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A Long Way from Alpha Banner

Co-Founders of Riot Games Mark Merrill and Brandon Beck reflect on the new Rift, what it means for players and where it will take the game in the future.



When we first saw early concepts for the updated Summoner’s Rift, we were struck by how far League had come. A little over six years ago, we were in an office closet we called a conference room during the earliest days of Riot having started over from scratch on the game’s first map. Ryze had yet to learn how to grow a beard. Trynd still had his goatee. Neither of us were married, let alone with children.


In the years since, we’ve celebrated a few birthdays, welcomed new family members, and said good-bye to standard definition television. We’ve brought on experienced and talented artists, engineers, and designers who’ve done more than just slap a fresh coat of paint on the Rift. They’ve continued to evolve it into an experience that’s clear, cohesive and compelling.

Because Summoner’s Rift is more than just the stage for our incredible comebacks and insane pentakills, for many of us it’s a second home. It’s where we laugh, cry, and tryhard with friends and with strangers. We’re excited to lay an updated foundation on the bedrock of League’s gameplay.


The journey is still just beginning. With a community as large and passionate as the one we’re proud to be a part of, we’ll continue to refine, iterate, and update as we experience and share new epic moments on League’s main stage, together. See you on the Rift.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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Ryze will be receiving a rework, LeaverBuster will punish leavers harder and will be especially severe in ranked games, the new Summoner’s Rift caught some critique regarding its dull color pallette, more on rewarding positive players and the BotRK exploit has been solved.


Recent News






Ryze Update Banner


Ryze Gameplay update in the works

Scruffy Final PortraitWe’re in the early stages of working on some gameplay changes that will both:

-Increase his counterplay

-Increase his skillcap and allow him to win or fail more based on skill

-Emphasize the cool things that make Ryze unique (rapid fire spells, mana babyyyyy)

That said, we still want him to feel like Ryze and we want these changes to directly appeal to current Ryze players.

No dates yet for when we can release this, but we are committed to improving Ryze.

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Ryze bullies top laners and scales harder than them

Scruffy Final PortraitThis is good analysis, and I think we agree on all of these problems. The tricky part is that if you just remove stuff from a champ it will become unviable all together, so we are working out ways to keep Ryze’s strengths without these negative impacts on the other players.

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What are your ideas about changing Ryze

Scruffy Final PortraitRiotRepertoir is working on the changes in detail. He will have a bunch of details to share once we get a more solid direction.

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Ryze lacks counterplay and his kit is too simple to use

Scruffy Final PortraitFor us, the fact that Ryze players don’t get to feel like they are making optimal use of a nuanced kit is also as bad as the counterplay issues. The goal is that for all champions (someday) whenever you lose a fight or a game, you could say to yourself “oh if I had just done that one thing better” instead of feeling like you pressed all of your buttons and that’s it.

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Introducing the new LeaverBuster

Lyte Final PortraitTL;DR We’re rolling out a new LeaverBuster system to help reduce the frequency of AFKS and leavers that is also significantly more severe in ranked games.

LeaverBuster is our system for detecting players who frequently leave games or AFK. In the past, we’ve generally erred on the side of caution, and for that reason, many of you have given us the feedback that LeaverBuster hasn’t always seemed effective and some players seemed to just switch to a smurf to dodge the leaving penalties.

With this new update, we’ve implemented a significantly more strict design while providing a clear feedback loop. Our goals are to better educate players that AFKing or leaving a game is not acceptable in League, and punish leavers faster and more severely.

The first time a player leaves a game, they’ll see a pop-up explaining that leaving is not okay and then have to manually agree to not leave future games. If they continue to ruin other players’ experiences, they’ll enter lower-priority matchmaking for a number of games. While in low priority queue, players will experience queue times that are 5, 10, even 20 minutes longer than a player who hasn’t left games.

Players will know how many games they have in lower-priority, and if they join a premade group, that group will be notified they are playing with a chronic AFK/leaver and they’ll face the same lower-priority time penalty.

While we hope it doesn’t ever happen, but if a player fails to stop AFKing or leaving while in lower-priority matchmaking, continued offenses will result in permanent bans.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the system, as it is now live on the PBE.

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Will this affect people who DC due to Internet issues

Lyte Final PortraitUnfortunately, players with internet connections DCing are still ruining the entire match for 4-9 other players in the game.

Think about your own experiences with a leaver and being forced to play 4v5: do you feel better or is the game enjoyable because you know the player left due to a DC?

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Follow Up

Lyte Final PortraitIf you reconnect to the game and finish the game, it shouldn’t affect you. However, if it takes you 20 minutes to reconnect to the game and you basically were “AFK,” then you’ll still receive a penalty.

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How will this system work more aggressively in Ranked

Lyte Final PortraitBasically, leaving in Ranked is considered “more severe” by the system and leaving even once in Ranked can result in penalties.

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New Rift Feedback



The new map looks rather dull

Tiki New PortraitHey all,

Appreciate the feedback and wanted to add a little bit of context on the feel of the map compared to current Summoner’s Rift.

Through player labs and surveys one of things that surfaced early on was the relative feel of the map compared to the current one. Feedback was largely on issues of darkness, but also the colors (dull/muted) to a degree. However another thing that came up really strongly was how important the gameplay of the map was. Consistently we heard from players all over the world that gameplay was the most important thing for them.

With all that in mind, we worked hard to try and find a balance between pushing the limits of clarity (to improve gameplay) AND matching the feel of the current Summoner’s Rift. Ultimately I think we got to a place that we were ready to release in beta and release out to the players to give us their feelings on what we created.

Personally I think there are still a lot of things we can improve, some of that definitely related to how far we can push some of the colors and effects to better match the feel of the current map. Any and all of your feedback is welcome and appreciated as we work to make this better for you all. Please keep it coming 🙂

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Why not increase saturation

RiotForScience New PortraitThere is a lot of feedback on this point and I am listening. This has been my response on a couple other threads and I wanted to repost it here.

Increasing saturation makes the map look better by itself, but the map should not be the focal point of the game, the champions and their abilities should be. The map was created to be a backdrop for champions and VFX. We tried to make it beautiful without intruding on the play experience.

I really appreciate the comments posted here and I absolutely acknowledge that increasing saturation/contrast on a piece of artwork will make it feel more vibrant, but in the context of a game the art is not their for it’s own sake, it is a tool for gameplay. What League needs is a map that allows teamfights to be more readable. While I think there is room for improvement in the map (And we will continue to develop on it) I do think that the approach we have taken serves the entire League experience in a very successful way.

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Positive Player Rewards Banner

Catch the original discussion on rewards for positive players here.



Update on rewards for positive players

Lyte Final PortraitI’m happy to answer questions about this initiative.

Some brief ones I know people are interested about: 1) Players that have not received a tangible punishment are eligible for these promotions. This means you have not received a chat restriction, ranked restriction, game ban, or permanent ban.

2) This is just the first step in a series of promotions. There should be at least 1 more before the end of 2014.

3) Because these promotions are giving out rewards on a massive scale, rewards will be sent over a window of time initially until we figure out how to make it more efficient. For example, in 2014, 95% of players will get all the positive behavior rewards.

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Rewards affecting behavior, Honor System and Future Goals

Lyte Final PortraitPositive reinforcement doesn’t work on the entire playerbase; there’s a significant number of “neutral” players that will show positive behaviors or improved behaviors because of the rewards.

Honor was always a foundation system, we have plans to expand on it further, especially in 2015 after we launch some of the current systems we’re working on. In fact, later this week players will see a brand new LeaverBuster system that will aggressively tackle AFKs/leavers in the game, with harsh penalties for leaving/afking in Ranked.

We’re hoping to do at least 1 more incentive for positive players this year, and are focusing on the new Tribunal, Honor, Team Builder, and more in 2015.

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Valuable rewards and consequences of reporting

Lyte Final Portrait1) This is just a first gesture, and not every reward is going to mean something to all players. The next reward we give might mean more to you, but less to a brand new player.

2) If trolls/toxic players want to threaten you or ask for reports without fear of any consequences, let them. Report them, mute them and move on. You’ve seen lots of players complain about their bans online–we’re pretty aggressive with that stuff now compared to 3-4 years ago.

Not every reward has to be SUPER EPIC VALUABLE to every player to mean something. Every player responds differently to different rewards, and different things matter to different people. We’ll explore a wide range of stuff over time.

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Will players in Co-op vs AI receive rewards

Lyte Final PortraitCo-op vs AI players are definitely eligible for prizes.

However, EUW will have their own Rioters running this exercise, so I’m only pulling NA chat logs for now.

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What is Riots take on Global Ults

Meddler Final PortraitWe don’t currently have any plans to remove any of the global ults in the game and in fact have a couple more in testing that are showing a lot of promise right now (at least one of which I expect you’ll see in game at some point).

When global ults have been problematic in the past (Panth/TF years ago for example) it’s been because they’ve been free targeted movement abilities. Shen’s ult by contrast shifts him to an ally’s location, not any spot of his choosing, and that restriction avoids a lot of problems (forcing uneven fights at positioning of your choosing without risk of interuption, telegraph moving to get in range etc). GP’s ult is free targeted, but doesn’t move him, so doesn’t create the same problem cases.

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How do you catalog a Champions strengths and cons

Meddler Final PortraitInternally we work with a combination of documented strengths/weaknesses, both in terms of intention and observed, that are kept in a shared file on a per champion basis, and a bunch of discussion/consensus building. Generally we’re focused on the conceptual level (e.g. Braum should be strong against ranged threats and work well with auto attacking allies, weaker against divers etc).

That’s all very much a perpetual work in progress, not a rigid locked down set of laws though of course. As new information comes in, from player discovery, changes to game systems/meta etc it’s often necessary to revisit existing assumptions and then sometimes adjust the approach you’d been taking.

Fall back patterns are something we generally want to offer to champions. Being behind should put you at a significant disadvantage, but shouldn’t effectively remove you from the game. There are some champions where that’s not really the case and that’s something that’s occasionally worth tolerating if it lets you do enough other valuable things with the character (game design’s a series of trade offs basically).

Adding counterplay’s all about giving other players ways to interact with a skill, champion or whatever. Some of the most common approaches we’ll look at include range limits or changing abilities to skillshots (positional counterplay), requiring buildup or expenditure to use abilities (resource costs, whether mana, buff building, ammo etc), substantial CDs (windows of strength and vulnerability), dependency on other elements like extra enemies/other allied champs etc.

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BotRK exploit fixed, permabans for exploiters

Exploit uses modified files

Meddler Final PortraitThe exploit in question requires file modifications, it’s not just people taking advantage of a bug.

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


SR Open Beta Banner

The new map has entered its first stage of testing on live servers!

AEON New PortraitThe update to Summoner’s Rift is live in the Team Builder queue and all bot modes.

We’re also commemorating the launch of the update to Summoner’s Rift with two exclusive new icons.

Blue (1) Red

You can earn each icon by winning a game on each side of the map.  Win once on red side? Earn the red side icon. Win a game as the blue team? The blue side icon is yours. Win as red and blue both? You’re the new owner of two nifty icons. Do it at the same time somehow? You’ve broken the internet and your prize is the singularity. The icons will be available for the next several weeks.

Baron Nashor and friends await, so why are you still reading this? Log in and throw down on the Rift’s updated look!

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And here’s the announcement for all other regions:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


New Rift QA Banner

The Q&A on the updated Summoner’s Rift has now concluded, here are all questions answered and sorted:


Summoner’s Rift Q&A:


Here are all Rioters who took part in the Q&A:

  • Aeon - Associate Producer Manager
  • Jooballin - Associate Game Engineer
  • JxE - Technical Artist
  • ManWolfAxeBoss - Q&A Analyst
  • Nekomaru – Quality Assurance Analyst
  • RGBDeathPolygons – Senior Software Engineer
  • RiotDesertRose – Senior Environment Artist
  • Tiki – User Researcher
  • Tokkelossie – Character Artist



SR Development Banner



How long has SRU been in development

Jooballin New PortraitWe’ve been working on updating Summoner’s Rift for the last few years. We’ve gone through a lot of iterations, some of which didn’t make it out to players and there have been a few iterations that have made it out to all y’all. The updated Summoner’s Rift in its current fashion has been in full production for a little over a year.

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What prompted the idea for the updated map

Jooballin New PortraitWe have many reasons to update Summoner’s Rift and the main reason is, like everything we do for LoL, to improve our players’ overall experience by continuous evolution. Our main focuses are increasing gameplay clarity and readability, visual fidelity, and thematic cohesion.

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Whats the biggest thing you learned from the old map

ManWolf New PortraitThat is a super tough question. There are so many things we wanted to preserve and build upon from the old map. Ultimately, next to game-play, the biggest lesson from the original map was how well it balanced a sense of danger with light-heated fun and whimsy.

Personally, I really wanted to make sure we kept some of the odd little things you found when really looking around the map. For instance, we added something special in the North base shop as a nod to the old days…

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Were there any funny features you had to scrap

Tiki New PortraitVultures! Vultures sound scary and like something you wouldn’t mind beating up over and over but we ran into some issues, one of them pretty big:


When the vultures flew around, our camera angle makes it pretty tough to target them effectively. We’d click one area, think we were targeting them, but not actually hit them which lead to some pretty poor gameplay 🙁

Ultimately R.I.P vultures and we went back to the drawing board!

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SR Gameplay Banner



Will the update have any effect on the gameplay at all

Tiki New PortraitOne of our main goals in designing and developing the map was to maintain the same gameplay as much as possible. Basically if you’re used to the feel of Summoner’s Rift now, it should feel about the same when the update hits with a couple of exceptions that we hope are improvements:

Clarity improvements. Ideally things should look more clear in a number of ways:

  1. Stuff stands out against the background better. This should help you more easily see your champ both in and out of teamfights
  2. When particles hit is more clear: Should help with last hitting and knowing when you’re gonna get hit.
  3. Animations are more clear for our minion attacks: Should also help with last hitting
  4. Nav Mesh is more accurate: Helps you know there path ends and wall begins. Should reduce annoying fail flashes 🙂

Baron & Dragon get waaaaaaaay more epic
These guys have an important place on the map, and a visual update alone wasn’t enough to make them feel as epic and important as they are. So we made some gameplay changes to support more epic in-game encounters and go along with their new look. We’re honestly still looking at both of these creatures closely and changes could still happen to make sure they’re working well for visuals and gameplay.

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How were the camera angle and pathing improved

Nekomaru New PortraitWe actually did a bit of trickery with the camera on the updated Summoner’s Rift to make skill-shots appear more accurate and help players on red side. The camera has been zoomed out while decreasing the field-of-view on the back-end, which has the result of showing the same amount of playable space while reducing the fish-eye effect around the edges of the screen. This reduces the curvature of visual effects (Nidalee spears!) that are near the edges so that you don’t run into the situation where you get hit by something that looks like it missed as often.

The camera angle has also been raised slightly, as the current camera angle shows more above your champion than below them when playing with a locked camera. The new camera angle evens it out so that you see about the same above and below, which should help players on red side while in lane.

As for the pathing, one of our major art goals was to make sure that the visuals of the environment match what you can and cannot walk through as accurately as possible. All of the trees, rocks, and other things blocking your movement have been created with that in mind.

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If I click a wall will I walk to the wall or try to walk around it

ManWolf New PortraitWe made some slight improvements to champion pathing, but it functions identically to live.

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Has the

ManWolf New PortraitThere’s a sizeable difference in win rates between Blue and Red, and we’ve largely narrowed it down to the camera angle–specifically because our game camera displays more game space on the top half than it does on the bottom half. The camera angle change alleviates this slightly; though we cannot FIX this issue unless the camera were completely top-down.

In addition, we pulled out the camera away from the ground plane, while decreasing the field of view simultaneously. This has the effect of showing roughly the same amount of game space, but decreases the amount of fish-eye distortion at the edges. In our game, this distortion effect causes skill shots and skill indicators to appear inaccurate. Here’s a great site that demonstrates the fish-eye effect in game cameras:

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Has jungle monster interaction been fixed

ManWolf New Portrait Leash mechanics are nearly the same as live, but some slight tweaks have been made.

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SR Upcoming features Banner



Will the shopkeepers get new VO lines

Nekomaru New PortraitVO for the shopkeepers is still something we hope to have in the future.

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ManWolf New PortraitThey will not be in for launch but it’s something we’re exploring for a possible future patch.

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Will you show where minions spawn from

ManWolf New PortraitWe’re not going to have anything in for launch, but it’s something we’re considering doing in the future.

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Will stylistically outdated Champions be updated

Tiki New PortraitYup! Lots of new visual & texture updates for champs have happened and will keep happening to make sure everything plays nice together 🙂

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SR Art Clarity Banner



Why do turrets look the same for each side

ManWolf New PortraitPart of it was clarity (making sure there is no confusion about what a turret is and does) and part of it was art (cohesive shapes and structures for each team)

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Considering you call the respawn points you considered adding real fountain elements to them

ManWolf New PortraitGreat question. We considered many angles while designing the bases. The big challenge with designing around the name used in NA is that we have many regions to consider. For instance, in China the inhibitors are called “crystals.” Therefore we decided to focus on creating thematically cohesive structures. That way we create something that really feels like a place in Runeterra.

That said, the north base kinda looks like a fountain. 😉

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Why are the jungle camps mirrored on both sides

Nekomaru New PortraitIt basically comes down to clarity. For a player who doesn’t know what the wolves do, having two different camps, say wolves and dingoes, would raise the question as to whether these monsters have different combat or provide different rewards. Having wolves on each side makes it easy for newer players to recognize that these camps serve the same purpose.

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What was the inspiration for the wildlife on the map

Nekomaru New PortraitWe started with the idea of Summoner’s Rift as a magical forest habitat. From there, the goal was to create jungle creatures that fit in and live in that environment while still fitting into the League of Legends world and remaining familiar to people who have been playing on the current Summoner’s Rift for years.

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Shouldnt the river be flowing through the lanes

ManWolf New PortraitWe agree and this was a difficult challenge to tackle given the balance the map needed to maintain. We decided to build fountains into the islands near the center of mid lane to act as a source. With a bit of imaginative thinking we see the river as “flowing” towards the edges of the map and exiting out a cave you can see outside of bot lane. We imagine there is a similar cave in the North. To keep it simple and clear we imagine the water to have descended into an underground aqueduct. It was a tough call but we wanted to prioritize game-play over art.

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SR Technical Banner



Will older machines be able to run the updated map
Jooballin New PortraitWe’ve done a lot of testing on this, and most low spec computers should run faster on the update to Summoner’s Rift. Every computer is different, so, while this can’t actually be guaranteed, we feel comfortable saying most people will have better frame rate performance now.

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RGBDeathPolygons New PortraitWill SR’s graphics be more demanding? In some ways yes, and in other ways no. You should see similar or better framerates to the current SR. We are going to be releasing a devblog in the near future that gives more information about this topic :).

When testing the update to SR, we haven’t reproduced these issues in our compatibility lab. However, there are a lot of factors that are out of our control, and there are millions of possible hardware combinations, so it’s always possible that we missed something.

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Is the map easily editable

Jooballin New PortraitWhile we have definitely taken this into consideration when building the update to Summoner’s Rift, I can’t provide an answer to any specific holiday or other skins that are upcoming.

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Are there brush changes on the updated map

Nekomaru New PortraitWhile we were working on the updated map, we noticed that the brush in top and bottom lane was actually slightly closer to the red side turrets than the blue side ones. That’s been addressed in the update, but bush placement in general is the same as the current map.

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Will the UI be 4k screen compatible

RGBDeathPolygons New PortraitCurrently, the UI does not handle extremely large display resolutions. We recognize that 4K displays are slowly becoming more common, so we may add support for them at some point.

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Will the new brush affect Rengar’s leaping range

ManWolf New PortraitAside from some minor improvements to layout, brush is identical to live.

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Will spawn animations for Baron

Jooballin New PortraitThe spawn animation will happen every time the creature actually spawns into the rift. To clarify, if the Dragon has been alive for a couple of minutes and you walk over to him, you won’t see the spawn animation play. However, if you are near the pit (or you have vision because you were a great teammate and placed a ward there) as the Dragon spawns in, you will see the animation play out. This is the case for every time the creatures spawn in.

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How big will the patch with the updated map be

Riot JxE Final PortraitWe’ve been patching out parts of the update for a while now, so you don’t have to worry about massive patch hitting you all at once.

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How will this update affect ranked games

Jooballin New PortraitThe update to Summoner’s Rift will be rolling out to the Team Builder queue first. We will eventually roll out to all queues, including ranked. At this point, all ranked games will be played on the new Summoner’s Rift, and the old one will be retired.

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SR Funny Extra Banner



Whats your favourite detail of the new map

Tiki New PortraitReally really love some of the small animations in the environment. Things like wind over the grass and trees go a long way to making the place feel like a living place to me 🙂

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Jooballin New PortraitI love the East jungle. It’s got this great eerie and magical feeling on which the artists really knocked it out of the park. I also love the Dragon encounter, especially when he spawns in. He really looks menacing.

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Will Chris Hansen be incorporated into the map somehow

Jooballin New PortraitPlease have a seat. So, what are you doing here?

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How many trees are on the new Rift

Nekomaru New PortraitDepends on if there’s a Maokai in the game.

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How do the champions arrive on Summoner’s Rift



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



Welcome to the Updated Summoner Rift Banner

Riot have released a promotional site for the new Summoner’s Rift, featuring an interactive replica of the map.


[ Note ] Summoner’s Rift will enter open beta soon. A Q&A for the updated map is scheduled tomorrow, a 1 PM PST.


Summoner’s Rift Gameplay


[ Check out the Interactive Map ]



The Bases

Base 1

Base 2

The Rift’s two new bases incorporate unique architectural and stylistic elements to help you quickly orient yourself on the map. The south base features a bold and angular look in its nexus, inhibs, towers and minions, whereas the north base uses sweeping curves and smooth lines.


Inhibitor Timers

Summoner’s Rift isn’t just about brushing up the old – we’ve also added a few new clarity tweaks, like inhibitor timers! A circle of light slowly forms around inhibs after they go boom – once the circle’s complete, the inhibitor starts back up. Now you’ll know how long you need to defend your nexus, or, if you’re pressing your victory, how long you have until the enemy nexus turns invulnerable.


The Murkwolves

Typically easy pocket money for any jungler worth their salt, the murkwolves still bite hard when they get the chance. Of course, if you’re playing Warwick, your primary role is to defend these poor guys with all your heart.



Having enjoyed League’s fastest growth spurt since Lulu ulted Zac with homeguard boots and six warmogs, Gromp’s quickly made quite the impact on the Rift. Kill the big guy for gold!


The Krugs

Contrary to popular belief, the krugs are not related to Malphite, League’s rockiest of champs. They are, however, worth a fair chunk of gold to anyone strong enough to chip them into oblivion.


Red Brambleback

Summoner’s Rift features two of these terrors. The red bramblebacks fight fiercely, but killing one grants their slayer the Crest of Cinders, which burns and slows any enemies struck.


Blue Sentinel

You’ll find a couple of blue sentinels as you wander through the Rift. Though they’re passive enough when left alone, they pack quite the punch when threatened by… say… you. Still, killing a blue sentinel’s definitely worth the trouble: on top of the gold, their killer gains the Crest of Insight, which increases mana regen and decreases ability cooldowns.


The Raptors

The Raptors might not hit the hardest of the Rift’s monsters, but killing them is a great way to pass the time when you’re mid and trying to catch up in farm.


Destructible Structures

We added some extra tech into the new Summoner’s Rift, meaning towers now crumble and fall apart as they take damage. Not only that, we used the same tech for the map’s inhibitors and nexus, so ALL THE THINGS visibly suffer under enemy aggression.



Dragon’s back and burnier than ever before. Instead of breathing itty-bitty fireballs at whoever’s closest to him, now he blasts his target with fire that hurts nearby allies.


Baron Nashor

The ol’ Baron pit, home to countless broken dreams as well as the Rift’s meanest monster. You’ll ward here, you’ll fight here, you’ll die here, and if you’re extra awesome, you might just win games here. Kill Baron and you’ll give your team the baron buff along with a good chunk of gold!


Four Quadrants

West Side Jungle

East Side Jungle

North Side Jungle

South Side Jungle

We’ve given each of the jungle areas a unique look to help you quickly orient yourself on the map. See broken redwoods? You’re looking at the north jungle. Lush green life? That’ll be the south jungle. Cool blue cairn stones? That’s the east jungle. Withered trees and purple lights? West jungle. Gray screen? You’ve died. Try harder.


Fail Flashes Be Gone!

Successful Flash is successful

There’s nothing worse than flashing to EXACTLY WHERE YOU ALREADY ARE, and while clumsy fingers might still betray you on the new map, the map itself won’t. We’ve updated Summoner’s Rift to better match the navigation mesh underneath, so you can walk over walkable terrain and more accurately figure out whether a wall can be flashed or not. Generally speaking, if terrain has elements of height, like this guy here, you’ll have a hard time flashing over it.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



News Update June 14 Banner


Karthus Champion Spotlight

Preview of New Summoner’s Rift

Red Post Collection: Update on Yordles

Single Posts


Recent News



Karthus Champion Spotlight

Following his recent visual update, Karthus got his Champion Spotlight. Warning, video contains a lot of Phreak puns about death.

Samsung vs NaJin Shields on New Summoner’s Rift

Here’s a preview of how the new map will look like in action, courtesy of Korea’s top teams.

Related Collection




Update on Yordles

We’re getting at least one more new yordle this year!

[ Question ] Will we be getting any new Yordles this year or VUs of existing Yordles?

IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Howdy.

So as you know, Heimer was sort of our new flagship for yordles, male yordles at least. He was built off of the framework of such characters as Ziggs and Lulu.

Now that he’s out, we’re ideating on several different yordle designs, revisiting a lot of our furry/semi-furry friends which need love. What’s ended up happening is not so much a grand exploration or style guide creation, though some artists have chosen to take on entire swaths of general yordle anatomy/shape/character exploration. Most of what we on ChampUp have been doing is adhering generally to what we’ve set forth in Heimer, what we’ve seen other internal collaborators make, and then let the individual concept artist working on a design execute with their own discretion with heavy feedback from the team. The results have yielded really good concepts for a number of characters. Currently we have two yordles in the concept phase which are candidate for production. These concepts still represent the very beginning of our production pipeline, and any such concepts won’t be contributing to a VU or otherwise for some time. However, my hope is that by the end of the year we’ll see at least one more yordle make it out. My hope is that it’ll be a female yordle 😉

With that said, no promises, no certainties, but that’s what preference is.

My current priority is the building of a concept “front-log” which will supply our production pipeline with approved character concepts in the form of a bucket which characters can be easily plugged into the production pipeline without a problem. All of the above characters in the OP qualify for a VU, some higher priority than others.

Hope that helps! Sorry for a certain amount of ambiguity.

[ Question ] Why do you think Lulu needs her model updated?

IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: She’s in generally good shape, but she’s going to start to look like she has problems the further we go with other yordle VU’s. She has more anatomy than most, but right now she’s pretty much all head. Though Heimer’s head is gigantic, I’d attribute that to him being a brainiac.

That said, she’s not nearly anywhere near the top of the priority list.


Bonus! Awesome Yordle Concept Arts

Art is done by Knockwurst, who’s done a lot of splash arts for League and even draws comics! 


Yordle Exploration by Knockwurst

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[ Question ] Is there any chance you release a list of champions scheduled for an update? 

IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: I wish I could share such a list, but most likely not. Our priorities can sometimes change, or something could explode, get re-slotted, etc. 

There’s a lot of factors in how we consider candidates for VU’s or even more overhaul. If it’s mainly art, each discipline will go in and grade at what level they feel the current execution is. So in someone like, let’s say, Morgana’s situation, concept, 3D, animation, etc, will give her low marks. That will decide how much in need she is from an artistic standpoint. Now this need could be really high, but cross reference that with how much of the champion we see in the game, is that champion in need of a gameplay overhaul, etc. That will slide up or down the likely hook of us devoting resources to a character and in what order in front of or behind other characters. 

Other things to consider are opportunities, or “low hanging fruit” (I hate that term). Which means, is the bang for the buck substantial? Will the proposed changes really enhance how much love this character gets from players? Is this character thematically a home-run and doesn’t need much ideation? Those factors can dictate whether or not we take on something which is merely fidelity, like Karthus, versus something that’s akin to making an entirely new champion, like Sion. 

Further variables arise when the team itself is taken into consideration. How much work will this character need? Is it excessively animation or VFX heavy? How many skins does the character have? These factors can be mitigated by bandwidth, resources on the team, team excitement, etc. Right now, I think the team is more interested in tackling Eve than Morgana honestly despite them needing about the same amount of work. 

All of these factors fluctuate. As we dig into our roster and analyize them by plugging in these data points, we sorta get this order of priority spat out. However, we don’t just stick with what an excel spreadsheet tells us. We’re going to weigh costs and benefits. 

So, while we currently have our “fantasy slotting” of champions on our hit list for the rest of this year and the next, we’re going to go back in and analyze our decisions and see what’s actually possible to make and at what cadence. I’d love to be able to post that up, but I have a feeling my producers wouldn’t really be cool with that. Heh.

I think when we have it more or less locked down, we can start talking about characters we really want to tackle without spelling out specifically what we’re doing in what order. I’m very wary of raising expectations.. I also don’t like ruining surprises when we have some potentially in store 

[ Question ] Why don’t you increase the amount of Bans in Ranked?

Riot Moonleaf Button Rioter Riot Moonleaf: There are many different philosophies of banning
– What has the highest win ratio ATM
– What is perceived to be OP
– What is the FotM
– What is difficult to play against
– What popular streamers ban/play well with
– Banning out a player by removing 3 common picks for a role and firstpicking the fourth

Some philosophies even contradict each other, eg banning Akali due to perception would make no sense for someone who looks at her 50% win ratio.

For some of those mentalities a fourth ban could be useful, for others it would be abusable (eg the last one) while others won’t benefit even though they might think they do (eg FotM). For that reason it’s impossible to please everyone.

Also, adding a 4th ban would hurt the players with smaller champion pools (eg Bronze, Silver).

In general I think that the number of bans at the moment is a good middle ground.

[ Follow-up ] Are you refusing to add more bans just because of LCS?

Riot Moonleaf Button Rioter Riot Moonleaf: We want a healthy LCS, but we also want a healthy ranked play in all tiers. These two are not mutually exclusive.

I’m not disagreeing with the 4th ban, there might be a 4th ban for each team in the future. But I’d like that change to happen in order to promote gameplay instead of hampering it.

[ Question ] What’s your opinion on Ichors on Twisted Treeline?

Ichor of Rage Ichor of Illumination

Scarizard Button Rioter Scarizard: My general thinking is that Ichors, while kind of imba atm, are important distinctions from Summoner’s Rift. (opinion: i think by definition, all ‘alternate maps’ items should be treated as a cool lever that can be used to help identify the map they’re on – feel me?)

We could easily ‘nerf’ them by just removing them and replacing them with Elixirs, but it’s a clear thread through my lurking that TT players like their map being ‘SR Kinda’ and not just SR Lite.

I’ll be pretty up-front and say i’m interested in removing the Resource Regen from Blue Ichor altogether. Structure DMG (while probably OP) is at least interesting to me in that it calls for a specific action once you take it – Resource Regen is like ‘I wanna fight…maybe? Maybe i just want to stall forever.’ When the map already has a global chalice aura, it gets difficult for me to justify Ziggs Potion as an item.

-gauging if TT players enjoy the secondary ‘map-only’ effects ichors give or if they just want reg. elixirs
-looking to replace blue ichor’s effect with something more defining/actionable, and hopefully more balanceable than stallfest ZiggsPot
-bonus round: if players feel RagePot is too unsatisfying, Structure DMG could become something else

that’s kind of where my head’s at atm – this is purely ideation phase, so don’t worry – not the end of the world! would like to get Ichor changes relatively soon into an upcoming patch tho, so speak up if y’all got thoughts!

[ Question ] Has the Exterminator skin for Twitch been canceled?

IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Story time. When we were doing the twitch VU, I was actually entering into 3D for the first time. So, part of what I did was to take Grumpy Monkey’s sculpt of Twitch and make a costume. I decided to revisit exterminator twitch and did a high-rez sculpt of him.

We used some of those assets to prime our demo for PAX East. So, currently he has a zbrush model hanging around. Right now I don’t know plans or timelines for the skin, but we think it’s a great idea. It won’t end up being my call, but my hope is that the skin sees the light of day, but I doubt it’ll be any time in the immediate future.

Here’s hoping!

[ Question ] Why am I being endlessly chat restricted?

Keyru Button Rioter Keyru: The reason for chat restrictions is to help players notice the negative behavior they are displaying and work towards reforming in a more positive manner. Most toxicity comes from chat. We don’t expect this to be a quick change but a work in progress. Acknowledging is the first step into reforming. We understand that the game can be frustrating and make people rage, especially ranked. I’ve been there. This should not happen on a consistent basis though.

Looking into your account, it seems that you don’t want to focus on becoming a cooperative team member but rather use your restricted chat to consistently abuse and harass your teammates with derogatory terms. It’s actually not surprising that you are continually getting hit by chat restrictions after your last set ends. 

Restrict chat to only specify objectives or give positive reinforcements. If you have nothing good to say, it is better to not say anything at all. Chatting is not obligated and is why we created the smart ping system to help with communication.…803-Smart-Ping

Work towards reducing negative behavior displayed and the chat restrictions will decrease overtime.

[ Question ] Why do Ahri’s tails all come out of different places on her body?

Riot Whist Button Rioter Riot Whist: Back in the day we outsourced rigs, animation, and models for just about everything.

It could be worse. Ahri VU would not have this. (Ahri VU is not anytime soon though)

It bugs us too.



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