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Patch 3 point 10a banner Final

Check out Patch 3.10a, featuring lots of tweaks to LeBlanc and Master Yi, the ability for Riven to hop over walls and a complete overhaul on Phage and its upgrades! On the PBE client we have several Dominion-only changes and revamped Turret UI, from Gamescom we get a tease of Dunkmaster Darius, on the store front we have Lucian and his skin, Hired Gun Lucian, as well as Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank finally available, as well as a welcome return of Riot Graves for a limited time and, lurking around the forums, we have RiotScruffy bringing us the latest updates to Skarner‘s rework progress. Finally, the latest Champion/Skin Sale!


Patch 3.10a

PBE Update

Dunkmaster Darius at Gamescom

Riot Blitzcrank and Arcade Hecarim in Store!

Lucian is now available!

Update on Skarner

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 26th



Patch 3.10a


Patch 3.10a

A comparatively smaller update than usual, Patch 3.10a will fill the gap between 3.10 and the World Finals.


Hey Summoners!

With our focus on stability for patches leading up to the World Finals, we’ve decided to split our next update into a few parts in order to mitigate risk. As such, this patch is titled 3.10a due to the nature of its deploy (as it contains only balance and design changes).







Summary: LeBlanc’s base health regeneration and attack damage per level have been slightly increased.

Context: With unorthodox skills, unmatched mobility and a supremely squishy face, LeBlanc’s always been a difficult champion to master. While this is intended, the changes we made to her in Patch 3.9 made her even more vulnerable, especially during her laning phase. These minor buffs should improve her play experience and even her out a little.



  • Base health regen increased from 5.05 to 7.05
  • Attack damage per level increased from 3.1 to 3.5




  Master Yi

Summary: Highlander now reduces ability cooldowns per kills and assists by a percentage amount rather than a flat second reduction. This means Master Yi will never get a “full reset” to chain Alpha Strikes together even if he kills with his first Alpha Strike. Additionally, Master Yi’s attack speed per level has been reduced, while Meditate’s damage reduction at later levels has been increased. Wuju Style’s passive attack damage bonus is now higher at earlier levels and lower at later levels.

Context: New Yi quickly emerged as a powerhouse champion, and while we soon identified the need to reduce his power, we wanted to do it in an intelligent way that created windows of opportunity for both Yi and his opponents, rather than by simply reducing his overall damage. We like Highlander’s reset mechanic, but the flat second reduction on it meant that solid Yi players could effectively chain Alpha Strikes together with no window of vulnerability after scoring a kill. These changes mean Master Yi needs to land a few basic attacks after earning resets in order to Alpha Strike, which should give his opponents opportunities to fight back. Yi’s Meditate buffs give him ways of bridging those cooldown gaps defensively if needed, and offer more viable options when upgrading abilities.



  • Attack speed per level decreased from 2.75% to 2%


DoubleStrike_newDouble Strike ( Passive )

  • Fixed a bug where the second strike would damage targets even when Master Yi was blinded


Meditate_newMeditate ( W )

  • Damage reduction increased from 40/45/50/55/60% to 50/55/60/65/70%


WujuStyle_newWuju Style ( E )

  • Passive attack damage bonus changed from 7/9/11/13/15% to 10% at all ranks


Highlander_newHighlander ( R )

  • Now passively reduces the remaining cooldown for Master Yi’s basic abilities by 70% on a kill or assist (instead of 18 seconds on kill or 9 seconds on assist)





Summary: Riven can now leap over walls with the third hit of Broken Wings.

Context: Riven’s Broken Wings started crossing walls on live following a few engine fixes. We looked at this and decided we want to fully support the emergent gameplay while cleaning up the ability’s environmental interactions. This change promotes Riven’s high mobility playstyle and skirmish play pattern, so we’ll balance around it rather than simply remove the change if it affects her power significantly.



  • Fixed an issue where several of Riven’s particle effects were missing


Broken_WingsBroken Wings ( Q )

  • Third hit now knocks up affected targets rather than knocking them back
  • Only the third cast can now leap over walls
  • Hitbox has been retuned to more closely match the particles





Summary: Shen’s Feint shield has been weakened, while Stand United can now be interrupted by root effects.

Context: As a dominant force in the competitive scene, Shen gets just a little too tanky in the late game – to the point where even primary damage dealers have a tough time eating through his shields. This small nerf should reduce some of Shen’s strong dueling potential. Additionally, our Stand United change has been brought in to increase the consistency with which we handle delayed movement abilities. Specifically, Shen’s Stand United channel will be interruptible by root effects, similar to Twisted Fate’s Gate. We’ll continue looking at other cases in the future.


FeintFeint ( W )

  • Shield amount reduced from 70/115/160/205/250 to 60/100/140/180/220


Stand_UnitedStand United ( R )

  • Can now be interrupted by root effects





Summary: Twitch’s Expunge now deals less damage at early to mid levels.

Context: Currently Twitch’s laning phase trades are too strong, even when he’s forced to pop Expunge before reaching full stacks of Deadly Venom. These changes should balance out the Plague Rat’s early game power without affecting his team fight potential.


ExpungeExpunge ( E )

  • Base damage reduced from 40/50/60/70/80 to 20/35/50/65/80





Summary: Zac’s passive healing blobs will now be harder to pick up for both him and his opponents. Additionally, Zac’s ult no longer grants him Tenacity while active.

Context: Previously, Zac’s pickup range was so large he would sometimes regain health from his blobs even if he stood still after using an ability. The blob radius change creates more potential counterplay in lane, since Zac and his opponents now have to specifically move to blobs to regain or deny health. The tenacity portion of Let’s Bounce has removed to allow for more gameplay in fights, notably by giving enemies the chance to lock Zac down while protecting vulnerable targets.


CellDivisionCell Division ( Passive )

  • Blob absorption and squish radius reduced from 100 to 25


Let'sBounce!Let’s Bounce ( R )

  • No longer grants Tenacity
  • Fixed the tooltip to state that Zac removes all slows affecting him upon activation



Will this change make blobs really hard to run over?


Meddler Riotlink Button Meddler: Can understand your concern, because of the way distance between Zac and his blobs is calculated though this isn’t as big a hit as it appears on paper. Previously Zac would pick up a blob if the distance between his edge and the blob’s edge was 100 units or less, now he’ll pick up a blob if that distance is 25 units or less. The amount of space the blob itself occupies is unchanged however. As a result you need to get noticeably closer to the blobs but you certainly don’t have to run over their exact center or anything extreme like that.






NOTE: If an item value or statistic is not mentioned, it is still present on the item.


Bilgewater_Cutlass Bilgewater Cutlass

  • Range reduced from 550 to 450
  • Active now takes into account the bounding boxes for each champion


Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Range reduced from 550 to 450
  • Active cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 90


Locket_of_the_Iron_Solari_itemLocket of the Iron Solari

  • Fixed a bug where it was granting more health regen than intended


Spirit_VisageSpirit Visage

  • Combine cost increased from 375 to 500 gold (total cost increased from 2625 to 2750 gold)




Phage & Trinity Force’s Icy Passive


Summary: Phage and Trinity Force no longer have the “Icy” slow passive. Instead of a percentage chance to slow an enemy champion on hit, these items now grant movement speed for a short duration of time, along with even more movement speed on minion, monster, and champion kills. Frozen Mallet’s function remains unchanged, but its recipe has changed.

Context: Following the nerfs to Blade of the Ruined King, we wanted to create more tools to help bruisers stick to their targets. Ultimately we focused on in-skirmish mobility as a valuable and healthy stat for all champions.



  • UNIQUE Passive – Icy removed
  • New UNIQUE Passive – Rage: basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 2 seconds on hit. Minion, monster, and champion kills grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds
  • Combine cost reduced from 590 to 375 gold ( total cost reduced from 1465 to 1250 gold )


Trinity_ForceTrinity Force

  • UNIQUE Passive – Icy removed
  • New UNIQUE Passive – Rage: basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 2 seconds on hit. Minion, monster, and champion kills grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds
  • UNIQUE Passive – Spellblade
  • Unique passive on-hit damage increased from 150% to 200% base AD
  • Due to Phage’s price reduction, total cost is decreased from 3843 to 3628 gold


Frozen_MalletFrozen Mallet

  • New Recipe: Giant’s Belt + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 950 gold = 3300 total gold
  • UNIQUE Passive – Icy retained






Summoner’s Rift



120px-WraithSquareLesser Wraith

  • Fixed a bug where lesser wraiths were granting less experience than intended (4 instead of 15)



Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar


Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Now available on the Crystal Scar



  • UNIQUE Passive – Icy removed
  • New UNIQUE Passive – Rage: basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 2 seconds on hit. Minion, monster, and champion kills grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds
  • Due to Phage’s price reduction, total cost is reduced from 3615 to 3400 gold


Kitae's_Bloodrazor_itemKitae’s Bloodrazor

  • Removed from the Crystal Scar



Howling Abyss



  • No change. Still awesome



PBE Update








Idol_of_DurandIdol of Durand ( R )

  • Cooldown reduced from 170/150/130 to 150/135/120
  • Mana cost reduced from 100/150/200 to 100 at all ranks




Dominion-only changes






Bushwhack Bushwhack ( W )

  • Armor and Magic Resistance shred reduced from 12 seconds to 6
  • Trap duration reduced from 4 minutes to 2







Null Sphere ( Q )

  • Silence duration reduced from 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6  seconds to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2






Taste_Their_Fear Taste Their Fear ( Q )

  • Isolation bonus damage reduced from 45% to 35%


Evolution_Enlarged_ClawsEnlarged Claws ( Evolved Q ) 

  • Now deals 6% of missing health as additional damage, reduced from 8






Noxious_Trap Noxious Trap ( R )

  • Mushrooms now last 3 minutes, reduced from 10




Turret UI


Turrets now have a separate item bar which shows their buffs. Currently this bar is only active on Summoner’s Rift.

NOTE: Nothing has been changed to turrets in terms of numbers or additional passives.


Turret UI


Penetrating Bullets Penetrating Bullets

  • +30% Armor Penetration
  • UNIQUE Passive – Dodge Piercing: Tower attacks cannot be dodged.
  • UNIQUE Passive – Warming Up: Towers gain 25% damage each time they strike a champion (Max 75% bonus damage)
  • UNIQUE Passive – Heated Up: After the tower is fully heated, consecutive attacks against the same champion deal 25% additional damage. (Max 50% bonus damage)


vision ward Warden’s Eye

  • +1000 Vision Radius
  • UNIQUE Passive – Magical Sight: Can see invisible units.


Reinforced Armor Reinforced Armor

  • +60 Armor
  • +100 Magic Resist
  • UNIQUE Passive – Backdoor Plating: Gains 150 Armor and Magic Resist when no enemy minions are nearby.




Dunkmaster Darius at Gamescom


 A few pictures taken during this year’s Gamescom appeared on RiotMeDroid‘s Twitter page, giving us a glimpse of what could be the next skin for Darius.



Shaded Sketch




Full View

Final mesh

Riot Blitzcrank and Arcade Hecarim in Store!



Also, Riot Graves makes a return!


We’re kicking off the new convention circuit at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. That means another year of Riot Games antics at venues across the globe, and a brand new run of convention skins.

This year, gamescom attendees will be the first to get their hands on the latest additions to the Riot and Arcade skin lines: Riot Blitzcrank and Arcade Hecarim. Free codes are available at the booth, so be sure to stop by and pay us a visit if you’re in the neighborhood. If you can’t make it to Germany you can also snag both skins in the League of Legends store.


 Arcade Hecarim, the latest and 8-bittiest of the digitally reduxed champions, will be a permanent addition to the League of Legends store. Featuring new sounds, an arcade-inspired recall animation, some electric VO processing, and new spell effects including a color-draining Spirit of Dread, Hecarim’s decked out in our most ambitious arcade attire to date. He’ll debut at 1350 RP, but you can pick him upon sale for 975 RP if you buy before we leave gamescom on August 25th.


Arcade Hecarim Comic


Riot Blitzcrank, a riotous reimagining of your favorite steam golem, is only available while we’re on location at one of our convention stops. If you don’t pick him up for 975 RP before we hit the road on August 25th, you’ll have to wait ‘til we set up shop at PAX.


Riot Blitzcrank Comic


Riot Graves from last year’s convention lineup will also make one final appearance for 975 RP while we’re at gamescom. Once we pack up and hit the road on August 25th, he’s retiring to the Legacy Skins Vault, so be sure to snag the outlaw in full riot gear while you’ve got the chance.


Riot Graves Comic




Lucian is now available!



Lucian now available

Wield ancient weapons and send evil back to the grave as Lucian, the Purifier, now fighting on the Fields of Justice.


Hired Gun Lucian Splash


Hired Gun Lucian

“It’s a dangerous world out there – always nice to have a pair of guns at your side. I’ll do your dirty work, but it’ll cost you…”

Trading in the traditional trappings of his order for a cyberpunk-inspired look, Hired Gun Lucian is ready to blast any foe into oblivion. A new recall accompanies new sounds, visuals and effects that transform Lucian into a concussive and badass tour de force.



Stop the shadows in their tracks with Lucian and his Hired Gun skin for 1462 RP (normally 1950 RP) until the end of the weekend.


Also, you can check out Lucian’s music theme in the loading screen:




Update on Skarner


Skarner decoration

RiotScruffy iterates on his decision to move the Attack Speed buff from Skarner’s W to his Q. For the full discussion on Skarner’s Rework, please visit the links below.


Initial discussion – why is Skarner being changed?

Follow-up: Tweaks to Fracture ( E )

Overview of Reworked Kit



Changes in Question


Crystal_SlashCrystal Slash ( Q )

  • When target is hit, Skarner gains a 4/5/6/7/8% Attack Speed buff for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.


Crystalline_ExoskeletonCrystaline Exoskeleton ( W )

  • Attack speed component removed (moved to Q)



RiotScruffyRiotlink Button RiotScruffy: I see some comments about how moving the attack speed from W to Q is a nerf. From what we have seen (and what we intended) this is a buff to his consistency and a slight buff in overall stats.

The old W gave 30/35/40/45/50% while his shield was up (0-6s).

The new Q gives 4/5/6/7/8% per stack up to 12/15/18/21/24% max.

There are a few reasons why the attack speed on Q has been more consistent and powerful for Skarner.

-Skarner players level Q before W typically, gaining the attack speed earlier in the game. This is also great for his jungle clear times, and early lane dominance (if he’s laning).

-The attack speed buff is no longer reliant on his shield. In late game fights or duels, Skarner’s shield was only up for ~3s. 24% attack speed all the time is stronger than 50% attack speed for 3s out of every 18s.

I’m glad you all are holding these changes to a high standard. I too want to see Skarner back into common play.



Follow-up: Why was this change made?


RiotScruffyRiotlink Button RiotScruffy: The attack speed numbers on Q were actually much higher in the earlier iterations of the new kit. He was totally OP in our playtests, and dominating in every phase of the game.

Skarner’s damage doesn’t come from his auto attacks primarily. The reason, as many of you experienced Skarner players know, that Skarner scales very well with attack speed is because of the -1s (0.5 on minions) that it applies to his spell cooldowns.

The exact numbers aren’t final, but the 1% nerf on his base attack speed is a direction that we tried out and liked. We thought it was much cooler for Skarner to have slightly lower base attack speed and potentially scale up to higher numbers once he has been fighting for a few seconds.

In his pre rework design, he has tremendous attack speed IF he can keep his shield up. This can create some optimization confusion for a few reasons:

-Should I use my shield to block damage? This is ideal use of the shield mitigation, but it will break.
-Should I use my shield when I am not taking damage for the attack speed? This is great for the attack speed buff, but the shield has provided me sub optimal mitigation.

Moving the attack speed to Q has remedied this confusing element of his kit.

Additionally, a lot of the feedback on Skarner was that he has a very feast or famine gameplay. In one case, Skarner is ahead and he has a huge attack speed buff that is further increasing his lead. In the other, Skarner is losing and he can’t even use his attack speed buff because the shield is broken very quickly.

With this problem in mind, the change does intentionally lower Skarner’s attack speed in the best case scenario (shield is up for full duration). But the changes also bring an increase to the average attack speed and lower the standard deviation.

I’d like to continue to discuss the merits and problems with the proposed changes, and I have been seriously considering every argument made. Also, I don’t have any exact dates for when he will be on the PBE yet, but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

Edit: The E still has it’s old cast time, but it has extended range and a slow so if you hit, you can easily reach the target.




Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 26th


Sale August 26

Enjoy the following champions and skins at a discount until August 26th!




  • Urgot – 395 RP
  • Vladimir – 440 RP
  • Ziggs – 487 RP



Dragon Slayer Jarvan – 375 RP


Dragon Slayer Jarvan


Imperial Xin Zhao – 260 RP


Imperial Xin Zhao


Pentakill Olaf – 487 RP


Pentakill Olaf



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Mercy Vote: Anti-AFK System, Update to Galio, Lyte on Positive features, Visual Overhaul for Summoner’s Rift and the latest Sale!



twitter-icon-png-13 Follow me on Twitter!



experimental changes


A massive PBE update, including changes to to Master Yi, Zac and Phage, brand new skins – Arcade Hecarim, Riot Blitzcrank and the legendary Forecast Janna, New Summoner Icons for all 5 teams who’ve passed their regional finals, major updates to the Champions Tab,  as well as two brand new features – Teamfight UI and Baron & Dragon Spectator Timers!

Moving from the realm of testing, Riot have announced the release of League-themed American Express Serve RP Cards, RiotScruffy brings us news of Skarner‘s announced rework, IronStylus gives us a rundown of all Champions who currently have new skins in development and shares some incredible art for Diana, Kitae announces the results of the Freljord’s Tribe Events and, as always, the latest Champion/Skin sale!


PBE Update

Get RP with RP+ from American Express Serve

Update on Skarner

Future Skins

Amazing Diana Art

Freljord Event – the results are in!

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 19th


PBE: Champions






League of DravenLeague of Draven ( Passive )

  •  Now consumes all stacks on kills, changed from half.






The_CullingThe Culling ( R )

  • AD ratio reduced from 0.3 to 0.25




  Master Yi

  • Attack speed per level lowered from 2.75% to 2% per level (from 0.019 to 0.0135)


Meditate_newMeditate ( W )

  • Percentage damage reduction increased from 40/45/50/55/60%  to 50/55/60/65/70%



WujuStyle_newWuju Style ( E )

  • Passive AD increased changed from 7/9/11/13/15% to 10% at all ranks


Highlander_newHighlander ( R )

  • Passive: On-kill reset now reduces Master Yi’s remaining cooldowns by 70% (35% for assist), changed from 18 seconds (9 for assist)







FeintFeint ( W )

  • Shield reduced from 70/115/160/205/250 to 60/100/140/180/220






Let'sBounce!Let’s Bounce! ( R )

  • No longer reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, and imoblizies by 50% while active
  • Now removes all slows affecting Zac when cast


PBE: Items



Blade_of_the_Ruined_KingBlade of the Ruined King

  • Active cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 90


Entropy_itemEntropy (Dominion and Howling Abyss only)

  • No longer grants 275 Health
  • Now grants 30 Armor
  • Total cost reduced from 3615 to 3350
  • Passive changed: Rage – Basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Kills grant 60 movement speed for 1.5 seconds.


Frozen_MalletFrozen Mallet
  • No longer requires Phage to build. Now builds out of A Ruby Crystal, Giant’s Belt and Pick Axe
  • Total cost decreased from 3300 to 3005



  • No longer grants 200 Health
  • Now grants 20 Armor.
  • New build path: Cloth Armor + Longsword
  • Total cost lowered from 1465 to 1200
  • Passive changed: Rage – Basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Kills grant 60 movement speed for 1.5 seconds.


Sanguine_Blade_itemSanguine Blade (Twisted Treeline, Dominion and Howling Abyss only)

  • New build path: Vampiric Scepter + Pickaxe
  • Total cost lowered from 2850 to 2175
  • Total AD reduced from 65 to 50


Spirit_VisageSpirit Visage

  • Total cost increased from 2625 to 2750


Trinity_ForceTrinity Force

  • No longer grants 250 health
  • Now grants 20 armor
  • Movement speed bonus decreased from 10% to 8%
  • Total cost reduced from 3843 to 3578
  • Phage Passive changed: Rage – Basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 1.5 seconds. Kills grant 60 movement speed for 1.5 seconds.
  • After using an ability, the next basic attack deals 200% of base AD as bonus physical damage, increased from 150%


PBE: New Skins



Forecast Janna (Legendary Skin)


Forecast Janna

Forecast Janna Splash Art




Arcade Hecarim


Arcade Hecarim

Arcade Hecarim Splash Art




Where did the idea for Arcade Hecarim come from?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: I’ll tell you wht we were thinking..,

Rainbows. ****ing guitar powered, supersonic, chrome plated rainbows.

Fun fact!


This skin is actually the product of one of our Thunderdomes. A span of about 2 days where we all get into groups and burn on a project we want to see happen. Some great stuff has come from TD, including the first iteration of Ardade Hecarim. Everyone went giggly over the particles and silliness. We’re all fans of this sort of 80’s craziness, and for some reason, as absurd as it was, it seemed to fit considering other popular media we’ve been exposed to.

After TD, we reevaluated what we had then put him in the pipeline proper for proper modeling tweaks, animation cleanup and particle work.

Either way, I love being at a place where something we are able to bang out in 2 days can get so much buy-in that we can get it into the pipeline and make it really awesome!



Riot Blitzcrank


Riot Blitzcrank Splash

Riot Blitzcrank Splash Art




PBE: New Summoner Icons


Five new icons are available for the teams who qualified for the International Wildcard Tournament.


570_GamingGear 571_Pain 572_Lyon 573_Immunity 574_DarkPassage


PBE: Champions Tab Rework


Champion Tab Rework

Champion Tab Rework Preview

A wider view of the champion list, better filters and faster performance are just some of the updates to the Champions Tab.



Explaining the changes


Damiya Button Rioter Damiya: Summoners,

With today’s deploy of 3.11 to the PBE, we’ve given the Champions tab in the Summoner Profile an update. The release of 3.10 brought with it some improvements to the champion tagging system, removing the old multi-filter process and giving each champion a primary role. The new and improved Champion Inventory includes a broader grid, a role-selection dropdown, and a significant performance boost when navigating between profile tabs.

When you’re next on the PBE, feel free to check out the new and improved Champions page; we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new layout. If you encounter anything that seems amiss or doesn’t work like you expected, please take the time to share that with us in this thread!



Can we see what champions our friends own yet?


DamiyaButton Rioter Damiya: That’s beyond the scope of this change, and while I can’t tell you exactly why we don’t show other people’s champions (Mostly because I don’t know), at a guess it’s due to privacy concerns and stuff; while I realise that most of you want to use it for positive reasons, I could totally see people getting harassed for not having enough champions or something.



PBE: Teamfight UI


Keeping track of the action will become a whole lot easier for commentators!



kitae Button Rioter Kitae: Hey PBE-ers,

We’re testing a new UI mode for Spectator mode and would love your feedback. We’re calling this mode theTeamfight UI. The overall goal of this mode is to provide a great viewing experience during large team fights.



Preview of Teamfight UI (bottom)


Our specific goals:

  • Minimize and concentrate the UI so it’s easier to focus on the action during team fights.
  • Optimize the display of battle information: Who is involved in the fight? Who’s winning? How many people have died on either team?



The Teamfight UI’s functions


Let’s take a closer look. In this screenshot we can see:

  • Team health bars help viewers track the momentum of fights, and register the power of AoE damage and heals.
  • Loss of control icons help viewers track powerful status effects–if Malphite’s ult hits all 5 of the enemy team, it’s easy to see.
  • Kill counter tracks each champion’s progress towards the elusive pentakill
  • Ult / Summoner spells are easily viewable for both teams in a central location
  • Dead champions have the familiar death timer



Additional functions


Not every champion is always there when a fight breaks out. The team fight UI helps you understand who’s in the thick of battle:

  • Near champions like Caitlyn are represented with bright character portraits. Near champions are on-screen champions and other champions we identify as being involved in the team fight.
  • Far champions like Renekton have darker portraits
  • Team healthbars reflect the health of both near (bright) and far (dark) champions.

You can help test this feature by spectating matches on PBE. While the UI mode is intended for use during team fights, it should work correctly all the time (like all other Spectator UI modes). To engage the team fight UI, press ‘a’ while spectating.

Please test this and give us your feedback!



Follow-up: People who’ve worked on the Teamfight UI


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: A cool note: the Teamfight UI was a Riot Thunderdome project, where Rioters form teams within the company and work on brand new passion projects within a contained window of time. Other Thunderdome projects include Proving Grounds ARAM, turret aggro indicators, Item Sets, and some others.


Here’s Thunderdome Team 5, bringing you the Teamfight UI!
• DefaultChar
• Fruitstrike
• Riot RoboLions
• Joy2TheWorld
• kitae
• Pitayin
• RabidLlama
• Redbeard
• RiotMagus
• World Peace



Will the UI provide feedback on when important items are activated? (Locket, Zhonya, etc.)


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: We’re definitely thinking about that. Invulnerability and shields is something we’d like to better communicate.





Drawbacks: Not being able to see Champions’ health bars when they’re off-screen


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: The UI was designed to provide a great experience when viewing a specific team fight. We included the mini-map and off-screen portraits and team health bars to help players understand the possibility for reinforcements.

However, there will be cases, like two simultaneous fights going on, where using this mode will give you less information. In that case, I’d recommend using the normal UI.

TLDR; use this UI when you want to focus on a specific fight that’s on screen. For monitoring action across the entire map use the standard UI.



Will the new UI be able to reflect intense moments where people are very low on life?


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: If these champions are on-screen you still have the health bars over their heads. We are also experimenting with the algorithm for calculating the team health bars to better represent situations like the one you describe.

Thanks for the feedback, go try out the feature!



Will this feature change the way games are viewed at LCS and other events?


RoboLions Button Rioter RoboLions: We certainly would love for the LCS crew to use this view and we actively worked with them to get feedback on the feature so that they would be amiable to doing so. In the end it is up to them to decide how this fits into their day-to-day but I’m hopeful!




Teamfight UI: Suggestion Box



Making the Team Health Bar the way current Champion Health Bars are shown (5 bars)


RoboLions Button Rioter RoboLions: We had considering doing exactly what you propose and I was the biggest advocate of that method, here’s what it came down to and why, in the end, I happily changed my mind. Any variation of effective health gives too much credit to the tank on the team and not enough credit to the squishies that have to use their escapes (and their wits) to stop from being roadkill.

In that system, an ADC that is at 10% health contributes roughly equal health to the team bar as the same ADC at 90% health just because they don’t have near as much total health as say, Alistar. Clearly that is not a fair representation of how the team is doing!

At 90% health Caitlyn can net away, Ezreal can shift, flash may not be burned yet, etc, and then they can continue to do damage from the back. At 10% health they are as good as dead and getting back into the fight is suuuuuper risky.



Making players’ cooldowns visible


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: Interesting idea. I’m worried by the potential for visual clutter, this seems like something that would get added to the main UI first. I definitely see the value, but worry a bit about the clutter.




Moving the Team Health Bar on top


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: I can see this working, we tried it both ways and liked it better on the bottom, but it’s an option to keep in mind. I think from a readability perspective it works in both cases.





Adding a teleport indicator to the UI


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: Good suggestion. There are a lot of powerful effects like Zhonya, shields, shen ult, that woudl be cool to visualize. We wanted to nail the basics first but in the future this is a possibility.





Moving the champion portraits to the left and right of screen


kitae Button Rioter Kitae: One of the goals was to centralize the portraits. Currently you need to glance left, right, repeatedly to modify champion portraits.





Placing dead champions at the back of the UI


kitae Button Rioter Kitae:  I can see this, but champion portraits re-ordering could be pretty confusing as well. Imagine someone ressing mid fight and ‘popping’ into the middle of the portraits.





Mousing over the champion’s icon highlights their health bar


kitae Button Rioter Kitae:  That is a pretty cool idea!





PBE: Baron and Dragon Spectator Timers


Dragon and Baron Timer UI Banner

A brand new feature, delivered by team StrikeForce – a Dragon & Baron Timer UI for Spectator mode!



RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Hey PBE Community,

My team, Strike Force, has recently developed a feature for Spectator Mode to improve the viewing experience of your friends’ games, and the broadcasts of LCS. We’ve had a lot of requests for the feature since the release of Spectator, and we’ve finally got it for you, right on time for the Playoffs and the World Championships: it’s an in-game timer for Dragon and Baron as they get ready to spawn!

The timers will appear 2 minutes before the monster spawns, then fade away shortly after displaying the message “LIVE”.

I’d love for everyone to spectate the sh*t out of some games to vet this feature as thoroughly and extensively as possible. Additionally, be sure to send me and my team feedback on this post, so we can fix any and all bugs that we missed on our end. The feature is solid as is, but there are always uncertainties when working with software.

Here’s a few screen shots of how they will appear…



Dragon Timer


Baron Timer


Dragon & Baron Timers



Follow-up: Why the new UI is an improvement


RiotBrokenSwordButton Rioter RiotBrokenSword: Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

I’ll explain a little bit about why the feature acts the way it does at a strategic level.



We chose to have the icons appear and disappear on timers, rather than be static, to keep ourselves from piling on more information onto the screen than we feel is relevant to the particular moment of the game you’re watching. If you look at the spectator UI in its current state, it’s already pretty cluttered, and that’s without the overlays in the eSports broadcasts. If you were to look at the screen and break it into chucks, and make those chunks fractions, you’d realize that we’re already taking 1/4 of the game from you with Spectator and LCS overlays. The purpose of Spectator Mode is to show viewers the game currently in play, not a bunch of irrelevant information. Static information only hides more of the game from sight. So we chose, and will likely continue to choose, to show only contextually relevant information.

A few tactical notes:

We kept the timers below the threshold of three minutes to help mitigate the feature being exploited for the benefit of the players in the live version of the game. So viewers will only be seeing the timers a minute after the event has already happened. This, of course, doesn’t apply to eSports broadcasts, which stream with 0 delay.

This is only the first iteration of this feature, so it will be evolving with time. 


Get RP with RP+ from American Express Serve


American Express Serve

If you’ve ever felt the masochistic need to carry a Teemo-themed credit card, then today is your lucky day! 



RP+ from American Express Serve is offering a new way for League of Legends players to get RP – you can earn RP when you sign up and start using your Full Service Reloadable Prepaid Account:

  • +1,000 RP after successful sign up and email verification
  • +1,000 RP the first time you load $20 or more to your Account
  • +10,000 RP the first time you use Direct Deposit to add $20 or more to your Account
  • +100 RP for each of your first 10 Card purchases
  • +Continue earning RP on the things you already buy

Choose a Card design with Teemo, Vi, Lux, Twisted Fate, the Summoner’s Cup or the League of Legends logo, depending on how you’d like to represent off the Fields of Justice.

A few things to remember before you sign up:

  • Accountholders must be 18 or older (or 19 in certain states)
  • Accountholders must be US residents
  • You must have a North American League of Legends account to earn rewards
  • No credit check or minimum balance


Update on Skarner


Skarner decoration

Following RiotScruffy‘s recent announcement that he is working on improving Skarner, here is an update on how the changes made to his E ability.



RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: Hey all, back with some more details. We’re trying out an iteration of the E that is a bit more like the old E in usage but there are some other changes that help it fit nicely into his new gameplay pattern.



FractureFracture ( E )

  • No changes to the skillshot, it’s still a free cased line nuke
  • Range increased by roughly 20%
  • Projectile width decreased by about 20%
  • Deals magic damage to targets hit and slows them by 30/35/40/45/50 for 2.5 seconds

The goals here were to retain the fun and diverse gameplay of the line nuke. The free targeting and skillshot feel of the E is a nice change of pace from Skarner’s other melee focused abilities. We’re also trying a longer/slow/less wide projectile so that targets of the E have the opportunity to dodge it (counterplay).





RiotScruffyButton Rioter RiotScruffy: Two more pieces of clarification about the E we are currently testing.




FractureFracture ( E )

  • It slows immediately (not on the mark proc)
  • The mana cost is significantly lower than the old E


Also, thanks for the feedback, I read it all. This new Skarner is very strong in our playtests so far. I am personally very excited about the skillshot E because it adds a bit more thought and precision into his gameplay.



How does Skarner feel as a result of these changes?


RiotScruffyButton Rioter RiotScruffy:




  • His pre 6 ganks seem to just be all around better. Even in the case where you are ganking a lane with good initiate, you can just save the E for when their CC wears off.
  • Here is a noticeable hunger in the midgame for ability points because he now uses 4 abilities instead of 3. Choosing to max W or E first is viable, and it depends if you want the more consistent speed/defenses or stronger damage/slow. It is a good thing that he doesn’t max out around level 12, and can keep growing all the way into late game.
  • His ability to permanently slow and stick to tanky characters is less. This isn’t actually a big problem because his brawling ability with Q and attack speed is still very strong, and when your target tries to run, you can use E to close the gap. The power of having a ranged slow makes his chasing ability as good if not better than before.
  • As for late game teamfights we have seen that the ranged slow is actually very useful for peeling because Skarner can actually dive on the back line and still throw Es in any direction to peel for his back line. It seems like a net neutral change in his ability to peel for his team. The more significant difference in late game teamfights is the R, which is now much more reliable once you have gotten in range of your target.

These changes are still being evaluated.



vi pre-banner smallFuture Skins


  •  Urgot
  •  Zed
  •  Zyra
  •  Thresh
  •  Nami
  •  Skarner
  •  Kha’Zix
  •  Rengar
  •  Syndra
  •  Viktor
  •  Vi





IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Every champion listed above currently has a skin in development, somewhere along the pipeline. Delays and time between skins hinge on a number of factors, I’ll list some particular to this list:



Urgot – Something under development, however he’s shambly and we need to screw with the rig a lot.

Zed – Fairly straight forward aside from that his shadows might be something else entirely in any given skin, mandating possibly another model and particle work for that model.

Zyra – Tons of models which require animation if they’re anything different than the plant rigs, lots of particle work.

Thresh – Chains.

Nami – If we change the model into a different type of fish/sea creature, that will requite custom rigging for whatever additions we make. Example, new fins/membranes need a lot of animation support. She’s also very particle heavy.

Skarner – Soon(tm)

Kha’Zix – Extremely VFX heavy, evolving model, etc.

Rengar – Not sure where he’s at. He’s straight forward, but not terribly old.

Syndra – Heavy particle work, possibly fabric animation support depending on the theme. Doing something cosmic would most likely require model translucency and/or scrolling textures which are just now being used on some newer skins.

Viktor – Tons of particle work and a couple of models for his traps.

Vi – Fairly recent release, should be something along relatively Soon(tm)

Aside from those specifics, certain things can constrain production, mainly VFX and animation. Both of which are heavily valued when it comes what players enjoy about new skins. Both tend to be the most pinched of resources internally. Additionally, a skin for any given champion might be in production, but then an event (Lunar Revel, Harrowing, etc) might pop up on our radar and we may realize a champion would better fit there. We might put the in-progress skin on hold while we make something appropriate for an upcoming event. Happened to a concept of mine recently.

As for Rumble, which people keep bringing up, I’ll restate: He’s the equivalent to the work of a new champion. He requires a completely new rig and animation sets if he’s to be anything different than the rickety mech he’s in now. That rig doesn’t support anything to the magnitude of fan-requested ideas, or concepts players have submitted. We’re going to change his rig for his upcoming skins. One of which is currently in production, but as I said, needs heavy animation support.

Hope that helps clarify!



Why are Darius and Vi getting skins before Zyra?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Zyra currently has a couple nearly complete models in the backlog. (This does NOT mean they have had animation or VFX support.) However, recently we felt she would slot into an upcoming event quite well. We decided to concept that and move forward on that skin. Zyra is massively intensive. You’ve just compared her to two melee fighters. Some of the “easiest” champions to produce due to limited VFX needs.



Didn’t you hint at the development of Diana skin some time ago?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Did a concept, completed it, scrapped it due to an event that could use a Diana skin. I’m currently reconcepting it as I type this.





Why isn’t Evelynn on the list?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Eve will get a relaunch before any more skins most likely. She’s in shambles.





Are you working on a Nunu VU?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Grumpy Monkey currently has a high-rez model of Nunu complete. This is nowhere near to being an indicator of when he will be coming out however. He is on the list though!



IronStylus shows amazing Diana art



IronStylus Button Rioter IronStylus: Howdy. Was doing some color practice tonight and thought I’d share the outcome. This is HEAVILY influenced by reference I was using of this awesome painting of a lady.. but I can’t find the source.. Also heavily referenced from one of the initial sketches Knockworst did while doing Diana’s splash.



Diana Color

Diana Close-up



Why does she have a crack on her forehead?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: So, the super-secret head-canon I have, which I have no idea if it’ll be actually integrated, but it’s something that Team Diana talked about way back in the day.. is that her mark is a physical brand. The Solari elders literally took a tool and burned that mark into her face. Though, they were so blinded by ignorance, or maybe they liked irony so much, that they branded her with the ancient symbol of the moon.

This scar burned her hair, giving her a larger forehead. After she flipped out, surrendering all her humanity to deep sadness and pain, that’s when this thing became full of fancy. That’s when her bond with the moon began. The marks on her eyes weren’t makeup, they were burn marks and scorches coming from the magicalmoonlight affecting her eyes and causing her tears to boil on her face.

Soooooo yeah. A little emo.



Why the lack of a glowing moon symbol?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Yeah, simple glowy thing for no reason works for in-game and for the short amount of time we have to tell a story, but if I were to make a movie or something, I’d put that gut wrenching part into it.

In my opinion, Diana should be beautiful but the Solari scarred her so deeply, inside and outside.



Will you do a portrait of Leona as well?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Ugh.. I’ll try, but I’m terrible at rendering metal, I’m gunna need to call in some help for that one!





Did you use a reference portrait for your sketch?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Yup! Kienan (Knockwurst) always made little portraits of the characters he was doing splashes for. I’ve always loved the one he did of Diana so I used that as reference for this piece.




What other champions will get skins in the near future?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Hmm let me try a really crazy thing..

Every champion, unless slated for a relaunch, has a skin in development. Those champions which need relaunches are pretty self evident when you compare their quality to current standards. By that math, I think you can assume who is on the relaunch list, as long as it may be, and who has a skin currently in the works.

Does that answer most questions?



Any celebratory event skins we can look forward to?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Events like the Harrowing, Snowdown Showdown, and Lunar Revel are all that are on my radar at the moment.





Will you update Alistar’s looks?


IronStylusButton Rioter IronStylus: Not a high priority. Not sure how extensive of an overhaul he’d get.




Freljord Event – the results are in!


Freljord Website

Which tribe won the community’s affection? Who will celebrate in the chilling depths of the Freljord – Ashe, Lissandra or Sejuani? Find out below!



kitae Button Rioter Kitae: Hey Summoners,

Recently on on Reddit, Papochka asked what the results of the Freljord event were. I’m here to share them with you guys!


Freljord Results

Result Chart: click for high-res.


As you can see, a couple things stand out:

  • Different regions favored different tribes: The Frostguard (led by Lissandra) received the most worldwide support, but all three tribes were #1 in at least one region.
  • It was a close race: Each tribe received significant support in all the regions we tracked. Sejuani and her Winter’s Claw tribe support in Korea was the lowest result we observed, and still constituted 26.2% of players!

The Freljord event was intended to shine the spotlight on the Freljord, feature it’s three leaders, and present a difficult choice – which tribe will you support? We wanted all three tribes to be compelling, and were pleased to see that they all appealed to players around the world.

Which tribe will rule the Freljord? Only time will tell. The Freljord event set the stage for future stories and conflict in this harsh, icy, region. What will ultimately set things in motion? Who knows.

But if the Watchers return…that would make things…interesting….


Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 19th


Sale 19th August

Enjoy the following champions and skins at a discount until August 19th!




  • Blitzcrank – 395 RP
  • Jayce – 487 RP
  • Wukong – 440 RP



Bandit Sivir – 375 RP


 Bandit Sivir


Death Blossom Elise – 487 RP


Death Blossom Elise


Royal Guard Fiora – 260 RP


Royal Guard Fiora



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Ask Lyte: Positive/Negative Players and State of Tribunal; Spellbreaker removed, Tristana’s E and Season 4 Changes!


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Here‘s how IronStylus gets to work each morning.

New Website banner


PBE Update featuring the jungle changes mentioned by RiotPwyff, reverted health gains on Spirit of the Ancient Golem, some harsh nerfs for Vayne and the death of AP Lucian, community questions regarding the recently implemented Undo Last Purchase option, preview of LoL’s New Website which is set to replace the current layout very soon, SmashGizmo‘s latest update on Olaf‘s kit and the new Sale!


PBE Update:

Undo Last Purchase pulled from PBE

Xypherous on Phage

Arcane Helix – Canceled Item

The League’s New Website

Current State of Olaf’s Rework

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires July 29th



PBE Update





The_CullingThe Culling ( R )

  • AP ratio per bullet reduced from 0.3 to 0.1. Maximum damage ratio reduced from 10.2 to 3.4




  Master Yi

HighlanderHighlander ( R )

  • Attack speed bonus increased from 20/40/80% to 30/55/80%





DamnationDamnation ( Passive )

  • Each soul now grants 0.75 Armor/AP, changed from 1 Armor/AP with each subsequent granting 0.005 stats less, down to a minimum of 0.5




  • Move speed decreased from 340 to 335 – same as live





Condemn Condemn ( E )

  • Range reduced from 650 to 550


Final_HourFinal hour ( R )

  • Cooldown increased from 70 to 100/85/70 seconds




Spirit_of_the_Ancient_Golem_itemSpirit of the Ancient Golem

  • Health increased from 450 to 500 – same as live


New Icons:


Haunting Guise




Haunting Guise New Icon



Jungle Changes


120px-WolfSquare  Wolves

  • Spawn time increased to 2:05 from 1:55



  • Spawn time increased to 2:05 from 1:55



  • Spawn time increased to 2:05 from 1:55


120px-GolemSquareAncient Golem

  • Base experience granted reduced to 260 from 340


120px-LizardSquareLizard Elder

  • Base experience granted reduced to 260 from 340


120px-LizardSquareYoung Lizard

  • Base experience granted increased to 50 from 10
  • Base Health increased to 400 from 300



Reasons behind these changes


Statikk Button Rioter Statikk: The reason why we moved EXP away from the Young Lizards in the first place was to avoid EXP leeching ruining jungle runs.

We’ve done 2 things to help alleviate the possibility of junglers not hitting the correct levels due to EXP leeching.

1) At the current tuning if both Young Lizards are leeched by a teammate at the first buff camp, Junglers will still hit level 3 after both buff camps. I think I’ll have to do some slight tuning to the other camps to ensure Junglers still hit 4 after a full clear.

2) We’ve given the Young Lizards a bit more starting Health so they’re less likely to die to ambient AoE.

We’ll definitely continue to monitor and iterate on this.

As far as the Runic / Aegis changes go, these changes are simply necessary for the game to be less stagnant. Aegis / Bulwark on Live are so ridiculously overpowered to the point where they push out the other possibilities in the game.

You’re right on the Spirit of the Ancient Golem nerf though. It’s probably unnecessary at the moment even if the item is objectively overpowered. Will probably pull it from the patch.


The jungle changes are identical with RiotPwyff‘s PBE notes.


Undo Last Purchase pulled from PBE


Undo Last Purchase

The latest shop feature, the undo last purchase button, has been pulled from the PBE. Check out Riot’s reasoning on this as well as a couple community questions on the subject.



Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: We’ll be turning undo off for PBE releases starting today until after this release makes it way to live. Undo is not intended for 3.10. We still have a few things to fix with it and we need to react to the great feedback provided here.




Will Guardian’s Angel cooldown reset if I undo its purchase?


Riot Reinboom Button Rioter Riot Reinboom: Guardian Angel’s cooldown should be remembered and since your undo history clears on receiving damage, that edge case shouldn’t exist.
If you do discover an abuse case, make sure you post it here.




What about abusing Aura item reselling? (eg. WotA)


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: We’re currently not handling the WotA case, though we may address it. This specific situation serves an interesting problem. The system was made so that we could, say, clear your undo history if an ally makes use of your WotA buff. That is super unclear though when it does occur when you’re not trying to abuse it. We’ll definitely be examining it though.




Follow-up: Countering Exploits


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: If you deal damage you lose your undo history as well. Nothing to exploit there.





When does “Undo Last Purchase” reset?


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: Some more important pieces for these gameplay puzzles:

Undo clears on any spell or item usage. It also clears on dealing any damage separately. Ezreal ult, for example, will clear once when cast and then once every time is passes through something.

Most calculations are done on hit, not on cast (except cooldown).

Undo triggers all things that would occur specific to an item as though you sold it. I would need to check each item to be certain, but most items get rid of their benefits on sell (or shortly after). Mejai’s should clear itself within 1.2 seconds of undoing or selling.

There is no time limit. Only game events will clear it.



Follow-up: Toggle Spells


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: Currently, the clear on spell cast clears when you – actively – send the request. Spells that occur from a condition, such as something already being toggled on, should not clear your undo history.
Toggling things on and off actively should clear your undo history.




If an enemy gets damaged from a trap/shroom spell of mine, will it reset the Undo option?


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: As much as it pains me from an understand-ability stance and as the-person-who-otherwise-be-stepping-on-the-AP-Teemo’s-shrooms-even-though-he-was-AD-Teemo-while-he-was-alive-and-oh-gods-these-hurt, it clears your undo history.

There are alternatives to solving some of the problems, whatever those problems may be, that not having it clear would cause but we opted for something a bit more general as to reduce the amount of niche explanations we would need to do for each exception.



What about being able to undo a purchase after leaving Shop area?


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: In regards to wanting to undo after leaving the shop area:
I hear you and I understand. However, the clear on leaving shopping area is not likely to change on release (it may however, there are many voices to this feature).


We wish to go a more conservative route on release with this feature since it has the potential to cause much unwanted gameplay. If ever the optimal choice in a game is to with full intent use undo in such a way that is not compensating for an error, whether that be user or system error, then that is outside the scope of the feature. We don’t want such occurrences because it’s unclear optimization – there’s no part of the system that reads “this is the way this should be used”.

We’re still able to remove or reduce the restriction on leaving the shopping area at a later point in time as well. Adding that restriction after release, if it’s discovered it’s needed, would be taken much more harshly than slowly opening up the feature.

With even the PBE release of this feature we’ve ran in to many strange abuse (and buggy) issues caused directly or incidentally with undo. Finding these takes more than theorizing; many issues have been quite niche. They take time. With each restriction we remove from undo, the more time it would require before this can go to live environments. In this case and in my opinion, I wouldn’t like to make that trade off.

On the other side of things, the system should not be so restricting as to remove from existing gameplay. It’s purely additive. This is one of the reasons this is an undo rather than, say, a shopping cart approach. There’s situations where a user purchases boots, starts to move towards lane, and then closes the item shop part of the way there. Most shopping cart designs would’ve lead to that user not getting the movement speed until the last moment.



 Isn’t adjusting your build for free based on the enemy’s items an exploit?


Riot ReinboomButton Rioter Riot Reinboom: Item visibility and compensating for new information is pretty significant actually, especially at high levels of play.
There’s also corner case advantages like temporary captains boots to lead an escaping ally back in from a long chase.


For speed boost situations, there’s compensating for CDR switchouts. This is slightly more significant when it’s a team boost speed up, such as comes from Sona or Jayce. Each case needs to be evaluated if we were to do ability specific exceptions.
Exceptions also add to development costs – which translates to time. Not that hooking them up is difficult (adding tech to make a spell not add to the undo stack wouldn’t take very long), but keeping track of which ones do an do not costs QA time, how to change it .

In this case, since this is an additive and restricted feature, not addressing the exceptions at first – as long as those exceptions don’t harm the game state as is currently – and instead getting a solid marble statue for which we can chisel down the finer details later is important. Even if we decide that chiseling should remove the arms of the feature.


Xypherous on Phage


Xypherous decoration

Xypherous weighs in on the price of Phage and why changing it might cause snowball issues. 



Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Phage is an item that is problematic – especially top lane, where isolation is key. Phage, when balanced, guarantees that if you are winning, you will win overall – because every trade henceforth has the chance of guaranteed death (running away).

This is different from cutlass – as the cutlass slow is not repeatable in short duration and can be overcome. That’s kind of the main issue with Phage – Generic Defense + Repeatable Slow Proc means that if you win trades – you will now turn trades into kills, which isn’t an acceptable trait to have in lane.

So it’s a tricky problem overall – as Phage causes problems in a very isolated case – but that isolated case just happens to be every top lane conflict ever that involves auto-attacks.

The question here then becomes: When do we want Phage to be good – and what do we want it to good for.



Follow-up: Why Phage is bad at the moment


XypherousButton Rioter Xypherous: Phage is a toxic item because if it was cost-efficient in terms of Health / Damage / Proc – it does make it an auto-win button.

The fact that it isn’t cost-efficient is the reason why you don’t auto-win when you buy Phage – because you’re taking a heavy gold efficiency hit to attempt to turn trades into guaranteed advantage.

The other win lane items are very efficient at countering being killed by opponents – but do relatively little for you in terms of winning the lane overall. The other items mentioned (Hexdrinker / Armguard) prevent you from outright losing lane by lowering the opponent’s burst combo – but they don’t really guarantee trades becoming kills – they merely lower the effect of trades.



Suggestion: Make Phage proc every 3 seconds


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: That actually ensures enemies dies as no character only relies on their autoattacks – they have typically secondary mechanics to allow them to land more than one autoattack.

Then, once slowed, having it be every 3 autoattacks traditionally guarantees death given the duration of 2 seconds.



Why is securing kills when you’re ahead in lane an issue?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: An item shouldn’t turn laning phase into a farce essentially. Laning ideally is about back and forths and skillful plays – not ‘Oh, I got a little bit ahead or I’m a little stronger overall – if I have Phage, the lane is over.’




Suggestion: Decrease the Slow % and make it stack


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The random nature of Phage isn’t ideal – but it turns out to be a lot better than most of the suggestions listed except for the guaranteed proc on activate that has a cooldown – of course, that item is just Cutlass – so we kind of have that item already.

A very real problem of Phage is that it doesn’t have a cooldown but when it does have a cooldown, you’ll never be able to use the proc intelligently as you can’t choose to not autoattack.

There’s a piece of this here where RNG is basically the worst solution ever – but one of the few that actually work.



Suggestion: Enemies slowed by Phage can’t be slowed again for X seconds


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Since you can’t choose to when to proc Phage’s passive – it pretty much means that you will never benefit from Phage’s passive.

And if you *can* choose when to proc Phage’s passive – well, we made that item, it’s called Cutlass. Yeah – it works fairly well.

(Although you could argue that the next hit attack feeling feels better than an active targetted slow – but then you’d get into a bunch of melee and range differences that get fairly obnoxious in scope.)

For example – let’s make a guaranteed slow item that has a slightly reduced slow percentage – this item is completely broken on ranged, unless the passive was close to minimal in effectiveness.



Why isn’t Cutlass as problematic as Phage?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Right – Health is a form of generic defense that has less costs to utilize as a defensive mechanic and has less conditionals to be good.

Let’s take Phage and Cutlass and give them the same active – which item is problematic to be stronger? Phage as the item is self-sufficient. Phage will always have less of a statistical budget because early lifesteal is conditional on having minions around to use it on.

It’s definitely true that Cutlass will scale harder but Phage’s problem has never been its end-game effectiveness. It’s always been on the warping nature of it in lane.



Frozen Mallet is an underwhelming upgrade compared to BotRK


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Again – as stated, Phage’s problem has never been its end-game effectiveness – it’s always been about its warping effect in early laning.

Cutlass will definitely be stronger in the end – this is completely true. However, that doesn’t justify Phage dominating lane automatically by itself.

You have to basically solve a couple things on Phage:

1. Change it from generic defense to something more conditional.

2. Give it some kind of cooldown to gate the repeated case.

3. Give it some kind of counterplay for its upgrades, or make the upgrades acquirable so late in the game that it will never matter in lane.

So, for a really bad example, if Frozen Mallet was a 3800 gold item that gave you 50% reduction versus critical hit damage, health, light AD and a cooldown being slow procs – we might be getting somewhere. However, doing this between Seasons is basically asking for the game to blow up in your face. XD



Follow-up: Better Phage upgrades


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: We could definitely make the other items better. If anyone would actually like to talk about Frozen Mallet and Tri-Force and what they should be – I’m entirely open to that. Just responding directly to Phage suggestions at the moment.

The additional aside of ‘Hey, Iceborne Gauntlet is too good’ isn’t really a solution into making Tri-Force and Frozen Mallet better – it might be a true statement but nerfing IBG won’t magically make Tri-Force and Frozen Mallet good or fun to play with / against.



Have you been working on improving Phage?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I haven’t actually had time to work on Phage – but it’s not altogether clear that the game is better if the item was actually good (compared to the other items commonly listed as being straight better than Phage).

I’m not sure I have a solution currently otherwise, I probably would’ve already implemented something by now.



Suggestion: Basic Attacks slow the target by 15% for 1.5 seconds. Enemy cannot be slowed by Phage for 12 seconds afterward.


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Okay – think about this specifically for a second. You’re Irelia – You bladesurge onto your opponent to trade with them.

What happens to your Phage proc? Is it actually useful – can it actually accomplish the goal here of sticking onto your opponent?

It’s definitely a good item for late-game ganks in this scenario – except that you tend to burn the slow immediately – but this is often the worst time to apply the slow to begin with. It would definitely make it a better mid to late game item but in lane it’s almost completely uncontrollable for melee in a good way.

Then the flip-side of this is that you then have to make it completely ineffective for ranged characters – which is something you’ll just have to do if you want it guaranteed.



Follow-up: Irelia example


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: You’ve essentially burned the slow you need to stick onto the target immediately at the beginning of the fight.

If the reason you purchased the item was to stick onto retreating targets – this defeats the point as they’ll trade with you in the 1 second it takes for the slow to fall off and be able to run away.

Essentially, this version of phage is only effective if the target can do nothing but run as soon as you engage on them – it’s definitely a good item mid to late game – but pretty awful in lane.

(Which may be the point of the suggestion I suppose – You’d still need to couple it with a really hard direct ranged effectiveness nerf on it.)



How is Lifesteal a drawback compared to Flat Health in the case of Cutlass/Phage for top lane?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: This is true, lifesteal over time can definitely outclass the bonus from extra health.

However, recall the worst case scenario of Phage to begin with – I can convert trades to kills – which means that I have no incentive to let the over time portion of the equation to even come into play.

Get back into lane – murder the opponent as soon as possible, have the health to buffer the opponent’s counterattack.

It’s true that lifesteal can be stronger given time – however, given the way Health works with regards to what a no cooldown slow-proc wants you to do (Kill the opponent as soon as you can) – it’s much stronger coupled with that passive.



Is it possible to balance Phage’s slow, or will the item be re-purposed?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I think we’ll probably have to repurpose Phage and Frozen Mallet to have more targeted defenses of some type.

There’s a definite simplicity to the fact that Phage and Frozen Mallet are just Health / Damage / Slows – but ideally, we’d want to target Phage and Frozen Mallet to be more effective at one specific type of damage if we want it to remain a hybrid offense/defense item.

You’d really want to focus on what you want Phage / FM to do – if it’s to be melee bruiser ways to stick onto carry targets – you probably want to focus the defense around ranged or critical damage reduction and the slow to be quite long but have a very long cooldown between procs.

As for the build path into Trinity Force – that also comes down to deciding what Trinity Force should be. It has definitely lost its niche of being able to control space and mobility – it feels like to me Trinity Force should be the item with the most movement speed in the game by far and focus on minor slows to opponents.



Phage allows a person who’s behind to peel for his carry


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: I find this an odd statement to make because Phage’s problem used to be that it was one of the best buys as a bruiser when you were ahead.While it was definitely nice to have when you were behind and using it to provide utility – that wasn’t why Phage was problematic.


By fixing the problematic aspect of Phage by attacking cost / stat efficiency – we removed the utility / behind nature you’re speaking of. If your goal here is to bring that utility power and an item to buy when you’re behind back – buffing the item won’t fix anything as that will bring the other problem back – that Phage is incredibly strong when you’re ahead.

That’s why I talk about repurposing the item or changing the item fundamentally – because in the end – you can’t make it generalized without causing a lot of problems.



If Phage leads to lane dominance, doesn’t this apply to champions like Ezreal/Jayce/Kennen?

Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: You’re correct in that those characters are problems. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with the Elise/Jayce sentiments – I make those claims personally and am working on Jayce personally to tone down some of the more abusive/unfair elements in lane in late game.I’m of the opinion though, that just because problems exist, that doesn’t mean that you can go make more problems of the same nature intentionally.



Doesn’t BotRK share the same issues as Phage?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: BoRK typically doesn’t come into play as early as Phage was – by the time a 3k item makes its entrance into the laning phase – I’m not sure there’s enough of the laning phase left to say that all trades from this point turning into kills is an issue.BoRK’s active slow duration is too high right now – that’s absolutely true and something we’ll have to address. However – I’m just not sure there are many trades left in the laning phase after 3k gold worth of items.




Suggestion: Phage buffs your movement speed instead of slowing the enemy’s


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Yeah – it’s probably a better direction for the item overall.Movement speed on-hit is always weird because you proc it off minions to use it to engage on people but honestly, that’s probably a good thing in this case as it’ll give you interesting lane play.What happens to this on Frozen Mallet then?




Would buffing Phage improve the state of Melee Champions?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: While that’s definitely a relevant discussion to have – what exactly makes you think that Phage is the best engine for that and not that Jayce or Elise are dominant and unfair in lane?

Secondly, what makes you think that the resultant melee vs. melee matchups would be fun and not revert to the problems that S2 Phage had?

The best solution here to get the ranged counter-item that you desire is to make Phage work only against ranged champions.



Follow-up Suggestion: Make Phage melee-only


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: The problems with S2 Phage was entirely a problem with melee vs. other melee in top lane.

Making Phage Melee only and buffing Phage only gets you back to the original problem with Phage.


Let’s say this is a perfect ideal world where Phage has totally completely destroyed the ranged class and no ranged characters exist anymore. That doesn’t mean that Phage is particularly healthy because it retains the S2 qualities it had.

That’s why you have to do a more holistic solution on Phage.


Arcane Helix – Canceled Item


Xypherous decoration

An unreleased item becomes a new topic of discussion for Xypherous. Why is Arcane Helix not in the game?



Arcane_Helix_itemArcane Helix


  • Grants 400 Health, 300 Mana and 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Builds out of Catalyst the Protectorand a Ruby Crystal
  • Unique Passive: Spending Mana heals you for 30% of the Mana spent.
  • Recipe Cost: 500 // Total Cost: 2175 gold



Was Arcane Helix too easy to abuse?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: This.

Yeah – I tried making a more wide-spread version of Locket to try to combat the point abuse cases – but as it turns out engine items (engine here, defined as things that are designed to convert one resource to another at a bonus) are notoriously hard to get right as solo items.

One day – I’ll figure out how to make one of these work. >_>



Was Grevious Wounds not a successful counter to this item?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: No one particularly likes Grevious wounds – because the effect isn’t really justifiable as a sole item purchase.I have plans in S4 for Grevious Wounds to act more like an augment to certain items – rather than the sole reason you rush an item, which should make it a bit more palatable.

Still thinking we might have to retune the % of GW though. 50% is kind of ridiculous – but some of our healing is also balanced around it. Graaah. 😛



Isn’t the real problem behind Arcane Helix the fact that Tear exists?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: A large part of it was actually blue buff / map mana regen auras and large max mana items like Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart (and Tear.)

Essentially, once you had enough max mana, Helix plus any source of regeneration would turn the engine on overdrive.



Why didn’t you just lower the health gain on toggled abilities?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: Honestly – the item didn’t seem cool enough in the end when it worked to justify putting a bunch of conditions in, unfortunately.

It was just – Hey! I’m Swain / Kassadin and I want to stay out in the field forever – rather than doing anything particularly cool – they were just tanky and healy. 😛



Follow-up: Why didn’t you go through with its release?


Xypherous Button Rioter Xypherous: It would definitely fix some of the abuse cases (well, barring Kassadin / Kog’maw) – but in the end, it was determined that the net benefit of having the item wasn’t cool enough to justify having in the game – as it just wasn’t particularly cool.




The League’s New Website!


Website banner

Following this announcement from a couple months ago, RiotChrist shows us the new layout of LoL’s official website. Expect the transition to begin as early as next week!



RiotChristButton Rioter RiotChris:  Starting this coming week, we’ll begin the transition to the new We got a lot of great feedback from the beta testers, and, after a few minor tweaks, it’s ready for live.

A lot’s changed since the last site update back in Season 1, so we wanted to build a new site to support the wider range of content we’re releasing these days.

Here’s what you can expect from the new design:

  • Streamlined navigation focused around a clearer, visual way to access news, along with new ways to find older articles
  • A more focused design built from the ground up to feature articles backed up by vibrant art and videos
  • A prominently placed community portal full of programs and fan content for you to enjoy

For an in-depth look at the changes coming with the new site, click here.

To visit the beta site now, click here.


New Website Preview Miss Fortune

New Website Preview ARAM

New Website Preview Tutorial

New Website Preview Forums



Current state of Olaf’s Rework


olaf decoration

SmashGizmo brings an update on how Olaf’s rework is coming along.



 SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: Nope, we’re still working on him. I apologize for the lack of posts but last week was a bit slow on Olaf work due to suring up more immediate Live Design changes and keeping up with this thread eats up a ton of my time when I try to do so, so I tend to come and go as my schedule permits.


That being said, let’s look at what I’m looking at testing for Olaf. I’ll just try to bold out the things that have changed recently.


Olaf Changes, V1.1


UndertowUndertow ( Q )

  • Slow no longer decays
  • Now has a minimum throw distance of 400 units
  • Axes now stick in walls and structures if they would land inside impassable terrain


Basically as I said last time, tuned the min distance down a bit, now the necessary movement to pick up an Axe is under 100 units.

Current status of wall sticking is that it has been mostly removed, but I have put checks in place to see if an Axe would land in impassible terrain and if it would, it instead backtracks and finds the last wall it passed through and sticks there. Essentially trying to get the best of both worlds, enabling 0 distance Axes for junglers, preventing you from throwing unretrievable Axes, and still retaining the scouting power of Axes.


Vicious_StrikesVicious Strikes ( W )

  • Mana cost reduced from 40/45/50/55/60 to 25
  • Base damage increased from 7/14/21/28/35 to 20/35/50/65/80
  • HP -> damage ratio removed
  • Lifesteal reduced from 9/12/15/18/21% to 8/10.5/13/15.5/18%
  • Spellvamp removed
  • Now provides 1% enhanced healing from all sources for every 2% health Olaf is missing during the duration


Spellvamp still seems to be adding really esoteric and misleading power onto this ability so I’m trying an iteration with the spellvamp removed. While I get that players feel clever for smiting with Vicious Strikes up to get bonus healing, I think that adds unnecessary burden of knowledge on Olaf’s opponents and gives us the ability to more directly buff his jungle if it feel underpowered. Not to mention the spellvamp off smite was getting kinda silly with the new amped healing mechanic (~300+ burst healing out of nowhere late game).

I also feel like this was leading players to improperly use W before Q in chasing scenarios, though whether that was the spellvamp or just the AD remains to be seen with this iteration. I’m fine with W -> Q being situationally useful, but with a tightly windowed lifesteal/berzerker steroid, I don’t like players feeling compelled to spend 40+% of the duration catching up to their long range Axe.

The HP scaling was limiting Olaf’s build paths and causing his power to spike at level 13 rather than transition smoothly to 18, so I’ve removed it in favor of larger base damage numbers. I’m guessing these are too high right now, but I’d rather test them at too high to make sure they feel good and work than to discard the idea do to undertuned numbers.

Lifesteal scaled slightly down due to early feedback that his sustain was feeling pretty silly in conjunction with the new healing mechanic.



  • Mana Cost removed
  • Cooldown changed from 100 to 120/100/80
  • Active duration changed from 6 to 5
  • New Passive Added: Olaf gains 10/25/40 Armor and Magic Resist passively
  • Active Changed: Olaf removes all disables from himself and becomes immune to them for the next 5 seconds. During this time, he loses the passive portion of this skill and gains 15/20/25% lifesteal (PLACEHOLDER MECHANIC).


Still pretty unhappy with this skill.

Double passive bonus was going by unnoticed, which points to attack speed being pretty useless on this ult. I’m not really happy with just throwing more lifesteal on here, but I’ll openly admit that I’m having trouble finding a healthy mechanic to put on the active portion of this skill. Right now, in lieu of a stronger idea, I’ve put on lifesteal mostly to drive home that focusing Olaf as a team during his ult is strong, but trying to duel him is a bad idea, and partially to proof of concept Olaf’s lifesteal tank pattern by boosting his LS number to a somewhat obnoxious level to see how it feels to play as and against. Again, I can’t stress this enough, this mechanic is intended as a placeholder while I work on finding the right mechanics that preserve the intended play of Olaf and counterplay versus Olaf.

Also, I get that people are scared of changes, I really do, but I want you guys to remember that this is an iterative process and you’re getting very early eyes on my work here. Changes will come and go and get tweaked until I have confidence in them. I assure you that Olaf will not be seeing a net nerf with the final changes that hit live.

But at the same time, I want to point out that individual aspects of Olaf’s kit will be getting trimmed to focus the character. Right now, Olaf’s power is very diffuse and I’m trying to tighten that power up into the things that actually make Olaf awesome. And when it comes to Ragnarok in particular, I’m trying to figure out exactly how to make being completely immune to CC feel good for both Olaf and his victim at the same time, as I don’t think we have ever really figured that out.


Skin Sale – Expires July 29th


Sale 29th July

Enjoy the following Champions and Skins at a discount until July 29th!




  • Heimerdinger - 395 RP
  • Kennen - 440 RP
  • Zac - 487 RP



Blade Mistress Morgana – 375 RP


Blade Mistress Morgana


Boneclaw Shyvana – 260 RP


Boneclaw Shyvana


  Justicar Syndra – 487 RP


Justicar Syndra



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