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Magus New PortraitMid-Season Invitational icons, bundles and more

The best League of Legends teams from around the world will clash at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) on May 7-10 and to celebrate we’re offering limited-time deals on some in-game goodies. Here’s the full rundown of what’s available:




Snag some esports-inspired Summoner Icons available from 11:00 PDT May 5 through 23:59 PDT May 19 .


Regional Leagues Icons – 250 RP



What regional meta will triumph? Show your support for your favorite regional league with an icon from the six regions participating in the 2015 Invitational.

2015 Mid-Season Invitational Icon – 1 IP

If you love all the regions equally (or just can’t pick your favorite), grab the official icon of the event.



From 11:00 PDT May 5 through 23:59 PDT May 11, you can also unlock some of these limited-time bundles:


2015 MSI Picks and Bans – 50% off at 2511 RP (4495 RP if you need the champions)

Our panel of shoutcasters weighed in to predict what champions will be most impactful during the Pick/Ban Phase of the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational games.

Skins included:

  • Reaper Hecarim
  • Demolisher Nunu
  • Soulstealer Vladimir
  • Mafia Graves
  • Warden Nautilus

Champions included:

  • Hecarim
  • Nunu
  • Vladimir
  • Graves
  • Nautilus

2 for 1 Rune pages

Grab two rune pages for the price of one on both RP and IP!

50% off boost sale

Level up your IP and XP gains! All boosts are 50% off!

Summoner name change sale

Show your allegiance to your region or favorite team with a name change for 650 RP, 50% off the normal price.


Mystery Gifts

Get rewards for watching the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. If a player at Mid-Season Invitational gets a Pentakill or Baron steal, it’ll trigger a Mystery Gifts bonus and it’ll double your chance to unlock esports team (Fnatic, TPA, and SKT), championship, and legendary skins through 23:59 PDT May 15.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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QA on Champion Update Design

Scruffy Final PortraitHey everyone!

This is a totally unprompted thread where I thought I could answer whatever questions about new champion or champion update designs. I’ll come back to the thread and post answers to a bunch of questions up into this OP.

Because this is the first time I’m trying this, let’s do a broad and obvious topic – Champ Design (including reworks). The type of question that would be fitting here is like “how do you determine which skills to keep when you rework a character?” or “what makes a good character passive in your opinion?”

Stay on topic (sorry I don’t work on URF so DONT ASK LOL) and I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can.

Fire away!


I’ll answer a few now and come back later for more (and probably throughout the weekend)

  • If a champion is relatively fine in a purely BALANCE perspective, do they ever have an opportunity to get reworked to be more like what they’re supposed to be? Or be made so that they aren’t such a wasted concept?
  • Yes! We most definitely do and will continue to use thematic delivery, fun, and satisfaction as a reason to revisit a character. We always set out the goals of a project when we start, so we know if it is more mechanics focused (something like soraka) or thematic/satisfaction focus (something like gangplank) or a lot of both (sion).
  • How do you prioritize updates?

Currently we prioritize updates by which are the most “in need” of the improvements (gameplay or visual). Each group (art, design, sound) will use their own analysis and player feedback to rank which champs are really needing the update. This led us to champs like soraka, sion, nidalee, poppy, karthus, etc. While going through this list we have some spare people to work on smaller less urgent projects like viktor, gragas, tristana to keep things coming as often as we can.

  • How much more mobility can we expect to see added to League of Legends in the coming season?

This is a timely question, with so many more mobile champs in recent releases than in the early days of LoL. We actually met with a large group of new champ and champup designers to talk about how much mobility we are giving to characters and at what cost. The general consensus is that we are probably going to both be a bit more selective with where we give mobility and give the characters appropriate costs to having mobility. For example, we think that by default a marksman doesn’t have burst mobility, so the question that we are asking ourselves is “what cost is a character like lucian, tristana, or corki paying for the powerful mobility tools that they have?”

  • Can you describe the factors in/process between deciding whether a skill is a skillshot or targeted ability?

You could have a great ability on both sides of this coin (skillshot or targeted). The real question that we are asking is what parts of a character’s overall kit are reliable and which are unreliable. Having a healthy mix of both is typically a recipe for success because it gives the character some baseline tools that they can count on mixed in with some important moments where hitting a skillshot, blocking a spell with a spellshield, or dodging a big burst of damage with your Zed ult can determine the outcome of a fight.


A few more answers

  • What is Riot’s current opinions on hybrid champions, either current or possibly new?

Hybrid champions aren’t problematic as a concept, we just try to factor in how being a hybrid character affects the game. A hybrid champ has both a harder time itemizing for penetration and makes it harder for their opponents to itemize defenses against them.

  • Ever considered an energy-based Support?

We haven’t put any serious work into an energy based on manaless support recently, but it isn’t an impossible design space. The key factor here is that we would want to preserve the important “attrition” element of bottom lane, so this character should probably not have strong health sustain or healing in combination with no mana.

  • How does Riot determine what to keep and what to revise on champion kits in need of a rework for “thematic” reasons?

The first step of a rework is often more about finding the right overall direction for a character. Take Sion for example, we first determined that this guy is best delivered as a tanky “undead juggernaut” that moves slowly but is a major disruptive force in the middle of a fight. It is a very high priority for us to find the right core concept for a character that matches the coolest and most important elements of the character before the rework. With the high level direction figured out, we can see what abilities on the old kit would still work with the new direction for the character.

  • Does how often a champion get played factor in to the decision to rework them? Or are you fine with niche picks, like Urgot?

We do consider a champ’s play rate when we are selecting reworks but we don’t bias one way or the other. A good mix of popular and unpopular champions is what we are aiming for currently so that we can sometimes update popular champs to create positive impact to a wide group of players and sometimes update niche champs to keep them relevant or give them new life.


  • How often do reworks get canned, and how far do they usually make it before they get canned?

Rework projects rarely get canned. Though in the past, maybe 1 in 5 that goes into early exploration is put on hold and picked up later. A project like Warwick that Zenon was working on but had to be put on hold for him to work on other projects will be picked up where he left off and finished. Even if entire kits are scrapped and restarted, the work is not a waste because we likely learned a lot about what didn’t work for that iteration and that leads us to things that usually work much better.

  • When it comes to new champion design and such, is the factor of said champion completely overshadowing another, older champ taken into account?

We very heavily consider this when working on new champions. We want a new champ to bring something new to the game rather than replace and overshadow something that champs already do. Sometimes if a champion is released in a too powerful state, it can give them strengths that they aren’t designed to have.

For example, Braum is intended to be a unique defensive support in how he can block projectiles for his team while staying mobile. When he released he was doing that just fine, but he was also a very strong aggressive pick support with Q slows, damage and follow up stuns. When we saw that he was overshadowing a lot of other supports in this way, Wreckz and the live balance team responded by lowering his aggressive play potential to focus his power in the ways that he is meant to have it.

  • How would you go about reworking Teemo?

Hehe, I can’t resist answering this one because TEEMO. So first off don’t take any of this as gospel because I’m just spitballing here.

First off is to try and understand the core of what Teemo is about and what his current problems are. The really unique and fun thing about teemo (IMO) is the way he can control an area of the map like top lane or baron pit with his mine field of shrooms. He also has a clear poke pattern in lane and high sustained damage in the late game. Some of the most obvious problems that he has are that there is no meaningful counterplay to his mushrooms and his poke pattern is also not interactive and just involves trading targeted damage against an often melee opponent.

So when it comes to solutions I would try a variety of mushroom version with possible counterplay and to compensate the teemo player, add or emphasize the awesome rewards he gets for catching his opponents in his traps. A crazy example would be that if he was stealthed (by standing still) and someone triggered a mushroom trap, he could keep his stealth and run quickly towards the triggered trap for an ambush. The other solutions around his poke lane would also need to be creative but would definitely move in the direction of his opponent having opportunities to avoid or counter his poke, and we could give teemo some new tools to compensate for the loss of reliability.


  • Where does the buck stop when it comes to big decisions on a champion rework?

There is no single individual that has the 100% say over any particular champion update, but many people get to have strong input. From a game design perspective the primary “owner” as we like to call it is the main designer that is spending most of their time working on the project. They receive a lot of input from the other designers on the Champion Update and Champion team and get really detailed and thorough feedback from the Lead Designers on their team and other teams (Scruffy, Meddler, Morello, Ezreal, etc). In the end, by the time any character goes out, many different people have reviewed the kit and, if something is good enough to ship, often most people on the team are very happy with it.

  • You gonna give talon some form of cc (a real cc, not a shitty quarter second slow) on his cut-throat (e) or maybe a decent form of utility so he can keep up with all the incredibly good kits other assassins have?

I think in the future we will shy away from hard CC on Talon because as we have seen in the past, the combination of hard CC and his burst damage led to very frustrating and non interactive situations where he can 100-0 an enemy while they are unable to react.

On the topic of how we would want to improve talon (no immediate plans yet just talking about direction), his current pattern of burst an enemy or be useless is pretty binary and honestly a bit boring. I would want to buff up some of his utility tools like his stealth or even give him new utility tools that are not hard CC (like dodge, spell shield or something like that) to allow him to not feel useless when he can’t immediately burst kill his enemies.

  • What are some themes you want to check out that haven’t been touched on yet?

These are just my personal – Mind Controller, Earth Mage, Group character (multiple yordles or something cool), Mountain Climber, Blacksmith, A bunch of animal type creature characters, Flying characters that interact differently with the map, and these are just off the top of my head.


  • Using Rek’Sai as an example, what makes you decide to use a non-mana resource on a champion? Is it a thematic decision, gameplay, or a mix of both? How do you feel about the state of mana in LoL?

I’ll answer your last question first, I feel like mana is still a very important element of LoL, especially for some types of characters. Mana as a resource creates a second strategic layer of attrition for a lot of characters that adds a “long game” strategy to champ vs champ combat. Mana allows more outcomes to fights or trades than just “I killed you” or “I took more health away.”

When it comes to when we give mana to champs (or not in Reksai’s case) it is more often a mechanical decision than a thematic one. With Reksai we were exploring some different resourse mechanics with the health return passive, where health is the resource she has to manage more than mana. By comparison a mana based jungler like Warwick or Elise should stay healthier than Reksai when they are usuing mana on their sustain tools but they will eventually run OOM and have to go back to the fountain.

  • I’m seeing a lot of questions about Yorick and Mordekaiser so lets talk about them

First thing, we’re not actively working on either of those two champs but in terms of what is next for us when we finish current projects, they are very very high up on the priority list.

So Yorick we actually have a decent starting point with Xelnath’s earlier work and it is pretty clear what this guy is about – Ghoul Minions and Melee fighting.

Morde is a bit trickier because he is really straddling the line between what is a mage and what is a fighter. I bet when we start working on him and are trying to discover his core, we will find that both elements are very important to why Morde is Morde. The tough question will be answering what unique stuff a fighter mage can bring to the game (maybe play up his “ghost enemy” stuff).


  • What is Riot’s opinion on champions with more then one way to be built?

Personally I love it when champions have multiple build paths. The things that we have to watch out for are when one of the builds creates toxic or low interest gameplay. As an example if AD Varus played like he does now but the off build AP Varus (I know this isn’t really a thing) could one shot enemies with his Q and do not much else we probably would want to change the way AP varus worked so that it had a more healthy play pattern.

  • What is the maximum amount of crowd control you think you could and would load onto a kit without going overboard? How long would the target be disabled in some way?

The way that we think about this is more about the ratio of damage a character can deal vs the amount of CC they have. A character can have crazy amounts of CC (see nautilus) if they do low sustained damage, but another character could be problematic with even 1 second of CC if they deal high burst damage. The goal here is that the enemy receiving the CC will always have some window of time where they are not CCed and not dead so that they can react.

Have you ever considered having non-ultimate global abilities that deal no damage, but instead support champions in other lanes? Something on the line of care packages.

Yes, we have considered a bunch of stuff like this. Nothing has made it into a champion but I think there is room for some pretty cool mechanics in this vein. For example, a “scouting” focused character could do all kinds of global vision plays or even give allies an oracle buff from across the map. Another example is a “global push pressure” champ that could make minion waves on the opposite side of the map much stronger to create global push pressure for their team.

I think this is all of the questions for this week. I’ll try to rope in some other designers next week and maybe we can pick another topic. Was this useful/fun for you all?

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Mystery Skins for Good Behavior are still coming

DARTAGNAN Final PortraitHey everyone,

Many of you have seen your friends receive their Mystery Skins with you left wondering where your Mystery Skin is, or whether you even qualified for one. Never fear!

Mystery Skins are still being sent out!

We are sending them out in waves every single day, and it may take the next couple of weeks (until the end of January) before they are all distributed. We’ll update this thread once the last wave has been sent!

As a reminder, here are the qualifications:

  • All Riot Regions qualify – NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS, LAN, BR, OCE, RU, TR, and Korea
  • You need to be level 5 (reached level 5 in 2014)
  • You need to have played and completed at least one game of any mode (including Custom Games) in 2014.
  • You did not receive a 14-day suspension
  • You did not receive a ranked restriction (a single game ranked restriction will disqualify you)
  • You did not receive a chat restriction (a single game of chat restriction will disqualify you)
  • If you received a Leaver Buster Penalty, you still qualify for the Mystery Skin
  • If your account was compromised and suspended by Riot until it was recovered, we will double-check our list to make sure you receive one
  • If you have under the 10 skin minimum for Mystery Skins, we will check the list again and make sure anyone who did not receive one, but met all other qualifications, gets one!
  • If you recently transferred to another Riot Region, you will still get a Mystery Skin, as long as you meet the previous qualifications

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I think Irelia as a whole needs a VU

IronStylus Final Portrait^ this. In fact she will most likely be a comprehensive gameplay and visual update (VGU). She’s listed as a high-value target but currently there is no prioritization for her for 2015, but that could change. We’re trying to get ahead on a number of front’s so we’ll see. I have a concept for her but it’s definitely not final. She’ll need a probably semi-large scope effort because of thematic issues. What is she exactly? Ionian metal-manipulating general? That’s cool, but could she be more? We shall see!

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Why did Evelynn get a skin Safecracker before her visual update

Nurse Flan Final PortraitFor Eve, we saw an opportunity to create a skin for her before an update that wouldn’t interfere too much with any then-current plans with her. This does not mean every potential champion update is in the same state and can be treated in the same way. The team felt it would be a win to create a skin at the chance we got, so we took it instead of passing it up. It may not have coincided with what was said in the past about skin plans, but I think it’s much better to try and take things on a case-by-case basis rather than let a statement be the end all be all for the rest of eternity 🙂

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Why hasnt Zac received a skin yet

Nurse Flan Final Portrait*disclaimer – Zac skins are a hot topic and we are not able to answer any questions about -when- a skin is coming out or is in the works (or any other skins). I’m here to perhaps shed a little light and let you guys know Zac is not forgotten!*

Definitely don’t think you’re being rude! What I can tell you is that Zac’s champ and stretchy tech is very difficult to work with, and that alone increases work time on him a lot. So using a popular community skin suggestion for him, Gentleman Zac – his clothes especially around his arms would have some crazy weighting and stretching issues. And it would also be really weird to see cloth stretching and turning into globs of goo haha I’d love to hear any suggestions on workarounds you may have to mitigate this!

I know “easy” recolored skins have been suggested for Mr. Blob, but then it would seem unfair if say we released a 750RP Bubblegum Zac and have him wait a while for another skin instead of taking the time to make sure we make a super awesome blow-your-mind quality skin for him.

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Follow Up

 What about a swimsuit Zac skin

[ Note ] Here’s an example of how that skin could look like.

Nurse Flan Final PortraitThat’s a good example! Besides the addition of the swim trunks, it’s technically just about a fancy blue recolor though. 😡

The fanart done of pool party Zac include some cute arm floaties – which I like, but that would again cause problems with his stretchy arms! > n <

Summer is coming up for the Northern Hemisphere kinda sorta soonish (brr, that 50 degree California winter weather!). I can definitely make an extra poke about a skin like this!
^This is not a promise that this skin is going to be made! ; u ;

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Welcome to Fantasy LCS

OMHALODIL Final PortraitWelcome to Fantasy LCS, where you build your dream team of LCS pros and compete against your friends for bragging rights and season glory! Beginning this week, we’ll be opening up the 2015 Spring Split Fantasy draft window.

Fantasy LCS is getting a face-lift for 2015, thanks to the feedback you gave us in the 2014 Beta. Here’s what’s new:

  • NA and EU are now on separate roster locks that correspond to the first day of matches for each league.
  • Each league now features a message board where you can coordinate draft times and discuss strategy.
  • We added chat functionality during draft
  • Scoring has been slightly tweaked: we added a fast win bonus of 2 points for teams that win in less than 30 minutes. Stay tuned for an article that dives into the rationale behind this scoring addition.

We added a few administrative tools:

  • If you are a league creator, you can delete your league if you haven’t drafted yet.
  • You can also leave a league if you haven’t drafted yet.
  • You can now rename your team.

Your league home page, roster page, and match-ups page are now shareable publicly. Show off your dream team, those close wins, and your standings to your friends!

Never played fantasy? Don’t worry — it’s easy! Join together with up to seven friends or fellow League players, then build your dream team, one draft pick at a time. Every player from the NA and EU LCS is up for grabs, and what they do on the Rift each week matters. You’re awarded points based on their performance, so when your pros do well, you do too! Fantasy LCS also adds a new layer of fun to watching matches each week, as fantasy stats updates will be piped in at real-time.

We’ve got a bunch of resources to help get you ready for your draft. Learn how to play and about draft strategy at

Stay tuned for more details on when you can get drafting! In the meantime, feel free to discuss strategy below. Who are your top picks?

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Update El Tigre Braum price updated to 1350 RP

Galetta Final PortraitEDIT: Just wanted to update the El Tigre Braum thread about his price. He was always intended to be 1350 RP but we mistakenly listed him at 975 RP (sorry!). It’s his custom respawn animation specifically that pushes him into the 1350 price tier. Like all 1350s though, he’ll be on sale for the first week after his release so you can get him for 975 RP during that time. Sorry for the mistake and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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Tarics Dazzle E should charm when Radiance R is active

Repertoir New PortraitCool idea. We’ve actually tried a charm mechanic or two in his in-progress update, though none of them have proven particularly satisfying so far. It may be an idea we return to, though. He’s definitely a charismatic gentleman.

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Follow Up

Repertoir New PortraitFor what it’s worth, we’ve experimented lots of random things for him to date. Most of them won’t ever make it into the game. The good ones may or may not. When we get closer to locking things down and announcing what we’ve got in store for him (which is likely not for several months still), we can talk about some of the stuff we’ve gone through along the way with him and how we end up where we do.

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DanielzKlein Final PortraitTo reiterate what Repertoire is saying: this mechanic has not proven itself. Compared to what dazzle currently is on the kit (and I will not answer any Taric questions–he’s entirely Repertoire’s baby) the charm was really underwhelming. The current dazzle? I can’t WAIT for this to go live, again, if it proves itself. I played him yesterday in playtest and had a blast.

Overall our champion update team has leveled up so hard it’s not even funny.

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Vesh Final PortraitWe experiment with a lot of things. This isn’t any indication of what might be on a kit. Soraka used to have AoE mikael’s crucible for an ult in a few playtests because I wanted to try something off the wall even though Wish was a fine spell.

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Follow Up

Why didnt you go with this iteration of Sorakas ultimate

Vesh Final PortraitActually the biggest problem was that it was almost impossible to understand how well you did. If you cleansed a stun that had .4 seconds left, a slow that was 2 seconds long but only 30% and was reduced by your ally’s tenacity, and got rid of brand’s debuff incidentally because you were trying to cleanse the stun, how well did you do? How do you know when you did a good job vs an average job.

Also, average reaction time is ~240 ms, and a lot of our CC is between .25 and .5 seconds long. This is a problem mikael’s has already, and its already strong enough to totally keep Ashe arrow out of pro play.

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Did you choose a charm mechanic because it would fit Tarics theme

Vesh Final Portrait Charm refers specifically to a gameplay mechanic that forces the affected unit to walk in the direction of the caster. I could just as easily play a “cyborg brain implant” particle on your character’s head.

This has nothing to do with flamboyance. It has nothing to do with theme, or hearts, or gimmicks. If repertoir puts a charm on his kit, it will be because the pattern needs a tool to bring an enemy into melee range or make them move in a predictable fashion.

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Whatll be the scope of Tarics rework

Repertoir New PortraitThis time around, Taric’s update is not going to be a small one. The next update you guys see to him will be pretty substantial. Haven’t locked down full details yet so we haven’t established a release patch yet (and don’t have too much to share as far as details go), but he’s one of two projects I’m pretty actively working on.

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Follow Up

Would you compare the scope of this rework to Sions

Repertoir New PortraitI would say Taric will probably be a lesser degree of change compared to Sion, but that’s mostly because Sion had such drastic thematic issues to deal with as well. To the response below, I’d expect Taric’s update to be a significantly larger overhaul than Heimer’s last year.

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What happened to Yoricks rework

Repertoir New PortraitBasically, the designer that was starting to work on him had to reprioritize different projects. He’s on the list of updates we want to do, but he’s a bit on the back burner at the moment. Sorry if that’s disappointing 🙁

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3rd Party Banner 2

[ Note ] This is a discussion of the dev blog on supporting 3rd party tools which was recently released.


What does 3rd party program refer to

Tuxedo Final PortraitA third party application is a website, mobile app, or program that is not developed by Riot Games.

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What does API mean

Tuxedo Final PortraitAPI stands for Application Programming Interface. Really it’s just a fancy schmancy way of saying a system that is setup for the primary purpose of making our internal data more accessible externally.

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When are we going to have the option to hide from third party sites

Sargonas New PortraitWe don’t have plans for that at this time. There is a topic on the developer forums where another Rioter, who has more insight, commented as to why a decision was made in terms of the data we make available through the API (specifically match history). You can view that topic here:[1]

TL;DR Normals are being protected under a player’s personal experience and will only be available for you and your friends to see. Ranked games, as they are an opt-in experience and part of a public ladder, will remain visible for the public to see. At the end of the day, we strive to maintain a consistency between the information made available in the client/match history and that which is made available via the API.

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Can you explain why Premade data cant be shown

Sargonas New PortraitThis is an intentional choice that was made. The teams who work on player behavior have a lot of background on what kind of data is and is not ok to share, based on how it affects players. Based on that research they asked that this data be obfuscated.

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Why wont you guys reveal the actual accurate MMR

Sargonas New PortraitMMR is a number we intentionally obfuscate. It’s been discussed in the past by other Rioters and it’s not a subject I am an expert on so it’s hard for me to speak to eloquently, but the long and short is we don’t want players to focus on a single number being the end-all driving factor behind their playstyle. Because of that, we don’t surface this information, and we actively work with 3rd parties to turns them away from building any form of replacement for this as well.

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Is there any chance of opening the LCS servers to the API

Tuxedo Final PortraitThe API team had a discussion about this in the past and again, today actually. There’s still work to be done in this area, but it is definitely a goal to eventually have LCS data in the API.

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Is there any site for me to check my normal game stats

StillRampant Final PortraitYou should check out the first comment to this post by MattEnth for some in-depth thinking about how we treat ranked vs normal game stats. TL;DR, We think ranked stats should be more public and accessible than normal stats. Highly encourage you to read the whole thing though!

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What would the best way be to get build a historic timeline of champions per tier

Tuxedo Final PortraitFor the Dev Blog we’re trying to avoid diving into technical conversations, but these are exactly the kind of questions that the developer community engage in on the Developer Forums within the Dev Portal. If you make a topic there with the exact same question, I’d be happy to talk about a couple ways to attack this problem. If future developers comes along with the same question, we’d want them to be able to find the discussion on the Dev Forums 🙂

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Why dont you create your own site instead of patching for other sites

Sargonas New PortraitNo apologies needed, I spent half my life in Louisville Kentucky and I say “yall” all the time. 😉

As to your question, we touch on this a bit in the blog but I’d be happy to elaborate. Riot has only so much we can do in a certain amount of time, even with the resources we have at our disposal. If there are things that players can do that enhance the experience, we should help them do so! It allows them to work on those sorts of things while we can focus on the stuff that we are uniquely positioned to work on in ways that they can’t. Also, the honest fact is people will ALWAYS try to build these tools. It’s much easier, and more importantly better for the players, if we help guide them in the right direction towards the best player experience.

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So I cant make mods new champions new  game modes etc

Sargonas New PortraitUnfortunately, those sorts of changes are the very things we’re trying to protect against for the reasons outlined above. We truly love the enthusiasm and creativity you guys have around these things, but it doesn’t mesh well with some of the overall core philosophies we have.

As someone once said “We’re running a theme park here. Please don’t try to take bolts off the roller coasters.” 😉

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FAQ on Mystery Gifts for positive players

Wookieecookie Final PortraitA lot of you have noticed by now that mystery gifts for positive behavior have started arriving on players’ accounts.

((If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check out our announcement: — this promotion is occurring on all Riot servers))

Don’t worry if you have not found yours yet! Given the large number of positive players throughout the world the process will take a few days to complete.

In the meantime, I figured I’d answer some of the common questions we’ve been seeing about the gift.

How will I know if I received the gift?

  • There will be an animation in the client after the gift has been given to your account.

How will I know if I qualify for the gift?

  • Player Support isn’t able to check if you qualify for the gift until the entire process is complete. Hopefully you didn’t drink too much on New Years’ and remember if you were naughty or nice last year. But if you’re on the fence you’ll have to wait it out a few days to see if it arrives.

What if my account does not qualify for a mystery gift due to a technicality? (ie: I own all skins and champions)

  • After we’ve completed sending the mystery gifts we’ll be checking our list twice to see which accounts SHOULD have received it but did not. We will then grant a gift to these accounts; please keep in mind this likely won’t occur until next week.

I was a bad boy or girl last year and all I got were these chat restrictions! Is there any hope for me?!?!

  • Yes! It’s never too late to change your ways. It’s a new year so start fresh. Work hard at reform and adjusting your behavior and you may qualify for promotions in the future. That doesn’t mean it’ll always be a Mystery Gift… but really; isn’t being nice its own reward?

Help I received Panda Teemo, what do I do now?

  • I’m sorry.

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Im eligible for a free Mystery Gift but havent received one yet

Wookieecookie Final PortraitDistribution is ongoing for all servers right now.

But it’s very possible some players won’t get their rewards until next week due to the number of gifts being sent.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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News 06/01


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NA Ping Banner



 NA Server Roadmap Update Optimizing the Internet for League and You

Ahab Final PortraitUPDATE: Thanks for all your questions and joining in on the discussion, that’s it from us for now. If you haven’t already, please fill out the survey. And keep an eye out on Boards for future updates from the NA Roadmap team!

Hi everyone,

Riot Ahab here again to share more updates on what we’re doing to address East Coast ping problems. By now, you may be familiar with the NA Server Roadmap, which outlines our approach to addressing ping disparity across the US and Canada. You can check it out here.

Today, I want to introduce Riot WizardOTL (formerly Riot WizardoftheLake), who has been busy leading the charge on Phase 2 of the Roadmap: building a dedicated network for League of Legends traffic.

Why are we doing this? Currently, ISPs focus primarily on moving large volumes of data in seconds or minutes, which is good for buffered applications like YouTube or Netflix but not so good for real-time games, which need to move very small amounts of data in milliseconds. On top of that, your internet connection might bounce all over the country instead of running directly to where it needs to go, which can impact your network quality and ping whether the game server is across the country or right down the street.

This is why we’re in the process of creating our own direct network for League traffic and working with ISPs across the US and Canada to connect players to this network.

There’s a lot of fine-tuning to do as we bring additional parts of the network online, and we could use your help. Some connections can misfire and run a longer route than necessary to get to this network, so If you have experienced a sudden spike to your connection since November, please let us know by filling out this short survey.

There’s a lot to cover, so we thought this would be best served as a Q&A. We’ll hang around this thread for the next 4 hours to answer questions and get into the nitty-gritty should anyone be curious.

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You should keep the community informed of your progress

Ahab Final PortraitAgreed – we’re talking on our end about ways to keep the community informed as we go along these steps. As pieces of the network come online, maybe we post an update to a thread and explain what happened (what went right, what didn’t). There are of course some things we can’t talk about for security concerns in the nitty-gritty, but still it could be worthwhile to outline the project into steps.

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If the Roadmap is complete how will gameplay improve

SonicDeathMonk Final PortraitMany players should see improvements in network quality as our new North American network rolls out. These improvements could be less ping time, less network packet loss, and more stable connections (less disconnects). Ping, packet loss, and stability may not all move in the same direction for all players depending on location within North America, their ISP (how their ISP connects to Riot’s network).

Ping, packet loss, and stability are not always tied together and can be affected by many things. When it comes to network quality we prioritize stability, reduced packet loss, and ping time pretty much in this order. You can’t play the game if you are not connected, you will see more lag with more packet loss, and ping can become a problem when it gets significantly high or is unstable (shooting up and down all the time in the middle of the game).

The game client only reports ping time to players but it also tracks stability and packet loss to Riot (and in client log files) on a near real time basis (though it can take us a day to crunch all the data from all the game clients before we see a troubling trend developing so we are not yet at real time detection of some network problems). Sometimes packet loss will show up in your ping time, usually you will see it jump up and down quickly which often indicates packet loss is happening or if severe packet loss will show up as lag in the game.

Faster ping time is often reported by players to “feel” better and is often something that is reported to be more meaningful the better you are at playing a game. How fast ping is before you feel the difference is likely dependent on the individual but it is generally thought the lower the better (diminishing returns apply, going from 160 ping to 90 ping is more impactful than going from 110 ping to 40). Lower ping time can also help mitigate packet loss since the game can recover missing packets faster. Because the Internet is a loose collection of various private and public networks, ping time is something that will constantly change for players. Some players could see slight increases in ping times while others can see significant reductions as our new network comes online. Our goal is benefit the most players and then troubleshoot ISPs that still have players with poor network quality.

EDIT: Formatting

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Ahab Final PortraitThis network should bring a marginal improvement for everyone – coast to coast. West coasters are impacted by this as well – we’ve seen traffic in San Francisco get bounced across the country before finally getting to the server.

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When will this be ready

Ahab Final PortraitThe full network is slated to be built by the end of March this year. 

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Does that mean itll be fully functional or just that the network will be ready

Ahab Final PortraitThe hardware will be functional — the agreements may take a little extra time (since contracts always do), and there will be extra work hammering out individual hiccups and making sure as many players as possible have their connections pathing correctly to this network.

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Ahab Final PortraitThe March goal should include getting the agreements done (and we are currently on schedule in that regard), but the back-and-forth on contracts never fails to amaze me on how long it can take!

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So youre setting up your own Tier 2 or 1 network

Ahab Final PortraitExactly, we’re focused on peering directly — technically we may not meet the classification of a Tier 1 network, but you’ve got the idea.

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How will you involve NA ISPs in the process

SonicDeathMonk Final PortraitIt can take us many months to work with large ISP companies to achieve even modest results. Gaming is currently not a priority for most. However we are investing a lot of time in educating the ISPs that have LoL players as customers. It is very company dependent and we expect it will be a long road to travel but ultimately great for gamers.

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Isnt collaborating with ISPs for a service against Net Neutrality

WizardOTL Final BannerNo and yes. So we are forced to do this because of the way the Internet is architected, not because the ISPs are forcing us to. Net Neutrality is not in play here, this is just the way any network would have to be built to achieve our goals.

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Why was there a huge packet loss around December 29th 30th

SonicDeathMonk Final PortraitThere was a lot of DDoS activity targeting the game industry the last 2 weeks of the year. While it may not be your specific cause, DDoS can create congestion for more than just the target. Congested pipes create packet loss. Hard to tell for a specific player though.

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Will you address the other connection issues players are dealing with

SonicDeathMonk Final PortraitNetwork quality has been a big focus for us in 2014 with a ton of planning and work being accomplished. As work continues into 2015 players should see improvements in network quality for many of the LoL services though game play is our biggest focus. It might be worth contacting player support about your specific frequent issues with PvP chat disconnecting.

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Should I stick it out with Verizon or switch to another provider

WizardOTL Final BannerGreat question! We are working as fast as we can with Verizon to peer with them, and are not aware of any issues (though I just reached out to their VP of network infrastructure). We are also working to make sure that we are not going to get throttled, our traffic is really low (300k or less) so that shouldn’t be a problem. I really don’t think the VPN service is worth it, but it does not hurt to try.

Thank you for playing ! Even if you are a Cisco guy 😉 Seriously though, great post.

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Why havent the NA servers been moved to a more centralized location

SonicDeathMonk Final PortraitNetwork quality is the foundational thing in any online service (online being the key word). Once we have a handle on being able to firmly control the quality of the Internet between player ISPs and LoL data centers we can tackle the issue of what is the best location for the servers. With the big changes in the Internet business model going on since 2013 (net neutrality, rise in huge DDoS attacks, popularity of online video exploding which has created unprecedented Internet congestion, etc.) we have had to take a step back and really think about the foundation first. Network first is the right long term strategy for players throughout North America.

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Are you having trouble finding T1T2 lines in various parts of the country

WizardOTL Final BannerNo, we have our own all optical network and we are asking the ISPs to send League traffic through that.

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Will you manage the network yourselves or let an outside company do that

WizardOTL Final BannerWe manage it internally. We have a great core team and we are actively recruiting to grow that group.

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How did you as a company react when an employee suggested doing this

WizardOTL Final BannerHonestly, it took us a while to digest and wrap our heads around it. We had to meet with outside groups, and recruit people that have dealt with “service provider” networks versus data center networks. And then we ran some tests and found that this was the right path.

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How long do you think itll take for the investment this will require to pay off

WizardOTL Final BannerWe don’t really look at it that way, this is the best for the players, so it is just something we need to do.

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Snowdown Positive Awards Banner


Pabro Final PortraitsSay farewell to your friends, for Snowdown has passed.
The Legend of the Poro King conquered at last.
We won some, we lost some, we tossed many poros.

Some landed and some missed, that is just how it goes.
Who really won this Snowdown? Only the poros know.
Every single game, a unique Snowdown surprise.

The year may be over, but only Amumu cries–
Even if it’s over, we learned one thing at the end:
Snowdown gathers strangers, but we all leave as friends.

Thank you! Together we’ve had another incredible year and we’ve enjoyed taking a few big steps in League’s evolution with you. While Snowdown may be over, there’s one more thing we wanted to do to commemorate 2014.

Over the next few days, we’ll be rewarding positive League of Legends players with a classic Mystery Gift as thanks for being such an awesome part of our community. If you haven’t received a chat restriction, ranked restriction, 14-day ban or permanent ban in 2014, and you meet the requirements to receive a Mystery Gift (you’re Level 5 or higher and there are at least 10 skins you don’t own), you’re on our list!

Thank you again for a fantastic 2014. Share what you unlocked in your Mystery Gift below, and we’ll see you on the Rift in the new year!

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Free Mystery Gifts for positive players

Lyte Final PortraitHope everyone had a good holiday and New Year. I’m seeing some questions about this new announcement, so hopefully can help out.

One, a few players are wondering why we are giving out an extrinsic (tangible!) reward for positive behavior when they might have heard we were against it in the past. This is a misunderstanding! We’ve always said that our player behavior philosophies include punishment, reform, and positive reinforcement. There’s no silver bullet to improving player behavior in online games, and you always need a mix of punishments and rewards. You can read more about our design philosophies here:

However, to give more context about this extrinsic reward, the key is that it is a surprise and not deterministic. What I mean by this is that it isn’t some kind of achievement system where you are sportsmanlike for your next 10 games, then directly unlock a mystery gift. If you design a system like this, players will simply behave for 10 games, unlock their mystery gift and go back to their normal ways.

This current design is something we’re trying out in 2015 and will surprise players once in awhile for their positive behavior. Because players aren’t sure what the next reward is (or when it is), players will strive to be sportsmanlike in a larger range of games to try to get all the surprises. For positive players in the game, this won’t really affect them and they’ll just get surprises every so often for being awesome. For neutral players, this effort might convince some of them to put in that extra effort in a few more games to get the next surprise. For toxic players, this effort might also encourage a few to change their ways though we expect the biggest impact to be with the neutral players. It’s important to note that we did 2 tests of this design before (with Santa Baron icon and IP Boosts), but in future roll-outs it will be possible for players to earn the next surprise if they’ve been positive since the last surprise was awarded. So, if you were chat restricted and missed a surprise, you will still be eligible for the next surprise if you were positive in the time range between the 2 surprises and are not blacklisted for life.

Not every surprise will be a mystery gift. Every surprise will differ in magnitude, and be tailored to different players. For example, the last surprise was an IP Boost which was mainly beneficial for newer players still building out their champion pools. Other surprises may include collectibles like unique summoner icons (which we tried before with the Santa Baron icon).

Hopefully this answered a few of your questions, and seeing all these surprises will nudge some players to be a little more positive in their games!

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How can we earn the Santa Baron icon

Lyte Final PortraitIf you were positive around Q4 2012, you got a Santa Baron to keep! Use it in all its glory.

[ Link to Post ]

Lyte Final PortraitTo be fair, the Santa Baron used different criteria than not getting a chat restriction or ban, but we found being very transparent with our criteria helped players understand how to get the next surprise which is why all current surprises use very clear criteria.

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What happens if you own too many skins to be eligible for Mystery Gifts

Lyte Final PortraitWait for the next surprise! Unfortunately we can’t ensure that all surprises are beneficial to every player, every time.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



Mystery Gifts are Back Banner

Mystery gifting is coming back for a few days!


Recent News






Udyr New PortraitMystery Skins are back for a limited time so get them while they are hot!

Purchasing a Mystery Skin will unlock an unowned skin worth 520 RP or more. As with the previous rounds of Mystery Skins, you can only unlock skins for champions you own.

Mystery Skins will be available in the Skins tab of the store for 490 RP and are limited to five per day. Check out Mystery Skins from July 25 to July 28!

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]