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Fiora Final Champion Portrait

General Box

  • Damage-per-level increased from 2.5 to 3.3
  • Health-per-level increased from 80 to 92


Buff BoxLunge Final IconLunge [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 25/30/35/40/45 to 20/25/30/35/40
  • Cooldown decreased from 18/16/14/12/10 seconds to 16/14/12/10/8


Buff BoxRiposte Final IconRiposte [ W ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 21/19.5/18/16.5/15 seconds to 19/18/17/16/15




Yasuo Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalSteel Tempest Final IconSteel Tempest [ Q ]

  • [ BUGFIX ] Fixed a weird instance where Yasuo’s [ Q ] could hit enemies in random spots of the map


Quality of Life Box FinalFrost Queens Claim Final IconFrost Queen’s Claim

  • [ COOL IT ] Fixed a bug where the cooldown of Frost Queen’s Claim’s active effect was resetting improperly





Will Poppys ultimate remain the same after the rework

Scruffy Final PortraitHer old ultimate is not staying sorry to say. There is something to be said for how unique it is but the amount of frustration/confusion/abusive edge cases that it adds to the game outweighs the amount of fun/interesting gameplay that it brings.

Hopefully the new ult we have in the works will be much more exciting and interesting while not bringing with it so many negative costs. Wait and see just a short while longer and let us know what you think of it when it’s done.

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Thematically will Poppy still be a tenacious yordle ball of hate

Meddler Final PortraitWe’re aiming to preserve her personality – determined, heroic, sincere etc.

Must admit ‘ball of hate’ isn’t the vibe I get off Poppy at present, ‘ball of stubborness’, ‘ball of determination’, ‘ball of smash’ and so on being the sort of stuff I associate with Poppy. Curious as to other people’s thoughts though as to which few words you’d use to sum up Poppy’s personality overall?

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What parts of Poppys old kit will be preserved in her update

Scruffy Final PortraitWe’re keeping a few other things from her current kit (E being a big one, also her “low health tankiness”).

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Poppys current passive makes her immune to burst Will that change

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ll be replacing Poppy’s passive. We are thinking about keeping a ittle bit of ‘tough when low on health’ on the kit though, just in a much more apparent and balanceable way.

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Whatre your thoughts on Talons passive

Scruffy Final PortraitNot Repertoir but I agree that Talon’s passive is pretty lackluster in both satisfaction and just how interesting it is compared to some of the stuff we can do now.

No plans for just a passive rework on him though as he is probably a champ that we would want to take on all at once. Build some more unique identity into the character, fix some of his one dimensional play, and create more clear opportunities for him outskilling his opponent and vice versa.

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What happened to Hephestopheless ideas to rework Talons passive

Meddler Final PortraitGiving Talon a reason to auto attack a bit more’s a solid goal for a passive on him. Very with you that it’s not accomplishing that at present though, it’s not core enough to his play pattern in terms of its contribution, his own ability to set it up or his capability to auto attack for an extended period.

As a side note Hephestopheles does indeed still work at Riot. Original developer intent’s something we like to refer to since it can offer useful insights into how to improve a champion and we’ll certainly tap Hephestopheles for his thoughts when doing work on Talon at some point. Working on a champion puts you in a great position to help maintain and develop them after they go out, it doesn’t mean you continue to control everything about them based off your personal preferences though. Doing what’s right for the character/game is the most important thing and means that if we grab Hephestopheles to chat about changing Talon his response is almost certainly going to be something along the lines of ‘awesome, how can we make him better?’.

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Do youve any further plans to update Miss Fortune

Repertoir New PortraitYes. Statikk’s on it, but we don’t have anything ready to talk about just yet.

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So you guys are looking to improve her give her some buffs

Repertoir New PortraitReally want to focus on hitting her identity as some kind of run-and-gun aoe marksman as far as I know, but that’s about all I know for now.

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Neither you nor Statikk play Miss Fortune so why are you reworking her

Repertoir New PortraitThat’s a pretty unfair and short-sighted assessment.

I’m not an MF main, and neither is Statikk. You’re right about that, but that’s really of much less value than you’re making it out to be. People seem to think that Ashe and Sion were pretty successful updates in the recent past, and I can assure you that I was not an Ashe main and Scruffy was not a Sion main going into those projects.

Also, as designers, we participate in two full internal games every day amongst each other to test changes out and see where we want to take things. Additionally, we have an excellent playtest team full of Diamond, Masters, and Challenger players that play League pretty much nonstop and give us their opinions. Riot Umpunct, in particular, mained MF on his way to Masters this season.

For what it’s worth, Ezreal is literally the lead designer on my team.

I understand you may have concerns over your champion not getting its fair treatment, but please don’t turn things into a series of accusations against us for trying to share and get the champions into a good spot. Spewing insults at me and other Rioters does literally no good, and all it does is discourage us from trying to keep you guys in the loop and take your feedback into account.

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Miss Fortunes ult should deal way more damage than it currently does

Repertoir New PortraitWhen we first started talking about MF and what we might want to do for her, we had all these ideas, and Scruffy stepped in and just said “Guys, seriously, just double her ult’s damage and go from there.”

Now, Statikk didn’t do exactly that, but it at least gives an idea of where our heads are at with her.

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What do you think will happen to Nasus after Patch 5 16

Scruffy Final PortraitI agree that he’s in a pretty balanced spot right now. After 5.16, it’s not super clear how that will change (new items and a bunch of reworks could shake things up a lot). My guess is it’ll be about even with frozen heart nerf (hurts nasus) and Steraks Gage (+ base AD good for nasus/sheen users).

That said, the live balance team, the systems team, and the champ update team are all watching the results very closely so we can follow up where it’s needed.

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Do you think 5 16 s Armor item nerfs can hit Fighters harder than intended

Scruffy Final PortraitAbsolutely, I think that there is no crusade against tanks/fighters that i’ve heard of and the general fear is that they will end up too strong after 5.16. If in the end things go the other way and defensive characters get pushed down into a bad space, we will adjust things asap.

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Nasus has no incentive to build Health and his staple items are getting nerfed

Scruffy Final PortraitYea, the main issue as you say for nasus is that health items really don’t fit as well into his ideal builds. If he needs some tweaks after 5.16 giving him better ways to scale off health may be a way to keep him relevant in the new HP heavy item world.

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How far off are the Shyvana and Olaf reworks

Repertoir New PortraitEnd of year maybe? We know that we want to work on them, but we don’t yet know exactlywhat the output should be per champion yet.

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Are there any plans for Galio Aatrox and Tryndamere

Repertoir New PortraitAatrox is probably closest to a Juggernaut here, but even then, his mobility profile (free target dash, specifically) is pretty contradictory to our expectation for these guys, so working on him would probably come at costs to that or something else that players see as important to his identity. That said, Gypsylord was recently looking into giving Aatrox some love unrelated to ‘juggernaut’ work, so he may be ready to shed some light on that in the coming months.

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Are there any more Juggernauts in the works that arent Shyvana or Olaf

Repertoir New PortraitNo.

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Will you continue to work on Morde if hes not viable after Patch 5 16

Meddler Final PortraitWe’ve put time aside for follow up work on all four juggernauts, and the new items, during both 5.17 and 5.18’s development in case it’s needed. Morde’s definitely the highest risk project of the four, both in terms of scope of changes and change in playstyle, so it seems a reasonable assumption he might need more follow up attention than average.

We’ll make sure to give you folks some visibility into how we think each of those reworks is going post launch and what we are or aren’t planning to change in response to that. One thing we do want to watch out for though is reacting too quickly to day one performance. With any rework a lot of people that aren’t familiar with a champ, or haven’t played them for a long time, give them a try to see what they’re like now. That temporarily pulls a champ’s performance down a lot briefly, as the need to learn new mechanics even for more experienced players. Day 1 win rates noticeably below a champ’s previous win rate are basically expected as a result, though there’s certainly a limit to how much lower they should be (Fiora for example’s just too weak at present, in addition to going through that learning curve/new player period).

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Do youve any plans to update Quinn

Repertoir New PortraitI am actually actively doing some work on Quinn. One of the things I want to address is that Harrier just seems like it screws me over when playing her sometimes. We’re supposed to be a dynamic duo. Please mark more useful targets, Valor. Please stop taking your time to mark things, Valor. And Quinn, maybe people would take your attacks seriously if they felt like they were aiming to injure someone.

That’s my general attitude on Quinn, anyway.

We’re not at the point yet where I can discuss full details, but they’re high up on my personal radar.

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Is Quinns toplane kit preventing her from being played as an ADC

Repertoir New PortraitQuinn is a bit of an oddball, in that identifying what lane she belongs in isn’t an easy task. However, being an adc and being played in a solo lane are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as we have seen from some other guys like Ezreal, Varus, and occasionally Corki being played in solo lanes.

If the meta were ever to shift away from marksman in a duo lane, Quinn’s value would probably be a lot higher, but that hasn’t been the case for quite a long time, so it’s hard to say with certainty if that’s ever going to come back.

It would probably be the safest thing for us to figure out what is unique and/or cool about Quinn and see how we can amplify that and make it something useful that teams care about having. If we could make “ranged carry that becomes melee carry” provide a different output that you wouldn’t just get from another melee carry, then that would probably serve the character well. If we couldn’t, we’d probably have to look to other facets of Quinn to emphasize as her cool and uniquely powerful thing(s).

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Hopefully Tarics update will include the Charm mechanic you talked about before

IronStylus Final PortraitTrying to. It’s an interesting balance, and one not without its inherent dangers. A lot of people have attachment to Taric for various reasons. Since he’s such an old asset, there’s more space for individuals to project their fantasy onto him.

Expectation is different in everyone’s eyes, even internally. I and other artists have been working on him for a while also. We’ve gone through LOTS of iterations and are still probably a little ways out from settling on something solid. We have some cool ideas for just what is “gem magic”, how it manifests, and what makes Taric Taric. It’s been a journey, that’s for sure.

Right now we’re hoping to have his concept locked later this month, or sometime next month. Not sure at all about release, since we’ve got some other large projects in the pipeline now we might not hit the end of the year for him, but here’s hoping!

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Are you content with leaving Veigar in his current state

Scruffy Final PortraitVeigar wasn’t a champion update (the team I work on) but I know that the live gameplay designers did not intend to nerf him from the onset. It may be time for some tweaks for him if he’s not viable so I’ll run it by them and see if there is any room for a buff.

If he’s already strong there may be other ways to improve his QoL without buffing him. Will investigate, no promises.

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Upcoming change to patch day for OCE

Agent Mindstar:  TL:DR Starting with patch 5.16, Oceania will be the first region in the world to receive future patches. Our patch day will now be Wednesday mornings instead of Thursday mornings.

Hey everyone,

I want to share an upcoming change to Oceania’s patch timing. Starting with the next patch, Oceania will be moving up from Thursdays to Wednesdays. We’re also taking the opportunity to shift downtime a bit to better match when most of you are offline. (Neat side-note: this means Oceania will be the first region in the world to receive future patches)

We’ll provide more timing updates as we get closer to enacting this change.

If you have any questions about this let us know in the comments below!


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]m.