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Last time we spoke you were just coming off of a second place finish in the Spring Split. Now, you’re about to face Fnatic in the Semifinals. First however, let’s talk about your most recent game against Fnatic.

Our game vs Fnatic was not as we expected coming into the rift. We had a good start but made 1-2 crucial mistakes which got us really far behind and props to Fnatic with closing out the game insanely fast and punishing our mistakes.


You let Ryze through seemingly with the plan of attempting to shut him down early, which did work and led to an early advantage for you. What fell apart that the game turned around so rapidly and was closed out in only 23 minutes? What was your gameplan before the match?

As mentioned before these 1-2 errors crucial were the biggest reason we lost the game. I felt ahead BUT we were only even. We had a better scaling composition so we were totally fine with that until we got dived bot and Ryze got back in the game.


With Fnatic going 18-0, and an almost assured qualification the 2015 World Championship, do you think they are title contenders? What makes them so strong?

They are for sure title contenders. Not dropping a single game in the regular is insane BUT I am hyped to face them in the playoffs in a bo5. I am sure we can make it a close series. I think they just have some of the best tp decision calls and shotcalling in the game.


You were playing with Gilius. What are the differences between him and Kikis?

Gilius is not as experienced as Kikis LCS wise. He is warding less and his routes are not as carefully plannes as Kikis but he improved a lot on that. With his good mechanics he got us ahead in the early game most of the times. The best thing on him was that he always wanted to improve and he was really confident in the calls he made even as a new player.


Can you talk about H0r0? It is understood that he will be playing with the team in the playoffs. Has the team been practicing with him? How has the team dynamic been and is there a difficulty communicating in the team due to language barrier?

Horo was the starter vs Roccat. We felt really confident after practicing for a week with him in scrims. I think one of the biggest thing was that we started having fun in scrims again and you learn a lot if you enjoy the game as well. I dont think we have to many problems communicating with Horo both outside of the game or in the game. He sometimes speaks a little bit slow but he improved a lot on that already. We are trying to help him ingame when he trys to say something but normally thats not a big deal.


What are the advantages of H0r0, in your opinion? He’s definitely no stranger to the competitive scene, where do you think he stacks up with the rest of the competition? How is the Jungle/mid synergy going?

Horo is planning his route really careful which means he nearly never gets chaught. His warding is similiar to Kikis which helps me out a lot. If you call for him, he trys to come ASAP and is not looking at what he is losing. He will try to help you and get you back in the game even if he falls behind for that. He had a really good performance in the series and I am proud of reaching semis with him. I would say the jungle/mid synergy is fine right now but obviously can still get improved on.


How did you feel heading into your series against roccat, and what steps did you take to prepare?

We prepared the whole week playing scrims and speaking nearly everyday about bans, counterbans, picks and counterpicks. We felt really confident in the series with our bans that we didnt switch anything till the last game where a change was needed after the “sivir” ban.


What are you working on most to improve on individually? What is your current favorite solo queue champion?

I think I need to improve on my eye when I can go for a roam and get kills on another lane. I feel like I dont have the perfect eye for that yet. Syndra is my favorite soloQ champion. Your laning phase is decently strong but her burst after 6 is just insane.


How do you feel about the recent Azir changes? Was it overdone? What changes would you have made?

In my opinion Azir is not tier 1 anymore. He lost an insane amount of combat potential (1v1) with losing the knockup on the E spell. In general it is way harder to ult people in both teamfight and 1v1.


What changes would you make on the mid role, if any?

I dont think I would do any changes. I like the meta right now and that you have a huge diversity in the champions that are available.


What is the pregame and in-game dynamic like? What I mean is, what is the thought process behind say, your pick for example, and what factors go into what you will play? Once in-game, how is shotcalling handled? Is it just one player making calls, or does everyone have a role?

When I look what I am going to pick, I am checking out their bans. What did they ban what do they want to go for maybe. What is our team composition about. What is the enemy team composition about. Do they, for example, have enough engage? This can lead sometimes to picking a poke champion. (Kog/Varus). Normally I dont care about what I can get countered with BUT sometimes you NEED to look at that and you are forced to go for not the best pick for the team but the 2nd best.


Who do you think are the top 3 mid laners in Europe right now? Who is the hardest to lane against and what makes them difficult?

I think the competition is really close so its hard to say who is top 3 right now. The hardest to lane against is probably Ryu/Nukeduck and Pepiinero because they are always trying to win their lane even if they maybe overextend.


How dank are your memes?

Not good, haha!


You started the series off with a strong 2-0. What was your mindset heading into the 3rd game and what happened in games 3 and 4 that led to those defeats?

I think a huge factor was the Kalista pick. We didnt play against her for weeks and werent used to the overaggressive style that the support can manage to do.


You’ve been in a game 5 scenario for most of your playoff life, are you used to it to the point you would say you feel comfortable, or at least calm?

I dont think a 5th game will ever be calm. It went to 50 minutes again and it was the same scenario as in the 4th game. People were scared of losing it again so everyone took his last power and we played it out carefully…keeping TP’s and Maokai Righteous Glory engages in mind.


What was your plan heading into the final match and what was going through your head?

We were thinking about Kalista but in the end we didnt want to change anything. The 4th game was ours and we lost it more than they won it (Not denying that they had an insane comeback). When they banned Sivir we saw our chance of being able to switch a ban.


You’re up against an undefeated Fnatic next. What is your preparation like heading into that series and are you confident you can come out ahead? Do you expect a close series?

They didn‘t drop a single game and that is why you should respect them BUT that is a weakness as well when they drop their first game in the series I think. It doesn‘t matter that you went 18-0 in the regular split. If you lose the series, you lose and go to gauntlet system most likely.


Did you expect to be in yet another semifinal in what is still your rookie season? Is there a lot of pressure this time?

I dont think there is much pressure on us. I am sure everyone expects us to lose against Fnatic which means we can only upset people and not disappoint anybody.


What are your thoughts on the NA semifinal matchups and who do you believe is the strongest of those teams? Which NA teams do you think will be at Worlds and which do you feel are the strongest or you would like to play against the most?

Its hard to predict to be honest. I will let myself get suprised who goes to worlds, but I would love to face Bjergesen there. I am sure he would want revenge from our last time we met in IEM.


How do you think Incarnati0n has done in his NA debut?
I think he is a middle tier midlaner for now but becomes better every day.



Thanks to everyone who supports me and keeps supporting me in the Playoffs. I am going to try my best reaching worlds with my team!


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Let’s talk about playoffs. How did you expect to perform and are you happy with your performance? What would you do better or change if you could?

I am happy with my performance – it was my first split in the LCS and reaching the finals was an incredible experience. I am a very young player and still have a lot to learn, and so does the team. I hope we can stop taking fights when we are terribly behind or playing a scaling comp in the future.


What was your prep like heading into playoffs? Did you expect to make the finals?

Well we took one game after another. The SK bo5 was probably the most exciting one. In the 5th game there was nearly no come back in sight. I didn’t give up and we somehow managed to steal nashor which led us back into the game. I feel we tried our best in every series and I am surely not disappointed with the 2nd place finish.


Is there anything you wanted to play but didn’t get to?
I would have loved to play Cassiopeia but I think it was banned in nearly every game.


Looking at the next split, how similar to the current standings do you expect things to be? Who will be top 3?
That is a tough question. There will be a lot of roster swaps leading up to the summer split which means anything can happen. My guess would be H2K and Fnatic but I am unsure about the third.


Who is the strongest mid laner to play against in EU? Who is the strongest mid you’ve ever laned against?
I think I had the most trouble versus Froggen in the last split. He doesn’t make many mistakes in lane and this makes it insanely hard to get ahead. The strongest mid laner I have faced was probably Bjergsen who has an incredibly good laning phase.


If you had to play another role competitively, what would it be?
AP supports! Champions like Zyra who can backup their adc with a lot of damage and crowd control.


What is your favorite mid/jungle champion combo? Who is your favorite mid champion right now and why?
My favorite mid lane champion is Cassiopeia. She is one of the best scaling champions and in the current meta she can destroy tanks in seconds. Even though she is best for her scaling into the late game she has still a good laning phase and can bully most champions.

My favorite combination is top lane and mid lane actually. I love the Yorick+Cassiopeia combination but that requires your top laner being able to play it.


Looking at MSI, who do you feel is the strongest team heading in? Which team(s) from that event would you like to play against most and why?
I think every one of these teams has its strengths and weaknesses and it just depends on the opponent being able to take advantage of those weaknesses. I would love to play against SKT or again vs. TSM. Both teams have amazing mid laners and I am sure I can still learn a lot from playing against them.


Any thoughts on patch 5.8? Do you expect things to change a lot before the start of the summer split? What types of things do you expect to see week 1?
I don’t think there will be many changes. In 5.8 bard is going to be a top tier support and I can imagine Jinx might lose some popularity. Mundo might come back into the meta as well with the new changes to his Q.


What are your thoughts on Origen? How strong are they relative to the other LCS teams and where do you expect them to end up?
Its hard to judge by only playing them in scrims. A lot of teams are playing different in the LCS than in scrims but I can imagine they will end up in the middle of the LCS.


There are rumors that Incarnati0n is heading to cloud 9. What are your thoughts on this? How strong do you believe Incarnati0n is and where would you rate him?
Well Incarnation is an insanely good solo queue player. The question is whether he can transfer it into the LCS because that is obviously different. I will definitely be keeping an eye on that.

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