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Patch 4.5

Hey Summoners,

It’s mid season! That doesn’t mean we’ll be making dramatic changes a la the 2014 preseason, but it does mean we can make some larger systemic changes in areas where we could. You’ll see this in places like the support item recipe cleanup and the addition of two foundational support items. While we’re not planning to completely change the landscape, this does mean that supports will be able to keep pace when purchasing ability power items and, in the future we’ll be able to build out more support itemization paths for those who want it.

Also included in this patch are two gameplay updates (that’s what we’re calling ’em): Rengar and Gragas. Rengar’s got some new tools to actually contribute to an ongoing team fight, while Gragas has traded some of his long-range barrel-sniping power for scrappy in-your-face brawlin’ strength. Our overarching philosophy behind these two changes was mostly due to their binary gameplay, where both had clear success cases (usually involving the absolute destruction of a single target before they knew it) but, when they weren’t succeeding, they were rarely allowed to contribute in meaningful ways. You can find out more details by reading below, but our goals were to provide more tools and, generally speaking, more cool things to do in a fight. Like belly slams.

LoL Client

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Team Builder

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Combat Text

Combat Text Text

Gameplay Updates




Global Stat Changes






Lee Sin



Miss Fortune


Twisted Fate



Minor Changes










Blue Trinkets

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

Feral Flare

Support Itemization

Aether Wisp

Forbidden Idol

Frost Queen Claim

Face of the Mountain

Will of the Ancients

Aegis of the Legion

Warden Mail

Glacial Shroud

Boot Enchantments








Summoner Spells





Summoner Rift



Patch 4 point 5 Notes

Disclaimer: This is completely legitimate news. Confirmed on Saint’s stream.



Pwyff Troll IconRiotPwyff:  Summoners! In preparation for the future of League, aka Ultra Rapid Fire mode, we’re releasing Patch 4.5 to fix the existing balance issues and make some new ones. The focus of this patch is reworks and player fun, so the new Champion, Helmet Bro, will have to wait. Enjoy reading!



Patch 4.5





Lee Sin New Portrait

Context: A while ago someone leaked our April Fools patch notes for Lee Sin. This left us with nothing cool to show off for Lee Sin on April 1st, so we’re just posting his actual rework.


FlurryFlurry [ Passive ]

  • After using a spell, Lee Sin gains bonus health regeneration for 5 seconds.


Sonic_WaveSonic Wave [ Q ]

  • Now applies a 2-second bleed that scales with AP.


Resonating_StrikeResonating Strike [ Q ]

  • Removed.


SafeguardSafeguard [ W ]

  • If cast on a ward, depletes Lee Sin’s energy bar, roots him in place and goes on a 30-second cooldown.


TempestTempest [ E ]

  • Makes visible enemy Champions go in stealth.


CrippleCripple [ Reactivate E ]

  • Now applies the Cripple debuff to Lee Sin as well.


Dragon's_RageKitty Punch [ R ] (renamed)

Damage reduced from 200 / 400 / 600 (+200% bonus AD) to 50 / 100 / 150 (+100% bonus AD)



Yasuo New Portrait

Context: We never pushed Yasuo’s concept, because we were afraid we’d have to release a broken Champion with too many mechanics. We decided to play it safe so we removed cooldowns, gave him three passives, infinite gap-closing, 50% Armor Penetration, hard CC and a spell that counters 95% of the game. Logically, he proved far too weak to survive in the meta. With this rework we’re bringing back a lot of the “crazy” mechanics we scrapped during development. Hopefully, this will lift Yasuo’s miserable 80% win-rate.


Way_of_the_WandererWay of the Wanderer [ Passive ]

  • Now lets Yasuo choose an additional passive that any of the other Champions in LoL have.


Steel_TempestSteel Tempest [ Q ]

  • Can now be toggled to fling katana swords at enemies from Caitlyn range. Note that this is just an alternate way to cast Steel Tempest.


Empowered_Steel_TempestEmpowered Steel Tempest [ Third Q ]

  • Yasuo’s third ranged attack impales target enemy in place. Critical hit chance increases the duration of the stun.


Wind_WallWindwall [ W ]

  • Now correctly blocks Tower hits, melee attacks, non-projectile attacks and basically everything in the game ever.


Sweeping_BladeSweeping Blade [ E ]

  • Refills Yasuo’s Flow to maximum when cast.


Last_BreathRiot Please [ R ] (renamed)

  • Range is now global. Spawns a second Yasuo where the spell was cast from who continues to farm minions.






Ahri New Portrait


CharmCharm [ E ]

  • Charmed targets now permanently fall in love with Ahri and will follow her in other games. Ezreal is immune to this.


Context: Since Ahri’s rework, we had a lot of Diamond smurfs (with suspicious Bronze icons) tell us she’s ruined and that they’re moving to DotA because it’s a better company. We’re excited to see Ahri on the pro-scene again and we hope we can fulfill your fantasy of Shiphtur commanding an army of LCS players. Yes, she can still be your waifu.



Alistar New Portrait


Unbreakable_WillUnbreakable Will [ R ]

  • Mana cost increased from 100 to 150. (see context)


Context: A recent complaint on Reddit was that Alistar’s level 5 Q and W cost more than his ultimate. We realize this is confusing for players who still pick Alistar in Ranked, so we’ve fixed it. Next patch we plan to rework his Headbutt so it always sends enemies towards your ADC for free kills.



Anivia New Portrait


RebirthRebirth [ Passive ]

  • Instead of reviving, Anivia will now self-destruct after 6 seconds.


Context: We recently found an issue where Anivia would revive after dying. I think we can all agree that revive passives are broken-as-fudge toxic gameplay, but we still want Anivia players to have that experience of being completely helpless for several seconds.



New Portrait Heimerdinger


H-28Q_Apex_TurretH-28Q Apex Turret [ R + Q ]

  • Every third attack now spews out a regular turret.


Context: We had a report on NA servers that a melee Champion actually managed to lane versus Heimerdinger and trade kills. This is unacceptable and ruins the status of Heimer as the Overlord who Bathes in your Tears. These spawned turrets do not count towards Heimer’s maximum turret count and are simply there so you can die quicker when you decide to 1v1 him.



Irelia New Portrait


Hiten_StyleHiten Style [ W ]

  • Damage and heal removed. Can still be cast for the pretty light effect.


Context: Irelia is just far too overwhelming on top lane. Having infinite sustain and free harass combo on top of being able to 2v1 the enemy top and jungle on level 6 with Dominus is making a lot of top laners obsolete currently. Wait, what’s an Irelia?



Lissandra New Portrait


Glacial_PathGlacial Path [ E ]

  • Bugfix: Now correctly grabs enemies hit by it and pulls them towards Lissandra.


Frozen_TombFrozen Tomb [ R ]

  • Base damage increased from 150 / 250 / 350 to 450 / 675 / 950 and 450 / 900 / 1350 with Shatter talent.


Context: No context.



Lulu New Portrait


Whimsy Whimsy [ W ]

  • Added a variety of sweet products that Lulu can turn enemies into – muffins, croissants, dunkin’ donuts and gummy bears.


Context: We realize Lulu is a big problem in mid lane, so we nerfed Rabadon’s Deathcap (see below) and focused on the fun aspects of Polymorph.



Nidalee New Portrait

  • All spells except Javelin Toss have been removed.
  • Mana removed. Nidalee now drains the fun and joy out of the enemy team to cast spells.


Javelin_TossJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Cooldown removed.
  • Range is now global.


Context: In the office, we like to imagine that most Nidalee mains are sociopaths who throw rocks at people on the street. We understand they derive their fun experience from chugging half of someone’s health bar with invisible spears every 3 seconds, so we decided to focus on that aspect of Nidalee. We also made new Splash art for her, check below!



Teemo New Portrait

  • Occasionally cites Dante’s “Divine Comedy” in lane.


 Blinding_DartBlinding Dart [ Q ]

  • Target enemy’s display turns blinding white for the duration of the spell.


Noxious_TrapNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Now plants claymores instead of mushrooms. Damage is instant.



Skarner New Portrait

  • Health at level 1 increased from 536 to 546.


ImpaleImpale [ R ]

  • Now tickles target enemy instead of rooting.
  • Applies a 10% slow for every second the enemy spends laughing at how bad Skarner is.


Context: We’re kind of pushing the limits here, but we want Skarner to be a viable pick. The extra 10 hit points will let Skarner tank an additional fifth of an auto attack, giving him complete dominance in the early game. To compensate, we’re reducing the amount of power he has when his ult is up and the enemy is reconnecting.



Minor Changes and Bug Fixes



Fiora New Portrait


Blade_WaltzBlade Waltz [ R ]

  • Can no longer be cast on Champions. Still available for minion-farming.
  • Now properly disables Flash when used until the spell comes off cooldown. (see thread for context)

Context: We realized Blade Walts only works for people who understand how often it doesn’t work. Since pro-players now know she has 4 spells, she’ll probably become a contested LCS pick unless we act. We’re fixing this along with quality of life changes to her Flash.





Taste_Their_FearTaste Their Fear [ Q ]

  • Grasshopper now makes nature sounds when a target is isolated.



Jinx New Portrait

  • If Jinx kills Officer Caitlyn or Officer Vi, the player is immediately mailed Ice-T merchandise.



Nidalee New Portrait

  • Splash art updated.

Context: Two years ago we did a visual update for Nidalee, but financial constraints prevented us from making new splash arts for her skins. Well, that’s no longer the case! Here’s one of her new Splash arts:


Best Nidalee Art World

New Nidalee Splash Art




  • Makes a webcam shot of the enemy’s face when Rengar comes out of stealth. Automatically uploads it to player’s Facebook wall.



Map Vision Bugs

  • Random champion icons now again appear on the minimap for no reason.
  • Standing inside a brush sometimes grants random amounts of vision.

Context: We’ve read tons of letters from fans who told us how fond they were of the countless vision bugs and so we brought them back. From now on, bugs in patches will be referred to as “features”.





Black_King_Bar_iconBlack King Bar

  • Grants immunity to magic damage and crowd control for 6 seconds.
  • Free if you buy an indie bundle.


Heart_of_Gold_itemHeart of Gold

  • Cost: 825 Gold. Grants 5 Gold per 10 seconds and 200 Health.
  • Can be upgraded to Squirtle.



  • Cost: 1250 Gold. Grants 10 Gold per 10 seconds and 350 Health.
  • Causes your Champion to spray water jets at enemies when low on life.


Last_WhisperLast Whisper

  • Ranged carries can now get this item for free as a Trinket.


Rabadon's_DeathcapRabadon’s Deathcap

  • No longer grants % increase to AP.


Context: This change will hopefully reduce Lulu’s dominance in mid lane.



Twisted Treeline


exclamation iconNew Mode Added: Save the Poros!

  • Poros spawn randomly around the map. Both teams have 15 minutes to collect as many Poros as they can and bring them to their respective Fountains. Note that in Save the Poros! Vilemaw can move freely around the map and consume Poros.

Note: Rengo and Grasshopper are unavailable in Save the Poros!



My Info Article Ending



PBE And Patch 4 point 5


       Youtube Icon


PBE 19/03

Patch 4.5 Features



PBE Rengar Rework





 New Portrait Leona

  • Base HP Regen reduced from 1.8 per second to 1.4 per second


EclipseEclipse [ W ]

  • Bonus armor and Magic Resist reduced from 25/35/45/55/65 to 20/30/40/50/60



Renekton New Portrait


Dominus [ R ]

  • Bonus health changed from 300/450/600 to 200/400/800
  • Damage per second changed from 40/70/100 to 30/60/120



New Potrait Rengar


Unseen_PredatorUnseen Predator [ Passive ]

  • While in brush or stealth, Rengar will leap at the target when using his basic attack. Rengar builds 1 point of ferocity with each ability he uses on enemies. When reaching 5 points of Ferocity, Rengar’s next ability becomes empowered.


Unseen Predator 


SavagerySavagery [ Q ]

Cooldown: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4

  • The next basic attack within 3 seconds deals 100/105/110/115/120% of Rengar’s Attack Damage plus 20/40/60/80/100 physical damage. Builds 1 Ferocity.


Empowered_SavageryFerocity Effect [ 5 Ferocity Q ]

  • The next basic attack withing 3 seconds deals 150% of Rengar’s Attack Damage plus 20/40/60/80/100 physical damage and grants 50% Attack Speed and 10% Attack Damage for 5 seconds ( damage scales with Rengar’s Level )


Savagery Q


Battle_RoarBattle Roar [ W ]

Cooldown: 12 Seconds at All Ranks

  • Deals 50/80/110/140/170 ( 0.8 AP ) magic damage to enemies in the area. Rengar’s Armor and Magic Resistance are increased by 10/15/20/25/30 for 4 seconds. The Armor and Magic resist is increased by 50% for each enemy champion or large monster hit.


Empowered_Battle_RoarFerocity Effect [ 5 Ferocity W ]  

  • Deals 40 ( 0.8 AP )magic damage to enemies in the area and restores between 12 and 75 HP based on missing health. Damage and healing values scale with Rengar’s level.


Battle Roar W


Bola_StrikeBola Strike [ E ]

Cooldown: 10 Seconds at All Ranks

  • Throws a bola dealing 50/100/150/200/250 ( + 0.7 bonus AD ) physical damage and slowing the first enemy hit by 60/65/70/75/80% for 2.5 seconds


Empowered_Bola_StrikeFerocity Effect [ 5 Ferocity E ]

  • Deals 50/100/150/200/250 ( + 0.7 bonus AD ) physical damage and roots the target for 1.75 seconds on top of the normal slow. If the Bola misses, Rengar is refunded 2 Ferocity.


Bola Shot E


League of Legends E Skillshot


Thrill_of_the_HuntThrill of the Hunt [ R ]

Cooldown: 120/95/70 Seconds

  • Rengar stealths himself after 1 second ( delayed to 3 seconds if taking damage ) and reveals enemy Champions within 2000/3000/4000 range. Rengar’s stealth lasts for 7 seconds and his next attack will cause him to leap.
  • After stealth, Rengar gains 30/40/50% movement speed and generates 5 ferocity over 5 seconds.


Thrill of the Hunt R





Bonetooth_Necklace_itemBonetooth Necklace

  • Now a trinket



Bonetooth Necklace Description PBE


Bonetooth Necklace Sweeper Description


Bonetooth Necklace Scrying Description


Farsight_Orb_itemFarsight Orb

  • Reveal distance increased from 3000 to 4000



Summoner Spells


Exhaust  Exhaust

  • Now reduces the target’s movement speed by 25%, reduced from 30%
  • Now reduces the target’s damage dealt by 50%, increased from 30%



  • Now restores 95-475 health, changed from 90-345
  • Now also grants 30% Movement speed for 2 seconds to you and targeted Champion
  • Additionally, Heal removes any healing reduction effects that afflict either Champion



  • Now also grants you vision of the target






  • Damage reduced from 145 to 110
  • Dragon’s attacks now reduced healing instead of Attack Speed



New Malphite Loading Screen Art


Malphite New Loading Screen



Super Galaxy Rumble Voice


Click here if you haven’t seen the announcement for Rumble’s new skin!

Atlanthean Syndra Skin

Video Preview




Auto Attack

Auto Attack


Dark Sphere [ Q ]


Force of Will [ W ]

W 2

Force of Will Throw Animation


Scatter the Weak [ E ]


Unleashed Power [ R ]



Patch 4 point 5 Features

Upcoming changes to a lot of Support and AP Items and a brand new item – Aether Wisp! Also, new text animations for gold and crits and bugfixes to vision!



Itemization Changes


FeralPonyButton Rioter FeralPony: Hey folks, we have a bunch of itemization changes slated for the 4.5 patch I want to get out in the open and get some thoughts/feedback on. The individual changes for the most part are fairly minor and not super crazy but it’s a LARGE list, you’ve been warned.


One of the primary problems is that many of the mid-tier component items for AP items make sense only when you have a good consistent Ability Power base – such as triple ring or something. This was exacerbated in Season 4 when we stripped out a lot of the small mid-tier component items (that ranged from 800 to 900 Gold). We want to take a couple of preliminary steps to introduce some new components that might form a solid basis for future items as well as ensure that players that go down a Utility / Support route start feeling more complete earlier.


Aether Wisp ( New Item )

  • Recipe: Amplifying Tome (435 Gold) + 365 Gold = 800 Total Gold
  • Grants 30 Ability Power
  • UNIQUE Passive: Grants 5% Movement Speed

This item seemed a very logical component piece for the two current AP & MS items (LB and TS) as well as a good building block for future items.


Lich_BaneLich Bane

  • Recipe changed: Sheen (1200 Gold) + Aether Wisp (800 Gold) + 1000 Gold = 3000 Total Gold
  • Total Cost unchanged
  • Stats unchanged
  • Passive unchanged


Twin_Shadows_item Twin Shadow

  • Recipe changed: Aether Wisp + Fiendish Codex + 780 Gold = 2400 Total Gold
  • Ability Power increased from 50 to 80
  • Magic Resistance removed [ previous 40 ]
  • Cooldown Reduction increased from 0% to 10% CDR
  • Movement Speed unchanged
  • Additional Active Effect: If the ghosts fail to find a target after 5 seconds, they attempt to return to the caster. Each ghost that successfully returns to the caster reduces the cooldown of Twin Shadows by 40 seconds.



Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction


Forbidden Idol ( New Item )

  • Recipe: Faerie Charm ( 180 Gold ) + Faerie Charm ( 180 Gold ) + 390 Gold = 750 Gold Total
  • Grants 8 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
  • UNIQUE Passive: Grants 10% Cooldown Reduction



  • Recipe Changed: Fiendish Codex ( 820 Gold ) + Forbidden Idol ( 750 Gold ) + 630 Gold = 2200 Gold Total
  • Total Cost unchanged
  • Stats unchanged
  • Passive unchanged


 Nothing to see here besides the recipe change. The removal of Kage’s in S4 made this recipe a bit weird so we’re cleaning it up a bit.


 Talisman_of_Ascension_itemTalisman of Ascension

  • Recipe: Nomad’s Medallion + Forbidden Idol ( 75o Gold ) + 585 Gold = 2200 Gold Total
  • Total Cost increased from 2000 to 2200
  • Mana Regeneration Per 5 increased from 10 to 15
  • Other stats are unchanged


 It’s always been weird that Talisman of Ascension has 20% CDR pop out of nowhere. So we’re retrofitting Talisman of Ascension to build out of the Forbidden Idol.

That said, this does still mean that Talisman of Ascension will have the most mana regeneration of the Income items again.


Frost Queen's Claim Frost Queen’s Claim

  • Recipe Cost increased from 315 to 515
  • Total Cost increased from 2000 to 2200
  • Ability Power increased from 40 to 50


Face of the Mountain Face of the Mountain

  • Recipe Cost increased from 185 to 385
  • Total Cost increased from 2000 to 2200
  • Health Regeneration per 5 decreased from 25 to 20
  • Health increased from 375 to 500


 On the whole this is pretty much a neutral change to Frost Queen’s Claim and a very slight buff to Face of the Mountain but the main purpose of these tweaks is to ensure that all the Tier 3 Duo lane items had the same gold cost and thus roughly the same gold efficiency end game.


 Will_of_the_Ancients_itemWill of the Ancients

  • Recipe changed: Hextech Revolver ( 1200 Gold ) + Fiendish Codex ( 820 Gold ) + 480 Gold = 2500 Total Gold
  • Ability Power increased from 50 to 80
  • Mana Regeneration per 5 removed ( previously 10 )
  • Cooldown Reduction unchanged
  • Passive unchanged


 Xypherous has some crazy conspiracy theories behind this change, but I think it is difficult to adjust and cleanup item recipes without addressing Wota. The Mana Regen was always attached to allow mages who wanted to invest in spellvamp, but was still primarily picked up by resourceless casters. We’ve retuned the item with those characters in mind. This might be a bit crazy in testing but we can adjust the items balance pretty easily and part of the reason we wanted to get this out earlier.


Aegis_of_the_Legion_item Aegis of the Legion

  • Recipe changed: Negatron Cloak ( 720 Gold ) + Ruby Crystal ( 400 Gold ) + Rejuvenation Bead ( 180 Gold ) + 600 Gold = 1900 Gold
  • Health  unchanged
  • Armor removed ( previously 20 )
  • Now grants 20 Magic Resist (40 Magic Resistance total due to the 20 from Aura)
  • Aura unchanged


Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_item Locket of the Iron Solari

  • Recipe changed: Kindlegem ( 850 Gold ) + Aegis of the Legion ( 1950 Gold ) + 50 Gold = 2800 Gold
  • Health increased from 300 to 400
  • Armor removed ( previously 0 )
  • Now grants 20 Magic Resist (40 Magic Resistance total due to the 20 from Aura)
  • Cooldown Reduction  unchanged
  • Aura – Legion unchanged
  • Active unchanged


 The recipe for Aegis of the Legion has always been a little weird after the removal of Emblem of Valor. The more we prodded at the item, the more the item’s triple resistance nature (Health/Armor/MR) seemed to not align with our overall goals and direction of the item system. We want the item to do a better job at it’s intended function – defending against heavy amounts of magic damage and be slightly less universal.

The stat lineup on Locket seemed like a logical choice for players who wanted to pick up an early  and rounded out the recipe nicely.


 glacial shroud Glacial Shroud

  • Recipe changed: Cloth Armor ( 300 Gold ) + Sapphire Crystal ( 400 Gold ) + 250 Gold = 950 Gold Total
  • Armor reduced from 45 to 20
  • Mana reduced from 300 to 250
  • Cooldown Reduction unchanged


Iceborn_GauntletIceborn Gauntlet

  • Combine Cost decreased from 1100 to 750
  • Total Cost decreased from 3300 to 2900 (Due to Glacial Shroud)
  • Ability Power unchanged
  • Mana unchanged
  • Armor reduced from 70 to 60
  • Cooldown Reduction unchanged
  • Passive unchanged


 Frozen_HeartFrozen Heart

  • Combine Cost increased from 550 to 650
  • Total Cost reduced from 2900 to 2600 (Due to Glacial Shroud)
  • Armor increased from 95 to 100
  • Mana & Cooldown Reduction unchanged
  • Aura Attack Speed Reduction reduced from 20% to 15%


We wanted to retune Glacial shroud to be an easier pickup for people in lane and the 950 gold cost made it a much easier early game pickup than the previous 1350 cost. The price point also didn’t seem to match the expectations and impact of the item.

The changes to IBG and FH are overall small buffs to the items which are a bit on the weak side. The easier buildup combined with the lower pricepoint should put both these items in a better spot overall.


Warden's_Mail Warden’s Mail

  • Recipe changed: Chain Vest ( 720 Gold ) + 280 Gold = 1000 Gold
  • Combine Cost reduced from 400 to 280
  • Total Cost unchanged


With the change to Glacial Shroud we wanted to be sure that Chain Vest was an available pickup for folks who wanted to really heavily in armor in either Randuin’s or Frozen Heart

These should be popping up on the PBE soon and I’ll be around a bit later tonight to grab feedback and answer questions.



Brush Vision Tech Changes


Zilean_OldSaint_TeemoClock Button Rioter vLemon: We wanted to let you gals and guys know that we put in some changes in 4.5 that affect how the brush logic works. These changes should fix bugs where:

  • You would be standing in a curved bush and you wouldn’t be able to see champions standing on the opposite edge of the bush
  • There would be some blind spots in brushes that wouldn’t be revealed by wards

Let us know if you see anything weird related to vision 🙂



[Floating Combat Text] Gold and Crit Changes


Rayven Button Rioter Rayven: Hey folks, we are making some changes to gold and crit combat text in an upcoming patch. The goals here are to increase the impact of those ceremonies and standardize the presentation across all regions.

All this means is that being rewarded with gold or critting an enemy in the face should feel better and we get to clean up situations like the attached image from an OGN match.

So what are we doing? We are replacing the gold “g” and the crit “!” with tiny icons. Try it out in game and let us know what you think.

Gold Animation

Gold Animation

Crit Animation

Crit Animation



Xypherous PBE Banner

Xypherous announced a ton of changes to Boot Enchantments and Summoner Spells for the upcoming Patch 4.5. Read below for more!


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Just a quick heads up on changes that we’re planning for 4.5. We’re working on some itemization recipe, enchantment retuning and Summoner Spell updates for 4.5. Therecipe changes I’ll post on a different thread at a later date since it’s much lengthier than my usual PBE posts.


Boot Enchantments


 Overall, enchantments were an interesting experiment. Despite the power or popularity of Homeguard, it didn’t seem like the enchantment system was causing any particular problems in Season 3 for the most part. However, in Season 4, it’s looking like the late late game often gets dragged out too long and is much more difficult to close than intended.

  I don’t think that simply changing Enchantment: Homeguard will solve the problem of the errant late games but it’s definitely a contributor to the overall state. We’re going to reduce the power level of Homeguard to clean up a little bit of the end-game problem and power up some of the other options such that there’s a better balance between offensive mobility and defensive mobility options.


 Homeguard_itemEnchantment: Homeguard

  • No longer fully regenerates you upon activation.
  • Instead, item restores 35% of your missing Health and Mana per second while at fountain.


  We like that Homeguard can give you an instant satisfying burst when used well – enabling you to defend objectives almost immediately upon a successful recall. However, the speed of response is just too fast right now. By changing the mechanic to restore a percentage of your missing Health and Mana – we basically add a couple of extra crucial seconds if you want to re-engage or defend at full health.

However, if you were severely wounded and you rush off the fountain with Homeguard, you’ll only be at roughly 70% or so. Healthy enough to mount a defense of a tower but not quite so domineering.


Alacrity_itemEnchantment: Alacrity

  • Movement Speed increased from 15 to 20


Alacrity has always been in a bit of a poor spot due to being off from a tuning perspective.

  (As a bit of a followup, Boots of Mobility has seen roughly equal play / success numbers as before. There’s been a bit of a dropoff in usage rates but nothing major overall. However, this change will make those players who were trying to compensate for the change by using the Alacrity Enchantment actually have equivalent Movement Speed in combat with the other boot options.

Or you could just enchant Boots of Swiftness with it. SPEEEEED.)


Furor_itemEnchantment: Furor

  • Price reduced from 650 to 475


  Furor is too expensive for what it brings to the table. While Furor is an excellent option for training or kiting your opponents, the price often made the practice moot because if you spent 650 gold training or kiting someone and you didn’t have the combat strength to make it pay off – it was kind of pointless.

  This change will make Furor slightly easier to pick up when the mid-game or late-game fights start and players start to realize they need an extra bit of Movement Speed in fights – but can’t afford to begin starting down a path to another major Movement Speed item like Zephyr or Phantom Dancer.


Captain_itemEnchantment: Captain

  • Directional Movement Speed Strength increased from 8% to 10%
  • Price reduced from 750 to 600


  We’ve always been unhappy with aura effects as their relative power level versus visceral/intellectual satisfaction is always off. However, you could make a number of decent arguments that by overpricing and dampening the power level of the Captain Enchant, we never gave the aura a fair shot at being appreciated or recognized by our players.

  So, tentatively, we’re increasing the power level and decreasing the gold cost of the Captain Enchantment. We’ll keep an eye on whether people start appreciating the power of the effect or whether or not at this point it simply becomes overpowered and mandatory before deciding if it really needs further work.


Distortion_item Enchantment: Distortion

  • Ghost / Flash / Teleport CD Reduction decreased from 25% to 20%
  • (NEW) Adds additional effects to the spells:
    • Ghost
      • Movement Speed increased from 28% to 35%
      • Duration increased from 10 to 12
    • Flash
      • Cast Range increased from 400 to 480
    • Teleport
      • Grants 30% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds upon a successful Teleport

  The Distortion Enchantment right now is most often used to enhance powerful initiation effects, especially combined with Flash. These changes are designed to augment all three of the spells in question to be a powerful offensive tool regardless of which Summoner Spell you are using to accomplish it.

It’s kind of crazy and potentially overpowered – but it’s also exciting and it seems like there are enough levers on the item to tune it to a spot where it isn’t if any one of the effects seem out of line.

  Summary: We’re basically either increasing the power or decreasing the gold barrier to a lot of the enchantments that can be used to make interesting Team Fight plays for the mid to late game – with the exception of Homeguard which we’re nerfing slightly to clean up the late game team fight defenses.


Summoner Spells


  It’s always been a little weird that our pure defensive supports don’t have a Summoner Spell that emphasizes their support / healing nature and they have to take things that are either highly aggressive Ignite or somewhat less aggressive Exhaust to get a similar level of effect.

  We’re making a couple of changes to Heal and Ignite to help give them a bit more character, while also slightly retuning Exhaust to fit better on a larger variety of roles.



  • Targets affected decreased from 5 to 2
    • Now only affects you and the target nearest your cursor (within 700 range).
      • If it can’t find anything near your cursor, it’ll affect the most wounded nearby allied champion instead.
  • Cooldown decreased from 300 to 240
  • Heal Amount increased from 90-345 to 90-495 (Scales non-linearly with level, more at higher levels)
  • Additional Effect: After healing the target, it then removes any healing reduction effects the target suffers.
  • Additional Effect: Targets healed also gain 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.


  We’ve always had trouble with Heal as its narrow functionality and high area of effect characteristics has made it pretty much impossible to balance for the lane and the late game. We also wanted to retune Heal to be attractive to both characters with Heal and characters without innate Sustain.

  Heal will have natural synergies with strong Healers like Soraka / Janna as it gives them a way to ensure that their heal sticks – at least for a short time on a very very long cooldown. The Movement Speed now allows it to either enable you to heal lethal damage and facilitate an escape – or target it at an initiator under fire and allow him to rush through to the opponents.


Ignite Ignite

  • Additional Effect: Now also grants vision of the target over the duration (Non-Stealth only.)


  Ignite, traditionally, has either overwhelmed Heal or been dominated by it. We’ve decided to make Heal simply negate 1:1 the effects of Ignite on a single target – and thus Ignite needs a little more sideways functionality.

  We’ve always wanted to make Ignite grant vision of the target so you can slowly watch them burn but this also better clarifies Ignite’s use as either a signal to focus fire your target or a end-spell to help finish off your targets as they run by ensuring they can’t evade you by dodging into a brush.


Exhaust Exhaust

  • Movement Speed Reduction decreased from 30% to 25%
  • Damage Reduction increased from 30% to 50%
  • Cast Range increased from 550 to 650


Tentative numbers on Exhaust right now.

  Exhaust has traditionally been powerful on initiators, mostly because the short cast range demands that you close the distance with some other spell before using Exhaust. Exhaust is center-to-center cast, so the 550 cast range actually falls short of most AD Carry attack ranges or other burst initiation ranges.

  This makes using Exhaust defensively against carries somewhat awkward, as you typically have to walk forward to Exhaust the target that is actually inflicting all the preventable damage incoming.

  We’ve reduced the slowing power of spell because you can cast it from a longer distance and we’ve made the spell much more powerful as a preventative reactive measure against the engagement burst so that casting Exhaustbefore the impact happens is more rewarding.


Note: Probably won’t be responding to this thread tonight in full vigilance – I’ll hop on this thread more when I get confirmation that these changes are on PBE. Otherwise, again – this is just a quick heads up on what you’ll seen soon on PBE.