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PBE Update

Preseason Changes (original source)

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Champion Rotation – Week 39

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires November 1st



PBE Update



Sivir Splash Art



Preseason Changes


(Still in testing and subject to change!)



 Minions & Monsters

  • Minions now spawn at 1:00, changed from 1:30.
  • Monster camps spawn at 1:30, changed from 2:05





  • Baron buff remade: now grants a large % of bonus damage to towers and out-of-combat movement speed boost. No longer grants health regeneration and bonus AD/AP





  • Outer towers (possibly all towers) now grant 250 gold to the killer and 75 to all other allies




  • First blood within the first 4 minutes now grants 240 gold, reduced from 400




  • New jungle item gives significantly increased gold income for killing monsters
  • Mid laner will gain some increased damage from the revised Masteries. but he’ll also need to roam more, as there’ll be more objectives to secure
  • The support on bot lane has a much larger potential to carry if the lane is won



Misaya’s impressions


(Source, with minor edits)

Hello, this is Misaya from Team WE. S4 testing in Los Angeles concluded just a few days ago and now I’m here to share some of the changes.

Firstly, I think Season 4 will make the game more competitive and interesting.

In the S4 preseason tournaments, there will be much less level 1 fights. Minions spawn at 1:00 and jungle camps – at 1:30 (on the test client now, but subject to change). The addition of Trinkets (3 abilities: a 60s ward, Clairvoyance, and a small stealth detection) will make level 1 fights less feasible. Those will be very rare in future Ranked and Tournament games. The gold from First Blood before 4 minutes is also reduced to 240. Who would sacrifice lane experience for so little gold in a level 1 fight?

The changes to the vision system and the positions of bushes will let skirmishes happen more often. Whoever can best utilize the new Trinkets (a 7th item slot dedicated to vision items) will directly decide vision control and come out ahead in skirmishes. How to use Trinkets should be the first thing to learn; they are definitely the most important items in this version of the game.

Big changes to the assist system and support role will let the Support have more carrying power. In this version, Supports can get gold from various sources (masteries, assists, towers, new items, and the gold ADs obtain). In the testing, I found out that gold from assists is just way too much. Madlife would always have a lot of items. One time, when he was supporting me, he had Philosopher’s Stone, Ruby Sightstone, and potions before 8 minutes. We won that match easily. If the Support and AD can win bot lane, the Support can definitely carry. I believe many different Supports will appear in future tournaments 🙂

The changes to the jungle involve a new camp and Item changes. I’ve got to say that right now, the gold increase from jungle items is too much, especially Wriggles Lantern (giving an additional 40% gold from jungle creeps during testing). Several other items also give pretty good gold. The increase to assist gold will let the jungler, who is already roaming all game, get more gold. The new jungle camp is definitely a blessing – it gives decent experience and gold, and isn’t hard to take down. It also balances the map, letting every quarter of the map have 3 camps, making jungle diversity richer.

The S4 changes are definitely interesting, and we had a lot of fun in testing. Support is no longer negligible, and the changes to masteries also let AP become more interesting. Although support and junglers are becoming stronger, the damage of AP and AD will also increase due to masteries changes. This version of the game will need the AP to be more active in roaming in tandem with the jungler, since there are more resources to contest on the map. How to help the jungle and other lanes get more jungle resources and tower gold will be the main objective of the new season.

During testing, we found that every game proceeded very quickly. The gold increase from first tier turrets (the killer of the first tier turret will get 250 gold + 75 gold to everyone), will let the game develop faster. On the whole, the game rhythm will develop from active early game fights: towers, dragon, and buffs will all become extremely important objectives to contest. The Sightstone will also let the winning side get more chances to attack, while the defending side will also have some ability to strike back.

The changes to Baron buff (the buff holding side will receive a buff similar to Mobility boots and a percentage increase to tower damage). So with the buff, the speed of taking down towers is like…I think a TF with Lich Bane and Deathcap can take down an inhibitor turret in 2 blue cards? Baron buff no longer gives any fighting power, so the defending side has to actively attack, or else the towers go down way too fast.

After testing, I am truly looking forward to the preseason. This will definitely be a very fun version. We’vce been playing the S3 version for a very long time. Even though S3 is an excellent version, I am still eager for the new version, because the changes are very interesting and attractive. Nobody knows which champions and what strategies will become mainstream in the preseason tournaments.

Are you guys excited for the new season? Let’s await the Preseason together!



What these changes mean (my impressions):

For junglers: The adjusted spawn timers make it impossible to receive a long leash on Buffs, so junglers will have to again Smite. This removes the imminent threat of level 3 ganks against level 2 Champions. With the addition of a new Camp and items that increase a jungler’s profit from farming, it actually makes this role a viable alternative for carries that have a hard time surviving in lane.

For mid: As stated, mid laners will have to be much more active on the ganking scene. The choice between farming or assisting a lane will become far more strategic with the revisions to XP, vision and overall reduction of snowball scenarios. The math clearly suggests Fizz, Kassadin, Zed and so on will continue to be viable in Season 4. Yeah, science bitch!

For top lane: Much of the pressure to buy early wards and play on tower has been removed with the addition of Trinkets and now with the reworked Jungle. Top Laners should have a broader set of alternatives for starting items and may actually commit to level 2-3 fights without getting squatted by an overleveled double-buff Jarvan. Solo lanes and top especially will balance around early push strategies, due to the increased bounty on towers. So hugging that mighty expensive turret may become a detriment to your team’s success! It doesn’t change the core philosophy of top lane (stats>skill), but it may shake up the typical roster with Champions who can push an enemy to his/her turret at early level.

Bottom lane: The most notable change here is to Supports. Given how many more opportunities there are for Support champions to gain gold and scale their assisting power, we may see a heavy snowball effect with kill-comps over farming ones. Expect Taric/Graves, Corki/Leona and the like to return in full force, as swinging the tides early on means the winning comp’s Support will be in an infinitely better position, with more gold to spend on core items and vision.

The New Baron buff: Overall it removes the skewed powerlevel in teamfights where one team has Baron. Now Nashor will be more about splitpush and poke compositions dominating the enemy by applying continuous pressure over just steam rolling with better stats. The extra movement speed means the buffed team can easily re-position and snipe objectives. It’s certainly a dynamic improvement over the previous version, but balance in certain comps remains to be seen.

I’m interested in how Season 4′s reiteration of the meta will tie in with the recently announced Team Builder. Will these changes encourage pro players to experiment with different setups? It certainly looks like Riot is trying to stray from the currently enforced composition, but won’t know until we get to test it for ourselves.

Dealing with Elo Boosters


Elo Boost decoration

Riot encourages Summoners to rise against the practice of Elo boosting.



Riot CaptnPandaButton Rioter Riot CaptnPanda: The battle against Elo Boosting commences everyday.

We get an extremely high volume of reports of Elo booster and Elo Boostees. We want to find justice for these boosters as much as you do. Our investigations on these players are very in depth and in some cases may take some time. IP addresses and Lolking scores are not as reliable as you may think and we always want to make sure that we are 100%. We do this so we catch the guilty ones and ensure that no innocent bystanders get caught in the cross fire [shared IPs, College/PC Cafe IPs]

Since the results are not instant it may seem that we aren’t looking into this or that we don’t care. Since the end of the season is near there are those summoners who are desperate for those rewards. This is the reason for the spike. As players are seeing the spike in games we are seeing the spike in reports and we go through and investigate every single report made.

As Summoners you have every right to help us find these boosters/bostees.
Efficient reports include:
Summoner name – Of both the Boostee and Booster if you know but either summoner name will work.
Screen Shots – It’s not always apparent that a booster will admit in chat that they are boosting or a player will say they are playing on a friend to get them out of bronze but if it does and you screen cap it it will help us greatly.

Anything else. If you think it might be helpful to us include it in your report. With this information we can get to our investigations quickly and in some cases be more efficient. Every little bit helps.



What’s your stance on smurfing in order to duo queue with friends?


Riot CaptnPandaButton Rioter Riot CaptnPanda: I’ve been on both sides. A few years ago I had a smurf I made when my friends were first getting into league. So they wouldn’t have to suffer through the horrors of getting matched up with level 30s when they are still only level 7. I’ve also suffered through playing a games where you are playing against players who are smurfing. It’s frustrating I will say that.

Personally though I do not see anything wrong with this. Not only because it’s a fairly common thing to do but whenever I’m up against that Platinum smurf Mid, or that Diamond Smurf ADC I’m learning. They are stretching my skills in a way where it’s not just another game. I almost never see it as a negative experience I always see it as an opportunity for my skills to get maybe even a little better.



Is claiming to be an Elo booster a bannable offense?


Riot CaptnPandaButton Rioter Riot CaptnPanda: Claiming to be elo boosting wouldn’t get a player banned. If a player was reported because they said that when we investigated their account we would see that they weren’t.




Are these the only issues concerning boosting?


Riot CaptnPandaButton Rioter Riot CaptnPanda: Absolutely not.

When you are confiding in a booster you are putting your account at a lot of risk. A booster can steal your account or get your account banned by the tribunal by being toxic while playing.

A boostee is also hurting their teammates. By being boosted to a division you haven’t played up to yourself. Your skills are not up to par with your teammates which can make a game very frustrating.

Finally, you are getting rewarded for something you didn’t achieve. This falls down to just principle. An average player could be putting in their blood sweat and tears to make it to gold before the seasons end. Weather they make it or not they get that feel of accomplishment on how far they’ve achieved. A boostee didn’t get any of this they got rewarded for doing nothing. As stated before it falls on principle.



Can we report Facebook pages that advertise boosting?


Riot CaptnPandaButton Rioter Riot CaptnPanda: Facebook groups are tricky that being sometimes Summoner Names are hard to find. You can report this as usual ticket. The subject line should sum up the ticket ” Facebook Elo boosting group ” for example. Then in the ticket just include everything you can. Links, Screen Shots, anything you think would be helpful for us to figure out if this group is actually an elo boosting group or not. However, Groups and such tend to take us longer to investigate. Just keep that in mind.



A Collaborative Fiction


Check here for the beginning!



MorgageddonButton Rioter Morgageddon: Morgageddon pops back in.

Marv finally had his life clear up a bit, here’s his next chapter:

On the balcony, Marvelous sat alone. Letting his legs dangle off the side and slowly swing in the breeze miles above the ground he simply sat alone, watching the clouds dance through the sky. The pain in his neck was still extremely present, fingers dragging over his neck slightly. As he pulled the fingers away he found stains of blood upon said fingers, causing him to grimace in disgust but otherwise remain silent

“Let me see that,” somebody spoke behind him. Marvelous turned to see Sarah, moving to sit next to him with a small bag of supplies from their brief time camping. Miss Fortune placed two fingers under his chin, lifting it as her other hand began to scour through the supplies to find disinfectant and bandages. “It’s not too bad to be honest. It’ll hurt like hell but otherwise you’re going to be fine, Marv.”

As Sarah pulled out a small bit of cotton and a tiny container of Zaun anti-biotic (Which would likely get him more injured than prevent sickness), and began to dab along the cut. She could see the Captain seething as the antibiotic left a stinging sensation all along the cut but, otherwise, he remained still. “This is probably going to leave a scar on your neck,” Sarah mentioned, frowning to herself as she slowly began to place a bandage over the cut. It made Marvelous look similar to Singed in having his entire neck wrapped but otherwise, it was clean medical work.

Finally he spoke up. “I don’t suppose you have scars too or you’ve simply dealt with wounds that would scar? You seem to know a lot about injuries,” He muttered.

Sarah frowned softly, grasping the bottom of her blouse and lifted. At first, Marvelous thought she was trying something to change the subject. This thought was stopped once he saw what she meant to display: A long, thin gash just under her breast that reached across her side. Curiosity took hold as Marvelous reached over to touch it before recoiling. It was, after all, very close to a personal area. “Sorry.”

Sarah shook her head, lowering her blouse. This time she hooked a hand on the rim of her pants, pulling down ever so slightly to reveal another scar: A small but noticeable “dot” on her pelvis, most likely a bullet wound. “Don’t worry about it, Cap. Any pin-ups I’ve done use so much magic to remove these little…imperfections…that most don’t know they exist. It’s natural curiosity to want to touch.”

Marvelous smiled before turning away, rubbing at the bandage. “Thank you for saving me. It means a lot, especially since we were sort of in that argument.”

Sarah turned to him, smiling back as she reached over. Her hand was placed atop his, fingers sliding under his palm. She squeezed, fingers agile but callous from years of gunplay and ship labor. He squeezed back, turning to her and smiling softly.

“It meant more to me for standing up for me after my…moment.” Sarah spoke with a twinge of regret. The unprofessional “freak-out”, for lack of a better phrase, was pretty unbecoming. More so, it brought about unpleasant memories of what had catapulted her from average young woman into pirate-hunting markswoman. “Seeing his eyes? The red. It made me, well, panic. I know he likely didn’t do it, he’s too young, but it still made me want to turn him into a bullet sponge,” Sarah admitted.

“Well, I kind of realized why it hurt so much for me to talk down to you like that. In a way, I saw myself when that guy was talking so much garbage of you.” Marvelous turned away. Sarah’s eyebrow rose, moving her hand off of his. “I guess this is my way of saying I’m sorry?” he spoke, questioning his own intention as Sarah watched him.

Slowly, Marvelous turned. “If you’re still mad, I don’t blame you. You have a right to be. Sticking up for you was the right thing to do but I doubt it makes up for what I said before,” he added, looking away from her. Instead, Marvelous flinched. Sarah’s weight was placed upon him as she wrapped an arm around him, pulling herself into a half-hug. He turned, surprised as he watched her just press against him. It wasn’t the slightest bit risqué either! It was a pure, unconditional embrace of gratitude.

“I still think what you did was incredibly stupid and the way you treat a fair bit of champions at the Institute, myself included, is shallow and exemplifies us in a bad light…but that was a good start towards making things better,” She said, pulling away before nodding to him. “Maybe deep down, there’s more to this author than profiting on other’s stories?” Sarah smirked a bit.

Marvelous looked away as he coughed slightly. So much for a complete reconciliation but, as Sarah said, it was a start.

Captain stood up, rolling his shoulders to fix his jacket. “C’mon. We should go find Dirk. Viktor should have almost finished getting a hang of the ship’s controls.” Offering a hand, Marvelous pulled Sarah upwards, the two walking back towards the depths of the hanger as they went to find Dirk.

Dirk was alone on a balcony, leaning over the railing after finally getting Maokai to leave him be. To say that his head was pounding was an understatement; it felt more akin to Nautilus bashing his skull with the heaviest part of his anchor over and over. The throbbing in his head was made only worse by the irritation of his shoulder, the two working in tandem to make Dirk feel as terrible as possible.

Dirk was so out of it that he didn’t notice M approach until he was already right next to him, a small brown cylinder in his mouth. “Cigar? Janna doesn’t approve of me smoking in her home,” He asked, offering Dirk a little cylinder from the pocket of his coat.

Dirk just glared, putting off an aura that would make the average person keep this distance.
“Eh, suite yourself.” M said even as Dirk continued to glare. Dirk wasn’t quite sure what M did, but something made the blade burst into flames.

M tapped the tip of the cigar to the flame before shaking the sword. The flames died as M breathed deeply of his smoke. “Like it? It’s a blade made from a phoenix feather. All magical and such.” M tried to establish conversation but Dirk, unfortunately, seemed far too distracted with the agony of his wounds.

At this M grumbled, arms crossed as he stuck the sword back on his belt loop. “Very well, Dirk. Viktor told me that you have a “tragic story”. Question is, what exactly happened to you? Considering you’re not gonna talk to me, I think I’ll play detective.” For a long time M stared at Dirk, the Summoner’s head hung low as he fought back both anger and the urge to vomit. That idiotic cigar was only serving to increase the feeling of sickness deep within his body and the crimson eyes boring a hole into his back didn’t make it any easier.

M nodded to himself after what seemed like an eternity. “Right, here’s what I guess: You’re too young to have anything to do with the rune wars. You don’t seem to bear any state insignia or marking, so this isn’t a matter of that. You don’t look Ionian nor Demacian. Maybe Noxian but that’d be a stretch. You’re something else. Hm. . . . Shurima nomad?” Silence. “Bilgewater orphan?” Again, silence. “Piltover? Zaun?” Once more, Silence.

Peering deeper at Dirk, M finally spoke that magic word: “Kalamandra?” Both fed up with his incessant questioning and aggravated beyond belief that M was prying into his life, that trigger word caused Dirk to furiously grab at M’s shirt, grabbing a handful of the cloth on his chest menacingly. M only smirked, nodding as Dirk finally looked up, regarding him with nothing but animosity.

“There it is. There’s that scar you don’t like people knowing,” M said, casually tossing his half-spent cigar over the edge of the balcony. Lightly he took Dirk’s hands, removing them from his shirt (Which Dirk reluctantly allowed) as he leaned on the edge. “I don’t need to know your whole life story, I just needed to see where you came from. I got what I need so we’re done here, if you so choose. You all should probably get moving anyway, no telling how soon until someone figures out where you went.”

With that, Dirk turned to the door of the balcony. As he grasped the handle, however, he turned to look at M. “Your name is M, right?” Dirk questioned. To this M nodded, arms crossed as he raised an eyebrow. For a short time the two men locked eyes, Dirk trying to figure out the right way to phrase this while M just waited to find out what Dirk had to say. It was difficult but Dirk finally figured out just what to say.

“You’re a dick.”
And with that, Dirk opened the door and closed it right on the dot. M could only chuckle to himself, shaking his head. “Wouldn’t say he’s wrong. Wouldn’t say he’s wrong at all . . .”

In the hanger, Dirk found his motley crew pretty much ready to go . . . sort of. Maokai stood on the “bridge” that let people walk up to the deck of the airship, even as Marvelous and Sarah were trying to push him along against his will.

“I shall go at my own pace, humans!” Maokai angrily shouted, this predicament a near-copy of the situation in trying to get the treant into the elevator. “You think it’s easy to board a metal coffin that will throw me into the sky!? You disgust me with this abomination you call technology!”

In a much more peaceful display, Janna and Viktor were going over the final preparations of piloting her airship with Viktor rather quickly grasping the finer mechanics of using such a vehicle.

“Hey Dirk, we’re almost ready but a certain TREANT is making this VERY difficult for us!” Sarah said, the combined shoving of both Marvelous and herself moving Maokai only inches at a time. Dirk, not in any mood to watch this spectacle, simply moved up the ramp and onto the ship. The trio of Maokai, Marvelous, and Miss Fortune watched him march up the ramp, moving right past Janna and Viktor before heading below deck.

To this the entire group shared a look of worry. “Viktor wasn’t kidding. He’s going to hurt himself unless he has some way to de-stress himself,” Captain said, Maokai inching a little closer to the deck as the two stopped pressing on his bark. “We didn’t happen to have painkillers or any remedies to reduce the pain, did we?” Sarah shook her head at Marv’s question, causing both of them to cross their arms and stew on the situation.

Janna nodded to Viktor, lifting herself off the deck and slowly floating herself to the hanger floor. “If at all possible, I’d like to have my ship back in the condition I gave it to you in. Though my better judgment is telling me I’d be lucky to get my ship back at all,” Janna shook her head, sighing to herself. These airships were pretty expensive to produce, but nearly as painful to lose as her friendships.

Viktor nodded, waving to Janna as moved to the side of the ship. “Do not worry. I will take as many precautions and avoid as many risks as I can. It is not much but it will be the best I can do for you.”

Finally the combined shoving of Sarah and Captain carted Maokai onto the deck…who made his way over to the closest, centermost section of the deck he could and planted himself onto the floor, making sure he couldn’t see over the side.

“Well with our group mascot on the boat, I believe we’re ready to ship out?” Marvelous questioned, looking around and seeing Sarah already removing the ramp from the side while Viktor moved into the pilot’s cabin. The ship’s engines began to roar to life as energy flooded the many wires and pipes connecting the various turbines and sails.

Janna watched from the side as they began to leave. Politely, she waved to the departing group. “Sorry again for all the trouble we caused you, Marvelous. Well, all the trouble M caused! For what it is worth, I found some of your books entertaining!” Janna yelled, voice barely clear over the roar of engines.

Marvelous waved back, Sarah joining in as the gripped the side of the ship.

“We’re sorry for the trouble as well! Sorta, that is! I’ll see you on the fields, Janna!” Sarah yelled back, the ship slowly hovering in the hanger before lethargically backing itself out. Janna watched as that ship emerged from the hanger gate, hovering in the land above the clouds before turning its back to her, sailing outward and onward.


Champion Rotation – Week 39


  • Fiddlesticks – 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Fizz – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Jax – 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Kha’Zix – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Lissandra – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Lucian – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Lulu – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Rengar – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Taric – 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Vayne – 4800 IP / 880 RP


Champion/Skin Sale – Expires November 1st

S3 November 1



  • Nidalee – 395 RP
  • Rumble – 440 RP
  • Zac – 487 RP


Primal Udyr – 487 RP

Primal Udyr

Spectral Fiddlesticks – 260 RP

Spectral Fiddlesticks

Steel Legion Garen – 675 RP

Steel Legion Garen

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Morgana EUW Banner


Red Post Collection

TidbitsSivir’s PBE buffs and more

Community Art: Bloodmoon Kennen

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires October 18th

Champion Rotation – Week 37



Balancing Ahri and Akali


Ahri banner

 Catch up on the discussion here!



[Nofacekill3r] How is this a damage increase when the AoE on her ult was nerfed?


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: Sure. Yes, her AoE damage of her R went down. That’s just straight up true. However, I’m arguing that Ahri rarely if ever gets full value of her extra R hits. An extremely high number of times, they simply hit nothing (she’s chasing a single target) or minions (she’s chasing a single target in lane). This is extremely common.

Additionally, her total damage on W actually goes up. The base damage on the ability has stayed the same, yet still gets the Charm benefit. So if you only land one tick of W, you get the amplified version, while the other two full-power versions hit something else. On top of that, I know we were toying with having Charm forcibly suck up all the W charges, even if they would have been out of range. This helps actually guarantee single target damage increases (contingent on landing charm).



[quezala] Doesn’t Akali share the same issues you’re trying to resolve with Ahri?


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: And we aren’t particularly pleased with Akali either. If you are within 700 range and she has enough stats, you just die.





[Criomhthann] Follow-up: Does that mean you’ll be nerfing Akali?


Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: I don’t know exactly.

But just think back to her past. When she was a dominant pick, she was very quick to get nerfed. Even Gunblade is targeted. I don’t know the balance state of Akali right now, but I know we’ve been trying for a while to add some extra gameplay to that champion. Our tweaks to Twilight Shroud, for example.



Morgana – another victim of the %HP meta


Morgana decoration

Following the recent changes to Morgana’s W on the PBE, Rioters hop on the forums to discuss how these have affected her playstyle.




Tormented_SoilTormented Soil ( W )  

  • Enemies on the cursed ground take magic damage equal to 20/32.5/45/57.5/70 (+0.2) plus 3/3/3/3/3% of their missing Health (capped at 80/80/80/80/80 versus minions and monsters) every second
  • Damage lowered from 25/40/55/70/85 to 20/32.5/45/57.5/70
  • No longer grants MR reduction
  • Now does 3% missing HP every second.



Are you trying to nerf Morgana?


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: I know the goal with Morgana changes are not nerf. They are a shift in abilities.

Auto-farming basically for free (get two Doran’s Rings or something) is really non-interactive and just not great gameplay. Our goal is to give her extra kill potential (get hit with a Q, get dunked by missing health W) and late-game scaling (health scales with the game, so does W).

If the changes are not enough to compensate for the loss in farm power, then that’s something we’re happy to change.

But to your point, Lux’s E does much less damage than Tormented Soil. Tormented Soil deals some ridic damage.

Edit: And to be perfectly clear, to my knowledge Morgana is the only champion who can kill the back minion line with one ability at champion level 5. Max Force Pulse has a base damage of 280. Rake deals 260. Tormented Soil deals 425. At rank 3 it deals 275 wither a higher AP ratio than Force Pulse. Bit of a difference there 



Countering Phreak


Morgageddon Button Rioter Morgageddon: pokes his head in.

The issue with just comparing full damage is context though. How often will you get a W on any champion in lane to do the full duration of damage? 2-3 ticks is about all you can get usually, coupled on top of a snare. Most all other mages and ad assassins mid can do that damage instantly with a single spell. In terms of risk, they’re far safer to do damage. Morg has to rely on that mechanic in order to somewhat safely farm.

Morg walks into auto range to farm, Talon can rake then to farm and apply damage. If Morg waits to drop her W to counter, Talon might take 1-2 ticks and walk out, or even blink on top. Kass can just use his targeted silence and walk out. The point isn’t that her damage at full time is high. It’s that it needs to be in order to farm, because of the fact it’s damage over time. If it was a blunt 425 instantly, that’d be brokenly OP. But it’s a slow burn, which is why she suffered from mid/late game farming issues and why the change seemed to be good, but appears to be numerically weak for the purpose of remaining relevant to farm both early and late game.



Feedback on the changes


MorgageddonButton Rioter Morgageddon: Morgageddon pops in.


I’ve done a few tests on the PBE.


Standard runes for consistency:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 (7.8 Magic Pen)
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration x9 (10.53 Mana Regen @ level 18)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction x9 (10.00% CDR @ level 18)
Greater Quintessence of Scaling Mana Regeneration x3 (12.96 Mana Regen @ level 18)

Totals are 7.8 Magic Pen, 24/5 Mana Regen @ 18 and 10% CDR @ 18

Masteries are standard 21-0-9 for AP casters.

Starting items are boots and 4 pots. As old Morgana, at level 5, I can just clear out the caster minions with a rank 3 W, which if dropped properly, leaves the melee minions at roughly 1 auto each.

On New Morgana, rank 3 W doesn’t even come close to the same. It takes 2 autos, or one timed properly, in order to farm the caster minions. The fourth level in W allowed her to grab caster minions.

On old Morgana, at rank 4 W (which is usually 7 and where I then divert points into Q), I easily farm the caster minions, and with waiting a moment for the melee to take damage before I cast W, I also get all the melee minions.

On New Morgana, I can’t even get melee minions with rank 4, and 5 is barely.

When fighting enemy mages in mid who had no MR, my W felt more like a double damage type scenario. I could drop a W on them, and watch as the base damage did 32, then see the added damage start at 30 and move up slowly to match. This is most likely due to the base scaling, AP ratios and 3% missing hp. However, my WQ combos felt…lackluster.

I used to drop a W just before my Q hit, for the magic shred and to make the Q hit just a little harder. Now, it doesn’t really feel like I’m hitting with any noticeable gain. Granted, late game troll pools (dropping a W on someone running away with ~100 hp) meant instant death, as it used to, but I actually had less gold per game on average than before.

The reason for that is I had to rely on Morgana’s slow AA animation and horrendous range in order to farm. Walk into range to farm minions I used to be able to farm safely from range, get poked by targetable or far less mana intensive spells. Decide not to go into AA range, and I lose farm. Not a very good feeling, to have the one aspect of Morgana you expect to fall through.

Without other changes to her spells/champion, I feel that while this may help her late game damage output (Didn’t really notice any particular power spikes yet), I feel that this is more harmful than helpful due to the increased difficulty for farming.


TL:DR – These changes make it much more difficult for Morgana to farm as the % bonus damage vs minions is minimal and so she has to rely on short-range auto attacks to get the gold.



[Nuclear Dragon] What are your plans for Morgana?


ricklessabandon Button Rioter ricklessabandon: Regarding rework-level changes to one or more abilities: there are a lot of cool/fun things we could do with her kit, and in all honesty we probably should do a deep dive at some point to see what that would look like, but it’s hard to me to comment offhand since i’m super biased when it comes to morgana—i started playing her like, 3 years ago and played her hundreds of times getting to level 30 and beyond—so unless i spend a lot of time thinking about it i’ll likely be overly conservative. >_<



 Update on Morgana


ricklessabandon Button Rioter ricklessabandon: Real quick:

  • I increased the base damage on tormented soil to 23/36/49/62/75 (which is still less than live)
  • I already know the above definitely isn’t the last iteration, but wanted to nudge these closer while i finish doing a bunch of math/implementation
  • Speaking of math, i have a spreadsheet i want to share somehow (probably google docs or something?) that will help you guys know numbers versus champions ahead of time
  • The goal of these changes is to be a net buff for morgana (specifics later), so they won’t leave the PBE until i’m confident of them being such
  • Thanks again to everyone that ran her in games to get feedback for me—it makes doing this much easier ♥

So yeah. Going to go nap for a couple of hours, then i’ll swing by here again to do a proper ‘goals’ post. Also, we’ve got someone looking into the masteries bug, so hopefully that’ll be addressed in the next PBE update (which might be today?), but i have no idea since it’s not related to the stuff I’ve been working on.



 Battlecast Skins – the Tech


battlecast banner

Catch up on the initial announcement here!



The Bravo Ray Button Rioter The Bravo Ray: Let’s talk about the key components of the BC line visuals; it’s Tech level. When we say “Tech Level,” we mean how technologically advanced the design theme.

Tech Level guild line

For all intents and purposes, the Battle Cast is a robot themed skin line. While being robotic in nature, this does not mean it needs to present a futuristic feel. That is why you can see complex mechanical parts underneath the thick plating(wires, actuators, bolts, and exhaust).

This design angle helps the in game visuals reduce the tech level from a futurist feel and brings it into the steam punk, or apocalyptic realm. Another thing to note on the tech level, is the source of the BC power operation or engine. For Urgot, we created a combustion style engine as his power source. Two large exhaust pipes exit out his back; shaking, and emitting smoke. Keeping true to the theme of the crude power delivery. There is nothing complex or refined, just a huge motor to do the job. Remember “Function over Form”.

Some guidelines do not have to be carried over to all the BC when it comes to the tech level. Cho’Gath Prime, is an example.

For Cho, we wanted to elude that he was the prime example of Viktor’s designs. He runs a furnace style power system, like a coal powered locomotive. The more he consumes, the hotter and larger he gets. So, in his full stacked form, his plates would fan out to let the piping, hot gas escape.

These are some of the ways we take a robotic theme and keep the tech level down.

Armor Plating

The biggest defining thing about the line, is the armor plating. It is very thick, hard, and rough around the edges. Matte painted, dented, worn, and distressed. This helps keep it from looking like a futuristic robot; which would be slick, stream lined, and polished. BC plates are slightly curved or bent to cover sensitive systems components. Usually, the armor plating is designed to be forward facing to block incoming damage. It needed to appear heavy and awkward, like a tank would. This is why some of the BC seem bigger than their bases(but we try to make sure they fit their hit boxes).

Feel free to continue to post and ask questions. We really love a lot of the creative ideas posted so far.



EU West issues continue


EUW banner

System administrators over at EU: West address the community’s concerns over the ridiculously long login queues.



Riot TerabloButton Rioter Riot Terablo: Hello Summoners,

We’re just raising a new daily thread for today. Once again we have our strike team assembled and we have been watching things closely and are ready to strike at any minute should we see chat issues again.

Right now while we are at our limit again we are working on raising this safely in order to ensure queue times are as low as possible. But we do not want to risk the stability of the service.

The actual average login queue wait time right now is 8 minutes. The numbers displayed in the client are inaccurate if we are at our limit. You might even be at position one for a few minutes before being let in.




Why is there a queue to log in?


Riot TerabloButton Rioter Riot Terablo: The platform is at its limit so there is a short wait period before you can login. Its less than 10 minutes at this moment. The estimated time displayed can be inaccurate at this time. Please hang in there and wait.




[Jay of Fail] Will I be forced to wait this long if I disconnect while in-game?


Riot TerabloButton Rioter Riot Terablo: No. If you are in an active game and reconnect you will get priority. You still have to wait for a short period of time while you are at position 1 until a space free’s up. I would expect this to be less 1-3 minutes tops.




Today’s status


Riot TerabloButton Rioter Riot Terablo: There has been no chat cluster failure today or related incidents with matchmaking.

The service has been online all day.

The platform was at its player limit for a decent amount of time. The limit was increased several times to allow for more players and we have remained stable. Unfortunately because it was at capacity there was a wait time you will have experienced logging in. Which sucks.

The average wait time right now is < 5 minutes, estimation displayed in the client is still inaccurate.



Solution to “Reconnecting to Chat” issue


Riot TerabloButton Rioter Riot Terablo: If you right now have a chat issue please see this:

Hey Summoners,We see a few of you guys are reporting chat is stuck with ‘connecting to chat servers’ for seemingly long durations. From what we can tell, the chat systems appear to be running properly. Please submit your air client logs here so we can further investigate the issue. Air client logs can be pulled from the following directory:C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\[VERSION NUMBER]\deploy\logs\




How to judge if your game will run stable

Windows: Open your command prompt and insert “ping -t”.
Mac : Open your Terminal and insert “ping”.

If the result there is stable, you can expect (unless firewall/antivirus/Riotproblems) a stable ping during your game.


Riot Eglorian Button Rioter Riot Eglorian: I actually do exactly this before playing, it’s just a good measure of how your own connection is doing.

It’s quick and easy.




[Xyltin] Can we get the IPs and Network Names of EUW servers for pinging?


RiotSundiataButton Rioter RiotSundiata: You can find a list of addresses for the game servers here. The list is a little dated ( from 2011 ) but the ranges for the EU shards are still accurate.





[Xyltin] Why can’t we track latency from local servers?


RiotSundiataButton Rioter RiotSundiata: You can see ping in the in-game client by typing Ctrl-F.

I tend to favor MTR over using ping and traceroute individually. Keep in mind however that certain network segments may still block icmp type 30, which is necessary for traceroute to operate.

As for using Google as a touchstone for gauging general internet connectivity and performance, you might also consider using one of the root nameservers. You’ll want to pick one that uses anycast, as this will direct you somewhere that is geographically close, and far enough away from you to be a good measurement. You can find a list of the root nameservers here.






Does Morello only take NA players into consideration when balancing the game?


RiotSundiata Button Rioter RiotSundiata: FYI, we have a pretty massive data collection and analysis operation here. I assure you, NA is not the only region considered.





Does W still reset Sivir’s AA timer?


Statikk Button Rioter Statikk: Yes, activating W still resets her basic attack.






Buffs to Sivir


Statikk Button Rioter Statikk: Another update after testing some more iterations, here are the changes:

– Base Attack Speed back to 0.658 from 0.625 (this is back to her Live values)
– Made her basic attack more responsive
– Attack Speed per level increased to 1.6% from 1%
– Ricochet cooldown reduced to 9/8/7/6/5 (going to keep inching this down until it feels appropriately powerful to her kit)

This is in addition to the last changes (Ricochet bounce damage scaling per rank and her ult duration going back to Live values).

Not sure if all the changes will make it into the next PBE build, but hopefully you guys get a chance to test it out.



Will there be any new CDR items for AD carries?


Statikk Button Rioter Statikk: I wish there were more AD + CDR items in the game. I’ve talked a bunch with Xypherous about the current lack of AD + CDR itemization. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can prioritize over our current goals as it is actually a decent-sized project. Injecting new items can cause huge side effects and we’re already working on a ton of stuff that you guys haven’t gotten a chance to see yet. Hopefully, you guys will get to hear about it soon.



Community Art


This incredible artwork was made by Akiman. If you like his style, please visit his deviant art page!


Bloodmoon Kennen



Champion/Skin Sale – October 15th to 18th


October 17 S3





  • Akali - 395 RP
  • Nautilus - 487 RP
  • Vayne 440 RP



Frostblade Irelia - 675 RP


Frostblade Irelia


Mafia Graves – 487 RP


Mafia Graves


Shadow Evelynn - 260 RP


Shadow Evelynn



Champion Rotation – Week 37


 The following champions will be free-to-play until October 22nd!



  • Annie – 450 IP / 260 RP
  • Amumu - 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Diana – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Draven – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Gangplank – 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Graves – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Leona – 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Nautilus  – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Shen – 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Thresh – 6300 IP / 975 RP



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