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Team SoloMid continues to make big changes to it’s League of Legends division, and are looking to fill several positions within their coaching and support staff. Here is the announcement in it’s entirety, from


Following our changes to the League of Legends team, we are currently seeking to restructure our coaching staff and support team. This restructure requires the following positions to be filled, with their necessary qualifications and responsibilities:

  • Following our changes to the League of Legends team, we are currently seeking to restructure our coaching staff and support team. This restructure requires the following positions to be filled, with their necessary qualifications and responsibilities:
  • Head Coach


    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Previous experience working with players in traditional sports
    • A level-headed authority figure able to settle disputes and facilitate further progress within the team
    • Work with TSM staff to create an environment for players to grow and improve
    • Basic knowledge of League of Legends


    Additional Gameplay Coaches


    • In-depth knowledge of competitive League of Legends
    • Ability to read and prep the team for a fast changing metagame
    • Ability to work with players and head coach to develop strategies well-suited for the team



    Online Analysts


    • In-depth knowledge of competitive League of Legends
    • Assist the coaching staff with prep work and research on opponents
    • Must be able to provide information in a way that also helps to improve the team


    In addition to the previous tryout announcement, for every position available (meaning both coachingand player), we will announce when it has been filled within 24 hours of making the decision. We will be processing every application submitted up until when an announcement has been made. To paraphrase: this means that every position should be considered open until there has been announcement that it has been filled.


    Please send your applications to [email protected] with the following information:


    Requested Position:
    Previous experience(s) in (e)sports:
    Motivation for joining:


Update: TSM Head Coach Choi ‘Locodoco’ Yoon-Sub clarified on twitter that he will no longer maintain the head coach role but will remain with the team.



NoL will continue to provide updates to the Team SoloMid roster and staff as the offseason develops.



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After several weeks of declining performances, Andy “Reginald” Dinh will take the reigns as head coach of Team SoloMid.

With the Airing of TSM: Legends Episode 21 on July 17th, we were given a behind the scenes look at and the teams coaching structure. That same day, Reginald took to twitter to express his thoughts on the current state of the team.


Right now Loco is having a difficult time keeping the conversations productive,””Multiple players have expressed that they’re not confident with giving Loco complete authority.

Starting Monday I will be stepping in as head coach and I’ll be leading discussions within the team in a productive manner. (I won’t be on stage.)


In a second post, Reginald addressed the initial reaction from the community, confirming that locodoco will remain with the team.

“Even though Loco has made some mistakes with coaching TSM, he’s actively trying to fix his issues and become a better coach.

“Everyone on the team is working towards one goal, improving. I believe Loco will learn from this experience and he’ll be a better coach for it in the future.”

Sitting at 9-6 currently, Team SoloMid plays against Team Dignitas on Sunday, July 19th to round out their week 8 in a tiebreaker match for 6th place.

Locodoco back to Korea

December 5th, 2012



An hour ago, CLG Prime announced the departure of their support Yoonsup “Locodoco” Choi. After a somewhat weak performance during IPL5 and a lot of complaint vlogs, it was obvious that he wasn’t trying his best to perform. CLG’s announcement mentions that they’re parting on amicable terms, but I honestly doubt that was the case.

Locodoco’s reasons for leaving Korea in the first place and joining CLG Prime, after declining many requests to join other teams was very vague, but it did hint towards a girl(friend) and whatnot. Whilst he was a pretty good AD Carry player, he didn’t perform well as a Support, often feeding first blood and getting caught out of position a lot. Which is a bit weird, as that never happened during his time as an AD Carry.

CLG Prime is now looking for a new support and two substitute positions going into Season 3. Their tryouts will be from Thursday December 6th, until Monday, January 7th 2012. After the initial screening process, the applicants are going to be tested in a series of custom, in-house, and premade 5 ladder games. These tryouts will be live-streamed so that they can screen on how the players perform under pressure and exposure.

If you wish to tryout, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Include your Summoner name, a motivation as to why you deserve the spot and what you can add to the team.

Also you need to be able to meet the following requirements:

  • 17 years of age and a high school degree.
  • Over 2.000 Elo.
  • Be willing to move to the CLG Gaming House in California and play full time (Starting support position only, not the substitutes)

With all of the roster changes CLG Prime has gone through, it’s about time they got some substitutes. I guess Riot’s requirements for Season 3 Championships has forced CLG Prime to get their act together roster-wise. Hopefully they’ll get some decent applicants and be ready to compete by the next tournament.

Cheers and thanks for reading!