentakill is getting some attention because of the bad ass album, I think skins team wanted to give the Pentakill skins some attention. The main complaint I am seeing is that a lot of the visual noise that was conveying metal material, has been lowered in contrast. At any rate, if they are slated for this patch then it’s out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t update a little here and there after the fact. As for a Morde VU, hell yes! Most likely next year though…maybe…don’t hold me to that.



[ Question ] Is anything in the works for Singed?


grumpy monkey Button Rioter Grumpy Monkey: There have been discussions, nothing set in stone yet, just experiments really.*no pun intended*





[ Related Q ] Can you comment on the leaked image of Singed’s VU that was seen with a leak of Heimer’s VU back in December?


grumpy monkey Button Rioter Grumpy Monkey: That singed wasn’t a leak. It was a demo I did at the Gnomon School of Visual effects, it’s not going to be the VU, it was though one of the experiments I was talking about. Singed needs a lot of work. I don’t think I am gonna nail it on the first try. But really, please consider it fan art.

 The Heimerdinger was also for the Demo, but as it turns out, a lot of the features of the sculpt I did were really embraced by the team, so we used it as a base for the Vu. There were still things changed to turrets and over all color scheme.



[ Question ] Why isn’t Evelynn a top priority for the rework team?


grumpy monkey Button Rioter Grumpy Monkey: The thing about Eve, is there are several directions we can take her. Right now it’s a toss up as to what we want to do with her lore. The choices made by the writing team as to her origin will largely affect what she looks like. Also if I can be candid for a second, So at Riot, everybody is a huge fan of league (duh) and everybody has favorite champions. The Relaunch Team (Now being called the Champion Update Team) tries to be very visible to the rest of the company as to what we are doing (as most teams are). Now it just so happens that sometimes we want to update a champion that a TON of people love, but for all different, and sometimes conflicting reasons. Sometimes what we the team think a champion is, turns out to be completely contradictory to what the champion has become through the lens of the community and being out in the wild. Sometimes things get too visible, and we get a flood of feedback before we even have any firm ideas of our own as a team. It takes time to sort out all that feedback. Also when this happens it’s very easy to get lost, to have too many options. Eve has the potential to be a key character in the Shadow isles, she can show a side of the area that other characters like Elise have touched on, but really be the paragon of certain themes. I think we sometimes get confused in the nuances of characters sometimes I’ll admit it. Sometimes we say, ” We need to make this the best character it can be!” rather than “This needs to be the best X champion it can be!”. So rather than make the best character ever, we strive to make the best Karthus ever, or Heimerdinger or whatever, which in my opinion is more important, and an easier goal to grasp. Does that make sense? 

 There are so many characters, and so many nuanced archetypes in League, that we really need to take our time sometimes. Relaunches aren’t just about re-making the character with better visuals,(in the beginning that’s exactly what it was I’ll admit) But these days they are about giving the characters more room to grow. To get them out of their dead ends, and create a future for them and integrate them into the greater tapestry.

 So your question about “How much of a problem is to sit as a team for a few hours and have a conversation about what she supposed to be?” it’s not a problem, but it’s an ongoing process. We don’t do it just once and say “BOOM that’s Eve! Josh when can you have the model done?” We do it a few times to double check ourselves, and most of the time we are able to poke holes in stuff we could have swore was solid. But we always replace it with stuff that is much stronger that only would have happened if given enough time to percolate among a group of experienced, creative people. 

 I understand the impatience, I really do. People love these characters, I get it. We are doing our best is all I can tell you, and when Eve VU finally does come out I hope she is what players expect and then some. I hope we can make Her more intriguing as a character and provide visuals that can instantly draw you in. Sorry for the wall of text bro, you caught Me in a typey mood.



[ Question ] Any news on a visual update for Irelia?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: I actually did the most recent concept for Irelia that we have internally. Actually.. it’s the only one.. Not sure if no one wanted to take her on or what.

While not being too specific, I combined aspects of the new Karma and some form language from Yasuo. Personally I feel that she should be the quintessential Ionian military commander. 

Again, all of it could change.



[ Question ] Any word on a new Karma skin?


grumpy monkey Button Rioter Grumpy Monkey: I have seen some stuff for Karma, but again, I have no idea as to release dates.





[ Question ] Will LeBlanc be getting a visual update?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: So.. we do have a concept for Le Blanc floating around done by Zeronis. HOWEVER. Though it’s a bad ass concept, that is in no way indicative that it will get expedited. We’re having our “fantasy slotting” meetings these next few weeks. That will define our priorities that will decide which champions get what sort of update and when.

Currently She’s listed on the Visual and Gameplay Update section. Meaning some pretty heavy kit changes.. or so I’m guessing. To my knowledge though nothing has been done on her kit, and nothing is in the pipeline for any potential changes that may or may not happen. Again, that however might change depending on our slotting and what we prioritize. 

My view, is I like to have as many cool concepts of champion update candidates handy at all times to either inform the VU/VGU directly or to at least start a conversation with when we get into pre-production.

So yeah, she’s on the radar, and I’d very much like to execute on the concept that’s currently hanging around, but I’m in no way sure as to what sort of timeline she’s on yet.

Here’s hoping sooner than later!



[ Related Q ] What aspects of LeBlanc do you find personally engaging?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: So I think the “deceiver” thing is the most interesting. I don’t think it’s appropriately represented at all currently aside from her.. ya know.. clone. But I think she has some untapped arcane, high-society, druid thing that could really go the distance thematically and visually. Making her this adviser/counterpart to Swain from this secret society. It almost reads like the character archetype of Melisandre from Game of Thrones. I’d love to take that idea and pump it up. 

There’s some cool dichotomous costuming we could do, or maybe something with masks, I dunno. I think there’s opportunity, even if she is just a standard female mage in terms of basic form.

Visual markers for me that have to stay are the giant collar, cape, head thingy, half revealing dress, dual-tone color palette, that sort of stuff. Honestly just taking what she is and putting a lot of style and quality, while also integrating some sort of motif that speaks of being two-faced. I’d like to get a couple more costume elements in there that could be ported over to skins aside from just the cape and collar.



[ Question ] How have you been doing in your life and what project are you looking forward to?


IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Welp, I’ll echo what Josh was saying. Things have been busy, especially since PAX East. Relaunch, now called Champion Update has really picked up and our team is chugging along with a decent mandate on the continued improvement of the game from all three angles of character content. It’s a very exciting time, one which has it’s share of high moments and real challenges. 

Personally, things for me have been mixed. My wife recently lost her job and that’s been a big punch in the gut for us. Job loss is often coupled with feelings of depression, anxiety and other troubling emotions. It’s obviously difficult for the person going through it, but it’s also tough for the couple in general. 

We’re doing our best. My wife is working through a lot of tough emotions right now amidst the job search and I’m trying to help where and when I can. I know what she’s gone though, intimately, and we’re trudging through as a unit. Things are tough out there in general for a lot of people. 

I’m not going to make it out like it’s anything worse than what others who’ve been hit by the general economic downturn have faced. In many, many ways we’re very blessed. We have friends, family and mechanisms in place to help us. Support is everything when someone goes through this sort of situation. It’s hard to not feel devalued or unsure of one’s self when losing a job. Often the psychological effects are just as traumatic as the economic ones.

That said, we’re holding in there. I’ll be honest. The personal situation with my wife and I has kept me away from the forums in general. Family always comes first. There’s a lot that I’ve been tending to on that front and it’s left me with little time and energy to come out here into the community as much.

So yeah. Moving on, wheel keeps turning. Thanks for asking 



[ Question ] What about a Teemo skin?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: -______________________________-





Fan Art Showcase Lulu Chibis


Credits to Summoner Mousu for the awesome art!


Link to thread.


Like the Series? Check out some of the previous showcases:

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



News Update June 4


Red Post Collection

Single Posts


Recent News


Patch 4 point 9 Notes Small Banner





Upcoming Champion Updates Banner

Here are the Champions who have been and will be the focal points for the rework team over this patch and Patch 4.10.


RiotSeb Button Rioter RiotSeb: Hey guys,

RiotSeb back with some info on Champion Update projects headed to Live / PBE with the current patch cycle.



Karthus New Portrait

 The Karthus Visual Update is headed to live! With the help of your feedback we made several changes to Karthus during his time on PBE, mostly centered on clarity but with a little swag mixed in for good measure.

 Some of you had expressed concern about losing Karthus’ abilities within each other due to color similarity, and internally we wanted to make sure players could tell the difference between abilities cast by friendly/enemy Karthuses (Karthi?). We decided to kill two Teemos with one axe by adding friendly and enemy team-color indicators to Karthus’ basic abilities, so they should be more distinguishable when you’ve got spells flying all over the screen. We’ve also done some optimization work on Defile, as it was originally a bit performance-heavy and visually noisy given how often it’s used.

 We also saw some requests for global VO on Requiem; the main issue there is that Karthus’ R lines are pretty dang long so as to match the channel time, and long global VO could turn annoying very quickly when you’re hearing it (not to mention dying to it) every couple minutes. We definitely liked the idea though, so we added a global, evil laugh to Requiem that’ll crank up the feeling of impending doom no matter where your enemies are on the map.

 As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re committed to following through on Champion Updates post-Live and making sure their foundations are solid. With Karthus, we’re keeping an eye on couple areas such as whether his frenetic casting causes VO overlap and whether his clearer Q effect results in the ol’ lich needing a bit more power.


Skarner New Portrait

 We’ve been working on Skarner for a while now, and in addition to some of the gameplay updates we’ve discussed previously we also had time to flesh out his thematic through some art upgrades and a brand new passive.

 While continuing to avoid Skarner’s old gameplay problems, we’re looking to increase his power with more CC and stickiness as well as enable him to consistently bring value to his team even when behind. To that end, Crystal Slash now grants Skarner stacking Movement Speed, and the scorpion is sporting a new passive that stacks on enemies every time he hits them with a spell – at 3 stacks, Skarner’s next attack applies bonus damage and a short stun.

 Skarner’s new passive obviously required some new VFX, and we decided to take the opportunity to roll together some other key art updates. In addition to the obligatory passive particle, Skarner has received a Texture Update as well as a touched-up shield particle on his W.

 If you’d like to dig deeper into Skarner’s approaching update you can head on over to his PBE thread.


Nidalee New Portrait

 With her nuclear-tipped spears and incredible escapability, Nidalee’s been a contentious champion for a long time, and we’ve been working on a Gameplay Update focused on toning down the frustration of playing against her and giving Nidalee players more diverse gameplay options and decision points.

 To that end, we knew we wanted to reduce the damage potential of Javelin Toss as well as tone down Nidalee’s overall safety (especially in prolonged chases) and force her to balance escape potential against the ability to finish off opponents. Doing so gave us the opportunity to diversify her offensive arsenal and make Cougar form a more co-equal partner in Nidalee’s engagements – furthered by the fact that Cougar form is now available right from level 1. The defining feature of this update is a new ‘Hunt’ mechanic , which is applied by Nidalee’s human-form abilities and both increases her speed towards Hunted targets and provides additional options and power to her Cougar-form abilities. Along with some other changes, this mechanic links Nidalee’s two forms into a more cohesive package and gives her the chance to feel incredibly agile and dangerous in her ability to close the distance and take an enemy down.

 Head over to the Nidalee PBE thread if you’d like to see the current specifics of her upcoming Gameplay Update.



[ Suggestion ] Let Karthus players hear his VO during “Requiem” regardless of where the camera is


RiotSeb Button Rioter RiotSeb: That’s a good idea, thanks for mentioning it! Will have to look into this possibility because based on what I can think of right now, he’d be the only champion that uses it (unless we want to do Ashe/Jinx/Ezreal ults as well or something…)




[ Trolling ] How do you pronounce Karthus?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The only true way to say it is Kartoos (like caboose).




Ququroon Button Rioter Ququroon: Karrrrtoooooooooooooos! It’s the rolling of the R that really makes it.




ohmikegoodness Button Rioter ohmikegoodness: I personally refer to Karthus as CLOTHUS due to all the hours put into animating all his tassels. Soraka takes a close second to difficulty in animating!




[ Question ] Can the stunned target from Skarner’s passive look similar to how they’re encased in Skarner’s ultimate?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The crystallized effect is similar, check it out on PBE when the servers come up.





Goals for Soraka's Rework Banner

 The discussion regarding Soraka’s announced rework continues. Can she stay a healer in a game where the archetype is so problematic?


Relevant Collection


Morello-Upcoming-Soraka-Rework-Banner (1)



Regarding the recent changes to Soraka


morello Button Rioter Morello: Thanks for the post. Looking at it, here’s what our analysis is;

1) Nerfing Solo Soraka was needed, and we think this was the right decision. “Countering” based on a specific pick limits the pool of picks additionally – let’s not confuse hard-countering and counterplay. Solo Soraka, pre-nerf, had a 58% winrate, which does cause us to ask questions.

2) Support Soraka was already weak, and this is an additional kick to her. We know this feels bad, and we may look at this.

3) Soraka will get a rework this year. There’s this thread in where we talk a bit more about our plans here.

Soraka is overdue for this – we do think she’s a bad experience for people who want to play her, and we need to fix that. That being said, her current kit cannot be powerful and healthy simultaneously – exactly why we’ve reprioritized her rework to this year. We’re going to do everything we can to keep her as a healer – though that will require MAJOR shifts to her kit.

A healer may be able to work under a different model. The MMO Priest model cannot be what it is (I’ve written litanies on why this is the case). If anyone can do healer in League, it needs to be done on Soraka.



[ Question ] What are your plans for Soraka?


morello Button Rioter Morello: If healer is possible (I think it might be), then we’ll find it for Soraka. If it’s not, though, then the choices would become:

  • Violate Soraka’s identity and make her good, but not a healer
  • Never rework Soraka, but keep her weak since she fucks up the game 🙂

This Sophie’s choice has stayed our hand on it too long already, so we want to rip the bandaid off and make a choice. Starting with exploring (different) healing models, then working from there.

Soraka will not be the same as she is today.

Soraka will hopefully be a healer.



PBE Nidalee Gameplay Update Banner

Nidalee‘s recently announced rework will soon be available for testing! Here’s her new kit in detail.



RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Hey guys,

Nidalee has some gameplay changes headed her way, largely in the form of a modified passive and its interactions throughout her kit. These changes help reinforce a pattern of interaction betweenNidalee and opponents, but since the changes are quite dramatic, they required changes to numbers and timings throughout her kit. I’ll be popping in and out of this thread while she’s on PBE to collect everyone’s feedback on her, so please feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you.

While all feedback is welcome at this point, the stuff that would be particularly useful is:

  • Are Pounce and Swipe behaving the way you’d expect?
  • Are you having difficulty using her Hunt Pounce effectively?
  • How has your laning pattern changed compared to Live (both as and against Nidalee)?
  • How do you feel in roaming cases using your modified brush passive?
  • Did you notice any bugs on her?
  • What items are you guys building on her to be successful?
  • How was your experience building mainly Ability Power items?
  • How was your experience building more bruiser items?
  • Generally, where do you feel she is too strong/weak?

Thanks in advance for all your guys’ thoughts,


With that said, if you’re interested in the full changelist, here it is below:


  • Basic attack hit timing adjusted to better match visual
  • Death Recap now properly differentiates between Javelin Toss and Takedown, and Bushwhack and Pounce
  • (R) Aspect of the Cougar now has 4 ranks and is automatically trained at level 1
  • UI elements added to support modified passive
  • Movement Speed increased to 340 from 335



 Prowl [ Passive ]



  • Movement Speed in brush reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Movement Speed in brush is now increased to 30% while moving toward visible enemy champions within 5500 range
  • Damaging champions with Javelin Toss and Bushwhack causes her to Hunt these targets for 4 seconds, granting Prowl’s increased Movement Speed toward them and enhancing her next Takedown, Pounce, and Swipe against them
  • Nidalee ignores unit collision while Prowl and Hunt are active



Javelin Toss [ Q ]



  • Minimum base damage reduced to 50/75/100/125/150 from 55/95/140/185/230
  • Maximum base damage reduced to 150/225/300/375/450 from 137/237/350/462/575
  • Minimum Ability Power ratio reduced to 40% from 65%
  • Maximum Ability Power ratio reduced to 120% from 162.5%
  • Cooldown adjusted to 8/7/6/5 with rank in (R) Aspect of the Cougar from 6 at all ranks
  • Now deals maximum damage at 1300 range rather than 1500
  • Missile visuals adjusted to better match player expectation
  • Applies the Hunt debuff to enemy champions hit



Takedown [ Cougar Q ]



  • Deals 33% increased damage to Hunted targets
  • Minimum base damage reduced to 4/20/50/90 from x/40/70/100
  • Maximum non Hunt base damage reduced to 10/50/125/225 from x/120/210/300
  • Maximum Hunt base damage introduced at 13/67/167/300
  • Maximum non Hunt Total Attack Damage ratio reduced to 250% from 300%
  • Maximum Hunt Total Attack Damage ratio introduced at 333%
  • Minimum non Hunt Ability Power ratio introduced at 24%
  • Maximum non Hunt Ability Power ratio introduced at 60%
  • Maximum Hunt Ability Power ratio introduced at 80%
  • Now deals entirely magic damage instead of entirely physical damage
  • Maximum damage is now dealt when the target is at 20% current Health, up from 0%
  • Nidalee gains 75 Attack Range while Takedown is active



Bushwhack [ W ]



  • Ground duration reduced to 2 minutes from 4
  • Debuff duration reduced to 4 seconds from 8
  • Now only affects 1 enemy per trap
  • Flat base damage reduced to 20/40/60/80/100 from 80/125/170/215/260
  • Flat damage Ability Power ratio removed (was 40%)
  • No longer shreds enemy Armor and Magic Resist
  • Now additionally deals 12/14/16/18/20% of the target’s current Health over its duration
  • Now additionally deals 1% of the target’s current Health per 50 Ability power over its duration
  • Cooldown reduced to 17/15/13/11/9 from 18 at all ranks
  • Mana cost reduced to 40/45/50/55/60 from 60/75/90/105/120
  • Team color indicators added to better indicate trigger radius
  • Persistent pulsing particle adjusted for better visibility
  • Applies the Hunt debuff to enemy champions hit



Pounce [ Cougar W ]



  • Now moves toward the player’s cursor rather than Nidalee’s current facing
  • Base damage reduced to 50/100/150/200 from x/125/175/225
  • Ability Power ratio reduced to 30% from 40%
  • Cooldown increased to 5 seconds from 3.5
  • Can now be used to jump to Hunted targets at up to 700 range by hovering the cursor over the Hunted target
  • Killing a unit while in Cougar form reduces Pounce’s current cooldown to 1.5 seconds if it is currently higher



Primal Surge [ E ]



  • Base healing increased to 55/95/135/175/215 from 50/85/120/155/190
  • Ability Power ratio reduced to 50% from 70%
  • Attack Speed buff duration reduced to 6 seconds from 7



Swipe [ Cougar E ]



  • Now targets toward the player’s cursor rather than Nidalee’s current facing
  • Base damage reduced to 70/130/190/250 from x/150/225/300
  • Ability Power ratio reduced to 45% from 60%
  • Swiping a Hunted target reduces Pounce’s current cooldown to 1.5 seconds if it is currently higher
  • Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds from 6



Aspect of the Cougar [ R ]



  • No longer grants 20 Movement Speed while in Cougar form
  • Cooldown adjusted to 5.00/3.75/2.50/1.25 from 4.00 at all ranks
  • Nidalee gains vision of all Hunted targets while in Cougar form”



[ Question ] Is there a range indicator circle for her Hunted Pounce, like with Rengar’s leap?


RiotRepertoirButton Rioter RiotRepertoir: There are actually two UI elements for enhanced Pounce that only Nidalee sees while Hunting.

  1. A circle range indicator for Hunt’s improved Pounce
  2. A directional tether between Nidalee and Hunted champions that swaps from dark red to bright green when Nidalee gets in range for the improved Pounce.


RiotSeb Button Rioter RiotSeb: Yes, there are new targeting effects to help Nidalee players use their Hunt Pounce more effectively and take advantage of the boosted range. Please give us feedback if it’s not working out for you, once it hits PBE!




[ Question ] Will Nidalee be getting new spell effects with this rework?


RiotSeb Button Rioter RiotSeb: Yes, there are new targeting effects to help Nidalee players use their Hunt Pounce more effectively and take advantage of the boosted range. Please give us feedback if it’s not working out for you, once it hits PBE!




[ Question ] Can you explain the range changes to Javelin Toss?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Javelin Toss still has a range of 1500, but it achieves its max damage once it has traveled 1300 range. I knew there was a limit on the amount of damage Javelin Toss could deal, and it needed to be lower, but I wanted to keep the spell satisfying, so the last 200 units is basically a cushion where the max damage is dealt. Takedown base damage probably does look a bit wonky, but keep in mind that most of the damage of Takedown is in the Total Attack Damage ratio. As such, the base damage at rank 1 R is more like 4 plus her Total Attack Damage.



[ Question ] Why is Bushwhack now dealing so much damage and not shredding resistances?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Bushwhack is still in tuning, so maybe they’re too strong right now; that’s quite possible and can be tuned to not be obnoxious I believe. One of the goals of these changes is to reduce invisible power in her kit, which is why the shreds were removed from her traps. However, it wasn’t really the goal to make traps weak, and my experience working on her has taught me that Bushwhack is an integral part of her fighting tankier champions. Also, traps have about the same cooldown at rank 1, and they are now quite visually loud on the ground, so avoiding them will have to be a conscious effort, but it shouldn’t be the case that you couldn’t see them out there openly in the lane.



[ Question ] Won’t a 700 range Pounce from Hunted be too overwhelming?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: In practice you will very rarely get two empowered 700 range Pounces within the time of the Pounce reset. Most often, you will get the empowered one to go in, use your Swipe on the Hunted target, and then have a 375 range Pounce to jump out.




[ Question ] If minions still activate Bushwhack traps, how can this become an integral part of Nidalee’s rotation in lane?


 RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Traps are more about setup to me. While playing this Nidalee, players will be taking aggressive action with their Javelin Toss, forcing enemies to dodge them to not get Hunted. Bushwhack traps, on the other hand, require some foresight into where they should be placed for the purposes of Hunting. For example, if I’m laning against a melee champion that may try to jump on me, I probably want to have one around my feet to get damage and Hunt proc on him if he does, but if I’m against a ranged champion, I may trap the sides of the lane to corral them into a smaller part of the lane where I can line up Javelins.



[ Follow-up ] What if two targets simultaneously trigger Bushwhack? Does it apply the debuff to both?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Bushwhack traps always look inside their radius for champions first and minions second, so you shouldn’t ever trigger it on a minion when there is also a champion in its activation range.




[ Question ] If she’s roaming during laning, what’s her mechanism for being able to set up a Hunt?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Same as any other point in the game I suppose. Hit a spear/trap, switch to cougar and jump to them.





[ Question ] Is Nidalee jungle intended to be possible/viable with these changes?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: It wasn’t intended insofar as we tried to make it a thing, but we don’t really think we need to try to stop it from happening either, since it doesn’t seem all that abusive from the get-go.




[ Question ] With these changes, what will stop people from playing her exactly the same as before?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: I think the reduced effectiveness in playing this way will mostly likely cause people to adjust their playstyles. There will still be spear throwing, but a much larger number of her kills will come from getting in your face.




Skarner Rework (Again) Banner

Riot really doesn’t know what to do with Skarner, as evidenced by his second (and, frankly, haphazard) rework. Keep reading for full details on his new kit.



RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: Hey Skarners,

Skar is up on PBE with a few gameplay and art changes. We’re increasing Skarner’s power with more CC and stickiness without creating the old gameplay problems. Additionally, he will be able to consistently bring value to his team, even when behind. He also has upgraded character textures and some new particles for his passive and W.

Full List of Changes:




[NEW] Crystallizing Sting [ Passive ]



  • Skarners damaging spells apply Crystal Poison to enemy Champions and large monsters
  • If Skarner attacks a target with 3 stacks of Crystal Poison he will deal an additional 20-105 damage and stun the target for 0.5/0.75/1 seconds
  • After a stun, targets will not receive Crystal Poison for 6 seconds




Crystal Slash [ Q ]



  • [NEW] Crystal Energy Bonus: Skarner now gains 3/4/5/6/7% Movement speed per stack
  • [NEW] Auto attacks reduce Crystal Slash’s cooldown by .5s (doubled against Champions)
  • Base physical damage reduced from 25/40/55/70/85 to 20/30/40/50/60
  • Base physical ratio reduced from 0.8 to 0.4
  • Bonus magic damage reduced from 24/36/48/60/72 to 20/30/40/50/60
  • Bonus magic ratio reduced from 0.4 to 0.2




Crystalline Exoskeleton [ W ]



  • Cooldown lowered from 16 to 13 seconds




Fracture [ E ]



  • Base damage lowered from 80/120/160/200/240 to 40/60/80/100/120
  • AP ratio lowered from 0.7 to 0.4
  • Cooldown lowered from 14 to 12 seconds




Impale [ R ]



  • Cooldown lowered from 130/120/100 to 100/90/80
  • Impale consumes all stacks of Crystal Poison and deals 50/75/100 damage per stack consumed to the target



[ Opinion ] His ultimate consuming his passive stacks without a stun seems counter-intuitive


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: When we didn’t have the ult consuming the passive stacks we were seeing Ult into follow up passive stun pretty much every time. This was creating really long hard CC chains beyond the duration that we typically allow.

With this in mind, we compensate him if he uses an ult on a target with stacks of the passive by adding additional damage per stack.



[ Follow-up ] Does Skarner gain the 6 second cooldown if this is the case?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The stun cooldown is not applied in this case.





[ Question ] Can Skarner still Q during his ult?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: Yes he can.





[ Question ] Does proccing the stun on Skarner’s passive consume the current stacks of Crystal Poison?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: It does, he will have to stack it up again for the next stun on the same target.





[ Question ] How long do the stacks of Crystal Poison last?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The stacks last for 5 seconds right now.





[ Question ] Why do the damage numbers seem so low?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The great thing is, that if he is only deficient in damage numbers that is a very easy fix. The mechanics changes here (more cc and stickiness) are the main focus to get right.

We will definitely keep an eye on him and make adjustments to his overall dps after more testing.



[ Question ] How will these changes affect Skarner’s gameplay?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: It does change his feel somewhat in that he now has a very tangible goal that he is shooting for in a gank/skirmish or any duel. Reaching the stun will often secure kills or turn a fight.

At the same time, the Q changes (movement speed per stack) actually make him feel much more like his old self. If I start Qing on a target, I’m going to stick to them pretty well.

AD bruiser builds are still viable with his high base AD, but generally he will take slightly longer to kill enemies but have much better time sticking and CCing.





State of Kha'Zix post Patch 4 point 9 Banner

Kha’Zix was hit hard in Patch 4.9. Why were the decisions to nerf him made and where does this place him in the meta?



[ QQ ] Why did you kill Kha’Zix’s playstyle as a tanky bruiser?


morello Button Rioter Morello: If you were planning on running in the frontline and snowballing through a team, yep, you can’t do that now.

If you wanted to flank, assassinate and escape, you can still do that.



[ Question ] Were these changes made to remove bruiser Kha’Zix from the game?


morello Button Rioter Morello: Everything that made bruiser Kha’Zix good is gone – that’s the entire point. Assassin Kha’ should still be in good shape.





[ Question ] Can you clarify why his ultimate evolution was nerfed so much?


morello Button Rioter Morello: Damage Reduction on Assassins is OP* 🙂



Pings, Refusing to Communicate Banner

A concern has sprung up among some players that if they decide to mute their team to avoid tilting, they can be banned for refusing to communicate.



[ Question ] Can I get banned for not using chat to communicate with my teammates?


WookieeCookie Riotlink Button WookieeCookie: You won’t get banned for not communicating in chat with your teammates.

Generally I don’t chat much myself, I just use pings to communicate my intentions or alerts to others.

Even if you mute someone, they will still be able to see your pings so you can effectively communicate with them.

Getting use to the ping tool can be a bit weird at first, but to be honest now that I’m comfortable with it I can communicate to my team a lot faster than actually typing things out.



[ Suggestion ] Mute players, but don’t tell them you have, and communicate with pings only


WookieeCookie Riotlink Button WookieeCookie: Blazing Salvo has a lot of great points, but I wanted to reinforce his first point. There’s a good way to mute people, and a bad way. Make sure you’re not super passive aggresive about it and let everyone know that you’re muting them. Don’t threaten or abuse them and then mute them. Don’t say you’re muting them, not mute them, and then verbally abuse them when they see what you say, etc etc.

Be the bigger player, if someone is abusive, just report them and move on. No need to feed the trolls.



[ Question ] How do YOU deal with negativity in-game?


WookieeCookie Riotlink Button WookieeCookie: I try to avoid muting people as much as possible as well. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But I have seen some players start to trend towards the negative in certain matches and rather than take the morale hit I just mute them and play on. It helps me play cooperatively with them throughout the match and keeps me focused on the game at hand without having to see their negativity.



Grumpy Monkey Returns Banner

Senior Character Artist Grumpy Monkey is up on the forums to answer some questions about where he’s been and what he’s been working on.



[ Q&A ] Grumpy Monkey returns to forums


grumpy monkey Riotlink Button Grumpy Monkey: Hey! I am right here! Sorry for the radio silence. I have been super busy! We got Heimerdinger,Twitch, Karthus, Some Skarner Texture update love on the way, and of course we have been toiling away at the big guy Mr. Sion himself. in fact here is some concept art of new Sion to get you pumped! Done by Feral Pony. Who knew he was such a legit artist? Anyways we have some great stuff lined up for the rest of the year. Thanks for missing me on the forums! I sometimes forget I need to visit good ol GD from time to time. If you want to hit me up directly you can always get my attention at @riotgrumpmonkey on the twitters.



grumpy monkey Riotlink Button Grumpy Monkey: I want to answer some of your questions best I can.

1. How is work going for the Champs? Pretty good. 

You know just making them and stuff. No biggie.

2.How many do you actively work on at a given time? 

Well, I like to work on three and a given time. One in final polish, one in hard core production mode, and one in early conceptual phase. It’s like juggling.

3.A Rioter said not too long ago that there were 10 VUs last year and that there should be more this year. Since Rioters have said that they’ve gotten the team more together and running more efficiently, will there be 10 or more VUs this year?

“Should” is a funny word isn’t it? We have a lot planned, I just hope we can get everything we set out to do done! Bless that Rioter’s heart for being so ambitious though.

4.Is Grump Monkey the only one who works on sculpting the champs and their skins?

Well mostly yes. I get much needed helps from time to time from Mr. Iron Stylus and Concept help from various Concept geniuses on the team (Riot Teatime, Huge n Fast) But the sculpting is largely done and supervised by yours truly.

5.Will Pantheon get a VU this year? If so, has he been started?

He is not Highest on the list. His Dragon slayer skin certainly made us re consider though.

6.Will Kassadin get a VU this year? If so, has he been started? 

We have a few loose ends we need to tie up before we can get to him , but he is in our crosshairs, and we can’t wait to get to him.

7.Malzahar is not discussed often but his model is in serious need for a VU. I know you guys will get to all champs eventually, but has he been discussed?

I talked about him just today! I think he might be more in line for a TU, just a fresh coat of paint and some model tweaks rather than a full on VU.

8.Do you think you can give Pantheon a traditional skin? Just for the fact that the team can go all out making him this original creative looking badass armored Rakkor, and fans who are attached to his “greek” look wont be upset. It’s a win win for everyone. Please?

Ideally I would hope we theme the Rakkor around what pantheon currently is. I would want to make Pantheon feel new, but still very familiar. But thats just me. If we decide that the Rakkor are visually very different from what pantheon currently is and want him to represent that new direction, then I think a traditional skin is in order. We will see when we cross that bridge though.

9.How’s the Taric and Sion progress going?

Taric is in progress, very very early steps to be honest…. But Sion is my focus these days, and he’s going great. I’m Really happy with how he’s turning out so far.

10.What do you love about your job?

GREAT QUESTION!!! I love how fast things move, I never get bored. I love that I can make things that millions of people appreciate. I love showing My wife and kids stuff that I worked on when it goes live, and I love the people I work with.

11.What about your job frustrates you?

I hate my Commute lol. I also wish I could get stuff done faster, but with such a huge game we try our best to be really really careful that what we release is quality stuff, so I understand. I also get frustrated with Ironstylus’s hair. It’s so perfect. He never has a bad hair day.
Hope I answered your questions good enough!



Single Posts banner



Champion Updates & Refund Requests


 SquidMoxRiotlink Button SquidmoX: Hey all,

Over the past two years we’ve been ramping up our ability to steadily modernize champions’ art, background and gameplay, to the point where champion updates have become an integral part of the overall evolution of League of Legends. When we first began making these updates we were mindful of the fact that we were altering content to which players might be very attached, and with that in mind we agreed to the handful of refund requests from the passionate players who owned updated champions and who sent a ticket to Player Support. 

Back then we could do these individual gestures of goodwill because the number of refund requests was pretty low. Requests came largely from players who mained the champ. Once the policy was made public, there was a 10,000%+ spike in requests. We looked at the data and found that a very large majority of requests were from players who weren’t actively invested in the champion pre-update, but were trying to get back RP or IP without using a refund token.

To give you an idea of the impact, every recent champion update has resulted in a storm of support tickets larger than what we typically see from a full day of major server instability. Combine this with the fact that we’re on pace to double our annual number of champion updates (6 in 2013, already 7 in first half of 2014) and it begins to significantly impact Player Support’s ability to handle critical issues like account recoveries and tech support.

As a result of these factors, we’ve decided that beginning with the Karthus champion update, we will stop processing refund requests for updated champions. It would be awesome to have a process that specifically targets those players significantly impacted by an update and doesn’t interfere with Player Support’s ability to quickly solve vital support issues, but we are far off from a good solution to this.

We know this may be disappointing for some players, particularly those actively playing and invested in updated champions. To help address this issue, the champion update team is working on increased transparency when it comes to which champions they’re working on. Additionally, the Player Support team has created a central hub with info on past, present, and future champion updates. These efforts should both help you plan your purchases and use of refund tokens and give you better places to voice your feedback and help us fine-tune updates. 

If you have any questions about this change, please leave them below and we’ll do our best to address them.



[ Twitter ] Will there be a new Caitlyn skin this year?




[ Question ] Why was Patch 4.9 so large (~860 Mb) ?


Riot Draggles Riotlink Button Riot Draggles: The audio engine updates are most of this patch – imagine you have a suitcase full of coats: adding content like skins and new champions are essentially putting socks in the suitcase – you can slip them in without disturbing too much of the contents. Changing something as deep and complex as the audio engine is like taking out all the coats and replacing them with towels – it’s a delicate process.

Okay, that wasn’t the most perfect metaphor but you get what I mean – gave me something to do while I was patching my own client 



[ Feedback ] Help Riot Spider choose a League tattoo!


Riot Spider Riotlink Button Riot Spider: Hey everyone! 

I like video games AND I like tattoos, and I was considering getting another tattoo…maybe even a League of Legends related one! What is some of your favorite iconic LoL artwork? If you have a LOL Tattoo (and it’s safe to post) – post it! 

If I do get one I will post it – but it will be awhile. I have to find the right person to do the work too.




[ Follow-up ]


Riot Spider Riotlink Button Riot Spider: I was thinking of silhouettes, or potentially something like an insignia from one of the factions. There are also some iconic objects that could be interesting too. I have a lot of material to draw from here…

There are a few posts I wanted to address though. 

People get tattoos for many reasons, often nobody else will really understand those reasons. I would argue that is the case for other forms of self expression too. Other people understanding them is great, but it isn’t really the point. 

I have been in game development for nearly 8 years. It has taken me around the world, allowed me to make amazing friends, and it has introduced me to countless new ideas – things I would never have understood if not for my being part of the gaming community. I will always have some things in common with millions of people around the world – I may never have really understood that without being part of it. Without any hyperbole, gaming has changed who I am as a person. 

I have one other tattoo on my right calf, so far. It’s related to the games I worked on previously, and it’s is extremely likely that decades from now very few people will understand what it means. Even now when people see it I often get questions about it, and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I didn’t get it for them, I got it for me. I earned it.



[ Question ] Where did you get the inspiration for Pentakill’s songs?


Anvilanche Riotlink Button ANVILANCHE: HAIL! 


Happy to hear you like it. I can’t speak entirely to the influence of all the songs, but for my bit (The Prophecy) I imagined myself as something like Charon, the boatman, looking into a tide of souls. Just an old, gravelly hunch watching the jimmies of a billion souls get rustled at the rising of an unseen and ancient force.



[ Question] Why was I banned for ELO-boosting?


Keyru Riotlink Button Keyru: When investigating MMR Boosting cases we take a lot of time and thoroughness to confirm that the player was participating in these actions. The two accounts under your email were both punished for boosting another account that is not yours. When we do find boosters, we punish all accounts owned by them.

After looking into this case again today, I also found something quite interesting. It seems like both accounts that are under your current email have transferred ownership within the past 8 months. I’ve went forward with proactively locking them to go through our account recovery process. We can continue this conversation through your tickets.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.