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PBE Update

Meddler / Xelnath AMA

RiotBrokenSword – AMA

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Champion/Skin Sale: 10.01 – 13.01



PBE Update





Cannon_BarrageCannon Barrage ( R )

  • Tooltip changed: now lasts 6 seconds, down from 7 (this is just a tooltip fix, not a nerf – the duration has always been 6 seconds)





MonsoonMonsoon ( R )

  • Now heals for 100/150/200 +0.6 AP per second for 3 seconds, increased from 70/100/150 + 0.35 AP per second over 4 seconds






  • Base HP reduced from 420 to 380
  • HP per level increased from 80 to 82


Flame_Chompers!Flame Chompers! ( E )  

  • Damage reduced from 100/150/200/250/300 to 80/135/190/245/300






  • All previous changes have been reverted, he is now back to live status






Caustic_SpittleCaustic Spittle ( Q )

  • Damage increased from 60/110/160/210/260 to  80/130/180/230/280





SavagerySavagery ( Q )

  • Now empowers Rengar’s next basic attack 2 two seconds, reduced from 6 (no more stab-stabby triple Q from stealth)






CutthroatCutthroat (  E  )

  • Now teleports Talon to the far side of his target, rather than always behind it



Lunar Goddess Diana

Lunar Goddess Diana Splash



Meddler / Xelnath AMA



Preseason / Season 4



Will we see more changes in S4, other than the ones from Preseason?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: We do have some adjustments to some of the details of Leagues coming. I don’t believe we’ve discussed the specifics yet, should be doing so just before the soft reset that kicks off the new ranked season.

Rune changes are something we’re still investigating, no guaranteed changes yet (though we may try out some experimental stuff on the PBE at some point).

Blue trinket wise we’re currently happy leaving the trinkets unchanged for the next patch after buffing both blue and red in the previous patch (reduced CD on red, increased range and a reveal effect added to blue). Blue’s not a common pick at present, and is being watched as a result. A perfectly even split of usage between the three trinkets isn’t one of our goals though – yellow’s a good general pick, blue by contrast’s a more situational/champion dependent choice.



Can you tell us when the soft ladder reset will occur?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Apologies. Would if I could in a useful way, but patch release timing’s not my area of expertise and has enough moving parts there’s always risk of change until pretty close to release.




Anything you can tell us about the next Champion?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Nothing I can share at present about champion 118 timing sorry, we generally prefer not to talk details about a champion at all until pretty close to their PBE release.

We are definitely still planning to release a support champion in the early part of 2014, that hasn’t changed.



General Balance



Do you plan on revisiting the Defense Mastery tree?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: The defense tree’s probably still too strong at the moment, we’ll be looking at that. Nerfs to Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage in the upcoming patch will reduce the power of many of the champions benefiting the most from those masteries though (Mundo and Shyvana for example) and how heavy an impact that has is something we want to take into account when assessing said mastery tree.



Follow-up: If you nerf the Defense tree, will this allow you revert the changes to Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: We feel the changes to Sunfire Cape (damage scales by character level, lower compared to the current values pre level 15) and Spirit Visage (10% CDR instead of 20%) are appropriate changes regardless of whether the current defensive masteries are or aren’t too strong.




Why are buffs so scarce?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Our goal when balancing in LoL is to keep the average power level the same. Only buffing leads to a situation known as power creep, where you end up in a constant cycle of buffing to catch up to the buffs you just added, making stable, balanced elements impossible. This extends not just to champions, but other game elements too.

For example, if we only ever buffed eventually we’d end up with champions across the board who just ignored towers throughout the game, as we kept adding power to all of them to catch up to whoever was the strongest. So, we’d have to buff towers. That would then leave minions unable to do much against towers and, since minion damage is meant to chip away at lanes, we’d have to buff minions. That would leave jungler monsters too weak relative to lane minions.. etc etc. Very much a simplified example, you get the idea though.

Efficiency’s also a secondary reason – if one champion out of 117 is far too strong why go through the disruption of buffing 116 rather than just bringing the one down to an appropriate level?



Do you think “utility scaling” made true supports preferrable to picks like Annie/Zyra?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: I’d agree some traditional supports are a bit weak and that the utility scaling ratios probably aren’t offering enough to make AP attractive versus utility items (Mikael’s, Talisman of Ascension etc). Will chat to the live balance team about their thoughts on that and get back to you.



Will you balance support items?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: The Live Balance folks are looking into that at the moment. Definitely won’t be changed in the next patch, support item balance is something we’d like to try and tune in the early part of the year though.




Do you still plan on changing minion spawn timers?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Still planning to. The idea we had was to do a Dominion style enclosure at the shop as well, to put those slower loading into the game on even footing, and then give everyone a homeguard style buff to get out into the map around the time they previously would have. That tested well so now we’re looking at getting the art assets that would need.



Why did you nerf the CDR on Spirit Visage?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Two things. First off is that Spirit Visage offered such an attractive package of effects that it became a must buy on a lot of champions, while at the same time removing a lot of the play around CDR. Ideally cooldown reduction versus other stats should be a choice – do I want more casts or stronger casts/stronger auto attacks/defensive stats etc? How much that trade off exists/matters is also designed to vary between the different roles (e.g. mages are intended to get easier access to CDR generally than bruisers, in part because they’ve got much less to do while their abilities are down).

The second thing’s simply cost versus power. Lot of attractive stats, especially when bundled together, for that price. On those grounds we felt removing some power was needed. The regen/healing boost’s the distinctive part of the item, so we wanted to leave that untouched, and the health/MR support that since they help you live long enough to actually benefit from non instant healing/regen effects. Between that and the above point the CDR was the thing we felt should be changed.



Why do you want to rework Sion?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: The AP build’s the biggest issue. It really only utilizes around a couple of skills, one of which removes most of the counterplay from the other and it fails to deliver on Sion’s thematics (giant hulking undead warrior with a brutal axe). Combine that with a passive that lacks gameplay, an ult that often doesn’t deliver a high moment and has readability issues (who’s getting the heal? How close would they need to be to get it? Was my ult really just an AS/LS steroid?) and is too binary r.e. its effectivness, without appropriate skilled play on the Sion player’s part, and there’s a lot of stuff we’d like to fix/potential to make Sion a more cohesive, distinct champion.



Will we see more changes to Summoner spells?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: We’re testing a revised set of changes at the moment. Initial changes showed some promise, but also had some issues hence they weren’t part of the Preseason changes. Not yet clear if our newest revisions will hit the mark (so definitely no changes in the next patch at least).



Doesn’t nerfing what’s FotM just bring up new dominant picks?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Nerfing a currently dominant pick down to a more balanced spot may reveal other other powered cases, agreed. Identifying those and looking to address is definitely valuable, uncertainty as to the exact nature of the future top tier isn’t reason to leave problems unaddressed though. I’d argue instead it makes a good case for prioritizing monitoring the effects of a change and following up if needed (changes to other champions, reverting the prior changes, compensatory buffs/nerfs if the changes were good but offset balance too much etc).

Regarding unchanged champions becoming overpowered or perceived as overpowered there are some other factors to take into account. Champions are balanced given a set of assumptions about the rest of the game (e.g. available items, masteries, amount of gold they can feasibly earn in the roles they fill etc). If those factors change then a champion’s numbers/mechanics, that were balanced for a previous environment, may no longer be appropriate. If the changed factor is a good one for the game overall that means balancing to account for said factor. E.g. If, as a hypothetical example, we identified it was best to remove Grevious Wounds from the game then it would probably be necessary to nerf some champions with strong healing effects who are currently kept balanced by Grevious Wounds.



Why is healing problematic to solve?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Highly recommend reading through this thread:…7#post41405177 and, if you can find them, some of Morello’s previous posts on the issues with dedicated healers and competitive PVP games. Lot of good discussion with both a LoL and broader context. In LoL specifically healing’s most problematic generally in lane, where it can remove the incentive to engage with the enemy unless you can win outright. As a result a lot of the healing/sustain mechanics we use require some degree of combat or are more effective in combat (e.g. Nami’s heal if bounced off an enemy, lifesteal type effects etc).



Champion-specific Balance



Will you buff Soraka so she becomes competitive to other supports?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Nothing in the immediate future at least. She has some pretty negative effects on the laning experience when she’s really strong, so she’s not a champion we’d be happy seeing as a dominant, picked all the time support. Not impossible that she’ll get some small buffs at some point, we don’t feel she’s grossly underpowered though.

Soraka is a candidate for some bigger changes at some point (rework or mini rework). There are a number of other reworks, ranging from the small (upcoming Skarner changes) to the huge (Sion changes it’s still too early to talk in detail about and will be for a while) that we’ll be looking at first though.



Is Ashe outclassed by other AD carries?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: First thing here: Is Ashe’s damage too low? Certainly, her damage output overall is low for an ADC. She does bring more utility than any other however so that’s appropriate. If, for argument’s sake, her damage output is too low bearing that in mind, is base stats the place to give her more damage or would spell rank ups or ratios be a better choice? Ratios give more effect from items purchased, spell rank ups offer power in a discrete moment that’s both easier to appreciate and generally offers more opportunities for gameplay/expression of skill. Overall we feel her power’s in a pretty good spot at the moment, so if we did want to add damage that would involve looking elsewhere on the kit to compensate for that added power.

“Why does Ashe, who’s the only ADC with no mobility at 325 MS and who’s being outclassed in range more and more, have 325 MS when more and more champs get released with gap closers?”

Here I’d have to disagree that Ashe is getting outclassed in range more and more. From beta onwards she’s been one of the highest auto attack range champions, but not the highest, with strong poke, with decent but not the longest range, with a light CC attached that’s easy to hit with plus a global hard CC ult. Her lack of mobility and movement speed reflects the amount of utility she brings and that she can contribute meaningfully from a fair distance, without being especially item dependent.

Certainly, Ashe does suffer, if not peeled for, against champions with strong engage (bruisers/assassins especially), so she’s not a pick all the time champion. She’s also not a good choice if you need a high damage ADC. She brings a distinct set of skills, is a favored pick by some competitive teams but not all, goes well with some team comps but not all, and moves in and out of favor somewhat based off which other champions are currently popular. On those grounds I’d argue she’s actually a fairly good example of how a champion should be to give an interesting and diverse champion pool. I can’t speak with any expertise as to her exact stats/power at present, the live balance guys are much more informed on that side of things than I am, I do feel her core design’s reasonably solid however (though permaslow does create a few fighter health issues).



Do you still plan on reworking Zilean?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Zilean wise, yes, we’ll likely do some work on him at some point. Biggest focus of that will actually be ‘Can we do more with time mage as a concept?’ For example, is there more opportunity for a skill that’s time mage specific, and really thematic, than just ‘speed up an ally/slow down an enemy’? It’s a decent feeling skill that allows some cool plays certainly, but we feel we may be missing out on some opportunities to do cool stuff that wouldn’t fit on other champion’s themes. No specific plans yet, we’ll certainly start chatting about direction once we’ve got something a bit more concrete, not just high level goals.

Some gameplay issues to consider as well too e.g. early bomb spam frustration given lack of counterplay, exacerbated by the fact he gets all or most of his rank up damage during the laning phase, itself something it might or might not be appropriate to change.



What’re your plans for Kog’Maw’s Q?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: We’ve just started testing a change that makes Kog’s Q a skillshot, with much longer range than the current version, at the moment. The theory’s that synching up his spell ranges a bit more should help make the Q a more natural feeling part of his play consistently. It’s something I think has a lot of promise on paper, haven’t had a chance to play it yet/against it in lane myself though, so can’t offer any thoughts beyond the theoretical on it yet though.



Anything you want to change about Galio?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Nothing in the short term, another champion on the list for the moderate future (whether you’d call the changes balance or mini rework not sure yet).




Top lane



Progress on the fighter project CertainlyT was talking about?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: All good, happy to chat!

The fighter project turned out to be a much bigger undertaking than we’d initially thought, particularly as we found additional opportunities as we investigated the problems we’d already identified. It’s still work we want to do, not necessarily trying to solve so many things in one go though (top lane game health changes will likely be somewhat decoupled from mid/late game fighter niche changes for example).



Will the top lane changes come in a single patch?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: The fighter project, which we’d originally talked about as a single set of changes that came out at the start of the year before the season started, will most likely instead be a series of changes over the course of the season.




What’s problematic about top lane – systems you have in place or specific Champion picks?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: That’s a topic we’ve been discussing a lot and, I’d imagine, have a lot more analysis still to do on. Gut reaction is it’ll probably be a mixture of a few reworks, some shifting of power on specific champs from early game to late/vice versa, possibly some item changes, a summoner spell tweak or two etc.



Future concepts / development



Any concepts you wish to explore?


MeddlerButton Rioter Meddler: Concepts to explore – yeah, zone control’s got a bunch of untapped potential, I’m pretty convinced casting from offset locations (Lulu’s Pix/Zed’s Shadows) also has a bunch more that could be done with it, some of which overlaps with zone control. Clickable objects like Thresh lantern offer some interesting opportunities too, though wouldn’t want to overuse them.

Would also love the chance to play around with some more global/semi global effects at some point, see if we can solve some of the issues things like Shen’s ult create, while still offering that sort of experience and the reward for global map awareness like that.



RiotBrokenSword AMA


RiotBrokenSword Button Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Hello, my dear friends of EUW,

I wish you a late happy holidays, and new year. I hope you all partied responsibly hard.

In an effort to plead your forgiveness of my recent absence, I wanted to hold a 1 Hour long Q&A session. I did a 20 questions thing before that was fun, but it forced me to leave a lot of people out.

It’s 10:16am for me in Los Angeles right now, and I’ll answer as much as I can until 11:30, as I have a quick 15 minutes meeting at 11.

I now open the floodgates to your thoughts.






When are you going to release Ao Shin?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Ao Shin is very, very far down the road. Probably not even this year. There was a lot we learned about him after we introduced his concept art. His concept at a character has changed dramatically, but much for the better. It will take a while to develop an excellent kit that matches his lore.



When does Season 4 start?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I think a little over a month from now. I don’t have an exact date. It depends half on our strategic timing, and ability to have the Season 2014* (that’s what we’re calling it now) code ready and stable.




What plans do you have for improving the forum interface?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Yeah, we’re in the process of rolling out something new. You can see the beta version here:

It looks like it’s only built for NA, while it’s still in its infancy. Make an account and try out some of the new features, then send us your feedback. We always love hearing it.



How far along are you with the development of the teambuilder feature?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: My friends are building that, but it’s very far. So close! I’m so excited for it to hit PBE full-time, which isn’t far off at all. Game changer…





Will we ever get the original Magma Chamber?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: We’re still figuring that one out… There’s a lot of internal debate. I think we’ll analyze the success, or lack thereof, of Showdown to help lead us to determine whether or not it’s something we want to support. Many of us do, but the arguments against it are very strong.






If I were interested in a job at Riot as a UK resident, would I have to move to Dublin?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Yes, or Germany. We just opened an office in Cologne.…-games-cologne

Or you could move anywhere else in the world that we have an office and open positions.



Is Riot dropping support in South Africa or are the mobile payment issues there simply a bug?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I’m not sure. I haven’t been involved with Payments for months. Can you give me more background of the situation? Maybe add me on League so we don’t have to involve others in the conversation.




What does your team do for Riot?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I’m in Production, AKA Product Management. What I’m doing at Riot is leading that’s building toward a better PvP.Net client experience. Our work is most invisible, as my team’s domain is in the Platform, which controls most of the global information sent between your client and another.

Our contributions are in a rebuilt Champ Trades system (for Ranked, Normal Draft, and ARAMs), and a various Champ Select improvements.

We’re currently rebuilding the Game Invitations system. That should come out in two patches from now. I’ll announce it to get your feedback on it. You’ll now be able to transfer ownership of a game to someone, similar to giving them an invite privilege. That will be make them “Captain” of that game, putting them in the position to make the picks and bans.

That’s one of many new additions. I’ll explain the rest in the announcement.






Why is Kassadin still not nerfed?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I would guess that it’s because he lives on a very fine balance, where if you nerf him a little, he’s awful, and if you buff him at all, he’s godlike. I don’t know for certain, but if I were a designer, I wouldn’t know how best to nerf him yet.



Personal / Funny



If you were stuck on a desert island with Ymir and Draggles, which one would you eat first?


Riot DragglesButton Rioter Riot Draggles: MUTINY!




RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I would eventually eat them both, but I’d start with Draggles. Because I haven’t met them yet, I wouldn’t have as much guilt, if any.




How cold is it there?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Where I am, in Santa Monica, it’s a pleasant 65 degrees, Fahrenheit. Beach weather, essentially. Where my engineers are, in the midwest, it’s about -40F.

People have been warned that if they go outside, their skin and eyes will freeze. Horrific (but kind of cool to imagine).



Can you guys make a Ketchup Fiddlesticks skin?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Like French Fries covered in Ketchup? Or just strings of tomato paste?





Do you enjoy French cuisine ?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I have very limited knowledge of French cuisine, but I really love French Fries, and French Toast. The french rock with potatoes and bread.

( More seriously, I have an addiction to Cheese Boards – Brie and prosciutto till the day I day.)



Why is your avatar Maokai, when your name says Riven?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: I almost regret giving myself this name, in this game lol. My name comes from the Jet Li movie, Hero, which has a character I admired, named BrokenSword. He was the lover of Sky, and master calligrapher.




Do you have an evil cousin named Blizzard RepairedAxe?


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Yes. They’re a much older, more experienced, very talented cousin, whom I really admire.






Single Posts



Email Verification  – Protect your account, get 4-win IP Boost


Button Rioter veruco:  We just released email verification onto North America today. Oceania, Brasil, and Turkey have had it enabled as well. We’re planning to release this onto EUW, EUNE, and Russia over the next few days. Latin America South and North should have it enabled by mid next week. 🙂

Verifying your email will help you have better control of your account as we continue to release new features (like SMS protection on PBE). Currently, if you verify your email, you’ll be able to authorize any account credential changes from your verified email. This should help prevent account theft as the thief would need to know your verified email address’ credentials in order to make changes to your account.

We wanted to give everyone who does this a 4-win IP boost as a thank you for taking the extra step to secure their account 🙂



Clarifying LCS rules – why Lemondogs didn’t make it


Button Rioter RiotNickAllen: Summoners,

We wanted to update you on two situations that have created confusion and speculation in the community: the Lemondogs roster for the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split and our rules regarding acquiring LCS team spots and bringing on new players.

With respect to Lemondogs’ participation in the 2014 Spring Split, we have attempted to work with Lemondogs management over the last few weeks to get the documents and information – such as a verified roster – required by every team that participates in the LCS. Unlike the other teams, Lemondogs failed to identify a valid roster to us, and as a result, have been given a final deadline of 11:59pm CET on January 8th, or they will face removal from the LCS. If they fail to meet this deadline, we will hold a qualifier for the open 8th LCS spot with the three teams that lost in the Promotion matches (Ninjas in Pyjamas, Meet Your Makers, and Supa Hot Crew), pending those teams’ ability to submit a valid roster that contains 3/5s of the lineup that played during Promotions.

Additionally, many of you have been discussing the rumors surrounding Lemondogs’ potential roster and rumored sale, so we’d like to clarify our philosophy on how teams enter the league. We created the Promotion mechanism to ensure that the best teams are represented in the LCS. While we want to preserve a lot of the rights of those teams (such as the freedom to change their roster in order to field the best team possible, or selling to a new, passionate owner), we don’t want to let those rights marginalize the competitive integrity inherent in the Promotion mechanism.

As we’ve examined our rules, we realized that they do not completely match our intent. Below are a set of rules that we’re adding to the LCS rulebook in order to prevent teams who failed to qualify for the LCS from buying their way in; a situation we saw as quite likely and one that we believe is contrary to your interests as fans of the LCS.

Here are the rules that we are adding to the LCS rulebook, and why we think they are necessary:

    • In section 3.1: No Team Member on a team who played in either LCS region and/or any aspect of the Challenger Series (including play-in) may purchase or otherwise attempt to own/control an LCS team without a complete Split having taken place since their last point of participation in the LCS or Challenger Series.

Rationale: Per the philosophy above, we do not want to marginalize a team’s efforts and successes in the Promotion matches simply because another owner has deep pockets and wants to buy back into the LCS.

    • In section 3.1: Changes in Ownership may only occur between Splits, meaning after the most recent Playoffs and Promotion Matches but before the start of the following Split.

Rationale: We think that mid-Split ownership changes are confusing to fans and not beneficial to the Players, so we want to limit those changes to the All Star break or the offseason.

    • In section 3.2: No team may have on their roster more than two players at a time from any single starting lineup of a different team that played in either region of the LCS and/or any aspect of the Challenger Series (including play-in) in the last two completed Splits.

Rationale: While we want to preserve the ability of teams to pick up new players and change their roster, we do not want them to pick up entire existent lineups and essentially drop in a new team (and we consider a team to be 3/5 or more of the starters). This will prevent teams who lose in the Promotion matches from being picked up in their majority or entirety. Taken in conjunction with the restriction on owners’ ability to purchase a team, this rule should prevent immediate buybacks in their entirety.

    • In section 4.2.1: Per Section 3.2, no team may trade for more than 2 players of another LCS team.

Rationale: Just a clarification based on the updated rule in Section 3.2.



Champion/Skin Sale: 10.01 – 13.01


sale january 13




  • Blitzcrank – 395 RP
  • Galio – 440 RP
  • Rengar – 487 RP






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Catching up with Tabzz

October 29th, 2013

From LCS underdogs to contenders on the World Stage, Lemondogs surprised everyone when they took 1st place in the EU summer split and bested Gambit Gaming to finish second in the playoffs. I had a chance to talk with former mid-laner and Fizz extraordinaire, Erik “Tabzz” Van Helvert, AD Carry for Lemondogs.




First off, what is something unknown or that very little people know about you?

Tabzz: I play piano as a hobby.


What was it like coming back from the 4-6 start you guys had during the LCS? What do you think the biggest changes were that contributed to your success and helped you to place 2nd in the playoffs?

Tabzz: The biggest change was definitely the patch in which AP top laners were meta, we took heavy advantage of this and managed to get high in the league because of it. Switching supports helped a lot too.


What was it like playing on the world stage and making it to worlds after being considered underdogs earlier in the year? What was your favorite experience at worlds?(best game, delicious food, etc)

Tabzz: It was certainly a great feeling, as nobody expected us to be there. Best experience was laughing at how ridiculously stupid American TV commercials are.


Thoughts on the teams at worlds and did everyone make it as far as you expected? Did any of the outcomes surprise you? Who was the strongest opponent you played against?

Tabzz: The tournament went just as expected in my eyes. The strongest opponent we played against was SKT and they ended up winning the whole thing.


Thoughts on SKT’s bot lane? What is the hardest thing about playing against SKT?

Tabzz: SKT botlane is very hard to trade with, they will always punish you. The best thing to do is to just equal farm them if you have an equal matchup. Beating them in trades is almost impossible. The hardest thing about playing SKT is their jungle and map control. Once they grab a tiny advantage in jungle or midlane, they can easily snowball it into a win for them.


We saw the rise of Corki recently, being picked or banned nearly every game. What makes him as strong as he is? What do you feel the current state of AD carries are and what kinds of changes do you want to see in season 4?

Tabzz: Trinity force change just boosted his power by a lot. I hope AD carries will be auto attack carries instead of casters in season 4, because I like that play style more. Buffs to phantom dancer and infinity edge would help in making that a reality.


What should an AD carry do to make the most impact on the game for his team?

Tabzz: Get as much farm without losing towers, and then play teamfights correctly later in the game. Using summoner spells correctly is also very important.


Going into worlds what was your preparation like and your expectations of yourselves and other teams?

Tabzz: We had a very hard group and were not sure if we could make it through, we tried our best but fell short against the Asians. All in all, I think the tournament went pretty much as expected.


What champions are you current favorite to play as? Who is your least favorite to play against right now?

Tabzz: Vayne and Ezreal are the most fun to play as. Least favourite to play as and against would be Corki, because he’s incredibly OP with very low skill requirements.


We have seen incoming changes on Zed/Ahri/Fizz. What do you think of Fizz current status and what do you think needs to or will be changed, if anything? What do you think the best way to balance Fizz would be?

Tabzz: I think the main unbalance with fizz right now is that there is no way to counter his late game. Increasing his early game damage while nerfing his lategame cooldowns would tone him down a lot. But as it is right now, I don’t think fizz needs any nerfs. Other champions just need buffs. Or there has to be an AD item that gives invulnerability to magic on active in season 4.


How have you and the team been spending the offseason? Is there a lot of time spent outside of the game together?

Tabzz: We’ve basically not talked to or seen eachother since worlds.


Looking into Season 4, do you think the current top teams will stay on top, or new ones emerge as we have seen in the past? Do you think SKT can stay as dominant as they have been?

Tabzz: League of legends changes all the time and as a result so do the teams. I don’t think a single team will stay on top for a very long time.


How do you feel about the current format of the LCS and World Championship? Do you think there should be changes for Season 4?

Tabzz: I’d like games to be bo3 instead of just 1 game in the season. Bo1’s are pretty boring and their outcome often feels like it doesn’t carry any weight. That means the games are less interesting for the viewers aswell.


Do you ever miss the mid lane? What is your favorite thing about each role? (AD/Mid) Which do you personally feel you are better at?

Tabzz: I think I can be at the top 3 players of both roles in EU. What I like most about Mid would be that I can lane, engage and make a lot of things happen on my own, whereas the AD role is more reliant on teammates. The AD role is more fun in teamfights, and it feels very rewarding to position properly and dodge important spells while killing your enemies.



Tabzz: Shoutout to all my fans and everyone who supports me!


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