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PBE Round-up: Patch 6.7

April 3rd, 2016


PBE Roundup 67 bANNER

Patch 6.7 will be out in the early hours of April 6th, assuming there are no delays. Here are its contents:



Store Content




Champion Changes


Aurelion Sol Final Portrait


Nerf BoxStarsurgeStarsurge [ Q ]

  • Stun duration decreased from 1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds to 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5.



Nerf BoxVoice_of_LightVoice of Light [ R ]

  • Slow duration changed from 4 seconds (decaying-over-time) to 2 seconds (non-decaying);
  • Slow strength decreased from 60/70/80% to 40/50/60%.



Corki Final Portrait


Nerf BoxHextech Shrapnel Shells Final IconHextech Munitions [ Passive ]

  • Auto attacks no longer deal 10% bonus damage.




Irelia Final Portrait


Buff BoxBladesurgeBladesurge [ Q ]

  • AD ratio increased from 1.0 to 1.2;
  • Mana cost decreased from 60/65/70/75/80 to 50/55/60/65/70.



Jhin Final Portrait


Nerf BoxDancing Grenade Final IconDancing Grenade [ Q ]

  • Base Damage decreased from 60/85/110/135/160 to 50/75/100/125/150;
  • Mana Cost increased from 30/35/40/45/50 to 40/45/50/55/60.


Buff BoxCaptive Audience Final IconCaptive Audience [ E ]

  • Mana Cost decreased from 40/45/50/55/60 to 30/35/40/45/50.




Kindred Final Portrait


Nerf BoxLambs Respite Final IconLamb’s Respite [ R ]

  • Will now only be castable on Kindred, not on other allies (clicking the spell now self-casts it on Kindred).



Lux Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalPrismatic Barrier Final IconPrismatic Barrier [ W ]

  • The projectile will now travel slower away from Lux and faster when it returns [source].



Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Change BoxPounce Final IconPounce [ Cougar W ] 

  • Base damage changed from 65/110/155/200 to 60/110/160/210.




Poppy Final Portrait


Nerf BoxIron Ambassador Final IconIron Ambassador [ Passive ]

  • Bonus auto-attack range decreased from 400 to 300.



Buff BoxHammer Shock Final IconHammer Shock [ Q ]

    • Base Damage changed from 40/60/80/100/120  [+6% of Max HP] to 35/55/75/95/115 [+7% of Max HP].


Nerf BoxHeroic Charge Final IconHeroic Charge [ E ]

  • Range decreased from 525 to 425.




Rammus Final Portrait


Nerf BoxTremors Final IconTremors [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 60 seconds at all ranks to 100/80/60.




Soraka Final Portrait


Nerf BoxStarcall Final IconStarcall [ Q ]

  • Mana cost increased from 40 at all ranks to 40/45/50/55/60.



Nerf BoxAstral Infusion Final IconAstral Infusion [ W ]

  • Mana Cost increased from 40/45/50/55/60 to 50/55/60/65/70.




Udyr Final Portrait


  • Base Health-per-second decreased from 1.75 to 1.2.


Nerf BoxPhoenix Stance Final IconPhoenix Stance [ R ]

  • Base damage-per-second decreased from 15/25/35/45/55 to 10/20/30/40/50;
  • Magic damage on third-hit proc decreased from 40/75/110/145/180 to 25/60/95/130/165.



Zed Final Portrait


Nerf BoxLiving Shadow Final IconLiving Shadow [ W ]

  • Passive Bonus AD boost decreased from 5/10/15/20/25% to 4/8/12/16/20%;
  • Cooldown increased from 18/17/16/15/14 seconds to 22/20/18/16/14.



Item Changes


Quality of Life Box FinalDead Mans Plate Final IconDead Man’s Plate

  • Tooltip updated to reflect that blinds and silences don’t cause the passive stacks to decay.



Nerf BoxMaw of Malmortius Final IconMaw of Malmortius

  • Magic Resist decreased from 50 to 40.
  • Lifegrip passive no longer grants 25% Attack Speed until you exit combat.





Nerf BoxWarlords Bloodlust Final IconWarlord’s Bloodlust

  • Lifesteal effectiveness for ranged Champions against minions decreased from 50% to 25%.





Mecha Zero Sion is a legendary skin will be available in store for 1820 RP.





Mecha Sion Model 1 Mecha Sion Model 2

Mecha Sion Model 3 Mecha Sion Model 4

Mecha Sion Model 5 Mecha Sion Model 6

Mecha Sion Model 7 Mecha Sion Model 8




Recall Banner

Mecha Sion Recall 1 Mecha Sion Recall 2





Mecha Sion Passive 1



Mecha Sion Q 1 Mecha Sion Q 2

Mecha Sion Q 3 \



Mecha Sion W 1 Mecha Sion W 2

Mecha Sion W 3 Mecha Sion W 5

Mecha Sion W 4



Mecha Sion E 1 Mecha Sion E 2 (1)




Here’s his new voice-over (video by SkinSpotlights):


Here’s login theme for Mecha Zero Sion by frostyNinja:


And here’s the music from the login screen:


Here’s the still image from the animation:

cs_bg_champions (2)




Program Lissandra features a robot VO filter and will be available in store for 1350 RP.




MODEL Banner

Program Lissandra Model 1 Program Lissandra Model 2




Recall Banner

Program Lissandra Recall 1 Program Lissandra Recall 2

Program Lissandra Recall 3 Program Lissandra Recall 4



Program Lissandra Basic Attack 1



Program Lissandra Q 1 Program Lissandra Q 2



Program Lissandra W 2 Program Lissandra W 1



Program Lissandra E 1 Program Lissandra E 2

Program Lissandra E 3 Program Lissandra E 4



Program Lissandra R 1 Program Lissandra R 3

Program Lissandra R 4 Program Lissandra R 5




Program Soraka features a robot VO filter and will be available in store for 1350 RP.


Soraka_Splash_6 Soraka_6


MODEL Banner

Program Soraka Model 1 Program Soraka Model 2





Recall Banner

Program Soraka Recall 1 Program Soraka Recall 2



Program Soraka Basic Attack 1



Program Soraka Passive 1



Program Soraka Q 1 Program Soraka Q 2

Program Soraka Q 3



Program Soraka W 1 Program Soraka W 2



Program Soraka E 1 Program Soraka E 2

Program Soraka E 3 Program Soraka E 4



Program Soraka R 1 Program Soraka R 2




The Mecha Zero Ward skin will be available in store for 640 RP.



New Summoner Icons


Four new Mecha-style icons will be in store soon. No idea how to get them yet, but you’ll most likely have to transform your money into RP:

profileIcon1135 profileIcon1132 profileIcon1133 profileIcon1134


New icons for the teams participating in the MSI tournament will be released shortly after Patch 6.7. As always, they’ll likely be in store for 250 RP and a portion of the proceeds will go to the respective teams.

profileIcon1117 profileIcon1119 profileIcon1120 profileIcon1121 profileIcon1122 profileIcon1123 profileIcon1124

profileIcon1125 profileIcon1126 profileIcon1127 profileIcon1128 profileIcon1129 profileIcon1130




There is now an MSI logo in the middle of Summoner’s Rift:


MSI Logo


Global Splash Update Incoming

Riot JxE Final PortraitHey folks,

As many of you (especially fans of the Chinese LoL scene) may know, some of our older skin and champion splash arts are different across the world. This is a big deal – splash art is one of most important tools we have for conveying a champion’s fantasy and personality in League. We want players to have a global, unified experience – it’s confusing when (ex.) Taric or Goth Annie have vastly divergent representations of their power and feel depending on which region you play League in.

Splashes are used everywhere: from champ select to the loading screen, portrait icons, the store, and more recently Hextech Crafting. With that in mind, we’ll be updating a large number of our older splash arts to unify them across all regions. You should be seeing the first batch in today’s PBE (and onward throughout the patch 6.7 PBE cycle), with another batch coming later in patch 6.8!

Edit: Thanks for the feedback everyone. We won’t be making any reverts or changes during this round, but this feedback will help our splash artists prioritize what to upgrade when they get the chance. I mentioned this in a comment, the benefit of making these changes is to eliminate a pipeline that has been causing us internal pain. We know some of these aren’t as nice and the art style is off, but choosing one splash or the other was the fastest way to kill this pipeline. We want to focus on new content and features, not firefighting and changes like this help us do that.

[ Link to Post ]


Here’s a tweet to explain the change:


And here are all the splash arts from today’s patch that have received changes:



Ahri 1 Ahri 2



Akali 1 Akali 2

Akali 3



Alistar 1



Amumu 1 Amumu 2

Amumu 3 Amumu 4



Annie 1 Annie 2



Blitzcrank 1



Caitlyn 1 Caitlyn 2



Chogath 1



Corki 1


Dr. Mundo

Dr Mundo 1



Evelynn 1 Evelynn 2



Fiddlesticks 1



Garen 1 Garen 2






Hecarim 1



Irelia 1 Irelia 2



Janna 1 Janna_Splash_2


Jarvan IV







Karma 1 Karma 2



Karthus 1 Karthus 2

Karthus 3 Karthus 4














Lee Sin

Lee Sin 1 LeeSin_Splash_2


Master  Yi

Master Yi 1 Master Yi 2

Master Yi 3


Miss Fortune

Master Yi 4 Miss Fortune 1

Miss Fortune 2 MissFortune_Splash_2



Mordekaiser 1



Morgana 1 Morgana 2



Nocturne 1



Nunu_Splash_1 Nunu_Splash_2




Rammus_Splash_3 Rammus_Splash_4



Wukong 1 Wukong 2


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


PBE Round-up: Patch 6.2

January 22nd, 2016


PBE Round up 62 Banner

Patch 6.2 will hit live in the early hours of January 27th, assuming there are no delays. Here are its contents:


New Champion

Shen Rework


Store Content




[ Note ] Radiant Wukong, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn & Morgana, the Rising Ward Dawn Skin and the four Lunar Revel Summoner Icons will be coming with this patch. You can find previews of them all HERE.




Jhin will be available for 7800 IP/975 RP on release. After a week his price will drop down to 6300 IP.  He’ll also be available for RP in a bundle with his release skin – High Noon Jhin.


jhin-reveal-redirect-banner Jhin_0 (2)

Jhin_Square_0 (1)



Jhin Model 1 Jhin Model 2



Recall Banner

Jhin Recall 1 Jhin Recall 2


Jhin Final Portrait


  • Health: 540 [ +85 per level ]
  • Mana: 300 [ +35 per level ]
  • Auto-Attack Range: 550
  • Attack Damage: 53 [ +4 per level ]
  • Base Movement Speed: 325
  • Armor: 20 [ +3.5 per level ]
  • Magic Resist: 30 [+0 per level ]
  • HP-per-second: 1.1 [ +0.1 per level ]
  • Mana-per-second: 1.2 [ +0.16 per level ]



Whisper Final IconDeath in Four Acts: Jhin’s gun – Whisper – chambers four shots, which he fires at a fixed Attack Speed of 0.63 [+~3% per level]. The last bullet always crits and deals an additional 15-25% of the target’s missing Health as bonus physical damage. After firing the four shots, Jhin will pause to reload for ~2 seconds.

Every Moment Matters: Jhin’s crits deal 25% less damage, but grant him 10% [+0.4 of Bonus Attack Speed] Movement Speed which decays over 2 seconds. Also, Jhin’s Attack Damage is increased by ( 2-40 [scales with level] [+0.4 of Crit Chance] [+0.25 of Bonus Attack Speed] of Total AD ).


Jhin Passive 1 Jhin Passive 3

Jhin Passive 2 Jhin Passive 4



Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds || Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 || Range: 600

Dancing Grenade Final IconJhin throws a cannister at a nearby targeted enemy, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 [+0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5 of Total AD] [+0.6 AP] physical damage. After landing, the cannister bounces up to four times on other nearby enemies. Killing an enemy with Dancing Grenade causes the following bounces to deal 35% extra damage, up to a maximum of 140% increased damage.


Jhin Q 1 Jhin Q 2



Cooldown: 14 seconds at all ranks || Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 || Range: 2500

Deadly Flourish Final IconPassive: Enemy champions that have been struck by Jhin’s basic attacks, Captive Audience, or any allied damage are marked for 4 seconds.

Active: Jhin fires a massively long range shot that goes through minions and deals 50/85/120/155/190 [+0.7 of Total AD] to the first enemy Champion hit (deals 65% damage to minions and neutral monsters). If the enemy Champion has already been marked, Deadly Flourish will additionally root them for 0.75/1/1.25/1.50/1.75 seconds and Jhin will gain the bonus Movement Speed from his fourth-hit crit.


Jhin W 1 Jhin W 2



Cooldown: 2 seconds at all ranks || Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 Mana + 1 Charge

Range: 260 || Recharge Cooldown: 28/27/26/25/24 seconds || Maximum Charges: 2

Captive Audience Final IconBeauty in Death – Killing blows on Champions spawn a Lotus Trap which briefly provides vision of the area before exploding.

Jhin places a Lotus trap on the ground that turns invisible after arming. Enemy champions that walk over the trap trigger it, revealing them for 4 seconds and marking them with Deadly Flourish and creating a large slowing zone that slows for 35%. After 2 seconds, the trap detonates, dealing 20/80/140/200/260 [+1.2 of Total AD] [+1.0 of AP] to enemy Champions (minions and neutral monsters are dealt 65% damage).


Jhin E 1 Jhin E 2



Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds || Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 || Range: A lot

Curtain Call Final IconJhin fully assembles his weapon before taking aim in a target direction, revealing all marked targets in a huge area. He can then fire four rounds that stop at the first enemy champion struck, slowing them and dealing 50/125/200 [+0.25 of Total AD] physical damage, increased by 2% for every 1% of missing HP on the target hit. The fourth shot crits for double damage.

If Curtain Call is canceled, it has its cooldown lowered by 10% for every unfired shot, up to a 40% CDR if no shots have been fired.


Jhin R 1 Jhin R 2


Here’s Jhin’s Champion Select quote:


And his login animation by frostyNinja:




Shen’s rework features a brand new passive, Q and W, tweaked values on E and R and a visual update, including new splash arts for all his skins:


Shen_Splash_0 Shen_0 (1)



Shen Final Portrait


  • Health: 540 [ +73 per level ]
  • Energy: 400
  • Auto-Attack Range: 125
  • Attack Damage: 60 [ +3 per level ]
  • Base Movement Speed: 340
  • Armor: 25 [ +2.6 per level ]
  • Magic Resist: 32 [ +1.25 per level ]
  • HP-per-second: 2 [ +0.15 per level ]


MODEL Banner

Shen Model 1 Shen Model 2





Ki Barrier Final IconAfter casting a spell, Shen gains a shield that absorbs 52-120 [+14% of Bonus HP] damage for 2.5 seconds on a 10-second cooldown. Spells that successfully affect a Champion, be it ally or enemy, reduce that cooldown by 4-7.5 seconds [scales down with level].

Additionally, Shen gains a spirit sword that’s leashed to him. Shen can control the sword with his spells.


Shen Passive 1 Shen Passive 2



Energy Cost: 140/130/120/110/100 || Cooldown: 8/7.25/6.5/5.75/5 seconds

Twilight Assault Final Icon

Shen recalls and draws his spirit sword, slowing enemies hit by 35% if they move away from Shen in the next 2 seconds. Additionally, Shen’s next 3 basic attacks deal 3/3.5/4/4.5/5% [+0.015 AP] % of enemy’s Max HP as bonus magic damage.

Hitting an enemy Champion with the sword increases the damage to 5/5.5/6/6.5/7% [+0.02 AP] % of Max HP and also grants Shen 50% Attack Speed for those 3 attacks.

Minions and monters take 30/50/70/90/110 additional damage per empowered attack.


Shen Q 1



Energy Cost: 40 at all ranks || Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/11 seconds

Spirits Refuge Final Icon

Shen’s spirit sword creates a field for 1.75 seconds, blocking all basic attacks that would hit Shen or allies inside of it. If there are no allied Champions inside the field, the spell will activate with a 2-second delay.



Shen W 1 Shen W 2



Energy Cost: 180 at all ranks || Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds

Shadow Dash Final IconPassive: Shen recovers 30-40 energy whenever he deals damage with Twilight Assault [ Q ] or Shadow Dash [ E ].

Active: Shen dashes in a direction, dealing 50 [+12% of Bonus HP] physical damage to enemy Champions in his path and taunting them for 1.5 seconds.



Energy Cost: 0 at all ranks || Cooldown: 180/150/120 seconds

Stand United Final IconShen channels for 3 seconds as he prepares to teleport to an allied champion anywhere on the map. As he channels, he grants his target a shield that absorbs 250/550/850 [+1.3 AP] damage for 5 seconds. Once Shen arrives, he brings his spirit sword with him.




Shen_Splash_4 Shen_4

Blood Moon Shen Model 1 Blood Moon Shen Model 2



Shen_Splash_1 Shen_1



Shen_Splash_3 Shen_3

Surgeon Shen Model 1 Surgeon Shen Model 2



TPA Shen Model 1 TPA Shen Model 2



Shen_Splash_5 Shen_5

Warlord Shen Model 1 Warlord Shen Model 2



Shen_Splash_2 Shen_2

Yellow Jacket Shen Model 1 Yellow Jacket Shen Model 2


Shen’s also received updated in-client lore to complement his rework:


”The Eye is blind to fear, to hate, to love, to all things that would sway equilibrium.”

Leader of a secret clan of mystic warriors, Shen serves as the Eye of Twilight, entrusted to enforce equilibrium in the world. Longing to remain free from the confusion of emotion, prejudice, or ego, Shen continually struggles, spirit blade in hand, to walk the unseen path of dispassionate judgment.



Champion Changes

Cassiopeia Final Portrait


Quality of Life Box FinalTwin Fang Final IconTwin Fang [ E ]

  • Casting the spell will no longer cancel Move or Attack orders.




Dr-Mundo-Final-Portrait (1)


Nerf BoxMasochism Final IconMasochism [ E ]

  • Bonus AD decreased from 40/55/70/85/100 [+0.4/0.55/0.7/0.85/1 per 1% Missing HP] to 20/40/60/80/100 [+0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1 per 1% Missing HP]


Nerf BoxSadism Final IconSadism [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 75 seconds at all ranks to 100/85/70.




Elise-Final-Portrait1 (1)


  • Base Movement Speed in Human Form decreased from 330 to 325;
  • Base Movement Speed in Spider Form decreased from 355 to 350 (same change for spiderlings).


Nerf BoxVolatile Spiderling Final IconVolatile Spiderling [ W ]

  • Base Damage decreased from 75/125/175/225/275 to 60/110/160/210/260.




Gangplank-Final-Champion-Portrait1 (2) (1)


Nerf BoxCannon Barrage Final IconCannon Barrage [ R ]

  • Cooldown increased from 140/130/120 seconds to 160/150/140.




Karma-Final-Portrait (1)


Buff BoxFocused Resolve Final IconFocused Resolve [ W ]

  • Mana Cost decreased from 70/75/80/85/90 to 50/55/60/65/70.




Kindred-Final-Portrait (1)


Nerf BoxDance of Arrows Final IconDance of Arrows [ Q ]

  • Mana Cost increased from 30 at all ranks to 35.



Nerf BoxMounting Dread Final IconMounting Dread [ E ]

  • Base damage decreased from 80/110/140/170/200 to 60/90/120/150/180.




Nunu-Final-Portrait1 (1)


Change BoxIce Blast Final IconIce Blast [ E ]

  • Damage decreased from 85/130/175/225/275 [+1.0 AP] to 80/120/160/200/240 [+0.9 AP];
  • Slow strength increased from 20/30/40/50/60% to 40/45/50/55/60%;
  • Attack Speed and Slow debuff duration decreased from 3 seconds to 2;
  • Mana cost decreased from 75/85/95/105/115 to 70/75/80/85/90;
  • Cooldown decreased from 6 seconds at all ranks to 6/5.5/5/4.5/4.



Rengar-Final-Portrait (1)


Unseen_PredatorUnseen Predator [ Passive ]

  • When Rengar dashes, he will now land a small distance away from his target.


[ Context ] This is to prevent the mid-air Bola cast when on top of an enemy Champion.


Change BoxEmpowered_SavageryEmpowered Savagery [ 5-Ferocity Q ]

  • Total AD ratio decreased from 1.5 to 1.3;
  • Bonus Attack Speed and Attack Damage increased from 10% to 20%.


Nerf BoxBola_StrikeBola Strike [ E ]

While Rengar is dashing, Bola Strike will have a small cast delay.



Change BoxThrill_of_the_HuntThrill of the Hunt [ R ]

  • Range for exclamation mark to appear increased from 1250 to 1450;
  • When stealthed, Rengar will gain the Movement Speed buff, regardless of whether he’s moving toward an enemy Champion.



Tahm-Kench-Final-Portrait2 (1)


Nerf BoxAn Acquired Taste Final IconAn Acquired Taste [ Passive ]

  • Stacks now remain on the target for 5 seconds, decreased from 7.



Nerf BoxAbyssal Voyage Final IconAbyssal Voyage [ R ]

  • Ratio on passive decreased from 4/6/8% of Bonus HP to 2/4/6%.




Item Changes


Buff BoxAthenes Unholy Grail Final IconAthene’s Unholy Grail

  • Recipe Cost decreased from 565 Gold to 465 (Total Cost down from 2800 Gold to 2700).



Buff BoxCull Final IconCull

  • Attack Damage increased from 5 to 7;
  • Gold received for reaching 100 stacks increased from 300 to 350.


Quality of Life Box FinalCinderhulk Final IconEnchantment: Cinderhulk

  • Tooltip fix: now mentions the burn aura will only trigger while in combat.



Quality of Life Box FinalFarsight Alteration Final IconFarsight Alteration

  • Mouse cursor now changes color depending on where you want to drop the trinket:


Red – impassable terrain, don’t put trinket there over penalty of playing Teemo;

Blue – regular terrain, trinket can be placed;

Green – trinket will be placed in brush.


Blue Trinket 1 Blue Trinket 2 Blue Trinket 3


Nerf BoxFrost Queens Claim Final IconFrost Queen’s Claim

  • Cooldown on active increased from 60 seconds to 90.



Buff BoxMorellonomicon Final IconMorellonomicon

  • Recipe cost decreased from 765 Gold to 615 (Total cost decreased from 2550 Gold to 2400).





Change BoxAssassin FInal IconAssassin [ Tier 2 Cunning ]

  • Bonus damage when alone increased from 1.5% to 2%;
  • Bonus damage now only applies to enemy Champions, not minions and monsters.


Nerf BoxThunderlords Decree Final IconThunderlord’s Decree

  • Cooldown between procs changed from 20 seconds to 25-15 seconds (scales down with Champion level);
  • Window to stack 3 attacks/spells to proc the damage decreased from 5 seconds to 3.




High Noon Jhin will be available for 1350 RP as soon as Jhin is released.


Jhin_Splash_1 (1) Jhin_1




MODEL Banner

High Noon Jhin Model 1 High Noon Jhin Model 2


Recall Banner

High Noon Jhin Recall 1 High Noon Jhin Recall 2



High Noon Jhin Passive 1 High Noon Jhin Passive 2

High Noon Jhin Passive 3 High Noon Jhin Passive 4



High Noon Jhin Q 1 High Noon Jhin Q 2



High Noon Jhin W 2 High Noon Jhin W 1



High Noon Jhin E 1 High Noon Jhin E 2



High Noon Jhin R 1 High Noon Jhin R 2

High Noon Jhin R 3 High Noon Jhin R 4




Beast Hunter Draven will be available in store for 750 RP:


Tryndamere_Splash_8 (1) Draven_5


MODEL Banner

Beast Hunter Draven Model 1 Beast Hunter Draven Model 2




Beast Hunter Sejuani will be available in store for 750 RP:


Tryndamere_Splash_8 (1) Sejuani_6


MODEL Banner

Beast Hunter Sejuani Model 1 Beast Hunter Sejuani Model 2




Beast Hunter Tryndamere will be available in store for 750 RP:


Tryndamere_Splash_8 (1) Tryndamere_8


MODEL Banner

Beast Hunter Tryndamere Model 1 Beast Hunter Tryndamere Model 2



New Summoner Icons

A few eSports summoner icons have been updated for Patch 6.2:


profileIcon1028 profileIcon1030 profileIcon1031 profileIcon1101 profileIcon1102

profileIcon1096 profileIcon1097 profileIcon1098 profileIcon1099 profileIcon1100


We also have a new anchor icon, presumably for OCE’s Ocean week:





This is a new in-client system that nets you rewards like skins and Champions. Below I’ve written down all the ways you can earn content and craft:


You’ll need Hextech Keys and Hextech Chests. You’ll earn Hextech Keys for winning matchmade games (meaning any game type except Custom games).

Chests are trickier; they’re rewards for performing well on a particular Champion. You earn chests through the Mastery system, but keep in mind that you can only earn one chest per season with a given Champion. Every time you get an S rank, you’ll get a chest, up to a maximum of four chests per month.

Alternatively, you can buy both keys and chests for 125 RP each in the store.

Crafting 1 Crafting 2


Once you have a pair, you can open chests using keys through the interface found by clicking on the shard icon below your username. After the animation, you’ll receive either a Champion Shard, a Skin Shard, a Ward Skin Shard, Cosmic Essence, Champion Essence or a combination of all those. Note that a chest will never contain essence only.


Think of Champion and Skin Shards as tickets for temporary access to Champions. You can do four things with those.

Crafting 4


First, you can re-roll both types of Shards into permanent Champions or Skins, respectively. To do so, you’ll need three Shards. The catch? Your reward is random.


You can disenchant both Champion Shards and Skin Shards for Champion Essence and Skins Essence, respectively.

Crafting 11 Crafting 12


You’ll need this essence to upgrade Champion Shards and Skin Shards into specific permanent Champions and Skins:


Lastly, you can rent Champions and Skins for 7 days. This will use up their respective Shards.

Crafting 13


The rent period will be displayed on your Summoner Profile. It’s also the place where you can check how many chests you can unlock until the end of the month and what Champions you’ve already unlocked a chest with.

Crafting 15

Crafting 14


Sometimes you’ll find Rare Gems in your chests. These contain one chest and one key.

Crafting 9 Crafting 10


You can earn Ward Skin Shards through these chests. These work the same way as regular Skin Shards.

Crafting 7 Crafting 8


You can also earn Summoner Icons. These will instantly be added to your account.

Crafting 5 Crafting 6




[ Note ] You can find the official Lunar Revel teaser and all the new themed content HERE.


The Lunar Revel login animation will be coming with Patch 6.2, as well as a Snowdown-type store. Here’s the video by frostyNinja:


Here’s the still from the animation:

Lunar Revel Still


And the music from the login theme:


Also, a Lunar Revel store is now in place of the Snowdown shop in the client. It functions the same way. Try your luck when 6.2 hits live!

Lunar Revel Store 1





Keystone Masteries are now visible during the Loading Screen:

Champion Mastery Load Screen


Content that didn’t make it to 6.2 but will return for testing:

Lunar Revel content that will be released after 6.2:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]m.

PBE Round-up: Patch 5.23

November 20th, 2015


Patch 5 23 Roundup Banner

Patch 5.23 will hit live in the early hours of November 25th, assuming there are no delays. Here all its contents:


Store Content






Illaoi is a new Champion, meaning she’ll be available for 7800 IP (6300 IP after 1 week) / 975 RP on release after Patch 5.23 hits live:


illaoi-reveal-banner Illaoi_0



Illaoi Final Portrait

  • Health: 585.6 [+95 per level]
  • Health-per-5: 9.5 [+0.8 per level]
  • Mana: 300 [+40 per level]
  • Mana-per-5: 7.5 [+0.75 per level]
  • Base Movement Speed: 340
  • Attack Damage: 60 [+5 per level]
  • Auto Attack Range: 125
  • Armor: 26 [+3.8 per level]
  • Magic Resist: 32  [+1.25 per level]


Here’s Illaoi’s Champ Select emote:



Illaoi Model 1 Illaoi Model 2


Recall Banner

Illaoi Recall 1 Illaoi Recall 2



Cooldown: 20 – 2 (scales down with level)

Prophet of an Elder God Final Icon

Illaoi draws the presence of her God, spawning a Tentacle on nearby impassible terrain if there are no other tentacles nearby.

Tentacles interact with Illaoi’s abilities and last until killed or if left dormant for 1 minute.


Illaoi Passive 1 Illaoi Passive 2



Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds || Mana Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 || Range: 800

Tentacle Smash Final Icon

Passive: Tentacles that hit enemy champions heal Illaoi for 5% her missing health.

Active: Illaoi summons a Tentacle that slams down in a target direction, dealing [10*Champion Level] + [+1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 Total AD] physical damage to all enemies hit.


Illaoi Q 1 Illaoi Q 2



Cooldown: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds || Mana Cost: 30 mana

Harsh Lesson Final Icon

Instead of attacking normally, Illaoi leaps to her target for her next basic attack, dealing 15/35/55/75/95 [+1.1 Total AD] bonus physical damage before commanding all nearby Tentacles to swing at her target.


Illaoi W 1 Illaoi W 2



Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 seconds || Mana cost: 35/45/55/65/75

Test of Spirit Final Icon

Illaoi first rips the spirit from a foe’s body, putting it close to her for 10 seconds. The spirit can be attacked by Illaoi and her teammates and returns 25/30/35/40/45% [+0.08% Total AD] of the damage it takes to the original target.

If the Spirit dies or the target leaves its range, the target becomes a Vessel. Vessels spawn a Tentacle every 10 seconds for 1 minute and have their
movement speed slowed by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds.


Illaoi E 4 Illaoi E 1

Illaoi E 2 Illaoi E 3



Cooldown: 120/105/90 seconds || Mana cost: 100 at all ranks

Leap of Faith Final Icon

Illaoi leaps into the air before slamming her idol into the ground, dealing 150/250/350 [+0.5 Bonus AD] to all nearby enemies and summoning a Tentacle for every enemy champion hit. These Tentacles last for 8 seconds, they have 50% bonus Attack Speed and they cannot be targeted. Additionally, while Leap of Faith’s Tentacles are active, Harsh Lesson [ W ]‘s cooldown is decreased to 2 seconds.


Illaoi R 1 Illaoi R 2


Lastly, here’s Illaoi’s login theme from frostyninja:




Void Bringer Illaoi will be available in store for 1350 RP.


Illaoi_Splash_1 IllaoiLoadScreen_1


MODEL Banner

Void Illaoi Model 1 Void Illaoi Model 2


Recall Banner

Void Illaoi Recall 1 Void Illaoi Recall 2



Void Illaoi Passive 1 Void Illaoi Passive 2



Void Illaoi Q 1 Void Illaoi Q 2



Void Illaoi W 1 Void Illaoi W 2



Void Illaoi E 2 Void Illaoi E 1



Void Illaoi R 1 Void Illaoi R 2

Void Illaoi R 3 Void Illaoi R 4




Braum Lionheart will be on sale for 750 RP.


Braum_Splash_3 Braum_3


MODEL Banner

Braum Lionheart Model 1 Braum Lionheart Model 2




Dragon Trainer Trist is a legendary skin. It will be available in store for 1820 RP.


Tristana_Splash_10 Tristana_10



Dragon Trainer Trist Model 1 Dragon Trainer Trist Model 2 Dragon Trainer Trist Model 3


Recall Banner

Dragon Trainer Tristana Recall 2 Dragon Trainer Trist Recall 2




Dragon Trainer Trist Q 1 Dragon Trainer Trist Q 2



Dragon Trainer Trist W 1 Dragon Trainer Trist W 2

Dragon Trainer Trist W 3 Dragon Trainer Trist W 4



Dragon Trainer Trist E 1 Dragon Trainer Trist E 2



Dragon Trainer Trist R 1 Dragon Trainer Trist R 2




Dragon Trainer Tristana also has her own login theme for the client, which will air shortly after Patch 5.23 hits live. Here’s the video by frostyninja:




Elderwood Hecarim will be available for 1350 RP.


Hecarim_Splash_5 HecarimLoadScreen_5


MODEL Banner

Elderwood Hecarim Model 1 Elderwood Hecarim Model 2


Recall Banner

Elderwood Hecarim Recall 1 Elderwood Hecarim Recall 2



Elderwood Hecarim Q 1 Elderwood Hecarim Q 2



Elderwood Hecarim W 1 Elderwood Hecarim W 2



Elderwood Hecarim E 1 Elderwood Hecarim E 2



Elderwood Hecarim R 1 Elderwood Hecarim R 2




Gragas Caskbreaker will be sold for 750 RP.


Braum_Splash_3 Gragas_9   


MODEL Banner

Gragas Caskbreaker Model 1 Gragas Caskbreaker Model 2



Gragas Caskbreaker Q 1 Gragas Caskbreaker Q 2


Gravelord Azir will be available in store for 1350 RP.




MODEL Banner

Gravelord Azir Model 1 Gravelord Azir Model 2

Gravelord Azir Model 3 Gravelord Azir Model 4


Recall Banner

Gravelord Azir Recall 1 Gravelord Azir Recall 2



Gravelord Azir Passive 1 Gravelord Azir Passive 2





Gravelord Azir Q 2 Gravelord Azir Q 1


Arise W

Gravelord Azir W 1 Gravelord Azir W 2



Gravelord Azir E 1 Gravelord Azir E 2



Gravelord Azir R 1 Gravelord Azir R 2




Ryze Whitebeard will be sold for 750 RP.


Braum_Splash_3 RyzeLoadScreen_9


MODEL Banner

Ryze Whitebeard Model 1 Ryze Whitebeard Model 2




Varus Swiftbold will be available for 750 RP.


Braum_Splash_3 VarusLoadScreen_5


MODEL Banner

Varus Swiftbolt Model 1 Varus Swiftbolt Model 2



Varus Swiftbolt Q 1 Varus Swiftbolt Q 2




2 new Allstar-themed ward skins will be available in store after Patch 5.23 hits live for 640 RP:



Allstar Fire Ward 1 Allstar Fire Ward 2



Allstar Ice Ward 1 Allstar Ice Ward 2


To go along with Dragon Trainer Trist, here’s a Dragon-themed ward:



Dragon Trainer Ward Skin 1 Dragon Trainer Ward Skin 2



New Summoner Icons

Two river critters have been immortalized in icon form. No news on how you can get this frog and duck, but it might involve 250 RP (again):


profileIcon977 profileIcon978




The Homeguard boot enchantment has been removed from the game. Instead, all players now receive the Homeguard buff when basing automatically after the 20th minute.


Homeguard_item (1) Boot enchantment: Homeguard

  • Removed from the game.


Death Timer Tweaks

  • The increase in Death Timer duration now starts at the 10th minute, not the 35th;
  • The Death Timer now increases at a rate of 0.5% per 30 seconds, down from 2% per 30 seconds;
  • Death cap duration now caps at the 60th minute.

[ Note ] This is aimed at making the mid game more snowbally and dangerous. There should be minimal changes to the late game.

The minion changes that didn’t make it with Patch 5.22 will be live with 5.23:



NEW - Pushing advantage

Minions get combat bonuses when your team has a level advantage over the opposing team

Comboing with the turret changes above, minions now get stronger to help the winning team press their advantage and close out the game

[ MINION DAMAGE BONUS ] If your team’s average level is higher than the enemy’s, your minions deal 10% bonus damage to enemy minions. If you’ve taken cumulatively more turrets than the enemy team, damage is further increased by 10% for each turret you have over your opponents.
[ ENRAGE ] If your team’s average level is at least 3 higher than the enemy’s and you’ve taken 2 or more towers in a given lane, your minions in that lane deal 90% more damage to enemy minions
[ MINION DAMAGE REDUCTION ] If your team’s average level is higher than the enemy’s, your minions take less damage from enemy minions equal to (tower differential x level differential) + 1. This number can’t fall below 1.
[ IRONCLAD ] If your team’s average level is at least 3 higher than the enemy’s and you’ve taken 2 or more towers in a given lane, your minions in that lane take 7 less damage from enemy minions

Melee minion gold reward

[ INITIAL GOLD VALUE ] 18.5 gold ⇒ 20 gold
[ GOLD GROWTH ] 0.17 gold per minute ⇒ 0.125 gold per minute

Caster minion gold reward

[ INITIAL GOLD VALUE ] 13.8 gold ⇒ 17 gold
[ GOLD GROWTH ] 0.17 gold per minute ⇒ 0.125 gold per minute

Siege minion gold reward

[ INITIAL GOLD VALUE ] 36.8 gold ⇒ 45 gold
[ GOLD GROWTH ] 0.425 gold per minute ⇒ 0.35 gold per minute



Champion Changes


Gnar Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range on Mega Gnar increased from 150 to 175



Graves Final Portrait


  • Base Movement Speed decreased from 345 to 340


Nerf BoxEnd of the Line Final IconEnd of the Line [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 60/80/100/120/140 to 55/70/85/100/115;
  • Damage on the returning explosion decreased from 90/155/220/285/350 to 85/145/205/265/325;
  • Cost increased from 50/55/60/65/70 mana to 60/70/80/90/100.



Hecarim Final Portrait


  • Mana decreased from 364 [+37 per level] to 317 [+40 per level]



Khazix Final Portrait


  • Base Armor increased from 27 to 30.


Buff BoxTaste_Their_FearTaste Their Fear [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 25 at all ranks to 20.




Kogmaw Final Portrait


  • Base Attack Damage increased from 54.5 to 57.5
  • Base Attack Speed increased from 0.625 to 0.665



Lucian Final Portrait


  • Base Attack Damage decreased from 59.5 to 57.5.


Change BoxThe Culling Final IconThe Culling [ R ]

  • Damage-per-bullet changed from 40/50/60 [+0.25 Bonus AD] to 20/35/50 [+0.2 Total AD]



Miss Fortune Final Portrait


  • Base Health decreased from 662 to 615.


Nerf BoxStrut Final IconStrut [ W ]

  • Bonus Attack Speed from active decreased from 60/75/90/105/120% to 60/70/80/90/100%;



Mordekaiser Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range decreased from 200 to 175.


Nerf BoxMace of Spades Final IconMace of Spades [ Q ]

  • The first two hits now deal identical damage;
  • Base damage on first hit changed from 4/8/12/16 /20 [+ 0.25/0.263/0.275/0.288/0.3 Total AD] [+ 0.2 AP] to 10/20/30/40/50 [ +0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9 Total AD] [+ 0.6 AP];
  • The third hit now does double the damage of the first hit, or 20/40/60/80/100 [+ 1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 Total AD] [+1.2 AP], decreased from 28 / 66.5/117/181/260 [+ 1.75/2.18/2.68/3.2/3.9 Total AD] [+ 1.4/1.66/1.95/2.26/2.6 AP].


Nerf BoxHarvester of Sorrow Final IconHarvester of Sorrow [ W ]

  • Base heal from reactivation changed from 70/95/120/145/170 to 50/85/120/155/190.



Buff BoxSiphon of Destruction Final IconSiphon of Destruction [ E ]

  • Shield recharge per Champion hit increased from 15% at all ranks to 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%.




Quinn Final Portrait


Change BoxHarrier Final IconHarrier [ Passive ]

  • Damage changed from 1.5 Total AD to 10 [+5 per level] [+ 1.14 (+0.02 per level) Total AD]


Change BoxAerial Assault Final IconBlinding Assault [ Q ] (renamed from Aerial Assault)

  • Damage changed from 20/45/70/95/120 [+ 0.7/0.75/0.8/0.85/0.9 Total AD] [+ 0.35 AP] to 25/55/85/115/145 [+ 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2 Total AD ] [+ 0.5 AP];
  • No longer deals bonus damage depending on the target’s missing Health (+1% for 1% missing HP on live);
    • Now additionally prevents non-Champion targets hit by the spell from attacking for 2 seconds and limits the vision of enemy Champions hit for the same duration.


Here’s how the new blind effect works on Champions:



Quality of Life Box FinalTag Team Final IconTag Team [ R ]

  • Renamed to Behind Enemy Lines.




Sion Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range increased from 150 to 175



Shyvana Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range while in Dragon form increased from 125 to 175.



Tahm Kench Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range decreased from 200 to 175



Trundle Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range increased from 125 to 175



Zac Final Portrait


  • Auto-attack range increased from 125 to 175



Zed Final Portrait


Buff BoxLiving Shadow Final IconLiving Shadow [ W ]

  • Cast range increased from 550 to 650.
  • Missile speed increased from 1500 to 1750;
  • Minimum cast range decreased from 400 to 350.



Buff BoxDeath Mark Final IconDeath Mark [ R ]

  • % Damage on mark activation increased from 20/35/50% to 30/40/50%.




Item Changes


Nerf BoxGuinsoos Rageblade Final IconGuinsoo’s Rageblade

  • Total cost increased from 2500 Gold to 2800.



Buff BoxHunters Talisman Final IconHunter’s Talisman

  • Now steals 5 Health-per-second from jungle monsters, increased from 4.



Buff BoxRefillable Potion Final IconRefillable Potion

  •  Health restore increased from 100 over 10 seconds to 125 over 12.



Nerf BoxStatikk ShivStatikk_Shiv

  • Base damage on chain lightning decreased from 50-150 to 30-100;
  • Lightning now deals 75% bonus damage to minions, increased from 50%.



Jungle Changes Banner


Blue Sentinel Final IconBlue Sentinel (Blue Buff)

  • Movement Speed decreased from 180 to 150



Elder Brambleback Final IconElder Brambleback (Red Buff)

  • Movement Speed decreased from 330 to 250



Rift Herald Final IconRift Herald 

  • Auto attack damage decreased from 120 to 105.



Also, the Rift Herald now spawns out of an actual portal, instead of just plopping on the Rift:





Nerf BoxBond of Stone Final IconBond of Stone [ Keystone Mastery in Resolve Tree ]

  • Solo damage reduction decreased from 4% to 2% [still 8% if near an allied champ ]


Buff BoxPerseverance Final IconPerseverance [ Resolve Tree ]

  • Now grants 200% Base Health Regen if you’re below 25% Max HP, increased from 20%.



Buff BoxThunderlords Decree Final IconThunderlord’s Decree [ Keystone Mastery in Cunning Tree ]

  • Cooldown on AoE proc decreased from 30 seconds to 20.





Turret IconTurrets

  • Outer Turrets health increased from 3500 to 4000;
  • Inner Turrets health increased from 3500 to 4000.



The Spellblade effect on Sheen and all its upgrades has received new visuals:


Lich Bane VFX Runeglaive VFX

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


PBE Roundup Patch 5 15 Banner

Patch 5.15 will hit live in the early hours of August 5th, assuming there are no delays. Here are its contents:


Champion Updates


Store Content





Fiora_0-1 Fiora_Splash_0-2-1024x604



Fiora-Updated-Model-3-1024x640 Fiora-Updated-Model-4-1024x640


Fiora Champion Portrait Final

General Box

  • Health decreased from 593 [+85 per level] to 570 [+80 per level]
  • Base mana pool increased from 287 to 302
  • Attack Damage-per-level decreased from 3.2% to 3%
  • Auto Attack range increased from 125 to 150
  • Movement Speed decreased from 350 to 345
  • Health-per-second increased from 1.37 [+0.16 per level] to 1.65 [+0.11 per level]
  • Mana-per-second increased from 1.52 [+0.1 per level] to 1.6 [+0.14 per level]



Duelists Dance Final IconFiora identifies the weak spots – or vitals – in the defenses of all enemy champions she comes close to. If she manages to attack her enemy’s weak spot, Fiora deals 3 [+0.27-0.45 AD]% of the target’s maximum Health as bonus true damage for that attack, receives a 20% [30/40/50% with ranks in R] bonus Movement Speed and restores 20 [+6 per level] Health. Fiora reveals a new weak spot whenever she attacks one, or when a moderate period of time passes without it being attacked.





Lunge Final IconCost: 25/30/35/40/45 mana || Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds || Range: 400

Fiora lunges in a target direction before striking a nearby enemy, dealing 65/75/85/95/105 [+0.55/0.7/0.85/1.0/1.15 bonus AD] physical damage and applying on-hit effects. Lunge prioritizes enemy champions, and tries to hit enemy weak spots. Finally, 60% of Lunge’s cooldown is refreshed when the ability strikes an enemy.





Riposte Final IconCost: 50 mana at all ranks || Cooldown: X seconds || Range: 750

Fiora enters a defensive stance, parrying all damage and hard crowd control abilities for a fraction of a second. After she’s done parrying, Fiora attacks in a target direction, dealing 90/130/170/210/250 [+0.6 AP] magic damage and slowing the movespeed and Attack  Speed of the first Champion she hits by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If she parries any hard crowd control abilities, Riposte stuns instead of slows.


Fiora W 1



Bladework Final IconCost: 40/45/50/55/60 mana || Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 seconds || Range: 150 [melee]

Fiora gains 50% increased attack speed on her next two basic attacks. The first cannot crit but slows her target by 40/45/50/55/60% for 1 second, while the second is guaranteed to crit for 140/155/170/185/200% damage.


Fiora E 3 Fiora E 1

Fiora E 2



Grand Challenge Final IconCost: 100 mana at all ranks || Cooldown: 110/90/70 seconds || Range: 500

Fiora targets an enemy champion, gaining speed and full knowledge of their vitals. Each time she destroys a weak spot, she deals damage equal to a maximum of 4 times the true damage from her passive [15% of Max HP]. If she’s able to destroy all four weak spots in 8 seconds, or if she destroys at least one before her target dies, Fiora creates a large and long-lasting zone under her enemy that heals Fiora and her allied champions for 80/110/140 [+0.6 AD] each second for 5 seconds.


Fiora R 1 Fiora R 2

Fiora R 3



To complement her gameplay & visual rework, Fiora’s received a new short client entry:


”I have come to kill you for the sake of honor. And though you possess none, you will die just the same.” The most feared duelist in all of Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her indomitable will and haughty pride as she is for her skill with the blade. She was born to Demacia’s House Laurent, a once-proud family whose reputation was tarnished by the actions of her father. In an unprecedented move, Fiora challenged him to single combat and, upon winning, took control of House Laurent. Defying the Demacian establishment, she has set about restoring the reputation and pride of her family name, one duel at a time.



Fiora Updated Model Royalguard 1 Fiora Updated Model Royalguard 2



Fiora Updated Model Nightraven 1 Fiora Updated Model Nightraven 2



Fiora Updated Model Headmistress 1 Fiora Updated Model Headmistress 2



Champion Changes


Ekko Final Champion Portrait


Change BoxZDrive Resonance Final IconZ-Drive Resonance [ Passive ]

  • Slow strength decreased from 40/50/60/70% to 30/40/50/60% [values for levels 1/6/11/16]
  • Movement Speed buff increased from 40/50/60/70% to 40/50/60/80%
  • AP ratio on third hit increased from 0.7 to 0.8


Change BoxParallel Convergence Final IconParallel Convergence [ W ]

Shield value changed from 150/195/240/285/330 [+0.8 AP] to 80/100/120/140/160 [+1.5 AP]


Change BoxChronobreak Final IconChronobreak [ R ]

  • Health strength changed from 20/25/30% [+3.33% per 100 AP] of the damage taken over the last 4 second to 20% [+6.66% per 100 AP]



Gangplank Final Champion Portrait

General Box

  • Gangplank now additionally gains one Silver Serpet every second [3v3, ARAM and Dominion only]


Quality of Life Box FinalCannon Barrage Final Icon Cannon Barrage [ R ]

  • [Tooltip Fix] Now mentions that ranks in Cannon Barrage increase Gangplank’s maximum planted Powder Kegs from 2 to 3/4/5



Nidalee Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxJavelin Toss Final IconJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Base minimum damage decreased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 50/70/90/110/130
  • Maximum base damage decreased from 150/225/300/375/450 to 150/210/270/330/390
  • Cast time has been increased from 0.125 seconds to 0.25



Sivir Final Champion Portrait


Nerf BoxOn the Hunt Final IconOn the Hunt [ R ]

  • Movement speed boost decreased from 60% at all ranks to 40/50/60%
  • If an ally walks within range of On the Hunt after it’s been cast, they’ll receive 20% bonus MS [tooltip fix]
  • If an ally walks into On the Hunt’s range after it’s been cast, they will gain bonus MS equal to Sivir’s bonus MS at the time [on live, they get the maximum value of the buff]. This value still decays to 20% over the duration



Teemo Final Champion Portrait


Change BoxCamouflage Final IconCamouflage [ Passive ]

  • Attack Speed when exiting stealth changed from 40% to 15% + 5% per level
  • Teemo now takes 1.5 seconds to stealth, down from 2
  • While in brush, Teemo will enter stealth twice as fast (0.75 secs) and moving through brush won’t break the stealth.


Buff BoxNoxious Trap Final IconNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Mushrooms now last 5 minutes, decreased from 10
  • Cast range increased from 230 to 300/600/900
  • Internal cooldown decreased from 1 second to 0.25
  • Casting time increased from 1 second to 1.5
  • Now has an additional function: if Teemo throws a mushroom on top of another mushroom, it will bounce up to 3/4/5 Teemos before being planted.


Teemo R Bounce


Teemo also received new spell icons. From left to right: Passive, AS buff icon from Passive, Q, W, E and R.

Teemo_P Teemo_P_Buff Teemo_Q Teemo_W Teemo_E Teemo_R



Item Changes


Change BoxZekes Harbinger Zeke’s Harbinger 

  • Buff duration has been increased from 6 seconds to 8
  • Now grants 4 stacks per basic attack, decreased from 6
  • Stacks for spellcasts decreased from 12 to 8




You’ll be able to buy this insomnia fuel for 975 RP some time after Patch 5.15 hits live.


Fizz_Splash_8 (1) Fizz_8 (1)



Cotton-Fizz-Model-1-1024x640 Cotton-Fizz-Model-2-1024x640


Recall Banner







New Chroma Packs

All chroma packs are available in store for 590 RP and can be found in the “Bundles” tab.



Cassiopeia_5 Cassiopeia_6 Cassiopeia_7

Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 1 Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 2

Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 3 Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 4

Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 5 Cassiopeia Chroma Updated 6




Vayne_7 Vayne_9 Vayne_8

Vayne Chroma Updated 3 Dragonslayer vayne Chroma Updated 3

Vayne Chroma Updated 1 Dragonslayer Vayne Chroma Updated 1

Vayne Chroma Updated 2 Dragonslayer Vayne Chroma Updated 2



Nami_4 Nami_5 Nami_6

Koi-Nami-Chroma-11 Koi Nami Chroma 4

Nami Updated Chroma 1 Nami Chroma Updated 1

Nami Updated Chroma 2 Nami Chroma Updated 2



New Summoner Icons

A new poro has wandered on the PBE, holding what’s presumably a tablet pen. It’ll likely be a reward for the recent art event on Riot Korea’s official page.






Here’s the official list of upcoming changes to the new HUD:


  • New font and styling
  • Larger team frames, meters, and ult timers
  • Full square cooldown indicator
  • New colors differentiating “on cooldown” and “out of mana”
  • Larger stat icons and text
  • Larger Ping and FPS displays
  • Scoreboard now has more padding, larger champ portraits, and larger fonts
  • Added drop shadow to chat
  • Brighter XP bar
  • Larger Summoner spell timers on the scoreboard
  • Active ability events have been changed to gold (level up, toggle, just off cd) to differentiate from unavailable (cooldown, OoM)

Animation and Audio

  • Shortened and pulled back on many animations including “level up”, “just off cooldown”, and toggles
  • Scaled back many audio cues


  • CS, KDA, and Team KDA has rejoined game time in the top right
  • Scoreboard improvements including larger and clearer summoner spell and respawn timers


  • Added colored bonus stats
  • Added cast bars for all abilities other than instant casts
  • Swapped Crit and Attack Range in player stats
  • Mute buttons on the Scoreboard are now always visible
  • Minimap can now be scaled smaller


The KDA score and minion kills are once again displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Also, stats that’re affected by runes, items, masteries, etc., are now listed with a yellow color with in the Champion Stats [C] box.

New Hud Yellow Text


Cooldowns on the new HUD now fill the entire icon, not just a circle inside it:


 [ Note ] The new HUD will also replace the old one for Ranked when Patch 5.15 hits live. You can read the announcement HERE.



You can now select the ward skins for the wards you won’t place from Champ Select:


Ward-Selection-1-1024x640 Ward-Selection-2-1024x640


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]

PBE Round-up: Patch 5.8

April 25th, 2015


PBE Roundup Patch 5 8 Banner

Patch 5.8 should hit live in the early hours of Wednesday, April 29th. Here are all its contents:


Store Content

Visual Updates



  • Quickshot Ranged Indicator Hotkeys


    Blood Moon Zilean

    Blood Moon Zilean will be available for 975 RP.



    Blood Moon Zilean Updated 1 Blood Moon Zilean Updated 2

    Blood Moon Zilean Recall

    For his recall, Blood Moon Zilean sounds his gong.


    Blood Zilean Basic Attack

    Basic Attack


    Blood Moon Zilean New Q 1

    Blood Moon Zilean New Q 2

    Blood Zilean Q 2

    Time Bomb [ Q ]


    Blood Zilean W 1

    Rewind [ W ]


    Blood Zilean E 1

    Time Warp [ E ]


    Blood Zilean R 1

    Blood Zilean R 2

    Chronoshift [ R ]



    Forsaken Jayce

    Forsaken Jayce is priced at 1350 RP.



    Jayce Skin Model 1

    Jayce Skin Model 2

    Jayce Skin Model 3

    Jayce Skin Model 4

    Jayce Skin Recall

    For his recall, Forsaken Jayce spins his hammer around, slams it on the ground and then lifts it with the Force.


    Jayce Skin Melee Q 2

    Jayce Skin Melee Q 1

    To The Skies! [ Melee Q ]


    Forsaken Jayce Q Updated 1

    Jayce Skin Ranged Q 2

    Shock Blast [ Ranged Q ]


    Jayce Skin Melee W 1

    Lightning Field [ Melee W ]


    Jayce Skin Ranged W 1

    Hyper Charge [ Ranged W ]


    Jayce Skin Melee E 1

    Thundering Blow [ Melee E ]


    Forsaken Jayce Q Updated 2 Forsaken Jayce Q Updated 3  

    Acceleration Gate [ Ranged E ]


    Jayce Skin R 1

    Jayce Skin R 2

    Jayce Skin Passive 1

    Transform [ R ]


    Master Arcanist Ziggs

    Master Arcanist Ziggs will be sold for 1350 RP.



    Ziggs Skin Model 1

    Ziggs Skin Model 2

    Ziggs Skin Model 3

    Ziggs Skin Recall

    For his recall, Master Arcanist Ziggs disassembles one of his bombs and its parts float around him.


    Bouncing Bomb [ Q ]


    Ziggs Skin W 1

    Ziggs Skin W 2

    Satchel Charge [ W ]


    Ziggs Skin E 1

    Ziggs Skin E 2

    Ziggs Skin E 3

    Hexplosive Minefield [ E ]


    Ziggs Skin R 1

    Ziggs Skin R 2

    Ziggs Skin R 3

    Mega Inferno Bomb [ R ]


    Risen Fiddlesticks

    Risen Fiddlesticks will be available in store for 1350 RP.



    Risen Fiddlesticks Updated 1 Risen Fiddlesticks Updated 2

    Risen Fiddlesticks Recall

    For his recall, Risen Fiddlesticks becomes hideous nightmare fuel.


    Risen Fiddlesticks Q

    Terrify [ Q ]


    Risen Fiddlesticks W

    Drain [ W ]


    Risen Fiddlesticks E

    Dark Wind [ E ]


    Risen Fiddlesticks R 2

    Risen Fiddlesticks R 1

    Crowstorm [ R ]



    New Summoner Icons

    Feast your eyes on this Baron icon or it shall feast on you:



    Here are new icons for all the upcoming regional Leagues. You can find their pricing and when they’ll be available HERE.

    profileIcon841 profileIcon842 profileIcon843 profileIcon844

    profileIcon845 profileIcon846 profileIcon840



    New Chroma Packs

    The recently-announced chroma packs are coming with Patch 5.8. The first batch contains recolors for Blitzcrank, Garen, Fizz, Lucian, Dragonfist Lee Sin, Pool Party Leona and Nemesis Jax.


    Classic Blitzcrank

    Blitzcrank_8 Blitzcrank_9 Blitzcrank_10

    Blitz Chroma 3

    Blitz Chroma 1


    Classic Garen

    Garen_7 Garen_8 Garen_9

    Garen Chroma 2

    Garen Chroma 1

    Garen Chroma 3


    Classic Fizz

    Fizz_5 Fizz_6 Fizz_7

    Fizz Chroma 1 Fizz Chroma 2 Fizz Chroma 3


    Classic Lucian

    Lucian_3 Lucian_4 Lucian_5

    Classic Lucian Yellow

    Classic Lucian Red

    Classic Lucian Blue


    Dragonfist Lee Sin

    LeeSin_7 LeeSin_8 LeeSin_9

    Dragonfist Lee Blue

    Dragonfist Lee Yellow

    Dragonfist Lee Black


    Nemesis Jax

    Jax_9 Jax_10 Jax_11

    Nemesis Jax Chroma 1 Nemesis Jax Chroma 2 Nemesis Jax Chroma 3


    Pool Party Leona

    Leona_5 Leona_6 Leona_7

    Leona Chroma 3

    Leona Chroma 2

    Leona Chroma 1



    Texture Rebalances

    Lux, Poppy, Shyvana, Teemo and Shaco have all received texture updates. [ Note ] All champions with outdated textures have now received their updates.


    Classic Lux

    Classix Lux Model 1

    Classix Lux Model 2


    Sorceress Lux

    Sorceress Lux


    Spellthief Lux

    Spellthief Lux


    Commando Lux

    Commando Lux


    Imperial Lux

    Imperial Lux Model


    Steel Legion Lux

    Steel Legion Lux Model


    Classic Poppy 

    Classic Poppy Model 1

    Classic Poppy Model 2



    Lolipoppy Model 1

    Ragdoll Poppy

    Ragdoll Poppy


    Battle Regalia Poppy

    Battle Regalia Poppy


    Scarlet Hammer Poppy

    Scarlet Poppy

    [ Note ] Blacksmith Poppy and Noxus Poppy have also been updated, but I don’t have access to them on the PBE.


    Classic Shyvana

    Classic Shyvana 1

    Classic Shyvana 2

    Classic Shyvana 3


    Ironscale Shyvana

    Ironscale Shyvana Model 1

    Ironscale Shyvana Dragon


    Boneclaw Shyvana

    Boneclaw Shyvana Model 1

    Boneclaw Shyvana Model 2


    Darkflame Shyvana

    Darkflame Shyvana 1

    Darkflame Shyvana 2


    Classic Teemo 

    Classic Teemo 1

    Classic Teemo 2

    Classic Teemo 3

    Also, Teemo’s psychedelics have received new models and textures.


    Happy Elf Teemo

    Elf Teemo


    Recon Teemo


    Astronaut Teemo

    Astronaut Teemo


    Cottontail Teemo

    Cottontail Teemo Model 1


    Super Teemo

    Super Teemo


    Panda Teemo

    Panda Teemo


    Classic Shaco

    Classic Shaco Model 1

    Classic Shaco Model 2


    Mad Hatter Shaco

    Mad Hatter Shaco


    Royal Shaco

    Royal Shaco Model



    Nutcracko Model


    Asylum Shaco

    Asylum Shaco Model


    Also, Ravager Nocturne no longer looks like a haunted pile of noodles:

    Ravager Nocturne Updated



    Improvements to ARAM mode

    Riot JxE Final Portrait Hey all!

    As we continue to polish and update Summoner’s Rift, we found a cool opportunity to make some improvements to Howling Abyss and ARAM. Without any further ado, let’s break the ice and get things rolling – here is the list of changes coming to the PBE today:


    Gameplay Changes; My Mind is Telling Me No:

    New Summoner Spell on ARAM: Mark/Dash

    After analyzing the results of Legend of the Poro King, we realized that Poro Toss gave an across-the-board bump in viability to some historically unpopular picks and helped balance the playing field. After careful consideration and some tweaks we’re bringing this back to ARAM as an optional new summoner spell called Mark/Dash.

    Mark allows you toss a projectile at an enemy unit, you can then follow up on a Marked unit with Dash to quickly travel to the Marked target.

    Go forth and tower dive, but remember, it’s only worth it if you say so in chat.


    Item Changes; Out With the New, In With the Old:

    Bloodthirster added

    With the recent rework of Bloodthirster, it made sense to re-introduce the SR favorite to ARAM to help out champions that rely on high AD to be more successful on the map. The passive doesn’t hurt either – shields up!

    Sanguine Blade removed

    10 out of 10 ADCs agree that Bloodthirster is bigger, better and bloodier than Sanguine Blade. We can’t argue with that, so we’ll be retiring it from ARAM.

    Warmogs added

    Ever shed a tear after purchasing Giant’s Belt on ARAM only to remember you can’t build Warmogs? We’re bringing the HP behemoth to ARAM to give tanks a little love and to help them survive poke long enough to initiate at the right time. Note that we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one to make sure tanks don’t become too overpowering.

    Skin Boosts; Turning the Random Dial to 11:

    After flicking some switches and fiddling with a couple of dials, we’ve successfully added Skin Boosts to our ARAM update! Throw down 95RP and you’ll give everyone on your team a one-time random skin for the champ they’re using that game. You’ll also earn yourself 200IP while giving your teammates 100IP.

    Map & Art Changes; No More Nexus Gnomes:

    We’ve skinned some of the art from Summoner’s Rift to match the Howling Abyss theme and bring some consistency between the maps. We also took this opportunity to do some general art polish, make some performance improvements and fix an issue that caused champion spells to sometimes be clipped when drawing on the ground. Check out these screenshots for more details.


    Reskinned Minions


    New Loading Screen


    Here’s the new summoner spell for ARAM (identical to the one from the Poro King featured mode):


    Mark Final IconMark

    Throw a snowball a long distance, dealing true damage to the first enemy unit hit. If it hits an enemy, this ability can be recast for 3 seconds to Dash to the tagged unit. Dashing to the target will reduce the cooldown of Mark by 25%.

    Mark projectiles are not stopped by spell shields or projectile mitigation.


    Dash Final IconDash [ Re-cast Mark ]

    Dash to the unit hit by Mark. Casting Dash will reduce the cooldown of Mark by 25%.



    Ryze Rework


    Ryze Final Portrait

    • Base Mana-per-5 decreased from 6 to 5
    • Mana-per-5 per level increased from 0.8 to 1
    • Armor-per-level decreased from 3.9 to 3.0


    Ryze Rework Basic Attack

    Basic Attack


    Arcane Mastery Final IconArcane Mastery  [ Passive ]

    Casting spells grants a stack of Arcane Mastery. At 5 stacks, Ryze becomes supercharged, gaining a Mana shield that blocks 25 [+ 5 per level + 8% of Maximum Mana] damage and causing his spell casts to reduce the cooldown of his other spells by the value of Overload [ Q ]’s cooldown.


    Ryze Rework Passive 2

    Ryze Rework passive


    Overload Final IconOverload [ Q ]

    Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 Mana || Cooldown: 4 seconds at all ranks

    Skillshot: fires an orb, dealing 65/90/115/140/165 [ +0.55 AP ] [ + 2/2.5/3/3.5/4% of Maximum Mana ] magic damage to the first target hit.



    • No longer grants 2/4/6/8/10% cooldown reduction passively
    • Base damage increased from 55/75/95/115/135 to 65/90/115/140/165
    • AP ratio increased from 0.4 to 0.55
    • Maximum mana ratio decreased from 6.5% to 2/2.5/3/3.5/4%
    • Cooldown increased from 3.5 seconds to 4
    • Mana cost decreased from 60 at all ranks to 30/35/40/45/50
    • Is now a skillshot


    Ryze Rework Q 1

    Ryze Rework Q 2


    Rune Prison Final IconRune Prison [ W ]

    Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana || Range: 600 || Cooldown: 14 seconds at all ranks

    Instantly roots a target for 0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75 second(s), dealing 65/95/125/155/185 [ +0.4 AP ] [ + 2.5% of Maximum Mana ] magic damage



    • Base damage changed from 60/95/130/165/200 to 65/95/125/155/185
    • Maximum mana ratio decreased from 4.5% to 2.5%
    • AP ratio decreased from 0.6 to 0.4


    Ryze Rework W 2

    Ryze Rework W 3


    Spell Flux Final IconSpell Flux [ E ]

    Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 Mana || Cooldown: 7 seconds || Missile Speed: 1400

    Unleashes an orb that deals 50/66/82/98/114 [ +0.3 AP ] [ + 2% of Maximum Mana ] magic damage and reduces the Magic Resist of its target by 8/9/10/11/12% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

    After hitting, Spell Flux bounces to up to 6 nearby enemies and Ryze, before returning to the original target. Instances of damage on the primary target after the first deal halved damage (25/33/41/49/57 [ +0.15 AP ] [ + 1% of Maximum Mana ]



    • Base damage decreased from 50/70/90/110/130 to 50/66/82/98/114
    • AP Ratio decreased from 0.35 to 0.3
    • Maximum mana ratio increased from 1% to 2%
    • Cooldown decreased from 14 seconds at all ranks to 7
    • Magic Resist changed from 12/15/18/21/24 flat to 8/9/10/11/12%
    • Maximum stacks on magic resist shred decreased from 5 to 3
    • Missile speed decreased from 1800 to 1400


    Ryze Rework E 1

    Ryze Rework E 2


    Desperate Power Final IconDesperate Power [ R ]

    Cooldown: 80/60/40 seconds

    Passively grants Ryze 10/20/30% cooldown reduction.

    On active, Ryze gains 80 flat Movement Speed and 15/20/25% Spell Vamp for 4/5/6 seconds. During this time, Ryze’s spells deal 50% of their damage to enemies in a 200 units radius near his targets



    • Now passively grants 10/20/30% cooldown reduction
    • Buff duration decreased from 5/6/7 seconds to 4/5/6
    • Cooldown changed from 70/60/50 seconds to 80/60/40


    Ryze Rework R 1

    Ryze Rework R 2


    Also, he got new spell icons to complement the rework. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:

    Ryze_P Ryze_Q Ryze_W Ryze_E Ryze_R



    Champion Changes


    Bard Final Portrait

    • [ TOOLTIP UPDATE ] Bard’s Caretaker Shrine [ W ] now has an added tooltip that shows how many shrines are currently placed on the map.


    Bard W



    Dr Mundo Final Portrait

    • [ TOOLTIP UPDATES ] Mundo’s Adrenaline Rush [ Passive ] and Sadism [ R ] now list the exact values of health regenerated, rather than just a percentage.


    Mundo 1

    Mundo 2


    Infected Cleaver Final IconInfected Cleaver [ Q ]

    • If Infected Cleaver kills the target it hits, Mundo gains back the entire health cost of the spell



    Graves Final Portrait


    Buckshot Final Icon Buckshot [ Q ]

    • Base damage decreased from 60/95/130/165/200 to 60/90/120/150/180
    • Bonus damage from extra bullets increased from 40% of base damage to 50% (maximum damage increased from 108/171/234/297/360 [+ 1.44 bonus AD] to 120/180/240/300/360 [+ 1.6 bonus AD] )



    Jinx Final Portrait


    Super Mega Death Rocket Final IconSuper Mega Death Rocket [ R ]

    • Minimum damage (from point-blank range) decreased from 125/175/225 [ + 0.5 bonus AD ]  to 25/35/45 [ + 0.1 bonus AD ]

    [ Note ] For context on this Jinx nerf, check here.



    Kha'Zix Final Portrait


    Void Spikes Final IconVoid Spike [ W ]

    • Heal from explosion increased from 40/70/100/130/160 to 60/85/110/135/160



    Mordekaiser Final Portrait


    Creeping Death Final IconCreeping Death [ W ]

    • When Mordekaiser casts the spell on himself, Creeping Death will try to target the nearest ally champion.
    • No longer has a cast time when cast on allies



    Nunu Final Portrait

    • Health-per-level decreased from 96 to 90
    • Base health pool decreased from 694 to 688


    Blood Boil Final IconBlood Boil [ W ]

    • When Nunu casts the spell on himself, Blood Boil will try to target the nearest ally champion.



    Sion Final Portrait


    Soul Furnace Final IconSoul Furnace [W]

    • Shield strength decreased from 10% of maximum Health to  6/7/8/9/10%
    • Shield can now be reactivated to explode after 3 seconds, increased from 2



    Twitch Final Portrait


    Spray n Pray Final IconSpray ‘N Pray [ R ]

    • Twitch can now auto-attack buildings while his auto attacks are buffed by his ult



    Yasuo Final Portrait


    Way of the Wanderer Final IconWay of the Wanderer [ Passive ]

    • Flow bar (and shield value) increased by 40 at all levels (up from 60 to 100 at level 1 and from 470 to 510 at level 18)

    [ Note ] Yasuo gains a percentage of his flow bar when moving. Effectively, this change is just a buff to his passive shield.



    Item Changes

    The rework of Hunter’s Machete and the new Mandrake Ward have both been reverted and will NOT come with Patch 5.8.


     Recurve Bow Final IconRecurve Bow

    • NEW RECIPE: Now builds out of two Daggers [ 450 Gold ] + 200 Gold Recipe
    • Now has a new UNIQUE passive: Basic attacks deal an additional 10 physical damage on-hit.


    Recurve Bow


    The changes to Recurve Bow have affected several build paths, which I’ve listed below.


    Blade of the Ruined King Final IconBlade of the Ruined King

    • NEW RECIPE: Now builds out of a Recurve Bow [ 900 Gold ] + Bilgewater Cutlass [ 1400 Gold ] + 700 Gold Recipe
    • Recipe cost decreased from 900 Gold to 700


    Blade of the Ruined King


    Devourer Enchantment Final IconEnchantment: Devourer

    • Recipe cost decreased from 500 Gold to 300




    Runaans Hurricane Final IconRunaan’s Hurricane

    • Item cost increased from 2400 Gold to 2500
    • Recipe cost decreased from 600 Gold to 500
    • Now has a new UNIQUE passive: Basic attacks deal an additional 10 physical damage on-hit. (old passive is still there)
    • Damage on old passive is now 0.5 of Total AD, decreased from 10 + 0.5 Total AD (10 on-hit damage was moved from the old passive to the new)


    Runaan Hurricane


    Wits End Final IconWit’s End

    • Recipe Cost decreased from 750 to 550


    Wits End


    Black Cleaver Final IconBlack Cleaver [ Reworked ]

    • Build Path changed: now builds out of Phage [ 1325 Gold ] and Kindlegem [ 850 Gold ].
    • Health increased from 200 to 400
    • Attack Damage decreased from 50 to 40
    • Cooldown Reduction increased from 10% to 20%
    • Recipe cost decreased from 1263 Gold to 825 (total cost unchanged)
    • UNIQUE Passive: Can now be stacked 6 times, up from 5, for a total of 30% armor reduction. Also, duration of stack now lasts 6 seconds, increased from 4
    • New UNIQUE Passive – Rage: Dealing physical damage grants 20 Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Assists on Cleaved enemy Champions or kills on any unit grant 60 Movement Speed for 2 seconds instead. This Movement Speed is halved (30) for Ranged Champions.


    Black Cleaver Tooltip


    Fairsight Orb Final IconFarsight Orb [ Trinket ]

    • Ward left by the trinket’s cast can no longer be targeted by allies


    Odyns Veil Final IconOdyn’s Veil [ Crystal Scar ]

    • Recipe cost decreased from 800 Gold to 450


    Righteous Glory Final IconRighteous Glory

    • Health decreased from 650 to 600


    Twin Shadows Final IconTwin Shadows [Dominion and Twisted Treeline-only change]

    • Recipe cost increased from 630 Gold to 730 [ total cost up from 2300 Gold to 2400 ]




    A new tooltip has been added in the client that shows you what rewards you’ll get for playing matches.


    Tooltip for prelobby


    A new option has been added to the ‘Hotkeys’ section. Quick cast with Indicator allows you to hold down a button and, when you release it, the spell is fired.


    Quickshot Indicator


    To complement this feature, you can bind different hotkeys for using spells with a quicksast indicator and using them regularly (or with standard quickcast). You can do the same for your Summoner Spells.

    Quickcast Menu



    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]

    PBE Round-up: Patch 5.6

    March 20th, 2015


    PBE roundup Patch 5 6 Banner

    Patch 5.6 will hit live in the early hours of next Wednesday, March 25th, assuming there are no delays. Here are all its contents:

    [ Note ] U.R.F mode is still missing on the PBE and hasn’t been officially announced, even though several strings relating to it were added. It will most likely be enabled without testing on April 1st, but still, nothing official yet.

    Store Content


    Visual Updates



    Here are links to all the content that’s been on the PBE for testing but will NOT be coming with Patch 5.6:



    April Fools Skins

    Archduke Nasus, Order of the Banana Soraka, Urf the Nami-tee, Surprise Party Amumu and Definitely Not Udyr are coming this April Fools! Here’s their shared splash art or group selfie:




    Here are the loading screen arts for each skin:

    AmumuLoadScreen_8 NamiLoadScreen_3 NasusLoadScreen_6 SorakaLoadScreen_5 UdyrLoadScreen_4



    Archduke Nasus Banner

    Archduke Nasus  will be available for 750 RP.



    Archduke Nasus Model 1

    Archduke Nasus Model 2

    Archduke Nasus Model 3


    Archduke Nasus has a red coat when he ults!

    Archduke Nasus R 1

    Archduke Nasus R 2



    Definitely Not Udyr Banner

    Definitely Not Udyr can definitely be yours for 975 RP.



    Udyr Skin Model 1


    Def not Udyr Model 2 New

    Tiger Stance [ Q ]


    Def Not Udyr Model 3 New

    Turtle Stance [ W ]


    Def not Udyr Model 1 New

    Bear Stance [ E ]


    Def Not Udyr Model 4 New

    Phoenix Stance [ R ]


    Def not Udyr Recall 1

    Def Not Udyr Recall 2

    Udyr Bolt returns to headquarters.



    Order of the Banana Soraka Banner

    Order of the Banana Soraka will be available for 750 RP.



    Order of the Banana Soraka Model New 1

    Order of the Banana Soraka Model New 2

    Order of the Banana Soraka Recall

    Order of the Banana Soraka Banana Attack

    Her basic attack is a banana! Rift Scuttler for scale.



    Surprise Party Amumu Banner

    You can invite Amumu to your party for 1350 RP. Just don’t scoop the cake off his head, it’s all he’s got.



    Party Amumu Model 1

    Party Amumu Model 2

    Party Amumu Recall

    Party Amumu Recall 2

    When Amumu recalls, he tries to fly off on a Teemo balloon. When he recalls, the balloon pops and Amumu falls on the ground. =(


    Party Amumu Basic Attack

    Basic Attack


    Party Amumu Q 3

    Party Amumu Q 1

    Party Amumu Q 2

    Bandage Toss [ Q ]


    Party Amumu W 1

    Party Amumu W 2

    Despair [ W ]

    When Amumu has his Despair toggled on, the rain puts out the candle on his cake.


    Party Amumu E 1

    Tantrum [ E ]


    Party Amumu R 1

    Party Amumu R 2

    Curse of the Sad Mummy [ R ]

    If you hit an enemy champion with your ultimate, you’ll get a smiley face. Otherwise you get a sad face.


    Party Amumu Death

    Death Animation



    Urf the Nami-tee Banner

    You can buy the golden spatula for 750 RP and you get a free Nami with it.



    Nami Skin Model 1

    Nami Skin Model 3

    Nami Skin Model 2



    Urf Triumphant Ward Skin

    Here is Urf in Roman emperor attire:



    Urf Ward 1 Urf Ward 2



    New Summoner Icons

    Here is Urf in Roman attire and a golden spatula, two quintessential examples of summoner icon excellence:

    profileIcon785 profileIcon786



    Champion Changes


    Aatrox Final Portrait


    Massacre Final Icon Massacre  [ R ]

    • Additionally increases Aatrox’s Blood Well pool by 20% for every champion hit



    Annie Final Portrait


    Summon Tibbers Final IconSummon Tibbers [ R ]

    • AoE damage of Tibbers changed from 35 at all ranks to 20/30/40



    Bard Final Portrait


    Cosmic Binding Final IconCosmic Binding [ Q ]

    • Base damage increased from 75/110/145/180/215 to 80/120/160/200/240


    Magical Journey Final IconMagical Journey [ E ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 26/24/22/20/18 seconds to 20/19/18/17/16



    Elise Final Portrait

    • Base Movement speed while in Human form decreased from 335 to 330
    • Base Movement speed in Spider form increased from 345 to 355


    Cocoon Final IconCocoon [ E ]

    • Missile speed increased from 1450 to 1600



    Evelynn Final Portrait


    Shadow Walk Final IconShadow Walk [ Passive ]

    • Time to re-stealth decreased from 6 seconds to 6/5/4/3 seconds (values change at levels 6, 11 and 16)


    Dark Frenzy Final IconDark Frenzy [ W ]

    • Now has its cooldown reduced by 1 second every time Evelynn hits an enemy champion with a spell
    • Evelynn’s spells no longer grant her flat movement speed when they hit enemy champions (old passive removed)



    Galio Final Portrait


    Righteous Gust Final IconRighteous Gust [ E ]

    • Cooldown changed from 12 seconds at all ranks to 13/12/11/10/9



    Irelia Final Portrait


    Equilibrium Final IconEquilibrium Strike [ E ]

    • Base damage decreased from 80/130/180/230/280 to 80/120/160/200/240



    Katarina Final Portrait

    • Base Health decreased from 560 to 510
    • Health-per-level increased from 80 to 83
    • Base health-per-second decreased from 1.575 to 0.9



    LeBlanc Final Portrait


    Mimic Sigil of Silence Final IconMimic – Sigil of Malice [ Q + R ]

    • AP Ratio decreased from 0.65 to 0.6


    Mimic Distortion Final Icon Mimic – Distortion [ W + R ]

    • AP Ratio decreased from 0.975 to 0.9


    Mimic Ethereal Chains Final IconMimicked  Ethereal Chains [ E + R ]

    • AP ratio decreased from 0.65 to o.6



    Nocturne Final Portrait


    Paranoia Final IconParanoia [ R ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 180/140/100 seconds to 150/125/100



    Singed Final Portrait


    Fling Final IconFling [ E ]

    • Base Damage decreased from 80/125/170/215 to 50/65/80/95/110
    • Now additionally deals 6/6.5/7/7.5/8% of target’s maximum health (capped at 300 bonus damage against minions/monsters)



    Rammus Final Portrait


    Powerball Final IconPowerball [ Q ]

    • Mana cost decreased from 70/80/90/100/110 to 60/65/70/75/80



    Ryze Final Portrait


    Overload Final IconOverload [ Q ]

    • Base damage increased from 40/60/80/100/120 to 55/75/95/115/135



    Sejuani Final Portrait


    Flail of the Northern Winds Final IconFlail of the Northern Winds [ W ]

    • Bonus magic damage on the first hit decreased from 4/6/8/10/12% to 4/5.5/7/8.5/10%


    Glacial Prison Final IconGlacial Prison [ R ]

    • Slow strength decreased from 90% at all ranks to 30%



    Sion Final Portrait


    Roar of the Slayer Final IconRoar of the Slayer [ E ]

    • Bonus damage to enemies hit by a knocked back minion decreased from 50% to 30% (damage decreased from 105/157.5/ 210/262.5/315 (+ 0.6 AP) to 91/136.5/182/227.5/273 (+ 0.52 AP)



    Veigar Final Portrait


    Equilibrium Final Icon Equilibrium [ Passive ]

    • Mana regeneration increased from 1% of missing mana-per-second to 1.5%


    Baleful Strike Final IconBaleful Strike [ Q ]

    • Range increased from 850 to 950


    Event Horizon Final IconEvent Horizon [ E ]

    • Now once again properly stops dashes from going through the walls of Event Horizon



    Zilean Final Portrait

    • Health-per-level increased from 71 to 77


    Time Bomb Final Icon Time Bomb [ Q ]

    • AP ratio increased from 0.8 to 0.9
    • Mana cost decreased from 60/70/80/90/100 to 60/65/70/75/80


    Rewind Final IconRewind [ W ]

    • Mana cost decreased from 50 mana at all ranks to 35
    • Cooldown decreased from 18/15/12/9/6 seconds to 14/12/10/8/6


    Time Bomb Final IconTime Warp [ E ]

    • Mana cost decreased from 50/55/60/65/70 to 50 at all ranks



    Ziggs Final Portrait


    Bouncing Bomb Final IconBouncing Bomb [ Q ]

    • Mana cost decreased from 50/60/70/80/90 to 50/55/60/65/70



    Item Changes


    Chalice of Harmony Final IconChalice of Harmony

    • Recipe cost decreased from 140 Gold to 40 (total cost decreased from 1000 to 900)


    Athene's Unholy Grail Final IconAthene’s Unholy Grail

    • Mana regeneration increased from 50% of Champion’s base regen to 100%
    • Now restores 30% of maximum mana on kill or assist, increased from 15%



    New Spell Icons for Rammus

    Rammus has some spiky new icons! From left to right: Passive, Q, W, E and R:


    Rammus Final Portrait Armordillo_Powerball Armordillo_ShellBash Armordillo_ScaledPlating Armordillo_RecklessCharge



    New Spell Icons for Twisted Fate

    All of Twisted Fate’s icons have been updated. From left to right: Passive, Q, W, Blue Card, Red Card, Yellow Card, E, R and R re-cast.


    Twilight Shroud New Icon Cardmaster_PowerCard Cardmaster_FatesGambit Cardmaster_blue Cardmaster_red Cardmaster_gold Cardmaster_RapidToss Destiny_temp Cardmaster_Premonition



    Summoners Rift Map Updates

    Summoner’s Rift has received shiny new ornaments and details. You can find comparisons below: left side is the OLD version, right side is the NEW version.


    Old Map 1 Map 1 New

    Old Map 2 Map 2 New

    Old Map 3 Map 3 New



    Texture Rebalances

    Kayle, Lee Sin, Pantheon, Rumble and Ryze have all received a texture touch-up.


    Classic Kayle

    Classic Kayle Model 1

    Classic Kayle Model 2


    Viridian Kayle

    Viridian Kayle Model 1


    Battleborn Kayle

    Battleborn Kayle Model 1

    [ Note ] Silver Kayle, Unmasked Kayle and Judgement Kayle have also been updated, but I don’t have access to them.


    Classic Lee Sin

    Lee Sin Model 1

    Lee Sin Model 2


    Traditional Lee Sin

    Traditional Lee Sin Model 1


    Dragon Fist Lee Sin

    Dragon Fist Lee Sin Model 1


    Muay Thai Lee Sin

    Muay Thai Lee Sin Model 1


    Classic Pantheon

    Classic Pantheon Model 1

    Classic Pantheon Model 2


    Myrmidon Pantheon

    Myrmidon Pantheon Model 1


    Ruthless Pantheon

    Ruthless Pantheon Model 1


    Perseus Pantheon

    Perseus Pantheon Model 1


    Full Metal Pantheon

    Full Metal Pantheon Model 1


    Classic Rumble

    Rumble Classic Model 1

    Rumble Classic Model 2


    Rumble in the Jungle

    Jungle Rumble Model 1


    Bilgerat Rumble

    Bilgerat Rumble Model 1


    Classic Ryze

    Ryze Model New 1

    Ryze Model New 2


    Tribal Ryze

    Tribal Ryze Model 1


    Uncle Ryze

    Uncle Ryze Model 1


    Dark Crystal Ryze

    Dark Crystal Ryze Model 1


    Zombie Ryze

    Zombie Ryze New Model 1


    Pirate Ryze

    Pirate Ryze Model 2

    [ Note ] Human Ryze and Triumphant Ryze have also been updated, but I don’t have access to them.



    New Champion Select Music

    New music for Champion Select will replace the old tunes of the League:


    Blind Pick


    Draft Pick



    Champion Mastery

    A new feature is coming that’ll reward your experience and playtime with your favourite champions. You can read more on the feature HERE.

    [ Note ] Champion Mastery will roll out for a single region initially. It’s been temporarily disabled on the PBE so it may not ship with patch 5.6.


    Champion Mastery Banner




    Finish a game of League and you’ll earn points for your champion based on your team’s performance as well as your own contribution. Earn enough points and you’ll level up that champ’s mastery level, giving you rewards as you progress.



    Hover over your Champion Mastery points bar in the post-game screen and you’ll see the grade that our new system gives you. Grades are awarded based on your overall performance in the role along with the champion you’re playing and, crucially, where you’re playing them.


    Leveling Up

    Check out your in-client profile, and you’ll see a new stat telling you your mastery score, a sum of all your mastery ranks combined.



    We’re kicking off Champion Mastery with the first five ranks for each champion unlocked. Here are the crests your champion will earn as they rank up:

    TIER 1

    TIER 2

    TIER 3

    TIER 4

    Loading Screen Badge
    Custom Emote
    Announcement Banner

    TIER 5

    Loading Screen Badge
    Custom Emote
    Announcement Banner


    Here’s an initial preview. The profile page now displays your mastery of your most-played champions.

    Profile Page


    You can check you progress on any champion by visiting the ‘Champions’ tab.

    Champion Mastery Screen 2



    Loyalty rewards

    MFrequency: Hi everyone,

    We’re going to be testing some fixes and updates to our Loyalty service (PC café rewards system) on the PBE, so for the next week, you will all once again be receiving Loyalty rewards!

    For those who are unfamiliar with Loyalty, it is our way of giving players extra perks for playing League of Legends in PC cafes in certain regions. In many Asian and European countries (Korea, for example), players tend to play League of Legends primarily in these PC cafés instead of on personal computers, where they pay by the hour to play the game of their choice in a social environment. Within this environment, most game titles (regardless of retail market price) are offered to players at a reduced cost (or at no cost) to offset the café’s usage fee and keep the playerbase healthy. Riot’s approach is to allow players to temporarily select any champion when playing League of Legends from PC cafés, as well as earn a small amount of additional IP. This feature does not reward any players when they log in outside of PC cafés, even if they are using the same account.

    As a reminder: When this feature is active, you will see a small medal icon in the top-right corner of the League of Legends client, earn an additional 20% IP at the end of matches (visible as a segment of the IP bar on the postgame screen), and all champions will appear unlocked (similar to the weekly free Champion selection). The only champion we are not awarding at this time is Bard, since we still need to make sure he’s able to be purchased! Like the Free to Play rotation, Loyalty does not actually apply champion ownership to an account, so you will still need to purchase champions before you can buy skins for them.

    Please reply to this thread if you play this week and do not receive Loyalty rewards, so that we can investigate!


    [ Link to Post ]


    Here’s a preview of what the Loyalty Rewards look like:

    PC Cafe Rewards



    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



    PBE Roundup Patch 4 21 Banner

    Patch 4.21 is huge! New champion, six new skins, a new game mode, lots of balance changes, texture rebalances and free healthcare. Patch 4.21 will be hitting live on December 9th, assuming there are no delays.


    New Champion/Release Skin

    Skins & Icons

    Christmas Goodies

    Balance Changes



    [ Note ] A new item, Zz’Rot Portal, was introduced in a recent PBE update but has been removed for Patch 4.21. It will return for testing in the next cycle.



    Reksai the Void Burrower

    Rek’Sai Login Theme

    Rek’Sai is a new champion. As such, she’ll be available for 7800 IP/975 RP for the first week after she’s enabled, after which her price will be dropped to 6300 IP/975 RP.


    RekSai_0 RekSai_Square

    Reksai Model 1

    Reksai Model 2

    Rek’Sai Abilities [ from Riot’s preview ]


    Rek’Sai Champion Voice [ video by SkinSpotlights ]


    Reksai Final Portrait

    Base Stats

    • Damage: 55.628 (+ 3.35 per level )
    • Health: 611.2 (+ 90 per level )
    • Movement Speed: 335
    • Armor: 28.3 (+ 3.75 per level )
    • Magic Resist: 32.1 (+ 1.25 per level )
    • Health-per-5: 7.35 (+ 0.65 per level )
    • Range: 175 (Melee)

    Doesn’t use Mana, uses Fury


    Client Lore

    “The largest and fiercest of her species, Rek’Sai is a merciless predator that tunnels through the earth to ambush and devour her prey. Her insatiable hunger has laid waste to entire regions of the once-great Shuriman empire. Merchants, traders and armed caravans will go hundreds of miles out of their way to avoid these vast areas, though cunning bandits have been known to lure the unwary into her killing grounds. Once Rek’Sai detects you, your fate is sealed. There is no hope of escape; she is death from below the sand.”


    Fury of the Xer'Sai Final IconFury of the Xer’Sai [ Passive ]

    Dealing damage while unburrowed generates Fury. Burrowing consumes Fury over 5 seconds to restore up to X health. During this time, Rek’Sai’s next attack that generates Fury will grant 15 bonus Fury. White regenerating health, Rek’Sai’s next ability will also generate 15 additional Fury


    Reksai Passive


    Queens Wrath Prey Seeker Final IconQueen’s Wrath/Prey Seeker [ Q ]

    Cooldown: 4 seconds || Range: 325

    Unburrowed – Queen’s Wrath: Rek’Sai lashes out, dealing 15/35/55/75/95 ( +0.4 Bonus AD ) bonus physical damage damage to all enemies around her with her next three basic attacks within 5 seconds.

    Burrowed – Prey Seeker: Rek’Sai fires out a pulse of void energy in a straight line skillshot that detonates on the first enemy struck, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+1 AP) magic damage and revealing the target and all nearby enemies also hit by the missile’s explosion for 2.5 seconds.



    Burrow Unburrow Final IconBurrow/Unburrow [ W ]

    Cooldown: 4 seconds || Range: 1650

    Unburrowed – Burrow: Rek’Sai burrows underground, gaining Tremor Sense (a unique mechanic that shows Rek’Sai all enemy movement in a wide area around her) and increased movement speed at the expense of vision range and access to her basic attacks. She ignores unit collision as she moves around.

    Burrowed – Unburrow: Rek’Sai bursts out into the open, knocking up nearby enemies for 1 second, based on their proximity to Rek’Sai, and dealing 60/110/160/210/260 ( + 0.5 Bonus AD) physical damage to them. A unit cannot be hit by Unburrow more than once every 10 seconds.

    Burrowed Effects: New abilities, +15 Movement Speed, reduces vision range, disabled basic attacks, and gains Tremor Sense: Nearby enemies that move in the Fog of War have their position revealed to Rek’Sai and her allies.



    Furious Bite Tunnel Final IconFurious Bite/Tunnel [ E ]

    Cooldown: 12 seconds|| Cooldown for Burrowed: 20/19.5/19/18.5/18 seconds || Range: 250

    Unburrowed – Furious Bite: Rek’Sai bites a target dealing 80/90/100/110/120% of Total AD as physical damage, increasing by up to 100% at maximum Fury. If Furious Bite is cast while Rek’Sai has 100 Fury, it deals true damage instead of physical.

    Burrowed – Tunnel: Rek’Sai digs toward a target location, creating a pair of tunnels at the two ends of her path. Tunnels last for 10 minutes and can be destroyed by enemies. Rek’Sai may have 8 tunnels at one time.



    Void Rush Final IconVoid Rush [ R ]

    Cooldown: 150/110/70 seconds || Range: Global

    Passive: Rek’Sai gains 20/40/60% Attack Speed.

    Active: Rek’Sai channels for 1.5 seconds before burrowing and dashing towards any of her tunnels, briefly gaining significant movement speed once she emerges. Taking damage from a champion or tower will interrupt the channel. While travelling, Rek’Sai cannot be targeted.




    Eternum RekSai


    Eternum Rek’Sai will be available in store for 1350 RP.



    Eternum Reksai Model 1

    Eternum Reksai 2

    Eternum Reksai 3


    Eternum Reksai Recall

    For her recall, Eternum Rek’Sai summons red lightning around her.


    Fury of the Xer’Sai [ Passive ]


    Queen’s Wrath/Prey Seeker [ Q ]


    Eternum Reksai W 2

    Burrow/Unburrow [ W ]


    Eternum Reksai E 2

    Furious Bite/Tunnel [ E ]


    Void Rush [ R ]



    Blood Moon Elise


    Blood Moon Elise will be in available in store for 975 RP.



    Blood Moon Elise Update 3

    Blood Moon Elise Update 4

    Blood Moon Elise 5


    Blood Moon Elise Recall

    For her recall, Blood Moon Elise plays a melody, akin to Guqin Sona.


    Blood Moon Elise Basic attack

    Basic Attack


    Blood Moon Elise Human Q

    Neurotoxin [ Human Q ]


    Blood Moon Elise Human W

    Blood Moon Elise Human W 2

    Blood Moon Elise Human W 3

    Blood Moon Elise Human W 4

    Volatile Spiderling [ Human W ]


    Blood Moon Elise Human E

    Blood Moon Elise Human E 2

    Cocoon [ Human E ]


    Blood Moon Elise Spider Q

    Venomous Bite [ Spider Q ]


    Blood Moon Elise Spider W

    Skittering Frenzy [ Spider W ]


    Blood Moon Elise Spider E

    Rappel [ Spider E ]



    Blood Moon Thresh


    Blood Moon Thresh will be available in store for 975 RP.



    Blood Moon Thresh Model 1

    Blood Moon Thresh Model 2


    Blood Moon Thresh Recall

    For his recall, Blood Moon Thresh performs a fancy dance and flays his hook around before vanishing.


    Blood Moon Thresh Passive 1

    Blood Moon Thresh Passive 2

    Damnation [ Passive ]


    Blood Moon Thresh Basic Attack

    Basic Attack


    Blood Moon Thresh Q

    Death Sentence [ Q ]


    Blood Moon Thresh W 1

    Blood Moon Thresh W 2

    Dark Passage [ W ]


    Blood Moon Thresh E

    Blood Moon Thresh E 2

    Flay [ E ]


    Blood Moon Thresh R 1

    Blood Moon Thresh R 2

    The Box [ R ]



    Poro Rider Sejuani


    Poro Sejuani will be available in store for 975 RP. Though she could pass off as an ultimate skin.



    Poro Sej Model 1

    Poro Sej Model 2

    Poro Sej Recall

    For her recall, Poro Sejuani summons a smaller poro that skips around her. The big poro then lifts it up in the air with its tongue. You NEED this skin.


    Poro Sej Q

    Poro Sej Q 2

    Arctic Assault [ Q ]


    Poro Sej W 1

    Poro Sej W 2

    Flail of the Northern Winds [ W ]


    Poro Sej E 1

    Poro Sej E 2

    Permafrost [ E ]


    Poro Sej R 1

    Poro Sej R 2

    Glacial Prison [ R ]



    Snow Day Malzahar


    Snow Day Malzahar will be available in store for 975 RP.



    Snow Day Malzahar Model 1

    Snow Day Malzahar Model 2

    Snow Day Malzahar Voidling


    Snow Day Malzahar Recall

    For his recall, Snow Day Malzahar does a bunch of air tricks with his voidling.


    Snow Day Malzahar Basic Attack

    Basic Attack


    Snow Day Malzahar Q 1

    Snow Day Malzahar Q 2

    Call of the Void [ Q ]


    Snow Day Malzahar W

    Null Zone [ W ]


    Snow Day Malzahar E

    Malefic Visions [ E ]


    Snow Day Malzahar R

    Nether Grasp [ R ]



    Winter Wonder Orianna


    Winter Wonder Ori will be up in store for 975 RP.




    Winter Wonder Ori will be making an appearance on your client with Patch 4.21; here’s her login screen animation:

    Winter Ori Preview


    Winter Wonder Ori Model 1

    Winter Wonder Ori Model 2


    Winter Wonder Ori Recall

    For her recall, Winter Wonder Ori summons an audience of poros to watch her dance ballet.


    Basic Attack


    Command: Attack [ Q ]


    Command: Dissonance [ W ]


    Command: Protect [ E ]


    Command Shockwave [ R ]


    New Summoner Icons

    Here’s a Blood Moon icon to go along with the recently-introduced Blood Moon skins for Thresh and Elise:




    Legend of the Poro King Game Mode

    Celebrate the holidays with “Legend of the Poro King”, a custom mode played on the Howling Abyss. Here’s an overview of the new game mode:


    Champion Select is Blind Draft pick – you can ban champions and you can’t see what the enemy has picked. You also can’t change your Summoner Spells; the following two are locked for you:


    Poro Toss IconPoro Toss

    No Cost || Cooldown: 20 Seconds

    Active: Throw a Poro a long distance, dealing true damage to the first enemy unit hit. This ability can be recast for 3 seconds if it hits an enemy, to dash to the target hit. Dashing to the target will reduce the cooldown of Poro Toss by 5 seconds.

    Poros are not blocked by spell shields or wind walls because they are animals, not spells!

    “Poros are a model for Runeterran aerodynamics.”


    To the King IconTo the King!

    No Cost || Cooldown: 10 Seconds

    Passive: Hitting an enemy champion with a Poro gives your team a Poro Mark. Upon reaching 10 Poro Marks, your team summons the Poro King to fight alongside them. While the Poro King is active, no Poro Marks can be scored by either team.

    Active: Quickly dash to King Poro’s side. Can only be cast while the Poro King is summoned for your team.

    “Poros tug the heartstrings. The rest of you just comes along for the ride.”


    The match starts with everyone at level 3. You also get a few poros to follow you.


    The goal is to score poro hits on enemies with your Poro Toss. The goals are displayed on the top-right score graph.


    Get 10 goals and you summon the Poro King, who will tank towers and let you push. He’ll also occasionally throw poros around for lols.


    Problem is, the Poro King does almost no damage and has the AI of a bronze player. As a result, he’s more of a tanky waypoint for you to teleport back to with To the King! and not a worthwhile objective.


    A TL;DR would be: the new game mode is ARAM where you get to pick your champion and everyone gets a Lee Sin Q.


    These five Summoner Icons each cost 250 RP in the store. They also change how the poros that follow you look.

    profileIcon743 profileIcon744 profileIcon745 profileIcon746 profileIcon747 


    These two are still a mystery, but I assume they’re rewards for playing the new game mode.

    profileIcon748 profileIcon749



    Poro Ward Skins

    The following wards will be sold at 640 RP in the store.


    Poro Ward

    Poro Ward Skin


    Astro Poro Ward

    Astro Poro Ward


    Gentleman Poro Ward



    Santa Hat for Baron

    Baron’s getting ready for Christmas!

    Santa Baron Hat



    Champion Changes



    Cassiopeia Final Portrait


    Aspect of the Serpent Final IconAspect of the Serpent [ Passive ]

    • No longer stacks on poisoned unit kill or on Twin Fang casts on enemy champions.
    • Now, stacks once every 6 seconds (10 times per minute) and for every second that an enemy champion is poisoned.
    • Stack breakpoints increased from 75 / 200 / 400 to 100 / 250 / 500


    Noxious Blast Final IconNoxious Blast [ Q ]

    • Delay changed to actually function as intended (previously hitting between 0.25 and 0.5s). Now has a 0.4s delay.
    • Movement speed buff changed from 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% to 20% at all ranks


    Twin Fang Final IconTwin Fang [ E ]

    • Mana cost changed from 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 to 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75
    • Now adds a debuff on the target which amplifies further poison damage by 20% for 5 seconds, stacks up to 2 times (40%).
    • AP Ratio changed from 0.4 / 0.45  / 0.5 / 0.55 / 0.6 to 0.55 at all ranks



    Cho'Gath Final Portrait


    Feast Final IconFeast [ R ]

    • If Feast kills a minion or a neutral monster, the cooldown is halved and 50% of the mana cost is refunded
    • Cooldown increased from 60 seconds at all ranks to 80



    Fiddlesticks Final Portrait


    Dread Final IconDread [ Passive ]

    • Aura removed; now, every spell and basic attack decreases the target’s magic resistance by 10 for 3 seconds


    Terrify Final IconTerrify [ Q ]

    Now applies Dread, Fiddlestick’s passive.


    Dark Wind Final IconDark Wind [ E ]

    • Can now silence a target only once, regardless of how many times it’s bounced to that target. Dark Wind prioritizes Champions it hasn’t yet hit.
    • Deals 150% bonus damage to minions and monsters



    Jayce Final Portrait


    Hypercharge Final IconHyper Charge [ Ranged W ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 14/12/10/8/6 seconds to 13/11/9/7/5
    • Cooldown now starts when Jayce has fired all 3 shots rather than when the spell is cast




    Jax Final Portrait


    Counterstrike Final IconCounterstrike [ E ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 18/16/14/12/10 seconds to 16/14/12/10/8


    Grandmasters Might Final IconGrandmaster’s Might [ R ]

    • Flat magic resist bonus changed from 25/35/45 to 20/35/50
    • Bonus Armor changed from 25/35/45 (+0.3 Bonus AD) to 20/35/50 (+0.5 Bonus AD)




    Kalista Final Portrait


    Sentinel Final IconSentinel [ W ]

    • Minimum damage to minions decreased from 100/125/150/175/200 to 75-125, depending on the minion’s missing health
    • Mana cost decreased from 25 at all ranks to 20


    Rend Final IconRend [ E ]

    • Percentage increased removed; now, each additional spear increases the damage of Rend by 0.6 Total AD
    • Executing an enemy with Rend now restores mana, up to twice per Rend cast
      • Mana cost increased from 35 at all ranks to 40



    Kennen Final Portrait


    Electrical Surge Final IconElectrical Surge [ W ]

    • The active now automatically targets enemies caught in Slicing Maelstrom


    Sliciing Malestrom Final IconSlicing Maelstrom [ R ]

    • Delay between maelstrom strikes decreased from 0.5/0.4/0.33 seconds to 0.25 at all levels
    • Delay between maelstrom strikes on the same target increased from 0.5/0.4/0.33 seconds to 0.5 at all levels
    • Duration of ult unchanged: 3/4/5 seconds.



    Lucian Final Portrait


    Lightslinger Final IconLightslinger [ Passive ]

    • Damage of second shot decreased from 50% of first shot’s damage at all levels to 30/40/50% (increased at levels 1, 7 and 11)
    • Duration of double-shot buff decreased from 6 seconds to 2



    Nocturne Final Portrait


    Unspeakable Horror Final IconUnspeakable Horror [ E ]

    Passive movement speed increase when moving towards feared targets is now back on the PBE




    Sejuani Final Portrait

    • Level 1 Mana increased from 328 to 440


    Arctic Assault Final Icon  Arctic Assault [ Q ]

    • Damage changed from 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+0.4 AP) (+ 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12% of target’s Max Health) to 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+0.4 AP)


    Flail of the Northern Winds Final IconFlail of the Northern Winds [ W ]

    • Damage on initial hit changed from 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+0.3 AP) to 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12% of target’s Max Health (+3% per 100AP)
    • AoE damage changed from 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+0.6 AP) (+10% Bonus Health) to 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+0.6 AP) (+ 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12% of Total Health)
      • Mana cost decreased from 40 at all levels to 40/35/30/25/20


    Permafrost Final IconPermafrost [ E ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 11 seconds at all ranks to 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
    • Damage decreased from 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+0.5 AP) to 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.5 AP)
    • Slow duration decreased from 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds to 1.5 at all ranks



    Shen Final Portrait


    Shadow Dash Final IconShadow Dash [ E ]

    • Energy cost reduced from 120 at all ranks to 100




    Shyvana Final Portrait


    Twin Bite Final IconTwin Bite [ Q ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 10/9/8/7/6 seconds to 9/8/7/6/5


    Burnout Final IconBurnout [ W ]

    • Now deals 20% more damage against jungle monsters




    Soraka Final Portrait

    • Base HP-per-second decreased from 0.9 to 0.4
    • HP-per-second per level decreased from 0.14 to 0.1


    Astral Infusion Final IconAstral Infusion [ W ]

    • AP Ratio on heal after hitting an enemy champion with Starcall increased – minimum ratio up from 0.2 AP to 0.4 AP, maximum – from 0.4 AP to 0.8 AP



    Warwick Final Portrait


    Hunter's Call Final IconHunter’s Call [ W ]

    • Duration decreased from 10 seconds to 6

    Infinite Duress Final IconInfinite Duress [ R ]

    • Total base damage decreased from 250/335/420 to 150/250/350




    Yasuo Final Portrait

    • Movement Speed increased from 340 to 345


    Steel Tempest Final IconSteel Tempest [ Q ]

    • Cooldown decreased from 5/4.75/4.5/4 seconds to 4 at all ranks




    Zac Final Portrait


    Elastic Slingshot Final IconElastic Slingshot [ E ]

    • Base damage increased from 80/120/160/200/240 to 80/130/180/230/280
    • Addtionally, Elastic Slingshot will spawn bonus health blobs for Zac if he hits multiple enemy champions with the spell.



    Item Changes


    Abyssal Scepter Final IconAbyssal Scepter

    • Recipe changed: no longer builds out of 2 Null Magic Mantles (2 x 500 Gold) and a Blasting Wand ( 860 Gold )
    • Now builds out of the new Negatron Cloak (850 Gold) and a Blasting Wand ( 860 Gold). Combine cost is 730 Gold.



    Athene's Unholy Grail Final IconAthene’s Unholy Grail

    • Unique passive  – Mana Font increased to 2% missing mana every  5 seconds from 1.5%

    [ Note ] This change also applies to Chalice of Harmony and Mikael’s Crucible


    Face of the Mountain Final IconFace of the Mountain

    • Execute passive range increased from 200 to 400 (means you can execute minions when your allies are at 400 range)


    Forbidden Idol Final IconForbidden Idol

    • Mana Regen decreased from 60% of champion’s base mana regen to 50%


    Guardian Angel Final IconGuardian Angel 

    Magic Resist increased from 40 to 50


    Targon's Brace Final IconTargon’s Brace

    • Execute passive range increased from 200 to 240 (same change as Face of the Mountain, but smaller range)


    Overlord Bloodmail Final IconOverlord’s Bloodmail [ Twisted Treeline / Dominion ]

    • Health-over-5 after a kill or assist increased from 200 to 300



    Jungle Changes

    [ Note ] The jungle monsters on Twisted Treeline have received the Smite buffs from Summoner’s Rift, as well as tweaks to their stats (more health, higher respawn time, more gold granted, higher movement speed)


    Hunter's Machete New Icon 2Hunter’s Machete

    • Now grants an additional 10 Gold when a large monsters is killed


    Hunter’s Machete Upgrades

    • Same change as with Hunter’s Machete

    The gold granted by jungle monsters has been reduced for every camp.

    • Gromp  – from 72 to 62
    • Ancient Krug  – from 66 to 60
    • Krug  – from 18 to 14
    • Greater Murkwolf  – from 48 to 42
    • Small Murkwolf  – from 14 to 12
    • Crimson Raptor – from 42 to 41
    • Raptor from 12 to 9
    • Blue Sentinel  – from 42 to 36
    • Small Sentry – from 22 to 20
    • Red Brambleback – from 42 to 36
    • Cinderling  – from 22 to 20


    64px-Devourer_itemEnchantment: Devourer

    • On-hit magic damage decreased from 40 to 25


    64px-Warrior_itemEnchantment: Warrior

    • No longer grants 10 flat armor penetration
    • Now deals 10% increased physical damage to Champions


    Ranger's Trailblazer New IconRanger’s Trailblazer

    • No longer reduces Smite’s cooldown by 15 seconds


    Skirmisher's Sabre Final IconSkirmisher’s Sabre

    • While marked by Challenging Smite, targets take bonus true damage from basic attacks for 3 seconds, decreased from 6


    Gift of Heavy Hands [ Krug Camp ]

    • Stun on jungle monsters now procs every 6 attacks, increased from 5





    Texture Rebalances

    Malphite, Malzahar, Shen, Wukong and Xin Zhao got texture updates to their base model and skins in this patch.


    Classic Malphite

    Classic Malphite TU


    Coal Reef Malphite


    Marble Malphite


    Obsidian Malphite

    Obsidian Malphite TU


    Classic Malzahar

    Malzahar New

    Shadow Prince Malzahar

    Shadow Prince Malzahar

    Djinn Malzahar

    Djinn Malzahar

    Overlord Malzahar

    Overlord Malzahar


    Classic Shen


    Surgeon Shen


    Blood Moon Shen


    Warlord Shen


     Classic Wukong


    Volcanic Wukong


    General Wukong


    Classic Xin Zhao

    Xin TU 1


    Commando Xin Zhao

    Xin TU 2


    Imperial Xin Zhao

    Xin TU 3


    Viscero Xin Zhao

    Xin TU 4


    Winged Hussar Xin Zhao

    Xin TU 5



    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



    PBE Roundup Patch 4 18 Banner

    Patch 4.18 will hit live this Tuesday, October 7th, if there are no delays. Here’s the list of changes:


    PBE Round-up:


    Recent News






    Sion Rework

    Sion_Splash_0Sion Model 1Sion Model 2

    Glory in Death New IconGlory in Death [ Passive ]

    • After being killed Sion will reanimate himself, but his Health rapidly decays while he is reanimated. He can move and attack during this time. He gains 100% Lifesteal, attacks extremely fast and will deal an additional 10% of his target’s maximum Health on hit. Max 75 bonus damage against monsters. All of his abilities are replaced with Death Surge, which grants him a burst of Movement Speed.

    Sion PassiveSion Passive Text

    Decimating Strike New IconDecimating Smash [ Q ]

    • Sion charges a powerful swing in an area in front of himself that will deal damage to enemies when released. If he charges for enough time, enemies hit by the swing will also be knocked up and stunned.

    Sion Q 1Sion Q 2Sion Q Text

    Soul Furnace New IconSoul Furnace [ W ]

    • Sion shields himself and can reactivate after 2 seconds to deal Magic Damage to enemies nearby.

    Sion W 1Sion W 2Sion W Text

    Roar of the Slayer New IconRoar of the Slayer [ E ]

    • Sion fires a short range shockwave that damages and slows the first enemy hit. If the shockwave hits a minion or monster, it will be knocked back, damaging and slowing all enemies that it passes through.

    Sion E 1Sion E 2Sion E Text

    Unstoppable OnslaughtUnstoppable Onslaught [ R ]

    • Sion charges in a direction, ramping up speed over time. He can steer his charge slightly with the mouse cursor location. When he collides with an enemy he deals damage and knocks them up based on the distance he has charged.

    Sion R 1Sion R 2Sion R Text

    Barbarian Sion

    Sion Skin 1

    Lumberjack Sion

    Sion Skin 2

    Warmonger Sion

    Warmonger Sion Updated

    Login Screen









    Gone. Too quick. No fight. More. I want… more.

    A voice? Unfamiliar. I see him. The Grand General. My general.

    He leads. I follow. Marching. To where? I should know. I can’t remember.

    It all bleeds together. Does it matter? Noxus conquers. The rest? Trivial. So long… since I’ve tasted victory.

    The war wagon rocks. Rattles. A cramped cage. Pointless ceremony. The waiting. Maddening. Faster, dogs!

    There. Banners. Demacians and their walls. Cowards. Their gates will shatter. Thoughts of the massacre come easily.

    Who gave the order to halt? The underlings don’t answer. No familiar faces. If I do not remember, neither will history.

    The cage is opened. Finally! No more waiting. WE CHARGE!

    Slings and arrows? The weapons of children! Their walls will not save them!

    I can taste their fear. They shrink at every blow as their barricades splinter. SOON!

    Noxian drums. Demacian screams. Glory isn’t accolades; glory is hot blood on your hands! This is life!

    A thousand shattered corpses lie at my feet, and Demacian homes burn all around me. It’s over too quickly! Just one more…

    The men stare. There’s fear in their eyes. If they’re afraid to look upon victory, I should pluck those craven eyes out. There is no fear in the Grand General’s eyes, only approval. He is pleased with this conquest.

    Walking the field with the Grand General, surveying the carnage, I ache for another foe. He is hobbled, a leg wound from the battle? If it pains him, he does not show it. A true Noxian. I do not like his pet, though; it picks over the dead, having earned nothing. His war hounds were more fitting company.

    Demacia will be within our grasp soon. I can feel it. I am ready to march. The Grand General insists that I rest. How can I rest when my enemies still live?

    Why do we mill about? The waiting eats at me. I’m left to my own devices. The bird watches. It’s unsettling. Were it anyone else’s, I would crush it.

    Fatigue sets in. I’ve never felt so… tired.

    Boram? Is that you? What are you whispering?

    Where am I?

    Captured? Kenneled like some dog. How?

    There was… the battle, the razing of the fortress, the quiet of the aftermath. Were we ambushed? I can’t remember.

    I was wounded. I can feel the ragged gash… but no pain. They thought me dead. Now, I am their prize. Fate is laughing. I will not be caged! They will regret sparing me.

    Demacian worms! They parrot kind words, but they are ruthless all the same. This place is a dank pit. They bring no food. There is no torture. They do not make a show of me. I am left to rot.

    I remember my finest hour. I held a king by his throat and felt the final beat of his heart through my tightening grasp. I don’t remember letting go. Is this your vengeance, Jarvan?

    I hear the triumphal march. Boots on stone. Faint, through the dungeon walls. The cadence of Noxian drums. I shall be free. Demacian blood will run in the streets!

    No one came. I heard no struggle. No retreat. Did I imagine it?

    There is no aching in this stump. I barely noticed the iron boot. It’s caked in rust.

    When did I lose my leg?

    I still smell the blood. Battle. It brings comfort.

    The hunger gnaws. I have not slept. Time crawls. So tired.

    How long?

    So dark. This pit. I remember. Grand General. His whispering. What was it?

    Not who I think.

    Fading. Mustn’t forget.

    Message. Cut. Remember.

    ”SION – Beware ravens.”

    FREE ME!




    New Splash Arts



    Lee Sin

    LeeSin_Splash_0 (1)



    Dunkmaster Darius


    Dunkmaster Darius will be available for 1820 RP.


    dunkmaster_darius_splash_finalv2 (1)


    Video Preview by SkinSpotlights:


    Darius Model 1

    Darius Recall

    When recalling, Dunkmaster Darius performs… well, a dunk.


    Darius Passive

    Hemorrhage [ Passive ]


    Darius Q

    Decimate [ Q ]


    Darius W

    Crippling Strike [ W ]


    Darius E

    Apprehend [ E ] 


    Darius R

    Noxian Guillotine [ R ]



    Ravenborn LeBlanc

    Ravenborn LeBlanc will be available for 975 RP.


    Ravenborn LeBlanc Model

    Ravenborn LeBlanc Recall

    For her recall, the raven on LeBlanc’s staff comes to life and lands on her arm. She then dissipates in a puff of teal smoke.

    Ravenborn LeBlanc Basic Attack

    Basic Attack

    LeBlanc Q 1LeBlanc Q 2

    Sigil of Malice [ Q ]


    Distortion [ W ]

    Ethereal Chains 1 Ethereal Chains 2

    Ethereal Chains [ E ]

    Underworld Wukong


    Underworld Wukong will be priced at 1350 RP.




    Wukong Model 1Wukong All EmotesWukong Recall

    For his recall, Underworld Wukong spins his staff around and ghosts come off it.


    Wukong Q

    Crushing Blow [ Q ]


    Wukong W 1 Wukong W 2

    Decoy [ W ] 


    Wukong E

    Nimbus Strike [ E ]


    Wukong R 1Wukong R 2

    Cyclone [ R ]

    Championship Shyvana

    Championship Shyvana will be available for 975 RP.




    Shyvana Model 1Shyvana R ModelShyvana Recall

    For her recall, Championship Shyvana steps on a blue pedestal. Nothing new on her Dragon form recall.


    Shyvana QShyvana Dragon Q

    Twin Bite [ Q ]

    Shyvana WShyvana Dragon W

    Burnout [ W ]


    Shyvana EShyvana Dragon E

    Flame Breath [ E ]


    Shyvana R

    Dragon’s Descent [ R ]

    Texture Rebalances


     [ Note ] Texture rebalances are color corrections and texture smoothing; NOT texture updates, aka higher resolution textures, etc. They’re done to match the new looks of Summoner’s Rift.


    Classic Blitzcrank

    Blitzcrank TU 1

    Boom Boom Blitzcrank

    Blitzcrank TU 2

    Piltover Customs Blitzcrank

    Blitzcrank TU 3

    Definitely Not Blitzcrank

    Blitzcrank TU 4


    Classic Brand


    Brand TU 1


    Apocalyptic Brand


    Brand TU 2


    Vandal Brand


    Brand TU 3


    Cryocore Brand


    Brand TU 4


    Classic Evelynn


    Eve TU 1


    Shadow Evelynn


    Shadow Eve TU


    Hired Gun Graves


    Hired Gun Graves TU


    Classic Nocturne


    Nocturne TU 1


    Ravager Nocturne


    Ravager Noc TU


    Frozen Terror Nocturne


    Frozen Terror Noc TU


    Void Nocturne


    Void Noc TU


    Classic Olaf


    Classic Olaf TU


    Forsaken Olaf


    Forsaken Olaf TU


    Glacial Olaf


    Glacial Olaf TU




    Brolaf TU



    New Halloween Summoner Icons

    1 (1) 3 2 (2)



    Anivia Q Update

    Anivia has received a skillshot indicator and a circle around the ice block to indicate the spell’s AoE.

    Anivia Q 1

    Anivia Q 2

    Anivia Q 3



    Champion Changes

    Azir Final Portrait

    • Base Damage increased from 43 to 47

    Akali Final Portrait

    Twilight Shroud New IconTwilight Shroud [ W ]

    • Now grants Akali a 20/40/60/80/100% Movement Speed buff while in the shroud, which decays over 1 second after leaving the shroud
    • No longer grants Armor or Magic Resist

    Ezreal Final Portrait


    Rising Spell Force New IconRising Spell Force [ Passive ]

    • Attack Speed buff duration increased from 5 seconds to 6


    Mystic Shot New IconMystic Shot [ Q ]

    •  AD ratio increased from 1.0 to 1.1


    Gangplank Final Portrait

    Cannon Barrage New IconCannon Barrage [ R ]

    • Now deals damage everywhere in the AoE, rather than at random locations in the AoE
    • Duration increased from 6 seconds to 7
    • Cooldown decreased from 120/115/110 seconds to 125/110/95
    • Now lists cannonball damage as damage-per-second.


    Kha'Zix Final Portrait

    Void Spike New IconVoid Spike [ W ]

    • Base Damage decreased from 75/115/155/195/235 to 80/110/140/170/200

    Lucian Final Portrait


    Relentless Pursuit New IconRelentless Pursuit [ E ]

    •  Added a 40/30/20/10/0 mana cost (no mana cost on live)


    Tristana Final Portrait

    • Attack speed-per-level decreased from 4% to 2.5% (total loss is 27% Attack Speed at level 18)


    Rapid Fire New IconRapid Fire [ Q ]

    Duration decreased from 7 seconds to 5
    Attack speed buff increased from 30/45/60/75/90% to  30/50/70/90/110%

    Tristana’s new AS values, courtesy of fellow reader Jim Gunderson.

    Tristana pre/post nerf AS values from passive and Q only
    Lvl OLD PASS NEW PASS OLD + OLD Q (Duration of 7 seconds) NEW (Duration of 5 seconds)
    0 0 30 45 60 75 90 30 50 70 90 110
    1 4 2.5  34 32.5
    2 8 5 38 53 35 55
    3 12 7.5 42 57 37.5 57.5
    4 16 10 46 61 76 40 60 80
    5 20 12.5 50 65 80 42.5 62.5 82.5
    6 24 15 54 69 84 45 65 85
    7 28 17.5 58 73 88 103 47.5 67.5 87.5 107.5
    8 32 20 62 77 92 107 122 50 70 90 110 130
    9 36 22.5 66 81 96 111 126 52.5 72.5 92.5 112.5 132.5
    10 40 25 70 85 100 115 130 55 75 95 115 135
    11 44 27.5 74 89 104 119 134 57.5 77.5 97.5 117.5 137.5
    12 48 30 78 93 108 123 138 60 80 100 120 140
    13 52 32.5 82 97 112 127 142 62.5 82.5 102.5 122.5 142.5
    14 56 35 101 116 131 146 85 105 125 145
    15 60 37.5 105 120 135 150 87.5 107.5 127.5 147.5
    16 64 40 124 139 154 110 130 150
    17 68 42.5 143 158 132.5 152.5
    18 72 45 162 155

    Yasuo Final Portrait

    • Base Health decreased from 430 to 380
    • Base Movement Speed decreased from 350 to 340

    Item Changes

    Randuin's Omen New IconRanduin’s Omen

    Passive Attack Speed decrease when hit increased from 10% to 15%


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]