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Heading into MSI what was your preparation like heading into the event? What were your expectations beforehand and did you feel confident that you could perform on an international stage?

We prepared like we did for playoffs in the NA LCS, but keeping in mind the meta in the other regions and what they’re likely to play. I don’t think we ended up having the best grasp on the Meta though, and we didn’t have enough time to adapt after playing all the international teams in scrims. I had pretty low expectations since I try to avoid having high hopes and disappointing myself, but I did have confidence that we could potentially do well.

After playing in scrims I felt pretty confident in my own individual play compared to the other mids in the tournament, I don’t think it was lacking. Our mid pool was very safe and independent of help, so it might not have looked like I had a lot of pressure/control in the matches.


Looking back, would you have done anything differently at MSI? What are your thoughts on your own performance?

For me personally I would have put a lot more practice into Leblanc and Azir as those were power picks that patch but we didn’t pick up on them in time. Azir is a champion that requires a ton of practice, and we thought we would be able to efficiently counter LeBlanc, but it’s very difficult considering her power level on that match. I think my individual performance was fine, I played pretty consistent in all laning phases but I also didn’t play champions with high kill pressure. Unfortunately I didn’t get to show much later in the game since we fell apart early in every match.


What are your thoughts on the MSI Finals? Did you expect EDG to win? 

I thought the final could go either way but SKT would take it in the end, was pleasantly surprised seeing EDG counter Fakers Leblanc and win the final game, definitely deserved!


What did you learn most from the event? 

Mostly to respect other regions and their meta/picks. Other teams had heavy focus on top lane and there were a couple of meta picks we didn’t pick up on before the tournament. It’s important to stay on top of the meta and play what is strongest if you want to compete internationally.


It always gets asked, but I have to: What was it like laning against Faker?

Laning against Faker on stage was a cool experience. I was nervous in the early game but he made a couple mistakes that let me get pressure and blow his summoners. I feel like they may have underestimated us and therefore he was going for aggressive trades that he normally wouldn’t have, which ended up getting punished.


How has your play changed since joining TSM? What do you believe you have improved on most?

When I joined TSM I played mostly assassins and some Orianna, but my Orianna was not near the level of the rest of my assassin champion pool. Since joining TSM I can play more playstyles and a bigger variety of champions. I also learned how to translate my own lead in lane to snowballing other lanes and winning the game, instead of trying to get more kills or a bigger cs lead.


How much impact does the mid laner have on the game and what should their primary focus or role be? 

Mid lane has a lot of impact on the game, since if you lose control of mid, their mid can move first to every skirmish or fight around the map. Also when you lose mid tower you lose a lot of control, and they can freely move into your jungle without being spotted by the first mid turret. The primary role or focus changes depending on what champions you play. You can go play assassin/split pushers, poke champions, team fight or supportive champions, the mid lane is very versatile in terms of its role.


How are you enjoying the current Meta? What changes, if any, would you make to the game right now?

I don’t mind the current meta, though it saddens me a little to see assassins falling out. Mid lane is mostly about fulfilling a poke or team fighting role depending on your team’s needs.


Who do you see occupying the top 3 spots before playoffs? Do you believe NA is a contender for the World Championship title, more specifically TSM?

I think the top 3 in NA by the end of the split will be us, Gravity and Team Liquid in any order. Gravity has really shown up this split and shown they can be strong, and Liquid is extremely solid. NA is looking slightly weak as a region but hopefully the top teams can pick it up with a bootcamp before worlds. With the right mindset I believe any of us can catch up with a month or two of boot camping.


Are there any champions outside of the Meta you would like to see in competitive play? Who is your  favorite champion in Solo queue right now?

Even though he can be situationally viable I love playing yasuo and wish he would be a more competitive pick. He has such a high skillcap and outplay ability and is a champion you never stop improving on. Also the likes of Riven mid, miss those times.



Shoutout to all the fans for supporting us, especially after the fiasco at MSI, we’ll do better in the future! Also thanks for all our sponsors and TSM for giving me the opportunity to be here. I’m living the dream.


Tim Kimbirk is a Journalist and content creator for TSM. You can find him in the depths of solo queue, or on twitter talking about eSports.


By Riot Redbeard
As top talent from around the world get ready to battle for regional pride in Florida, we’re excited to unveil our 2015 Mid-Season Invitational shoutcasters, analysts and hosts. A mix of on-air talent from regional leagues around the world will be providing commentary, analysis, interviews, predictions, and puns for the English language broadcast of MSI.

Below are the voices and faces that will be narrating your journey through MSI as part of our on-air team:



  • Joshua “Jatt” Leesman
  • Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler
  • David “Phreak” Turley
  • Rivington Bisland III




  • Martin “Deficio” Lynge
  • Trevor “Quickshot” Henry
  • Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere




  • Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles
  • Erik “DoA” Lonnquist
  • Max “Atlus” Anderson


Analyst Desk


  • James “Dash” Patterson
  • Aidan “Zirene” Moon
  • Jake “Spawn” Tiberi

Back at our LA studio, our panel of analysts will be debating over predictions and sharing recaps of the MSI matches. We’ll also be having guest spots for pro players and former pros joining us at the analyst desk throughout the event. We’ll update this post as we confirm more of the guests including:

  • Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo

You won’t want to miss a single day of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. Meet the team over at Lolesports on May 7 at 4:00pm PDT to catch the beginning of the Group Stages with the clash of North America’s TSM against Europe’s Fnatic.

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Fresh off his first split in the LCS – and his first LCS title, I had a chance to speak with Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi on his time in Fnatic, performing under pressure, and the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational.


Q: How did you react when Fnatic first contacted you for tryouts? Were you confident you would get the spot?

The first time that Fnatic contacted me was through Yellowstar. He wanted to do some duoq with me to see if I could compete at an LCS level. I was really nervous because i wanted the spot really badly. After a few days he decided to bring me into the team and I was super happy.


Q: You’ve had massive success in your first LCS split. Looking back on your performance so far, how would you rate yourself compared to where you believe you can be?

Looking back on my performance I’m not really happy with it. I feel that i can do way better. I was really nervous, which affected my gameplay and caused me to play too scared. I’m more confident now, and believe I can improve even more. I feel much stronger than at the beginning of the split.


Q: Was it difficult adjusting to the team? Was there any pressure to fill the spot of Rekkles?

At the begining i was a bit nervous because Rekkles was one of the best AD carries in EU and I had to replace him. I didn’t want to fail, especially since I was a solo queue player without any competitive experience, but now I feel that i can be one of the best and compete at really high level.


Q: What is it like playing with Yellowstar and what was his role in helping you fit in? Did it take long to build synergy?

Yellowstar is a support that roams a lot, which is something that I wasn’t used to. After few weeks I adapted my playstyle to this and I feel that we took time to build a synergy between us but it’s finally here and I’m really happy with it.


Q: What is the biggest difference in playing with Yellowstar compared to other supports in the past?

Yellowstar makes a lot of a calls. He looks at every lane and leads both inside and outside of the game. He has a lot of experience and is very mature, he really is like the big brother of the team.


Q: How would you best describe your role in the team and why does your playstyle fit so well?

In our team we have to play more safely on the bottom side because we play around top side more. Reignover and Huni have really good synergy so they play really aggressive top side . I’m trying to fit my playstyle into the team as best as i can. I used to play really aggressively in the bottom lane but i adapted to the team to play safer. To be the best you have to know when to play passively or aggressively.


Q: How far do you think this Fnatic roster can go and who do you view as your biggest competitors?

I think that our roster is really strong. We have young players that are very determined to win. I think that if we keep working like we do we can have good results at worlds. Our biggest competitors are obviously Chinese and Korean teams.


Q: What ADC would you like to see played/played more often in LCS that isn’t currently?



Q: Favorite ADC of any region?

Deft is someone that I really enjoy. He is a really strong player and his laning and teamfighting are super strong. He always deals tons of damage.


Q: Who is your best champion?

At the moment I would say Lucian.


Q: What are your thoughts on Forg1ven? Is he on another level and where do you think he ranks in the world?

Forg1ven is a strong adc. His mechanics are really impressive, I’d say he is the best AD in laning phase, but i dont think that he is the best when it comes to playing passively and team fighting.


Q: Who is your “best friend” in the FNC house?



Q: Who will win MSI? Who do you want to play against the most and why?

Fnatic obviously! I really want to play against Deft because i think he is the best ADC in the world .


Q: Is there anything you didn’t get to play in the finals that you would have liked? Do you think there will be any crazy surprises at MSI?

I think that we can surprise people and win against Chinese and Korean teams.


Q: What is the team environment like? How is communication handled in game?

The team environment is really good, everyone is really friendly with each other. We had some issues in the game at first, like getting too excited or not talking enough when we’re losing, but we have an amazing coach that is hepling us!


Q: On current AD variety, can you really play anything? Is there still a “holy trinity” of ADC’s and if so who? What is your current champion to play competitively and why?

I think that i can play lot of different ADC’s. My top three right now are: Urgot, Kalista, and Sivir. My favorite AD to play competitively is Sivir or Lucian because their laning phases are strong. With Lucian you’re more able to make plays, and  with sivir you can push the lane and support your team a lot.


In one of the closest LPL Finals to date, EDG edges out LGD 3-2, taking home the title of LPL Champions and qualifying for the Mid-Season Invitational.

MATCH 1/5: EDG (Blue) vs LGD (Red)


Winner: LGD

Game Time: 34:12


Kalista Urgot
Kassadin LeBlanc
Gragas Annie



Image: End-game screenshot

Image: Scoreboard shown before last teamfight

Towers: 3 Gold: 51.8k Kills: 6
Koro1 Gnar 2 1-3-5
ClearLove Nunu 1 4-1-1
PawN Lulu 3 1-2-0
Deft KogMaw 3 0-2-4
meiko Nautilus 2 0-3-5
Towers: 8 Gold: 60.4k Kills: 11
Acorn Hecarim 1 3-1-3
TBQ Sejuani 2 2-2-4
We1less Orianna 3 1-0-2
Imp Jinx 1 5-1-4
Pyl Janna 2 0-1-6


MATCH 2/5: LGD (Blue) vs EDG (Red)

Winner: EDG

Game Time: 38:33



Urgot Kalista
LeBlanc Nunu
RekSai Hecarim



Image: End-game screenshot

Towers: 3 Gold: 55.3k Kills: 9
Acorn Gnar 3 2-4-6
TBQ Gragas 3 0-4-6
We1less Kassadin 1 5-3-3
Imp Jinx 2 1-3-5
Pyl Janna 2 1-3-6
Towers: 10 Gold: 65.8k Kills: 17
Koro1 Maokai 1 3-3-9
ClearLove Sejuani 1 2-1-14
PawN Jayce 3 4-3-10
Deft Corki 2 7-1-5
meiko Annie 2 1-1-11


MATCH 3/5: EDG (Blue) vs LGD (Red)

Winner: EDG

Game Time: 33:40



Kalista Urgot
Hecarim Annie
Nunu LeBlanc



Image: End-game screenshot

Image: Scoreboard shown before last teamfight

Towers: 9 Gold: 61.2k Kills: 24
Koro1 Gnar 3 5-4-13
ClearLove Sejuani 1 3-3-13
PawN Kassadin 2 5-4-12
Deft Sivir 3 9-2-8
meiko/Mouse Thresh 2 2-6-12
Towers: 5 Gold: 55.1k Kills: 19
Acorn/Flame Maokai 1 3-5-13
TBQ RekSai 2 3-5-8
We1less Orianna 3 7-5-7
Imp Graves 2 5-4-9
Pyl Nautilus 1 1-5-12


MATCH 4/5: LGD (Blue) vs EDG (Red)

Winner: LGD

Game Time: 25:37



Jayce Kalista
LeBlanc Hecarim
Gnar Kassadin



Image: End-game screenshot

Towers: 10 Gold: 45.7k Kills: 13
Acorn Maokai 1 1-1-9
TBQ Nunu 2 1-0-11
We1less Orianna 3 6-0-5
Imp Sivir 2 5-2-6
Pyl Thresh 3 0-2-8
Towers: 1 Gold: 34.3k Kills: 5
Koro1 Rumble 2 0-1-2
ClearLove Sejuani 1 2-5-1
PawN Fizz 3 3-2-0
Deft Urgot 1 0-3-2
meiko Nautilus 2 0-2-2


MATCH 5/5: EDG (Blue) vs LGD (Red)

Winner: EDG

Game Time: 36:17



Kalista LeBlanc
Orianna Gnar
Kassadin Annie



Image: End-game screenshot

Image: Scoreboard shown before last teamfight

Towers: 9 Gold: 67.2k Kills: 18
Koro1 Hecarim 1 4-2-6
ClearLove RekSai 2 4-0-8
PawN Twisted Fate 3 0-6-5
Deft Sivir 3 8-1-6
meiko Thresh 2 2-2-6
Towers: 4 Gold: 57.6k Kills: 14
Acorn Maokai 2 2-6-6
TBQ Nunu 1 3-4-5
We1less Lissandra 3 2-3-6
Imp Jinx 1 4-4-1
Pyl Janna 2 0-1-9


*1,2,3 Number indicates where in the pick phase the champion was taken.

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During our AMA, we gave a few details about the 2015 Mid-Series Invitational (MSI) including mid-series substitutions, competitive patch, and coaches being allowed on stage during the Pick/Ban phase. Here’s the rundown on some of the important policies from the 2015 MSI ruleset:


This requirement is designed to reflect the Interregional Movement Policy that exists in several of the major regions. Since not all of the potential participating regions have adopted the Interregional Movement Policy, we won’t be imposing the policy on a region that hasn’t implemented it this season so players must meet the eligibility requirements of their regional League to participate at MSI.


Previously, the event prize for our mid-season event (All-Star) was winner takes all. For MSI, we decided to transition to a prize pool to better support participants and reward top performers along with their regular season earnings.

The 2015 MSI Champion will receive a prize of $100,000 USD, the 2nd place team will receive $50,000 USD, and 3rd/4th teams will receive $25,000 USD.


All teams are required to bring one substitute. We’re requiring a substitute in the case of an emergency situation in which a player is unable to play. In that case, competitive play will be able to continue without a forfeit.

Regions with multiple substitutes on team rosters will only be allowed to bring one to MSI. This policy is designed to be a middle ground solution for the participating regions where substitutes are used for a backup plan and regions where substitutes can be used as a strategic advantage during mid-series.


As a potential competitive edge, teams can substitute in a new player prior to the start of the next game of a series so long as they notify the head referee right after the most recent game has ended and no later than five minutes after the explosion of the nexus.


With the progression of competitive play and many regions officially recognizing coaches, coaches will be mandatory and need to be designated before MSI. Regions that don’t have coaches will be allowed to designate their team managers as coaches.


We manage the process of player equipment and peripherals to ensure competitive integrity of the devices used on stage during tournaments. Peripherals will be sent to MSI officials in advance for approval, and MSI officials will maintain possession of the peripherals throughout the event. Unapproved equipment or equipment that is suspected of providing an unfair competitive advantage will not be permitted for use, and players will be required to use the event-provided equipment instead.

During MSI, there will be an opportunity for players to break in equipment under supervision of MSI officials.


All players and coaches will be required to wear closed-toe shoes. All player outerwear will need to be matching. If a player wishes to wear a jacket then they must match other team members that are also wearing jackets. Colors of pants need to be significantly similar and any athletic style pants will need to be pre-approved by MSI officials.

Coaches will need to be wearing appropriate and professional attire such as business casual. Appropriate attire does not include athletic wear, sneakers, team branded apparel (like jerseys), etc.


The group stage will have every team play each other in a Best of 1 round-robin phase. Side selection will be randomized and some teams will have three games on blue side, others will have only two. No team will play more than three times on a single side.


The 2015 Mid-Season Invitational will be played on the 5.7 patch. Changes to the competitive patch will be at the discretion of MSI officials.


We’ve seen the impact of a strong Pick/Ban phase in competitive League of Legends and the success of coaches being part of the strategic phase in many of the participating regions. Therefore, coaches will be allowed on-stage and will be able to communicate with players during the Pick/Ban phase. The coach will exit the stage after five seconds in the Trading phase.


For the fairness of all competing teams, players are not allowed to communicate in any fashion with each other during a game pause. For the avoidance of doubt, players may communicate to the MSI referee, but only when directed in order to identify and remedy the cause for the stoppage. If a pause extends long enough, referees may allow teams to talk before the game is unpaused to discuss the game conditions.


While this post doesn’t address every section in the 2015 MSI ruleset, we hope this additional context helped explain how some of these policies will impact the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational. We’ve been working closely with all the regional leagues in advance of MSI to give them time to understand and comply with the ruleset.

If you’d like to review the official language in the ruleset, the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational rules are available here.

Welcome back to Rift Pulse, a weekly roundup of all things LoL eSports. This week follows the start of the LCS, the announcement of a Mid-Season Invitational, a brand new weekly show by Riot, and more.


Rift Pulse Jan 20 updated

North America

  • Team Liquid announced their foray into the Challenger Scene with Liquid Academy.
  • Alex Ich will be starting as the Mid Laner for Brawl, in addition to being a substitute for Team 8.



  • Soaz will be playing top for Origen, finalizing their roster.
  • Fnatic has announced the formation of “Fnatic Academy“, a secondary squad with the goal of participating the the Challenger Series that will also serve as practice partners.



  •  Fzzf has announced that he is retiring from competitive play.




Tournament and Scene updates


  • With LCS fast approaching, Riot has put out a promotional website packed with features, roster information, a full schedule, and more.
  • Riot has announced a new “Mid-Season Invitational”  a brand new international event held in May, between the Spring and Summer splits. The event will take place in NA, the venue is still TBA.
  • Riot has released an update detailing new plans for live events in NA. Most notably, the NA LCS Summer playoffs will not be hosted at PAX Prime this year.
  • Riot has also announced Primetime League“, a new weekly show hosted by Jatt and Riv that will air on Twitch starting on January 21st, at 3PM PST.