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In the premiere edition of Sessions, Noah Whinston talks about his transition into eSports, acquiring investor interest, player treatment, and more.



Editors Note: Clinton Foy is the managing director of venture capital firm CrossCut Ventures.

Caymus is a content creator and journalist for SoloMid. You can find him getting caught out in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


Immortals has announced that support player Kang “Dodo8” Jun-hyeokhas will be retiring from competitive play to fulfill a new role as team manager.

Dodo spoke out on his decision:

Hello everyone. Today I will be retiring as a competitive player, and will become the in house team manager for Immortals. I played competitive MOBA for almost 9 years now, from playing DOTA in DXD and IHCS, playing Heroes of Newerth with Chu in EG and being the best team in the world, and playing League of Legends professionally in the LCS with T8. The reason for my retirement is pretty simple, I realized I am not good enough to make it to worlds. The one ultimate goal when I decided to play League of Legends competitively was to play in the world championship. But after playing competitively for 2 years, I realized the chances of making it to worlds is very slim and I was not improving fast enough to make it possible. I am still confident in myself that I can perform at an LCS level, but when I can’t picture myself being in worlds, it is too hard to continue. I am also turning 27 soon and I feel old and burnt out after playing games competitively for so long.


With Steven “Calitrlolz“ leaving the team in early October, Immortals will search for players in the Top and Support positions for the upcoming 2016 NA LCS Spring Split.


Current Immortals Roster

As we head into the offseason, NoL will continue to provide updates on the Immortals roster as information becomes available.


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