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PROJECT returns this year with new skins and a new process for joining the First Strike to unlock unique borders for loading screen cards.

As you may have noticed on PBE, we’ve modified the Hextech Crafting system to prepare for First Strike with two new limited-time crafting materials. Introducing PROJECT Cores and blueprints:





PROJECT Cores fuse with blueprints to unlock various types of loot. Certain blueprints allow you to craft First Strike icons for PROJECT: Ashe, PROJECT: Ekko, and PROJECT: Katarina, which you will need to secure First Strike borders for their loading screen cards.

These new and existing crafting materials reside in a variety of caches that you can purchase for IP or RP. Caches are similar to Hextech chests but do not require a key to open.




In our efforts to make gemstones directly purchasable, we’re also guaranteeing one per day in special bundles for the first six days of this operation.

We’ll dive deeper into this process with an FAQ in the near future. Stay tuned!


Hextech Crafting is now live in NA

Riot Mirross Final PortraitHextech crafting and loot are now live in NA! We’re introducing the new system to reward you with loot-filled chests through Champion Mastery when you or your premade perform well and also provide a way to pick up randomized content at large discounts.

Craft, earn, or purchase content like champions, skins, ward skins and summoner icons in new loot chests you earn by performing well across a variety of champions or as part of a premade. When you or someone in your premade party earns any S rank, you’ll acquire a chest. You can earn up to four chests each month, and each champion you play can earn you one chest per season.

Each time you win any matchmade game, there’s a chance you’ll earn a key and winning with friends increases the chance of a key drop. Generally, you can expect to earn a few keys each month.

For those who just want to pick up content at a significant discount, we’re offering chests and keys individually in the store. All chests contain random loot worth more than the cost of the chest (well, depending on how you feel about Teemo) so you can purchase with the confidence of knowing you’re getting a good deal (but a direct purchase from the store will still be the best way to pick up specific items).

We’ve been testing Hextech Crafting and loot for over a month, and we’re excited to bring the system live around the world. We’ll be rolling out Hextech Crafting to each region throughout the next few weeks, starting with NA (Turkey has already been live for the beta test). While this is the official launch, as with any part of League, Hextech Crafting and loot will continue to evolve (including tuning drop rates and the loot mix of each chest).

One important note: if you use Hextech Crafting or loot, anything you unlock (shards, essence, even permanent content that you craft) using the new system WILL NOT transfer with you if you leave the server. We’re planning to remove this restriction once all regions have Hextech Crafting.

When Hextech Crafting and loot launch on your server, all players will receive a special First Day chest, which includes a skin shard for a champ you own, a ward skin shard, and enough essence to permanently unlock one of them. Trying to explain Hextech Crafting and Loot can be kinda tricky, so visit the 2016 Season Update or check out the FAQ below if you still have questions. GLHF and we’ll see you on the Rift!

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FAQ Banner

What happens if I get a skin for a champion that I don’t own?

If you’re not interested in unlocking that champ, you can re-roll a skin shard with three others for a shard guaranteed to be for a champ you own or you can disenchant the skin shard and use the new essence to craft something that better fits your playstyle (permanent loot disenchants into more essence than shards).

Do chests include stuff I already have?

Yes. Chests are random, and contain loot that might be duplicates of content you’ve already picked up. You’re not stuck with it, though. At launch, you can re-roll or disenchant extra shards, and we’re investigating ways for folks who have every champion to find a use for champ shards they pick up. When you re-roll, you’re guaranteed not to receive a duplicate.

Can I earn chests or keys with champs from the free rotation?

Champion Mastery is about expressing depth with champions you play as part of your champ roster. If you want to earn chests or keys with a champ on free rotation, you’ll need to unlock them and add them to your collection.

What’s the difference between the two essences?

Blue essence is currently used to upgrade champion shards into a permanent addition to your champ roster. Orange essence upgrades everything else in the crafting system from skin shards to ward skins.

I got something in my chest I haven’t seen anywhere yet: what’s a gemstone?

Gemstones are very rare crafting materials that you can use to forge a chest and key combo that might drop an additional gemstone! Down the road, gemstones can be combined to access exclusive hextech crafting loot.

I own all of the champions. What can I do with champion shards?

At launch, you’ll be able to disenchant extra shards you find in chests for champion essence. We’re currently exploring ways for players with every champ to use the shards they earn but we haven’t settled on the final form of the plan yet. As Hextech Crafting and loot continue to evolve throughout the season, we’ll keep you posted on any new features we add.

Can I still earn Champion Mastery chests when my account is restricted for unsportsmanlike behavior?

No. Players who are chat or ranked restricted or currently banned from play cannot earn or unlock chests through Champion Mastery. Once they’ve reformed, they’ll be eligible for rewards again.

What do you mean, content I craft using the new system will not transfer between servers?

Because Hextech Crafting is a new system that isn’t available on every server, crafting material (anything used at the crafting table, like shards or essence) DOES NOT transfer should you choose to leave the server you’re currently using Hextech Crafting on. If you earn or craft permanent content, you can redeem it to add it to your collection (which WILL transfer), but if you leave it unredeemed, it would not follow you. Once crafting and loot is live in all regions, we expect to lift this restriction.

PBE Round-up: Patch 6.5

March 6th, 2016


PBE Roundup Patch 6 5 Banner

Patch 6.5 will go live in the early hours of March 9th, assuming there are no delays. Here are its contents:







Champion Changes


Gnar Final Portrait


  • Tooltip fix: Now correctly states Gnar’s AA range in Mega form is 175, not 150;
  • Base Attack Damage increased by 3 (from 48 to 51 in Mini form and 54 to 57 in Mega).



Hecarim Final Portrait


Buff BoxDevastating Charge Final IconDevastating Charge [ E ]

  • The knockback distance now scales with the distance Hecarim has traveled during [ E ], up to a 50% increase in knockback distance.



Jarvan IV Final Portrait


Buff BoxGolden_AegisGolden Aegis [ W ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 20/18/16/14/12 seconds to 12 at all ranks.



Buff BoxCataclysm Final IconCataclysm [ R ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 100/125/150 to 100 at all ranks;
  • Now deals full damage to enemies in a small area around the original target.



Kogmaw Final Portrait


  • Attack Speed-per-level increased from 1.5% to 3.5%.


Buff BoxCaustic Spittle Final IconCaustic Spittle [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 60 at all ranks to 40.



Nerf BoxBio Arcane Barrage Final IconBio-Arcane Barrage [ W ]

  • Passive removed (no longer gives 15/20/25/30/35/40% bonus Attack Speed);
  • Active grants an additional 10/15/20/25/30 magic damage on-hit.



Nautilus Final Portrait


Nerf BoxRiptide Final IconRiptide [ E ]

  • Base damage decreased from 60/95/130/165/200 to 55/85/115/145/175.




Pantheon Final Portrait


Nerf BoxHeartseeker Strike Final IconHeartseeker Strike [ E ]

  • Total damage decreased from 80/140/220/260/320 [+3.6 Bonus AD] to 80/130/180/230/280 [+3.0 Bonus AD];
  • Minion damage increased from 50% to 60% (roughly the same damage after the nerfs);
  • Tooltip has been reworked: it now notes the total damage against champions, with a white counter below that notes the damage-per-strike.


Change BoxGrand Skyfall [ R ]
Grand Skyfall Final Icon

  • Mana cost decreased from 125 at all ranks to 100;
  • Mana refund for cancelling the channel has been removed (85 mana refund on live);
  • Cooldown after cancelling the channel increased from 10 seconds to 30.



Renekton Final Portrait


Change BoxSlice_and_DiceSlice and Dice [ E ]

  • Fury gained for hitting non-Champion targets with Dice decreased from 2.5 to 2;
  • Slice now generates 2 Fury for non-Champion targets and 10 for Champion targets (doesn’t generate any Fury on live).



Change BoxDominusDominus [ R ]

  • While in Dominus, Renekton gains 25 bonus auto-attack range which doesn’t apply for his W;
  • Bonus Health changed from 200/400/800 to 250/500/750.



Sejuani Final Portrait


Permafrost [ E ]  Buff BoxPermafrost Final Icon

  • Base damage increased from 60/90/120/150/180 to 80/105/130/155/180.




Soraka Final Portrait


Change BoxStarcall Final IconStarcall [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 70/75/80/85/90 to 40 at all ranks;
  • Cooldown decreased from 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds to 5 at all ranks;
  • Now slows all targets hit by Starcall, regardless of whether they were in the center or not (slow range up from 110 to 265);
  • Hitting an enemy Champion now grants Soraka “Rejuvenation” for 4 seconds, which restores 14/16/18/20/22 [+0.1 AP] health-per-second and grants 15% Movement Speed when not moving toward enemy Champions;
  • Updated Starcall’s visual effects to better match the area of effect (no gameplay changes to range).


Change BoxAstral Infusion Final IconAstral Infusion [ W ]

  • Base heal decreased from 120/150/180/210/240 to 80/110/140/170/200;
  • Self-heal mechanic on Q vs enemy Champions removed (25/35/45/55/65 [+0.4 AP] on live);
  • If cast while under the effect of Rejuvenation, Soraka will give her target “Rejuvenation” for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds (based on Q rank, buff gives identical stats to the ally);
  • No longer able to target minions.



Talon Final Portrait


Nerf BoxShadow Assault Final IconShadow Assault [ R ]

  • Mana cost increased from 80/90/100 to 100 at all ranks;
  • Cooldown increased from 75/65/55 seconds to 100/80/60.



Urgot Final Portrait


  • Base Attack Damage increased from 52 to 54.


Nerf BoxTerror Capacitator Final IconTerror Capacitor [ W ]

  • Duration of shield decreased from 7 seconds to 5.



Buff BoxHyper Kinetic Position Reverser Final IconHyper-Kinetic Position Reverser [ R ]

  • Now additionally fears all targets around the swapped target for 1.5 seconds in a 375 radius (after the swap completes).



Vi Final Portrait


Buff BoxExcessive Force Final IconExcessive Force [ E ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 60 at all ranks to 40/45/50/55/60;
  • Base damage increased from 5/20/35/50/65 to 10/30/50/70/90.



Item Changes


Buff BoxGuardian Angel Final IconGuardian Angel

  • Recipe cost decreased from 1380 Gold to 1180 (total cost down from 2900 Gold to 2700);
  • On revival, restores either 700 Health or 30% of your maximum health, whichever value is higher.





Rift Herald Final IconThe Rift Herald

  • Devourer stacks granted for killing the Herald decreased from 5 to 2.





Death Blossom Kha’Zix will be available in store for 975 RP.


Khazix_Splash_3 Khazix_3


MODEL Banner

Death Blossom Khazix Model 1 Death Blossom Khazix Model 2


Recall Banner

Death Blossom Khazix Recall 1 Death Blossom Khazix Recall 2





Death Blossom Khazix Passive 1


Taste Their Fear Banner

Death Blossom Khazix Q 1 Death Blossom Khazix Q 2



Death Blossom Khazix W 1 Death Blossom Khazix W 2



Death Blossom Khazix E 1 Death Blossom Khazix E 2



Death Blossom Khazix R 1



Death Blossom Khazix R Q 1 Death Blossom Khazix R Q 2 Death Blossom Khazix R Q 3



Death Blossom Khazix R W 1 Death Blossom Khazix R W 2



Death Blossom Khazix R E 2 Death Blossom Khazix R E 3

Death Blossom Khazix R E 1



Death Blossom Khazix R R 3 Death Blossom Khazix R R 2 




Elderwood LeBlanc will be available in store for 1350 RP.


Leblanc_Splash_5 Leblanc_5


MODEL Banner

Elderwood LeBlanc Model 1 Elderwood LeBlanc Model 2


Recall Banner

Elderwood LeBlanc Recall 1 Elderwood LeBlanc Recall 2





Elderwood LeBlanc Auto Attack Elderwood LeBlanc Auto Attack 2



Elderwood LeBlanc Passive 1



Elderwood LeBlanc Q 1 Elderwood LeBlanc Q 2



Elderwood LeBlanc W 1 Elderwood LeBlanc W 2


Ethereal Chains E

Elderwood LeBlanc E 1 Elderwood LeBlanc E 2

Elderwood LeBlanc E 3



Elderwood LeBlanc R Q 1 Elderwood LeBlanc R Q 2



Elderwood LeBlanc R W 1 Elderwood LeBlanc R W 2



Elderwood LeBlanc R E 1 Elderwood LeBlanc R E 2Elderwood LeBlanc R E 3




Hextech Annie will NOT be available for purchase! It’s a reward for getting 10 gemstones from the Hextech Crafting system (read below for details):




MODEL Banner

Hextech Annie Model 1 Hextech Annie Model 2

Hextech Annie Passive 1


Recall Banner

Hextech Annie Recall 1 Hextech Annie Recall 2





Hextech Annie Basic Attack 1 Hextech Annie Basic Attack 2



Hextech Annie Q 1 Hextech Annie Q 2



Hextech Annie W 1 Hextech Annie W 2



Hextech Annie E 1 Hextech Annie E 2



Hextech Annie R 1 Hextech Annie R 2

Hextech Annie R 3 Hextech Annie R 4


Hextech Annie crafting and gemstones

Riot Mirross Final PortraitHi all!

Everyone’s favorite combo of sugar, spice, nice, and plenty of burning is getting a new skin as part of hextech crafting and loot. In order to secure appropriate testing for Hextech Annie, we’re putting her and her hextechnically-augmented Tibbers on PBE early, but don’t expect her to debut with the launch of hextech crafting and loot.

Featuring an all-new model, textures, animations and particle effects as well as new sounds, Hextech Annie is intended to be available exclusively through hextech crafting and the loot system by acquiring 10 gemstones either in normal chests and promotional chests through rare drops or by picking up special promo chest bundles (which’ll guarantee a gemstone drop). Gemstones are rare loot drops that can be crafted into a chest and key bundle or saved to combine to craft Hextech Annie.

Promo chests will only be available at limited times and may have different content inside compared to normal chests. For testing on the PBE, we’ve unlocked Hextech Promo Chest bundles in the store so players can pick up Hextech Annie as soon as possible. During this test, buying one of the 10-chest bundles guarantees a gemstone in addition to the gemstones you can find in the chests themselves.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Hextech Annie won’t be available at the launch of hextech crafting and loot. We’ll test her on PBE before testing her release to live servers in Turkey (where we’ve been testing hextech crafting and loot for a little while now). When hextech crafting and loot debut on all live servers, Hextech Annie will follow shortly after.

Lastly, we’re pretty sure everyone’s used to this by now, but please keep in mind the promo chests have been heavily discounted for testing on PBE, and the drop rates of items in the chests may also change before we go live.

Leave your feedback on the skin or even the idea of a free, exclusive skin in hextech crafting below, and we’ll see you on the PBE battlefields!

  • Mirross

 [ Link to Post ]


Hextech Ward Banner

The Hextech Ward skin will (probably) be available for 640 RP.


Hextech Ward 2 Hextech Ward 1




This is a new in-client system that nets you rewards like skins and Champions. Below I’ve written down all the ways you can earn content and craft:


You’ll need Hextech Keys and Hextech Chests. You’ll earn Hextech Keys for winning matchmade games (meaning any game type except Custom games).

Chests are trickier; they’re rewards for performing well on a particular Champion. You earn chests through the Mastery system, but keep in mind that you can only earn one chest per season with a given Champion. Every time you get an S rank, you’ll get a chest, up to a maximum of four chests per month.

Alternatively, you can buy both keys and chests for 125 RP each in the store.

Crafting 1 Crafting 2


There are unique, RP-exclusive chests called “premium chests”. These contain more loot and can be bought in a bundle with a key for 195 RP. There’s also a separate opening animation for these that’s different from the one for default chests you get for S ranks:

Premium Chests

Premium Chest 1 Premium Chest 2


Once you have a pair, you can open chests using keys through the interface found by clicking on the shard icon below your username. After the animation, you’ll receive either a Champion Shard, a Skin Shard, a Ward Skin Shard, Cosmic Essence, Champion Essence or a combination of all those. Note that a chest will never contain essence only.


Think of Champion and Skin Shards as tickets for temporary access to Champions. You can do four things with those.

Crafting 4


First, you can re-roll both types of Shards into permanent Champions or Skins, respectively. To do so, you’ll need three Shards. The catch? Your reward is random.


You can disenchant both Champion Shards and Skin Shards for Champion Essence and Skins Essence, respectively.

Crafting 11 Crafting 12


You’ll need this essence to upgrade Champion Shards and Skin Shards into specific permanent Champions and Skins.


Lastly, you can rent Champions and Skins for 7 days. This will use up their respective Shards.

Crafting 13


The rent period will be displayed on your Summoner Profile. It’s also the place where you can check how many chests you can unlock until the end of the month and what Champions you’ve already unlocked a chest with.

Crafting 15

Crafting 14


Sometimes you’ll find Rare Gems in your chests. These contain one chest and one key.

Crafting 9 Crafting 10


You can earn Ward Skin Shards through these chests. These work the same way as regular Skin Shards.

Crafting 7 Crafting 8


You can also earn Summoner Icons. These will instantly be added to your account.

Crafting 5 Crafting 6





The store has received a visual overhaul. Here are screenshots of all the menus:

Store Update 1 Store Update 2

Store Update 3 Store Update 4

Store Update 5 Store Update 6





Cho’gath has received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

GreenTerror_TailSpike GreenTerror_SpikeSlam GreenTerror_FeralScream GreenTerror_ChitinousExoplates GreenTerror_Feast


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]m.


Hextech Crafting QA Banner

The Hextech Crafting Q&A is now concluded. You can find all answers below; for a guide on how the system works, check HERE.


Recent News Banner

Challenger Nidalee Banner 2

Season 6 Sale banner

New Champ Select banner 2



Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe’re all done for today! Thanks for all the questions.*

Hey all!

We’re the Rioters behind Hextech crafting, loot, and the upgrade to Champion Mastery rewards and we’ll be jumping into this thread around 11:00AM PST (about an hour from now) to answer your questions about the design and testing of the new system.

First time you’re hearing about Hextech Crafting and Loot? Learn more about the 2016 Season changes at the updated website here and then ask your questions below!

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Why do the chests need keys to be unlocked

Kitae Final PortraitGreat question.

The TLDR is we wanted to reward different playstyles, and having different ways of earning chests and keys lets us to do that.

Chests are rewards for playing a diverse range of champions while demonstrating skill and teamwork. If you already play a diverse range of champions, or have friends you play well with, you’ll find it easier to earn chests than a solo player who has a narrow champion pool.

Keys are random rewards for winning matchmade games of League of Legends. You can play ARAM, Ranked, Normals etc. The intent here is you play League the way you want, so we’ll be tuning with the goal that you’ll earn keys at about the same rate regardless of which matchmade queue you are playing in or what champion you are playing. Drop rate is higher with friends, but you won’t need to play with friends to earn keys at a good rate.

What we’re going for with the above is players are rewarded for mastering a diverse range of champions, but players who prefer to play a smaller champion pool can still do most of the time.

I know there are some detailed questions about exactly how chests and key drops work, I’m going to leave that one for RiotSocrates to answer!

[ Link to Post ]



Will Hextech Crafting be used in other ways in the future

Socrates New PortraitWe’ll likely be using this system for things like ranked rewards and other achievement rewards in the future. No details to share on this yet though.

[ Link to Post ]




Have you considered adding any IP sinks to Hextech Crafting

Wingfield Final BannerWe didn’t include any IP sink in this iteration of the system, since we wanted it to be valuable to both new and old players and thought it was better to just give away the rewards for free rather than to (IP) charge for them.

With that being said, the problem of large IP balances is definitely on our radar and we’re looking at ways to help improve the situation this year.

[ Link to Post ]



Is there a limit to the number of keys you can collect

Socrates New PortraitWe aren’t going into detail around key drops, but there are some safeties in place to ensure botting / grinding aren’t optimal strategies.

[ Link to Post ]




If I already own all Champions then I cant use champion essence at al

Rayven New PortraitWe agree that getting stuff you can’t use is not a great experience. We are working on something for players in this situation, but don’t have any details to share at the moment.

[ Link to Post ]




Is there a limit on how many chests keys you can buy with RP

Riot Mirross Final PortraitThere will be a daily limit on chests. We’ve considered IP purchase but it won’t be there initiatlly.

[ Link to Post ]



Follow Up Banner

Socrates New PortraitThere is a daily purchase limit on chests / keys, I believe it’s 10 or 20 per day.

[ Link to Post ]





Will players receive chests for all the Level 5 Masteries they already have

Socrates New PortraitThe new rewards are purely based on S grades after the system goes live, so there won’t be additional rewards for having achieved level 5 on champs. That said, being level 5 on champ means you’ll probably achieve S grades more easily when the system goes live.

[ Link to Post ]



How do we get essences and shards and what can we do with those

Wingfield Final BannerYou primarily get essences by disenchanting shards. You primarily get shards by opening chests. You get permanent loot by upgrading a shard (shard + essence) or by re-rolling 3 shards of the same type (e.g. 3 skin shards)

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When will we be able to get Mastery points from ARAM Dominion etc

Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe’re exploring adding Mastery to other queues – definitely for keys, maybe for grades and chests. It’s most likely to be in modes that you choose your champion though.

[ Link to Post ]




Have you considered allowing us to gift via the crafting system

Riot Mirross Final PortraitIt’s something we’ve thought about but aren’t doing in the short term. It adds a lot of complexity and we wanted to get the first version of the system out as quickly as possible.

[ Link to Post ]



Follow Up Banner

Socrates New Portrait Gifting chest is a cool idea. Will look into this but not likely for launch.

[ Link to Post ]





Does Mastery level change the drop rate on keys chests

Wingfield Final BannerNope, mastery level doesn’t change key/chest drop rate.

[ Link to Post ]





Are you not worried that youll lose money because of Hextech Crafting

Wingfield Final BannerHey Ancienthardcore,

Great question! We don’t try to maximize dollars earned, but rather find a win-win balance of Player Value and Riot Value. We wanted to improve rewards and progression within League of Legends and thought the loot and mastery reward systems would be a great way to give players cool content for playing League and performing well with a diverse group of champs. We are also trying to bring players some of the lowest price points and biggest discounts for purchased content, so players can more easily build their collections.

[ Link to Post ]



Is this system designed to make Riot more money

Riot Mirross Final PortraitIf you spend zero dollars and earn chests and keys then you will be able to get skins and other cosmetic items that you could never get before without spending money.

[ Link to Post ]




Would you be willing to raiselower the cap on chestskeys gained

Wingfield Final BannerWe’re definitely going to be tuning and iterating over time based on player feedback.

[ Link to Post ]





Can we get animated Champion icons for reaching a Level 5 Mastery

Riot Mirross Final PortraitThis is cool 🙂

Don’t think we can do animated summoner icons in the current client, but having a way to unlock something specific to those champions is something we’d love to add in future.

[ Link to Post ]



Will it be possible to recycle some of our old skins for cosmetic essence

Socrates New PortraitThe loot inventory is separate from the store inventory, so you won’t be able to disenchant items you’ve purchased directly from the store or played with previously. You can use refund tokens if there are skins you no longer want and use the RP to get chests / keys.

[ Link to Post ]



What type of skins can be permanently obtained

Wingfield Final BannerYou will be able to upgrade shards into permanent skins and re-roll shards into permanent skins. We have skins from 520 RP – 3250 RP. Legacy skins are included.

[ Link to Post ]




Can we get Legendary or Legacy skins from the chests

Wingfield Final BannerHey RazzyBaroo!

Legacy, Legendary and Ultimate skins will be included (as shards which you can upgrade or re-roll into). Limited skins will not be included.

[ Link to Post ]



If another teammate gets an S rank will I still get a chest

Riot Mirross Final PortraitYour scenario is correct, although it’s premade not just teammates. If someone in your premade gets an S (S-, S or S+) and you haven’t already earned a chest on the champion you’re playing, you get the chest.

[ Link to Post ]



Will we be able to get Chromas from chests in the future

Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe’ve built Hextech Crafting as a really flexible system and we expect that we’ll be able to add new types of content in future. That said, we don’t have immediate plans to add Chromas.

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Follow Up Banner

Riot Letumiles: The Hextech system was designed to be an extensible system that allows us to include all types of content, but we have not made any specific decisions on what will be included yet.

(P.S. I love Chromas too)

[ Link to Post ]



How many things can be in a chest at a minimum

Wingfield Final BannerMinimum 1 item – typically a shard. Occasionally there can be an additional component in there like essence.

[ Link to Post ]




How many times do we need to disenchant loot to create something

Wingfield Final BannerDepends on the value of the thing you’re trying to upgrade and what you’re disenchanting. Anywhere from one to many.

[ Link to Post ]




How much essence will we get per chest

Riot Mirross Final PortraitCan you put examples on the quantity of essences we will get from the chests? What’s the minimum / maximum?

[ Link to Post ]




How can we acquire keys

Riot Mirross Final PortraitThey drop randomly when you win games. It’s not mandatory to be in a premade but it does increase the drop rate a little.

[ Link to Post ]


Follow Up Banner

Riot Mirross Final PortraitChests drop if you get an S, or if someone in your premade gets an S, capped to once per champion per season.

Keys drop randomly when you win a game. We’ll be tuning the drop rates on PBE and future patches to look to balance it in the way you described.

[ Link to Post ]



What would be the best worst possible results of opening a chest

Wingfield Final BannerWe’ve made sure that the value of the items you get from the chest is more than it costs, so there shouldn’t be any bad outcomes. Other than that, it all depends on your personal preference of what content you like. 🙂 You can get Ultimates

[ Link to Post ]



Can I disenchant skins I already own

Rayven New PortraitNo, you won’t be able to disenchant unlocked content, just loot.

[ Link to Post ]





Why dont you livestream the answering of questions your dev blog etc

Socrates New PortraitGreat suggestion. We will likely be doing a podcast and using a few other publishing channels as we get closely to launch.

[ Link to Post ]




When will Champion Mastery levels 6 7 be unlocked

Socrates New PortraitWe don’t have any plans to increase the mastery level cap atm. We are planning on continuing to build on and improve champion mastery as a system though.

[ Link to Post ]




Are there plans for any sort of trading system

Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe’re not planning on a trading system. It adds a huge amount of complexity that would have really slowed down how we could ship the system. It’s not ruled out, but not currently planned.

[ Link to Post ]




Do you guys feel like confident about this launch

Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe feel great about the launch in that we’re really excited about the system and can’t wait for players to use it and give us feedback. You’re right that this is the first time we’ve had skins be earnable in this sort of way. That’s why we’ll be going to PBE for a longer than usual amount of time, and will do a beta in one region before we roll out everywhere else.

[ Link to Post ]



Did you look into other games with similar features

Riot Mirross Final PortraitAll of the team play a ton of games so between us we’re familiar with similar systems elsewhere. We definitely tried to look at those systems and see what works and what doesn’t, as well as considering what sort of crafting system League needs. For example, we didn’t want to do something that adds a ton of overhead between each game, because after a great game, you generally just want to roll into the next game.

[ Link to Post ]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]m.


Hextech Crafting Banner 2

Hextech Crafting will soon allow players to earn cosmetic items and Champions through excellent performance in-game:


Hextech Crafting soon debuts on PBE

Riot Mirross Final PortraitWe’re just about ready to start testing loot and Hextech Crafting. Tomorrow, January 13, we’ll be introducing the new system to the PBE. We wanted to create a new way for players to unlock cosmetic content and champions, so we’re introducing a new system in 2016. Our two goals are to recognize and reward great performances in League and provide a way to pick up randomized loot at large discounts.

On Wednesday, Rioters behind Hextech Crafting, loot, and the upgrade to Champion Mastery rewards will be chatting about the design and testing of the new system, so head over to the Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A at 11 AM PST on January 13, 2016 for even more info on the newest way to grow your League collection over time.

First time you’re hearing about Hextech Crafting and Loot? Learn more about the 2016 Season changes at the updated website here.

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Keys and loot in the store

To unlock your chests, you have a chance to randomly pick up a key each time you win any matchmade game and winning with friends results in finding more keys than going solo.

For those who just want to pick up content at a significant discount, we’re offering chests and keys individually in the store. All chests contain random loot worth more than the cost of the chest (well, depending on how you feel about Teemo) so you can purchase with the confidence of knowing you’re getting a good deal (but a direct purchase from the store will still be the best way to pick up specific items).






Earn chests as rewards or purchase them in the store for 125 RP. Chests contain loot, loot shards, or essences and will sometimes include multiple loot types (but will never contain only essences).


KEYS Banner

Earn keys as rewards for winning any matchmade games or by purchasing them at the store for 125 RP. Keys unlock chests through Hextech Crafting.



Shards are crafting materials that can be combined via Hextech Crafting to unlock permanent content (like champions). Crafting not your thing? Shards can also be redeemed for limited time use.






Champion essence is used to upgrade champion shards into permanent loot.



Cosmetic essence is used to craft all other types of loot from different kinds of shards, such as champion or ward skins.



Use the crafting table to redeem, upgrade, or reroll unwanted items. Here are a few additional details:



Redeem a single shard for 7-day limited time use or redeem permanent loot to add it to your collection.


Reroll three similar types of loot into permanent loot of the same type (for example, reroll three different champion shards into a permanent champion guaranteed not to be a duplicate of one you own).




Breakdown loot into essences. These essences are used to upgrade other items from shards to permanent loot.


Use essence to transform single shards into permanent loot. Champion Essences upgrade champions, Cosmetic Essences upgrade everything else.





We’re excited to share Hextech Crafting with all of you and we’re looking for your feedback. We’ll update you soon with plans to debut the system on live.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


2016 Season Update Champion Mastery Banner

Mastering Champions will now allow you to “craft” access to new Champions and skins without any cost:


We knew from the beginning that while mastering a champion was a goal in and of itself, we also wanted to go beyond that to reward you for your feats. Our first attempt at this included in-game emotes, multikill banners and loading screen borders but… those were just the start. This year we want to keep recognizing you for the cool things you’re already doing, like playing with your friends or performing well across a wide variety of champions.

Cue the introduction of…



We’re introducing a new system called “Hextech Crafting” with two goals in mind: one, create a new way to pick up randomized loot at large discounts (we’re tuning the drop stats here but, if you want something specific, a direct purchase will still be the most efficient), and two (this one may be more important for some of you), allow players to earn their way toward champions or skins for their in-game accomplishments. Free.

We’re still fleshing out the details, but wanted to share some plans:



Later in the new season, you’ll be able to earn Mastery Chests and Keys as you team up and compete with your friends. Upon acquiring (and combining) the two, you’ll be able to unlock the chest, earning loot items ranging from 7-day rentals to permanent skins and champions.

You’ll have the chance to randomly pick up Keys and Key Fragments after each win. Playing with your friends will result in getting a few more keys than going solo and, if you’ve got the right kind of friends, wins should be easier to achieve as well! Once you pick up enough Key Fragments, you can convert them into full Keys at the crafting table.

Mastery Chests will be tied to your post-game grades, which have always been a combination of your personal and team performance for that game. We’re still settling on the number of chests we’ll give out this way over the year (so it’s not a grind and we can get a clear view of the ecosystem we’re creating), but we’ll also be exploring ways to give out chests (and keys) for other modes and events.

For those who just want to pick up loot at a significant discount, we’ll also be offering unique types of chests in the store that are guaranteed to be good deals! Finally, if the rewards you earn aren’t something you see yourself ever using, you can swap them for other content via the crafting table.



When it comes to content you plunder, you’ll be able to redeem or modify it via the crafting table. Loot items you don’t want can be disenchanted into essences. These essences are used to upgrade other items from shard rentals to permanent content. Alternatively, you can use the crafting table to reroll 3 of any permanent or rental item into a different permanent item of the same type (skin or champion).



We’re excited to share this system with all of you on PBE in the coming months. Our goal is to also build a scalable, robust system that future rewards can plug into. We’ll have a lot more details as the 2016 Season Update rolls out, so stay tuned!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]