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Gnar’s coming out soon; here’s a Q&A with answers to all manner of questions the community has about the cute rascal. :- )


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Was the Champion Concept for Gnar always the same

Meddler New PortraitGnar was indeed always a Yordle right from the start. What we did spend a while exploring though was what sort of creature he should transform into, with various big forms inspired by dinosaurs, bears, oxen, etc. We eventually chose to go with a version inspired by the proportions of a gorilla – really front loaded body with enormous muscle mass, huge hands and so on.


The rage mechanic was on the kit right from the start, with the back and forth only somewhat controllable transformation the core of what we wanted to capture with Gnar’s gameplay. It did go through an enormous amount of tuning in terms of how fast in should generate, what should generate it etc – getting the feel right on that, both in lane and in teamfights, was critical to Gnar feeling good to play.

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Do you think Gnar can excel at Ad Carry

Gypsylord New PortraitI wouldn’t discount it as a potential off-build but I feel it won’t be mainstream for the same reasons that keep Teemo and Quinn down. He’s got short range in lane/when pushing towers and is forced to go into melee to reach full effectiveness. Not the best thing to have it your ADC slot. That said he’s an ADC that can turn into a tank and STUN THE WHOLE ENEMY TEAM FOR 2.5+ SECONDS. So maybe there’s something there…

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What were some abilities that didn’t make the final cut

Gypsylord New PortraitThe most interesting spell that didn’t make the cut was Devour. He’d eat an enemy champ, removing them from the world for 3 seconds. During this time he wouldn’t be able to move but could spit them out in chosen direction.

Didn’t see the final kit for 2 reasons: first, it felt like bad Skarner R and Fiddle fear. You “stun” Volibear for 3 seconds but during this time your carry can’t kill him and then Volibear comes back and murders your carry. Second, Gnar isn’t a werewolf. He isn’t about running people down and eating their face off. He’s more just a big angry kid so I wanted his ult to have more of a “bull in a china shop” kind of feel instead of something with such targeted intent

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Do you think Gnar will be played competitively

Gypsylord New PortraitI wouldn’t be surprised to see Gnar played in comp (his R is pretty strong and ranged top laners have certain advantages) but I would be worried if he ever showed up as a prominent pick without a specialized team comp built around him. Our pros tend to highly value reliability which is in direct conflict with Gnar’s unreliable transformation. If he becomes a staple it likely means he’s way more reliable than we intended.

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How do you guys decide who tackles a champion’s kit design

Gypsylord New PortraitWe decide kit designers based on interest, synergy with the ideas, and availability. We have a small team of champ designers and when a new champ is getting slotted we assign someone to it who isn’t currently working on a project. If multiple people are available we think about interest and expertise in the role (I love making girls from Piltover and CertainlyT is very skilled at making mechanically interesting experiences for example).

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Any comment on Gnar’s similarities with Vayne (Hyper, GNAR!)

Gypsylord New PortraitAt a base level the mechanics on the characters are similar (3 hit percent max health and knockback into walls). In the case of the R I think the similarities end there as I feel the use cases of Condemn and GNAR! are so vastly different. To me, Vayne’s silver bolts is a brilliant and satisfying way to say “my character is target agnostic.”

 I needed this to be true to some degree on Gnar as he is ideally forced to build a mix of offense and defense but still needs to feel relevant when small. Does it make Vayne feel bad? I don’t think so. She gets true damage and Gnar can’t build magic pen so she’s always going to hit tanks way harder.

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Why would you build intended unreliability into a champion

Gypsylord New PortraitYeah sure. Gnar’s unreliability was put in place for two reasons:

We wanted to provide a new gameplay experience. Similar to how Draven mains feel amazing for being AXE CATCHING GODS, we want the people who master Gnar to feel like they’re CRAZY RAGE BEASTS who’ve learned to master their anger and transformations and bend them to their will. Honestly, some players won’t like Rage Gene’s uncontrollable nature.

——–You’re going to be running Kog’Maw down in Mini form, have him one hit from death, and then transform into Mega Gnar, miss your boulder, and helplessly try to trundle away as he kills you from 700 range. Some of you will come out of that game not wanting to play Gnar again because WTF I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A KILL BUT MY TRANSFORM KILLED ME. That’s okay.

———Hopefully if you stick with him you’ll then run into the game where you bounce off the enemy tank into the fight as Mini Gnar, assassinate the ADC, get brought down to 5 HP, TRANSFORM JUST IN TIME, hurl the rest of the enemy team into a wall, and watch in satisfaction as your team collapses on and eliminates them (try /dancing). It’s all about those high intensity transform moments and the feeling of trying to wrest control of this epic transition out of the hands of the game. Sometimes it screws you, sometimes it wins you the game. The uncontrollable mechanic is not going to be for everyone, but I feel that it will FEEL GREAT for those who do want to engage with it.

We wanted to finally make a transformation character who felt good in both forms. Historically we’ve had problems with achieving this as our other transform chars (Elise, Old Nid, Jayce) can transform at will. Because of this we can’t give the forms meaningful weaknesses (you can just swap out) and instead have to balance the character around whatever form is their best case.

When Old Nid’s cougar form was strong human form was a glorified heal and scouting tool and when Old Nid’s spear throwing form was strong Cougar form was a 3 second CD dash. She never got to feel great about both forms at the same time and building to the strengths of one made the other suffer immensely. We hope that by not allowing Gnar to swap when he wants to we can truly give both forms meaningful weaknesses that players can exploit in the moment.

This means we can also make their strengths REALLY strong. Human form Nidalee isn’t a problem in isolation. You jump on her and kill her. It’s when she gets to turn into a cat for free and pounce away that she becomes an evil spear monster that can’t be dealt with.

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Will you consider having Gnar’s passive be toggled later on

Meddler New PortraitGnar’s limited control over his transformation’s core to both his kit and his personality/background. As a result it’s not something we’d want to change to balance him – there are other ways to achieve that if needed that don’t trim away what makes him distinct.

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What are some lessons you learned from designing Gnar

Meddler New PortraitDeveloping Gnar did have a number of good lessons. Some of those we’ll be looking to apply to other form/stance swapping champions where possible, though in a number of cases they’re lessons more applicable to newly developed champions than modifcations to existing ones.


Keeping the same targeting type on a button in both forms makes it a lot easier to learn a form swapping champion and offers a smooth flow back and forth between forms. In Gnar’s case this means Q is always a line skillshot and E is always a ground targeted leap. Not every champion’s going to be a good fit for that approach (we’ve got another character that swaps stances basically, rather than forms, under development that doesn’t for example) but where possible it’s valuable to offer.

Clarity of form purpose is important, both for the player and when looking at how best to balance a champion. Mini Gnar early in development didn’t have a ranged basic attack for example or particularly high auto attack damage and so struggled outside of poke situations. Identifying that Mini-Gnar should therefore be the sustained damage, kiting form, in contrast to Megar-Gnar’s immediate impact, high CC, slow form, really helped give clear reasons for each form to exist and distinct strengths and weaknesses. Some of our other form swapping champions accomplish that well already (Nidalee in particular has clear reasons to be in Cougar or Human form), others less so (it’s often unclear to Quinn whether she should be using her ult mid team fight for example).

Limited access to a form swap allows you to give each form really distinct strengths and weaknesses, since the player can’t just swap back a few seconds later, thereby nullifying the problem. In Gnar’s case that meant we could give him two powerful skillsets that don’t overlap, given he shares CDs between forms too.
Itemization for two different roles is tough. Building different forms so that they can bring some item indepedent contribution (CC/toughenss for Mega-Gnar, some guaranteed damage via his W proc for little Gnar) helps with that, there’s still conflict between what each form really needs though.

Ultimately we’ve ended up with Gnar being able to use a wide variety of items depending on how tanky or damage focused he wants to be. That allows for some cool choices on the Gnar player’s part, there’s still a bit of conflict between form needs there though unfortunately.

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Don’t you think Gnar jumping and ulting immediately is OP

Gypsylord New PortraitThe Super Crunch is intended to be a “little too good.” It was placed on the kit in order to give him insanely gated but crazy powerful play making potential. If the stars align and Gnar gets to 100 Rage, has his jump off cd, and can find a moment of opportunity within that 4 second window before he auto-transforms (remember the whole time this is happening the enemy team can see his rage bar building) then he can potentially be rewarded with the positioning power to land a 5-man wall stun after jumping into the middle of the enemy team.

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How hard do you think it will be to balance Gnar’s kit

Meddler New PortraitThe goal is to have both forms be equally useful but in different ways, with each form being stronger under certain circumstances.

Balancing Gnar’s probably going to have its fair share of challenges, we do have a couple of useful advantages from the way his transformation works to draw on though. Since Gnar shares CDs between forms he can’t throw out as many different abilities in a short period as some of our other form swappers. Additionally since he can’t shift/deshift at will constantly he’s locked into dealing with each form’s weakness for a period of time, which gives his opponents opportunities to take advantage of said weaknesses.

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What was the inspiration behind Gnar

Meddler New PortraitGnar started off with some exploration into the ways that a young yordle, all alone, might be able to survive in a dangerous, ancient world. One of the ideas hit upon was the classic man and monster style of transformation (Jekkyl and Hyde, Mogwai and Gremlins, Bruce Banner and the Hulk etc). That combined well with a fish out of water tale (Gnar, frozen in ice for thousands of years, awakens to a very different world) and from there we started exploring a bunch of different concepts for what Gnar might look like, how he’d act etc.

We’ll definitely keep looking for more good Yordle opportunities, won’t be another in the near future though.

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When will Gnar be released

Meddler New PortraitWe usually try to get champs out the patch after they hit PBE. We’re hopeful Gnar will follow this trend but we won’t release him ’till he’s ready. With that in mind, I can’t give any hard dates. Just know that we want this guy live just as much as you do.

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How much of Gnar's kit do you actually think is necessary

Meddler New PortraitGnar’s got access to a lot of stuff, no argument, the thing is though that he doesn’t get it all at once and doesn’t get to choose which skillset he wants on demand. You could describe him as having two line skillshots that hit multiple targets and slow for example, but that’s not a realistic desciption – he’s getting one or the other, never both (especially given his CDs are shared between forms). His passive gives him a lot of stats, but that’s because it’s a way of expressing how his base stats are radically different in each form (and his ‘actual’ base stats apart from those listed on the passive are very low as a result).

To answer your specific questions:

Mini Gnar’s quite squishy and has a very short ranged auto attack for a ranged champion. In order to survive at all he therefore needs to be able to kite enemies. We wanted to ensure the tools he had to do that were in combat mobility though, hence he’s got a slow on his Q and a movement speed boost accessed via auto attacking rather than just a large haste buff to use whenever.

The attack speed on the mini E is there so that Gnar has a reason to use it offensively in lane. If he wants to put out as much damage as possible he can’t just sit on his E and only use it to disengage and, as a result, has to make a trade off between offensive power and being more vulnerable to getting engaged on (jungle ganks especially).

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How will Runaan’s Hurricane synergize with Gnar’s kit

Meddler New PortraitHurricane will give you more rage, since you’ll be landing extra auto attacks, so you will transform into Mega Gnar more often. The downside though is that Mega Gnar doesn’t benefit from the multiple shots on Hurricane, so you’re trading more time in that form for an item that’s less useful then.

Mini Gnar’s W doesn’t require that he lands 3 consecutive hits on a target, just that he gets a target to 3 stacks without the stacks falling off. As a result there’s no need to make an exception for Hurricane, it’ll just work as you’d expect.

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What made you decide on the (annoying) dance

nickstravaganza new portraitRegarding the dance animation, we wanted to support his hyperactive sort of personality. It actually felt kind of tame before the VO came in, then it became like a super-taunt haha.

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Follow Up

ProtoShredanoid New PortraitDance – on top of what Nickstravaganza said – we really just had fun with the voice actor in the studio. We all sang weird/silly tunes along with the video, but it was really the actor who took it to the next level and brought it to life. We were all laughing pretty hard! Overall I feel this dance really captures the spirit of this little rascal. The final version has SFX, ethnic shakers and tribal drums that make Gnar sound like a one man band.

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Were Mini and Mega Gnar designed to be two separate champions

nickstravaganza new portraitAs far as I know, both forms were conceived together as one champ idea.

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Do you think Gnar’s voice will become annoying to players over-time

ProtoShredanoid New PortraitHey thanks! When playing him in an actual game his outbursts are much less frequent. Hopefully the voice grows on you and you begin to like it more, but if it becomes too annoying you can always turn the VO off in the options menu.

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Does Mega Gnar have his own set of emotes

nickstravaganza new portraitMega Gnar has his own dance, taunt, joke, and laugh, though he doesn’t have a lot of time to use them, of course. I think the dance is my favorite.

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Who voiced Gnar

ProtoShredanoid New PortraitThat would be Dorothy Fahn. She was awesome!

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Is Gnar’s voice the same for all regions

ProtoShredanoid New PortraitLocalization – We are localizing Gnar’s voice because of certain taunt lines, so he will most likely sound a little different in each territory.

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Why isn’t “Big Gnar” on the splash art

ProtoShredanoid New PortraitMaybe he is? :p

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Is he going to be different from other champions sound and visually

ProtoShredanoid New PortraitWell, of course! Sound-wise little Gnar has a lot of ethnic / tribal / shamanistic instrumentation that I feel sets him apart from other champions. The sounds of his boomerang are processed bone flute recordings (tuned to Warm Earthy musical Keys like A flat to tie him into nature), there are doumbek drum sounds on certain hits and buffs, bone tooth necklace jangles after he throws his boomerang and of course his voice.

Also the contrasting dynamic of small, quick, light, pesky sounds in small form too huge, heavy, smashing rage sounds in Big form makes him stand out to me.

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Who would be Gnar’s friends in a cold, unforgiving future

Opeli New PortraitHMM. Poros, definitely, if they’re still alive and well. Lulu and Pix, for sure. But, really, anyone who is kind and will play with him, even if it was your typical scary monster (assuming they don’t try to kill him or piss him off).

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Does Gnar realize he transforms into a vicious beast, or is he unaware

Opeli New PortraitHe’s unaware, but that may change as he grows older. 🙂

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Does Gnar retain his personality in best form

Opeli New PortraitYES! This is really important to us. When he transforms, he doesn’t become a bloodlust-y beast. He’s just really mad. He’s the tantrum incarnate. You picked on him, so he’s reacting.

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Is Gnar protective by nature

Opeli New PortraitHe was protecting his family, but I don’t think he actively thinks about saving people, like Braum. He will do what’s necessary, though.

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Does Gnar get sad when he remembers the past

Opeli New PortraitYes, absolutely. While he’s enjoying being free and doing whatever he pleases, he’s still lacking a home and family. And that really sucks.

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What is Gnar's personality

Opeli New PortraitFun, mischievous, playful. Trickster in a 4-year-old toddler sense.

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What were some other possibilities for Gnar's story

Opeli New PortraitWe always knew we wanted him to be trapped in ice since his conception. So, really, we didn’t have to explore too many other options. The thing that came into question the most is how we show Gnar’s personality in the story piece, without making him too knowable. Like, we didn’t want to do a first-person perspective for him because it would give too many insights about his thinking and we liked the fact that he doesn’t speak like all the other champions. Giving him a translatable inner monologue would’ve ruined that.

Or it could’ve been:

Gnar. Gnaaaaar. GNAR GNAR!

The end!

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Is Gnar going to fit in and interact with other champions

Opeli New PortraitHe’ll definitely try. He’s not a shy dude. But he might receive some funny looks because he’s so different, and maybe ultimately feared if they see him transform.

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PBE 01/07 Contents:


Reminder: The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


Previous updates from Patch 4.14 Cycle:


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Dino Gnar Splash Art





Mega Gnar In-Game Portrait





Champion Changes


Elise New Portrait

  • Base HP of spiderlings decreased from 80 to 40



Gragas New Portrait


Drunken Rage New IconDrunken Rage [ W ]

  • Base Damage decreased from 20/50/80/110/140 to 20/35/50/65/80


Orianna New Portrait

  • Base Damage reduced from 44 to 38



Kassadin New Portrait


Riftwalk New IconRiftwalk [ R ]

  • Base Mana Cost increased from 75 at all ranks to 100
  • Period for increased cost on Riftwalk and bonus damage increased from 12 seconds to 20



Kogmaw New Portrait

  • Base Movement Speed reduced from 330 to 325


Living Artilery New IconLiving Artillery [ R ]

  • Bonus damage to Champions decreased from 125% at all levels to 75/100/125%



Morgana New Portrait


Soul Shackles New IconSoul Shackles [ R ]

  • Base damage decreased from 175/250/325 to 155/240/325



Rengar New Portrait


Thrill of the Hunt New IconThrill of the Hunt [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 120/95/70 seconds to 150/110/70 



Zed New Portrait


Living Shadow New IconLiving Shadow [ W ]

  • Energy Cost decreased from 40/35/30/25/20 to 40/30/20/10/0
  • Cooldown decreased from 18/17/16/15/14 seconds to 18/16.5/15/13.5/12



Ziggs New Portrait


Bouncing Bomb New IconBouncing Bomb [ Q ]

  • Mana Cost increased from 50/60/70/80/90 to 60/70/80/90/100



Item Changes


Sanguine Blade New Icon Sanguine Blade (for non-SR maps)

  • Attack damage increased from 40 to 45
  • Lifesteal decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Passive stacks now last for 8 seconds, up from 4



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]