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Why is Thunderlords getting nerfed in Patch 62

[ Note ] You can find the changes to Thunderlord’s Decree HERE.

Reinboom Final Portrait“It’s still possible that Thunderlords is over-tuned after all this, but bringing the others more in line with the leader should help us gauge how big the discrepancy is”

This is enacting that part of the 6.1 patch notes.

Currently, though there has been a wave of experimentation shortly after patch 6.1, the trend isn’t towards significantly more diversity.

With Thunderlord’s we’re using it as a moving goal post, it’s the benchmark to hit. Move others towards it -> push Thunderlord’s back slightly -> move others towards it (and in that regard, there will not be a change to TLord’s in 6.3 but we will try to get more changes to other masteries in 6.3 or 6.4). There’s also a couple misses in the current setup we’d like to address. Deathfire has little to no sense of feedback to it and Warlord’s is realistically used by very little of the roster (notably because it has no value before your first significant item).

On this change in particular: I’m purposely avoiding hitting the damage at all because the burst effect is the reason you pick the mastery. Instead, these are in the line of tweaking the accessibility of the mastery. TLord’s right now has up to a 10 second window to get your full proc. This has made the mastery more of a “bonus damage rider” than it has a “intentioned burst effect” for pretty much every mastery. This can be a difficult thing to balance around.

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Why did you reduce the window to proc Thunderlords damage

Reinboom Final PortraitThe duration of Thunderlord’s stacks that are applied on enemies actually resets every time they’re applied.

At 5 seconds, this means I can reasonably accidentally get Thunderlord’s to proc by just back and forth light poking with a single attack or spell every 5 seconds. Discounting the last stack (because that obviously procs it), this means that Thunderlord’s had an uptime of up to 10 seconds.

So that nerf is aimed at hitting “incidental” power in favor of “committed” power. For most multi-hit burst characters (and characters that free-proc it, like MF), this is a nil change.

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You should be looking at nerfing Precision not Thunderlords

Reinboom Final PortraitI’d prefer not to look at any mastery instead of another mastery but instead evaluate all, otherwise you create blindspots.

I do agree that Precision is running pretty powerful, and it might be candidate to drop a bit more. However (and this is just looking at Plat+ data), 1/3rd of Thunderlord’s users actually go Intelligence instead after the last nerf we did to Precision. With Precision, we need to be extra careful since it’s not the only mastery of significant power in that slot.

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Warlords Bloodlust needs to be reworked completely

[ Note ] You can find the experimental Warlord’s Bloodlust rework HERE.

Reinboom Final PortraitWe’re currently experimenting with a Warlord’s rework (this showed up on the PBE during the 6.2 cycle).

The distinct lack of any power at the start of the game for most champions makes it difficult to make it an option for many while not silly for three specific champions. So that’s the primary focus of the rework.

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Would a visual update make the other Keystones as popular as Thunderlord

Reinboom Final PortraitYes, definitely. And I strongly believe the lack of any decent feedback is a major contributor to deathfire feeling weak.

This isn’t a slamdunk case of “well, we need to focus on satisfaction” for the other keystones though. We should and are looking at opportunities, but even looking at other tiers on this line Bone of Stone is actually used about 13% more than Grasp of the Undying. Especially noteworthy that Bond of Stone is distinctly lacking in strong feedback.

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Reinboom Final PortraitFWIW, from what I’ve seen of “optimal” cases, Grasp is almost every melee top laner and Bond of Stone is almost every melee support except Alistar. And then Strength of Ages is every jungler not running Thunderlord’s.

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Can we have more tooltip information on the Assassin mastery like range

Reinboom Final PortraitI agree having more information available for not just Assassin mastery is ideal.

I’m resistant to having too much on the tooltip though. Long tooltips for a lot of players creates a “TL;DR, just give me what’s ‘best’ and let me get in game”. Short tooltips that are more scannable enables more players to make quick judgment calls instead of playing follow the leader.

However… for those willing to dive for information and optimize to it, that mindset is exactly wrong. To balance the two we’re actively trying to think of ways of having more “expandable” type of knowledge sources or ways of pushing that information to someplace that will help the information digging group without harming the scanning group. For example, the hover overs on item tips in the shop that was added with preseason is a clear example of this in action.

Mastery tips are a little more difficult, since they are already a hover over and thus we can’t use the same trick twice. So it might be a bit til we figure out where to put it.

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Its important that we know the numbers We shouldnt have to browse wikis

Phreak New PortraitI’d challenge how much that actually matters.

As a user, does it really affect you? If you’re hardcore enough, you’re already going to external websites for your build advice, rune/mastery pages, guides, etc. I find it ends up being a happy marriage between the official website giving you enough information to be able to play the game reasonably. And if you’re really looking for in-depth content, it’s totally fine to look elsewhere.

It does leave players feeling the distaste of it not being available to them first-party, but in terms of function over form, I feel the present-day system works.

Assassin tells you that you deal bonus damage with no champions nearby. So, not for a duo laner, and not useful in a teamfight. The specific number will really never change your gameplay. 1.5% damage is not enough to make you want to mis-position as Zed, or refuse to take your return flight on R after Death Mark.

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Dynamic Ranked New Champ Select Whats wrong and whats next

NaKyle New PortraitUPDATE 1/22 PST Evening:

Hey everyone,

Based on learnings from yesterday’s failed test in Vietnam, we’ve been improving our internal load test. This will allow us to better vet fixes before shipping them to live. We plan on internally testing the queue over the next two days, which unfortunately means you shouldn’t expect Dynamic Ranked or new champ select in Normal Draft this weekend. If tests perform well, we will look to roll out to one affected region (to be decided) on Monday. If that is stable and successful, we will roll out to all affected regions until service is fully restored.


Hey everyone,

We wanted to share an update on new champ select and Dynamic Ranked ahead of the weekend. We understand it’s been a frustrating week, and are committed to getting Dynamic Ranked and new champ select up and running again.

What’s Wrong:

New champ select and Dynamic Ranked runs on a brand new backend that performed well (after initial hiccups) during live tests in North America and Turkey. However, when we rolled it out live at the beginning of the 2016 Ranked Season, the high volume of games played knocked the new service down in some regions.

What’s Next:

We haven’t pinpointed a solution yet, but once we have a fix we’re confident in, we’ll be extremely deliberate in rolling new champ select and Dynamic Ranked back out to the game. The last thing we want is to return the feature to you, only for it to need to come down again. When we do have a fix, we’ll start in one region, and if successful, roll out to other affected regions.


Q: Do my ranked games count?
A: The placement games played in Dynamic Ranked and/or Solo/Duo queue do count and will transfer when Dynamic Ranked returns

Q: What about Party Rewards?
A: Party Rewards Weekends will be extended to compensate for Dynamic Ranked and new champ select’s downtime

We’ll continuously update this post as long as new champ select and Dynamic Queue remain down. Thank you for your patience.

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NaKyle New PortraitAfter making improvements to how new champ select and Dyanmic Ranked handles high volumes of games, we attempted a fix last night in Vietnam (1/21 PST). The queue showed some improvement, but ended up failing again The team’s been digging into those test results since late last night, learning from them and applying them to our next test. That’s the absolute latest.

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Why is Vladimir a part of the immobile mage update

Vladimir Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitOur main problem with Vlad is his Q. It’s a low CD, targeted, resourceless spell that restores health. It doesn’t have much interesting decision making for Vlad, if it’s ever strong early he just shuts a lot of people out of lane and the main ways to deal with it are to either sustain even more or to punish Vlad really hard when he trades.

Vlad’s also got a bit of a ‘stat check’ issue, where he’ll just reliably outclick a lot of opponents 1v1 without sufficient avenues for being outplayed. That’s not ideal, it’s a lesser issue though since it doesn’t kick in until later in the game when 1 v 1 counterplay is less important than team v team counterplay.

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Why Cass VelKoz Vlad Zyra Brand and Malzahar in particular

Brand Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitStatikk and the other folks working on the mage update will be talking in detail about why these particular champs. At a high level our goal with these class updates is to increase distinction between characters. With the mage update especially we’re also looking at some champions that are distinct, but when functional aren’t healthy for the game or are in an ok spot already but have a fair bit of untapped potential for differentiation.

Ought to bring more distinct things to a team:

  • Vel’Koz – Really distinct to play as, cohesive, feels fair to play against. Doesn’t bring enough distinct to a team though, so lacks a clear strategic niche or specialized tool offered. Goal with him will be to offer clearer situations where he’s the right pick when you want AP poke.
  • Brand – Pretty similar to Vel’Koz overall, in that he lacks a clear enough niche, so primary gameplay argument for picking him is when he’s the most damaging AOE mage. Needs a somewhat more distinct toolkit basically.

Distinct, but have significant game health challenges:

  • Vlad – Does distinct things, but can be really unhealthy. Work on Vlad’s going to involve a lot of ‘how do we preserve the core of what he does while adding ways to play against him’.
  • Malz – More game health issues than anything else. Counterplay’s not great in particular, with Malz needing to just click on you and kill you given his squishiness, immobility, lack of reach, vulnerability to item system counters. Has a lot of distinctive stuff going on though.

Untapped potential/Confused identities:

  • Cass – Confused identity, unclear niche (sustained damage almost marksmen like pattern, versus poison spreading potential, versus stacking power, versus counter initiator etc). Work on Cass will need to start with constructing a clear picture of what her concept should be (suspect that’ll include stripping out the stacking gameplay, though that’s a guess).
  • Zyra – Does reasonably distinctive things, but has the potential for quite a bit more. Also ends up either a strong bully or struggling to function a bit too often.

Finally, as with the marksman update in preseason, we’ll also be making some small tweaks to a number of other mages at the same time as these bigger changes (things like the Q reset on Twitch for example).

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Why did you leave out long-range mages like Lux Xerath and Ziggs

Lux Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitWe decided we’d be best off focusing on a couple of sub types of mage here, which are basically sustained damage mages and pick mages. Artillery mages (Xerath, Ziggs etc with really long range) and supportive mages (Ori, Karma etc) are groups we might tackle later, though it wouldn’t surprise me if there was more value in tackling a different group instead (assassins or some types of tank instead).


As far as Lux/Xerath/Ziggs go I do think there’s a bit more overlap there than’s preferable, particularly between Lux/Xerath on pick/burst a dude and Xerath/Ziggs on clear waves/poke champs repeatedly. Lux does bring a more supportive kit than the others though, Ziggs gets more area control/mobility but gives up reliability against champions, and Xerath’s got phenomenal backline access. As a result there’s an ok current state distinctiveness wise. Potentially means they might just need smaller adjustments, rather than larger scale work, to pry them apart a bit.

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What exactly are your supposed problems with VelKoz

Velkoz Single Banner

Meddler Final Portrait

Some discussion from last month that covers Vel’Koz’s state:

TLDR: Healthy, fun to play, distinct to play as, fair to play against, needs to have a more distinct reason to be brought to a team than he currently has .

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Meddler Final PortraitWe understand there are a number of people that don’t want changes to Vel’Koz and as discussed think there’s a lot about Vel’Koz that’s already really good. Not disputing or ignoring that sentiment. We believe though that every champion needs to bring a distinct purpose to the their team and that Vel’Koz doesn’t deliver well in that regard. That makes him a great candidate for some work – good generally, but with a specific problem area that brings him down overall.

In terms of scope the changes to most of these changes are unlikely to be large, do expect them to be bigger than ‘hardly noticeable’ though.

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VelKoz is fine Listen to the community and dont rework him

BelugaWhale Final PortraitWe hear all of you on Vel’koz, and our opinions on him are actually very similar to yours. We love his combos, his geometry, death laser, and true damage. There is very little likelihood that his abilities will be changed in how they are used (with possible exception of his W), or his play significantly altered.

However we also want players in a draft to see their comp, their opponent’s comp, and pick Vel’koz thinking “this would be a great game specifically for Vel’koz” rather than simply “this would be a great game for any long range mage with a lot of AoE”. For scope context, currently the plan for Vel’koz is much more along the lines of Caitlyn, who also kept essentially her entire kit, but had it unified around headshots.

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Follow Up Banner

Statikk New PortraitIt seems your guys’ expectations on how much we’ll warp some of these champions just because they’re in “the 6” is quite large and drastic. Guess it’s understandable given some of our track record. It’s important to consider that our changes have ranged from as small as Darius and Miss Fortune to as large as Mordekaiser and Graves.

Our current plans for Vel’Koz might literally be the smallest scope changes we’ve ever done in a class update. In fact, I could understand how some people may not even really perceive it as a significant update and more of a “patch note.”

Either way, your downvotes are loud and clear. You don’t really want Vel’Koz to change much. We don’t really plan on moving Vel’Koz’s core at all – just want to amplify what’s already there.

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Why not put up another immobile mage for a rework instead of VelKoz

Repertoir New PortraitThe answer to this is that small mechanical/gameplay tweaks may require much more substantial visual or audio effects to make work. As an example, imagine that we were to change Vel’Koz’s W and E so that they also had minor split-shot/geometry elements (this is just theoretical example; it isn’t the plan for him). Even if the gameplay effect of the change was small, we may still need some significant visual’s to have that not look super janky when it happens.

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Why pick Zyra over Azir as a counter engage mage in need of a rework

Zyra Single Banner

Repertoir New PortraitThey occupy different spaces, in that Zyra is a different kind of mage than Azir.

For what it’s worth, Azir, frankly, tends to have too many strengths (this was especially true earlier in his life).

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What will the scope of these reworks be Same as Fioras update

Meddler Final PortraitNone of these updates will be close to Fiora sized (think roughly same scale on average as the marksmen changes).

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Will AD Malzahar remain a viable option after Malzahars rework

Malzahar Single Banner

Repertoir New PortraitI’m looking to leave some enjoyable version of AD Malzahar intact after his update. It may be different, but I’m hoping that it retains the spirit of what’s going on with it.

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Follow Up Banner

Repertoir New PortraitThe hope is that Voidlings can be a meaningful source of damage and gameplay for Malzahar regardless of build.

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Were Heimerdinger or Anivia considered for a slot in the mage update

Heimerdinger Single Banner

Statikk New PortraitHeimer didn’t make it far. We feel he is really Distinct and Cohesive as the turret dude, and mainly lacks in terms of game Health (mastery and counterplay surrounding turrets in particular). Similar to Fiddle though, he has huge strategic weaknesses and strengths that opponents and allies can play around. He is still a prime candidate to get some tweaks and tuning with the sweep though.

Anivia was actually very close to being selected. Ultimately though, Anivia is already pretty Distinct (all her spells outside of E are pretty unique), Cohesive (frost phoenix), and fairly Healthy. We think Anivia can shine even with something as little as a ramping effect based on how long enemies remain in her R (this is all hypothetical off the top of my head…) and few other additional number tweaks.

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Will AP items also receive changes to go along with the mage updates

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ll likely include some item changes with the mage update. Expect those will be smaller scope than the marksmen ones though.

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Why didnt Shen receive a new voiceover with his update

Shen Banner Single

WAAARGHbobo Final PortraitI’m not on champ up. But in general, its a very, very small team working around deadlines. Rewriting, recording, processing and then having all 17+ languages localized and recorded takes several months. And because they are always trying get the best work done they can, they have to prioritize. So if a champ’s VO is “acceptable” they might instead use that time to work on another champ whose VO is “awful.” Eventually, they will make their way through the whole lineup several times… but they can’t high polish every aspect of a champ– all the time.

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As usual, here’s a small collection of recent fan art:


Winter Wonder Orianna by Alona:



Syndra by 커피55:

dt2qE8R (1)


Sona by Phikaak:



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


PBE Update 14 12 Banner


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Challenger Nidalee Reference Banner

Check out Challenger Nidalee and the new jungler Enchantment: Runic Echoes! (replaces Runeglaive)



Champion Changes


Mordekaiser Final Portrait


Nerf BoxIron Man [ Passive ]Iron Man Final Icon (1)

  • Shield decay increased from 1.5%-per-second to 2%.



Buff BoxHarvester of Sorrow Final IconHarvester of Sorrow [ W ]

  • The spell can now be cast on minions and allows Mordekaiser to proc the “touching” damage on the aura.


[ Note ] This change is from a previous PBE update.



Item-Changes1 (1)


Nerf BoxFrost Queens Claim Final IconFrost Queen’s Claim

  • Killing a minion now disables the Tribute passive for 12 seconds.



Nerf BoxEye of the Watchers Final IconEye of the Watchers

  • Killing a minion now disables the Tribute passive for 12 seconds.








Buff BoxDeathfires Touch Final IconDeathfire Touch [ Keystone Ferocity ]

  • Ratios increased from [ +0.5 Bonus AD ] [ +0.2 AP ] to [ +0.6 Bonus AD ] [ +0.25 AP ].



Buff BoxFervor of Battle Final IconFervor of Battle [ Keystone Ferocity ]

  • Bonus physical damage on auto-attack per stack increased from 1-8 (scales with Champion level) to 1-12;
  • Max stacks decreased from 10 to 8 (max on-hit physical damage increased from 80 to 96).


Change BoxWarlords Bloodlust Final Icon Warlord’s Bloodlust [ Keystone Ferocity ]

  • Heal changed from 15% of crit damage against Champions to 5-25% (scales with level);
  • Attack Speed bonus increased from 20% to 30% (for 4 seconds).




Buff BoxBond of Stone Final IconBond of Stone [ Keystone Resolve ]

  • Flat damage reduction increased from 3% to 4%;
  • Additionally, 6% of the damage taken by your closest ally from enemy Champions is dealt to you;
  • No longer gives 6% Damage Reduction when near an allied Champion.


Buff BoxStrength of the Ages Final IconStrength of the Ages [ Keystone Resolve ]

  • When capped, Strength of Ages now heals for 6% of your Maximum Health for both Siege Minions and large jungle monsters, changed from healing for 100 flat Health per Siege Minion kill.”




Buff BoxStormraiders Surge Final IconStormraider’s Surge [ Keystone Cunning ]

  • Movement speed buff increased from 35% to 40%;
  • Duration to trigger the buff extended from 2 seconds to 2.5;
  • Now additionally grants slow immunity for 3 seconds after proccing the buff.




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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[ Note ] You can find the Preseason info condensed as PBE notes HERE.


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Here are the most recent news in each category:

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Smaller 5 22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread

Repertoir New PortraitHi all,

By now, you probably know we’re giving small gameplay updates to Quinn, Kog’Maw, Miss Fortune, Corki, Graves, and Caitlyn. That said, we’re also doing small changes to quite a few other marksmen that aim to establish/sharpen their identities. For these characters, please do leave your PBE feedback here. There’s a lot of marksmen change going on here, and we’re interested in your thoughts, so if you have an opinion, don’t hesitate to voice it!



  • Change Goals
    • Allow Ashe to interact with chance-based crit events in a way that doesn’t compromise her recently-new passive’s steady damage output.
    • Follow up the changes made to Ranger’s Focus (Q) earlier this year to make the spell a more interesting, engaging part of her pattern.
  • P – Frost Shot
    • Base slow reduced 5/11/17/23/29/35% >>> 5/9/13/17/21/25%
    • Dealing bonus damage via Frost Shot no longer counts as a Critical Strike (bonus damage unchanged)
    • Ashe’s Critical Strikes (which once again happen only by chance per all other characters) deal only 1.0 Total AD (as opposed to 2.0 standard), but they apply Frost Shot’s slow at double effectiveness (10/18/26/34/42/50%), decaying to the base amount over the duration of the slow
  • Q – Ranger’s Focus
    • Slow amplification removed
    • Can no longer be cast at less than 5 stacks, and passive Focus no longer stacks while the active component is running
    • Passive no longer stacks with Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    • Cooldown removed


  • Change Goals
    • Make axe-catching gameplay flow smoother, especially later in the game.
  • Base Stats
    • Attack frame improved by 30%
    • Attack Speed per level reduced to 1.5 from 2.7
    • Basic attack missile speed reduced to 1600 from 1700


  • Change Goals
    • Build upon Ezreal’s affinity for CDR-centric spellcasting item builds.
  • Q – Mystic Shot
    • Cooldown reducing effect increased 1.0 >>> 1.5 seconds
    • Cooldown increased 6.0/5.5/5.0/4.5/4.0 >>> 6.5/6.0/5.5/5.0/4.5
  • E – Arcane Shift
    • Cooldown increased at later ranks 19/17/15/13/11 >>> 19.0/17.5/16.0/14.5/13.0


  • Change Goals
    • Playing up what it means to Get Excited! as a path to success through a teamfight.
    • Slowing down Rockets’ Attack Speed so there’s some tradeoff she incurs more of a tradeoff with that weapon.
  • P – Get Excited!
    • Can now chain together and stack, increasing Total Attack Speed by 15% per stack (Movement Speed portion does not stack)
    • Duration increased 4 >>> 6
  • Q – Switcheroo!
    • Jinx now has -15% Total Attack Speed while using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher


  • Change Goals
    • Increasing Kalista’s affinity for Attack Speed.
    • Experimental dash scaling changes that help attack flow and reduce overall power from jumping.
  • Base Stats
    • Base AS increased 0.658 -> 0.694
    • AS per level reduced 3.3% -> 2.8%
  • P – Martial Poise
    • Jump distance scales with boot tier (as live), jump speed now only scales with AS/Slows (is slower early game but scales up).


  • Change Goals
    • Open up non Attack Speed based item builds, and make The Culling’s damage output feel more consistently meaningful throughout the game.
  • R – The Culling
    • No longer scales with Attack Speed
    • Now fires 20/25/30 bullets based on rank


  • Change Goals
    • Increasing Sivir’s affinity for CDR, bringing us back closer to the late game dream of “Ricochet all the time”.
  • Base Stats
    • Base Attack Speed reduced 0.66 >>> 0.625
  • W – Ricochet
    • Cooldown now begins on spell cast rather than when the attack buff expires
    • Cooldown increased 9/8/7/6/5 seconds >>> 12/10.5/9/7.5/6
    • Attack buff duration reduced 6 >>> 4


  • Change Goals
    • Begin to shift Trist away from late game clean-up hyper carry to more of an all-in AD caster.
    • Empower mid game all-in strength while stripping some power from late game sustained dps.
    • Clean up of minor cooldown returning mechanics in favor of more impactful Rocket Jump resets.
  • Q – Rapid Fire
    • No longer reduces [E] CD on hit while active
    • Attacking [E] Target no longer reduces [Q] CD on hit.
    • CD 20s -> 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16s
  • W – Rocket Jump
    • Dmg Rescaled 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 / 180 -> 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260
    • No longer deals increased damage per [E] stack
    • Now also resets on Max stack [E] Detonation on Champions
  • E – Explosive Charge
    • Now detonates instantly on 4th stack (max stacks). Bomb Animation shifted to represent this.
    • Tristana’s abilities also add [E] stacks.
    • Missile Speed 1800 -> 2400


  • Change Goals
    • Pushing Twitch a bit farther in the direction of the “marksman assassin” by adding an out to his assassination attempts via Ambush reset.
  • Q – Ambush
    • Added: Cooldown resets when an enemy champion affected by Deadly Venom dies
    • Quality of Life Buff: Entering stealth now cancels Twitch’s current auto attack order
  • R – Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat
    • Buff Duration reduced 7 >>> 5
    • Quality of Life Buff: casting Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat during Q’s stealth no longer cancels stealth
    • Cost 100/125/150 >>> 100 all ranks


  • Change Goals
    • Restore Urgot R’s defensive steroid function later in the game so that he doesn’t get wrecked so hard by all the percent penetration floating around out there.
  • R – Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
    • No longer adds 60/90/120 Armor/MR
    • Now adds 30/40/50% Damage Reduction


  • Change Goals
    • Make R zoning more obvious and powerful.
    • Shift R damage from initial hit to Blight procs.
  • R – Chain of Corruption
    • Now displays max Spread Range to Varus and Enemies if it is spreading to at least one enemy champion.
    • Rooted targets gain 3 stacks of [W] Blight over the duration of the root.
    • Damage 150 / 250 / 350 -> 100 / 175 / 250


  • Change Goals
    • Silver Bolts is about expected time to kill on all targets (not squishy bursting), and Vayne’s path to success needs to come through Silver Bolts.
  • Base Stats
    • AD/lvl reduced 2.66 >>> 1.66
  • W – Silver Bolts
    • Flat Damage removed
    • Percent Health Damage increased 4/5/6/7/8% >>> 6/7.5/9/10.5/12%
    • Minimum damage introduced at 40/60/80/100/120 flat damage

This is probably a lot to process. Feel free to give feedback on as much or as little as you like. Focusing specifically on “Is this a good direction?” would be great. We’re pretty open to change on the above stuff.


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Can you give us a short description of each major Marksman update

Scruffy Final PortraitYea this is a great question. Here’s the high level points for each:


  • The zone control marksmen (traps are on a charge system now)
  • New play feel with headshot combos (trap and E trigger a guaranteed headshot on the target)

Miss Fortune

  • The wombo combo marksmen (ult scaling way better, can crit)
  • New play feel with impure shots replaced with “love tap” new passive that gives bonus damage when swapping targets (this works well with Q)


  • The true glass cannon hyper carry (tons of dmg needs protection)
  • W now doubles ALL attack speed and allows him to break the attack speed cap (but ad is lowered to 60%)


  • Magic damage marksmen -> passive now does big magic damage instead of true and all spells now do magic damage
  • New mechanic: Special Delivery -> every ~5m in the game corki gets a special set of bombs in his base that allow him to cast a super mega W with much bigger range and impact


  • The map mobility/roaming marksmen
  • R reworked as a utility focused spell -> 0 cooldown and gives quinn crazy out of combat speed to quickly move around the map, not used for assassination anymore


  • We finally made his shotgun a shotgun -> up close burst damage marksmen
  • Basic attacks fire multiple buckshots in a cone -> more damage up close
  • Q reworked to synergize better with the new basic attacks

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Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread

Caitlyn Banner

CertainlyT New PortraitHey guys,

This thread is to discuss Caitlyn’s changes with the upcoming season. They should be on PBE tomorrow (Oct. 29). As a preview, I’ll summarize the changes and why we are doing them.

Major Changes:

Base stats

All marksmen have received some base stat adjustments; Caitlyn is no exception.
Caitlyn’s auto-attacks scale 10% less well with bonus attack speed.


1. Caitlyn’s Headshot now scales in damage with her Crit Chance (so at 50% crit chance, it deals +100% damage).
2. Caitlyn can fire a double-range Headshot at targets she has trapped or netted by auto-attacking them. This is independent from her normal Headshot.


Piltover Peacemaker’s missile is now narrow, but blooms into its old wide self on first target hit. Damage up by about 20% on the first hit, but falls off harder on the follow up hits.


1. Traps are now on an ammo system with a very short cooldown but longer recharge time, allowing Caitlyn to quickly set up a fortress of traps but then leaving her without traps for a much longer time if pushed away from them.
2. Traps no longer deal damage — instead, they interact with your passive.


Cooldown unchanged, but we drained some power and reliability from this spell to make room for power elsewhere. The net missile is a bit narrow, shorter, slower, and deals less damage. Now interacts with your passive.

R is unchanged

Why are we trying these changes? We think Caitlyn is in a good spot balance and play pattern-wise, but she isn’t perfect.

  1. Caitlyn’s play pattern is enjoyable, but indistinct. Let’s give the Caitlyn player more things they can master that someone familiar with marksmen generally won’t immediately pick up. Let’s do that while still making her about her auto-attack.
  2. Caitlyn tends to feel either endlessly oppressive or inconsequential. Let’s enhance her laning phase strengths (dominance and fast pushing), but create some meaningful win conditions for the opponent that involve not just outlasting but actively disrupting that plan.
  3. Caitlyn has at times been the safe sieger and at times been the blood boil hypercarry. Let’s give her a clearer late-game identity from peer marksmen, focused on zone control to make her the premiere sieger.
  4. As always, let’s enhance our champion’s thematic identity, in this case Caitlyn as sharpshooter.

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What do you mean she scales 10 less with bonus Attack Speed

CertainlyT New PortraitYes, technically her Base AS is 10% lower and she has an extra 11% attack speed at level 1 to exactly offset this.

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Will Caitlyn still be limited to 3 traps

CertainlyT New PortraitMax traps are 3/3/4/4/5 by rank. Trap recharge time goes down substantially with rank (probably by too much!). Traps only last 90 seconds now.





How will Headshot scale after the rework

CertainlyT New PortraitThe same as Live — +50%. Minion damage is completely unchanged from Live (always 250%)

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Can you explain what the changes to Corkis Valkyrie W are
Corki Single Banner

When he picks up “The package” he gets a homeguard like buff to help him find a fight/gank.

The “special delivery” (the mega W cast) is basically this:

  • 3x range of normal Valkyrie
  • Has a knockaside when it hits enemies
  • Damage zone is way more dangerous + it has a slow
  • Normal W is put on 0 cooldown after he casts it (to let him reposition)

So this ability is best used to separate a team fight or trap enemies in bad positions.

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How does Graves new buckshot autoattack function exactly

Graves Single Banner

Scruffy Final PortraitIt works in the same way that is Q does on live. The closer you are to the target, the more projectiles will hit them = more dmg.

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Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread

Kogmaw Single Banner

Repertoir New PortraitHi all,

With marksmen changes hitting PBE soon, I wanted to get a thread up to discuss changes to Kog’Maw that are coming in the big preseason patch. Kog’Maw’s changes are pretty simple and straightforward, and they aim to further emphasize some of the main things we’ve always known and love about him. Namely, we want him to really shine in support-heavy team comps, and we want him to feel like a really juicy target for opponents. This won’t be line-by-line changes like you’d see in the patch notes, but rather summaries of the bigger changes going on here.


  • Bio-Arcane Barrage (W) has been changed to make Kog’Maw some kind of vomit-spewing machine gun while it is active.
    • While W is active, Kog’Maw attacks twice as fast, and his Attack Speed cap is doubled to 5 attacks per second.
    • While W is active, basic attacks deal reduced physical damage, but apply on-hit effects at full effect.
    • During this time, Kog’Maw attacks so fast that attack-moving efficiently becomes incredibly difficult, so choose a time when you don’t need to move much, and go to town.
  • Living Artillery (R) has been repurposed to be less powerful in the average poke case, but very threatening as an execution tool.
    • Living Artillery’s base damage and ratios have been adjusted, and it no longer deals increased base damage to champions.
    • Living Artillery now deals double damage to enemies at 25%-50% current Health, and triple damage to enemies below 25% Health
  • Various other changes/thoughts:
    • Base Attack Speed stats and Q’s passive Attack Speed have been adjusted so he is more dependent upon maxing both his Q and W to really approach his full damage potential.
    • For those wondering, AP Kog’Maw will play a bit differently than before, but we believe it to be of about equal power to before.

Those are the main changes. If you get a chance to play Kog’Maw, please do let me know how it goes by replying to this thread. I’ll be popping in pretty regularly while Kog is on PBE to monitor his progress and see how players are feeling about him.


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Are there any changes to the bonus range from Bio Arcane Barrage W

Repertoir New PortraitThe range increase is slightly smaller at rank 1 (90, I believe?), but it scales back up to the same 210 at rank 5.

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Do you think Kog’Maws build path will change after his rework

Repertoir New PortraitWe believe that BotRK is his likely first item rush, and that Trinity Force is less optimal now due to his W being less optimal with spell-weaving patterns.

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Have you tried attack moving with double the maximum Attack Speed

Repertoir New PortraitYes, it’s basically impossible, and it’s actually an intended weakness of the character.

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Do you have any plans to look at KogMaws passive

Repertoir New PortraitWe’re not currently planning any changes to his passive.

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Will KogMaw still be playable as a spell based poke Marksman

Repertoir New PortraitHe scales quite well with Attack Damage on his W and R, so you should still be able to play him this way.

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Will the Max HP damage on Bio Arcane Barrage remain on his kit

Repertoir New PortraitYes, but it is modified to have an AD ratio (and be dependent upon that AD ratio).

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Is KogMaws rework gameplay only Or are we getting visual updates
Repertoir New PortraitMostly gameplay. There are some small visual changes to his W particles and animations, as well as his icons.

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Will Lucian get any changes

Lucian Single Banner

Riot Axes New PortraitHe has some light changes to his kit. The bigger thing he’s getting is a couple of items that are very nearly perfect on him – I think he’s going to be in a good spot come preseason. If he’s not, we’ll adjust, of course.

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Scruffy Final PortraitWe have some smaller changes in for lucian focused around his ult. The amount of bullets fired will scale up with ult rank now instead of attack speed. It gives him a lot more dps reliability from the spell if he wants to focus on AD or triforce builds.

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Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread

Miss Fortune Single Banner

Statikk New PortraitSalutations,

Miss Fortune is receiving a fairly significant update with the next preseason. It may not be as dramatic as some of the other Marksmen, but it should better solidify her place in the Marksman lineup and the League roster as a whole.


  • Miss Fortune is making her return as the queen of the Wombo Combo
    • Bullet Time now channels for a higher max duration and thus higher max damage output (DPS is similar if not better in most cases)
    • Bullet Time now scales much better into the later parts of the game – Miss Fortune now fires waves more rapidly at higher ranks and Bullet Time waves can now critically strike (but at a reduced amount)
  • Impure Shots is gone and has been replaced by Love Tap
    • Love Tap is now MF’s character passive – it’s a new basic attack mechanic that deals bonus damage whenever Miss Fortune attacks a new target
    • MF now gets a lot more value if she can manage to bounce her attacks between 2 or several targets
    • Strut has been moved to W’s Passive now that Love Tap is her character passive

This isn’t all of the nitty gritty details, but gives you guys an overview of the larger changes we made to the kit.

Feel free to leave feedback once you guys get a chance to test her out. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Will Strut only be active for the duration of Impure Shots W now

Statikk New PortraitStrut will work similarly to how it did before. It’s still a passive but it only activates once you get at least 1 rank in W and the amount of Movement Speed it gives is based on W rank.

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Does Love Tap New W have any cooldown between targets

Statikk New PortraitThere is no internal cooldown.

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Statikk New PortraitWe’ve done base stat adjustments to ensure her laning is still reasonable. If anything she’s probably less of a lane bully than she used to be especially when being played by a non-expert MF.

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Is it fair to say Miss Fortune will be weaker in 1v1s after these changes

Statikk New PortraitYes, I think MF did lose some of her brute force dueling potential, but she gained a lot more power in multi-target fights.

Have yet to test Jungle MF, so unsure if she’s actually stronger or weaker if played optimally here.

Love Tap only applies to basic attacks and Q – I initially had it hooked up to Hurricane, but it just made Love Tap really confusing and impossible to make balanced and satisfying.

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Isnt the new passive a bit counterintuitive It lowers singletarget DPS

Statikk New PortraitSometimes it will be best to focus fire a target and ignore Love Tap altogether, I think that’s okay that it depends on the situation.

I would think of Love Tap as a “bonus” rather than something MF has to do in order to just function.

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Will there be any changes to Make it Rain E

Statikk New PortraitUnfortunately we did no fundamental changes to her E. It does have an increased cast range though to better synergize with setting up Bullet Time.

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Quinn PBE Feedback Thread

Quinn Banner

Repertoir New PortraitHi guys,

With preseason hitting the PBE shortly and Quinn being one of the six main marksmen getting an update, I wanted to put up a post to gather feedback on her changes for her time on the PBE before release. Rather than a long line-by-line changelist on the PBE, you’ll instead find the main changes going on in Quinn’s update in the body of the thread, not necessarily in P,Q,W,E,R order.


  • Tag Team (R) has been heavily repurposed into a strategic map mobility tool:
    • Tag Team’s visuals have been changed from Quinn leaving the game space to Valor flying Quinn around beneath her.
    • Tag Team now has a 2-second channel at its start, and no longer has combat spells or basic attacks.
    • Tag Team now has no cooldown, and its Movement Speed bonus is now very dramatic.
    • Skystrike has been retained, but deals less damage and does not deal increased damage based on targets’ missing Health.
  • Blinding Assault (Q) has been repurposed (and renamed) into more of a waveclearing tool and less of a dueling tool:
    • Q’s name has been changed to Aerial Assault, because… the spell no longer blinds.
    • Aerial Assault now marks its primary target as Vulnerable (passive mark).
    • Aerial Assault now does up to double damage based on targets’ missing Health.
    • Half of Aerial Assault’s cooldown is refunded if it kills at least one enemy.
  • Various other changes:
    • Harrier (P) attacks now deal a percentage of Quinn’s total AD rather than a base and bonus AD ratio.
    • Vault (E) has had its dash speed increased, and it should now more reliably return you along the vector you dashed in on.

The above changes are the main ones that should most dramatically change the way Quinn plays following her update. Please feel free to give feedback on any of the above stuff, and do let me know if anything feels off about the character in ways you wouldn’t expect given the above information. I did quite a bit of script cleanup on her, so I want to make sure I didn’t change the feel of things in ways I didn’t intend.

Thanks all,

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Can you fight while in Tag Team

Repertoir New PortraitNope. If you basic attack from Tag Team, it will fire the basic attack, fire a Skystrike, and cancel Tag Team.

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What do the Movement Speed numbers look like on the ult

Repertoir New PortraitCurrently 70/100/130% Total Movement Speed.

Total Movement Speed differs from other standard MS bonuses in that it multiplies off all your other MS bonuses. Essentially, Total Movement Speed is more powerful than Bonus Movement Speed because it multiplies off your other buffs and items. A Quinn with Homeguard and Tag Team, for example, can reach the middle of the map from her fountain before Homeguard falls off.

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Did you change Harriers Passive cooldown or target selection

Repertoir New PortraitHarrier has an 8-second cooldown that goes down with Quinn’s Crit Chance. There have been some updates to Harrier’s target selection (please let me know if anything feels off about it). Valor will now also immediately mark a nearby target when the passive comes off cooldown (unless there is already another mark in the world).

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Why didnt you just remove Skystrike from Quinns ult

Repertoir New PortraitI was actually in favor of this approach for quite some time, but we thought it was something that players would be attached to, and that keeping it around at low power budget would be best.

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Does Quinns W still work while using Tag Team

Repertoir New PortraitYeah, W still works during Tag Team without cancelling Tag Team. You can also cast Q and E from Tag Team, but they will remove you from Tag Team.

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Will her ult cost mana

Repertoir New PortraitYes, but the cost goes down to 0 by rank 3.

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Have there been any changes to Quinns AD ratios

Repertoir New PortraitProbably somewhat comparable to Live, with Harrier potentially doing a bit less per proc in the early game and a bit more in the late game.

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What does Quinns new Q look like and how does it work

Repertoir New PortraitIt is still a line skill shot that does area damage around the first target hit. When I said primary target, I meant (and should have been more specific about) first target hit.

Currently Skystrike does 1.0 total AD, but I’d say it’s still pending tuning.

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Can you use Teleport without it taking you out of Tag Team

Repertoir New PortraitI believe you can. I’ll have to verify, but it’s intended that you can.

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How do you feel about these changes to Quinn

Repertoir New PortraitAs with all changes, I’m nervous about them but excited for them. One of the most difficult things about these reveals is gauging what is an emotional response as opposed to constructed feedback. It’s not fun to take away things from characters that players may have really enjoyed, but it means we really have to capitalize on the things we’re adding/changing for it to be worth it.

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Why is Twitch not part of the Marksman update

Twitch Single Banner

Meddler Final PortraitThere’ll be a bunch of smaller changes to marksmen other than the 6 listed in preseason as well. In Twitch’s case we’re looking at a CD reset on his Q when a champion affected by his passive dies plus some clean up around stealth (entering stealth now cancels current attack orders to avoid immediate screwage, R breaks stealth on attack launch instead of when the spell’s first pressed, giving a bit less response time).

On top of that there are also some significant item changes to marksmen items coming too, some of which should be pretty appealing on Twitch (Ghostblade changes for example that include it gaining increased AD).

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Rift Herald PBE Feedback Thread

Rift Herald Mini Banner

Riot Jag Final PortraitHey guys, Rift Herald is coming out and I wanted to fill in some of the details of what’s going on here.

  • Location/timing:
    • Spawns at the Baron Pit
    • First appears at 4:00
    • Respawns every 5 minutes
    • Despawns at 19:45 unless in combat; hard despawns at 19:55 no matter what
  • Encounter details:
    • Melee-only attacker – but hits pretty hard. Need to be able to take a punch to tank RH.
    • The Eye will occasionally open, exposing RH to bonus damage on attacks from behind equal to 12% of RH’s Max HP as True Damage.
    • Takes 35% less damage from ranged Autoattacks.
  • Reward details:
    • 50 global gold to everyone on the killing team
    • Drops “Doom’s Eve” buff to the killer:
      • 10% increase to all Damage (except True Damage) and 40 bonus MS
      • Enhanced Baron Recall
      • Enhances nearby minions offensive power, same as Baron buff, with an additional attack speed increase. Does NOT increase their defensive power (don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with last-hitting Baron buffed minions in lane)

We’ll be dropping a Dev Blog explaining some more of the intent behind putting RH in the game, but any and all types of feedback are fair game here. Thanks everyone!

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Does the buff transfer to another player when killed or will it disappear

Riot Jag Final PortraitDisappears like Baron’s.

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How long does the buff last

Riot Jag Final Portrait2 minutes. TP cooldown is also going up in preseason.

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How many stacks does it give for Devourer

Riot Jag Final PortraitYou get 2. It’s a mutated Scuttle Crab!

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Will we be able to solo the Rift Herald

Riot Jag Final PortraitIt’s going to be very hard to solo. You’d have to be way ahead. The Eye Backstab makes it really easy to duo though.

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Riot Jag Final PortraitIt’s hard to solo, and much easier to duo, since you need one person to proc the Eye Backstab every 3 seconds. Bringing more than 2 doesn’t add a ton since the backstab does so much work, so you can optimize taking it around just bringing a tanky dude and one friend (jungle + top laner is a good combo). No Kindred passives here.

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Why does the Herald take less damage from Ranged attacks

Riot Jag Final PortraitIt’s mostly about making sure this objective we give to top laners isn’t optimized for ADCs. Certain ranged top laners may be worse at taking RH and that’s okay; some champs have different strengths and weaknesses. Ranged spells still do full damage though (so Vlad is still pretty decent here, for example).

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Whats the story behind the Rift Herald Why is he on Summoners Rift

Riot Jag Final PortraitThe story behind it is that a Scuttle Crab wandered into Baron’s Pit and was warped by the Void. It looks totally badass and I’m blown away by what the artists did here. 🙂

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Can you guys give us a brief rundown of the ADC item changes

Item Changes Single Banner

Reinboom Final PortraitSure.

Infinity Edge is slightly weaker now (little less AD), we shifted power elsewhere so it’s less automatic and so that we could add cooler things to the Marksman space.

Essence Reaver scales its CDR off of your critical strike chance so that it works as a big core item (think IE space). It can now give upwards of +30% CDR.

Phantom Dancer does stuff other than just be straight up damage. Bonus movement speed while near your opponents and you take less damage from the last champion you hit. Isolate and kill people, basically.

Rapid Firecannon charges up like Shiv, but when charged instead of prepping you for the thunder, increases your attack range and gives you a fiery hit at the end.

Shiv does even more damage versus minions. It’s specialized further into being the bursty clearing tool.

Hurricane now crits and the bolts crit. Also movement speed. It’s in the PD / Shiv space now, so it should be an option for more Marksman.

Executioner’s Calling is back, but it’s a bit different and cheaper. Also it’s a component item. It builds into something new.

Last Whisper is now a component item. It builds into new things.

There’s something called Giant Slayer. It hurts health dudes.

Merc scimitar has Lifesteal, you should feel comfortable taking it over BT.

Death’s Dance exist. It has something like Lifesteal but better. Also it “delays” damage.

And tons of changes all over the place. This is just some of the marks targeted ones.

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How viable is Runaans Hurrican now on ADCs

Reinboom Final PortraitShould be much more valid.

Hurricane now gives MS + Crit and the bolts can crit. It’s not damaging your normal damage scaling by taking it anymore.

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Do you think any of the new items will help AD casters like KhaZix

Reinboom Final PortraitYes, there will be a lot of cross talk. Death’s Dance is pretty awesome on Kha’zix as a physical damage vamp item.

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Could you give some more insight on the new Sightstone build paths

Meddler Final PortraitTier 2 support item + Sightstone = an upgraded Sightstone with upgraded stats from both component items.

E.g. Frost Fang + Sightstone combine into ‘Eye of the Watchers’ which has the Sightstone ward active, the Tribute passive and gives Health/AP/GP10/Mana Regen.

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Follow Up Banner

Does this mean we wont have T3 support items like Talisman and FoTM

Meddler Final PortraitYou’ll have the choice of either merging your T2 support item with Sightstone or going for the T3 support version. If going for the T3 support approach Ruby Sightstone should now be more attractive too (gives reduced CD on active items, so pairs well with Talisman/Face/Frost Queen’s).

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Have you accounted for past mana cost increases with the removal of Mana Pots

Pwyff Final PortraitShort answer: yes. Long answer…

There’s a lot of concern on specific champions that we won’t get them perfect out the gate with preseason and, while I think that’s a super valid concern, it’s one we can’t be shackled to for the time being. I suspect most champs will get proper compensation before they ship, but what a change like this does is allows us to see what champions were using mana pot spamming to cover up massive weaknesses versus those who were using them to snowball forward. If we don’t get it right the first time, you can be sure we are aware of the space we’re creating and can solve for it.

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Pwyff Final PortraitXypherous is running point on this change, but he’s also gone through all champions who rely on mana pots to be functional and has buffed either their base mana regen or their base mana pool. In the future we can also keep a firmer grasp on mana gating and/or champions whose costs are just too damn high.

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Any pre preseason insight you can give us about Essence Reaver

Reinboom Final PortraitSure. It’s being adapted specifically for characters that want to weave auto attacks and spells. It’s also no longer being compared to bloodthirster, and being compared to IE more.

Still gives mana. Still gives CDR. How and how much are both different. And now takes the crit chance you get from other items and turns it into CDR (upwards of +30% CDR).

This is VERY good on Lucian.

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 Follow Up Banner

Reinboom Final PortraitIf ER isn’t bought over IE on who we made it for, then we’ll adjust ER up.

Currently it’s actually been very scary in testing. Essence Reaver now scales up its cooldown reduction with other items.

For example…
Essence Reaver + Zeal = +30% Cooldown

We want Essence Reaver to be your definitive Marksman caster item.

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What changes will you be making to Last Whisper

Meddler Final PortraitLast Whisper’s now cheaper, can upgrade into a couple of different options, and works against bonus Armor instead of total Armor.

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Will ADCs be able to apply Grievous Wounds 50 reduced heal again

Reinboom Final PortraitExecutioner’s Calling will exist again. Slightly different form. Ideally more viable and more clear what you’re trading for it.

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Do the item changes mean Crystalline Flask will no longer restore Mana

Xypherous Final PortraitFlask will still replenish Mana.

Since Flask is a permanent item that is fairly high cost – it’s closer to buying a sapphire crystal than a cheap consumable potion.

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Follow Up Banner

Xypherous Final PortraitThe Flask will remain – though it’s been heavily heavily altered. Provides Health and Mana… and may or may not set your opponents on fire when you hit them.

On the downside, you can’t stack regular health potions with it anymore – as that combination was a nightmare to balance and really prevented us from having Flask starts be tolerable.

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Will starting items be cheaper or will we get more gold for a HP potion

Xypherous Final PortraitBoth.

Starting gold is now 500. Starting items have had their costs readjusted.

I… may need to figure out some better tank starting options. It’s just hard to make them good without them becoming automatically default. 😡

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What changes will support the removal of Stealth Wards from the store

Vision Changes Single Banner

Pwyff Final PortraitYou’ll see a few changes to support this rather than a raw “strip wards out.” Pink wards, for example, are getting cheaper, trinkets automatically upgrade, and sweeper has some new functionality. We’ll have more details next week!

[edit] Big one: Yellow trinket starts with 2 wards automatically.

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Can we still place Stealth Wards via other means

Riot Axes New PortraitCorrect. Sightstone still exists (and has more upgrade paths), yellow trinket still exists, but you can’t just spend 75 gold for a one-shot stealth ward anymore.

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How do you expect vision changes to impact junglers

Fearless New PortraitWe have a lot more changes to the vision game that we haven’t revealed yet. Short story is that we’re giving the jungle a few more ways to opt into the vision game, which allows junglers a greater ability to actively augment and control vision. That being said, the prevalence of pink wards, along with their cost reduction, will have an impact on stealth junglers especially. We’ll be watching our sneaky friends closely.

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How will the Blue Trinket work in Preseason

Pwyff Final PortraitTL;DR in this current iteration it drops a permanent 1hp visible vision ward (like a Pink but no stealth reveal) with a massive range. I believe the wards are off the cap, so technically if you drop them on cooldown in random places…

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Can you give us an example of a Keystone Mastery

Gypsylord New PortraitSure I’ll give you my favorite >:)

Thunderlord’s Decree

Your 3rd attack or spell on an enemy champion shocks the area around them, dealing 10 damage per level plus 20% of your Bonus Attack Damage and 10% of your Ability Power as Magic damage to enemies in the area (30 second cooldown).

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Meddler Final PortraitWe’ve got some stuff in there that should be pretty appealing on champions looking for defensive options as well. An example of an end tier mastery from the more defensively focused tree:

“Strength of Ages

Killing a Siege Minion or large monsters increases maximum health by 20 and 8 respectively, up to 250 health. After reaching 250 bonus health, heal for 100 health when a nearby siege minion dies.”

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Keystone masteries will make the new player experience even worse

Meddler Final PortraitOur goal with the mastery changes has been to keep the total amount of power in the new mastery system roughly equivalent to the old system. The big change though is that a lot of that power will be concentrated into just a couple of masteries per player. That means that instead of 30 mastery points, each with generally equal power, you’ll have a few masteries that contribute a lot of power in noticeable ways and a lot of masteries that are smaller stat effects. Thunderlord’s Decree’s a Tier 3 mastery for example, which means that each player will only ever have one of them (new trees go up to 18 points, with 3 options of Tier 3 mastery per tree, of which you can only take one).

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Follow Up Banner

Meddler Final PortraitIf you’re level 17 say and playing against someone who’s level 18, then yes, that’ll be a much more noticeable power difference under this system. That’s not ideal, and something we’d like to fix long term, we don’t feel it’s a significant enough cost to dictate mastery system design however. The difference between an account level 1 player and an account level 18 player by contrast should be pretty similar under the new masteries to the old, just in a more obvious way.

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Is the Master level up system even necessary

Meddler Final PortraitWe do think our account progression could be improved significantly. For the timeline of this preseason though that wasn’t an option. We did however feel there was room to significantly improve masteries while working within some existing constraints (30 points, earned 1 per level).

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]