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Champion Skin Sale July 4 Banner

The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until July 4th:


  • Pantheon – 395 RP
  • Xerath – 440 RP
  • Zed – 487 RP


Mercenary Katarina – 260 RP


Pentakill Mordekaiser – 487 RP


Runeguard Volibear – 487 RP



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


May 24 News Banner


Red Post Collection

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Recent News


PBE-23-May-Banner Morello-Upcoming-Soraka-Rework-Banner Riotrepertoir-Continued-Nidalee-Rework-QA-Banner (1)



Riotchun Patch 4 point 9 Forecast Banner

Riotchun has shared on the forums what we can expect from Patch 4.9 in terms of balance.



Hi guys, here is Chun with 4.9 Patch Forecast, where I’ll be talking about the major issues we’re looking at in League of Legends. Keep in mind that the forecast is more about identifying problems that we’re looking at, and not promises of changes to come in each patch. Some changes might take longer than others!


Khazix New Portrait


As Jag mentioned in last forecast ( ), we have been working on Kha’Zix. Currently Kha’Zix is being played and built like a brute-force fighter who can initiate a team fight while also being able to survive to clean it up. Assassins in League need to rely on fighters or tanks to initiate fights before they take the opportunity to engage, but Kha’Zix is able to do it all by himself, which gives him a lot of free power. We’re looking at highlighting Kha’Zix’s assassin powers over his fighter abilities.

As a side goal, some of Kha’Zix’s evolutions are really powerful and certain ones are really weak (hello W), so we want to make all 4 of his evolutions compete with each other (maybe not equally, but situationally), so you can choose the evolution to adapt what you need it in certain phases of games.


Kassadin New Portrait


As a rework follow up, we’ve been keeping track of Kassadin as he continues to become a more and more dominant force. We think we released Kassadin in a good state but then gave him a little too much strength as we saw players struggling with the new kit. The buffs taught players how to play the updated Kass, so we’re peeling back the layers we added to get him back to a correct power level.


New Portrait Kayle


Kayle right now is being played as an AP-scaling supportive mobile ADC because of her consistent burst, her high ramping damage and her high utility. What this also does is give her very few weaknesses as she can shred everyone in the fight while staying just out of range to use her Intervention on a teammate. We’re looking at ways to give Kayle some real weaknesses to compensate for her high strengths so she needs to think about how she gets into the fray.


LeBlanc New Portrait


As mentioned in 4.7 forecast, we’re continuing to look into LeBlanc. Some of the things we like about LeBlanc are her high precision, her skill requirements, and her trickiness. Unfortunately she’s doing all of this along with having crazy high burst damage without any counterplay for the enemy. LeBlanc has so much damage that in competitive play she doesn’t even need a Deathfire Grasp to burst down enemies (and DFG is potentially overboard at doing this). This tells us that LeBlanc is scaling very well (too well?) as a burst champion, and we’re trying to find a way to balance her tricky / precise burst while making her fair to play against.


Braum New Portrait


As a follow -up to a newly released champion, Braum is a little too powerful at this point. We are happy with what he can do for his team in team fights as a shield man, but meanwhile he is getting very tanky too quickly and he’s a strong lane bully at same time. When we release champions we have to think about how players will get used to their playstyle, but people were mastering Braum very quickly so we’re keeping an eye on his performance across all levels of play.


New Portrait Pantheon


Grand Skyfall was always intended to be a high risk, high reward – a high damage global ability that’s inconsistent. We’ve never been a fan of Pantheon’s ability to cast spells while landing (which made his ult very reliable), but as he’s gotten more into the spotlight, we finally decided to make the fix (and then forgot to document it, which was a big mistake). Either way, we’ve fixed the bug with Pantheon’s ult where he could be affected by AoE abilities before he lands, but we’re still trying to find a good way to make Grand Skyfall feel good to use without directly buffing its power levels (Pantheon has actually been pretty stable from some of our internal statistics).


Jungle XP New Portrait


We have bigger plans for the jungle, but currently we’re seeing problems where junglers are getting really far ahead of the game, especially if they have a strong start. We think it might have to do with lane EXP versus monster EXP, as lane minion EXP doesn’t scale with average champion level, but jungle monster EXP does. Basically a snowballing jungler gets his teammates some kills, they get levels and bring up the average level of the game, and then the jungler gets even more experience as he clears camps for additional rewards. No other lanes get this kind of bonus, and we’ve always been aware of strong junglers controlling the pace of the game, so we’re looking for ways to tone that down.



Q: Isn’t the lower Jungle XP a nerf to tanky support junglers, who are already weak in the current meta?


SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: I get your concern here and just wanted to offer up a couple responses.

The first is that while it’s true that this will also be a slight nerf to jungle support tanks, the relative nerf is much lighter on them than it is on fighter/assassin junglers. Basically, this XP scaling ramped up as the game ramped up, meaning that it has a very minimal impact on the first 6 levels of the game and was mostly impacting the XP from camps in the mid to late game. During these later phases of the game, not only are Tanks slower at dedicated jungle farming, but they’re also spending more time ganking, assisting lanes, and donating camps to teammates than their damage dealing counterparts. So all in all, yes, their strength is slightly lower from this change than it was prior to this change, but they lost much less than the class that they are trying to compete with and thus get relatively stronger (slightly).

The second response I’ll offer up is that we’re still working on larger jungle projects aimed more directly at bringing Tank junglers back up to par with Fighters/Assassins. The change for XP in this patch is merely a response to a problematic trend we’re seeing, it’s not nearly large enough scale to be aimed at solving the larger issues that are causing Tanks to suffer in the Season 4 jungle. As I said above, I believe the net result of this change is a small relative benefit for Tank junglers, but this change is not aimed at the problem you’re stating and rather, we have a larger on-going project that is working towards the issues you’re seeing.



Q: Do you think these changes will solve the current issues with LeBlanc and Kayle?


RiotChun Button Rioter RiotChun: At this point, we are just doing experimental changes to LeBlanc/Kayle and there is a good chance that we will not release those changes for 4.9.

To be more specific, I personally believe LeBlanc’s damage is a little too high as she has above-average base damage and very-high AP ratio (3.7 ap ratio for a QRWE combo -_-). Changing the Mimic damage is a good direction to try but we are still trying to find a way to balance her tricky / precise burst while making her fair to play against as I mentioned in the OP.

For Kayle, it is not the case you are afraid of. There are high strengths of Kayle and she just needs some real weaknesses. Range reduction would be effective but we are still exploring.



Ymir Chat Restriction Banner

Chat restriction has been a hot topic this week, with thousands of players expressing confusion as to why they were suddenly punished. Ymir steps on the forums to clear some of the misconceptions about labeling people “toxic” in-game.


Relevant Red Post Collection





Q: Why are you chat restricting people who flame with the intention of showing a teammate what they did wrong?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: What we want is to let you know other people don’t like playing with someone who is a constant critic. You’re not actually improving the game or the individual and that means anything you type is entirely negative.

If you can just let your flame end at your fingertips then, like the vast majority of players, you’ll be 100% fine and never experience a Chat Restriction or anything else.



Q: What should we do if we’re not allowed to critique a bad player / intentional troll ?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: What I wouldn’t do is get down to his level because there are still eight other people in the game who want to play the game and getting into a fight with someone who quite obviously isn’t thinking straight or is just confused is always a recipe for a disaster.

It’s quite obvious that dude made a bad call and is probably more angry with himself than with you.

I’d mute the guy and encourage the rest of my team before dropping a report. It doesn’t need to be an extreme and most people who play League of Legends have never encountered any form of punishment or warning. They constantly give advice, but they’re not critical in the way I tend to see people talking about their restrictions here are. 

If you’re using words like flame or witty to describe your critiques then you’re looking to own someone and not make them better players and that is a key difference.



How do Chat Restrictions work?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: Chat Restrictions actually have a lot going on, a misconception I’ve seen here is that it’s simply a set number of reports = punishment. There is more to it than that and you don’t have to worry about that guy who reports everyone because the system is elegant enough to pick it up.

The reason some of the higher numbers of both people with these and also 40+ games is down to the Tribunal changes and not the everyday system. We may have more going on with that in the future so we may not be done with waves just yet. One thing we can’t do and it’s a bit of a pickle for us is go into depth about numbers and levels of the system as if we talk too much about it the effectiveness is lessened as people attempt to game the system.

This has always been the case in any Player Behaviour initiative and it sucks because where we need transparency we can’t bring it as it has the potential to break things. This is far from just a Riot concern.

The main thing with Chat Restrictions is they are fast and have been in game for close to a year now. They are not a new feature and they’re pretty much proven through speed of action and having players think about where they allocate their communication to educate and make rapid improvements. Which has long been a request and long been a goal of ours.

We’re constantly monitoring this and one thing we have most definitely not seen in Chat restriction experiments is that they cause games to be lost. What we have seen is people with Chat Restrictions receiving less reports and improvement that makes the game a far better experience.



Q: Isn’t going alone in fights a sign of intentional trolling?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: As someone who everyone in the office can vouch does this with some regularity it isn’t about ruining the game it’s a weird barbarian complex where the opportunity for something epic is dangled like a carrot and I can’t help but chase it.

‘YMIR NO!’ Is a common shout on Skype or across the office.

Sometimes it pays off and I cackle madly, sometimes I get my ass kicked. The main point is the followthrough on this, I’ll never blame anyone else and I’ll make sure that if I’m in a game with strangers I halt myself from going too crazy. That said I have sympathy for people who make a questionable play, they’re genuinely not trolling to them at that time and on their screen they saw a BIG PLAY and tried to take it.

Whether it’s inexperience, greed, bloodlust or Teemo Hate something drove them to do it beyond trolling or feeding. A reaction against the rest of the team afterwards is them venting at themselves most of the time and the key thing there is not to engage on it as it just gives them an outlet to continue venting.



Q: Have you ever considered adding a self-chat-restriction buttons for players who can’t control themselves?


Ymir Button Rioter Ymir: This is an interesting one.

What we found was that actually allowing players to mute themselves did not have any real effect, or the potential for effect. It became a crutch and they didn’t actually learn what they were saying was wrong. If you do this then it becomes a system where any change is reliant upon tools to change whereas the system now puts it on you to change.

For very few people it may work, but for most it’s an option that doesn’t really work out the way it should and if they need a Chat Restriction they’ll end up with one through the system.



BelligerentSwan New Audio Engine Banner

League of Legends will be getting a new sound engine in a few patches time. Senior Sound Designer BelligerentSwan has stepped on the forums to answer community questions regarding the upcoming feature.



Reporting bugs with the new audio engine


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: As always, if you find a bug (with the current or new audio engeine) let us know! If it is an audio specific issue, feel free to report them directly on the Audio Section, or for general issues the Bug Reports Section. Also, if you have a PBE account, stay on the lookout for periodic PBE tests where the engine will be activated.



Q: Will this allow me to mute character voices without muting the entire game’s sound?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: You can currently do this already! When in game, open the settings menu, select sounds, and click the small speaker icon at the end of the “Voice Volume” slider to mute the in-game voices.




Q: Will the new audio engine be supported by Windows XP?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: If you can run the game, you shouldn’t have an issue with this new audio engine! If you run into any problems though, feel free to report them over in the Audio Feedback section, or the Bug Reports section.




Q: If you are in fact aiming for the camera being the listener, as we were told here, then why not just put the microphone at the camera?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: This was actually more involved than just moving the listener (microphone). When you move the listener, it affects all the sound levels in game. It has a big impact on how things sound at a specific distance based on your current position. We essentially had to go back in an re-mix all the content to match this new position without having a negative impact on the gameplay feedback that sounds deliver. However, fixing the listener was just one part of the changes with the New Audio Engine, and not the only reason we are changing Audio Engines.



Q: Will the new engine fix the delay in voice responses when emotes are requested?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: For some VO that is processed (added effects to make it sound a certain way like Thresh, Blackfrost Anivia, Lissandra, etc…), they will usually have long “tails” where the sound might not be immediately audible in some cases, but has reverb or something that adds to the overall quality of the VO. You are correct in the fact that a new line of VO won’t trigger in some instances if a previous VO line is already playing.



Q: Will we be able to change the language pack without messing with the game files?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: We won’t be changing anything regarding how you select the language packs.





Q: Will the new engine have an option to lower both Champion Select sound and in-game sound at once?


BelligerentSwan Button Rioter BelligerentSwan: The New Audio Engine is separate from the champ select screen. You can adjust these volumes separately. For Champ Select music, I believe you can select the Gear looking icon in the upper right corner and adjust the sfx and music volume there. For in game sounds/music/voices, open the opens menu in-game, and select the Sound page.



Single Posts banner



Q: Is Irelia’s rework still underway?


 Button Riotermorellovatar Morello: Irelia would be easier than Soraka – but I think we gotta stare down Sion and Poppy before that 🙂





Q: Is Soraka’s ultimate in need of changes?


 Button Riotermorellovatar Morello: We actually like Wish, it’s one of the most strategically good spells she has.





Q: Any chance you can update Taric’s visuals?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: I don’t think Taric’s in the immediate priority, but we agree he’s on the “ugh” list of badness. 🙂 I’d have to ask artists on their thoughts of VU and how that relates to gameplay update.

In this case, we’d be waiting to add Gameplay until a VU, since we can easily piggyback on the new VFX and animations (which lets us release more reworks when we do this!)



Bug Report: Purple splash particles missing from Koi Nami’s taunt animation


RiotNurseFlan Button Rioter RiotNurseFlan: Oh dear, water shortage crisis!
The water particles should be there on Koi Nami, thanks for pointing it out :]





Q: Do you plan on updating older Legendary skins to the quality of current ones?


Riot jXe Button Rioter Riot JxE: I think they will definitely consider it, there’s no doubt about that. I don’t know if they’ll do it or not, because there’s a lot of variables and trade-offs that go in to making these decisions.




Q: Why was I Chat Restricted?


Riot Moonleaf Button Rioter Riot Moonleaf: We have pre-announced that chat restrictions are coming here. If you want more information on why your account received a chat restriction please send a ticket to Support and the Support team will provide more information. Obviously we can’t discuss account details over the forum.



May 24 TLDR Banner


1. The forecast for Patch 4.9 has been shared on the forums.

  • Kha’Zix is too tanky in teamfights for how well he deals with priority targets and this is something the balance team will address. Evolutions will also be evened out so all 4 are viable options and dependent on the flow of the match.
  • Kassadin was buffed in response to players struggling to counter his kit. Now that they’ve adapted, his power will be toned down a bit.
  • Kayle is currently lacking big weaknesses, while bringing a lot of up-front damage and utility for her team. The team is exploring ways of adding counterplay to her kit.
  • LeBlanc‘s damage is simply too high for the amount of mobility and utility she brings in high-level play. This will be nerfed in an upcoming patch.
  • Braum is currently becoming too tanky with little effort. The team is still monitoring his performance.
  • With Pantheon‘s recent bugfix leaving his ultimate severely weakened, the team is exploring ways to make Grand Skyfall feel satisfying while maintaining its high-risk global skill factor.
  • Jungle XP currently scales with average Champion level, which means snowballing junglers can greatly pull ahead in terms of XP on the map. Experience from monster camps in the mid- and late- game is going down significantly.

2. Ymir has answered some of the community’s concerns regarding the recent chat restriction wave. Recommend you read through it if you’ve been affected or you’re just interested to see how this punishment is distributed.

3. Morello has confirmed Soraka‘s ultimate is in a good place and that long-cooldown heals are a fun mechanic in League.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.



Patch 4 point 8 Banner


Patch 4.8 Notes


Relevant News


River Spirit Nami Youtube Banner Blade Queen Lissandra Youtube Banner Pantheon Stealth Fix Banner



Udyr & Spiritguard Udyr Stun Indicator


Classic Udyr E Indicator

Classic Udyr E Indicator

Spiritguard Udyr E Indicator

Spiritguard Udyr E Indicator





Blitzcrank ChoGathKhazix



Minor Changes and Bug Fixes



Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar

Twin Shadows

Twisted Treeline


Jungle Monsters

Team Builder

Team Builder

Upcoming Skins

Upcoming Skins

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.


Pantheon Stealth Fix Banner


Recent Red Post Collections:


 Pantheon recently received a nerf to the landing time on his ultimate, to properly coincide with the animation. After the community’s backlash at this being labeled a bugfix right after Dragonslayer Pantheon was released, Pwyff came up to the forums to explain the team’s reasoning.



Riot Pwyff Button Rioter Riot Pwyff: Alright I just got some spare time to write (aka I just got home).

First – sorry for the delay in the response. I got the information wrong the first time (see my first post) so I spent today ensuring we had the full information before saying anything else.

Second – the change itself.

There’s a nuanced approach that needs to be taken when it comes to a “bug” that the community has generally learned to play around / with. When a bug is taken for granted so much that it essentially gets factored into a champion’s power budget (“Oh, Pantheon’s Grand Skyfall is fairly forgiving as a gank/setup ability, given what he can do”), we need to take a more nuanced approach to fixing what was, at the end of the day, a very real visual clarity issue.

At the end of the day, Grand Skyfall is an ability that promises two things:

a) Pantheon will land at the center of the circle, dealing damage
b) Getting away from the center of the circle ensures your safety

Before we fixed this bug both of the above statements were factually incorrect. Pantheon could literally movewhile in his falling pattern, and he could cast spells (not queue up spells, literally cast them) while on his downward fall. Not only that, but Grand Skyfall actually dealt its damage a full 0.5 seconds later than when Pantheon landed. So enemies that moved away from the epicenter in that time period simply took less damage.

ALl of this is significant because any form of visual expectation or gameplay expectation from someone who doesn’t know Pantheon can be confusing. Pantheon literally lands at the edge of his circle with a stun, and then damage is dealt in the aoe. It’s weird.

The fix, however, was ham-fisted. Not in its game health aspirations but in its narrative aspirations. It literally told no story. There wasn’t a “look, you need to understand what visual clarity means and why it’s so important to us” – instead it accidentally got in without setting the stage, and nobody took ownership of it until it was way too late. Catastrophically so.

So design-wise, what does this mean? We’re going to keep a close eye on Pantheon on live right now. The issue is that, from an internal data standpoint Pantheon’s not seeing incredible losses in certain statistics (win rates, etc). This is probably due to Feral Flare junglers getting nerfed and SotEL junglers taking over the throne (Kha/Lee/Panth).

Regardless, this is was a significant functionality shift for visual clarity at the cost of expected gameplay. We will be fixing Pantheon. I don’t mean this in the sense of reverting the change completely, because we still value visual clarity. If Pantheon needs a shorter channel / indication period before he lands, we’ll look into that. We’ll absolutely need to fix Pantheon’s ability to be affected by AoEs before he lands (that’s just bad). We’re not doing great on trust in this regard, but I hope you can trust that we will find the healthiest change that retains Pantheon’s feel without sacrificing visual clarity.

Third – the skin fiasco and/or refunds.

You’ll notice in the above I don’t comment on the skin at all, and that’s because our designers made the change independent of if/when the skin was launching. The skins team went to the champ design bros and asked them to help clean up Pantheon’s scripts so his model could be hooked up right. While the champ bro was doing it, he decided to also fix the visual discrepancy with Pantheon’s ult. The change went through without documentation because it was forgotten.

When this bug was raised we immediately raised visibility and asked, and the first response was that this was simply a visual clarity fix and had no functionality change. I communicated that quickly and felt it was alright. Unfortunately, the issue flared up again when tons of Pantheon players picked up the skin and started discussing even more. I did a deeper analysis with SmashGizmo and we realized that this also had huge implications on Pantheon’s bugged capabilities. Rather than simply leaving it, we decided that messaging it was important.

At no point were sales ever considered in this equation and it kind of depresses me that such a conclusion can be jumped to, given we’ve shot ourselves overtly in the foot before (hi Riven). When the evidence suggests this was simply malpractice, but players are yelling at us being greedy (what kind of tradeoff is that?) it’s kind of weird.

On the point of refunds, I can’t promise they’ll just be given out ad-hoc, but player support does listen and read tickets, and as players too I’m sure they’d understand the circumstances. Regardless of refunds, however, I’d make the statement that skins purchases have never been about power and/or immunity from change. The skin represents the months of work put into it for animations, visual effects, and modeling, and purchasing a skin has always been a visual commitment. Obviously that sounds logical up until your favorite champion gets nerfed and you find it difficult to play them, but it’s a statement of sorts.

I ended up writing an essay here, but I wanted to be sure I covered all the bases. This is just me writing at home because I realized I didn’t manage to give this my full attention while at work.



Answers to Criticism


Riot Pwyff Button Rioter Riot Pwyff: Quick answers and then I have to run out for the day 




Originally Posted by Mever619 View Post
1- Stop trying to guilt-trip people, thats just low.


I can see how that would be interpreted. I was just trying to explain why it took me so long (and not a bunch of people sitting in a room hashing out the answer). My bad.


Originally Posted by Mever619 View Post
2- About the ” skin does not protect from nerfs” – why do you forget to write the truth in that sentence? ” From stealh nerfs”. You changed him – didnt tell people – you sold it.

How about I buy a car, and then the seller tells me ” Oh I forgot to mention, the engine has been damaged during our yesterdays maintenance. Sorry slipped my mind. But new car does not protect you from … engine damage… especially the one that i kept hidden.” How does that sound to you?


Here’s the thing and I’m not using this to invalidate your opinion, but hear me out: you buy a car for its aesthetic andengine. Those are both implicit in the price, or cars with incredible engines and horrendous aesthetics wouldn’t be worth what they’re worth. Buying a Pantheon skin and seeing that he’s less powerful than what he used to be does relate to a sense of expectation, but if we were to ship this change in 4.9 with clear messaging before and after (but with less bugs…), this would be a game health change for a champion who happened to have a skin. We did this exact same thing with Riven when her Lunar New Year skin came out.


Originally Posted by Mever619 View Post
3- Want to fix pantheon? Do it now. Do it in 4.8 . We do NOT want to wate into 4.9 to see ” his Q damage risened by 5 dmg at all ranks, there you go, enjoy.”. You unjustly nerfed a core ability of a champion beyond being usable, so fix it AS FAST AS IT TOOK YOU TO BREAK IT.


From a player perspective each change can be taken personally, so a reaction like this isn’t unwarranted. The issue with hotfixes, so close to a patch cycle (which brings other changes and other pieces of content for playersr) is that a hotfix is inherently far more risky for the larger playerbase. If a bug gets introduced with a hotfix, there’s no expectation that the servers will be down for another hour while it’s being deployed, whereas with regular patch releases we get the opportunity to do it right and in a stable way.

The problem is that this change got fully investigated just as the code locked for 4.8. What that means is that we stopmaking any significant changes to the game code for a patch because we want to ensure it’s stable to deploy early next week (so we focus on any new bugs that could crash games, etc). This was probably the worst timing I’ve ever seen of a bug being noticed, a skin being released, and a change being undocumented, but there it is. We’re working as fast as we can without tripping over the servers to do so.


Originally Posted by Mever619 View Post
4- Maybe just reverse the change, as you see, the community will be happy?


Feels like you didn’t read the game health aspect of this change. It was a good direction and there are many changes for game health that won’t be appreciated but sometimes need to be made. That’s a truth.


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post
2.1: “Before we fixed this bug”
If it’s a bug, it does not take FOUR years to identify it. If it’s a nerf, call it a god damn nerf.


Agreed, it’s a nerf. It’s also a bug that gave Pantheon a lot of unexpected power. Can we agree on that?


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post

2.2: “Grand Skyfall actually dealt its damage a full 0.5 seconds later than when Pantheon landed”Then make the damage apply when Pantheon lands. Like seriously?


That’s what we did. Literally. The problem is, is that if Pantheon lands when the damage gets dealt then he’s effectively unable to move / cast spells before that, which is exactly the change we made.


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post

2.3: “Pantheon could literally move while in his falling pattern, and he could cast spells”I’m up for removing the ability to cast spells while landing, but instead the landing time should be REDUCED to allow the ability to cast a spell after landing. It is close to impossible to do it with the current live values (which btw is a full ONE second and not 0.5 longer than you guys state). Oh and Pantheon can get CC-ed while landing ?!?!!?!?


We’re looking into that. Final point: Grand Skyfall has always been intended as an inconsistent ability used to zone out / scare the **** out of people as they’re engaging. It still accomplishes that, but, yes, at the cost of the Pantheon player.


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post

2.4: “from an internal data standpoint Pantheon’s not seeing incredible losses in certain statistics (win rates, etc)”This is EXACTLY the proof that you guys KNEW of the possible impact this ‘bug fix’ would have on Pantheon. Once again, if it’s a nerf, call it a god damn nerf.


Many things contribute to win rate, which is why it’s not the only data point we ‘balance’ by. The landscape of the game can shift, or a skin can be released that causes a huge influx of players, or the champion gets picked in LCS, etc. It’s a nerf and a bug fix.

To your first sentence (exactly the proof), it was the opposite. It was difficult to understand why his win rate wasn’t tanking if the change ‘gutted him’ and made him completely inviable, which is what many of you are saying here. I’m guessing it’s because of the whole Feral Flare nerf / SotEL resurgence masking / balancing his losses and gains, but he’s still 50/50 in win rates. I never use win rates as a statistic because they tell an extremely incomplete story, but it’s a data point to consider.


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post

3.1: “The change went through without documentation because it was forgotten.”Like really? Referring to point 2.4 above, you knew of the possible implications to Pantheon’s gameplay. “Forgotten”, REALLY?


Literally they forgot to document it. Our documentation process is: “if you made a change, put it in this page and Aether / Pwyff (Aether does a lot of work on the holistic patch notes + visuals) will make sure it gets published.”

They considered the gameplay implications, felt this was appropriate for game health, and then made the change. Then they forgot to document it. Human error.


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post

3.2: “When this bug was raised we immediately raised visibility”Oh by raising visibility you mean a few comments here and there on the forums? Firstly, you did not talk about the values of the increased time. Secondly, you did not acknowledge the nerf but basically stated that “if it did happen it wasn’t intentional”. I refer you to your post posted 6 days ago. Thirdly, it was done on the EUW forums which sadly just isn’t as active and visible as the NA forums. Fourthly, and most importantly, the official statement and hidden patchnote was only released YESTERDAY…30430#47130430. “We immediately raised visibility”, really?


We made the official statement after we fully confirmed what this was. It took that long because sometimes these things do take time (well that’s a redundant statement). We were slow though, I admit that.


Originally Posted by BicesterVillager View Post

3.3: “At no point were sales ever considered in this equation”Refer to point 3.2, the official statement was only given 1 day AFTER the new skin was released for sale. A FULL WEEK after the nerf was discovered.


So here’s where I disagree. You’re using circumstantial evidence to justify a position while I’m using inductive evidence to do so. I explained why and how this happened, but you’re still trying to attribute malice or greed because in your mind that makes the most logical sense. That said, we have no history of ever ninja nerfing for a skin, and due to the way our game is coded (see above) we occasionally run into hilariously tragic circumstances like these. I’ll once again raise Riven as a counterpoint of a champion we nerfed as we released a skin (and we talked about it openly). I’m sure there are a number of champions we’ve done this to (Udyr and his legendary skin I think?).

We had no idea the skin was being released when it was released, but it DID raise additional visibility to find out what was going on. That’s it.



Answers to Criticism (to continued)


Riot Pwyff Button Rioter Riot Pwyff: First, the concept of holding someone ‘hostage’ to answering a hostile (and leading) set of questions is disrespectful for anyone (Rioters or otherwise) and I’m concerned people think that’s a viable approach to having a discussion.

That said, I’ll answer a few things then I’m going to leave the topic alone just because I think we’re exhausted most constructive things to say (outside of straight disagreement!). We’re definitely investigating the whole thing:


Originally Posted by Meppho View Post
I’m a little confused here.
Your title says “Player Communications” but you communicate to the players in your spare time?


Player Communications isn’t the equivalent of a Community Manager – nobody at Riot is specifically hired to only talk on the forums because every Rioter can do so. Player Communications is a simple way of saying that my job focuses on communications management / strategy (how we can be transparent and communicate our intentions in the best ways possible). Interacting in this forum topic, for example, probably only communicates to a dozen (maybe a hundred) players who are bumping it. Beyond that, everyone else reads the first few posts (or doesn’t even read them thoroughly, as some comments demonstrate) and then they leave.

You’re actually an example of one such, as we get to:


Originally Posted by Meppho View Post
On second thought, why did this become a discussion about Panth’s balance and not about applying changes without telling anyone (by means of patch notes) and then denying them until the skin came out?


I’ve owned the mistake within this thread and I haven’t deleted or changed any previous communications. Specifically I asked about it, the designer said it now visually matched up, but didn’t realize the whole “could cast abilities while off-screen” change was a larger issue (or failed to indicate to me). As such, my first communication was misinformed and I investigated deeper when I heard more feedback. That’s what happened, plain and simple. There are apologies to be made on my behalf (sorry I didn’t do my due diligence), however, the argument that Pantheon is nigh useless because of this nerf is just plain wrong. I would agree this is a nerf, but Panth’s win rate has remained close to unaffected throughout this patch, and that is a true fact.

That Pantheon ‘feels’ clunkier or less smooth is more of an issue we will tackle.


Originally Posted by WNES Apo View Post
you agreed its both a nerf and a bug fix, but Pantheon didnt need a nerf, so if the bug fix affects its power, its not great AT ALL. maybe you guys could have buffed him in some other way.


I think we do feel Pantheon needed a nerf – specifically for the sake of clarity. He simply wasn’t performing what his visual expectation was, and you have to play against him constantly to understand that he can move and cast spells before he lands. In other words, tribal knowledge.

That said, where the communication failure compounded this because we effectively ‘clarified’ 4+ years of tribal knowledge without properly setting context. That’s where we failed, plain and simple.


Originally Posted by Mever619 View Post
1- Reffering to what you said about ” this is exactly what we did, now panth falls down as damge is dealt but hes unable to do anything untill then ” —> When trying to connect Damage and the actual Fall of pantheon, Why did you choose to push Fall 1 second later, instead of damage 1 second earlier? From my perspective that would make more sense and pantheon would be the same he was for 4 years. Instead nerfed. Why ” nerfed” instead of ” nothing happens just pulled the damage 1 second back in time ” ?


Because prior to this change, Pantheon needed a nerf if anything. He’s extremely strong and inhibits a lot of early game junglers along with gank-heavy dueling champions like Lee Sin and Elise.

The TLDR of your question is… “why not buff instead of nerfing?” which is a little odd.


Originally Posted by Mever619 View Post
2- What is the preffered course of action now? Reversing the change or buffing elswhere or remaking the ultimate? Becaue I assure you I play mostly only pantheon and right now, his ultimate actually doesnt exist. FOR IT TO HIT someone else has to stun my opponents – meaning that my whole R has to rely on other people, which is not healthy mechanic. Also I often feel that i could just as well RUN to the victim and then ” camp” when someone stuns him, and engage without ultimate. Absolutely no difference AFTER the laning phase ( in which SOMETIMES i still can ult behind botlane and PRAY they dont move).


The point of mandrop was never to be a consistent form of engagement like Malphite or Vi. Vi’s counterplay is supposed to be “what do you do after Vi completes her ult on you.” Malphite’s counterplay is that his ult has a fast windup but a smaller AoE so you stay apart. Pantheon’s ult is a form of zone control, similar to Thresh. Thresh doesn’t simply throw out the box whenever he wants – he has to choose the right area where his opponents want to be (or to get out of) before he chucks out a box.

Pantheon’s ganks / sphere of influence out of a skyfall drop covers a full lane. The standard gank remains relatively unchanged: ult far enough back to accommodate for the enemy escape and your teammates need to hard engage to shove enemies into it (or around it). I think we can do things to fine tune the visual drop to capability of action for Pantheon if we were to make changes, and I’d probably push back if we gave compensatory buffs (which I don’t think he needs) on something like Q.

As for the bug where Pantheon can be interacted with before he lands, that’s definitely a bug and needs to be fixed soon.

One thing I’d note is that people seem to believe Pantheon’s ult should be absolutely consistent, but I disagree. The built-in counterplay is that his mandrop is super predictable but it significantly alters how people play around it.



Q: Was this stealth-fix (nerf) a bait-and-switch to boost sales on Pantheon’s Dragonslayer skin?


BuboBubo Button Rioter BuboBubo: I am on the eCommerce team. It’s a small enough group that each of us have full visibility into each other’s work. I can guarantee that this was not some underhanded scheme to boost sales. It’s just an oversight in a way that can be interpreted as suspicious but there’s no intent to deceive. It’s simply not something we would even consider.



Q: (Follow-up) Then why not offer refunds?


BuboBubo Button Rioter BuboBubo: Refunds, outside of the 3 tokens, have never been given for balance changes afaik.

Edit: my mistake, I should have said bug fix. I misspoke because of the discussions around this being a nerf.



Q: So you admit this was a balance change?


BuboBubo Button Rioter BuboBubo: My mistake – it was a bug fix. I accidentally used balance change because people are calling it a nerf.



Q: Shouldn’t the balance team be aware when community relations affect sales?


BuboBubo Button Rioter BuboBubo: I respectfully disagree. I think it is a good thing that the team that works on gameplay don’t think about the impact it might have on revenue. If we were spending time coordinating what’s necessary for gameplay (bugs, balance changes, etc) with its impact on skin revenue then I would be more concerned. 

And I apologize if my responses are not ideal or come off brusque, the topic is just very close to home.



Single Posts banner



Q: Is there a Bronze or Challenger Rioter?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Yeah, we’ve got a full spectrum of divisions within Riot from people who are new to the game and not yet 30 to at least a couple of people that hit solo queue challenger sometimes (Riot Chun’s probably the highest at the moment at a guess).



Q: How do Splash Arts maintain quality when stretched for major eSports events?


Riot jXe Button Rioter Riot JxE: We make sure we’re creating the art at a high enough resolution to handle a 2k screen. Most of the time larger screens don’t actually have a higher resolution and you’re looking at it from so far away that you can’t tell the difference. This is usually the case with giant printed posters as well and if you get up close you can usually see the low resolution.



Q: Who did the recent splash arts for Malphite, Dragonslayer Pantheon and Night Hunter Rengar?


Riot jXe Button Rioter Riot JxE: That was actually three completely different artists 



Q: Yes or No for a Neon Shot Jinx Skin, similar to Neon Strike Vi?

Riot Whist Button Rioter RiotWrist: Neon Strike Vi recall best recall.

I vote yes just because it would be insanely fun to work on a similar recall and mix in some of Jinx’s crazy personality.



5/19 Issues receiving signup emails or refer-a-friend emails


Riot NocButton Rioter Riot NOC: Summoners,

We are aware that you may not be receiving signup emails or refer-a-friend emails at this time. We are in the process of correcting this issue and will update the thread when it is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



 Lissandra disabled in EU LCS


Lissandra disabled tweet



 Brackhar leaves Riot Games


Brackhar leaves Riot



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.


PBE 23 April


Classic Braum – Champion Preview



Dragonslayer Braum – Skin Preview



Blade Queen Lissandra – Skin Preview



Dragonslayer Pantheon – Skin Preview



Atlanthean Syndra Updated Model


Dragonslayer Pantheon Splash Art

Dragonslayer Pantheon Splash Art


Night Stalker Rengar

Night Stalker Rengar Splash


Braum New Portrait


Concussive Blows [ Passive ]

Passive Braum

  • Braum and his allies work together to stun a target. Braum’s basic attacks apply Concussive Blows. Once the first stack is applied, ally basic attacks also stack Concussive Blows. Upon reaching 4 stacks, the target is stunned for 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds ( levels 1/7/13 ) and takes 70 – 240 magic damage. For the next 8 seconds, they cannot receive stacks but take 14 – 48 (+2 per level) bonus magic damage from Braum’s attacks.


Winter’s Bite [ Q ]

Q BraumCooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 || Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/70

  • Braum propels freezing ice from his shield dealing 80/125/170/215/260 ( 2.5% of Maximum Health ) magic damage to the first target hit and slowing them by 70%, decaying over the next 2 seconds. Applies a stack of Concussive Blows.



Stand Behind Me [ W ]

W BraumCooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 || Mana Cost: 30/40/50/60/70

  • Braum leaps to a target allied champion or minion. On arrival, Braum and the target gain 20/22.5/25/27.5/30 ( + 14/15.5/17/18.5/20%  of  bonus Armor and MR ) Armor and Magic Resist for 3 seconds


Unbreakable [
 E ]

E BraumCooldown:  18/16/14/12/10 || Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50

  • Braum reduces incoming damage and blocks for allies behind him and raises his shield in a direction for 3/3.25/3.5/3.75/4 seconds, negating the damage of the next attack from this direction. Subsequent attacks deal 30/32.5/35/37.5/40% reduced damage. Braum intercepts projectiles, causing them to hit him and be destroyed. Braum gains 10% Movement Speed for the duration.

Glacial Fissure [
 R ]

R BraumCooldown: 140/120/100 || Mana Cost: 100

  • Braum slams the ground, knocking up enemies nearby and in a line in front of him. A fissure is left along the line that slows enemies. Enemies hit take 150/250/350 (+0.6 AP) magic damage. The first champion hit is knocked up for 1.5 seconds, subsequent enemies are knocked up briefly. For the next 4 seconds enemies that enter the area are slowed by 60% for 1.5 seconds.


Braum’s Poro Interaction (Howling Abyss)


Braum’s Lore


“‘Tell me a bedtime story, grandma.’

A bitter wind howls outside, whipping falling snow into devil whirls.

‘What kind? A tale of the Ice Witch, perhaps?’

The girl crawls into her arms. ‘Too scary. Tell me a story about Braum!’

‘Ah, Braum!’ The old woman smiles. ‘There are so many. My grandmother used to tell me of the time Braum protected our village from the great dragon! Or once – this was long ago – he raced down a river of lava! Or -‘ She pauses; puts a finger to her lips. ‘Have I told you how Braum got his shield?’

The girl grins and hops under the covers. The hearth fire snaps, holding off the wind.

“Well. In the mountains above our village lived a man named Braum -”

‘I know that!’

‘He mostly kept to his farm, tending his sheep and goats, but he was the kindest man anyone had ever met, and he always had a smile on his face and a laugh on his lips.

‘Now, one day something terrible happened: a young troll boy � around your age – was climbing the mountain and happened on a vault, set into the mountainside, the entrance guarded by a huge stone door with a shard of True Ice at its center. When he opened the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes: the vault was filled with gold, jewels – every kind of treasure you could imagine!

‘What he didn’t know was that the vault was a trap. The Ice Witch had cursed it – and as the troll boy entered, the magical door CLANGED shut behind him and locked him inside! Try as he might, he couldn’t get out.

‘A passing shepherd heard his cries. Everyone rushed to help, but even the strongest warriors couldn’t open the door. The boy’s parents were beside themselves; his mother’s wails of grief echoed around the mountain. It seemed hopeless.

‘And then, to everyone’s surprise, they heard a distant laugh.’

‘I bet it was Braum!’

‘Aren’t you clever! Braum had heard their cries and came striding down the mountainside. The villagers told him of the troll boy and the curse. Braum smiled, nodded, turned to the vault, and faced the door. He pushed it. Pulled it. Punched it; kicked it; tried to rip it from its hinges. But the door wouldn’t budge.’

‘But he’s the strongest man ever!’

‘It was perplexing,’ her grandmother agrees. ‘For four days and nights, Braum sat on a boulder, trying to think of a solution. After all, a child’s life was at stake.

‘Then, as the sun rose on the fifth day, his eyes widened and a broad grin lit up his face. ‘If I can’t go through the door,’ he said, ‘then I’ll just have to go through -‘

The girl thinks; her own eyes widen. ‘- the mountain!’

‘The mountain. Braum headed to the summit and began punching his way straight down, pummeling into the stone, fist after fist, rocks flying in his wake, until he had vanished deep into the mountain.

‘As the villagers held their breath, the rock around the door crumbled – and when the dust cleared, they saw Braum standing amidst the treasure, the weak but happy troll boy in his arms.

‘I knew he could do it!’

‘But before they could celebrate, everything began to rumble and shake: Braum’s tunnel had weakened the mountaintop, and now it was caving in! Thinking quickly, Braum grabbed the enchanted door and held it above him like a shield, protecting them as the mountaintop collapsed. When it was over, Braum was amazed: there wasn’t a single scratch on the door! Braum knew it was something very special.

‘And from that moment on, that magical shield never left Braum’s side.’

The girl is sitting upright, beaming with excitement. ‘Grandma, tell me another.’

‘Tomorrow.’ Her grandmother smiles; kisses her forehead; blows out the candle. ‘For you need to sleep, and there are many more stories to tell.”


Braum’s Champion Interactions



  • “You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home!”
  • Alistar, I have cow you should meet.”


  • “Mother gave me bear as child too, Annie.”


  • “After this we share a drink. You like goats milk?”


  • “What’s your poison, Gragas? Mine’s milk.”


  • Tryndamere! This is fun, right?”
  • “Are you having fun, my friend?”


  • “Your hair… we do not see things like this in the Freljord.”


Braum’s Item Interactions


  • “This has the smell of a faraway land. Perhaps I shall see it one day.” (Ancient Coin)
  • “Ha-ha! Perfect!” (Boots of Mobility)
  • “These shoes… they are too tight!” (Boots of Speed)
  • “To friends I am snowfall, to enemies I am avalanche!” (Frozen Heart)
  • “My shield will protect this shield.” (Randuin’s Omen)
  • “A shield for my shield? I like it!” (Randuin’s Omen)
  • “No sneaking up on Braum this time.” (Sightstone)
  • “Sight is the key to victory… also stone.” (Sightstone)
  • “Fire does the body good.” (Sunfire Cape)
  • “I’ve always wanted an on-fire cloak.” (Sunfire Cape)
  • “Ooh, now I need marshmallow.” (Sunfire Cape)


Braum’s Interactions When Blocking Ultimates


  • “I’m having cold flashes.” - Ashe
  • “Good Shot, you’ll get them next time.” - Caitlyn & Ezreal
  • “Look, your axes bounce right off.” – Draven
  • “Ah! A refreshing sea breeze.” - Nami
  • “Heh, it is windy today.” - Riven



Champion Balance Changes


Gragas New Portrait

Drunken_RageDrunken Rage [ W ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds to 6 at all ranks

Explosive_CaskExplosive Cask [ R ]

  • Range increased from 1050 to 1150



 Jarvan IV New Portrait

Martial_CadenceMartial Cadence [ Passive ]

  • Damage increased from 6/8/10% of current HP as bonus physical damage to 10% at all levels
  • Cooldown increased from 6 seconds at all ranks to 10/8/6 (levels 1/7/13)

Golden_AegisGolden Aegis [ W ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 45/50/55/60/65 to 30 at all ranks



Miss Fortune New Portrait 

Double_UpDouble Up [ Q ]

  •   Added a 0.35 AP Ratio on the initial hit and a 0.5 AP Ratio on the bounce hit. Rest of values are unchanged



Malphite New Portrait


Granite Shield [ Passive ]Granite_Shield

  • Recharges every 10/8/6 seconds ( levels 1/7/13 ) , reduced from 10 at all ranks

Brutal_StrikesBrutal Strikes [ W ]

  • Mana cost reduced from 50/55/60/65/70 to 25 at all ranks



Tryndamere New Portrait


Spinning_SlashSpinning Slash [ E ]
  • Tooltip fix: Now states that Tryndamere gains Rage for hitting enemies





Sunfire Cape New VFX

Video up soon! (PBE went down)



Wriggle's_Lantern_itemWriggle’s Lantern
  • Tooltip Fix: Now correctly states it needs 30 stacks to transform, not 25





CLG Nien Banner

Zach “Nien” Malhas announced in an interview with OnGamers today that he is stepping down as a substite player for CLG.



CLG Roster Changes: Nien Steps Down


 Today, CLG regrettably announces Zach “Nien” Malhas’ decision to step down from his role as the team’s starting top laner. In conversation with team management yesterday, Nien expressed that he is not satisfied with his own performance, feels he is holding the team back, and does not presently feel he is deserving of a starting position on the team. He also noted that the community’s intense criticism of his play and general attacks towards him had become increasingly taxing mentally, and damaging to his confidence as a player over time. On top of this, he has had some family matters arise which he feels the need to be able to dedicate more time and attention to. He will be leaving the house and returning home to focus on improving himself individually as a player and spending more time with his family.

For more insight into his decision, you can see Nien’s interview with Travis of onGamers here.

 Nien has agreed to stay on the roster as a sub and is open to returning to the starting role in the future if the team cannot find a suitable replacement. CLG now begins its search for a new starter in preparations for the LCS NA Summer Split and World Championships. The team is looking for a career top laner to replace Nien, but has also discussed the possibility of moving Link to top lane and replacing him with a proven, exceptional mid lane talent.

To learn more about the team’s approach moving forward, check out Travis’ interview with the team captain, Peter “Doublelift” Peng, here at onGamers.

 CLG would like to thank Nien for his time with the team as a starter. He has shown a remarkable attitude and desire to improve himself as a player. He has been fundamental in the team’s improvement over the Spring Split and CLG’s return to competitive prominence in North America. Most importantly he is a great friend. We respect his decision and will continue to support him moving forward. We hope to see him regain his confidence and return to LCS soon.


 Not leaving League





Rotation Week 15 Season 4

The following Champions will be free-to-play until April 29th!


Ashe – 450 IP / 260 RP
Pantheon – 3150 IP / 790 RP

Irelia – 4800 IP / 880 RP
Quinn – 6300 IP / 975 RP

Karma – 3150 IP / 790 RP
Vladimir – 4800 IP / 880 RP

Master Yi – 450 IP / 260 RP
Zed – 6300 IP / 975 RP

Nami – 6300 IP / 975 RP
Ziggs – 6300 IP / 975 RP


If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.


PBE 28 march


Previous PBE Updates from Patch 4.5 Cycle:


New Animations for Gragas & Lion Dance Kog’Maw







Gragas New Portrait

  • Base armor increased from 16 to 20

Note: This change is due to the recent nerfs to flat armor seals. If you’re unfamiliar with those, click here.



Graves New Portrait


Collateral_DamageCollateral Damage [ R ]

  • Secondary damage reduced from 250/350/450 to 200/280/360


Note: This is a revert on the most recent PBE buff to Graves. Live values are 140/250/360.



New Portrait Heimerdinger


H-28Q_Apex_TurretH-28Q Apex Turret  [ R + Q ]

  • Basic Attack AP ratio reduced from 0.33 to 0.3
  • Beam damage reduced from 225/300/375 ( 0.8 AP ) to 200/270/340 ( 0.7 )



Pantheon New Portrait


Grand_SkyfallGrand Skyfall [ R ]

  • Ranged increased from 2500/4000/5500 to 5500 at all ranks (same as live value)
  • Cooldown increased from 150/125/100 to 150/135/120 (same as live values)

Note: If you want to learn why these changes were made, click here.



New Loading Screen Splash Arts


Void Fizz Loading Screen

Void Fizz Loading Screen

Super Galaxy Rumble Load Screen

Super Galaxy Rumble Load Screen



Atlanthean Syndra pulled from PBE


Riot Fist Logo Wilwariniel: Hey everyone,

I know this will make a few waves, but we have hit some choppy waters along the way with the Atlantean Syndra skin, and have decided to err on the side of caution and pull her from the PBE until we’re 100% sure she’s ready.

We’re very sorry about this. To avoid people accidentally crashing, for anybody that has already purchased Atlantean Syndra, we will remove her from your accounts and give you a refund.

Once she’s ready to ship, and coming along swimmingly, we’ll make her available on the PBE to test again!

Thanks for the understanding, folks. Please accept this bad haiku:

Water orbs unleash

A deluge upon her foes

So much untapped power




PBE 25 March



Previous PBE Updates from Patch 4.5 Cycle:






New Portrait Heimerdinger


H-28G_Evolution_TurretH-28G Evolution Turret [ Q ]

  • Ratio on bonus Health increased from 0.5 AP to 0.55 AP
  • Turret basic attack now deals 12/18/23/29/34 ( 0.15 AP) magic damage per hit, changed from 15/22/29/36/42 ( 0.125 AP )
  • Beam damage changed from 50/75/100/125/150 ( 0.5 AP )  to  40/60/80/105/130 ( 0.55 AP )



Lulu New Portrait


WhimsyWhimsy [ W ]

  • Movement Speed bonus ratio reverted from 0.07 AP to 0.1 AP (same as live)


Help,_Pix!Help, Pix! [ E ]

  • Damage reduced from 80/130/180/230/280 to 80/110/140/170/200
  • Grants vision of enemies for 4 seconds, reduced from 5 (live value is 6 seconds)
  • Friendly minions do not get a shield if Help, Pix! is cast on them
  • Ally cast shield duration reverted to 6 seconds from 5 (same as live)



Lee Sin New Portrait

Click here to get context on why these changes are being made.


SafeguardSafeguard [ W ] 

  • Cooldown increased from 9 seconds at all ranks to 14
  • Cooldown is now halved if cast on ally (excluding Lee Sin himself)


Iron_WillIron Will [ Reactivate W ]

  • Duration of buff reduced from 5 seconds to 4



Pantheon New Portrait  

Want to learn why Pantheon is being nerfed? Click here.


Aegis_of_ZeoniaAegis of Zeonia [ W ]

  • Stun duration reverted from 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds to 1 at all ranks (same as live )


Grand_SkyfallGrand Skyfall [ R ]

  • Land time reverted from 2 seconds to 1.5 (same as live)
  • Distance increased from 2000/2500/3000 to 2500/4000/5500  (live value is 5500 range at all ranks)



New Potrait Rengar  

Rengar has recently received a major rework. Click here to get the details.


Bola_StrikeBola Strike [ E ]

  • Range reduced from 1100 to 1000


Thrill_of_the_HuntThrill of the Hunt [ R ]

  • Movement Speed bonus when moving towards Champions while in stealth reduced from 20% to 15%
  • Movement Speed bonus after exiting stealth reduced from 30/40/50% to 25/35/45%



Wukong New Portrait  


Crushing_BlowCrushing Blow [ Q ]

  • Now reduces target’s armor by 10/15/20/25/30%, reduced from 30% at all ranks


CycloneCyclone [ R ]

  • AD ratio of damage-per-tick (each second) reduced from 1.2 of Total AD to 1.1.
  • Ratio on total damage of Cyclone is now 4.4, down from 4.8



Ziggs New Portrait

  • Base HP at level 1 reverted from 350 to 390 (same as live)
  • Base Attack Range reduced from 575 to 550





Bonetooth Necklace has received an icon update for each of its Trinket variants. These icons represent Scrying Orbs, Sweepers and Ward Totems, color-respectively. If you want to learn more about this change, click here.


Blue Level 1 Blue Level 2 Blue Level 3 Blue Level 4 Blue Level 5

Red Level 1 Red Level 2 Red Level 3 Red Level 4 Red Level 5

Yellow Level 1 Yellow Level 2 Yellow Level 3 Yellow Level 4 Yellow Level 5



Super Galaxy Rumble Splash Art


Here‘s a short preview of the skin if you’re unfamiliar with it. Which you really should be!


Super Galaxy Rumble Splash

Super Galaxy Rumble Splash



My Info Article Ending


Pantheon Gragas Banner


Youtube Icon




Why Pantheon was Reworked

A post popped up on the PBE community forums explaining the recent changes to Pantheon.



SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Hey guys, SmashGizmo here to give some more context and details on the Pantheon changes you’ve already seen on the PBE today.

Pantheon’s one of the biggest benefactors we’ve seen from the recent spirit stone changes, and while we don’t innately dislike him as a jungler, we would like to both add some options for his opponents against his ganks and smooth out his historically lopsided power curve a bit.

The current changelist that’s on PBE is still very fresh and subject to tuning before it hits live, but here is the current full list of changes:


Aegis_ProtectionAegis Protection [ Passive ]

  • Now will block the attack of any siege minion or large jungle monster instead of a damage value based on his character level


Aegis_of_ZeoniaAegis of Zeonia [ W ]

  • Stun duration changed from 1 second at all ranks to 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5


Grand_SkyfallGrand Skyfall [ R ]

  • Channel time reduced from 2 seconds to 0.5
  • Landing time (after circle appears) increased from 1.5 seconds to 2
  • Cast range reduced from 5500 at all ranks to 2000/2500/3000
  • Cooldown reduced from 150/135/120 seconds to 150/125/100


The passive changes are a straightforward modernization of the ability to make it reliably block the minions and monsters that Pantheon wants it to block.

W’s changes are aimed at power curve adjustment and I will be monitoring how much this makes his early ganks less brutal to weigh the gains vs. pain to Pantheon players.

R’s changes are a bit larger in scope and are trying to address a wider breadth of problems. The range reduction is there to allow opponents to ward more effectively versus jungle Pantheon, while the landing time increase is there to give opponents more time to react to an incoming Pantheon gank. The two together may be hurting Pantheon’s level 6 ganks too much, but I tend to go overboard with my initial changes and then tone it back with iterations when I get a better sense of what changes are actually accomplishing. The channel time reduction, on the other hand, is aimed at addressing Pantheon’s ult usability in teamfights and skirmishes. I’m hoping that this will give Pantheon some stronger options when using his ult more reactively, such as being able to escape dicey situations in enemy territory or quickly repositioning mid-teamfight. With this larger emphasis on mid-fight usability from his ult, I also wanted to reduce the late game cooldown so that he will realistically have it as a play making tool in almost every late game fight.

Just to reiterate, these changes are hot off the presses and are subject to go through some iteration before they hit live, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging without any context and missing pieces of the changelist.



Gragas rework

Gragas has been dominating in competitive play and Solo Queue and is being taken down a notch. Not your usual nerfs this time – we get a full rework! (for better or worse)



Solcrushed Button Rioter Solcrushed: Hey Summoners,

Although Gragas in his inception was designed as an AP brawler mixing it up with the enemy, he has historically been played as a mid AP nuke/poker. While we were fine with this, the recent resurgence of Gragas as a top pick has brought to our attention the problems inherent in this playstyle.

Gragas currently possesses strengths of long range burst, tankiness and disengage- carried by AP ratios on Q and R being so high that they will effectively two-shot you. This combination of strengths do not make much sense (why do you need tankiness if you are a sniper? Etc.) and are unhealthy for the game.

However, since Gragas was never designed as a sniper, he does not have enough tools he needs to be a valued pick if he is not two-shotting people. Therefore, just nerfing his current damage numbers will ‘Olaf’ him (his win rates are already super low for most players). When we looked at Gragas as a character, it made much more sense to retain the tankiness while hitting the long range burst damage and grant him the tools to succeed while being in the thick of the fight, rather than turn him into a fragile long range sniper, hence the rework. We are attempting to reposition Gragas as more of a bruiser/tank that better reflects the fantasy of being a large drunk dude who gives no @#[email protected] while ramming into people.

The direction of the important changes are below, along with the points of feedback (both playing as and against) I am mainly looking for!


Barrel_RollBarrel Roll [ Q ]

  • Damage reduced
  • Now slows Movement Speed instead of Attack Speed
  • Now deals more damage and slows for more as the barrel sits out


This lowers his effectiveness as a poke mage (since no one will be standing in the barrel radius for any amount of time) and gives more incentive to ‘combo’ his spells to knock people into a barrel.

The coolest play Gragas makes is when he uses Explosive Cask to knock the enemy into a Barrel that has been sitting outside and we wanted to incentivize that. The new effect on Body Slam will also synergize with this ability.

Feedback Point

Do you feel that this ability gives enough payoff for hitting the charged barrel?
Is his prowess as a poke mage too strong for how much cc he brings?


Drunken_RageDrunken Rage [ W ]

  • Much lower CD and duration, grants a one time hit bonus instead of AD.
  • Gragas can also move while drinking.
  • No longer restores mana.


The current Drunken Rage is a very dull spell that is simply a chore to upkeep. There are almost no cases where Gragas engages without this buff and there is very sparse gameplay associated with the trigger or the effect.

The new iteration hopes to create a more windowed effect to his DR and damage so there is richer play and counterplay. Also a Gragas who is drinking more often is a more awesome Gragas.

Feedback Point

Does the spell grant appropriate defenses to allow Gragas to function in melee?
Is there a pronounced success/failure case when Gragas uses his W at the right time?


Body_SlamBody Slam [ E ]

  • Now stuns and slightly knocks enemies back instead of slowing them.


We have moved some power from Barrel Roll to Body Slam to give him the tools be valuable without needing to deal tons of damage. Gragas should be able to function as a mid-teamfight brawler that acts like a brick wall for enemies trying to get past him and gum up the fight.

Feedback Point

Does the spell offer a good enough incentive for you to duke it out in melee?


Explosive_CaskExplosive Cask [ R ]

  • Deals less damage


Explosive Cask is already an awesome ability that requires mastery to use to full potential with amazing payoffs. However, currently it deals too much damage that dilutes its own strengths (You don’t care about where you knock the enemy if he just dies from the explosion).

We wanted the spell to be focused on its cool and unique strength – a huge radius ranged knockback.





PBE 20 March


Youtube Icon

Previous PBE Updates from Patch 4.5 Cycle:



Night Hunter Rengar




Void Fizz







Miss Fortune New Portrait


StrutStrut [ Passive ]

  • Bonus movement speed now caps after 8 seconds, down from 9. (MS bonus unchanged, this is a buff)
  • Now shows the current Movement Speed bonus on the buff icon


Double_UpDouble Up [ Q ]

  • Mana cost reduced from 70/75/80/85/90 to 43/46/49/52/55
  • Cooldown reduced from 9/8/7/6/5 to 7/6/5/4/3 seconds
  • Damage to first target changed from 25/60/95/130/165 (+0.75 Total AD) to 20/35/50/65/80 (+0.85 Total AD)
  • Damage to second target changed from 30/72/114/156/198 (+0.9 Total AD) to 40/70/100/130/160 [+100% Total AD] ()


Impure_ShotsImpure Shots [ W ]

  • Mana cost reduced from 50 at all ranks to 30/35/40/45/50
  • Bonus magic damage changed from 4/6/8/10/12 (+0.05 AP) per stack to 0.06 Total AD per stack
  • Attack Speed changed from 30/35/40/45/50% to 20/30/40/50/60%
  • Grievous Wounds duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2


Make_It_RainMake It Rain [ E ]

  • Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds at all ranks to 14/13/12/11/10
  • Duration increased from 2 seconds to 3
  • Slow changed from 20/28/36/44/52% to 25/35/45/55/65%
  • Now correctly grants vision, based on the AoE of the spell


Bullet_TimeBullet Time [ R ]

  • Now applies stacks of Impure Shots, but not Grievous Wounds
  • Passively increases the stack cap of Impure Shots from 5 to 6/7/8
  • Damage reduced from 65/95/125 (+0.35 Bonus AD) (+0.2 AP) to 50/75/125 (+0.2 AP)



Pantheon New Portrait     


Aegis_of_ZeoniaAegis of Zeonia [ W ]

  • Stun duration changed from 1 second at all ranks to 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5


Grand_SkyfallGrand Skyfall [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 150/135/120 seconds to 150/125/100
  • Cast range decreased from 5500 at all ranks to 2000/2500/3000



New Potrait Rengar


Bola_StrikeBola Strike [ E ]

  • Slow now decreases over the duration of the effect


Thrill_of_the_HuntThrill of the Hunt [ R ]

  • Now grants 20% Movement Speed when moving towards enemy Champions in stealth





Bonetooth_Necklace_itemBonetooth Necklace

  • Kills now grants 2 trophy, assists – 1, and 1 trophy is lost on death, changed from kills and kssists grant 1 trophy
  • At 20 Trophies, Thrill of the Hunt’s Movement Speed while stealthed is doubled, changed from Rengar gaining the Movement Speed bonus of Thrill of the Hunt while in stealth