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I couldn’t bring myself to say “I want to fist you”. She’s doing the V for Vi right?




Even the flower is dead come on Thresh




Originally Tahm Kench was saying this but I couldn’t stomach it



Phew! Another batch of horrible Valentine’s Day cards for your personal pleasure! I hope you all have a great weekend don’t actually use these cards they will probably backfire on you.

Thank you TheFabledBizzle and TiberiusAudley for the ideas!


throwback to the first gif I ever made. Don't let this be you on Valentine's!

throwback to the first gif I ever made. Don’t let this be you on Valentine’s!


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P.S. This article appears strange on the website. This will be fixed! Soon(TM)


tsmfinals Good luck TSM at the World Championship! We have faith!

TSM x Dragonball Z Crossover? Sure.
Side note, my tablet died little over halfway through this so then I had to use my mouse. Pardon the mess!

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Sorry for the late update, I moved!

Once I settled down, I fired up a game and bam! A Fizz agreed to trade roles with a Renekton, but the trade never happened. As soon as the game loaded up Renekton was furious because he had his Fizz runes and masteries, and all the Fizz had to say was “whoops (:”.

Needless to say the game was filled with very colorful language. Oh well!


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Edit: I probably will not update this banner haha, here’s a poorly made process gif instead!WIZARDRENEKprocess


stupidly busy

Yikes! Had a Soraka who had noble intentions but when the team wouldn’t listen she just started pinging the whole map and pinged on top of me until we lost.

As Batman once said,

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

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Edit: I still need to update my banner, I always forget!

WOW this is STILL out of date

IN THE NAME OF THE MOON I won't punish you

In the name of the moon I… won’t punish you?

This is my spin/redraw of this screen cap from Sailor Moon, dedicated to all the ganks that didn’t work out but at least no one died. Enjoy!


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WOW this is out of date

halfway finished before i realized singed and warwick got updated too

Phew! I ended up taking almost a year long break and after a dozen hours of patching I fired it up and had no idea what was going on. Here’s to those who just started or are coming back!

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Edit: I need to update my banner lol



AHH so sorry about the lack of updates! I just graduated highschool, had to look for jobs, had to do interviews, had to break a tablet on accident, get a job, get a paycheck to buy tablet, get time, and voila! a rushed comic. oh well :3 enjoy this tiny easter egg~


I don’t actually understand why people think this is true but oh well!

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my banner valentines edition

Valentines Veigar

Valentines tryn

Everyone in League has had a boobjob or two

Valentines zac

Valentines ram

Valentines syn

DCgreen was going to fire me if I didn’t cover up Syndra’s lady parts better ;___;

Happy Valentines day!

Artist: Ketherly tumblr/twitter/twitch/etsy

Special thanks to vcdragoon and TiberiusAudley for the quotes~

Welp. That escalated quickly



I get so caught up with sudden influx of gold I can’t help but shop ;__;

*click image for larger version*

Artist: Ketherly tumblr/twitter/twitch

results from YOUR input during twitch stream!


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That feeling when your carry dies and you know you're next

For a support, Tower stops feeling like a safe zone after 10 minutes

Artist: Ketherly tumblr/twitter/twitch

Last week was my first week streaming how I draw comics~ Thank you for the favorites and watching!