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Team Solomid has expanded it’s roster of competitive teams with the acquisition of Team Confound, Joining TSM under the name ‘TSM Darkness’. The team intends to compete in the 2015 NACS Spring in hopes of making it into the LCS. This marks the first semi-pro team to play under the TSM banner since 2012’s Team SoloMid EVO.


TSM Darkness Roster

Ryan “Ron” Ballard – Top
Lyonel “Arcsecond” Pfaender – Mid
Paul “Indivisible” Nguyen – Support
Andrew “Azingy” Zamarripa – Jungle
David “Kabigon” Bérubé – ADC

Read the official announcement on Facebook.


In one of the most hyped roster additions in the NA LCS, Season 3 World Champion Piglet was recruited for Team Liquid at the beginning of the Spring Season. The Korean Import was expected to dominate the bot lane alongside All-Star support Xpecial, however results have been exceedingly average thus far.

As a result, Team Liquid has announced that KeithmcBrief will be moved from the substitute position to the starting AD Carry position for Week 5 due to issues in poor team dynamic. Their Manager, Head Coach, and Analyst will answer further questions and provide further insight into this decision during the next LCS weekend.

Read the Official Announcement by Head Coach Peter Zhang.

Ocelote officially retires

February 16th, 2015



Mid laner Ocelote, a presence in the League of Legends eSports scene since it’s inception, announced his retirment in a surprise video on Monday, February 16th.

Ocelote intends to focus on his business and stream part time, officially quitting competitive play. He has recently tried his hand at casting at IEM Taipei, and plans to release an in-depth interview about his career, the controversies surrounding his name, and more.


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Welcome to the second edition of Rift Pulse, a weekly roundup of all things LoL eSports. This week follows the end of the EU and NA expansion tournaments, the 2015 Challenger Series, the conclusion of IEM and much more.


Rift Pulse New Banner

North America


  • Shan “Chaox” Huang has officially joined a new Challenger team, Roar. The team has already begun bootcamping in China.
  • Team Liquid looks to take over Curse as title sponsor.




  • The first four players of xPeke’s new Challenger team Origen have been announced. – origen
  • Fnatic has announced that they are looking for a LoL coach and are holding open applications.
  • SoaZ looks to be parting ways with Fnatic and could potentially be joining former team mate xPeke in Origen.




  • SK Telecom T1 has released Impact from his contract and hints at a possible overseas plan.
  • Former CJ Entus Blaze top laner Flame will be joining Chinese organization LGD.




  • RooKie and KaKAO join Invictus Gaming.
  • Team DK picks up former KT Bullets top laner Limit and former VG.S AD carry ViigejBoBoBoBo. 


Tournament and Scene updates


  • Giants Gaming and H2K Gaming emerge at the top of the EU expansion tournament, joining the LCS in 2015.
  • Team Coast and Curse Academy earn their spots in the LCS in 2015 after strong performances in the NA expansion tournament.
  • Cloud 9 takes home their first ever IEM title at San Jose.
  • Gambit Gaming takes their sixth IEM trophy, taking down CLG in Cologne.
  • Riot announces format changes to the Challenger Series.

TSM Welcomes Santorin

November 27th, 2014
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After an extended trial period, Team SoloMid would like to welcome Lucas “Santorin” Larsen as our new starting Jungler. With several weeks of practice together, Santorin said he was “excited to be able to play for TSM and ready to prove [himself] to be the right choice for the team.”




Santorin is no stranger to competition. Having served as Team Coast’s jungler for multiple challenger series victories, his high mechanics and playmaking ability stuck out among the best in the NA Challenger Scene. Ready to play on a professional stage at the upcoming IEM San Jose event, he joins TSM just in time to compete against some of the West’s finest competition, including Alliance and Cloud 9.

Owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh said he was “thankful that we could get Santorin in time for our team to compete.”

Santorin is already living at the TSM house and will be competing at IEM San Jose on December 6th-7th


You can follow Santorin on:

Twitter -

Twitch -

Facebook –


Current TSM starting roster:
Top – Marcus “Dyrus” Hill
Jungle – Lucas “Santorin” Larsen
Mid – Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg
AD – Jason “WildTurtle” Tran
Support – Jang-sik “Lustboy” Ham
Head Coach – Yoonsup “Locodoco” Choi
Analyst – Dylan (

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Welcome to the first edition of Rift Pulse, a bi-weekly roundup of all things LoL eSports. This week follows the continuation of the EU Expansion tournament, a brand new Vici Gaming, and more.





North America








  • At the OGN Champions Spring 2015 Qualifiers, the HUYA Tigers and Incredible miracle secured their spots in the upcoming season.











Kespa Banner



 After months of collaboration, KeSPA, Riot Games and OnGameNet have announced the final version of their ‘2015 Season LoL eSports League Reform Plan’. Key topics include switching formats to a league system in the vein of the Chinese LPL, renaming the NLB to League of Legends Challengers Korea, introduction of a 20 million Korean Won (KRW) minimum salary for professional players, and establishing a promotion/relegation system. The full press release is available below.


Korean eSports Association (“KeSPA”), Riot Games, and OnGameNet (“3 Parties”) would like to announce the final version of the ‘2015 Season LoL eSports League Reform Plan’.

 During the past 3 months, the 3 Parties have been aware of the many issues inherent in the current LoL eSports system and tournament format, and have been trying to prepare a springboard for the Korean LoL eSports to leap one step further through the newly launching 2015 Season.

 While preparing the 2015 Season Reform Plan, we tried to collect various opinions from pro-players, teams, industry stakeholders, and our players, but some of our efforts were not entirely satisfactory. We assure you, however, that we placed utmost priority on the long-term growth of eSports and the protection of players’ rights and welfare when we finalized this 2015 Season Reform Plan. The 3 Parties will continue to heed to the voices of many fans who love and support eSports.

 We would like to ask for your continued support for the upcoming 2015 Season of LoL eSports.

Thank you.


2015 LoL Champions Korea League Reform Plan


New League Format

 2015 LoL Champions Korea will change from its previous tournament format to a full-league format. This change to the league format, which was adopted to help teams and players participate in competitions more consistently, will also help improve the welfare of pro-players. ‘2015 LoL Champions Korea – Spring Split’, which will launch in early January, will be run as a full-league for approximately 4 months.



 While the full-league format has the advantage of providing pro-teams and players a stable source of competitive activity, it also has the disadvantage of being less entertaining compared to the tournament format. In order to minimize this disadvantage and additionally offer an opportunity to players in the semi-pro tier who are aspiring to be promoted, the 3 Parties have agreed to adopt Promotions/Relegations immediately following the end of ‘2015 LoL Champions Korea – Spring Split’. When the Spring Split is finished, pro-teams and semi pro-teams will compete in Promotions/Relegations to secure their spot in the next ‘2015 LoL Champions Korea – Summer Split”.



 As we are transitioning to a full-league format, there are not many stable company-owned or club teams that can fully operate and manage their teams throughout the whole split. Thus, 2015 Season Spring Split will first kick off with 8 teams. 6 out of 8 teams (Samsung, KT, Najin, CJ, SKT and Jin Air) have been awarded spots for the Spring Split based on their past performance (accumulative circuit points in 2014) and history of stable team management. The remaining 2 teams will be determined through ‘Seed Qualifier Tournament’ (please refer to (6) below for details on Seed Qualifier Tournament).

 For 2015 Summer Split, we plan to increase the number of participating teams to 10 teams in order to expand opportunities for pro-players to participate.

 During the Promotions/Relegations following the 2015 Spring Split, bottom 2 teams from Champions Korea and top 4 teams from the semi-pro tier will compete to determine the final 4 teams that will join the 2015 Summer Split.


League Regulations

We would like to inform you of the following new regulations that will be newly implemented to protect the eSports pro-players and improve their welfare.


A) Mandatory Roster

 While first planning the launch of the league system, the 3 Parties became aware of the necessity for two corporate teams to be combined to one, so we reviewed the possibility of requesting corporate teams to incorporate a 10-person roster requirement to allow pro-players to stay in their original teams. However, having listened to many fans’ opinions and criticisms that the 10-person roster is not suitable for the current LoL eSports market, we decided not to forcefully adopt this policy. All LoL eSports teams may participate in the pro tier and semi-pro tier leagues if they can secure the roster of 5 players to play the game.


B) Minimum Salary Policy

 In the past, there have been many instances where eSports pro-players were inadequately compensated for their talent. The 3 Parties are planning to incorporate a “minimum salary of KRW 20 million” as a rule for teams participating in the league to follow, after having decided that the pro-players active in the pro field should be warranted a minimum level of welfare. Every pro-player entering a contract with pro-teams will earn a minimum salary of KRW 20 million (~$18,000) as income. This amount does not include profit generated through streaming or prize(s) from tournaments/league.


C) Mandatory Contract Term

 Similar to the minimum salary policy, “mandatory contract term of at least 1 year” will also be introduce. In other words, pro-teams will need to sign with pro-players for at least a one year in the future. This will help pro-players lead a stable professional career.

 However, teams may act as the principal agents of pro-players in transfer negotiations since they will possess the right for the said signed pro-player for the duration of the contract. If a team wishes to release a player against his will during the duration of the contract, the team is obligated to pay the remaining salary of the said player.


Supporting Measures


The 3 Parties will continuously invest beyond what we have invested and provided thus far for the advancement of LoL eSports to not only strengthen the league but to improve the welfare of pro-players.

 Riot Games will provide the minimum salary for 5 players in each team’s minimum roster. In addition, non-corporate teams without sponsors will receive not only aid for player salaries, but also aid for cost related to team operation and management. Regardless of the changes to the number of players applicable for salary aid, the total amount that Riot Games will be providing for the support of pro-teams remains unchanged. Please kindly understand that specific amount of the support will not be disclosed



 Please see below for the detailed schedule ahead of the launch of ‘LoL Champions Korea – Spring Split’. For more information on the Seed Qualifier tournament, please refer to future announcement on the Riot Games homepage (

Competition Date Category Information
Seed Qualifier tournament (Preliminaries)
Eligibility Teams with at least 5 players with own accounts who are 17 years or older
Application 11/11~11/14 (4 days) / Online application*For details, please see the announcement on LoL official homepage
Format Single tournament with 4 groups / Best of 3
Location Yongsan eSports Stadium
Teams Top 4 teams to qualify in the preliminaries
Format 4-team full league / Single matches
(with tiebreakers if necessary)
Location Busan Bexco Auditorium


(Schedule subject to change pending future circumstances)

 There will also be a Preseason lasting approximately a month with a single-round full-league format starting late November. The final 8 teams that will participate in the 2015 Spring Split will be participating in this Preseason. In addition, full-league format ‘2015 LoL Champions Korea – Spring Split’ will start in early January for approximately 4 months. Once the Spring Split is over, Promotions/Relegations tournament will take place for approximately 1 week.


2015 Season Semi-Pro Tier Reform Plan


New Title – League of Legends Challengers Korea

 NLB, which has previously represented the LoL Semi-Pro tier in Korea, will evolve with the new title of ‘LoL Challengers Korea’. Challengers Korea will not only become the battle arena for aspiring pros, but also provide another chance for teams that have been demoted from Champions Korea to once again climb up the ladder.


Changes in Competition Format

 Two open tournaments will be held during the 2015 Spring Split. Any team with 5 players who have their own Korean accounts with Gold tier or higher may participate in these tournaments. ‘Challengers’ points will be awarded to teams according to their performance, and 4 teams with the highest Challengers points will advance to Promotions/Relegations tournament to compete against the bottom 2 teams from Champions Korea.

 Furthermore, Challengers Korea will also switch to a full-league format in the Summer Split, and teams with the highest Challengers points will be provided seeds to participate in this league. We decided to implement step-by-step changes to ensure the highest quality of games and reliable execution during the transition phase.

 Once Challengers Korea has transitioned to a full-league format in the Summer Split, Riot Games and NGTV will provide participating Challengers teams accommodations and sponsorship opportunities to help establish a stable practice environment for the semi-pro players

 Please refer to the announcement on the Riot Games website ( for more details.

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CLG Brings on Scarra as Head Coach

 After parting ways with Christopher “Montecristo” Mykkles, Counter Logic Gaming has announced that their new Head Coach will be former Dignitas Captain and Head Coach, William “Scarra” Li. Scarra has been in the League of Legends eSports scene for nearly five years, bringing his expertise and experience. Scarra is seen as a very mature, level-headed person, someone who could properly manage Counter Logic Gaming’s internal struggles. By living in the house with them and seeing their day-to-day progress and interactions, Scarra is able to do more than Montecristo ever could while he was coaching from Korea. Scarra joined CLG after leaving Dignitas, largely because he felt he needed a change seeing as he had been with the organization and some of those players on the roster for years.

Comely Joins CLG’s Coaching Staff

Working alongside Scarra and Tony “Zikz” Gray will be the LoL personality known as Comely. Comely is more famously known as the parody Twitter account DrunkScarra and as a former assistant coach for Dignitas, working alongside Scarra and Mylixia. Not much has been said about what Comely can bring to the table, however he will specialize in macro strategy and team communication if his past work with Dignitas is used as a frame of reference.

CLG Prepares for Tryouts

Counter Logic Gaming will be looking for both a Mid Laner and a Jungler, and have opened up applications for tryouts. Current CLG mid laner Link will also be trying out, and Scarra has stated he will be scrutinized more than other players because CLG expect him to immediately outperform the other tryouts.

The Application 

Applicants must be:

  • A high-school graduate.
  • Challenger in ranked solo queue or have previous challenger/professional league experience [LCS, OGN, Coke, etc].
  • Eligible to play in the LCS.
Please fill out the following application and send it to [email protected] in the body of the email.
The subject of the email should include:
[Role] Name | IGN

An example would be: [Mid] George Georgallidis | HotshotGG
What is your history with League?
Describe any other game and/or competitive experience.
How would you describe yourself as a player?
What are your three strongest champions and why?
Why do you want to be a part of CLG?
What value can you bring to the team in comparison to other applicants?

Mata Leaves Samsung White

World Champion Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong has decided to part ways with the Samsung Organization. In a Facebook post, he announced his departure from the organization.

In his post, he cites that he feels he’s done everything he could have in pro LoL, winning an OGN title and the World Championship. He now intends to make a decision between retiring and joining the army (compulsory for Korean males to serve for two years around his age), move to a streaming position or join another team. Outside of the post itself, it’s been stated that he could also move to North America, as he hopes to improve his English to a fluent level.  With this, worries have risen that this could begin the fall of the great Samsung White, coincidentally as history has shown past World Champions don’t do too well the season after their victory. Mata has been the core of Samsung White for the whole season, being hailed as the best support player in the World, also acting as their primary shotcaller. Being able to fill both of those roles has allowed them to be the best team in the World.

ex-KT Rolster Bullets Ryu and ex-SKT T1 S H0R0 Join Millenium

French eSports organization Millenium have picked up Ryu “Ryu” Sang-ook and Cho “H0R0” Jae-hwan in an effort to qualify for the upcoming Expansion tournament. Millenium was relegated by Unicorns of Love during the 2014 Spring Promotion tournament, and recently lost mid laner Kerp and dropped Kottenx to import the Korean talent.

Both of these players are seasoned veterans, with Ryu being on the KT Bullets Roster that could be considered the second best team in the World at the time of the 2013 OGN Summer season. Despite that, his career has fallen farther and farther, most notably since his infamous duel with Faker:

Despite all of this, he’s still a capable player and is sure to hold his own in the EULCS. At his peak, he is likely a better player/at a similar skill level than Kerp can be, however Kerp notoriously chokes hugely when it comes to playoffs or relegation matches.

H0R0 on the other hand, is a founding member of SKT’s original LoL team, and has Jungled for them since their inception. While he’s no KaKAO or DanDy, he’s a strong player who can easily contest the best junglers in Europe. He decided to look for offers from foreign teams after the 2014 OGN Summer season, where he failed to make it to the finals, likely realizing he didn’t truly have a shot at winning an OGN title. The Millenium roster is now as follows:

  • Kev1n (Top)
  • H0R0 (Jungle)
  • Ryu (Mid)
  • Creaton (AD Carry)
  • Jree (Support)


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