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Flaresz becomes free agent

October 23rd, 2015


Enemy eSports (NME) Top Laner  Cuong “Flaresz” Ta took to twitter to announce that he is now a free agent and is ready to be contacted for potential offers.


NME fell to 9th place during the Summer Split of the North American LCS, with Flaresz putting on a subpar performance and averaging 5 deaths per game, leading the league at 90 deaths. The team was then relegated from the LCS after an 0-3 defeat to Team Coast.


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Finishing in 8th place of the 2015 EU LCS Summer split, Gambit Gaming finds themselves facing relegation yet again on September 5th. With star AD Carry Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou still serving the last two games of his suspension, Substitute Kristoffer “P1noy” Pedersen will replace him in the upcoming promotion tournament, where Gambit Gaming will play against Mousesports for their spot in the 2016 EU LCS.



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After 5 splits in the LCS under three different monikers, Team Winterfox was the only LCS team to be relegated across both EU and NA as the 2015 Summer Promotion tournament came to a close on Sunday, April 26th.

In the wake of Seo “Kyle” Ji-sun’s departure from the team, Team Dragon Knights called on substitute Alex Ich to hold down the mid lane for the series. The veteran mid laner put up a signature performance, closing out the four game series  on a 7-1 Kog’maw and securing TDK’s place in the NA LCS.

Watch the series on Youtube or Twitch.

The LCS Summer split starts on Thursday, May 28th.



No stranger to roster changes, Team Roccat is rumored to have parted ways with head coach  Titus “Ducky” Hafner, and is currently hosting tryouts for their AD Carry position.

A poor split performance and differences of opinion leave Roccat in the search for a new coach heading into Summer Promotion. While the removal of Ducky is the only change thus far, sources say they have been considering the high ranking Challenger AD Carry “EXORKK” as a replacement to current AD Carry Woolite.

EXORKK has been recently seen duo-queuing with Roccat Support Vander.  “ChewedUp” Rodriguez, a U.K. player with limited competitive experience, is also potentially on trial for the AD Carry position.

Woolite and Ducky both came to Roccat from the Copenhagen wolves under an air of praise, with Woolite winning the LCS Rookie of the Year award in 2014.

*It is important to note that this information was reported from an outside source, and has not yet been confirmed. NoL has reached out to Team Roccat for comment, and will update with their response accordingly.