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The League of Legends subreddit is, at it’s finest, an excellent community for discussion about eSports, future updates, and the game in general. At it’s worst, it’s known for an extremely volatile community that can turn on a dime. At the head of more than 600k subscribers sits the true influencers of what lives and dies on the forum – its moderators.

After recently coming under fire for affiliate influenced censorship, it has been revealed that some of the subreddit’s moderators have signed an NDA with Riot Games.

What should be noted is that this NDA is completely optional, required to sign only by moderators choosing to enter a Skype room with other moderators and employees of Riot. It is NOT required to become a moderator. The purpose of the room is to relay information between Riot and the moderation staff on issues like server stability issues.

This has caused quite a stir among the subreddit’s users, inciting concerns of Riot control over the forum and conflicts of interest among the moderation team.

Rioter Triggs has responded to these concerns through a series of comments, and maintains that Riot’s holds no control over the subreddit or it’s content, citing player security as the primary reason for the NDA.

We do have zero influence on this subreddit. As the statement we provided says, the existence of this room is so that our technicians can better handle emergent server stability issues. The NDA is the same standard that anyone has to sign when they may come across any confidential information.

This chat room allows the moderators to have accurate and relevant messaging on the top of the subreddit that a lot of players come here for.

The NDA doesn’t say that we have any authority over what’s posted here or that they have to check with us before approving/removing a post. It ensures that player information and sensitive security issues remain confidential.

Riot’s official statement in full, taken from the article mentioned above:


“It takes a community to create a healthy live service for League of Legends, so we have a channel with mods where they can report emergency issues: from players threatening to harm themselves or others, to service outages that can be directed to the team with little delay. The NDAs are in place so we can protect player privacy and have meaningful conversations around security. Riot has a clear internal policy that Reddit is a channel for players by players and we are guests there.”

Bryce Blum, a lawyer working in eSports, known on reddit as “esportslaw” has also offered his take on the subject, found here.

Here is the NDA in question.

It is important to note that any opinions or comments discussed here or on the subreddit are not representative of myself or the NoL staff, and this is intended to spark a meaningful discussion with no favor in any direction.


Is Thorin an Issue Banner

Recently you might have heard of pro-players abandoning social media, TSM abandoning OnGamers and Thorin from Summoning Insight abandoning decent human behavior. So let’s talk about all of it.


 Before I begin, a fair warning: this will be a lot of controversy wrapped together in one article. Different readers will agree with different parts here and I only request that you don’t follow Thorin’s example on how to criticize others. Let’s have some mutual respect so we can have a mutual discussion.

 Some backstory for those of you who stay off LoL’s subreddit (and you are wonderful people for it); Reginald stated in a vlog he was temporarily halting interviews with OnGamers because of Summoning Insight. As a response, Duncan “Thorin” Shields from OnGamers called out Reginald in the 12th episode of SI, where he compared him to Caesar, a character from Planet of the Apes. This prompted an apology from OnGamers and Thorin as a form of damage control. Also, Locodoco stepped in as a coach for TSM and afterwards an announcement was made that the roster would avoid social media for the time being. These events are now a major talking point and a lot of pro players have been advised (or chose themselves) to avoid involving themselves with the community.


Professionalism mini banner


Dunkan started the League talk show “Summoning Insight” back in March this year, where he and MonteCristo go into full detail on basically the entire pro-scene of League. Whether you like the show is largely inhibited by how long you can tolerate Thorin’s attitude. It’s his image of a rude, but honest trash-talker that makes him a notable personality.

 What the whole issue boils down to is that the hosts of Summoning Insight think their criticism is considered negative PR and that’s just not true. What is considered negative is Thorin’s inflammatory language, which you’d expect to be on a Tribunal case, not a recorded show for the community. Him being critical versus him being insulting is not an argument we should be having, because he doesn’t need to be aggressive to maintain objectivity.

 Witnessing Thorin discuss professionalism is, to put it lightly, hypocritical. Yes, he does interviews in a manner you’d expect a journalist to, but outside that he’s your stereotype for an overly arrogant commentator. He already has a history of being fired for his toxic behavior and the fact that he’s doing it again points to a complete lack of self-reflecting.


Freedom of Speech Mini Banner


 It speaks positive of the eSports community that Thorin was called out on his actions. His behavior was only condoned until now because his professional niche – eSports journalist – is still lacking an identity in the real world. League is moving closer and closer to being a world-recognized sport, but the media that covers it isn’t bound by the rules that make other media respected by its viewers. If Thorin was a journalist outside pro-gaming and he was this offensive, you’d have not just a PR disaster, but a full-blown media scandal. To give you an example: imagine that you’re watching football analysis and one of the commentators starts openly insulting a player or his team’s coach. What would happen is he’d be called off-screen and fired, and rightfully so, because one’s freedom of speech is not a universal permission to be unethical. Freedom of speech is talking without fear of government action against you. It has nothing to do with social skills.

  Censorship is a term we frown upon a lot these days. But censoring the way you talk about a topic is different from censoring what you talk about. If Thorin self-identifies as a journalist, if the public identifies him as a journalist, then he should act like one. Knowing when it’s inappropriate to say something is a required social skill, regardless of whether you think it’s impeaching on your right to say what you feel. I don’t want to be part of a community that embraces Thorin as some perverted embodiment of journalist qualities and I hope you don’t, either.


Witchhunting Mini Banner


 As much as we need to identify Thoorin’s attitude as an issue in his field, we also shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions. Particularly, him allegedly calling Reginald a “monkey”, which isn’t true. He did liken him to Caesar from “Planet of the Apes” , but only as a metaphor for a fatherly figure, not as a racist remark (you can find the exact quote here). Do I think it’s funny? No, it’s an absurdly insensitive comparison to make, but it isn’t racist and wasn’t aimed at how Reginald looks, but how he acts.

 This particular quote is infuriating, because Reginald’s been called “wukong” for a long time by the community, which can’t be excused for any reasons. Thorin has effectively become a scapegoat for awful behavior that many are guilty of . This hypocrisy of witchhunting a public figure who’s perpetrated an offense we commit on a regular basis – reckless insults – proves an obvious truth: that you have to be notorious to be held responsible for such language. The topic of how negative our community has become has been exhausted at this point, but look to yourself before you look to trashtalking someone mercilessly on Reddit and you might find the Thorin in you.


Summoning Insight

The point of debate is on Ep. 12. Click the image to be taken there.


Was Reginald right to blacklist OnGamers entirely?


 No, I don’t think he is. Thorin’s an issue, but he’s only one employee for OnGamers. Blacklisting them entirely means Travis also won’t get to do interviews with TSM’s roster and that just isn’t fair towards Travis or the rest of the people working for OnGamers.


How to Resolve Mini banner


 What’s requested of Thorin to be a journalist the community respects isn’t censorship. He can remain honest with people without being unnecessarily cruel in his words and these are not inseparable characteristics of how you speak to your audience. He actually has an example of how to behave right there, on Summoning Insight. MonteCristo has shown to be just as critical of the NA and EU scenes, but he moderates himself while delivering an honest opinion. There’s a level of disparity between the two that makes Thorin seem desperately amateur in what he does. Trash-talking your subjects of discussion is the lowest you can sink to when trying to make a point. Resorting to personal emotion and simple language is limiting your circle of audience to people who, frankly, know no other way to make their point across. If Thorin understands that, it will help both his image and the quality of his content.

 I’ll propose a solution to the whole debate and note that this may never happen and you don’t have to agree with it: I think Thorin should quit working for OnGamers, at least for some time. When a public figure erodes a relationship between organization and media, the person responsible steps down, and if Thorin is the professional he claims to be he should have the dignity to acknowledge what he’s done wrong and take responsibility. I don’t see why OnGamers as a whole should suffer for his actions and him quitting may show Reginald and teams in general that they’re committed to producing non-toxic content. As for whether Thorin should simply change his attitude: he won’t.





 Thorin is, sadly, a reflection of League’s community right now. He’s taking flak for behavior that plagues a lot of people, but they aren’t public figures so we’re not scrutinizing over their actions. Obsessing over the drama that TSM is blacklisting OnGamers teaches us nothing about why this even happened; we should take this as an example of the obvious, that verbal abuse leads to consequences and it’s not your “right” to do it and expect the receiving party to “man up”.

 No one should honestly be surprised pro players are told to avoid social media and Reddit. Weekly trash-talk threads were a red sign that things have gone horribly wrong. We can blame the moderators with the same ease we blame the jungler, but they shouldn’t be the ones reforming the majority’s behavior.

 We don’t really want to criticize players after a bad match, we don’t want to tell them that they should step up their game and that fans demand more. No, what we really want is for other people to agree with us and we to agree with them; we don’t want to be the lonely defender of an opinion, so we cluster mindlessly around what’s popular, and what’s popular is usually what’s hateful, because it’s emotional and therefore attracts the most people. That’s the loudest voice pro-players hear, the voice of collective hatred. If you actually think trash-talking a player to the point where you want them benched is helping them in any way, you need to step away from the keyboard because you’re only contributing to the issue.


Why the Insults mini banner


 The nature of rude language on the Internet may seem obvious: we’re anonymous and therefore liberated of consequence. We say things online we’d never say in real life. But there’s more to it than that and I learned a lot about it from Nika Harper (Nikasaur from Summoner Showcase) in her GDC presentation on “How to become Fireproof”. Here’s a perspective on why we’re so hateful online that I’m sure most of you haven’t considered:

You don’t actually think about the other person reading your message.

 You may find it strange, but if you’re spewing hatred on the Internet, chances are you’re not perceiving the person you’re addressing it to as real. You don’t actually imagine him/her reading it and reacting to it. That’s why eye contact is so important in our communication. When we lose that, we have only a vague sense of what our words really cause in the minds of others. We become complacent with the opinion that since we’re not finding the language hurtful, others won’t as well.


GDC Nika Harper

You’re not a physical entity to the people throwing insults at you online.


 If we remove criticism from talks on Reddit all-together, we become nothing more than a horde of fanboys. But attacking someone personally and as loud as possible and calling it criticism is not only damaging the relationship between eSports stars and the community that should be supporting them, it’s degrading the level of discussion we can even have regarding a player or a team.


Why we should change mini banner


 There is an obvious connection here, between what Thorin should be working to change about himself and what we, as a community, should seek to improve. eSports has grown to a level where the ethical boundaries of fans interacting with pro-players aren’t gimmicks anymore; and being a nobody on the Internet is not an excuse for us to behave as we please. Enough with defending toxic behavior – if you’re unhappy with how a player is performing, there are civil ways to  talk about it. Insults are an uneducated man’s tools for humor and we should stop labeling them as acceptable when they’re clearly not for the people they’re addressed to.

 Physical sports players don’t communicate at all with their fans and pro-players are heading down a similar road. Right now we don’t even realize how much closer we are as a community to the personalities we see compete than in other sports. And there is a real chance we can lose that.


Recommended literature:




My Info Article Ending


AMA With TSM Gleeb

May 7th, 2014

AMA Gleeb

Link to AMA.



Q: Which LCS bot lane are you most looking forward to facing?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I think Aphro/Dbl are a really strong bot lane and really look forward to facing them.



Q: What do you bring to the team that is unique to you?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I am very motivated to win, have a good work ethic, and get along well with all of the team.



Q: Who’s your favorite Support Champion?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Thresh/Morg!



Q: What weaknesses do you perceive in your gameplay?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Some weaknesses I know I have are overextending to go for aggressive plays, and my aim for skillshots needs work.



Q: How did the team come to the decision to pick you?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I’m not sure how the team came to the decision but our scrims went very well when I played with them. We won almost every scrim vs top LCS teams and had a lot of matches where we got 2v2 kills bot lane. We also all meshed together really well as a team. Thanks!



Q: Were these scrims with TheOddOne in the jungle, or Amazing?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: TheOddOne



Q: Can you give us some background on your LoL career?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: You can look at this page for a good summary:

For more detail, I started playing league early in season 2. I climbed from placements to diamond by the end of the season and started playing on small amateur teams / go4lols etc. I did that for a while and then joined Denial/NiD and played with them until InnoX left and they disbanded. Afterwards I was on Crs Acad for a bit before leaving to join C9T. We tried to make LCS but didn’t and after that I tried out for TSM.



Q: What was the try-out process for joining TSM?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Trying out consisted of mostly playing with the team in scrims. I use to duo with turtle before then so that wasn’t really anything new.



Q: How well do you feel you can play with Wildturtle?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I feel like we play really well together and have a good understanding of what we both want to do during lane. I’ve known/been playing with turtle since early season 3.



Q: How do you plan on keeping Wildturtle entertained during boring matches?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I have a long list of jokes prepared already…



Q: When are you going to change your Twitter picture so it accurately reflects your current haircut?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: No more jimmy page hair for me!



Q: Who do you think are the top 4 Supports in NA right now?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Idk about top 4, it’s hard to order them. I think aphromoo overall is the best support in NA though. He is really mechanically sound, plays soloQ a lot, and has really good synergy with not just doublelift but all of his team.



Q: Which teams will be in the top 3 in NA next split, in your opinion?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Depends how the roster changes affect all of the teams. TSM/CLG/C9/DIG/LMQ/CRS all seem very strong and could potentially be top 3. This LCS split will be much closer than the last.



Q: Did you plan on burning down TSM’s house or are you going to do it with Amazing?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Don’t leak our plots please…



Q: Who are your favourite Champions, standard and non-standard?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Thresh and Morgana are both really fun to play and really strong on this patch. As for non conventional picks, Gragas support is really fun to play.



Q: When should i pick Gragas Support over other Supports?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: When you are vs weaker lanes and can make it past his laning phase. I feel like it is pretty weak vs thresh/morg atm which are really popular though which is why I haven’t been playing it as much.



Q: Do you feel more or less pressure stepping into one of the most well known teams in the world when there is less hype surrounding you than, say, Bjergsen?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I think it’s similar, it doesn’t really matter how much hype there is or isn’t, there is a lot of pressure for a player to perform , especially on a top team.



Q: In an attempt to name the TSM botlane, do you prefer GleebTurtle, TurtleGlarb, WildGlarb, or anything else?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Wildglarb sounds hilarious but idk if it is fitting anymore now that I shortened my name. Wildgleeb?

Q: Who are you closest with in the TSM family, at the moment?

Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I know Turtle the best.



Q: Are you more nervous or excited about the upcoming summer split?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Excited!!



Q: What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses as a Support?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I think my strengths are laning, vision control, and a good work ethic/attitude.

Weaknesses are being too aggressive and not being patient enough with skill shots.



Q: Are you still in highschool or are you currently enrolled into college?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Graduating highschool june 12th.



Q: Does your teacher call you Gleebglarb?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Oh god no!



Q: What’s your opinion on Braum and will he be viable?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Depends on his numbers but he seems really cool! Could potentially be a top pick.

Q: Do you agree with what Loco said about you on Summoner Insight, that you’re a raw talent who’s “alright” in all aspects of the game except shot-calling, where you’re subpar?

Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I think loco was pretty accurate, though I think the shot calling was more of a team issue on C9T with all of us often not being on the same page and not having solid rotations. I’d describe myself similarly to how Loco did, though I think he over exaggerated how long it will take me to become top tier. I don’t think it will take a whole split, especially since now I will be in a gaming house/out of high school so I can commit even more time to practicing.



Q: Were you interested in joining TSM or did they find you?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I was approached by TSM. Consisted of scrimming with the team, duoing with Turtle/Bjerg, and talking to Regi.



Q: How long did you scrim with TSM before you were told you’d be their new Support?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Got back from relegations sunday and tried out from tues-thurs. Played one set of scrims each day.



Q: Were you approached by other teams prior to TSM?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Yeah I have received an offer before from an LCS team during the spring split, and was also approached by other LCS teams after relegations to tryout.



Q: Are you still going to be Gleebglarbu or can we call you Gleeb?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Just Gleeb!



Q: How will you and Amazing work on improving TSM’s macro understanding of the game?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I think we will all just have to work together as a team to improve macro strategy. Watching our own vods of scrims/LCS games as well as those of OGN/LCS/LPL should be very beneficial. When I was trying out, Bjergsen/myself/Turtle were the most vocal, though that will probably change when Amazing gets here because I have heard he is quite vocal as well.



Q: What do you think you have to currently work on as a Support in order to fill Xpecial’s shoes?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Toning down aggression in lane, working on my mechanics, and helping the team w/ our picks/bans and in game decision making.



Q: Are you affected by the community shouting that you’re a downgrade for TSM?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Mm, not really, I don’t care if the community thinks I am good or bad. The pressure is still there because if I don’t perform well it wouldn’t make sense to keep me on the roster. That being said, I just go day to day and focus on improving, worrying about things like that doesn’t really help.



Q: What do you think went wrong in C9T’s relegation matches against EG? 


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Their vision control and rotations were a lot better.



Q: Are you excited about your stream view count, now that you’re part of TSM?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: It’s to be expected with how big and successful the TSM brand is, but it’s also really cool!

Q: So who do you think is going to be the main shot caller for TSM?

Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Not sure, will need to see once we all get in the house and play! When I was trying out I think bjerg and I were the most vocal, but I hear amazing is as well. I think they will.



Q: Were you pressured to remove the “glarbu” for marketing reasons?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: It was recommended that I changed it but after thinking about it I definitely agree. It’s a lot easier to remember/say now!



Q: Which of the Support focused Champions are your favorites for premade team play (outside of solo queue), why?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Braum seems good. I prefer Thresh/Morgana for team play. They both have good pick potential and are strong in most team comps.



Q: How do you handle being part of a team and then having that team disband even if you get a new job?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: I’ve never been in a team house, but it’s sad when a team disbands. Especially since most of the players on C9T and DNL are all good friends of mine.



Q: What can you can provide for TSM that Xpecial couldn’t?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: Better/Positive team atmosphere. I don’t know what the team was like when practicing before I joined so I can’t comment on how Xpecial’s attitude was specifically, but from past experience on teams it is VERY detrimental having a player with a negative attitude and makes it hard for the team to improve as a whole, even if that player is individually doing very well.



Q: Are great individual mechanics equal to great duo synergy?


Button Rioter TSM Gleeb: They’re both important.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.

Lucian decoration


Rioters answer all your questions about Lucian below! Additionally, Scarizard brings a massive update to Rengar’s state, including the return of stealth and the Armor/MR from Battle Roar! Last (and kinda least) – the new Champion/Skin Sale!

Apologies for the article drought this week. I’ll be back on schedule as early as Monday! Also, there may be formatting issues with this particular article on widescreen resolution, so if you see any, you’ll need to resize your aspect ratio through your browser’s tool options.


Lucian’s Double AMA

Stalking returns: Rengar’s new Build

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 2nd


 Lucian’s AMA



Rioters gather to answer all questions regarding the latest addition to the League’s roster!



Feel & Design



[Valaran] Why does he carry two different guns?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: The fact that they’re different is very important from a story perspective, though, and something we focused on quite heavily during art iteration. One of the weapons belonged to his wife, and one of them was his all along. It was a tough challenge to make sure the guns were similar enough to avoid the implication of a different power source or different gameplay between the two, but still preserve such an important aspect of his story.



[Agracho] How did you get the idea for the Ultimate ”The Culling”?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Couple more details – thematically, we wanted a moment in which Lucian could “let loose.” All of his other abilities are very focused, precise, and deliberate. In his ultimate, raw emotion breaks through his normally cool and collected personality.





[Jocko6418] When designing a champion, does the idea originate from a character concept, or an in-game mechanic concept? Which was Lucian created from?


nickstravaganzaRiotlink Button nickstravaganza: It can come from either, depending on the champion. Lucian was inspired first by the concept art. His gameplay went through many iterations, but he’s always stayed quite close to the first image.





[Velediron] I’ve noticed that when Lucian’s passive is used, if he begins moving, he continues the animation by shooting to his side/over his shoulder and I absolutely adore it. How difficult was this to implement and can we expect such smooth animations for future abilities?


nickstravaganzaRiotlink Button nickstravaganza: Hey, as Lucian’s animator, I can answer #5. That passive animation uses something called parametric blending, which allows us to blend between different animations based on how he turns. We’ve used it in the past on Thresh (his long chain) and on Zac (Stretching Strike). We’re using it more going forward and even on Lucian, it’s used on his W and his Ult in addition to the passive.



[Arcviral] How much has “The Culling” ( R ) changed during development?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: The Culling has basically been on the kit since Day 1 – but it was initially tuned as a ‘blow this guy up and do every bit of damage’ spell. The base Damage/Ratio are still very high, but we found that with that model Lucian’s Ult took up almost all of the power budget of the champion, such that his Q/W/E/P felt really useless, but then the Culling would just instagib people out of nowhere. We decided to make the Culling still a good portion of his kill/damage potential, but inject more agency into his other spells.



[Tnomad] What was it like working with Daniel ‘Zenon’ Klein on Lucian?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: The day Daniel started, i thought to myself ‘I wonder if i’ll tear my hair out working with him.’ Many months later and after our first project – i can safely say i’m still asking myself the same question 😛 Truthfully though, Daniel’s personality i feel is what helped keep Lucian core through a lot of feedback and iteration. Champion Designers are usually the guardians of their Champion’s feel, and he was no exception in this regard. Quite sure i’m speaking for the team when i say it’s awesome working Daniel and would do so again.



[nothingxs] What was the focus of Lucian’s design?


morellovatar Riotlink Button Morello: Lucian was a weird process – it actually broke a couple backs on the way because of lack of direction on this front. In the end, we did something in-between; the thematics called for something that felt pretty “action-packed” (using references of material like the Matrix or Equilibrium), but we wanted to explore a space that was both more auto-attack focused to fit the role of a Marksman. Additionally, we wanted to try something a bit different than missile-based skillshots to get there, which leads to skills like Lucian’s Q and R being “aimed,” but not shooting normal skillshots.



[slinkyvagabond] Why was Senna abandoned in the story?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: In writing Lucian’s story (and being a woman myself), I struggled with this quite a bit. I admit that it does feel like a bit of a cop-out in the way it’s been presented so far, but the conclusion I came to was that the story we’re focusing on, at least for Lucian’s champion release, is Lucian’s. We did our best to hint at Senna’s deeper character – for example, it’s lightly touched upon that when they were together, she was the more no-nonsense and “tougher” of the two (with Lucian being the more light-hearted and humored). It was important to communicate, at least in a small sense, that she was more than just a cardboard cutout “damsel,” even if we were going to present very limited information about her.

There’s also the mystery of how exactly Thresh managed to manipulate and trap her – this is something we left intentionally vague, as it’s something we eventually want to reveal as very deep to Senna’s character. The most I can say is that it was not at all a simple trap. We’ve left a lot open for further development on Senna’s character, too – for example, I hope people speculate as to what her interaction with Thresh is like from within the lantern. Senna’s a fighter; she’s not going to take his torment easily. tl;dr – I admit Senna’s presentation in current lore is very limited. That said, we have discussed her very heavily and there is more to her than what’s been presented thus far. I very much want to develop her further and use her in ways that aren’t typical to the “damsel in distress” trope in the future. : )



[Sour_Jam] Why was Thresh picked as Lucian’s rival over other established villains?


morellovatar Riotlink Button Morello: Originally, we wanted them to be released near each other, but some release complexities changed that. We thought the lantern hook was good too – it’s easier to understand the relationship when a character already has “this thing holds souls.” 🙂






RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: To add to Morello’s post, we also wanted a character who stood in contrast to the Shadow Isles specifically. As Thresh was in development, it was an ideal opportunity to bring the two together.





[TxtsMinez]Was the replay button for Lucian’s load screen theme hard to implement?


Riotlink Button Verdugren: We have some awesome tech/art wizards who weave the black magic that makes the login screen work… They definitely picked up their game for this one and are always looking to level up what we do with the login.



[vakabiel] How did you end up working with Crystal Method on the login music?


Riotlink Button Verdugren: A bunch of us on the music team with Praeco are big fans (myself included) too of Crystal Method. We reached out and had an awesome vibe with them, and they loved Lucian. The rest is history!



[godplusplus] Is Hired Gun Lucian based on The Twins from Matrix: Reloaded?


morellovatar Riotlink Button Morello: There’s some influence from that there, for sure.






[suchareq3] His autoattack and ultimate particles are really unique -where did you get the inspiration for them?


riotsilverRiotlink Button RiotSilver: Lucian is all about light. Originally his particles in development looked very prismatic with many more colors than their current state. At that point they were pretty noisy and treaded a little too close to Lux’s particle design space so we ended up limiting the palette to a blue/yellow sceme that we feel still communicated the same thing, in a more unique and readable way.




Mechanics (from Zenon’s solo AMA)



[Cxarol10] What was the previous ult that he had? I heard it was some kind of missile.


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: Yup. It was called Seeking Shot or something like that. Here’s how it worked:

  1. You marked an enemy champion in ~1500 range. For the next 6s they received a Caitlyn ult icon over their head (placeholder art).
  2. Within the next 6s you could shoot a missile in any direction. The missile would travel in that direction for about 0.5s and then start turning toward the marked target.
  3. The missile would bank SLOWLY and overshoot and correct. I was madly proud of the fake physics I’d written for that simple spell. It gave the missile a feeling of heft and real world physics.
  4. Once the missile was locked onto the target for 0.2s in a row, it would go into dumbfire mode, accelerating and gaining most of its damage. The target line would change colour to communicate this changed state. This was when the enemy could sidestep the missile. It could be body blocked at all times.

There were a whole bunch of reasons why we canned that ultimate, not least of all that it’s an AP carry skill: it’s a skill for a character who relies on skill execution rather than positioning. It also required you to look in too many places and potentially stand still for too long while lining up the shot. Finally, the counterplay I imagined wasn’t there. Before I added the dumbfire mode people just shot the missile point blank at the enemy and all the banking was totally lost. After I added the dumbfire mode I never found the right set of values for missile speed/acceleration before/after dumb fire that made it challenging but possible to dodge.

I admit I still have the lua scripting shelved. Just in case I need it for another character at some point. It was my first complex skill ever, and I was really happy with it from a playing-as perspective.



[tzu3] What was the reason to not make Lucians Q a Skillshot since that would somehow make more sense?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: Morello answered this in great detail in the original AMA. Here’s my TL;DR:

  1. Our Q feels like a trick shot: lined up through a moving target, great range but dodgeable. If you hit it, you feel accomplished.
  2. Gating allows us to put greater power into the skill. It scales with bonus AD like mad once you get it to rank 5.



[DarkPercy] How does The Culling’s AS Ratio round up/down ?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: The actual formula, from memory, is (AS * 2.5/3/3.5) + 2.5, and it rounds down.



[Herpes_Vendor] Did you have an obvious lane combo in mind when making Lucian?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: I don’t think Lucian was specifically “made” to shake up the bot lane meta, but this is very much an intended side effect. Let’s see how it turns out! As for supports, we found that he generally works with most supports that are strong now (which is a good thing), but particularly supports that can hold the enemy in place for 3s.



[Magnissimus] Are you satisfied with Lucian’s current state?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: I personally am very satisfied with them, yes. Give it a few weeks, you’ll see.



[EonOmega] Is it intentional that multiple “Light” champions have Proc-based mechanics? (Leona-Passive, Lux-Passive/Ulti, Lucian Passive/W)


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: This is a tough one to answer. I feel there’s an underlying trope here of light marking enemies, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It feels right, you know?



[Zemnozz] What do you think is the priority for Lucian’s ult? Attack speed or AD?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: AD



[Vulkanus8] Do you expect to see Lucian on the competitive play? Why/why not?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: Too early to tell, but I’m hopeful!



Do you agree that Lucian’s reset mechanic is too hard to pull off?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: We’re okay with a useful E reset being a one in ten games thing. Thanks for your kind words!



[Zacheris] Isn’t there a disconnect between Lucian’s AS scaling on R and his natural AD scaling?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: Yeah, there’s a few things here. You correctly identified that AS “feels” good and we want to support that. At a very low / beginner level, you want to be able to build things that feel good and not completely screw yourself. Secondly, The Culling feels like an extension of Lucian’s auto attack. It just feels right to have it scale with AS also. Finally, at the top level it’s about build diversity. Once you have a bunch of AD and armor pen, building AS becomes very cost effective.



[NurokToukai] Is there any talk on the team to buff his ult?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: Early data suggests close to a 49% winrate. This is while we’re still in the steepest climb of his learning curve.



[grbee] Isn’t his W bad for his kit and why is it star-shaped?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: The star was there first. Casey made a badass looking star explosion and I made the skill to fit. And why would you say that? He’s all about mobility and the skill gives him more mobility.



[rafalemos] Have you seen the Q bug where it costs double the mana?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: Yup. Our QA vendors are on it.



[DemonDZ] Why doesn’t his ultimate scale with SotD’s AS active?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: It would have made the item too much of a must buy for Lucian.



[elguepo] Was the effectiveness of Lucian and Thresh laning together done on purpose?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: It’s partly an accident and partly me being a huge fan of CertainlyT.



[Bugslider] How does Lucian’s E fit his kit?


Riotlink Button DanielZKlein: So the thought toward kit synergy in his E is that all his other skills require precise positioning. E allows you to get that positioning, even when a Nasus withered you.





[juffery] Are Lucian and Vayne similar in their beliefs?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: You’re right, they are very similar on a base thematic level (“hunters of evil”), but they’re essentially two sides of the coin – think of it in terms of darkness and light. Lucian and Senna hunted evil with its natural opposite, righteous magic intended to destroy corruption. They were also protectors; their motivation hinged on saving innocents in need as much as it did purging corruption. They were beloved heroes.

Vayne, on the other hand, is more of the Batman of Runeterra – she’s hell-bent on destroying the supernatural, but she is not afraid of using underhanded methods and turning the darkness against itself. Her methods are not always smiled upon by greater society. Personally, the similarities between them alongside the subtle differences are a really interesting opportunity for future interaction. They wouldn’t get along, but they’d share incredibly similar goals – perhaps they’ll end up reluctantly fighting a common threat one day. Who knows?



[ringadu] Was the Lucian / Thresh relationship planned around when Thresh was being made?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: We definitely wanted to leave a lot open-ended between Lucian and Thresh. Usually, when we develop relationships between champions, we like to leave some elements of the story to be explored in the future. As I mentioned in another response, Lucian and Thresh were actually developed around the same time late last year – Lucian’s gameplay just required a lot of iteration that led to his much later release date.



[Glyceroll] Is Senna stuck forever or is there hope for her escape?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Senna’s pretty dang trapped for the moment. There’s nothing to say that she couldn’t be set loose – Thresh’s goal in taking her to the Shadow Isles was essentially to set her free there, where her powerful soul would be transformed into some kind of monstrosity. However, he hasn’t let her go… is he keeping her trapped as a tool to torment Lucian, or is there a deeper motivation behind his keeping her locked away? Food for thought!




[vakabiel] What powers the guns that Lucian uses?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: His guns essentially fire purifying light magic. They also cannot be fired by just anyone – you have to have certain qualities to be able to fire them.





[Velediron] What gave the inspiration to Lucian’s and Senna’s backstory and lore?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: The inspiration for Lucian and Senna’s story was actually pretty spur of the moment. Lucian and Thresh were actually developed around the same time (late last year) during the time we were focusing heavily on The Shadow Isles. We came up with the connection between them pretty organically – someone threw out the idea in a meeting. “Wouldn’t it be crazy if Thresh had the soul of Lucian’s wife in his lantern?” Everything else sprung up from there.



[Velediron] What’s the story behind the interactions with Hecarim and Mordekaiser?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Lucian’s hatred of the Shadow Isles is centered on Thresh, but his mission to purge the undead definitely doesn’t stop there. He’s definitely encountered other denizens of the Shadow Isles along the way – thus the custom taunts. 🙂




[Velediron] Do you flesh out the stories more than just the lore that is revealed to the players? Is there a more intricate story about how Thresh actually tricked Senna and escaped from Lucian?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Yes, there’s definitely more to the story than we’ve given away. We had a ton of discussion on how Thresh manipulated Senna and managed to capture her, but the things we talked about couldn’t be told in a way we thought would be satisfying or impactful to players. We chose to focus on the core of the characters involved and leave some revelations and story for the future.



[EinAardvark] From where in Runeterra is Lucian?


Runaan Riotlink Button RiotRunaan: He’s from Demacia!






[Epik-EUW] So, just to clarify because the Batman analogy made me slightly confused…. Vayne is more of an anti-hero sometimes adored, sometimes vilified (like Deadstroke), when Lucian is more of a traditional hero (like Superman)?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Yes, that’s roughly it (though Lucian’s in a place where he’s “fallen” in a way after the death of his wife – he’s lost sight of the righteousness of his mission in favor of obsessive revenge against the undead of the Shadow Isles).






[Clavikus] How does Lucian’s ultimate interact with Lulu’s Help, Pix!, and how does his passive interact with the aforementioned ability?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: As Lulu’s Pix buff is a modifier to your basic attack, it would not have any interaction with The Culling (As the Culling is a spell) – but would double-shoot pixbolts with Lightslinger, as it’s two basic attacks.





[zachy55] Why does Lucian’s ultimate feel so lackluster late-game?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: I think it all comes down to your build – Varus and Miss Fortune are two champions with really powerful AD Ratios, but these will tend to fall-off if your build doesn’t support ability usage and instead favors sustained basic attack damage. Besides, doing damage while kiting or backing off as an AD carry isn’t something i would turn down!





ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: I think a lot of the power of the Culling is tucked away in the simple fact that you can move + cast Relentless Pursuit while using it. You’re totally right that the Low Cooldown is to incentivize using it whenever you feel the need without having to feel like you’ve wasted it – I can see us (do not misinterpret – VERY SLIGHTLY) upping the AD ratio on it, but the situations you’re outlining are the situations the ability is designed to handle.

Doing DPS in a fight when a bruiser decides to jump you? Hit Ardent Blaze + The Culling on them and move backward and enjoy repositioning while dealing damage. Balance on this spell due to a number of factors has always been on a knife-edge – a simple ratio increase can take it into ‘Lucian just uses his short cooldown Culling and everything dies’ or ‘Lightshow tickle-fight’. If it’s more the latter, as always, we’ll make changes if he needs it. Just not convinced he needs it at the moment.



[sublimeo12] Any explanation for why BOTRK is listed as his “essential” item, when items like BT and Triforce seem to be stronger on him in general? Is AS really that strong on Lucian early game?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Lucian scales with so many different stats that it really allows you to customize your playstyle. Builds like IE/PD give you a ton of spike damage with your basic attacks, but leave The Culling taking a backseat in terms of your overall damage output – while BT/LW make your Culling a god-mode R,  your basic attacks will be weaker than a crit investment. BOTRK fits his dueling nature and allows him to outplay his opponent easily, as well a synergizing with Lightslinger. It’s not my preferred way to play him, but i think it comes down to there being so many ways to utilize him that none were ever really going to feel like they were the best pick.



[lcarlos5] What kind of team comps do you see Lucian fitting in?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: We generally have seen him work really well in kite/disengage teams, or pick-based compositions. Things like Elise, Ahri, Thresh (funnily enough) – anyone that makes the opponent stop moving, Lucian can just turn on the Giga-Culling-Prismatic-Gatling-Death-Attack and blow through them with ease. Have to say I’m also hopeful of his viability in a double-AD composition that we’ve seen worldwide. Lucian Mid is quite good, due to wave clear, escapability and the aforementioned burst-damage. Played some tests internally with Lucian Mid and a Vayne Bot and between the two of us we cleaned house.



[DLEric] Why doesn’t Lucian’s Ultimate apply on-hit effects?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Pretty much echoing what people have said before, we didn’t want to apply on-hits unless there was a strong reason to do so. We’ve had periods of Lucian’s balance where his ult is 80% of the damage he deals to a person he kills and as such was kind of insane – Imagine getting hit with Frozen Fist or other types of onhits at the same time D: !


It just came down to a judgement call on our parts – the Culling is kind of a numbers-intensive ability when it comes to balance – adding On-hits into that equation lowers the amount of strength the ability itself is allowed to have due to needing to balance around the ‘best-cast (Ex. if Bork+Shiv+Iceborn Gauntlet+SOTEL Culling is insane, Culling without these items needs to be at 20% Capacity just because he -could- build them).



[alchemist87] Why isn’t his Q a skill shot? Any particular reason as to why it is the way it is right now?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: There were really two reasons driving this – one was that Lucian earlier on was missing a reliable damage ability which playtests showed that he really needed. We also felt that he needed a ‘trickshot’ type ability, or something that had him lining up shots or feeling clever about using well situationally.


This led to the Double Up + Ricochet style ability we have – in lane and in skirmishes, it allows Lucian to line up some nice shots (I’ve personally gotten kills -through- an enemy champion to their allied support or jungler a few times), but in the latergame you can still just put your mouse on them and fire away for the damages. Once we really embraced it as ‘Lucian uses a target to aim the laser, then fires it no matter what’ we also found interesting interactions (for instance, Vayne can tumble away from it, quicker movement speeds can run away from it) that actually made it feel much cooler from a playing against perspective.



[Deathzwergi] Will you buff Lucian next patch?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Likely not. If we need to buff him we will, but waiting and not overreacting to first-impression feedback and letting people get accustomed to the champion/letting people explore different builds generally yields better results. Personally, none of us are convinced that he’s weak, and data is trending to suggest it either. Daniel Klein and i already prepared Buffs in the event that he’s weak, or nerfs in the event that he’s OP and can change him if he requires either.



Isn’t Lucian a weak AD carry because he’s dependent on skillshots?


morellovatar Riotlink Button Morello: To be fair, we got this feedback about Caitlyn when she launched. I’m not convinced people have solved Lucian yet (Draven was similar too). I’d rather make it so more counterplay exists than less. We haven’t always done a good job of this, but no excuse to not do better 🙂



Fun bits



[vakabiel] When Senna was taken from Lucian did he sit on a park bench and stare at a cupcake with tears in his eyes?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: “She was everything to me. But they took her. And with her, they took my pastries and my cookies. That was their mistake – because now, all I’ve got left is a cold cupcake.”





[dida55] How does Lucian feel laning with Thresh?


RunaanRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Awkward.






[Thomasedv] Anything crazy happen during development?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Nothing too gamebreaking, except when we implemented Ardent Blaze’s MS proc, ‘Blucian’ was the build we were testing. While that build still lives (No longer truly blue, just an AD + CDR build) – Spirit of the Elder Lizard’s True Damage (That was applied by the W spell itself) was proccing the Mark, allowing him to just get insane MS at long range without having to follow-up which was pretty OP D:



[Runningman4107] So how many John Woo movies did you guys watch in the process of designing Lucian?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Mandatory John Woo viewings. Daily.






[ravedave] How many man hours went into building Lucien across art, design, and coding?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Probably like half a day.












Rengar bannerRengar’s new Build


Following the last, rather poorly received iteration of Rengar’s kit, Scarizard returns with promising changes!






ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Hey dudes, sorry for going mostly silent this week – had a lot to get done and i don’t like to post when i know i won’t have time to follow up with y’all (this is why last week’s post came on a Friday evening so i had all weekend to keep talking)

So i’m likely going to format this horrendously because i’m at home and don’t have a screencap of the tooltip, but here’s the new idea for Rengar’s ultimate:

Thrill of the Hunt

Hunt: Rengar activates his Predatory instincts, gaining % movement speed and vision of all nearby enemy champions. During this time, Rengar also generates up to 5 Ferocity and his first basic attack will cause him to leap. Lasts (Long Duration) or until Rengar uses an ability/leaps.

After a few seconds, Rengar may choose to reactivate Thrill of the Hunt to enter Stalk.

Stalk: Rengar loses all bonus movement speed from Thrill of the Hunt, but enters Stealth. Lasts (Shorter Duration) or until Rengar takes offensive action.

If i can clarify more, let me know. The basics are that Rengar players get to choose which is best for the situation – to Speedcat for a chase or cleanup? or Stealthcat for an ambush or otherwise awesome juke? I’m excited about this version because it has a lot of flexibility in what Rengar can do throughout the game (by retaining Higher % MS than is on live via Hunt, but retaining the Stealth Ambush in Stalk) but doesn’t let you just hit R and run without being smart about it.

Bonus Question!– Consuming Ferocity on cast is still something i want to do, but i’d want to find a better bonus you get for ‘Empowering’ your Ultimate rather than duration. Suggestions? I anticipate a lot of ‘+Damage and +Stealth’ time, but i’m open to hearing what you guys have to say.

Let me know what you guys think, and sorry for the delay!



Is the “few seconds” wait for stealth necessary?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: This is something that can be toyed with, but the idea here is that the Stealth from Stalk activation has no delayed fade time like Live (where damage causes the fade time to increase). Basically if you catch a Rengar out and he ults, either A. He’s gonna book it the whole way, in which case you can see him the whole time or B. He has about seconds of running/juking he needs to do before he has access to his instant stealth.


Again, the intricacies of how/when he stealths is tunable, but i’d like very much for there to be a delay between the two.




Why didn’t you give him Eve-like stealth and can Rengar still Leap during Stalk?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: I’ve posted in one of the main-page edits why it’s unlikely that we’d give him Evelynn Stealth – but yes, you can still Leap out of Stalk. From Rengar’s Passive: While in brush or in stealth, Rengar gains bonus attack range and his attacks cause him to leap at his target.





After the stealth ends will the movement speed turn back on or does triggering the stealth end the ultimate entirely?


ScarizardRiotlink Button Scarizard: Once you activate Stalk, that’s it. Any of the duration you had in Hunt is now gone – you can maximize this in a long-rage engagement (Use hunt to traverse great distance, Stalk at the end) but in cases where you’ll Hunt, run at them and have a good portion of Hunt left, your decision to Stalk must be weighed againt using the duration of that MS. You don’t lose Predator Vision though – it’s just the movement speed.



Suggestion: Empowered = Rengar gains extra range on his leap based on how many stacks of Ferocity he consumed


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: One of the reasons we don’t do things like different spell ranges that are non-ultimate (Zac’s E is a recent example of where we’ve intentionally broken this rule) is that your enemies have no idea how many Ferocity points, if at all you’ve burned. So if you’re in Hunt mode and just booking it, how do i know when to use my disengage spell? How will i know when you’re about to leap?

I’d like to make the bonus something that Rengar-only kind of cares about. Duration fit that bill and i’m happy to go back to it, i’m just opening it up to see if there’s anything we can do. Damage incentives make you feel like you never want to ult UNLESS you’re 5-stacked, so making it too much of the ult’s power makes the optimization point feel necessary. Ideally, this feels like a thematic/fun bonus but something you could live without.



Suggestion: Kills or assists during ult grant Rengar an additional necklace stack


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Really cool that Rengar could ever double-up on Trophy Gain, but i wonder about the implications of when/how. I’m unsure if Rengar (A champ who on Live is already approaching mechanical overload) could stand the complexity, but in a perfect world where we could do whatever we wanted, i’d want to see a ‘revenge’ mechanic.


Basically you lose a stack when you die, but if you kill the person who last killed you, you’d take back the trophy that ‘dropped’ and a new one – this would reset each death you had and you’d probably only get it once – but it would definitely be interesting. Unlikely that it’d happen, but i’ll keep my eyes open for Big Game passive.



Will I get the same stealth duration if I activate Stalk later?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Currently, Yes.






Won’t split-pushing with Rengar still be too dominant?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Possible, but there are many ways to combat this. Q no longer damage towers – or, Q does hit towers but doesn’t gain the 3 Ferocity or Attack Speed from towers.

Also, Hunt’s MS can ramp. Stalk providing no MS and a shorter duration also means that if he stealths after you find him splitpushing, you can actually fan out and catch him when he reappears.

Not concerned about this. There are more levers than even these that can make things less terrible in a world of gigasplitpushrengar, and i’m willing to do any one of them since they don’t really hit his -actual- power.



Community Feedback: Why the ult change?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Brief post before i head out for the day – been reading a lot of your Ferocity bonuses for R and while i appreciate the creativity, unsure if i’m gonna take anything i see – everything so far is kind of above the powerbudget i’d like to give it – i’m heading towards ‘nice, small bonus’ – where things like Tenacity, a Fear, extra Damage are all things that just make me feel like an idiot for ever ulting without max ferocity.

As for Hunt -> Stalk, i’ve seen a lot of you mention you think it should be reverse. Aside from my poor naming (Maybe Sprint->Prowl would be more accurate?), the basic idea around this is

1. Adds a window of time where Rengar can get caught out and still be outplayed – stealthing, picking a direction you want to go, and then bursting into speed to run away is kind of @[email protected] Hunt->Stalk at least has a period of time where you know he cant’ stealth you, and if you don’t play it right may not even need to use it.

2. Taken as evidence from our tests where the ult had no stealth at all – in most cases, i think ‘Hunt’ is more universal. When ulting with Rengar, more often than not you want to run fast. Whether or not you’re getting into position for an Ambush or just running a guy down, if your ultimate button gave you nothing else, MS is more consistent and you can form an expectation around the button press. Seeing low-health dudes and pressing R, only to know your giant MS boost is ~5s away from activation feels like they’re escaping from you just because we let it happen – while giving it to you upfront and keeping the Stealth optional allows you to premeditate it for when it would be useful to you.

Maybe i didn’t explain it that well – only got like 4h or so of sleep (Damn you, gamescom !_!), but i hope it makes sense. I’m still considering all of these suggestions, this is just snapshot on where i’m feelin’.



Suggestion: Stalk costs Ferocity to enter


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: I’ve seen this a bunch in this thread so far, but i don’t see it as having the same problems due to

– Stalk having less Stealth Duration than on Live
– Stalk losing Thrill of the Hunt’s movement speed
– Rengar’s overall burst being lowered

In general, there’s a much lower window for Rengar to Sneak-Attack you. He can also just run and leap on you if his goal is to just get to you, but if taking your opponent by surprise is important (say, in a lane-gank) that option is still available and potent. Overall it takes a lot more planning and execution to pull off the stealth-attack, but you can forgo the planning and just bumrush them (at the cost of alerting them to your presence earlier)



Update: Rengar’s damage still stronk, rolling back on W’s DR changes


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Xelnath played him in the jungle and got like 1 bajillion kills (I think the final end score was 15/7/8?) building BTN, BT, Trinity Force, Infinity Edge and Berserker’s Greaves. They ended up losing to a few misplays, but so far judging by his in-game performance (and the screams of ‘oh god’ from the other members of Live Design) it seems like he’s still 100% capable of dealing damage.

W Mechanic is back to Armor and MR from AD Reduction – this hurts his early clear, but we decided that it’s actually pretty necessary for him especially now that he takes slightly longer to kill.

Sprint/Stealth ult is working out pretty well, going to play him myself later today from a Toplane position and begin working on that since jungle seems like it’s working fine (insofar as a bruiser-utility guy with strong laneganks or as an assassin), so i want to make sure that Toplane Rengar is still pretty strong.




 Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 2nd


Sale 2nd AugustEnjoy the following champions and skins at a discount until August 2nd!





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Pentakill Yorick



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Are Leagues better than S2’s Rating? Morello on LoL’s core design, Nerfs planned for Master Yi, Lucian still not live, Rioters object to Mercy Voting, No plans for Udyr VU and the new Sale!


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Reddit Freljord AMA Banner


Here is a compact, comprehensible excerpt from the recent Freljord AMA on Reddit, featuring Morello, IronStylus, Runaan, Brackhar, 3PEET, Meddler, Nome, Kitae and Entropy!

sejuani_lore2The Freljord
The Howling Abyss
Champion Changes
Champion Lore
In closing

The Freljord




How long ago did you guys start developing Freljord?



Riotlink Button IronStylus: Around 9 months ago I’d say but nothing concrete was ever said, like, WE WILL MAKE A FRELJORD EVENT, until Lissandra evolved. That sparked the fire for Freljord.. or made the idea.. snowball. HEH!


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: Not 100% sure on this, but because of how ambitious this event and patch were, it did take a lot of marination time!



Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: What iron stylus said. We knew we wanted to do a faction themed patch that would be bigger and better than Shadow Isles. When Lissandra started to evolve, we all got really excited about making Freljord that event.




 What inspired you all to make the Freljord focus for this patch?


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: It was a HUGE effort but one that occurred very organically in the teams across design, features, art, creative, etc. We all were inspired by each others work and it really fed itself. It was indeed a tough push, there were producers in charge of owning the project, but it was a very, very big collaborative effort.



What made you want to use Freljord as the new ARAM map?


ChovatarRiotlink Button Brackhar: A bit of it was a result of timing – we were discussing the idea of a Freljord event back even while we were working on Twisted Treeline, and given that we wanted to upgrade Proving Grounds in general we saw a nice opportunity to tie it into a larger event as a whole. Additionally, a big icy bridge over an infinite abyss seemed like a pretty cool idea in general. 🙂



Will you show us more of your Freljord concept art?


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: We have tons.. like.. TONS of concept art. Most of what you saw in the mini-doc was done for that component of our IP development. We’re deep in the process of fleshing our the world of Runterra. That process was expedited by the Freljord event and that created a wealth of very polished art that inspired everything from champions, skins, Howling Abyss, etc.

I’d love to see how we can make this art available, I’ll check with our art director to see if there are any plans!



How will you continue the story of the Freljord?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: The Story of the Freljord will take a while to tell, it won’t be resolved in the next few months!

We’re not specifically setting out to consolidate factions, but we are looking to tell stories involving multiple champions, and we want to establish relationships between champions. We will shuffle things around occasionally to hit this goal.



Will the war between the three sisters and their tribes ever end?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: We are definitely going to progress the Freljord story and big changes are totally possible. We could see champions switching tribes etc. In the end there will be only one Queen of the Freljord.



Would you have done this patch without the Howling Abyss?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: We don’t think new maps are a requirement for faction lore events. We have more factions than maps by far! However, with the Howling Abyss we had a cool opportunity to upgrade the map and set it in the Freljord, so we took it.

We’re really open about how we will do further Freljord storytelling. For the patch we had: a video, multiple voiceovers, lore shopkeepers, Quinn’s journals. Nothing is off the table for future storytelling.



Is this event an attempt at exploring the world of League of Legends?


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: I really want to see us expand upon the world and make it a living breathing place. I’m not really sure about integrating it into maps, that can be a big task. However, I really want to see us at least do this sort of thing where we do the website treatment, maybe something through the client, interactive maps, etc, that really show us a peak into the world.



Which of the three Freljord tribe icons is the most popular so far?


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: It’s actually neck-and-neck.

We wanted all three tribes to be appealing in their own way. What we’re seeing is broad support for all three tribes. That’s awesome, it makes their conflict way more interesting!



What has Demacia learned from the journey of Quinn into the Freljord?


EzrealRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Demacia has acknowledged that the Freljord could potentially become a threat in the future, but as the war there is just beginning to unravel, they’re not going to interfere just yet. So long as the Freljord is busy fighting itself, Demacia has no need to fear a united barbarian front crashing down on their borders. Jarvan will certainly be keeping an eye on the Freljord, though, and maybe Quinn will go on another scouting mission eventually.



Does the Freljord pose danger for Demacia and Noxus?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: A united Freljord could be a danger to any of the factions of Runeterra. Their divided nature is the only thing that has stopped Freljord from rising to become a dangerous power.

If Ashe is victorious that would be the safest outcome, due to her diplomatic nature, but even then Freljord is a dangerous sleeping giant.



Balancing ARAM


Can you explain the rationale behind the following balance changes to ARAM?

  • Shop buying range. On PG you could walk back to the shop and buy as long as you didn’t pass your inhibitor. This gave defenders a chance and made the map less one-sided. A lot of people are unhappy about this change.
  • Warmogs removal. (Warmogs countered poke teams and gave melee a chance. Why would you remove it?)
  • 5 pots limit. Did anyone ask for this? Was this an oversight? This also really seems like a buff to poke teams and to teams with healers.
  • Poros showing you if bushes are occupied. Some people like this and some don’t.
  • Fountain laser range is still not clearly shown.
  • Perspective changes (the camera is zoomed out further and more straight vertical).
  • Shop range visibility. The shop fails to clearly communicate that it is no longer usable. It can take a while for grandpa to walk away on purple side, and blue side shop is kind of confusing as well. PG immediately showed that the shop was closed when the blue walls came up.

Additional questions:

  • Will ARAM matchmaking be improved? I would never join a custom ARAM game that didn’t kick all non-30s. Why am I forced to carry level 25s by this matchmaking system?
  • Are we going to see ARAM-specific balance changes like you promised for TT and Dominion? Like map-specific nerfs to Janna, Jayce, Nid, Yi, Soraka, etc. and buffs to Shyvana and Trynd?
  • ARAM ranked?
  • Did you take into consideration how many champions each of the three factions has, for purposes of the icon contest? It’s a lot easier for someone to want to side with one of the five Avarosan or four Winter’s Claw champions than the two Frostguard champions (and one is brand new and the other has brand new lore – so basically people don’t know either of them). I ask because many players are assuming there will be some sort of “most picked faction” reward, like with Ionian Boots.
  • Is there a solution in the pipeline for framerate issues on HA? Many people have much worse framerates on HA than they did on PG.


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome
: I’ll try to answer as many of these as possible.



  • We’ll be expanding the shop buying range in a future patch.
  • Warmog’s didn’t counter poke teams; poke teams dominated early game, and used that advantage to snowball into late game. What Warmog’s did was counter ranged teams, and allows melee champions toeventually become useful, but among good players, almost always win. We added the Guardian’s Horn to fulfill the niche that a health/regen item should have filled early, but still remain useful mfrom mid-to-late game.
  • They’re a gameplay mechanic now, and it’s intended 😉
  • The perspective is different from Summoner’s Rift, but should be identical to Proving Grounds. Regardless of its differences to other maps, it was a judgment call we made very early. It allows players to see more of the map art, but also gives a slight nerf to long-ranged poke champions.
  • Shop visibility will be much better once the range is properly extended.

Additional answers… * It’s unlikely you’ll see any ARAM-specific balance changes immediately. We may decide to come back and do slight adjustments in the future based on data and how well the TT/CS changes are received.

  • I believe the icon contest simply requires you to win 10 games wearing the icon. You don’t need to play a champion of the faction.
  • We’re working on performance!



Banshee’s Veil in ARAM


In my experience the removal of Warmog’s has made all AP teams a lot more powerful in general than a team with such an obvious flaw of being stacked to one damage type should be.

Would you consider changing Banshee’s Veil to the dominion version - Odyn’s Veil on HA to give more options to counter these kinds of team compositions? The passive on Banshee’s Veil feels extremely underwhelming on this map and I think the way Odyn’s is designed for constant aggressive play would better fit the pace of HA games.


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: That’s not a bad idea, actually. Now that Howling Abyss is done, we do plan on revisiting both TT and CS from a design standpoint. There’s a lot of work to be done, and large item overhauls are a big part of it. The HP/MR options are a bit sparse on Howling Abyss, so we’ll keep that in mind for future changes!



No Warmog’s in ARAM is a problem


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: I agree; I think there’s still room for additional HP/MR options. Warmog’s won’t be one of them though; it was just too toxic in how required it was for victory.




Duplicating champions after a re-roll


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: As far as I know, you can only have duplicate champions when someone re-rolls. We’re fixing this soon, last I heard.




Fog of War in ARAM


What about overall vision? Once your two towers are down you can’t see far down the lane at all.


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: This likely won’t change, as there’s not much use for greater breadth of vision on the map. On the topic of vision though, I will say that we experimented with some additional gameplay mechanics very early on. One of them involved detaching allied vision during the high winds (think Nocturne’s ultimate). The idea here was that the periodic high winds would blind your character, creating a state of frenzy that would break up the monotony of long-range poking. It’d also allow melee characters a great chance to run in and capitalize on disorganization.



What happened to balance per game mode?


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: That’s still going to happen; it’s just not going to happen for ARAM immediately. There’s a lot of reasons we’re not going to do it; unlike CS and TT, HA isn’t as far removed from Summoner’s Rift. We may come back and make small tweaks eventually.




Is the MMR for ARAM Matchmaking separate from the other game modes?


ChovatarRiotlink Button Brackhar: Yeap, it is.



The Howling Abyss




Will you add tower damage to Summoner’s Rift?


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: Summoner’s Rift is our most popular map, so it means we’ll have to do a lot of performance investigations and research before porting a change like this over. On Howling Abyss for example, there’s a fairly complex logic system that swaps out the current turret mesh with the appropriate destructible/destroyed mesh at the appropriate time. There’s performance considerations for every little bit of visual flair we do, and we’d want to make sure we do it right.



How about a visual overhaul of SR?


Zilean_OldSaintRiotlink Button 3PEET: The goal of the Environment team is to bring the immersion and visual quality of League of Legends to the highest point possible while improving the clarity and gameplay experience.

The rework of Twisted Treeline was a good step in the right direction. We implemented a lot of new techniques and technology and worked with creative to push the Shadow Isles lore.

With Howling Abyss we tackled a lot of tough challenges such as pushing depth, destruction, weather, ambient creatures, unique shop keepers and many other aspects.

We will continue pushing the quality bar while answering as many tough questions for what we can and cant do in our game. I don’t have any specific details about Summoners Rift, but I can say we will eventually be overhauling everything that is not at the highest quality. 🙂



Why did you add so many sound effects to the shopkeeper on Howling Abyss?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: Shopkeepers were an unobtrusive way for us reveal lore and backstory to players without interfering with the game. We’re always looking for ways to combine lore with gameplay, but never at the expense of gameplay.




The music of the Abyss


  1. I’ve noticed that the music in the Howling Abyss has a lot of really cool stingers added in for different in game events, for example taking a tower brings in some massive drums and dying fades in some drones and creepy whispers. What else did you do to make the music in the Howling Abyss so fluid and seemingly endless?

  2. In the Freljord theme, at the latter half of 00:06, there’s this low sort of war-like brass sound. What instrument/combination of instruments is that?


Mordekaiser Pentakill

Riotlink Button RiotPraeco: 1. Basically, apart from the victory/defeat and the death-track, there are 5 different music tracks and phases with different intensity to support a conscious emotional development of the individual game. The music shouldn’t just feel the same throughout the whole game, but progress with it. We also added a few other ambiences to glue the whole sonic experience together, so the sound effects have a nice “cushion” to sit on.

2. That instrument actually had a very conscious concept, thanks for asking, I like talking about that one. 🙂 Basically, I talked to Sam Estes, one of my good friends, and told him “Hey, can you develop me an instrument that sounds like an ice giant carved out a gigantic tree and then blew air through it, to create this huge and intimidating tone, that still sounds very organic and natural?” – And that he did. 🙂 He’s a very talented instrument designer.

Poro =D


What is a Poro?


EzrealRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Mysterious, ice-dwelling fuzz balls who have found a home near the Howling Abyss. They enjoy mocking and toying with those who cross the bridge. 😛




How did you come up with the idea of Poro?


Zilean_OldSaintRiotlink Button 3PEET: The environment art team had a meeting to discuss the overly aggressive feel of the map. We decided we needed some some whimsical elements to balance it out. We did some simple concepts and Poro came up. 🙂



Love that you can target them!

LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button 
: Unintended! We weren’t entirely attached to the name “Poro” until it leaked on PBE because someone pinged it. We had no idea that was possible. I suppose, as someone who really loved that name, it worked out well.



Did the name Poro come from the Finnish word for Reindeer?


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: We didn’t have any Finns on the Howling Abyss team as far as I know, but I do recall us realizing very early what it meant in Finnish. It’s a pleasant coincidence I suppose.




Was it intended to have Poro killed by the fountain laser?


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: I don’t know. Was it!? >:D





 Why do the Poros explode when they are fed?


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: Well, our animator CaptainLx made a death animation, and we wanted to find a way to use it, so naturally it turned into “how many awful ways can Poros die”. We threw around ideas like “what if the Poros got squished when the turrets crumbled over them” and “what if they ran really quickly, so if you actually caught them, you would step on them and they’d explode.” Brackhar vetoed them those ideas… blame him. Poros exploding after eating snacks ended up being a pretty innocuous way to use the animation.



But whyyyy? ;(


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: Something so fat and puffy was meant to be blown up.





Can we have a Poro plushie?


LeeSin_DragonFist_Foot_AvatarRiotlink Button RiotNome: I’d rather have a Poro beanie bag myself. Or a beach ball. Or water balloons (filled with smaller Poro water balloons). Kick! Punch! Throw! >:O





What inspired Lissandra’s visuals?



Riotlink Button IronStylus: Lissandra had always been a topic of discussion. We had two Freljord sisters, where was the 3rd? Initially she was “The Ice Dervish” and was envisioned to be more of an assassin, with ice blades growing out of her. She was regal and almost “good” looking. She had some elemental aspects to her but she was very traditionally human.

Not much traction was gained with those particular concepts. It just wasn’t really striking a chord with anyone. One of our newest concept artists at the time, Trevor Claxton, tried to take a stab at her soon after he came in. He proceeded to create something truely unique, and almost alien. His image of an otherworldly type woman carried upon a trail of black ice was a spark. It was that concept that spurred new ideas of how super-natural and strange Lissandra could be.

What worked about this concept was that this person felt like a queen, but not in the standard crown wearing way. She was indeed regal, but she was terrifying. She was almost abstract in her anatomy and shapes. It was this real breath of fresh air that spurred something that everyone could get behind on. It created a lot of momentum in helping Lissandra turn out as amazing as her concept.

I’ll have to ask Trevor, but Elesh Norn might have been inspiration!


Ziggs_Splash_0Riotlink Button RiotMeddler: Visually we wanted something with a somewhat alien, no longer human look, hence the unusual proportions, head dress etc. On the gameplay side we really wanted to capture some of Lissandra’s personality in her abilities – vicious, manipulative, dominating. We also wanted to explore a niche we haven’t used as much, a shorter range mage with strong initiation potential, whether in lane, team fights or ganks.



Can you tell us more about her ultimate?


Ziggs_Splash_0Riotlink Button RiotMeddler: We were aiming for a few things with Lissandra’s ultimate. The first was to try and create an interesting choice between two different uses (self cast/enemy cast) to add some extra tension to fights as both the Lissandra player and as the enemy.


The second was to try and create a gameplay link to a key element of Lissandra’s lore, the desire to see the cold return and everything freeze. The final big reason was that we wanted to give her a high impact, short range ability, that, when needed, would allow her to survive in team fights, so that she could continue to build/play more like a mage than a tank, despite having both initiation capability and short range CC.



Why doesn’t Lissandra have an explicit reason for joining the League?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: We used to put one liners in bios to describe why champions joined the League. These weren’t satisfying, and they weren’t good stories. Our focus now is on telling compelling stories that help players understand who a champion is. If you look at all of Lissandra’s story elements (bio, login screen VO, howling abyss easter egg, video, Quinn’s journals) you can build a complete understanding of her character and motivation.

Champion changes


Why did you change Ashe’s voice?


EzrealRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: As one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, Ashe had a very limited VO script. We wanted to bring her up to the amount of lines we give our new champions (similar to the way champions like Twisted Fate and Annie got updated scripts with their visual upgrades) as well as give her tie-ins with other champions for the Freljord event. Her voice actress is the same.



Did you also update Anivia’s voice?


EzrealRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: Yes, Anivia’s voice over was updated as well for many of the same reasons. 🙂





Everything about the new Sejuani


As an avid player of the old Sejuani I have a lot of questions involving the rework:

    1. I have an interesting question regarding player perception. The Sejuani rework was actually a pretty decent nerf to her numbers wise, and slight changes to risk and reward. Yet everyone I’ve talked to that hasn’t played the old Sejuani too much thinks that the new Sejuani is way stronger. I think that this is very interesting that people’s opinion on Sejuani changed so much despite the main changes being visual. What is it that makes people see the new Sejuani as more powerful? Is it the new looks? Her new feel? (because in-game she has a very hefty feel to her) or is it that Sejuani was always pretty powerful and the rework just turned attention toward her?


    1. The old Sejuani had a very nice kit in my opinion, everything had really good synergy with everything else in her kit. It feels like the new Sej doesn’t really have that, especially her new Q. The problem with the new Q is that it is now only single target, which feels off in many situations. What was the thought behind the decision to change the Q to a single target skill?


    1. Piggybacking off my previous question about Sej’s kit, I’d like to ask about the removal of frost’s slow. The old passive on Sej was actually extremely useful, but it didn’t have too much of a visual effect in game. It allowed a Sej with only 350 movespeed to keep up with an enemy with 389 movement speed. This was a big deal in keeping on your enemy and making sure they kept taking your damage. With the new Sejuani, there is really nothing keeping them near you after the 2-3 seconds of E, and unless you burn ult they’re free to just walk away if they’re faster. What was the thought behind removing the slowing part of frost from Sej’s kit?


    1. When Sejuani first came out there was a saying about her that said after 30 minutes she was just a walking ult. This later got proved wrong, but I actually feel as if this is true of the new Sejuani. I feel that the reason for this is the decent nerf to her w, which when calculated with 2000 extra health bought comes out to about 500 less damage, this includes the 50% extra damage on frosted targets old Sej had. Late game there really isn’t much reason to focus her in a teamfight, unlike a lot of other tanks in the game. What are your opinions on this subject?


    1. Continuing off the previous question, I am pretty unhappy with the changes to her W. The old W felt very responsive and was simple in its application. In contrast, the new W feels very clunky and unnecessarily complex. My main gripe is with the second delay between activation and when the aoe damage starts, even if you decide to double tap the W. Beyond that I dislike that the modified auto attack doesn’t scale with health, unlike the rest of the skill. I feel like these are slight problems because there isn’t anything beyond the E and R if you decide to burn it that keeps them near you, so it feels like you need to pack all the damage you can into the 3 seconds that E is in effect. What was the decision making process in giving her a delay in her aoe, and making it also have a modified auto attack as part of it?


  1. Her ult had a couple of changes involved with it, it got an extremely slight range buff, I’m not 100% on this but it feels like the aoe of the burst was shortened by a good amount, now everyone within the aoe is stunned for a full 2 seconds instead of 2 for the person hit and 1 for everyone else, and now if you miss hitting someone it applies a slow within the aoe. I feel like this change added on an extremely substantial risk, for only a small change in reward. What are your views and thoughts regarding this?


EzrealRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: 1. Our goal with the Sejuani rework was to shift power around, make it more visible and increase her risk reward on a couple of skills a bit, not to nerf or buff. I believe that the change in perception of Sejuani is a combination of some successes there (the addition of the knockup on the charge for example, in exchange for harder to perceive damage on the W) and all the extra attention she’s got due to the Freljord event/her visual rework.

2. Primary reason for making the charge single target was power. While testing the rework internally we had Sejuani consistently dominating games and removing a bit of AOE damage helped bring that under control. A secondary reason was consistency, having enemy champions take the damage but not the knock up felt odd and making the skill an AOE knockup wasn’t an option.

3. We’ve found permaslows to be really difficult to make both satisfying and balanced when they’re available throughout the game and not gated in some form (mana/CDs/something else). Something we wanted to do with Sejuani was increase her high moments but also give a few more options for counter play for the enemy in exchange, and the removal of the permaslow was a part of that trade off. Having said that Sejuani still has a knockup, one of the strongest multi target slows in the game and an AOE stun/slow, so she’s still pretty sticky compared to most champions.

4. Most tanks fall off late game to some degree and Sejuani does follow that pattern. Her damage is pretty solid/arguably a bit on the high side compared to other similar champions and she brings a lot of utility/disruption to a fight so we’re not currently concerned about her having a lack of late game impact. We are keeping a really close eye on both her and Trundle in terms of performance though and will be tweaking them as needed.

5. We wanted to involve Sejuani’s flail in her kit a bit more, give a small optimisation moment (correct use of auto attack reset) and give the enemy another small moment of counterplay (avoid the auto attack reset, take a bit less damage).

6. The burst radius on the ult hasn’t changed, though both it’s range and speed have been increased slightly. The full stun for everyone versus slow if you miss is a shift towards a higher risk/reward patten. The worst case scenario for the Sejuani player is definitely weaker, a 2 second AOE stun at long range though is incredibly powerful and a substantial increase in power compared to 2 second primary target/1 second others, so we’re happy with that change at present.

Champion Lore


Why did Udyr move from Ionia to the Freljord?


ThreshSquareRiotlink Button RiotEntropy: Udyr’s primal nature and shaman-like abilities felt very at home in the Freljord, so we looked at ways to involve him in the upcoming event. In the end we decided to expand his open-ended origins to the Freljord and empower him as a guardian of the natural order on Runeterra. Lissandra and the Frozen Watcher give him an immediate motive to be involved in the events unfolding in the Freljord.



What about Gragas?


ThreshSquareRiotlink Button RiotEntropy: Gragas needed a change. While his original motivation left us room to explore, his old story made him a hermit who did little other than pursue the art of brewing on his remote plot of land and occasionally wander into Noxus to make mischief. By taking away his crutch, the nexus on his land that gives his alcohol power, we could give him agency in the world and even agency into his own source of power.

Gragas is now someone who wanders the world searching to become the best brewmaster in history and he became powerful because he had the audacity to make concoctions no one else would dream of and possessed the constitution to stomach them.

What you see in the bio is one excerpt of Gragas’s life long quest, not the end all be all of his life’s work.



Brand was found in Lokfar. Does that mean an impending lore update?

Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button 
: Brand – Brand was never from Lokfar, the body he possessed was from Lokfar. While Brand definitely wants to burn the Freljord, that’s because the Freljord is part of the world and he wants the world to burn.

But Brand may know something about Lissandra and the Watchers.



What about the ice cage Brand was found in?


Lux_Splash_3Riotlink Button Kitae: Yup! I wonder who made that cage….hmmmm.



Why Icedrake Shyvana? She’s not from Freljord.


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: We sort of wanted to explore some “alternate reality” here, showing what champions might look like in an interaction with this event. Sometimes the theme just makes for a nice treatment for the champion!



What’s the story behind Blackfrost Anivia?


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: Blackfrost Anivia is the vision of a possibility – what would happen if the Frostguard were successful. Specifically, we wanted to make this still be Anivia, but under the shackles of being warped and corrupted. She still wants to protect the land and the world, but her method is twisted…she sees freezing the world solid, so it can’t hurt itself anymore, as the only viable option. It’s a tragic glimpse into what would happen to such a noble character should the land become warped by Lissandra.



Why didn’t you include Freljord-themed ward skins?


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: The actual answer was lack of time – this is something we really like as an idea.

In closing


Was the Freljord patch exhausting for you, Rioters?


EzrealRiotlink Button RiotRunaan: A little bit exhausting… but EXTREMELY rewarding. 🙂 Everyone involved poured tons of love and extreme effort into this thing, and it’s amazing to see it finally get out to you guys.




 Are there future plans for patches this big?


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: We have some stuff in the works 😉 As per usual we don’t have time tables because content and context is always evolving. I do feel as though we’ll break out other patches like this, at least if players feel Freljord in particular was valuable. So, thanks for your support! I do very much want us to flesh out areas which are ambiguous and less developed…. especially Mount Targon 😉



Will you be taking into account the community’s opinion for future updates?


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: We do a lot of user research on the scientific level (davin leads this up), and pay attention to the forums and feedback, but we factor all this in overall. Sometimes, we’ll do things that aren’t popular, but feedback is important on how to do it better or what pain points players feel when doing it.

Basically, we’re never going to move to a design-by-committee system or anything, but we’re never going to just ignore feedback and trudge ahead. We may disagree sometimes, or there may be a bigger picture that players aren’t able to see, but it doesn’t change that feedback matters and is important 🙂



What impact does Community Feedback have on Relaunches?


SwainBilgewaterParrotRiotlink Button IronStylus: I can answer part of this: I think we want to message Relaunches better. We want to explain goals and the direction we feel we want to go, like Morello did recently on the subject of Sion. I’ve done some digging myself and we also have research initiatives we can do with players who are passionate about these characters and how to retain what is special.



What did Riot learn from this experience?


morellovatarRiotlink Button Morello: To me, I think the biggest takeaway is how to more smoothly apply changes. This is something we already have a bit of practice with in game balance, but I think talking a little earlier and getting people’s expectations set before we make changes (and understanding how to both meet our long-term goals and be less disruptive) is a big lesson. See my Sion thread on the forums to see what I mean.



Hopefully this article has answered all your questions regarding the Freljord;

if not, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!


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Your questions: answered by Rioters!



How did the idea of Quinn and Valor come about?


morellovatarMorello – “One tool we have for champion creation is the “Champion Ideation Board.” This is a place where ideas are started and teams can pick them up to work on them.

Quinn started as a loose concept simply called “Falconer.” We knew we wanted to find a champion that played up the teamwork aspect that only could exist with a relationship like this, and it also let us do a ranger-style character without needing to be a full-out pet champion.

With this, we tried to make sure it delivered on everything important to that – it’s why Valor is part of every skill, so they fight together. It’s not master/servant like a lot of rangers, it’s more like an Elite K-9 unit, where they’re partners working together.

There’s lots of champions on this board – and some die there if the concept looks cool but doesn’t work out. Many of the champions you see come from this place at somepoint in their development.”


Was Quinn’s kit designed to fit her theme, or the opposite?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “We mainly designed around the theme, the rager trope with a twist. Usually Creative and Art coalesce before design do, so we were able to get something very concrete together before design got a hold of her proper.”



What is her intended role?


morellovatarMorello – “AD Carry or perhaps ranged Top Lane duelist. We’ve looked at her being successful in either, but players will likely find things out about this that we hadn’t thought of – which is good :)”



 How long was the process of making the champion?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “We started work on Quinn and Valor in May of 2012. Whew!”




Follow up: Do all champions take that long to develop?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “Generally, especially with more recent and upcoming champions, yes. Some take longer.”




Why an attack range of 525?


JarvanVolty – “Quinn has the tools to get into closer range and fight profitably there. Blinding Assault doesn’t have much of a point if the enemy can’t attack you to begin with. Quinn also has access to Vault which can be used to close a gap from just outside attack range to just inside it.”



Does every new champion need two sets of abilities?


JarvanVolty – “We’ve learned some great things in the last year on the pros and cons of developing multi-part kits. Not every recent champion includes tons of multi-part skills though, and I do feel that we’re using this approach where it makes sense and avoiding it where it doesn’t.
Quinn and Valor is closer to 1.5 sets of abilities, since you don’t replace your base skills during Tag Team, but rather access versions of them that make sense for a melee autoattacker. I was strongly motivated to include Skystrike on the kit because I wanted a cool finale moment to accompany Quinn’s return to the battlefield. I’m very happy with the result.”


Why give a melee ult to an AD carry?


GragasBeat Punchbeef  – “Allowing players to take control of Valor gave us an opportunity to realize the fantasy of being incredibly swift while at the same time creating a strategic niche within the role of AD Carry. There are a number of ways to successfully utilize Tag Team though it was not explicitly designed for her to be a bruiser.”


What is the best support for Quinn?


GragasBeat Punchbeef – “It depends on which aspects of Quinn you want to enhance. My favorite pairings are extremely aggressive supports such as Leona. Additionally you can enhance her slippery nature with a peel support such as Janna.”



Why is Quinn’s passive random?


JarvanVolty – “It’s not actually very random, though what randomness or unpredictability there is exists to convey a sense that Valor is an independent agent who works with you as a partner, not a mindless servant who only follows your instructions.
This said, here are some things to note about Harrier target selection:


o Valor will attack targets you attack.
o Outside of this, Valor will opportunistically mark enemy champions, with some sensitivity to the range between you and them. The closer they are the more likely he will mark them without you attacking first. o Perhaps most enjoyably for Quinn, Valor also like to help you last hit minions, by often marking them when the mark will make the difference between last hitting and not. o Generally, if you are pushing your lane he comes as quickly as possible to assist you. On the other hand if you’re holding back and just last hitting he will help you do just that. o Valor won’t give away your position if you’re hidden.”


What are some particular challenges you faced with developing Quinn that you didn’t have with creating other champions?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “Yes, “what does a Demacian ranger look like?” “What is her personality?” “How do we deliver the companion aspect?”
A lot of those did present some challenges. We had to keep her Demacian but tone down her look. Some solutions:
Demacians are all about overkill. They literally scream it. We wanted Quinn to have a bird motif and we were unapologetic in how how adapted that to her costume. We thought somewhere between batman and an elite soldier, costumed but with some feelings of practicality.
We did indeed give her a lot of avian themed components. Again, this is about as toned down as a Demacian military officer can possibly be, so we were ok with things being overt.

We also put a lot of “story-telling elements” on her which could be used to communicate that she has some history and logistical know-how. Her bird-themed pauldron links into the holster on her back. She has a gauntlet for Valor to land on which has seen some use by the
We felt that we wanted to flip what was considered a more masculine role (being woodsy, utilizing an animal for a weapon, a loner) and put a strong female in that role. There was an opportunity to take something and twist it a bit, so that’s what we did. With “The Falconer” being a female, this led us to explore the idea of an introspective, intellegent and resourceful young woman. The story became more personal and the animal/human connection felt more symbiotic.”



Why so many bows? Why not magic?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “Demacians aren’t inherently as magical as other factions I feel, so we wanted something practical but a little beefy. We had to make something sort of crafted, a little more advanced than their traditional arms, but not as advanced as hextech.”




Can we expect spectacle and suspense like this with every champion?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “I’m really glad you liked the journal! Moving forward, yes, we’d like to do more reveals like Quinn’s. I can’t guarantee that every champion will get one–we’re still in a very experimental phase with these kinds of things. Quinn’s journal was highly personal to her, something that might not fit just any champion. For future champions, we want to shoot for a similar goal: something unique, something personal, and something memorable.”


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “We are indeed looking to further the lore effort we put on the front end of releases. Quinn and Valor happened to work in the right timeframe, now that we have an idea as to how long this sort of promotion takes in terms of resources I think we can incorporate similar efforts for coming champions. That’s not a guarantee, but it’s something we are indeed trying to derive an initiative from.”


JarvanVolty – “I can’t be happier with the final journal, this was totally awesome. The short answer is that I want to really drive more things similar to this but as it is makes sense for the champion in question.”




Lore questions for future potential fanfics:


  • How long have Quinn and Valor served as knights of Demacia? Are they fresh to the crew, building their reputation on their real-world experience? Are they recent graduates of the academy, passing with ahemflying colors? Or are they five-year veterans of the corps?
  • How connected is she to Shyvana, Jarvan’s other protege who also has the ability to fly but is incredibly savage and powerful? Does Quinn fear Shyvana like so many others do, or have they bonded as “outsiders”?
  • Were Quinn and Valor involved in the dragon hunt that found Shyvana?
  • Whom did Jarvan meet first–Shyvana or Quinn?
  • How much does a Demacian Eagle eat? How much can it carry? Is Valor’s average air speed greater or less than that of an unladen swallow?


  • They’ve had some time to climb the ranks and have done very well for themselves, but a lot of the “old guard” still sees them as, well, fresh meat. They’re in no way veterans, though.
  • Quinn doesn’t fear Shyvana, but I don’t think they’ve had much of a chance to bond just yet. Shyvana keeps to herself and, to an extent, so does Quinn–both of them have a distaste for crowds and prefer to serve society, but not necessarily mingle with it. Eventually, though, they might become friends and relate to each other as outsiders.
  • No, they were not.
  • He met Shyvana first.
  • A Demacian Eagle eats quite a lot and becomes grouchy if not properly fed. As for the second part, well, is the unladen swallow carrying of the Bilgewater or Freljord variety?”



Who made her crossbow?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “It was specially made for her as requested by Jarvan, but she heavily influenced the design (in the same way that she personally helped design her uniform). Both her weapon and her uniform are one of a kind–while they follow the “acceptable” design of the Demacian military, they are entirely her own.”



What’s next for “Team Diana”?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “Welp, short answer: “Some cool stuff”. But more granularly I’m focusing n Reworks with Grumpy Monkey. But I have my eyes on a number of champion concepts floating around. When we have the opportunity we’ll no doubt join forces for the cause of awesome =)”




Those are the ones that I deemed most exciting, however, you can check out the full AMA here.


Good luck on the Fields of Justice!