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In September speculation rose surrounding the roster of North America’s Team Liquid. After support player Alex ‘Xpecial‘ Chu confirmed he would be stepping down from the roster rumors began circulating on who would fill the void in the bottom lane. Now, Team Liquid has released an announcement video confirming that Andy ‘Smoothie‘ Ta will be joining the teams starting lineup.


Smoothie previously played support for Team Dragon Knights, who were eliminated from the LCS in the Summer Split via auto-relegation. With the duo of Smoothie and current AD Carry Chae ‘Piglet‘ Gwang-jin Team Liquid looks to improve their synergy in the bottom lane after former support Xpecial revealed that him and Piglet were having trouble getting along.



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After Team Liquid’s finish at the top of the standings in the Summer Split, fans were let down when the team faltered in the semi-finals and fell to the Gauntlet, losing a 3-1 series to Cloud 9 and failing to make the 2015 World Championship. Now, a month after the end of the 2015 Summer Split, Team Liquid head coach Peter Zhang has announced that he will be leaving the team and will continue to pursue a career in coaching.



Peter took to social media to share his thoughts on his departure. Excerpt:


Future plan


It’s been a long time i write about this. First of all , I want to thank big Steve for helping me
improved as a person also as a coach, and thank mark/joka for helping me all the time managing team.
Thank all 5 player’s and TL staff work with me, especially Dom.Dom helping me lot to coach the team in the beginning of the spring split. Really appreciate the time spend with all of you guys.

Team Liquid
TL is the first foreign team I joined. I have never been to a different language team, it
hurts a lot in the beginning, especially we still have 2 Koreans on the team. But I think we fixed
these issues in the end of spring split which we eventually break the curse. But also there is lot
issues we didn’t fix as a team which I don’t want to mentioned here, I hopefully they will fix in
the next split. They are all talented player, i wish them best of luck and do well in the next split.


In more Team Liquid related news, the organization recently shared that on September 21st, AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin’s had his contract extended to November 20, 2016. Co-owner Steve Arhancet said the team will share full roster details after the 2015 World Championship.

Full statement by Peter Zhang
Team Liquid has not officially commented on the coaching situation. NoL will continue to provide updates as information surfaces.
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Finishing first place in the regular season yet failing to qualify for the 2015 World Championship, Team Liquid looks to replace veteran support player Alex “Xpecial” Chu for the 2016 Season.

Originally reported on by the DailyDot, one source close to the organization has said that after being handed control of the roster, Jungler Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera wishes to “reinvigorate the line-up with some young blood.” Xpecial has been playing competitively for the past five years, and has been hailed as one of the top supports in North America for a large part of his career.

Off the back of an average performance in the 2015 Summer Split, another source close to Dominate has said that “Xpecial has been around for so long that there’s a feeling he might not be able to perform at the level you need to be the best in North America. Dominate seems to have made up his mind that Xpecial has to be the one to go if they are to improve as a team.”

The player in mind? Dominate is apparently quite fond of the skill in Team Dragon Knights own Andy “Smoothie” Ta, who was just relegated after his first split in the LCS.

It is unclear whether Xpecial would remain with the team, or play elsewhere, or possibly even retire. While nothing has been confirmed, NoL has reached out to both Team Liquid and TDK, and will continue to provide updates as the story develops.


image via lolesports

After his benching in Week 5, AD Carry Piglet has returned to Team Liquid’s starting roster.

Citing improvements in team dynamic and communication, Team Liquid hopes to yield better results than their last attempt with the AD Carry.

Team Liquid stands at fourth place with a 7-5 record. Piglet’s record with the team is 2-4, compared to substitute counterpart KeithmcBrief at 5-1. There has been no decision made on who will be their final choice for the AD carry role.

Team Liquid Official Statement


In one of the most hyped roster additions in the NA LCS, Season 3 World Champion Piglet was recruited for Team Liquid at the beginning of the Spring Season. The Korean Import was expected to dominate the bot lane alongside All-Star support Xpecial, however results have been exceedingly average thus far.

As a result, Team Liquid has announced that KeithmcBrief will be moved from the substitute position to the starting AD Carry position for Week 5 due to issues in poor team dynamic. Their Manager, Head Coach, and Analyst will answer further questions and provide further insight into this decision during the next LCS weekend.

Read the Official Announcement by Head Coach Peter Zhang.

In a vlog created last week, Team Liquid support player Alex “Xpecial” Chu revealed that the team’s mid laner, Kim “Fenix” Jae-hun, & AD Carry, Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin may not be able to play in Week 1 of the 2015 NALCS Spring Split. He also predicted that Team Liquid would finish around 3rd place this split, a bold call considering the new faces present in North America. 


Two days ago, it was confirmed by Team Liquid co-owner Steve “Liquid112″ Arhancet that Fenix would arrive in time for the first week of LCS, however there was no confirmation on the status of their star AD Carry. This was alarming to fans, especially those who had Team Liquid’s Korean stars as part of their Fantasy LCS rosters.


Soon after, Team Liquid’s head coach, Peter Zhang, announced that Team Liquid would not be able to field Piglet as a starting player for the first week, and would instead use substitute player Yuri “KeithMcBrief” Jew.



KeithMcBrief is known as the former support player for Team LoLPro, with not much time for him to transition back to his native role. Prior to his stint as a support, he was known as a top challenger AD Carry, earning praise from the likes of Counter Logic Gaming’s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, which he stated on a Reddit AMA this past May.

Q: [/u/Tamerlin] Who do you think is the most talented ADC in NA outside of the LCS?

A: [Doublelift] I’d say Altec or KEITHMCBRIEF based on solo queue performance, but I don’t pay much attention to ADs outside of the LCS, and play with nameplates off as well so nobody really stands out. It’s really hard to judge based on solo queue/amateur performances because some ADs will seem really strong but lack a lot of skills that win games at higher levels.



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