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Tech Designer ReinaSweet has shared plans to update Abyssal Scepter for bruisers in the next PBE cycle. On the forums, Lyte has answered some questions regarding the Instant Feedback System released in beta yesterday on the PBE.  Also, Meddler gave context to the recent changes to Riven on the PBE. Lastly, artist Hylia has sketched up an amazing companion for Lux – Star Guardian Syndra.


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Recent News

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Upcoming changes to Abyssal Scepter

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 For reference, yesterday’s PBE update included an announcement for an Instant Feedback System that’ll be entering beta.


Lyte Final PortraitHey everyone,

We’ve just started a test of the Instant Feedback System on the PBE.

During this first test, player reports help the system recognize and punish instances of verbal harassment like homophobia, racism, sexism, excessive abuse and death threats immediately. We’re starting with these exceptionally negative expressions because we already know the community emphatically rejects this kind of behavior.

If a player receives enough valid reports to trigger the system, within 15 minutes, the system will examine the case and determine whether the reported player behaved in a manner that should be punished. If confirmed, we email the player with the relevant chat logs and info about the appropriate punishment he or she will receive.

This is the first step in a plan for a new cohesive player behavior experience in League of Legends, and we’ll be talking more about this vision this month including how players can engage with the systems and contribute to making the community a better place.

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Lyte Final PortraitAs an additional note, we’ll also be talking a bit more about the new voting experience where players can log into a website, review chat logs and vote on whether the behaviors are negative, neutral or positive.

I’ll be around the next few hours in case there are questions.

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Why are you intent on taking control away from the player for punishment

Lyte Final PortraitActually, it’s the reverse.

We’re going to give players even more ability to directly influence these systems through their reports, honors, and voting in the future. All of the “automatic” systems are 100% informed by player data, and not by our own guidelines or rulesets.

However, we finished Reform Cards awhile ago and just felt that there would be value in launching that feature first, even if the other features are not ready yet.

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How many reports are required to trigger the system

Lyte Final PortraitIt depends on the nature of the behaviors. If it’s a death threat (an extreme example), 1 report might be enough to validate the behavior and the system will immediately deliver the punishment.

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For reference, Riven received minor nerfs in a recent PBE patch.


Nerf TriangleGeneral

  • Movement speed decreased from 345 to 340


Nerf TriangleWind Slash Final IconWind Slash [ R ]

  • Missile speed decreased from 2200 to 1600



Why are you lowering the missile speed on Riven

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re testing a reduction to Riven’s ult’s travel speed to give her opponents a bit more time to react to it at longer range. The idea is that it should be more realistic to get off a clutch flash, heal or shield to save yourself or someone else if Riven’s not directly on top of you when she uses Windslash.

Windslash speed certainly isn’t one of Riven’s core strengths and that’s the reason we’re hitting it. It’s an opportunity to cut a bit of power off a champion we think’s a bit strong without having to nerf her in a way that affects the things she’s meant to be good at.

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Riot prefers to emphasize weaknesses over nerfing strengths

Meddler Final PortraitYup, if we can find a way to make strengths stronger and weaknesses more pronounced that’s generally the direction we prefer to go. Goal there is to try and make (or keep) champions distinct from each other so that they impact other players in different ways, require different skills to master, allow you to pull off unique stuff etc. We will sometimes have to hit a champion’s strengths if they’re fundamentally problematic, it’s not our first choice of approach though.

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Are you still working on Lissandras new passive

Meddler Final PortraitNo current plans/nothing in progress right now. Did some experimentation a while back with a shield passive based off CCing enemies, wasn’t able to hit on a version that generated sufficient decisions and satisfaction without putting a lot more power into it than could be afforded without nerfing her significantly elsewhere though. Might take another crack at passive explorations at some point, would be inclined to explore other variants on mana or mana regen effects next. See whether pushing the ‘Lissandra has different interactions with mana costs and casting’ aspect can be accentuated more.

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To wrap up the Friday, here’s some fantastic fan art of Star Guardian Syndra by Summoner Hylia. You can find the original thread HERE.

resize (3)

Here’s Star Guardian Syndra with the visor off:
resize (4)


Immense power is fun!!! You should try it sometime!!! ☆ ☆ (✿◠‿◠) ☆

Hey everyone! Star Guardian Lux is amazing and inspiring, and I wanted to try my hand at designing a Star Guardian or two! KateyKhaos tweeted me about the idea of Syndra getting one, so here’s my Syndra concept! I wanted her to be reminiscent of Sailor Mercury and the Mercury goggles, so I made her headdress into a sci-fi magical girl scouting visor of sorts. It turned out a little similar to the DJ Sona headset which I’m not too happy with, but I figured I’d toss it up on the boards regardless! I hope you guys like it!

I really hope this gets turned into a skin line! It’s such a cute and fun idea and so many champions have particles that would suit it well. Imagine a bunch of cute blue stars nuking you to death in mid lane! What other champions you guys think would make a good Star Guardian?

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]