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What was your mindset heading into the relegation series against Copenhagen Wolves? Were you confident you would come out ahead?

After we dropped to relegations I was devastated. My goal was to make playoffs and in the end I had to fight for my job. Though after a week of hard practice, I didn’t really feel bad anymore. I didn’t feel fear playing against those people anymore, I just wanted to prove to everyone that we as a team can still stay in the LCS and play well. I was really confident going into those series.


You didn’t die once the entire series. How do you feel about your own performance? Do you feel this match showcased the difference between Challenger and LCS Caliber teams?

Every game I play on stage I don’t really care about my stats, it’s about my play. I think I played better than most matches in the regular split, but there was still room to improve. It’s really hard for a challenger team to beat an experienced team in the LCS, the game knowledge and experience in playing on stage is huge advantage.


Do you feel your playstyle in these games was different than during the LCS? It seemed as if the early game played a bigger difference than usual, what changed?

I guess I wasn’t really that scared and I knew I can and need to outplay those people. I didn’t really care who was I up against, it was me or them so I had to do my best.


How are you enjoying the current meta and do you feel your champion pool fits in?

I don’t really like the tank meta, it’s pretty boring but oh well, I have to play them. There are still a couple of interesting champs that you can make plays with, like Gragas or Rek’Sai so I’m fine with those.


As a Jungler, do you prefer playing standard or in a lane swap scenario?

Usually I prefer standard scenario because I can impact the game harder. In lane swaps the jungler usually has to dive and do other stuff for their team, where in standard lanes it’s up to you what you want to do.


Heading into the summer split, what is your preparation like?

I guess we changed coach and our mindset in the game. It’s really hard to talk a lot about it but I feel like our scrims are more efficient and we don’t really do useless stuff that we did before. Our picks and bans phase is different as well, overall you should see much improvement in the summer split 🙂


How are you feeling on the current meta and state of the game overall? What changes, if any, would you like to see? 

I never think of things like that, I just play whatever is necessary and I will do my best to do what I have to do. The meta shifts a little bit every week or two so you get used to it step by step, unless the season changes hit, which is like once per year, but then you still have a lot of time to prepare. I don’t really care about what could change, I will try to adapt anyway.


What’s your current favorite champion and why?

I guess it is lee sin like it always has been. It’s just that you can do so much on this champion and it’s a pure skill champ as well. One of the best champs for solo queue too. Unfortunately the tank meta made him a little bit weaker in competitive play.


What are your overall thoughts on MSI? Did you expect Fnatic to perform as well as they did?

Overall I didn’t really watch a lot of MSI matches but I expected Fnatic to beat TSM, that’s for sure. We played scrims against them before MSI and we felt like they are pretty strong, also Huni is a god so how can you lose? Obviously Korea almost won, Europe wasn’t able to stop them, but this time china did.


Are there any champions you wish were played competitively that aren’t, or some that you just wish to see played more?

I wish champions like Lee Sin, Elise, and Evelynn would come back to the meta, even Jarvan was fun. There are not that many champions that I consider fun though so I guess I will just wait and see what comes next.


Does the team hang out outside of the game? What do you do in your downtime?

To be fair, I dont think we do a lot of stuff. We don’t really hang out much. We are just here to play and even in our downtime we are basically playing solo queue only. We really want to be the best and we are trying our hardest to achieve this goal, It didn’t work last split though :/


What are your expectations heading into the summer split and do you believe you can make Worlds? 

For now I’m going to say that there are no expectations. I’m not going to say something that I would regret in the future. Last split I was cocky and I thought we are going to be top 3 for sure, this split I’m not making the same mistake again, we’ll see.


In the short term, what are you looking to improve most individually? As a team?

Individually I think I should play more aggressively and just try to outplay people instead of overthinking like I was. As a team we probably should be more aggressive and play to our champs as much to the limit as we possibly can in the LCS.


Who do you expect to hold the top 3 slots at the end of the split? Do you believe EU is a contender for the World Championship title?

I think Fnatic will stay in top 3 for sure, but in my opinion h2k and unicorns might struggle, we’ll see though. Both teams showed how good they can play, don’t know which two teams could replace them. About the championship title, obviously we are still there so yes, EU has a chance 😀


What are your thoughts on Origen? Have you had the chance to play against them and where do you expect them to end up?

Origen is kind of a strange team. They have these experienced players and then there’s Niels. I would even say that he is their best player. They are hard to play against in scrims, but I wouldn’t consider them being top 3 in EU atm. They will put on a good show, that’s for sure.


What is your opinion on auto relegation? Would you make any changes to the current structure of the LCS?

I think auto relegation kind of sucks for the last place team because they should have a chance to at least fight for the spot with the amateur team that replaces them as it was before. On the other hand though, it’s uber hard to beat a LCS team when you are just an amateur without time to practice, so I understand and respect Riots decision to have it this way.



I’m going to give a shoutout to ROCCAT for supporting and still believing in us, to my girlfriend Dominika whom is cheering for me even when shit happens and to my family/friends ☺


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Team Roccat has announced today that they have acquired a new coach in the form of Titus “Ducky” Hafner. 

Hafner is the former coach of Copenhagen Wolves, as well as a Challenger ranked player on EUW.



“I’m very glad to be part of ROCCAT. I’m certain we will be a team to watch out for and compete for a top spot in Europe. -Ducky


In addition, Roccat has also picked up former mousesports player Leonhard “foo sharp” Wolf as their assistant coach.

NoL sources say that former Roccat coach Fryderyk “Veggie” KozioÅ‚ has left the organization on good terms.

For more details, check out Team Roccat’s official Facebook announcement.

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Introduce yourself!

 Hello I am Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, I am Polish and I play Jungle for Team ROCCAT in the European LCS.


You finished 3rd in the playoffs, but you’ve had a rough season so far? What’s going on?

 We are underperforming because we did not really adapt to the new meta, but we are playing a lot right now which hopefully will lead with us catching up and managing to fight for the top spots


What do you think are the biggest issues in the team? What influences your play the most?

 Our individual decision making is currently not on par with the other teams. Our team fights are lacking the microgame, so we are trying to improve it.


Do you think the team can recover? Is going to worlds still in your crosshairs?

 We are doing our best to recover, I think we are on the way on getting back competing for the best slots, and I definitely think that we will be fighting for a worlds spot at the playoffs!


How does the team operate in game? Who is responsible for primary shotcalling? What is your mindset like entering a game?

 I think main shotcallers are me and Overpow, but everyone has its calls and ideas in game. We do not limit ourselves to one or two persons, we all have our tasks during the game.

And about the mindset – #ROCCATFIGHTING


How do you deal with criticism on social media/from fans? Is it hard or demotivating, or do you take it and use it positively?

 Lately people are actually trying to help us rather than criticize and bash on us. Which i think its quite helpful for us. People are trying to cheer us up on our social media rather than flaming us for losing. And usually those things dont really affect me in a bad way.


The tables seemed to have shifted quite a bit. How big of a skill difference do you believe there is between the top half of teams and the bottom half?

 I think SK and Alliance are ahead of the rest right now, but most of the teams right now are able to catch up with them with the time if they continue adapting the way they are right now. I think we are one of those teams that can catch up to them.


How strong is Alliance? Do you think they are still only warming up? What’s it like playing against Shook, who shares a similar champion pool to you?


Alliance is currently the best team in Europe. Most of their players solo skills are the best in the region and not only that but right now they are even good with their team play and rotations. I don’t see anyone beating them for now in EU. Shook is the best jungle in European LCS and I really like to play against him because i learn new stuff, and it is always a challenge.


You seem to be relying on old favorites in the jungle. Is this personal or team preference?

 I think everyone right now is relying on the old champions like Elise, Lee and Eve. They are just the best options right now for the jungle, and those are anyways my personal favorites.


What do you feel are the most viable junglers right now in competitive play, and do you think we will be seeing anything new?

 If the 3 OP’s are not available, we might see Rengar, Jarvan, Vi, Skarner – but you need to build a team around them specifically for them to be as useful in game.



 I want to thank all the people that support us even when we are losing – that means a lot to us! Also i would like to thank ROCCAT and AMD for the continued trust and support, without them we wouldn’t be able to be where we are. Also a big thanks to my girlfriend for supporting me and being there for me!