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Counter Logic Gaming has announced that Jae-hyun “Huhi” Choi will take over as the starting mid laner for the team heading into the 2016 NA LCS.

Replacing Eugene “Pobelter” Park, who joined the team alongside Huhi in May, the move comes as a surprise after achieving successful results with the current roster. Winning the North American LCS Summer Split and qualifying for the 2015 World Championship for the first time since season two, Pobelter was regarded as one of the best mid laners in the region, often cited in the top two.  Despite their domestic success, CLG failed to exit the group stages at the 2015 World Championship, putting up a 2-4 record before being eliminated from the tournament.

Excerpt from the official statement by CLG:


It was not an easy decision to make. Eugene “Pobelter” Park has accomplished more than CLG could have hoped for during his time as a starter these past months. His efforts and talent were key in what culminated to be CLG’s first LCS championship victory. Although he will no longer be CLG’s starting mid laner, the team believes that he is an exceptionally talented and consistent player. CLG will be actively looking to provide Pobelter with the best possible opportunities moving into the next LCS season.


Despite no official games with the team, It appears Huhi has been meshing well and performing in scrims,prompting the decision. Huhi took to twitter after the announcement:


Pobelter shared his frustration:



Read the full announcement by CLG


image via carry6, CLG


Two weeks ago, Counter Logic Gaming announced that in lieu of visa issues, jungler Jacob “Xmithie” Puchero would be ineligible to compete at the 2015 World Championship. Now, those issues have been resolved, and CLG has announced that Xmithie will be starting for the team in the Group Stages in Paris.

From the announcement:

Several members of the community reached out to us after the announcement that Jake’s VISA wasn’t possible to complete in the time allotted. These people were instrumental in advising and rushing the process at critical areas to get it completed. We couldn’t have done this VISA without them and Xmithie wouldn’t have gone to group stages.

We are so grateful for their help and wanted to list them below:

  • Paolo Bago from the Philippine Esport Organization
  • Michal Meduna from the European Commission
  • Also the Philippine Esports Team, Philippine Senator Bam Aquino and his office, and Norman E. Cualteros.
  • Our local advisor Joyluck


Xmithie expressed his gratitude on twitter:


Official announcement by CLG


image via lolesports

Xmithie thumbs up NA Spring Wk 2


In a surprise announcement, CLG has announced that they will not be using their regular starting jungler, Jacob “Xmithie” Puchero at the 2015 World Championship due to ongoing Visa issues. In his place, substitute mid-laner Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun will take on the role for the tournament, playing for the first time with the team since his addition to the team. CLG has released a statement on the swap:

We will be fielding Jae-Hyun “Huhi” Choi as our starting jungler for the World Championship tournament. Huhi has trained with our team extensively for the last four months. A vast network supports Huhi in his transition to jungle. This includes Xmithie himself, our coaching staff, a Korean support staff, and several professional junglers.


CLG Official Announcement

NoL will provide updates to the World Championship rosters as information becomes available.


After serving an almost 3 year tenure, Austin “Link” Shin has stepped down from Counter Logic Gaming.

Playing with the team since the inception of the LCS, Link has been one of the core members of CLG for 5 splits. Having been a mainstay through countless roster changes, the only remaining member of the original CLG LCS squad is Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

Link’s statement on his departure:


“It has been a huge pleasure working with the CLG organization, especially George. It has given me a lot of fond memories, but unfortunately the time has come for us to part ways. I’ll be making a more in depth post on why I’m leaving elsewhere.”


In the ways of SK Telecom T1, CLG has opted to recruit not one, but two midlaners. Eugene “Pobelter” Park and Jae Hyun “HuHi” Choi will both join the CLG starting roster, rotating as the team sees fit. Assuming they stick to the plan of alternating players every few matches, they will become the first organization in the NA LCS to attempt this type of variation.


“I have much respect for each CLG member, and am excited for this opportunity to work alongside them. I believe that with the help of CLG’s talented coaching staff we can achieve greatness this upcoming split. Thank you to all of my fans as well as CLG’s for the support; I will try my hardest!” – Pobelter

“I think I have finally got to a point where I can show everyone what I am capable of. I’ll never lose this motivation that I have right now and never gain an ego. People might be confused and think that I am a sub and will not probably play for CLG in the LCS but we are going to use two mid laners like SKT T1. I think it can be really good because not only can me and Pobelter discuss a lot about how to play mid and play each other, but also we can take care of each other when one of us gets stressed.” – HuHi


Official Statement by CLG

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