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News Update June 3


Official AnnoucementsPentakill’s Album is Out!

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Pentakill Album is Out Banner


Smite and Ignite is out and it’s free-to-download!


The time has come. The era of metal has begun. Download the full Smite and Ignite album.

After devastating Runeterra with their ear-splitting riffs and ground-pounding rhythms, the metal monolith that is Pentakill has finally reached our shores.

But Pentakill’s not just in your ears, destroying your minds. This patch, we’re updating each of the Pentakill skin splashes, sprucing up Pentakill Mordekaiser, Pentakill Sona and Pentakill Karthus’ in-game models and introducing a new Pentakill summoner icon in celebration of metal’s return. You’ll be able to earn the icon by playing a game with any of the Pentakill skins (One For All’s not included!), or pick up the icon for 250 RP or 1500 IP from June 3 to June 9 (normally only purchasable with RP).

Either way, crank the volume up to 11 and get your metal hands ready, because it’s time to rock out!


Pentakill – Last Whisper



Pentakill – Orb of Winter



Pentakill – The Hex Core



Pentakill – The Prophecy



Pentakill – Thornmail




[ Update ] Pentakill website


Button Rioter fizznchips: We’ll have credits and more come out with the Pentakill website tomorrow! Hold tight, duders. 🙂



[ Request ] Will higher-quality versions of the songs be uploaded (eg. 320 kbps/s)


Praeco Button Rioter Praeco: If enough people would like this, then yeah we can do that. Most streaming services are in this quality range, which is why I went for 192kbps, but can go higher if desired.




[ Question ] Who are the singers in the album?


Praeco Button Rioter Praeco: The only singers on this album are Jorn and ZP.




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[ Question ] If the “Smite and Ignite” album is free, then why does it cost $5.99 on iTunes?


Morgageddon Button Rioter Morgageddon: Morgageddon pops in.

It’s free across many mediums, from this website as well. However, for those who prefer to use different media players (iTunes comes to mind), you can still download through their store however, there’s a fee for using it (as far as I know).



[ Suggestion ] Riot should adopt a DOTA-like drafting style


Button Rioter Blues: To simply add more bans.
Straight up banning 8 champions is probably a lot.. but if you do it like this for example:

EDIT: Not sure how it would work in solo queue since DOTA’s Captain’s mode works differently. Probably just add the two extra bans.

A: Ban
B: Ban
A: Ban
B: Ban
A: Pick
B: Pick, Pick
A: Ban
B: Ban
A: Pick, Pick
B: Pick, Pick
A: Ban
B: Ban
A: Pick, Pick
B: Pick

Its not perfect, just an example but it would allow “Froggen to get Anivia” (Riot used the example of Froggen not ever getting Anivia if bans were increased.) Which is a valid argument if you were to just continually tack bans on before anyone has the chance to pick.


You can find more similar ideas here. 


Riot Baconhawk Button Rioter Baconhawk: Oops. Moved it back. Forgot to post this earlier due to meetings and various distractions.

flies away munching on a strip of sizzling bacon

EDIT: ahhhhhh I didn’t mean to make everyone think I’m skirting the issue. I totally just wanted to let you know I reinstated the thread~ but I do think the debate regarding picks & bans is a valid and long-standing one. I don’t honestly play a lot of DoTA (I actually have played a some HoN) so I don’t really have *much* of an opinion, but I am enjoying reading your discussions!



[ Bug Report ] People dealing damage with Summoner spell “Revive”


Dannamoth Button Rioter Dannamoth: This is an issue with death recap, not someone hacking revive. We’re aware of death recaps…. temperamental behavior.





[ Bug Report ] Vel’Koz is unable to ult again if he’s killed while channeling it


Dannamoth Button Rioter Dannamoth: Thanks for taking the time to post this! Are you able to reproduce the issue? Also, did the ult ever “fix itself” during the game?





[ Downtime ] Server Maintenance: Patch 4.9


Riot Zaps Button Rioter Riot Zaps: On 06/04/2014, starting at 01:30 PST, ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 4.9. At 03:00 PST, the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 6 hours.



[ Update ] Darius’ Rework


RiotScruffy Button Rioter Scruffy: Darius is still being worked on by the Champion Update team, and we’re still iterating on his gameplay. So no solid release date yet, but he is actively in progress.

Directionally, we are still working with the same goals Morello had mentioned in earlier posts: longer ramp up with a higher payoff. The goal is that the interesting gameplay moments come when the Darius player is fighting for “just a little longer” and the enemy is in more of a hit and run pattern to not let him build up too high.



[ Twitter ] For Belgian Fans: Sjokz Fan-meet




If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.



Nidalee and Fiora Rework Banner


Red Post Collection

Single Posts – Stale Balance, Skarner, Support Gragas



Fiora Rework Banner

Awesome news – Guinsoo is back and he’s ready to deliver on the fantasy of dueling Champions with a French fencer lady!



 GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Hi guys. I’d just like to weigh in on what some of the Fiora goals are. The main problems we see with Fiora’s current kit are that thematically, she doesn’t deliver on the fantasy of being a skilled duelist/fencer, and mechanically, her game presence / play pattern / role doesn’t line up with being a skilled duelist/fencer.

As far as the duelist fantasy goes, at least when I think of Fiora, I expect her to be extremely mobile but not just going in, she needs to be good at dancing in, out of, around and about combat. She should be about finding weaknesses in the opponent’s play and finding the proper occasion to go on the attack. She shouldn’t be about running in and bursting enemies down, she should be dealing high, steady DPS over time that is relatively target agnostic.

Mechanically speaking, I’d expect a duelist type champion to be mechanically intense. I expect opportunities to use my abilities at optimal times to counter out the enemy’s champion. I want to have a lot to keep track of, but with clear success cases when I do well.

At the end of the day, live Fiora is a ball of stats with some untargetability thrown in; she pushes her buttons pretty much as fast as she can without a second thought, and she’s also extremely snowballey. In short, she’s bland with no cool opportunities to exchange gameplay between her and her lane opponent.

Some of the current goals including switching Fiora from an assassin to a melee DPS, and moving her lane from top to mid/jungle, and adding tons of ‘outplay’ functionality on her kit, as well as more mobility especially in terms of being able to disengage and re-engage at optimal times.

I can’t share too much of exactly what the plans are for her kit, as I’m sure it’s going to change tons during development, but I’ll leave this here to hopefully stir up some excitement for our favorite rapier wielder. Also bear in mind this is an early, experimental Blade Waltz, and could certainly change drastically between now and remake launch time.

I also understand it’s hard to understand exactly what this sample Blade Waltz does, given the lack of context on her basic spells… but rest assured, there are significant tweaks (or more) to all 4 of the other abilities, so hopefully your imaginations run wild 





Do you think this new ultimate will accomplish what the old one did?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: A great question. I’m not going to directly answer it, but I’m going to pose a theoretical question.

If one assumes that Lunge is _kind of_ like Blade Waltz’s jump around and hit things function, and that Riposte is _kind of_ like Blade Waltz’s untargetability, is it hard to envision a scenario where you don’t get the current functionality of Blade Waltz if you’re allowed to rapidly cast your basic spells? But with options around when each individual jump and spell block comes from, as well as considering how many jumps to use vs spell blocks vs disengages, when, how many auto attacks to weave in, when to focus more DPS vs more survivability vs more mobility, etc.

The goal behind the current ult was to sometimes emulate the behavior of the old one, but make it more timing and decision based, add more options, and add more counterplay for the opponents. I feel like the new ultimate offers far more opportunities than the old one, if one assumes that R/Q emulates the feel of her live Blade Waltz.



Do you think Fiora’s rework will allow her to duel the current top lane picks?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Right now to me the ‘natural’ top laners are people like Renekton, Shyvana, etc. I feel like in order to make a melee ADC (ala Yasuo) compete with those types of champions in the top lane, we’d have to make other sacrifices to her core design (e.g. putting life regeneration on her kit, I really don’t like her current passive but I worry that without it she’d really struggle top lane).



As a fencer, Fiora should be about one-hit knockouts, not poking enemies


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: OK, I feel like I used the wrong terminology when I said “poke enemies down.” I edited my first post to “deal steady, high DPS that is relatively target agnostic.” While I mostly agree with you that fencing is all about scoring OHKOs, well obviously that type of gameplay isn’t great for any type of PvP game.


The way we’re choosing to handle this is to give her strong, steady DPS, but have it come in bigger chunks that one might anticipate from a steady DPS champion. For example her Riposte has heavily negative implications on her outgoing DPS… unless she blocks a significant spell or attack, at which point she can respond with a very hard hitting Thrust.

In general we want her to feel good (and be greatly rewarded) for using her abilities properly. While that can’t be in the form of OHKOs, I think the next best thing is “big chunks of damage.”



Off-topic: Why were you gone for so long?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Truth be told, 6 years of intense video game development got to me and I really needed to take some time to destress. I spent about a year traveling and relaxing and now I’m locked and loaded and ready to pump out some sweet content.



Why would Fiora be picked over Yasuo?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Here are 3 reasons off the top of my head to pick her over Yasuo. Please note I’m talking about her new kit with new abilities, not her old kit with a new ultimate. I just spoiled the ultimate for funsies 

1) Kayle ult with a few catches on a normal slot
2) Weaker engage, but much stickier than Yasuo
3) Built in disengage



Will her Reposte be able to block tower shots while Fiora is using her ult?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: I doubt it. I’m not a great fan of tower diving. I think her kit still leaves her much better positioned to tower dive than the average champion even without being untargetable/immune to turrets. I’m not completely opposed to her having some turret mitigation capabilities. But I’d rather avoid it, and so far my instinct tells me she’ll do okay with out it just due to the sheer mobility on the kit.



Do you feel her passive is underwhelming?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: That’s kind of what I’m driving at – the passive feels lame, it’s especially lame in tense moments like battles with other champions, and its only real use is allowing her access to a lane that I don’t really feel she belongs in in the first place. It’s power without gameplay, and plus it feels useless too. It’s effective, but totally lameballs. That’s pretty much the opposite of where I’d like her passive design space to lie.



Why would a duelist be a jungler? It doesn’t seem thematic


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: That’s an interesting consideration. But I still think mid lane works fine for her; perhaps you’re right that jungle isn’t where she belongs.





How will you balance Fiora’s damage spike from her new ultimate?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: Originally I was debating how to primarily balance this implementation of Blade Waltz. There are two obvious limiting levers, duration and number of casts. The version of which I posted a screenshot is clearly more duration limited. In this iteration I was counting on the various “drawbacks” / nuances of the abilities to limit the ultimate – e.g. travel times, delays, parry times, etc.


In the end with the directions we took for some of the other , and the more recent version is more moderate 8 second duration, with a limit of 4 / 6 / 8 casts (still needs tons of tuning). Also note that right now Blade Waltz doesn’t provide any bonuses to how hard the skills hit, to emphasize mobility and tactics over brute force during the ultimate (obviously when casting that many spells in succession, it’s going to be doing a certain amount of brute force work).

You’re partially right that an ultimate that uses stronger versions of your basic skills requires a sharp tuning knife to make it feel good with and without. But in this case, I think there are some “under the hood” things that we can do to make the ultimate feel like a thing of its own. For example right now when you activate it, it resets all your cooldowns so you can start your comboing or dancing immediately, you get X number of casts chosen pretty much any way you like, and afterward it puts the cooldowns back where they were. I think this really helps make the ultimate feel like a spell all of its own. Additionally, the more potent the “spell modifications” that Blade Waltz offers, the more it feels like the ultimate is a collection of different spells. I think the W captures that well right now, the E to some degree, and the Q not nearly enough.

She definitely pulls a lot of weight with all her spells. In fact, she’s decidedly spell based and mostly weaves autos between them, but still plays a lot like a melee ADC because she can cast so many spells within her windows and (conditionally) deal steady spikes of damage. As far as the actual itemization, that is yet to be determined. Right now, she does have an attack speed steroid elsewhere on her kit (originally it was on the ult, but that doesn’t fit for obvious reason), but it’s not clear to me yet if that will or should stick. That is one of the balancing levers for her that partially determines if she’s more assassin or melee ADC; in an ideal world I’d like her to play exactly like a melee ADC without any basic attack steroids, but that’s a lofty goal that’s probably not possible. I also don’t want her to rely exclusively on her auto attacks like for example Tryndamere, I think it should be somewhere int he middle.

And I don’t really have any thoughts on jungle Fiora at the moment. I’m really not sure if that’s a reasonable expectation or not. It has not yet been tested, and it’s definitely not the primary focus/intended role for her.



Will Fiora’s kit be overtuned to fit the Melee DPS archetype?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: I think there are levers you can tune to allow a character to be very mobile while not being completely out of hand. It’s definitely a hard goal, and melee DPS seem to be one of the hardest classes to get right. I certainly would like to try.



Can you make Fiora’s dash work on allies?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: It’s something we’ve considered; ultimately I don’t think it fits the fencing fantasy well so I’d rather try to go other routes to get the mobility we like. But we’re not opposed to it if other methods fail.




Why are you reworking Fiora when some people don’t want her changed?


GuinsooButton Rioter Guinsoo: People don’t like change. It’s in our nature; if we like something we don’t want it to change. But that doesn’t mean it’s not for the better. I’m confident we can deliver a new Fiora kit that delivers most of the same mechanics that the old one has (including the important ones like the Blade Waltz experience) but creates new gameplay and makes her actually feel like a duelist.

I prefer to focus my responses toward posts that are more constructive.



Warwick Relaunch

Warwick will soon be getting a full balance rework, complete with a visual update. More from Zenon.



ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: We have a full relaunch slated for Warwick, but the question is indeed when. Currently our highest priority in terms of full relaunches is Sion; as for visual only stuff we’re excited to bring you Twitch very very soon.

I’d love to say Warwick will happen at some point this year, but who knows. The landscape of what needs work most is ever-shifting. For what it’s worth, I have a kit I fully believe in ready for further work.



Is Warwick getting a full ability rework as well?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Yup! Blood Scent stays (but receives a toggle) and Hungering Strike becomes Hungering Strikes (still with a very similar purpose), but other than that a lot of things will change.




Will Warwick’s other skins get the running animation from Blood Scent that Hyena Warwick has?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: That’s a very good question! I do want special animations for all skins when he goes into Blood Scent, but I like that Hyena gets something special. Maybe the other skins will get somewhat more vanilla wolf running animations? That’s a conversation I will need to have with my animator once the pod comes online (once we start working on the art).



Will WW’s balance rework ship before his visual update?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: We had the discussion on whether or not we can ship WW without art, but some of the things we’re doing would just look very, very derpy without new art, so I’d rather wait. WW is at least a niche pick right now, unlike Heimer who was simply unpicked before the remake.



Is Warwick going to retain his life-drain tank niche?


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Absolutely! If anything he’ll be more of a drain tank. He currently gains self-heal with bonus health, so if you want to drain tank you no longer build AP on him. He has a passive that stacks up on himself when he attacks stuff and his self-heal also increases with those stacks, so he needs to be in combat for a while before his drain tanking really comes online. It creates some pretty tense “can I live through the first 10 seconds of this and then become IMMORTAL DOG” situations.



What’s your favourite thing about this rework?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: My biggest like about the warwick gameplay changes in progress are that they give him many more important decisions and high moments. He will actually be able to make “big plays,” which is really great.




Nidalee Rework Banner

After extensive research, it turned out Nidalee is anti – fun. Rioters are on the case to bring Nidalee a shift in balance, along with some welcome QoL changes to her Cougar form.



RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Hi guys! As has already been mentioned here, I’ve been doing work on Nidalee for some time now, and I definitely think things are headed in the right direction with her. I can’t really share specific details of the kit changes just yet, but I can share some of the primary (there may be others, but these are the forefront ones) problems that we’ve identified and are working to solve.


-The way Nidalee utilizes both forms to succeed is out of whack. She very regularly doesn’t have to use Cougar form as part of her killing pattern. This is not only unfair to enemy players, but also just a bit lame as a shapeshifting character.

-Nidalee doesn’t put herself at enough risk of death when she succeeds. I personally think it’s okay if Nidalee averages a high number of kills every game, but the number of deaths she accrues needs to be a bit higher to reflect that.

-Nidalee is pretty hard to control in Cougar form, and she just feels clunky much of the time. Even in pro games we see people Pouncing/Swiping in the wrong direction while farming or faceplanting into walls they meant to hop over.

As for Javelin Toss, I know this doesn’t provide a definitive answer on that subject, and once we have more definitive details on a direction, I’ll be happy to talk about them. At this rate, I wouldn’t expect Javelin Toss to undergo fundamental changes to its mechanics. It will almost assuredly remain a “deals more damage at greater range” ability, and it will hurt to get hit by. Furthermore, it probably won’t have cooldown reducing mechanics or ramping mana gates or something like that on it. None of that really matters if the Javelin that does hit you or your carry drops them from 100% health down to 40% at the beginning of the fight, because you’re still just forced to leave. In that case, we’ve just condensed the window of frustration rather that targeting the frustration itself.

Looking forward to sharing more details with you guys once we’ve something a bit more well-defined to talk about!



Any major changes to Javelin Toss?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Basically, I think we can put Javelin Toss in a good state that leaves it satisfying without added intricacies to the reasons or timing of casting the spell. With a kit to support this, of course.




Will this impact bruiser Nidalee’s viability?


RiotRepertoir Button Rioter RiotRepertoir: Bruiser Nidalee should be fine following the changes, if not more fun to play.





Currently tested kit


ZenonTheStoic Button Rioter ZenonTheStoic: Piggy-backing on this: we do have a kit in testing, designed by RiotRepertoire. That kit mostly tones down Javelin Toss’s mid range damage and creates a follow-up opportunity to encourage more time spent in cougar form (which is currently the wave-pushing and teamfight clean up form) (plus strategic map movement I guess).

However, to set expectations appropriately: just because we’re testing changes doesn’t mean those changes necessarily see the light of day. We test a LOT of kits, sometimes with crazy experimental changes (a Brand kit from last year comes to mind where Pyroclasm slowed down after each bounce but could bounce INDEFINITELY so long as the enemy team stayed together), and often the answer is “probably not worth doing”.

This is a strength of our design process. We’re highly iterative and we realize that there’s only so much value to be gained from theory-crafting it all out in your head. There’s a time and a place for spreadsheet design, and IMO that’s in the very beginning of a design idea, when you just want to get a rough read for the power level. After that there’s no substitute for “just put it in a playtest and see how it goes”.

My personal feeling is that while everything Repertoire’s changing about Nidalee is a positive change compared to live (a couple of GREAT QoL changes like pounce and swipe going toward mouse cursor), we’re not addressing the truly grating aspect of live Nidalee, which is random spears chunking you down to 50% health. In theory, Nidalee is mana gated and can’t just throw out spears all day. In practice, blue buff exists and Athene’s is a gold-efficient pickup even without the mana on it, so yeah. May not be a Nidalee problem. May be a problem of how we’re failing to do mana gating in modern League.

But the kit is still in testing and it’s way too early to tell where it’s going. Definitely don’t expect it to hit live any time soon; these things take time.



State of Rengar Banner

After the big changes to Rengar in Patch 4.5, it’s time to sit back and not get one-hit from stealth. What’s the community’s take on the rework?



Is Rengar getting shifted from an assassin to a fighter?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: To be clear about Rengar’s role in a team, we wanted to leave this mostly unchanged. He is still the guy that hunts the enemy squishies and can stalk around choosing his prey at will. His damage is lowered some, but we still want him to be a strong damage threat.


He is unique from some of the other assassins like zed or khazix because he has much more versatility with his ferocity skills (CC, Damage, Heals, many options here). On the other hand, some other assassins have escapes, where he does not. Considering he doesn’t have a reliable escape once he has engaged, we gave him some more tools like durability and speed so that once he is in, he has a means of contributing.

As far as items, we’re not designing towards any “right” way to build Rengar. He scales well with both offensive and defensive items and that is something that is cool about him as a character.

Keep in mind, we’re not going to leave Rengar out to dry if he has problems/needs changes. We already have a bunch of changes planned for the next patch like speeding up the Q attack animations significantly, and some ult warning changes that we have been talking about in this thread. We should have a bunch more data soon, which will help inform us if he needs more changes, and where.

I appreciate all of the feedback, and I know that change can be frustrating on a character that you know and love so well. Don’t fear for Rengar, he’s not going away anytime soon.



Any changes you’re planning for his ult?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: We have an ult change coming in the next patch that will not alert enemies if you wouldn’t be visible to them outside of stealth. This is really big for when he is ganking or approaching his targets from a brush or near walls. It was pretty silly to alert the enemy when Rengar wouldn’t have been visible out of stealth anyway, you guys were totally right on this one.

Also, the Q and Empowered Q attack animations are getting significantly sped up. This will fix a lot of the “my Q didn’t go off” cases, and it’s a non trivial buff in his dps output over time.

This isn’t the end, but it’s what I can say is coming with certainty right now.



Can you bring back Rengar’s Q+Auto Attack chain from brush?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: The Q from brush will be working better after our next set of changes as well. Also Q does currently and will still reset his auto attack.




Are damage a likelihood if Rengar proves too weak after his rework?


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: Things like damage numbers are never set in stone. We will make adjustments to his damage if we overdid the changes. Real data will give us lots of information about how the changes turned out: Is his early game too weak? Is his late game too strong? etc.. Depending on what we find, adjustments will be made. It’s unfortunate that we cant play millions of test games with any changes before they release, but the least we can do is respond to the real data once the changes are live.



Single Posts banner



Are LoL Champions being standardized like the classes in WoW?


ghostcrawler Button Rioter Ghostcrawler: Flattening unique and powerful abilities was something WoW had to embrace to some extent or else players would just stack classes with the most valuable unique mechanics and neglect the others. In Sunwell, you needed one shaman per melee party for Windfury, and in Throne of Thunder, you wanted several warlocks for Demonic Gateways and perhaps even Healthstones.


This is largely a function of the noble desire for boss encounters to have different mechanics, though it does exist in WoW PvP to a lesser extent. The sweet spot is having classes feel different without actually being dramatically different. Too many differences leads to lack of diversity, because your group composition becomes inflexible. You are forced to play Tetris to min max the class mechanics you need.

League is a different kind of game. Champs have fewer abilities than WoW classes, but the fights are also less predictable, so you don’t know that you will need a certain ability to solve the puzzle. Blitz’s grab or Sona’s auras are useful, but hardly mandatory, and you’re giving up something else to bring them. The game rules also don’t allow you to stack champs, One For All not withstanding. In this case, it’s important for champions to be as different from each other as possible. If two champs have similar mechanics, it’s easy to evaluate which one is the best choice, usually just based on higher damage or stats. In this case, not having enough differences can lead to lack of diversity. While it’s advisable to build teams with some synergy, there’s a ton more flexibility and much less of the Tetris feeling.

TLDR, champ similarity isn’t a League value.



Upcoming Buffs for Rumble


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Right now, the balance team is looking into Rumble buffs for an upcoming patch. With All-Stars, we’re unsure if that will be 4.6 or 4.7 (or later…), but there’s a few top laners we’d like to bring up – Rumble is one of them.




Can you give Vandal Twitch his green shades on his visual update?


Ququroon Button Rioter Morello: We’re investigating changes on this now.





State of Skarner


RiotScruffy Button Rioter RiotScruffy: We still have plans for Skarner, mostly in the realm of bringing excitement and a bit of the old identity that people liked about the old Skarner back.

We can keep a lot of the gameplay gains (versatility, windows of power/weakness) and add a bit more stickiness/cc control that people liked about the old kit. I’ve been in ongoing discussions about these changes with a lot of the team, and I should get down to implementing them sometime next week. When we have a more final changelist, I’ll let you know what we intend to do.



Is Support Gragas a possibility after the rework?


Riot Zephyreal Button Rioter Riot Zephyreal: When I first saw his kit on the community beta thread I immediately thought support Gragas. He now has 3 forms of CC at 6, his knockback on E is either tied or slightly further back than Thresh flay, and his Q slow is pretty heavy if there is any sort of charge up time (which you can set up with combos with his E or even more impressively his R).

His passive is also pretty sweet since he has to go kind of close with his body slam for trades, so that extra heal is nice if he can manage the passive timer well. But also given the fact that the E knocks back and stuns, he pretty safe to begin with if he wants to do an E+Q combo for harass. I’m literally chunking people for 35-40% HP (depending on Q charge) and walking away without a care in the world.

The one downside is that you’re not flanking much in laning phase as support Gragas to maximize the displacement on body slam, but again if you can combo a Q through an E (super easy with practice), it should be easy for your lane partner to follow up.


If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo.

Patch 4 Point 5 Banner

Patch 4.5

Hey Summoners,

It’s mid season! That doesn’t mean we’ll be making dramatic changes a la the 2014 preseason, but it does mean we can make some larger systemic changes in areas where we could. You’ll see this in places like the support item recipe cleanup and the addition of two foundational support items. While we’re not planning to completely change the landscape, this does mean that supports will be able to keep pace when purchasing ability power items and, in the future we’ll be able to build out more support itemization paths for those who want it.

Also included in this patch are two gameplay updates (that’s what we’re calling ’em): Rengar and Gragas. Rengar’s got some new tools to actually contribute to an ongoing team fight, while Gragas has traded some of his long-range barrel-sniping power for scrappy in-your-face brawlin’ strength. Our overarching philosophy behind these two changes was mostly due to their binary gameplay, where both had clear success cases (usually involving the absolute destruction of a single target before they knew it) but, when they weren’t succeeding, they were rarely allowed to contribute in meaningful ways. You can find out more details by reading below, but our goals were to provide more tools and, generally speaking, more cool things to do in a fight. Like belly slams.

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Patch 4 point 5 Notes

Disclaimer: This is completely legitimate news. Confirmed on Saint’s stream.



Pwyff Troll IconRiotPwyff:  Summoners! In preparation for the future of League, aka Ultra Rapid Fire mode, we’re releasing Patch 4.5 to fix the existing balance issues and make some new ones. The focus of this patch is reworks and player fun, so the new Champion, Helmet Bro, will have to wait. Enjoy reading!



Patch 4.5





Lee Sin New Portrait

Context: A while ago someone leaked our April Fools patch notes for Lee Sin. This left us with nothing cool to show off for Lee Sin on April 1st, so we’re just posting his actual rework.


FlurryFlurry [ Passive ]

  • After using a spell, Lee Sin gains bonus health regeneration for 5 seconds.


Sonic_WaveSonic Wave [ Q ]

  • Now applies a 2-second bleed that scales with AP.


Resonating_StrikeResonating Strike [ Q ]

  • Removed.


SafeguardSafeguard [ W ]

  • If cast on a ward, depletes Lee Sin’s energy bar, roots him in place and goes on a 30-second cooldown.


TempestTempest [ E ]

  • Makes visible enemy Champions go in stealth.


CrippleCripple [ Reactivate E ]

  • Now applies the Cripple debuff to Lee Sin as well.


Dragon's_RageKitty Punch [ R ] (renamed)

Damage reduced from 200 / 400 / 600 (+200% bonus AD) to 50 / 100 / 150 (+100% bonus AD)



Yasuo New Portrait

Context: We never pushed Yasuo’s concept, because we were afraid we’d have to release a broken Champion with too many mechanics. We decided to play it safe so we removed cooldowns, gave him three passives, infinite gap-closing, 50% Armor Penetration, hard CC and a spell that counters 95% of the game. Logically, he proved far too weak to survive in the meta. With this rework we’re bringing back a lot of the “crazy” mechanics we scrapped during development. Hopefully, this will lift Yasuo’s miserable 80% win-rate.


Way_of_the_WandererWay of the Wanderer [ Passive ]

  • Now lets Yasuo choose an additional passive that any of the other Champions in LoL have.


Steel_TempestSteel Tempest [ Q ]

  • Can now be toggled to fling katana swords at enemies from Caitlyn range. Note that this is just an alternate way to cast Steel Tempest.


Empowered_Steel_TempestEmpowered Steel Tempest [ Third Q ]

  • Yasuo’s third ranged attack impales target enemy in place. Critical hit chance increases the duration of the stun.


Wind_WallWindwall [ W ]

  • Now correctly blocks Tower hits, melee attacks, non-projectile attacks and basically everything in the game ever.


Sweeping_BladeSweeping Blade [ E ]

  • Refills Yasuo’s Flow to maximum when cast.


Last_BreathRiot Please [ R ] (renamed)

  • Range is now global. Spawns a second Yasuo where the spell was cast from who continues to farm minions.






Ahri New Portrait


CharmCharm [ E ]

  • Charmed targets now permanently fall in love with Ahri and will follow her in other games. Ezreal is immune to this.


Context: Since Ahri’s rework, we had a lot of Diamond smurfs (with suspicious Bronze icons) tell us she’s ruined and that they’re moving to DotA because it’s a better company. We’re excited to see Ahri on the pro-scene again and we hope we can fulfill your fantasy of Shiphtur commanding an army of LCS players. Yes, she can still be your waifu.



Alistar New Portrait


Unbreakable_WillUnbreakable Will [ R ]

  • Mana cost increased from 100 to 150. (see context)


Context: A recent complaint on Reddit was that Alistar’s level 5 Q and W cost more than his ultimate. We realize this is confusing for players who still pick Alistar in Ranked, so we’ve fixed it. Next patch we plan to rework his Headbutt so it always sends enemies towards your ADC for free kills.



Anivia New Portrait


RebirthRebirth [ Passive ]

  • Instead of reviving, Anivia will now self-destruct after 6 seconds.


Context: We recently found an issue where Anivia would revive after dying. I think we can all agree that revive passives are broken-as-fudge toxic gameplay, but we still want Anivia players to have that experience of being completely helpless for several seconds.



New Portrait Heimerdinger


H-28Q_Apex_TurretH-28Q Apex Turret [ R + Q ]

  • Every third attack now spews out a regular turret.


Context: We had a report on NA servers that a melee Champion actually managed to lane versus Heimerdinger and trade kills. This is unacceptable and ruins the status of Heimer as the Overlord who Bathes in your Tears. These spawned turrets do not count towards Heimer’s maximum turret count and are simply there so you can die quicker when you decide to 1v1 him.



Irelia New Portrait


Hiten_StyleHiten Style [ W ]

  • Damage and heal removed. Can still be cast for the pretty light effect.


Context: Irelia is just far too overwhelming on top lane. Having infinite sustain and free harass combo on top of being able to 2v1 the enemy top and jungle on level 6 with Dominus is making a lot of top laners obsolete currently. Wait, what’s an Irelia?



Lissandra New Portrait


Glacial_PathGlacial Path [ E ]

  • Bugfix: Now correctly grabs enemies hit by it and pulls them towards Lissandra.


Frozen_TombFrozen Tomb [ R ]

  • Base damage increased from 150 / 250 / 350 to 450 / 675 / 950 and 450 / 900 / 1350 with Shatter talent.


Context: No context.



Lulu New Portrait


Whimsy Whimsy [ W ]

  • Added a variety of sweet products that Lulu can turn enemies into – muffins, croissants, dunkin’ donuts and gummy bears.


Context: We realize Lulu is a big problem in mid lane, so we nerfed Rabadon’s Deathcap (see below) and focused on the fun aspects of Polymorph.



Nidalee New Portrait

  • All spells except Javelin Toss have been removed.
  • Mana removed. Nidalee now drains the fun and joy out of the enemy team to cast spells.


Javelin_TossJavelin Toss [ Q ]

  • Cooldown removed.
  • Range is now global.


Context: In the office, we like to imagine that most Nidalee mains are sociopaths who throw rocks at people on the street. We understand they derive their fun experience from chugging half of someone’s health bar with invisible spears every 3 seconds, so we decided to focus on that aspect of Nidalee. We also made new Splash art for her, check below!



Teemo New Portrait

  • Occasionally cites Dante’s “Divine Comedy” in lane.


 Blinding_DartBlinding Dart [ Q ]

  • Target enemy’s display turns blinding white for the duration of the spell.


Noxious_TrapNoxious Trap [ R ]

  • Now plants claymores instead of mushrooms. Damage is instant.



Skarner New Portrait

  • Health at level 1 increased from 536 to 546.


ImpaleImpale [ R ]

  • Now tickles target enemy instead of rooting.
  • Applies a 10% slow for every second the enemy spends laughing at how bad Skarner is.


Context: We’re kind of pushing the limits here, but we want Skarner to be a viable pick. The extra 10 hit points will let Skarner tank an additional fifth of an auto attack, giving him complete dominance in the early game. To compensate, we’re reducing the amount of power he has when his ult is up and the enemy is reconnecting.



Minor Changes and Bug Fixes



Fiora New Portrait


Blade_WaltzBlade Waltz [ R ]

  • Can no longer be cast on Champions. Still available for minion-farming.
  • Now properly disables Flash when used until the spell comes off cooldown. (see thread for context)

Context: We realized Blade Walts only works for people who understand how often it doesn’t work. Since pro-players now know she has 4 spells, she’ll probably become a contested LCS pick unless we act. We’re fixing this along with quality of life changes to her Flash.





Taste_Their_FearTaste Their Fear [ Q ]

  • Grasshopper now makes nature sounds when a target is isolated.



Jinx New Portrait

  • If Jinx kills Officer Caitlyn or Officer Vi, the player is immediately mailed Ice-T merchandise.



Nidalee New Portrait

  • Splash art updated.

Context: Two years ago we did a visual update for Nidalee, but financial constraints prevented us from making new splash arts for her skins. Well, that’s no longer the case! Here’s one of her new Splash arts:


Best Nidalee Art World

New Nidalee Splash Art




  • Makes a webcam shot of the enemy’s face when Rengar comes out of stealth. Automatically uploads it to player’s Facebook wall.



Map Vision Bugs

  • Random champion icons now again appear on the minimap for no reason.
  • Standing inside a brush sometimes grants random amounts of vision.

Context: We’ve read tons of letters from fans who told us how fond they were of the countless vision bugs and so we brought them back. From now on, bugs in patches will be referred to as “features”.





Black_King_Bar_iconBlack King Bar

  • Grants immunity to magic damage and crowd control for 6 seconds.
  • Free if you buy an indie bundle.


Heart_of_Gold_itemHeart of Gold

  • Cost: 825 Gold. Grants 5 Gold per 10 seconds and 200 Health.
  • Can be upgraded to Squirtle.



  • Cost: 1250 Gold. Grants 10 Gold per 10 seconds and 350 Health.
  • Causes your Champion to spray water jets at enemies when low on life.


Last_WhisperLast Whisper

  • Ranged carries can now get this item for free as a Trinket.


Rabadon's_DeathcapRabadon’s Deathcap

  • No longer grants % increase to AP.


Context: This change will hopefully reduce Lulu’s dominance in mid lane.



Twisted Treeline


exclamation iconNew Mode Added: Save the Poros!

  • Poros spawn randomly around the map. Both teams have 15 minutes to collect as many Poros as they can and bring them to their respective Fountains. Note that in Save the Poros! Vilemaw can move freely around the map and consume Poros.

Note: Rengo and Grasshopper are unavailable in Save the Poros!



My Info Article Ending


Pantheon Gragas Banner


Youtube Icon




Why Pantheon was Reworked

A post popped up on the PBE community forums explaining the recent changes to Pantheon.



SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Hey guys, SmashGizmo here to give some more context and details on the Pantheon changes you’ve already seen on the PBE today.

Pantheon’s one of the biggest benefactors we’ve seen from the recent spirit stone changes, and while we don’t innately dislike him as a jungler, we would like to both add some options for his opponents against his ganks and smooth out his historically lopsided power curve a bit.

The current changelist that’s on PBE is still very fresh and subject to tuning before it hits live, but here is the current full list of changes:


Aegis_ProtectionAegis Protection [ Passive ]

  • Now will block the attack of any siege minion or large jungle monster instead of a damage value based on his character level


Aegis_of_ZeoniaAegis of Zeonia [ W ]

  • Stun duration changed from 1 second at all ranks to 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5


Grand_SkyfallGrand Skyfall [ R ]

  • Channel time reduced from 2 seconds to 0.5
  • Landing time (after circle appears) increased from 1.5 seconds to 2
  • Cast range reduced from 5500 at all ranks to 2000/2500/3000
  • Cooldown reduced from 150/135/120 seconds to 150/125/100


The passive changes are a straightforward modernization of the ability to make it reliably block the minions and monsters that Pantheon wants it to block.

W’s changes are aimed at power curve adjustment and I will be monitoring how much this makes his early ganks less brutal to weigh the gains vs. pain to Pantheon players.

R’s changes are a bit larger in scope and are trying to address a wider breadth of problems. The range reduction is there to allow opponents to ward more effectively versus jungle Pantheon, while the landing time increase is there to give opponents more time to react to an incoming Pantheon gank. The two together may be hurting Pantheon’s level 6 ganks too much, but I tend to go overboard with my initial changes and then tone it back with iterations when I get a better sense of what changes are actually accomplishing. The channel time reduction, on the other hand, is aimed at addressing Pantheon’s ult usability in teamfights and skirmishes. I’m hoping that this will give Pantheon some stronger options when using his ult more reactively, such as being able to escape dicey situations in enemy territory or quickly repositioning mid-teamfight. With this larger emphasis on mid-fight usability from his ult, I also wanted to reduce the late game cooldown so that he will realistically have it as a play making tool in almost every late game fight.

Just to reiterate, these changes are hot off the presses and are subject to go through some iteration before they hit live, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging without any context and missing pieces of the changelist.



Gragas rework

Gragas has been dominating in competitive play and Solo Queue and is being taken down a notch. Not your usual nerfs this time – we get a full rework! (for better or worse)



Solcrushed Button Rioter Solcrushed: Hey Summoners,

Although Gragas in his inception was designed as an AP brawler mixing it up with the enemy, he has historically been played as a mid AP nuke/poker. While we were fine with this, the recent resurgence of Gragas as a top pick has brought to our attention the problems inherent in this playstyle.

Gragas currently possesses strengths of long range burst, tankiness and disengage- carried by AP ratios on Q and R being so high that they will effectively two-shot you. This combination of strengths do not make much sense (why do you need tankiness if you are a sniper? Etc.) and are unhealthy for the game.

However, since Gragas was never designed as a sniper, he does not have enough tools he needs to be a valued pick if he is not two-shotting people. Therefore, just nerfing his current damage numbers will ‘Olaf’ him (his win rates are already super low for most players). When we looked at Gragas as a character, it made much more sense to retain the tankiness while hitting the long range burst damage and grant him the tools to succeed while being in the thick of the fight, rather than turn him into a fragile long range sniper, hence the rework. We are attempting to reposition Gragas as more of a bruiser/tank that better reflects the fantasy of being a large drunk dude who gives no @#[email protected] while ramming into people.

The direction of the important changes are below, along with the points of feedback (both playing as and against) I am mainly looking for!


Barrel_RollBarrel Roll [ Q ]

  • Damage reduced
  • Now slows Movement Speed instead of Attack Speed
  • Now deals more damage and slows for more as the barrel sits out


This lowers his effectiveness as a poke mage (since no one will be standing in the barrel radius for any amount of time) and gives more incentive to ‘combo’ his spells to knock people into a barrel.

The coolest play Gragas makes is when he uses Explosive Cask to knock the enemy into a Barrel that has been sitting outside and we wanted to incentivize that. The new effect on Body Slam will also synergize with this ability.

Feedback Point

Do you feel that this ability gives enough payoff for hitting the charged barrel?
Is his prowess as a poke mage too strong for how much cc he brings?


Drunken_RageDrunken Rage [ W ]

  • Much lower CD and duration, grants a one time hit bonus instead of AD.
  • Gragas can also move while drinking.
  • No longer restores mana.


The current Drunken Rage is a very dull spell that is simply a chore to upkeep. There are almost no cases where Gragas engages without this buff and there is very sparse gameplay associated with the trigger or the effect.

The new iteration hopes to create a more windowed effect to his DR and damage so there is richer play and counterplay. Also a Gragas who is drinking more often is a more awesome Gragas.

Feedback Point

Does the spell grant appropriate defenses to allow Gragas to function in melee?
Is there a pronounced success/failure case when Gragas uses his W at the right time?


Body_SlamBody Slam [ E ]

  • Now stuns and slightly knocks enemies back instead of slowing them.


We have moved some power from Barrel Roll to Body Slam to give him the tools be valuable without needing to deal tons of damage. Gragas should be able to function as a mid-teamfight brawler that acts like a brick wall for enemies trying to get past him and gum up the fight.

Feedback Point

Does the spell offer a good enough incentive for you to duke it out in melee?


Explosive_CaskExplosive Cask [ R ]

  • Deals less damage


Explosive Cask is already an awesome ability that requires mastery to use to full potential with amazing payoffs. However, currently it deals too much damage that dilutes its own strengths (You don’t care about where you knock the enemy if he just dies from the explosion).

We wanted the spell to be focused on its cool and unique strength – a huge radius ranged knockback.





New Lee Sin Changes

The community agreed that Lee Sin’s recently proposed rework had major issues. So now that the balancing team went back to the drawing board, let’s see what they’ve come up with.



RiotChun Button Rioter Riot-chun: Hey everyone,

I read through all your replies / feedback on our Lee Sin retune, and I have made some changes! But before I get to them, I think there’s some misunderstanding to why we’re making the changes to Lee Sin and how these changes will impact him. Some of you read my posts and responded (good feedback!), but a lot just saw lower numbers and got angry (not good!). So a few things:


• From our changes, it felt like Lee Sin’s ‘identity’ was under attack (assassin early > utility tank late / strong early > weak late)

Changing Lee Sin’s identity was never our intention! If it seemed like that, then your feedback is good in checking us.

 From our own understanding (and your feedback), we see Lee Sin as a risky, high-skill champion who makes really cool plays in the early game and gets rewarded for that playstyle (especially in the early game where small-scale skirmishes take place). The problem was that he had very low risk because of his raw strength in stats and abilities that even if he made a misplay, he could always recover. We are absolutely fine with early game Lee being strong and late game Lee being weaker than most, but we wanted to create real risk for Lee in the early game and, if he succeeds, give him a path forward to play in the late game. This is more true (but not absolutely driven by) competitive play, which is more focused on early power champions. Speaking of competitive, early game Lee Sin (for teams that can play him) is so strong that he often crowds out any alternative choice (because there’s very little he can’t do for the demands of competitive junglers).

 Late game Lee Sin is the opposite – the most frustrating part was that he lost a lot of relevancy late game no matter how well he did early game (this is important!). Late game Lee has no prolonged threat to give him a presence except his initiation (which can be very unreliable), so he has to pull off an extremely mechanically difficult play to be considered “successful,” and then he’s almost completed his job. If Lee can’t pull off that kind of play, he gets punished for “misplaying.” Even if Lee makes a lot of successful ganks and goes into the late game with a lot of kills, he often loses because he has no strong way to take advantage of it (unless he’s really, really far ahead). We wanted to give Lee Sin some options while staying true to his perceived power curve of being strong early and weaker late.

 A summary here would be that we like champions who are strong early or are strong late, but at least part of those strengths should come from player skill and not all the champion being picked. I know Lee Sin ‘feels’ very balanced because all of his abilities are skill shots, but he keeps a lot of his power even when he fails, which isn’t true of a lot of champions.


• Nobody appreciates the attack speed buffs on Flurry.

 I made a mistake in communicating this the first time, so I’ll say this: this isn’t a buff to how Lee Sin is played right now, but it’s a buff to how he can be played when he has a real late game presence. I wish I could show you how much smoother Lee Sin feels to play with these changes because it lets him get his energy back from Flurry so he can use more spells. He’s also a lot ‘stickier’ in following opponents because he can get a few attacks out in between his abilities (and much faster).

 In late game team fights Lee Sin is very weak so he could only use his spells for damage. The attack speed buff to Flurry means he can finally deal sustained damage at all points in the game so he’s not trapped in only finding the ideal initiation window (insec play).


• Ward Hopping was too punishing.

 Once again, we like the play pattern and think it’s cool, but it was giving Lee tons of frustrating mobility without real offensive / defensive tradeoffs. We’re very firm on that belief! But from your feedback, it was clear that energy cost increases on Safeguard would make Lee no longer able to perform his best combo, so we’ve reverted it. We still need to make some kind of tradeoff here, so he’ll be giving up the safety of the self-shield if he jumps to minions / wards.

 We also think it’s important to reduce a little bit of Lee’s frustrating mobility moments so we’re also sticking with the increased base cooldown that gets reduced when you cast it on an allied champion. This also rewards / incentivizes Lee to cooperate with his team instead of being a self-sufficient monk.


• The change to Dragon’s Rage was too different from what Lee currently has.

 Agree. With so many changes in this retune it could be easy to see this change as just a damage nerf. In the early to mid game, Dragon’s Rage is mostly used as a high damage execute and in the late game, Dragon’s Rage is mostly used as a positioning / ‘insec’ play to isolate a target. We made this change to add more consistency in the choice while also reducing some of Dragon’s Rage’s really high early game power. So you would choose to either isolate a target from his/her team, or you would choose to kick someone into the enemy team for massive damage. This would be a choice you could always take throughout the game rather than one you’re forced you take because your power fell off.

 Still, it’s a lot of change so we’re going to keep it like it is on live (but we’ll still need to reduce the damage on it because it deals really high base damage, especially when Lee is ahead). I still think it’s important that there be a tradeoff between isolating a target or dealing maximum damage, but we’ll think of that in the future.

 Now that I’ve written so much… you can have the changes! I really hope you take the time to read through the above so you can understand the changes below. I also noticed some misunderstanding behind total attack damage versus bonus attack damage. While it does seem like some values are much lower than their current live values, the scaling with total attack damage means Lee Sin will scale better into late game but will snowball less when he gets a bunch of AD items in the early game.


   FlurryFlurry [ Passive ]

  • Attack Speed bonus increased  from 40% at all levels to 40/60/80/100% (at levels 1/6/11/16)


Sonic_WaveSonic Wave [ Q ]

  • Damage changed from 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.9 Bonus AD) to 15/35/55/75/95 (+0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9 Total AD)


Resonating_StrikeResonating Strike [ Reactivate Q ]

  • Damage changed from 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.9 Bonus AD) to 15/35/55/75/95 (+0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9 Total AD)
  • Now deals up to 50% bonus damage (150% total damage) based on the target’s missing Health, changed from 8% of the target’s missing Health


SafeguardSafeguard [ W ]

  • No longer grant shield on himself if dashes towards non-champion unit
  • Cooldown increased from 9 seconds to 14
  • Cooldown is now reduced by 50% if cast on an allied champion (excluding self)


TempestTempest [ E ]

  • Damage changed from 60/95/130/165/200 (+1.0 Bonus AD) to 20/40/60/80/100 (+0.6 total AD)
  • Now deals physical damage instead of magic


CrippleCripple [ Reactivate E ]

  • Slow decay now updates more quickly (every 0.25 seconds instead of every 1 second)
  • Slow decay now correctly takes into account disable reducing effects such as Tenacity (if the slow duration is being reduced, the slow will now decay more quickly)


Dragon's_RageDragon’s Rage [ R ]

Damage changed from 200/400/600 (+2.0 Bonus AD) to 150/300/450 (+2.0 Bonus AD)

Comment from user Xero:

Reading through the comments, you guys actually really need to realize this is actually more of a buff than it is a nerf – it’s just that his pre3 isn’t as strong as it used to be, and that’s still hardly by much. His mid game potential has been boosted dramatically.

Here’s some math with just base stats:

r>q>e>w skill path

q 1, 4, 7, 8, 9

w 3, 14, 15, 17, 18

e 2, 5, 10, 12, 13

base: 55.8 +3.2

old 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.9 Bonus AD)
new 15/35/55/75/95 (+0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9 Total AD) = 42.9/76.16/109.74/140.12/171.14

old 60/95/130/165/200 (+1.0 Bonus AD)
new 20/40/60/80/100 (+0.6 total AD) = 57.32/83.08/112.68/136.52/158.44

r>q>w>e skill path

q 1, 4, 7, 8, 9

w 2, 5, 10, 12, 13

e 3, 14, 15, 17, 18

old 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.9 Bonus AD)
new 15/35/55/75/95 (+0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9 Total AD) = 32.9/76.16/109.74/140.12/171.14

old 60/95/130/165/200 (+1.0 Bonus AD)
new 20/40/60/80/100 (+0.6 total AD) = 59.24/100.36/122.28/146.12/168.04

skills at lvl 18
q old: 170
q new: 197.06

e old: 200
e new: 168.04

While, yes, Tempest looks like it’s been nerfed, you also have to take into account that that total AD scaling will outscale the bonus AD scaling at some point (too lazy to find out when that point is.) It shouldn’t take much AD to outscale it though. The only thing actually nerfed in terms out damage is his ult.

Guys, Riot is actually helping you out. They’re sacrificing a bit of his early game – which again hasn’t really even been scratched that much – to give Lee Sin an even better mid game and less of a falling off at late game.



Sivir Heimer banner


Heimerdinger First Impressions

Red Post Collection



Heimerdinger First Impressions


See what we think of the recent changes!





Here’s the breakdown:


Techmaturgical Repair Bots ( Passive )


Techmaturgical_Repair_BotsStill that one passive your duo buddy says is good when he/she picks Heimer support.




H-28G Evolution Turret ( Q )


H-28G_Evolution_TurretScience: They’re definitely a lot tougher this time around, but they don’t have the special upgrades-per-level anymore. At level 1 Heimerdinger can only store one turret in reserve, but he easily can drop the maximum (3) before minions have spawned. These new turrets hit slower and deal less damage, but to compensate, they occasionally fire lasers automatically which can hit both enemy creep and Champions. They do so once a gauge below their health bar is filled. It takes 12 seconds for a turret to build up to a laser shot, but the first one can be fired as early as 2-3 seconds after the turret’s been placed. The activation range of the laser is around 650-675 (the laser itself is much bigger) and is displayed via an AoE circle around Heimerdinger’s turrets. If Heimerdinger isn’t within 1200 range of his turrets for 8 seconds, they will shut down.

Gameplay: The added laser beams allow Heimer to both bully melee Champions out of lane and discourage assassins from jumping on him. Even though the additional attack is a skillshot of sorts, it’s really hard to dodge by just walking to the side and it actually travels way further than its shown range. Aside from that the turrets are very much similar – less sustained damage but more resists, they can still easily push most Champions to their tower… and they can still get eaten/thrown/smited. One neat feature is a sound that plays whenever turrets hit a Champion off-screen – this can be heard only by whoever’s playing Heimer and it greatly encourages the use of turrets as wards. An awesome map-awareness feature all-around – place one near Dragon’s cave to warn your teammates of any grouping there. Max this ability if you want to just farm up and push, old-school Heimer style.



Hextech Micro-Rockets (W)


Hextech_Micro-RocketsScience: A unique skillshot – Heimer’s rockets now cluster at the location of your cursor and spread out afterwards. Like most multi-hit abilities, consecutive hits on the same enemy deal less damage (20% on Champions, 60% on minions). The rockets outrange most mids, but they cost a lot of mana.

Gameplay: The projectiles become slower the longer they travel – Heimer players will need to get a feeling for how much they have to lead their targets based on distance. The rockets don’t actually deal AoE damage, so you should place your cursor in front of creeps when farming to fan them out. Heimer’s new W is similar to Nidalee’s spear in that it gets blocked by the first target hit – pressure the enemy with your turrets to force him to leave the safety of his minion wall before harassing with rockets (don’t overextend to aim). During laning this is a poke-trade tool – max this first if you’re against someone who’s gonna jump at you often and leave it second if your opponent is passive.

When dealing with tower-huggers, spread the ability a bit towards the end so there’s less chance it can be dodged. During teamfights it’s best to consider this a single-target nuke- the weird skillshot makes it difficult to aim at several enemies. Overall this is a really cool ability to use and it deals some impressive damage – hitting all 5 rockets is near-equal to Malzahar’s E.



CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade ( E )


CH-1_Concussion_GrenadeScience: Instead of blinding, the grenade now slows targets hit. Enemies in the center are again stunned. The projectile is significantly faster but deals less damage than its old iteration. Also, it no longer flies in a straight line – it’s instead lobbed in the air (you know, like an actual grenade).

Gameplay: You can now hit enemies who aren’t DC-ed with a grenade! It really is Heimer’s most considerable change as it makes the ability so much less situational – it’s a great initiator to a gank, a viable poking tool in lane and a reactive escape mechanism. The damage is less, however, meaning you won’t be nuking with the grenade as much as you’ll be using it for its slow/stun. Take one point in the ability for the control it provides.



UPGRADE!!! ( R )


UPGRADE!!!Science: The next ability is Empowered and free-to-cast. This doesn’t reset Heimerdinger’s existing cooldowns. UPGRADE!!! is only considered used when an Empowered ability is actually fired – it will otherwise be canceled after 3 seconds or if the ability is reactivated before that.

Gameplay: Heimer’s new ult carries a sort of Karma-esque vibe, with a lot of decision making and game-changing abilities, but less of that passive power the old ult’s CDR provided.


RWH-28Q Apex Turret (R+Q)


  • Places a giant freaking turret on the ground. This one doesn’t cut into Heimer’s existing turret cap, charges its laser two times faster, hits in an AoE, slows enemies, deals more damage with both its auto attacks and automated beam and pays your bills.


RQHextech Rocket Swarm (R+W)


  • Fires 4 waves of rockets, each with its own (increased) damage cap. They’re shot almost immediately, but they all follow the first one’s skillshot path. Late game (~600 AP) this ability can deal more damage than Syndra’s ult if she had 7 spheres up.


RECH-3X Lightning Grenade (R+E)


  • Lobs a grenade that, after landing, bounces 3 more times, dealing damage and slowing each time. The slow %, area of effect and base damage are all increased. Enemies can only be affected by the slow/stun of the ability once. The bounce is uncontrollable – the grenade will always bounce in the direction it was thrown.



Why this new Heimer is a step forward


As the video suggests, the new kit allows Heimerdinger players a lot more decision-making during games -  should I use my turrets to scout, place them in the back so I can farm at peace or perhaps pressure the enemy laner with lasers so he can expose himself to rocket hits? This kind of organic strategy translates into teamfights – should I use my ult to make a bigger turret for higher DPS, fire a Rocket Swarm to quickly nuke down an enemy or lob an upgraded grenade into the fray to help with CC?

With the remake of his grenade, we can finally see Heimer’s E being used consistently and successfully. No longer is the Turret Master forced to wave his wrench awkwardly whenever his jungler ganks the enemy laner – now he can set up the gank himself. Aside from that, a lot of counterplay has been introduced into Hextech Rockets – though they can potentially deal much higher single-target damage, they can now be dodged, limiting the frustration that laning against Heimer often imposed.

What do you guys think of the new Heimer? Do you think you’ll enjoy playing him? Will he be a competitive pick? Share below!



The math behind Ahri’s rework


Ahri banner

A fellow Summoner has released an impressive number of spreadsheets and graphs showing Ahri’s performance pre- and post- PBE changes.



Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: As a math nerd, I have a few bones to pick with the data you put up:

1. You are showing “difference in damage” and not “total damage dealt.” It’s really easy to make a super biased graph that says, “LOOK GUYS, FOUR HUNDRED DAMAGE DIFFERENT” except that when your full burst is 4,000 damage, no one cares that you killed TWO Ashes. She’s already dead. Showing the numbers in context of actual damage dealt gives a much fairer view of “pain.”

2. There’s a lot of extraneous useless points on the graphs. Tracking Ahri’s 800 AP burst at level 5 is disingenuous because that’s actually impossible in a real-game situation. I realize some cropping may make the graphs harder to track, but showing, “Damn -140 on a level 4 Q-W combo?” is extremely bias-inducing.

3. Your choices in data are disingenuous. What I saw from your graphs are that in almost every single case, your single target damage goes up if you land charm. That’s the intended behavior. Showing “GUYS SHE DOES SEVEN HUNDRED LESS DAMAGE (if you count ambient damage to targets you don’t actually care about because they’ll hit minions most of the time anyway and she still one-shot your ADC) is really, really, really poor form. You sought out the worst possible situation, one that actually doesn’t ever happen in game, and then said, “LOOK HOW BADLY SHE GOT RAPED GUYS!”

Now, here’s the thing about Ahri’s design that we’re looking to change.

1. A freaking ton of her damage comes from non-skill shots. That’s why the nerfs are aimed at W and R. Because you don’t get to outplay Ahri. If she has the stats on you, you just die. You can’t outrun her. You can’t CC her for long enough. You can’t even juke her. You just die if she hits her buttons in the right order.

2. As a result of this, we are saying “Okay well your guaranteed damage isn’t very high unless you land a skill shot first.” Suddenly, counterplay! And with the fact that her single-target burst goes up in every single situation but one, I’m pretty sure the numbers are close. Your graphs also support this. The problem is, you’ve clouded that by saying, “But she does less damage to minions 95% of the time!”



Are these changes not nerfs?


Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: I am not denying that we’re nerfing Ahri.

I’m denying the sevrrity of the nerfs to Ahri. I’m denying that she’s nerfed at all if she lands Charm.

The point of the changes is to condition her high damage upon landing Charm.



Sivir – new looks, same range


Sivir Banner

Morello jumps on the forums to explain the team’s decision to leave Sivir struggling to reach the creep wave.



morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: There’s a lot of moving pieces on the Sivir rework, for sure. Let’s talk about a couple of points (this is a well-reasoned, if long, post so I want to highlight it as a good way to have a discussion).

I do want to address the “the only way to fix her is to make her have equivalent attack range”. My core stance is that Sivir now has a number of levers we can use to tune her correctly. I’m actually not terribly interested in what the current tuning is because that can be fixed quickly as long as the core gameplay is good, but we’ll talk about where that’s true and not on the new kit.

1) Sivir’s short range is largely a cost she pays to allow ricochet to be more aggressively tuned. This wasn’t the case before the VU because of ricochet being more basic and not adding a ton of pressure on its own, but the new ricochet allows for higher-pressure haraass while wave-clearing to create a more claustrophobic lane for enemies. Original Sivir had a long range and an uncapped ricochet, which basically prevented her from exposing herself to opponents at all. It was like a super-Caitlyn!

The new W looks to go back closer to that paradigm. While not uncapped still, ricochet is core to Sivir’s power and should be tuned as aggressively as we can manage – it is, afterall, the most defining, non-power feature of the character. The nice part of the new one is that its built as a variable number of shots.

For example, let’s say 3’s too low. Sivir is likely insane if we made that number “your next 300 shots.” There’s a number between 3 and 300 that makes this skill satisfying and balanced, and we’ll be looking for that number (along with other tweaks that make Ricochet do its job better). It has a cooldown window and resets attacks, providing at least basic decision-making and counterplay to use.

2) Sivir’s core strategic strengths are pretty unique; marksman-level AOE damage, high mid-game burst thanks to Q double-hitting, and a team-based engage/disengage skill. That means we should (and are) going to embrace those unique factors, while providing costs in other things other people do well. This likely places Sivir in a place that’s more niche than a Vayne, but that’s part of what having a a character stand out and be something that feels different is about. Balancing Sivir through homogenization is very possible, but not the direction we generally want to go wherever we can avoid it. If she’s not doing these things, then she has the hooks to tune them.

3) Sivir might be bad in some metas, and good in others. This is not only fine, but preferable. This goes a lot in-line with my above point, but this is more similar to Kog’Maw – other game states and comp choices will change the viability of that champion, especially as we’re thinking Sivir’s likely harder to play than some other characters.

So is Sivir perfectly balanced? Probably not – but that’s not the meaningful issue, especially as a character like her who has needed some work to be usable for quite awhile. Now, however, we have tuning points available to us to make sure we get her in the right spot, for the right reasons, all while making sure she has a space that’s all-her-own within LoL.



[Zerglinator] Why didn’t you make Ricochet a toggle?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: That version was untunable, because mana is not a good enough gate in both early and late game. X shots is, and allows us to give her an AA reset that can improve overall damage in all situations.




[RockMan EXE] Why are Sivir’s base stats so low?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Not sure (Statikk might!), but that’s very, very simple to fix. We can change base stats easily if it’s needed!





[Arlunn] Has the cast time on Sivir’s ultimate been removed?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: We were happy to fix that too!






[Typhnox] Was Sivir’s auto-attack reset a balance concern when you were reworking her W?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: For cooldown, yes, but for number of shots, they’re independent. That gives us a lot more control over this spell so we can balance it as we see how it goes.




[Blaine Tog] Why, then, is Jinx allowed to have so much range on her Rocket Launcher?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Might be hard to tune, haha. But bounces are more wild – they scale very differently in different situations, where AOE/Range is more concrete.





[HigeR] Why was the team AS aura buff removed from Sivir’s ult?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: We talked about that, and this was a tough choice here. We agree the AOE AS buff gave her really cool synergy with certain team comps. MS is more universal, and thought that might also help her be useful on a wider variety of teams (something we thought she could use with her other specific power set).




[RockMan EXE] Will you make Sivir easier to last hit with?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Especially important that last-hitting feels good on marksmen, for sure. I’ll see what Statikk thinks (as he mentioned in his post, we’re worried good players on internal tests caused some conservatism on numbers).




[Ratastok] You should listen more to seasoned Sivir players


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: We did listen – we removed the cast time on her ult and allowed her to fill the lanes with bouncing missiles again, commonly-requested Sivir changes.. We just don’t do every single suggestions because we’ve given a laundry list of reasons why we’re choosing not to.

Remember we have a whole ecosystem to think about, and what “X champion players want” can be at costs to overall good health. We do what we can, but it’s rarely “everything.”



[HigeR] Can you decrease the CD on Sivir’s E to help her early game?


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Shield is mostly tun-able through CD – easy to do and valid.





[Irish Red Cap] Sivir doesn’t have a gap-closer


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Her ult’s a gap-closer – a pretty good one at that!

Are you really worried about the lane matchups, or teamfighting? It seems people are really focused on laning to me on this.

EDIT: So her team movement speed is NOT a gap-closer? dafuq.





[I am Trynda] Suggestion: Increase the number of bounces on W, reduce the bounce speed to introduce more counterplay


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Very true. If we can get away with more, I’d like to push on that when we see actual balance.





Balancing the right way: emphasizing on unique mechanics


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: OK, forums. Let’s talk.

I’ve seen more weird downvoting of informative posts lately, and in this case the message that sends to me is;

We want homogenized power, stop trying to carve out unique spaces for stuff because it might not be super powerful. “Just make it strong!”

Because if you’re telling me “don’t do what you just did,” that IS what is left over by default. Every single piece of power has a cost, and 50 range is a lot of power budget.

So what is the alternative? We can make Sivir “not quite as good Corki” at 550. Her ricochet would need to be nerfed, her ult less fight-changing, and ultimately, a pretty flat character who would be easy to replace with other marksmen.

I know that cost isn’t apparent because power is apparent, and there’s a lot of examples of powerful characters that do this. It’s like saying a mage is weak if it can’t burst.



[Luscious Lenny] Suggestion box


Don’t buff her range

Her W needs base damage. (heavily nerfed her crit sustain damage) 250 plus a crit.

AA animation needs to be cleaned up. (like you did with Ryze)

Base attack speed needs to be buffed back up. (6.2 come on man)

Do this and she will be a damm good adc

morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: Agreed – she’d be really strong like this.


morellovatar Button Rioter Morello: And this is why so much thrash happens on GD. There’s little understanding the difference between balanced and balancable. If it’s not the strongest, it’s trash, and its design is trash.

FFS. The disagreements don’t bother me (those can be very good!) the anger doesn’t bother me, it’s that I don’t have time to teach 10’s of millions of people about game design, but they want to tell you how much they know about how to do it. And without it, it will be a lot of posts like this that taunt me into posting on them instead of something good.


This goes towards the vocal minority that overshadows legitimate feedback. Simply telling off the developers on their work is no way to conduct a conversation. Please understand that Rioters are people, they’re just as easily affected by negative comments as you are, only they’re less inclined to show it. If you disrespect their effort to provide you a better experience at every turn, then how do you expect to be treated the next time around? Shallow complaints and whining doesn’t help the balancing team, it doesn’t help readers gain a perspective on the matter and it doesn’t help you feel any better about whatever change has happened.

I appreciate substantial comments on this site and I’ve started re-directing some of them to NA forums. Thanks to everyone who voices his/her concerns in a civilized manner!



QA on Heimerdinger’s rework – Part 3


heimerdinger banner

Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t!



[emTmyclipin2u] The missiles are a great skill to level up first in certain scenarios


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Yay! That’s exactly what I want to see. I put a bunch of effort into making sure Heimer could level W first if he queued a blind pick and ran into someone like Kart–a mage who can easily and efficiently destroy turrets.




[Echeerie] Can Heimerdinger move while casting R+W?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Yes.





[RainbowTrenches] How far does Heimerdinger have to move for his turrets to shut down?

20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: It’s the same range as passive, so you can make it visible by mousing over the passive icon, if that helps any.




[LordFacepunch] Suggestion: Passive rework – Heimerdinger’s turrets heal themselves and Heimer for 10% of the damage dealt


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Hmm, interesting. It gives the same resistance to mistakes and it doesn’t require concentration. It forces you to max Q in lane, but it wouldn’t take much fiddling to let you max W too. I’ll need time to think, but there’s potential here for sure.




[LordFacepunch] How tanky is the R+Q manmode turret?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: It actually does get a bunch more hp than normal turrets, and in fact is big enough to live through Smite, Consume etc. It might still be too squishy, just like the other turrets, but I figured I’d point it out :3



[Vakarian Garrus] Will Heimerdinger get a visual update?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: I’ve heard from players who follow the art bros that Heimer VU is likely, so it’s probably more a matter of when than if. I don’t have a ton of visibility into that stuff, I’ve been pretty absorbed into Heimerland for the last quite a while.



[SonicTheHedgedawg] How about adding a ranged damage reduction to turrets?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Our ADC playtesters got so mad at me when they couldn’t kill the turrets, so much rage you have no idea lol

I had a really hard time figuring out a damage reduction value that wouldn’t create “corki shoots turret twice, turret still alive” some of the time :[



[exec3] Why do turrets shoot slower now?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Slowing the attack speed down lets you pick its damage out of a crowd more easily. It also makes it feel bigger, which is cool, and more like a tower, which is awesome.




[SonicTheHedgedawg] Are you worried players will use turrets as wards?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Worried? I added a special sound to make them better wards ^^

Heimerdinger is all about invention and creativity, imo. I will do anything I can to support as much weird diversity as the Dinger can manage.



List of known bugs


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Hello! Just wanted to pop in and say I’m still reading every post, I’m just focused on wrangling all the bugs that PBE testing turned up.

Known bugs:


  • Turret resists not scaling with Heimer level (non-linear, basically only matters at levels 11+)
  • Tooltip on RQ slow incorrect
  • Tooltip on RQ duration bugged

Usability stuff:

  • Range indicator on Q placement as well as turret range size
  • Range post-deploy circle for RQ
  • Maaaaaaybe a way to check what turret was the last one placed? Not sure how doable this is, gonna be barking up this tree though

The weird thing about the resists bug is that it hasn’t proven as problematic as I thought. We’re definitely getting reports that they feel too squishy, but the impact is less than imagined and people are finding clever ways of playing around it. I’ll be checking in fixes for most of this stuff today, resists included, and I’ll be watching how they change the Heimer turret game very closely.

Specific stuff I’m looking for data on:

  • The special Heimer-only ‘turret hits champ’ sound. Annoying? Useful? Thoughts pls!
  • Turret tankiness at champ levels 11+. How fast are they dying? How fast are you replacing them? At how much CDR?
  • Turret AI bugs! I’ve heard scattered reports of the AI being dumb, but it’s hard to pin down.
  • Wacky playstyles! If you come up with a way to Dinger like no ding has donged before, please share it! This is way more important than it seems. Heimer is a bit of an oddball in that his balance depends hugely on how he’s played.

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback! I’m blown away by how big/awesome this thread is and I can’t wait for this to go live.




[Aerophobia] Doesn’t the shutdown range prevent Support Heimer from using the turrets as wards?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Yeah, I’m curious about this too. It’s my hope that it won’t be too oppressive to go within range every 8 seconds or so, specifically because the times when you can’t are also times when you’re pushed to your own tower, making the ward less necessary anyway. Support Heimers, is this true? Why or why not?



[NegativeZ3ro] Where does the new Heimer fit in terms of damage output?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: Heimer is a bit of an oddball. He puts out huge damage and can reduce a champ to dust very quickly, but he can’t do what Ahri type champs do in terms of jumping someone and killing them. His kills are more about forcing people to fight in his turrets or following up an ally’s engage with a rowdy RW.



How does Banner of Command interract with Heimer’s turrets?


20thCenturyFauxButton Rioter 20thCenturyFaux: It works on turret autoattacks but not turret beams. Note that this does include the Apex RQ turret’s autoattacks.





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Jinx Zilean Banner Final


PBE Update

Red Post Collection


Behind the Scenes: Jinx’s Loading Screen

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires October 14th



PBE Update

Massive changes to Ahri





Essence Theft ( Passive )

  • Now heals Ahri for (2 + Champion Level) +9% AP each time her passive-enhanced spells hit an enemy (changed from 35% Spell Vamp)


Fox-FireFox-Fire ( W )

  • Diminishing returns effect on same-target hits increased from 50% to 70%. Optimal damage  is now: 100% + 30% + 30%]
  • This effectively decreases the damage of Fox Fire from 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+0.8 AP) to 64 / 104 / 144 / 184 / 224 (0.64)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Fox-Fire to sometimes deal reduced damage to a target which should receive the standard damage amount
  • Now counts as an AoE damage source for the purposes of Spell Vamp and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter


CharmCharm ( E )

  • Mana cost changed from 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 to 90 at all ranks
  • Now increases the magic damage Ahri deals to the target by 20% for 4 seconds


Spirit_RushSpirit Rush ( R )

  • Damage reduced from 85 / 125 / 165 (+0.35 AP) to 70 / 105 / 140 (+0.25 AP)
  • Maximum damage decreased from 255 / 375 / 495 (+1.05 AP) to 210 / 315 / 420 (+0.75 AP)
  • Spirit Rush time limit decreased from 10 seconds to 7 seconds


Heimerdinger’s Rework






Techmaturgical Repair Bots ( Passive )

  • Techmaturgical_Repair_BotsHeimerdinger gives nearby allied champions and H-28G Evolution Turrets bonus health regeneration per 5 seconds.
  • 10/15/20/25/30 Hp5



H-28G Evolution Turret ( Q )

Cooldown: 1 || Mana Cost: 20

  • H-28G_Evolution_TurretPlaces a Turret at target location. Turret attacks and beams prioritize Heimerdinger’s targets and enemies attacking Heimerdinger. Their Health increases with Heimerdinger’s champion level and they shut down eight seconds after he moves out of the area.
  • Heimerdinger generates a Turret Kit every 24/23/22/21/20 seconds (modified by CDR), and can hold up to 1/1/2/2/3 Kits at once.

H-28G Evolution Turret Stats

  • Health: 150 (+25 / Champion level)
  • Attack – Cannon: 15/22/29/36/42 (+0.125 AP) magic damage
  • Attack – Beam: 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.5 AP) magic damage in a line, 12 second cooldown
  • Maximum Turrets: 3



Hextech Micro-Rockets ( W )

Cooldown: 11 || Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100/110

  • Hextech_Micro-RocketsUnleashes a barrage of 5 rockets that converge towards your cursor and fan out past it. Each rocket deals 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.45 AP) magic damage.
  • Enemies that are hit by more than one rocket take 20% magic damage for each additional rocket, max 105/160/215/270/325. Minions take 60% instead.
  • Targeting the rockets closer to Heimerdinger increases their spread.



CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade ( E )

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 || Mana Cost: 85

  • CH-1_Concussion_GrenadeHurls a grenade that deals 60/100/140/180/220 (+0.6 AP) magic damage to enemy units and slows their Movement Speed by 35% for 2 seconds. Enemies in the center of the blast are also stunned for 1.25 seconds.



UPGRADE!!! ( R )

Cooldown: 100/80/60 || Mana Cost: 100

  • UPGRADE!!!Heimerdinger’s next basic spell is free and has bonus effects.
  • H-28Q Apex Turret: Places a Turret that deals 90/110/130 (+0.33 AP) magic damage with its cannon and 225/300/375 (+0.8 AP) magic damage with its beam for 8 seconds.
  • Hextech Rocket Swarm: Fires 4 waves that deal 135/180/225 magic damage each. Champions and Monsters hit by multiple rockets take reduced damage, max 550/750/950 (+1.8 AP).
  • CH-3X Lightning Grenade: Throws a grenade that discharges three times, dealing 150/200/250 (+0.6 AP) magic damage each time. Both the stun and slow areas are larger and the slow is improved to 80%.


Xerath’s Rework


Xelnath Button Rioter Xelnath: Summoners!

The Xerath rework is here and ready for testing on the PBE. We wanted to help better shape Xerath to fit the modern League of Legends environment, improve the character’s feel and sell his fantasy as a mage commanding unleashed power.

After listening to your feedback, we’ve made the following major changes:

  • Passive: No longer grants armor, now grants % magic penetration and restores mana on basic attacks.
  • Q: Can now be charged to increase the spell’s range. Mana cost and damage slightly increased.
  • W: Is now a targeted AoE explosion that deals additional damage in the center and slows all enemies struck. Enemies in the center are slowed more.
  • E: Is now a skillshot missile which stuns champions.
  • R: Is a combination of Xerath’s old W and R.
  • Immobilize yourself to gain a super-long ranged attack which deals magic damage each time you click the cursor for 3 seconds. (Max 4 shots)

Our intent is to ensure that Xerath’s core pattern is fun and engaging, but his ultimate use is a rare, powerful long-ranged attack.

Please provide feedback – our future tweaks to Xerath will be influenced by your input.

Where should we be focusing our feedback?

  • Ultimate – I am particularly interested in feedback on Xerath’s ultimate. It has a very unique control method that will take some getting used to.
  • Spell names – this is a unique opportunity to contribute your idea for what Xerath’s spells should be called. I’ll be reviewing EUNE, EUW and NA for ideas!
  • Range – Xerath’s ult gives him ridiculous range. This is intended to be his strength. Please let me know how it feels both as user and victim.
  • Relative power of abilities – I want to know if you feel like too much damage is tied up in a particular ability.
  • Skin VFX – His Battlecast and Runeborn skins have new colors. Provide feedback!
  • Audio – How do his new abilities sound?

Where should I not be focusing my feedback?

  • Molten Xerath – This skin hasn’t been updated yet.
  • Xerath’s model – We did not overhaul his model, just add animations for the new Arcanopulse and ultimate attack.

Xerath has been in development for a while and we feel reasonably confident in his core abilities and VFX. I do want to hear your concerns, but keep in mind, we are not very likely to dramatically change Xerath’s Q/W/E visually.

Thank you guys, I am looking forward to letting you see a few iterations of Xerath before he goes live.
Wizardlock of Game Design

P.S. Zenon the Stoic has kindly offered to help me with Xerath. Please assist him if he has any questions.


New Sivir Icons













Red Post Collection


Riot logo decoration


Melee vs Ranged Balance


Phoenix Quinn decoration

Phreak jumps on the forums to explain Riot’s balance philosophy and the intricacies of keeping melee on-par with ranged.



[Nofacekill3r] Riot nerfs the unique aspects of Champions


Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: Completely disagree with you on this point.

Consider the last round of Zed nerfs. All the nerfs went into his wave-clear. Cooldown on E, refund mechanic on E no longer triggers on minions. Q does less pass-through damage. Still a single target assassin. Still scary to 1v1. Less crazy at killing minions. Still good, to be fair, but these were pretty targeted nerfs. Now maybe he’s TOO good at 1v1ing people and maybe that actually goes down at some point, but there was clearly a target in sight with those nerfs.

Consider the recent Galio buffs. Cooldown/mana cost on his ultimate. We recognize Galio has been brought largely because his ultimate is a big teamfight tool, so we made that tool more easily used.

Consider the last round of nerfs to Ezreal. Base attack speed. He’s a long range poke caster of an ADC. Dude buys Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force and Q’s you to death. So that’s his role. We kept Mystic Shot where it was, nerfed the AS slow on W (because he’s not a sit-there-and-autoattack-trade-you type guy) and accentuated what he’s about.

I don’t know where that comment even comes from, TBH.



[Super Explosion] Melee champions need an overtune of stats to compete with Ranged ones


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: There’s actually a big cycle that you need to realize. And depending on where you start, you can paint the picture any way you want.

Let’s start with burst. If burst actually killed everything, there would be no point in tanks or fighters, because they would just die. But we have them, because they don’t get one-shot by burst. They’re actually quite viable in melee combat. So much so, that we see them in almost every single game. Elise, Jarvan, Jax, Shen, Renekton. Melee fighter guys are really quite common, because they bring a lot to the table. They, pretty much by nature, out duel everyone. Their sustained damage*durability beats marksmen. Their durability eclipses burst damage, allowing them to ramp up and kill champions like Zed (Seriously, have you played Jax vs. Zed? It’s hilarious).

It’s really easy to paint a picture that fighters are the class that makes the world go round, and the game revolves around them. Teams bring up crowd control and peeling in order to block off the fighter. How do we get rid of Renekton? Maybe an Orianna Shockwave and Grasping Roots from Zyra while our Vayne keeps hitting him. Phew, Renekton down, continue with the team fight. Maybe Marksmen get tools to evade because otherwise, they’d just die to Nocturne or Olaf every time.

In the end, it’s up to teams how they want to play. Marksmen are completely not self-sufficient. They immediately lose to assassins 1v1. They have no way of killing off a tank 1v1. They will get out-bursted by most mages or assassins. A scarce few can outplay heavily skill-shot reliant ones (Vayne can beat Brand pretty easily). But they bring the most sustained DPS at large cost. There’s really no point to bringing one if your team isn’t prepared to play around one.

But the thing is, that only relates to team fights. You know what every adcarry except Vayne can’t do? Split push. Who stops the Riven who keeps going top lane? Two people? Or did we pick a good enough fighter. Who responds to Shen’s global teleport? Not a marksman. Who initiates the team fight? Well… okay maybe Ashe, but that’s the exception to the rule that makes Ashe an interesting competitive pick (and she gives up DPS and maneuverability to get that advantage).



[Super Explosion] Isn’t the meta dominated by Marksmen because of their range advantage?


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: Yes, fighting the enemy team requires some way to survive it. Whether that’s elusiveness (Fizz, Kassadin, Zed) or durability (Renekton), or simply out-ranging (Marksmen, mages), surviving is kinda important. I don’t really know what point you’re trying to make by saying, “Yep Phreak, Fighters build durability, snowball pretty hard, and win duels.” We’re sitting here stating how Fighters play.

Vayne beats Zed 1v1 if Zed actually tries to fight her. 1v1ing is like the sole purpose of Vayne as a champion. She’s gated by the fact that she doesn’t really start fights that easily, and doesn’t have a way of getting out once she’s gone in (especially compared to Zed). Pretty much every other assassin oneshots pretty much every other ADC. You can’t cherry-pick a specific matchup and say, “Nope! Assassins suck!” If assassins were so bad, why were they 4/6 bans out of like every game in the World Championship?

Then you talk about fights starting at range and turrets being ranged and last hitting being required, and yet here he are: Every professional team runs 2-4 melee champions like 90% of the time. With the pretty much sole exception of Vayne (who is as tailor-made to fight assassins/fighters as you can get), you never see a Marksman head into 1v1s. No actual real-world evidence backs up your claims.

Thing is, objectives aren’t controlled by Ranged ADs. Except for Caitlyn, Tristana, and Ezreal, no one actually gets to sit there hitting a turret against a team of 5, unless the other team screwed up an didn’t bring real engagement tools. Teams win games by split pushing and spreading teams apart. And unless you’re CLG, pretty much no one uses the ADC to do that. Teams win games by controlling ward coverage and then picking someone off. Guess who does that? The support and mid laner. Games are won with baron steals. Guess who does that? The jungler.

You really can’t sit here and say, “The game revolves around Marksmen” and then ignore how the game is actually being played.



[Melon Reaper] Follow-up: Isn’t Quinn a Ranged Duelist/Split-pusher?


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: True, sorry. I’m usually speaking of competitive play, just waiting for teams to pick her up =]




PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: I feel like her ability to roam really quickly and have a buttload of GUARANTEED burst is really, really powerful. Have to get past her low wave-clear for mid-lane, but I can see her totally dunking in a way sort of like TF.




[Fiora All Night] Melee balance is off because not every Melee Champion can build tanky and succeed


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: Yes, but the difference is that all of those glass cannon melees have built in tools to allow them to excel while made of glass.

Katarina can jump in, do her burst within literally .3 seconds, and then get the refresh on the ability that lets her jump out (or jump to the next guy and repeat the combo). She has the ability to deal thousands of damage in approximately 2 seconds, before resets. Master Yi has Meditate and resets and burst. Fiora we admit needs some help.

You’ll note that Marksmen have been successfully constructed in this way: They have to build glass to do their job. They’ve given the tools to succeed while squishy (ranged), and in exchange, need to build all out offense to succeed. You’ll note that there are basically no tanky ranged champions in the game, unless they’re mid-range champions like Graves, Ryze, Annie, Morgana, Kennen (all champions who have an incentive to get in close, and have either by build direction or by ability some way of surviving a bit of damage).

So yes, the melee champions who were designed to be squishy, and given the tools to succeed as such, really shouldn’t be building tanky and succeeding, because they still have those evasion tools.

It’s time we talk about Zilean


Zilean decoration



[MadLock] When will we get information on the Chronokeeper?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Fair question, Zilean’s a champ we’ve been pretty quiet about. He is someone we’d like to do some design side work on at some point for a couple of reaosns. First off is that he’s got a really cool concept (time mage), which his kit doesn’t explore as much as it could. Bonus XP on the passive’s kind of useful, and kind of thematic for example, it’s not all that exciting or engaging though so we’d like to explore things like that to see what more we could be doing to really dig into his theme/background. Secondly he’s also got some gameplay issues it would be nice to address (no rank up damage scaling beyond level 9 for example makes his power curve tough to balance in a satisfying way for example).

When we’ll get a chance to take a crack at his gameplay however’s a harder question to answer. He’s a bit under-appreciated, has a few issues, isn’t living up to his full potential etc, but he’s certainly not at all comparable to other contenders for design time like Poppy, Sion or Yorick who are higher priorities for us. Not certain what his timeline’s like for visual improvements, at a guess the answer’s probably pretty similar in that he’s not in a Sivir or Yi like state, so would be nice to do some work on but not a contender for a major upgrade in the short/medium term.



[HighSee] How about a skin?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: Not my area of expertise so can’t say, apologies.






[Coldmanj] Off-topic: Is there progress on Poppy, Sion and Yorick?


Meddler Button Rioter Meddler: At the moment we’re really focused on Season 4 related work, so major reworks are on hold, unless they’re already pretty far along (like Xerath for example). Poppy, Sion and Yorick are all really major reworks that are in their extremely early stages, so are a long way off.





How is the damage from Jinx’s ultimate calculated?


gypsylord Button Rioter gypsylord: Some clarifications on the ultimate:
-R fully charges its damage after it travels 1500 units (the range of W). This takes a little less than a second.
-R deals 80% of its effect to all enemies in the AoE and calculates the damage on an individual basis. Say you hit a Caitlyn with R at max range and it splashes to the Thresh behind her. Caitlyn will take 450 (+1.0) damage + 35% of her missing health. Thresh will take 360 (+.8) damage +28% of his missing health.


Behind the Scenes: Jinx’s Loading Screen


Anthony Possobon shares a look on the process of rendering the lovely animation you see when you log on.



Champion/Skin Sale – Expires October 14th


October 14 S3





  • Karma - 395 RP
  • Lee Sin - 440 RP
  • Quinn - 487 RP



Little Knight Amumu –  375 RP


Little Knight Amumu


Shockblade Zed - 487 RP


Shockblade Zed


Undertaker Yorick – 260 RP


Undertaker Yorick



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Red Post Collection

Community Creations: Poppy’s Visual Overhaul

Tidbits: Brand and Mordekaiser

Champion Rotation – Week 36



Balancing Olaf



In response to the backlash over the recent changes to Olaf, SmashGizmo goes back to the forums to collect feedback.



SmashGizmo Button Rioter SmashGizmo: Alright, so now that Olaf’s been on live for a week, I’d like to take another stab at getting some feedback from you guys on GD about how you feel about him. But first let’s clear the air a bit. I’m seeing plenty of talk on Olaf and my old thread so I’m just going to throw out my responses to the two most common criticisms I’m seeing on GD right off the bat.

1. People generally being upset at how the old thread ended

I get that people don’t like that I just dipped from the Olaf feedback thread, but keep in mind that this is after almost a full month of that thread and thirty-some-odd posts from me. Simple fact of the matter is that the thread had devolved into people posting their own kits for Olaf that didn’t align with the design goals that were put forth and the effort of keeping up with the thread drastically outweighed the benefit I gained. I know it’s sucky to hear that, but it is what it is. I was finding myself stressed out every night when I came home and checked the thread only to see the same tired ideas and complaints laid out again and again and so I did what I needed to do to actually get my work done.

2. People being upset that Olaf is still weak

Consensus on the forum seems to be leaning towards Olaf still being undertuned, and while we don’t have much meaningful data to look at after only a week, I would say the data suggests likewise (note that that can still be misleading this early on, it takes awhile for builds to settle and for players to relearn the character). A lot of people seem confused and angry over this and I get that. I’m kinda bummed out myself that Olaf didn’t magically become perfectly balanced too, but with changes this large, it’s expected that we’d be off, and due to the frustration that Olaf can create when he’s strong, I think we erred on the side of a weak Olaf rather than a strong Olaf coming out of balance testing. The important thing here is that the changes I’ve made on Olaf have put the levers in place to tweak and balance the character while still retaining counterplay and established weaknesses that will prevent him from going crazy the way he did at the end of last season. So if he is indeed weak, it should be a simple matter of tweaking numbers until he’s in the right spot and I already have a good idea of what to do to nudge his power up.

So with that all out there, let me know what you think of the Olaf changes now that you’ve had a chance to play them.



[Sincarnation] Is Olaf weaker as a result of these changes and how should I build him now?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: My feeling is that the E base damage is undertuned and that the rank 1 W feels worse than it should. The builds I’m seeing have the most success are ones that use early BotRK/Hydra + Spirit Visage opting into either sunfire or omen when they want armor and then grabbing a 2nd offensive lifesteal item.



[pro4never] Is Olaf still a viable solo top or jungler?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: Personally I think he can work in either role at a fairly balanced point. I think Olaf jungle is reasonably good because he’s very strong with double dblade -> ancient golem, which is probably the most cost efficient build one can do out of the jungle right now. Olaf top just feels like the first 5 levels are too painful to me right now, if we sure that up, his scaling with items should be strong enough to let him succeed.

Can you talk a bit more about how you want him to be further focused? Right now I picture Olaf as that beefy dude on the front line who is a threat to anyone given enough time and who is difficult to kill. When he sees the right oppurtunity, he should be able to break free from the front line and hunt down the back line with Ragnarok, but he must choose his moment wisely or he will be focused down for shedding his free defenses.



[Weenyhut] Why do Olaf’s passive and W both grant him Attack Speed?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: The thinking here is that Olaf’s kit is currently built around him being able to attack people, and without some attack speed outside of his steroid, he’s completely reliant on being low HP in order to function. Essentially, we had AD on the W for a long time and the kit wasn’t playing well because every perceivable order in which one could press his Q, W, and E felt like it was wasting a synergy and he was too ignorable at high HP, so I opted to switch out the AD for AS and it solved both of these problems from a design standpoint.



[Weenyhut] Why does activating Ragnarok remove the bonus Armor and MR?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: The whole design of the current ult iteration is based around clearly defining Olaf’s strengths and weaknesses in and out of the ultimate. When Olaf gets free defensive stats in his ultimate, he can only be dealt with by running away. To even say kiting is the answer is to ignore the fact that CC is a major component of how we understand kiting in the game today, your only option was to run away or to try to focus down the guy with a buttload of free resists. So now the idea is that when Olaf is susceptible to CC, he gets to be extra tanky, but can shed his bonus defense to go ham.


morello Button Rioter Morello: Because we wanted you to use it break CC, and make a tradeoff choice. It’s something we haven’t done a lot to add choice to a skill, but I am a bit surprised at how much it’s been negatively received (IE; that has some kiss/curse to it, but tends to be something considered more hardcore/skilled in a lot of games).



[Vsin] Follow-up: Does this change really add counterplay?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: A counter is a strategic action that a team can take to fundamentally counter something that a character does. In this case, Jarvan’s Cataclysm is a counter to Olaf and isn’t an example of counterplay as it is not accessible to everyone as Soraka can’t suddenly strap on her Nike’s and dunk like Jarvan.

Counterplay is a tactical action that a team can responsively take to counter something that a character does. Killing Olaf is actually the only form of counterplay to Ragnarok and always has been. The issue is that Ragnarok used to give 30/45/60 Armor/Mres to Olaf and then say, “gl bad guys, your only form of counterplay is to kill this guy who just got massive resists.” As a design team, this is something we had a fundamental problem with on old Olaf. It presented the opposing team with no options to interact with Olaf in a meaningful way. So I guess technically I haven’t added counterplay, only accentuated it, though I will contend that this is a considerably healthier direction for the character.



[Vectros] Will you be doing major changes to any of Olaf’s spells (eg. remove minimum throw distance from Q)


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: Q minimum distance is here to stay. Might tweak the number if I have to, but I’m not convinced that’s needed tbh. The thing here is that all understanding of what’s happening and how to play around it is lost to an opponent when Olaf can axe at his feet. I’m inclined to agree that the slow isn’t strong enough at the moment though.

W CD I might tweak down, but if so, it will be very slight. My design intent on this ability is for it to be a high impact brawling/sustain tool with clearly defined windows of opportunity. What I really am looking to avoid is the old Olaf W that got to an over 80% uptime that made him feel like there was never a strong time to engage him. The biggest thing I’m looking at on the W is that the rank 1 feels too crappy, so I’m looking to flatten out the attack speed by rank by raising the lower ranks.

E doesn’t need great damage increases IMO, I think it just needs a nudge to the base damages to help out his early laning.

The big issue I have with your suggestions on the ult are that they don’t clearly pronounce the strengths and weaknesses with ult up vs. ult down. It just cuts the distinction between ulting and not ulting in half, which muddles the gameplay surrounding the decision to drop defenses for offense.



[Luscious Lenny] Why was the focus on counterplay when reworking Olaf’s kit?


morello Button Rioter Morello: This is the direction we’re going to go – adding counterplay to champions who have none will trump tactical balancing in the short term if it allows us to balance the character long-term. That’s the direction we’re always heading.

Are there specific concerns about something feeling bad? That’s an issue we can talk about, but alternatives would have to include appropriate counter-play as well. So solutions that fundamentally remove counterplay wouldn’t be on the table.

Balancing the champion through numbers is possible without him now having to go ape**** to be strong. The choices here, in reality, were to leave old Olaf tuned at the pre-rework level, or do some fundamental work to fix him. We chose the latter because we didn’t think it was great to have to leave Olaf marginalized (and a lot of other champions still live with this while we try to get to it) since there was no world where someone could outplay Olaf if the Olaf knew what he was doing.

To answer #3, you couldn’t kite him 😛 He has CC immunity and a repeatable ranged slow – your ability to kite isn’t a real choice. And since his skills had few windows of opportunity and his build path was so safe, he wasn’t terribly vulnerable to new combat actions if he did reach you. Comparatively, the counterplay to Udyr is to kite him, since he lacks strong tools to compensate.



[Khristophoros] Aren’t other top lane bruisers lacking counterplay as well? Why did you only rework Olaf?


morello Button Rioter Morello: This is the metagolem problem for sure, and it’s not unique to Olaf. Olaf had been the biggest problem on a balance scale, so we decided to tackle him first.




[MoonsBane] Suggestion: Passive now grants Movement Speed per % Health missing


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: Movespeed while low HP screams escape mechanism to me. Olaf’s lore and entire fantasy is about being a reckless viking who dreams of a glorious death worthy of his kick ass life, so pretty much anything built into his kit that aids him in running away doesn’t feel right to me. Note that this can be solved by recycling vayne’s move-towards-enemies mechanic, and I have thought of putting that on the character more than once throughout this design cycle but…


Phreak Button Rioter Phreak: Move speed is a strict removal of counter-play. Outside of having to buy/bring your own movement (Ghost, Youmuu’s, BotRK) the main weakness of Olaf is “He can’t catch you without landing a skill shot.” Considering his main strength is, “You can’t forcibly stop him” that’s a pretty cool tradeoff. But you ruin that by removing his main weakness.

Added onto that, “Runs faster when people damage him” is really crappy. Your teammates actually help you die by trying to help. That’s pretty rough.



[MoonsBane] Why does Olaf lack a gap closer?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: The issue with giving Olaf inherent gap closing is that closing the gap is the one problem that his kit begs you to solve. When he gets into a fight, he is designed to be extremely powerful, but it’s up to you to figure out how you get there. That’s the price he pays for being able to ignore CC. As soon as we solve closing the gap for Olaf, his kit becomes overbearing, as he has an almost guaranteed perma slow + the sustained damage to kill anyone while ignoring CC. Solving the issue of how you get to the high priority targets while using as few resources as possible is what differentiates good Olafs from bad Olafs and that’s just not something I’m ok with removing from the kit’s flow.



[Vsin] How does his new kit compare to the old one?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: These E and W iterations have much higher potential benefits than their predecessors, while the Q is technically worse due to the minimum range.




[Vsin] Is Olaf weaker now because you had to adjust for “optimal scenarios” with his new kit?


SmashGizmoButton Rioter SmashGizmo: Your core idea of how we design this game seems to be fundamentally flawed if you think we design around optimal output. Optimal output is something you need to take into consideration, but characters with unreliable optimal performances are allowed to have incredibly high results when they succeed in doing so (i.e. Cassiopeia’s theoretical DPS).

So yes, I have introduced higher variance in Olaf’s potential, however, doing so lets me raise his optimal performance to allow him to do crazy awesome things when the right conditions are met. This version of Olaf does some really crazy things when the stars align and he stabilizes on low HP with a Hydra with his W active and turns a fight around and to me, that’s cooler than Olaf being that CC-immune dude who reliably runs at you with 4000 HP, 200+ armor/mres doing 340 true damage every 3 seconds. There’s a good case to be made that Olaf’s current average case is too weak right now, but that’s fixable without taking away his optimal potential.



[LVNsNASmurf] What’s the incentive to activate Ragnarok if it makes Olaf a squishier fighter? Is pressing R now a false choice?


PhreakButton Rioter Phreak: That’s not really false choice. It’s a real choice. You paint the picture like it’s so bleak, there’s nothing Olaf can do. You could always bring Cleanse, or buy Mercury Treads, and leave the ultimate passive for longer. Or you could forsake that for more damage-oriented options (and pop the ultimate for damage) and do your best to go ham. Sounds like a real choice.



[AHeroNamedHawke] Off-topic: What about Zyra?


morello Button Rioter Morello: A good point – we should fix her too. Thanks for the reminder.





The Issue with Fighters


jayce decoration

A fellow Summoner picks up the age-old topic of the bruiser concept.



[hashinshin] Defining the Metagolem problem


“This is the metagolem problem for sure, and it’s not unique to Olaf. Olaf had been the biggest problem on a balance scale, so we decided to tackle him first.”

This makes me cringe, it really does. When I hear “counterplay” from you guys I think of the latest iteration it has come in to.

1. Zac bloblets. When Zac is winning they’re free healing. When Zac is losing he loses 4% of his current HP per ability.

2. Lissandra ultimate. Incurring the all famous “invulnerable shield” in to ability form! I wonder how long it is before Zed can buy an item to make his damage avoid invulnerable shields? And then how long until TRUE invulnerability which can’t be penetrated? Except of course by true penetration… We already have true-damage which fails against invulnerability.

But more to the point, this creates a haves and have-nots. Have-nots die to Zed every time his ult is off CD. Haves just use their counter-ult ult to beat Zed’s ult. And Zed’s ult is in itself an invulnerable frame that allows him to dodge slower abilities or even things like Ashe ult.

3. Aatrox. Counterplay? Have ignite. Wahoo. So many options. At least EVERYONE uses ignite, except the problem here is what I said 2 years ago, mortal strike ****ing sucks. It’s a concept for an MMORPG where the designers couldn’t give two ****s about PvP balance and bandaided it with mortal strike to make up for obscenely overpowered heals. Is this the direction healing is going?

And finally: Olaf!

Olaf can’t counterplay anyone, all he does is allow his opponent to counter play anything and everything he does. Low HP? Ignite! Pop ult? Use all your damage! Axe? Run the other direction so he can’t pick it up! Maxing E? Just don’t sit in trades! What does Olaf actually have himself? Nothing. So it makes me wonder, what counterplay? What’s more, the amount Olaf is going to need to be overtuned to make up for his obvious drawbacks is scary. I’m really not looking forward to getting chain true damages by a monster struck that will autokill anyone without their escape ability. Except this isn’t bloodline champions and I can’t just press space bar to get away from a raging Olaf cause I might be Warwick and simply don’t have an escape.

And then I get to thinking Morello, what are your plans for melee vs range? Lets analyze!

Elise+Jayce+Quinn: Get to counterplay everything melee.
Zac: Gets to be counterplayed.
Lissandra: Gets to counterplay everything melee.
Aatrox: Gets to be counterplayed.
That Sci-Fi guy who I can’t even remember, you know the one with the sci-fi pistols and other distinguishing features: Gets to counterplay everything melee.

The only exception is Zed who of course gets to counterplay everything. But is that what it comes down to? Melee get to be counterplayed, range get to counterplay everything (unless you’re an assassin!) It’s getting BEYOND frustrating that the best I can do is try to get ****ed over less than other people in the same position. But hey, maybe that’s not the greatest show of Riot’s plans?

Except when Jax got “counteplay” they jacked up his health pool, gave him a HUGE defense steroid, then increased the CD on leap strike and gave his stun a big “FLASH AWAY FROM ME NOW OR USE YOUR ESCAPE MOVE” animation. And then Garen’s rework jacked up his defenses and let you walk through a creep wave to get out of judgmnent. Both reworks the champions themselves got NO counterplay of their own, they just got options to get counterplayed. Also Trundle was there.

You’re basically turning melee in to the side scrolling charging bosses that you had to jump over so they’d run in to a wall and stun themselves, but hey at least you had to hit them 20 times before they’d die.



morello Button Rioter Morello: The core problem you mention IS the problem I want to see fixed, but that’s the ecosystem of fighters right now. We have a Fighter Project (CertainlyT has talked about this) that is looking to systematically look at Fighters as a class and clean it up. As long as one fighter is a ball of stats (and most are, including old Olaf), then any fighter who is not is trash. In the short-term, we’re bandaiding the problem to keep things somewhat stable. For short-term balance, we need to work within what we have – which is suboptimal.

In the long term, we want Fighters to not need to be tuned so hard early, have poor fallback patterns in top lane, and basically have little role in a team fight other than “be strong.” If I understand your post on this, we agree.

The issue becomes that it’s a lot of complex work, and it’s really disruptive. If we actually fix this, fighters become a whole new experience. As you can imagine, that incurs a lot of risk because people who do like melee have spent 4 years growing to like it. That’s a lot to undo. It also is a pretty complex web of stuff since all these champions are inter-related.

Melee right now, either charges at people while they kite (and looks for positioning opportunites to make this better) or dives hard and picks the right timing. In the sense of counter-play, Fighters interact least healthily (for themselves or others) than any other classes except the line of mid assassins we have now.



[Marisa] Why are champions being reworked instead of just adjusted to be viable on the pro scene?


morello Button Rioter Morello: This is a problem for champions that have faulty patterns. And for every person who claims to want this, where will be 50 complaining when we do it. To be frank, there’s too many cooks in the kitchen to make everyone happy, when that requires mutually exclusive approaches. We have to balance disruption with long-term gains, and we learn more about the systems in play all the time. Frankly, balance is not that big on an issue (and cyclical balance is far superior to stagnation), it’s the systemic sources of poor gameplay that cause problems.

I just am not involved with (nor should I really be at this point) individual mechanics and numbers unless their drivers of play patterns. My post is specifically for Hash, not the general populace. I expect people to be mad about stuff and call us out – sure – I don’t expect everything to be a cacophony of diffuse anger and sniping.



Plan(t)s for Zyra


Zyra Banner

It turns out Morello isn’t quite happy with his creation. What does the Riot team have in store for Zyra in upcoming patches?


morello Button Rioter Morello: The primary thing I’d like to do to Zyra is to make her MORE about plants, and less burst mage. I don’t entirely know how this will effect which lane, but I do understand the sentiment to the bottom lane vs mid lane approach. This has been why we’ve been conservative so far (the missile speed change was just something we should have released with).

I can put more complete thoughts on this later, but that’s likely the direction we’d look at outside of numbers tweaks.


morello Button Rioter Morello: Oh, the range tweak is likely needed overall, even for mid. We can likely add power into plants if we shorten her kill range overall. I missed that point, sorry!

There is some compensation for that primarily for mid Zyra inc in 3.13 on that too, last I checked.



[Ginga] Why not shift Zyra more towards sustained DPS?


morello Button Rioter Morello: Directionally, this is what I like too. I think it brings out more about what’s unique about Zyra.





[Ginga] Will the next balance patch feature these plant changes you spoke of?


morello Button Rioter Morello: Plant changes won’t be in these changes, so I might be an accidental liar  What I mean is the direction we’d like to move the character, overall, is that way. This patch will be for raw balance.




[A Dying Dream] Off-topic: Which team are you part of?


morelloButton Rioter Morello: Haha. Well technically, I’m “part” of every team, but none of them. I’m much more high-level than tactical on most things (IE: I’m interested in the direction and goals more than the particular execution).




Community Creations: Poppy’s Visual Overhaul


All credit for these pictures goes to Summoner TofuTarget! You can check out the full thread here.


Poppy Visual Overhaul Rough

Poppy’s VU – Rough Sketch


Poppy Visual Overhaul

Poppy’s VU – detailed Splash Art



Tidbits: Brand and Mordekaiser



[NotSid] Any plans to improve Mordekaiser?


morelloButton Rioter Morello: Don’t want to ignore the thread, but I’d have to ask the team their thoughts on Mord. I know we’re not thrilled there, but not sure on specifics.





[Valtielx] What’s your opinion on Brand currently?


morelloButton Rioter Morello: Lots changes in a year, and I think Brand’s laning back then could make up for it a bit. I think now, though, he has a lot of weight to pull to be a valid pick.

I don’t know, really. I tend to think Brand needs to be able to only kill if he can land every skillshot, and that probably needs to turn into lower CD burnination closer to end game (since his burst will get outscaled with items). Something more of a ticking bomb, but that might also mean he needs a tankier or longer range build.



Champion Rotation – Week 36


Week 36 S3

The following champions will be free-to-play until October 15th!


  • Cho’Gath – 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Corki– 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Ezreal– 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Jarvan IV– 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Katarina– 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Lee Sin– 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Malzahar– 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Nami– 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Sona– 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Wukong– 4800 IP / 880 RP



Missed any recent updates? Check here!


Nerfs to Jinx & Full AMA on the Loose Cannon, Battlecast Skins in the making, IronStylus on Pantheon’s VU, QA Thread for Heimerdinger’s Rework, Preview of Dunkmaster Darius and plans for Soraka’s Passive!

Meet Jinx – Ability Details, Lore, In-game Preview, Guide to Play Style and Community Feedback!

Ransom teases info about the Next Champion, Full AMA inside! || Champion Price Reduction, View Party Program, Graffiti on Vi’s Front Page, Lyte on Issues with the Tribunal and Halloween Ziggs!

PBE Update: Changes to Olaf, New Xerath & Olaf Splashes and Championship Thresh || Official Teamwork Video, even more Official Crazy Cat Lady Yorick || Red Posts: Nerfing %Pen Items, More on the issue of Support/Warding, Climbing to Diamond, RP+ and Scamming, Hotfix for Blue Side XP Bug, How to write in gaming, 3D Character Art

PBE: Massive Changes to Olaf, New Ward Skins & Champion Trading || News: Pool Party Skins on Sale! || Reds: Fighters, Supports & Warding in Season 4, Zac to get future nerfs, Shaping Player Behavior & Concept Art of the New Sivir!



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Pool Party Leona Banner

This lovely interpretation of Pool Party Leona is the work of deviant artist Raichiyo33. You can find the original version there, along with a ton of other amazing LoL art!

Pool Party Graves, Leona, Lee Sin and Renekton are now available on the PBE for testing! IronStylus took the time to tell us how Leona‘s summer set came to be,  Lucian has finally been shown in a Spotlight, along with another video showing an inside look at the development process, Scarizard ravages the remains of Rengar‘s kit in hopes that he can rise to power once more, short updates on Taric‘s current state, a list of changes coming to Skarner and the latest Rotation and Sale!

Credit for Spotlights goes to SkinSpotlights. 


Summer Party at Ziggs’ Place

The Story of Bik… Pool Party Leona

Lucian Champion Spotlight

Forging a Templar: How Lucian was made

On the Hunt for Rengar Buffs

State of Taric

Update on Skarner

Champion Rotation – Week 29

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 23rd!

Summer Party at Ziggs’ place


Ziggs Pool Party Banner

Four brand new skins have been released on the PBE in the spirit of summer!


“Summer’s come to Valoran, and Ziggs, duke of demolition, is throwing a blast of a pool party. Step one: blow up the inflatable pool toys. Hopefully he won’t misunderstand that one. Step two: invite friends! Leona’s here soaking up all the rays, no sunscreen required. Renekton’s on lifeguard duty, but he seems more worried about random explosions than anyone drowning. In the shallow end of the pool, Lee Sin happily studies the motion of the water with his hands while Graves, a sly grin curling across his lips, aims his watergun at the uncharacteristically oblivious monk. Leave it to Ziggs to create an explosive situation, this could get veryinteresting!

Welcome to Summer-ers Rift! Your invitation to the coolest dive in Valoran is coming soon.”


Pool Party Comic

Pool Party Graves, Lee Sin, Leona and Renekton shown



Pool Party Graves


Pool Party Graves Splash

Pool Party Graves Splash




Pool Party Lee Sin


Pool Party Lee Sin Splash

Pool Party Lee Sin Splash




Pool Party Leona


Pool Party Leona Splash




Pool Party Renekton


Pool Party Renekton Splash

Pool Party Renekton Splash


The Story of Bik… Pool Party Leona


Leona Splash Banner

IronStylus tells us how Leona’s latest skin came to be.



IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: So, here’s the deal with the Leona skin.

1) I did that design live, with a lot of feedback from the audience, and mentioned that it all could change. We did a few options, (bikini’s, pool noodles, one-piece suits, etc) However, it was known that all things may change. That particular concept, while fun to do live, and take live feedback/options, simply wasn’t the right fit for the game

2) Things always have to be adjusted and accounted for with game-angle in mind. That means, despite how the concept might have looked straight on, it means nothing if the in-game read is bad. I tried doing a 1-to-1 version of this skin in the 3/4s game view, it didn’t look good. Then I did one similar to what you see, but kept it pretty damn yellow, and it wasn’t enough. Once we added the blue trim, some other accents and materials, it popped and served what we’re all 100% focused on: the in-game read.

I understand the personal taste aspect, but believe me, I was a fan of the original, I was a fan of the intermediary, and I’m a big fan of how it came out.

(It’s also going to be super awesome to see done in cosplay!)

The sunglasses are also just for the recall, as a note.



Why were the summer skins delayed so much?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: This was a ton of content, all done simultaneously. That means a LOT of time and resources. We’ve got some custom particles and animations, so that’s even more stuff to do. The Pool Party event was proposed.. I want to say.. not too long after we did the demo at PAX East. So, Beginning of April? That’s actually a TON of stuff to cram into that small of a window. So, no backup, just a lot of work on 5 simultaneous skins. That means concept/iteration, model/texture, animation, VFX, splash and more.

I’d say we did something really epic in a short amount of time considering!



Offtopic: Where is Scorched Earth Renekton?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: To my knowledge, due to the Pool Party event popping up and the Life Guard Renekton skin being a fan-requested skin for so long, this seemed liked the perfect opportunity to switch things. Yes, SE Renekton is cool, but this was a really great opportunity to get something that people had wanted to see for a long time. Plus, it’s a silly skin. We’re desperately in need of those if you haven’t noticed ;D



What’s your skin release schedule?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Every champion needs skins, and every champion has a skin in development! Those that won’t be getting skins soon are those champions slated for Relaunch priority.





How many champions were considered for the Pool Party event?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: A TON.

Here’s the good news about events/themes like this. They’re essentially infinite in how many champions the theme can be applied to. Every little easter egg that’s in the Pool Party Ziggs splash was considered, including more. You’ll note TONS of champions with the potential for Pool Party skins in the various splashes.

These are types of skin themes which are universal. Sometimes we might get carried away with certain ideas for “funny” or trolly skins that might be more specifically NA related, but these, in my opinion, strike the balance and are globally appealing. It’s a very universal and fun theme. And man.. there are SOOOO many options!



Why wasn’t Sivir chosen for a Pool party skin?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Sivir unfortunately won’t see another skin until her relaunch.

But post-relaunch, she’s a perfect candidate.


Lucian Champion Spotlight



Learn to unleash a barrage of bullets and send opponents to the grave in the Lucian Champion Spotlight.

A highly-mobile ranged damage dealer, Lucian shines when blasting enemies with Piercing Light and quickly repositioning himself with Relentless Pursuit to unleash more pain or retreat from counterattacks and jungle ganks. By tagging enemies with Ardent Blaze and activating The Culling, Lucian gains the speed boost needed to chase down opponents, unload massive damage and secure kills. And since Lightslinger enables double on-hit procs of life steal, red buff and more, Lucian can overcome opponents in duels and in-lane trades with strategic use of his abilities.

Put evil in its place – 6 feet under – as Lucian with sample masteries, tactics and more in this Champion Spotlight.

Forging a Templar: How Lucian was made


Get a sneak peek into Riot’s HQ to see what it took to create Lucian!



On the Hunt for Rengar Buffs


rengar decoration

But there are none! Scarizard‘s latest update on Rengar’s state is rather a series of trade-offs, posing the question whether this will help the League’s Predator. If you haven’t followed the discussion thus far, you can fill in on the gaps using the links below. 


Community Questions – Ultimate & Skillshot E

Xelnath examines Rengar

Savagery Stacking mechanic

Original Changelist – Why is Rengar getting reworked?



Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Update time!

So, after some tests, the big changes i’ve made are pretty close to what i’d like to see in the final version. I’ll go through some of the core changes to my current changelist here, the reasoning behind it, and then update the main post with the differences as well. If i don’t make mention of a mechanic from Live or from my previous post in these updates, it means they haven’t changed.


Bonetooth_Necklace_itemBonetooth Necklace

  • Grants 10 AD + 1 AD/Level
  • Recipe: Hunter’s Machete + Long Sword + 100g
  • PASSIVE: 20% Increased damage to monsters

3 Stacks: Rengar gains Flat Movement Speed while out of combat, or while in brush

6 Stacks: Leap range increased

9 Stacks: Thrill of the Hunt lasts X seconds longer

14 Stacks: Rengar gains % Movement speed for 2.5 seconds upon exiting brush


Direction with Bonetooth as i’ve previously stated is to reduce the ‘Stat bonus’ focus on Bonetooth, and make it more Rengar-specific and use it as a tool to embrace and enhance Rengar’s stalking/hunting gameplay. Feedback on this direction has been going well and people are digging the direction, i’ll give my specific feelings about the bonuses.

3 Stacks – Enjoying how this is playing as an early-game reward that enables Rengar’s roaming, jungle or otherwise. Live Rengar has the Movement Speed bonus at Tier 2, idea is to move it to Tier 1 and make it less-permanent (Boots of Mobility) while being able retain the Flat MS while chasing targets through brush. Basically, ganking sidelanes and using the brush or fighting in the jungle keep Rengar speedy even if he’s flagged as in-combat.

6 Stacks – Really simple. *slightly* nerfed the leap range due to it moving to Tier 2 from Tier 3 and thus more accessible, but hitting this threshold really makes him ‘turn on’ in terms of midgame power. Liking this.

9 Stacks – Mostly placeholder, but i enjoy the effect. Likely could just add a bonus together with the increased duration to give a fixed power spike that Rengar can rely on for making it this far. Totally agree with any of you that this falls a little short on expectations especially at Tier 3. This is the only one i have less-than-high confidence for as a rewarding effect.

14 Stacks – This…is very powerful. Not only does it synergize with Rengar’s 3 stack for out of combat brush darting/chasing, this -also- means that Rengar has access to bonus movement speed after leaping from brush. Haven’t gotten to this threshhold except for once, which when combo’d with the updates to Thrill of the Hunt that you’ll see below made for some -really- epic hunting experiences. Might tune this up, might slightly change, but this is the type of thing i want to see from Tier 4 Bonetooth.


Battle_RoarBattle Roar ( W )

  • No Longer grants Armor/Magic Resistance
  • Enemies hit with Battle Roar have their Attack Damage reduced


If you’ve read my prior posts, you know my feelings about Battle Roar – specifically that it doesn’t especially informwho Rengar should be effective against, and thus just gives up a lump of power that’s hard to tune while remaining satisfying. Feedback from this thread also has been consistent that Battle Roar’s allure is Rengar imposing his will/intimidating opponents, not I AM LOUD AND TANKIER NOW.

Attack Damage reduction allows him to handle jungle minions pretty well, but also makes him a monster in fights vs champions that rely on basic attacks/physical damage abilities (like carries, or other fighters), while still keeping him vulnerable to magic damage abilities from tanks/mages. Overall, the goal is that if AD reduction can work out you can reach a spot where leaping onto Physical Damage dealers and roaring makes you feel more like you’re actively shutting down their damage potential rather than just being beefier than usual. Before you guys start biting my head off about how he won’t have the tankiness to survive , i totally see this as an opportunity to introduce better base stats if it shows that he desperately needs the durability. 


Bola_StrikeBola Strike ( E )

  • Is now a skillshot
  • Increased Range


Wav3break was always pushing for this and i was always pushing against it, but after having played around with it i really, really like it. Making E a skillshot allows the skill to generally have more power (Range, Damage, Effect are all vectors to tune, though i’d rather lean on the first two) – but also gives Rengar the feeling of ‘i have an option at all times’. Even when out of brush and in a siege situation, a traditional weakness of Rengar, the ability to harrass or create picks with Bola/Empowered Bola grants him more flexibility. Similarly, playing against feedback has been great (Got first blood with a jungle gank using Empowered E – felt like a boss landing the clutch shot, opponent felt it was much more fair due to being able to dodge).

In general, making Rengar’s pattern once he leaps on a target require more play/interplay and less guaranteed allows him to feel much better when he -does- succeed. This change has been trending well, but is something that we’ll be watching across future playtests to tune to appropriate power.

And for the big one:


Thrill_of_the_HuntThrill of the Hunt ( R )

  • Cooldown decreased
  • No longer plays Voice Over or gives an Icon to enemies within Rengar’s sight/detection range
  • Consumes current Ferocity on cast – each point of Ferocity consumed increases the Duration of Thrill of the Hunt by 1 second.
  • No longer stealths Rengar for the duration
  • Duration greatly increased, scales with ult rank (personal note: ;_;)
  • Movement Speed increased
  • Rengar’s first basic attack while in Thrill of the Hunt will cause him to leap at his target – Rengar retains the Movement Speed increase from Thrill of the Hunt for 3 seconds after leaping.


So, we tried something crazy with the ultimate when concerns came about that the VO/Icon gameplay, while functional, was removing a lot of Rengar’s threat because people knew his gameplan. By taking -off- the stealth entirely and just overloading the parts of Rengar’s ult that people were appreciating (Ferocity Generation, Insane Mobility, True Vision) and let him have access to it more. Mid and end-game Rengar’s spend a majority of their time being predatory in nature, stalking brush and being opportunistic upon chasing down low-health targets post-fights – which is also made easier by giving him movement speed post-landing, allowing him to execute his Q-train combo/Bola strike without just failing to keep up to his prey. On the other end making Rengar’s gank + ult combo reliant on ‘brute forcing’ a gank ala Hecarim’s E or Rammus’ Powerball gives your opponent ways to play against it either by seeing them coming on wards and running or by otherwise predicting the gank paths a Rengar may take.

I agree that it sounds big…but the more we’ve played with it, the more people have realized the Stealth part of Thrill of the Hunt is perhaps the least-appreciated part. You still run insanely fast, you still leap. Removing Stealth also allows us to pull back slightly on some of the damage nerfs we’ve done to Rengar, as he telegraphs his intent very easily by being an insanely fast rocket cat.

(Bonus Round – To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with, Rengar with no Boots, 14 Stack Bonetooth, Rank 3 Thrill of the Hunt and 5 Points of Ferocity can run from the bottom lane brush to the toplane’s river brush before the Ultimate’s duration times out, as long as you make clever use of all the brush in-between.

That’s with no boots. It’s pretty awesome to see.

So, be sure to let me know what y’all think about this version. When Rengar goes to PBE (SoonTM), this is likely very close to the one that i’ll throw up for players to mess around with. A lot of your feedback has helped a ton in shaping the versions of Rengar in testing and lot of the conversations we’ve been having, so don’t stop now!



Does the ultimate no longer generate Ferocity?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: It still generates Ferocity. As i said before, if i didn’t mention it changing it stays the same – that’s the reason the ‘consuming’ ferocity on cast part exists to an extent. If you Ult with Rengar at 5 stacks sometimes it feels like you’re missing the Ferocity Generation part of the ultimate – so casting R with Ferocity stacks pre-built allows to you ‘Empower’ it by giving it more duration, and you’ll buyback the Ferocity anyways over the next few seconds.



Will we still have Predator Vision and the VO?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Unsure about getting the VO – Predator vision is staying the same as it is on live. In fact, increased duration means you get longer time in Infrared! My comments about removing VO/Icons is referring specifically to the VO/Icons that the Enemy would see when Rengar ulted in my previous iteration, not the ones Rengar himself sees currently on Live.




 Is the Passive on Bonetooth Necklace unique?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: At present, it’s a unique passive but doesn’t share the Maim/Butcher keyword like Wriggles or the Spirit Items, meaning you could very easily double-up on them if you so desired.





Isn’t the Bonetooth Necklace lacking in terms of stats?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Effects have been testing positively, would like to tweak the stats so that the item feels appropriately slot-efficient statwise, but not by too much – the vision for Rengar isn’t that this item is a ‘must-buy’ – it’s still a risk/reward item, but retuned so that the item itself is appealing to those who want to really embrace and play up Rengar’s identity as a hunter.

I’ll echo my previous post and say that i’m not super stoked about the Tier 3 as a standalone, but everything else feels really powerful/enabling for Rengar.



 Won’t these changes hinder Rengar in a teamfight?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: His damage itself hasn’t been reduced -that- much, it’s just spread out over a slightly longer period of time so that opponents have a greater time to react. If Rengar needs more damage, i’ll easily put more damage back on to the kit. In general though, damage dealers aren’t really expected to jump into the middle of 5 people, kill their target and then live. Rengar still has to be opportunistic, and his ultimate gives him a large window of time to capitalize on enemy mistakes and mispositioning, especially when fighting near Dragon/areas with a lot of brush.

We’ll be keeping an eye on his performance in teamfights (nothing out of the ordinary so far), but this is not a champion where you should expect to dive in alone to a team with no backup and carry out an assassination. When played appropriately however, you can really flank/control an area with the amount of mobility he has access to and kill people out of position one-by-one.



Suggestion: Bola Shot revealing the target hit


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: This is very scary – but has a lot of good feels from a flow perspective. Elise’s Cocoon and Syndra’s Stun both reveal targets hit so you can more easily follow-up your combos and dashes. It’s a change that would have a lot of cool play associated with it, but it’s unclear whether or not it’s good for the game overall. (this exact situation came up today where i really wanted to leap to the blue buff that i bola’d!) We’ll be having a lot of conversations on whether or not we should, but if it’s not too disruptive i’d like to!



Suggestion: Rengar generating Ferocity after he has leaped during ult


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Unlikely that we’d go with this – it doesn’t take very much time for him to generate his ferocity while in R, and the duration of it is so long already (12-18s base currently, with the potential to get all the way up to 28 seconds!) that we really want you to relish the feeling of hunting and stalking, since you’ll have vision all this time. If you really need to Rocket-boost before your Fury is generated fully, it’s likely that it’s more important you make it to your target rather than have full ferocity when you get there (it’s also more likely you’ll still have a few points built up once you get there, so this hasn’t been a particular worry).



Have you tested these changes on Dominion?


Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Haven’t tested on Dominion, i’m afraid. We’re near the end of the ideation/exploration phases of Rengar, and once we’re confident in them will begin balance testing (where a lot of the number tuning takes place). At that time, it’s up to our resident ManWolfAxeBoss to decide how he’d like to handle Rengar with concerns to dominion.




Xelnath’s opinion on the rework


Xelnath Riotlink Button Xelnath: I was really skeptical about these changes. In particular, when I saw them on paper, I didn’t like the change to a skill-shot on E or the stealth removal on R.

… then at Scarizard and Wav3break’s insistence, I actually played it. It worked really well. I didn’t realize until after the game how little I missed the stealth. In fact, most cases where I would have used the stealth to escape – I could simply outrun the enemy.

Similarly, in cases where I would normally try to use my ult to stealth & run, but it would fail on live, due to never getting the “stealth” effect off, I occasionally survived.

The skillshot version actually made me a *better* player. People couldn’t vision juke me into brush – I bola shot them blindly. The skill shot also makes me more dangerous in ganks – the range is far better than on live.

I acknowledge the validity of your skepticism, but as a veteran Rengar player, I didn’t realize how little I appreciated the stealth until I was sprinting around the map without the need to use it.

Gems… you could have picked the robot: State of Taric


bloodstone taric banner

How’s Taric holding up on bottom lane after the streak of hard nerfs in previous patches?



Scarizard Riotlink Button Scarizard: Probably not going to be able to stick around and monitor this, but since i have an opinion/some context, i thought i’d share with you my feels.

Taric is a (you guessed it) low counterplay champion. He kind of just gets in range and stuns you – and that’s about all there is. Statikk made a new passive in an attempt to add some gameplay to Taric around basic attacking/synergies with items and gold income, and it actually worked!

It also opened the door for Jungle Taric and Top Taric…which had to be nerfed due to his low counterplay overall. (one of the only cases we’ve had where after a nerf a champion’s winrate lowered but playrate spiked).

It’d be one thing if the champion just had low counterplay – there are plenty of examples of these in our game, namely amongst the Fighter class that are really fun and engaging, despite feeling bad for opponents. The issue is more that Taric is a low gameplay champion overall – that is, there are very few actions Taric can take that make you feel powerful or skilled while expressing yourself.

Taric is certainly powerful – and when he was powerful, people played him to no end because of it. Stun on a stick, tons of free stats for your allies and a heal? What’s not to like? Well, a lot as it turns out. Leona calls sunrays to crash atop your foes and leaps across the battle with a beamsword. Nami smacks everyone with a tidal wave and bubbles dudes. Thresh. (The entire champion. That’s the sentence.)
Taric can, and always has been able to stand up to these dudes in power, but there’s a definite lack in expression and realized fantasy that i think make him seem far worse off than he actually is.

What this means, is in his current state he won’t get worse – but he ain’t gettin’ better. We’d need to do some deeper refactoring on Taric to find ways to add more actual counterplay/gameplay in his kit, and hopefully get him feeling like that playmaking/hero support (Even Alistar/Soraka, lesser played supports have these epic moments of feeling like you’re moving mountains for your teammates) – no timeline on when that would ever come out, or how many resources we’d need – although it’s certainly something that would be cool for someone to undertake in sync with maybe a Visual Update if we have bandwidth for a project in the future (Currently, Live is dealing with Rengar, Xerath, Olaf, Heimerdinger, and all of our new champions – not to mention the patch to patch balance as-is). This isn’t saying it wouldn’t get done. I’d just say it’s on the further end of our Radar, and as things move up the more likely we’ll be able to revisit him.

Until then, stay outrageous y’all.

Update on Skarner


Skarner decoration

RiotScruffy brings us the latest batch of changes to Skarner! If you haven’t caught up to the discussion, please follow the links below.


Initial discussion – why is Skarner being changed?

Follow-up: Tweaks to Fracture ( E )



RiotScruffy Riotlink Button RiotScruffy: Hey all. This thread has been so incredibly helpful, you all have been having huge impact on this Skarner rework so far. We are getting more and more happy with each new version and I wanted to provide an update of where we are at. Skarner feels like a much more reliable pick with these changes, and I think he will gain a lot of his old glory back when you all have a chance to play him.

Overall, his ability to engage in ganks, mid game skirmishes, and late game team fights is increased. He is still able to brawl and 1v1 very well and his jungle clear times are slightly improved. The E is an essential part of his kit now, and it has opened up a lot of interesting new plays that Skarner can make. One of the most important things is that, for us old Skarner players, he still feels like the Skarner we know and love.

Full changelist:



  • Base Attack speed lowered by 1%


Crystal_SlashCrystal Slash ( Q )

  • Mana cost reduced from 20/22/24/26/28 to 16/18/20/22/24
  • When target is hit, Skarner gains a 4/5/6/7/8% Attack Speed buff for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Slow removed (moved to E)


Crystalline_ExoskeletonCrystaline Exoskeleton ( W )

  • Attack speed component removed (moved to Q)
  • Cooldown lowered from 18 to 14 seconds
  • Max movepseed increased from 15/17/19/21/23% to 24/28/32/36/40% and ramps up over 3s
  • Duration remains at 6 seconds
  • Shield value increased from 70/115/160/205/250 to 75/125/175/225/280
  • Shield AP ratio increased from 0.6 to 0.8


FractureFracture ( E )

  • Mana cost reduced from 50/55/60/65/70 to 40/45/50/55/60
  • Heal removed (power moved into W shield)
  • Targets hit are slowed by 30/35/40/45/50% for 2.5 seconds
  • Missile range increased from 800 to 1000
  • Missile width reduced from 120 to 90
  • Missile speed reduced from 1800 to 1700


ImpaleImpale ( R )

  • Impale now roots targeted champion during the windup animation


These are still very much work in progress, and I still want your input on how you feel about these changes. I will also keep coming back to fill you all in on how these changes feel in internal playtesting.



 How does the MS bonus from W ramp up?


RiotScruffyRiotlink Button RiotScruffy: Right now it ramps up from 20% lower than the max movespeed over the 3s. Also, it updates every 0.25s, but your math is correct for the assumptions you made.





How will Skarner hold up in lane?


RiotScruffyRiotlink Button RiotScruffy: Laning Skarner is a consideration that we’ve had and he’s still as viable if not more than he was before. Being able to stack up the attack speed buff on Q makes you a very strong duelist. He makes up for his loss in sustain in other new ways. He wont be one of the most popular solo laners but he isn’t totally unviable.




Why was the slow removed from his Q?


RiotScruffyRiotlink Button RiotScruffy: I’ll clarify because this is in many people’s opinions the most significant loss to his kit. There are a few major gains to the new slow pattern compared to the old.

-Skarner is still able to get to and stick with a target. This is key to Skarner’s ability to play the game (as a melee) and we definitely would not remove this from him.

-Targets are not slowed permanently without any means of escape. The new slow will give him about 50% slow uptime without much cooldown reduction. This allows for both Skarner and his target to make meaningful plays. A target with a moveblock has to be smart about using it or Skarner will be able to reapply slow or catch up. Skarner players can also be smart about coordinating their slow with other CC from their team or even with a slow->ult->slow combo by themselves.

-The new slow application has more interest for both Skarner and the target. The slow on a line skillshot nuke adds a lot of thought/skill to Skarner play and feels really good to hit. New opportunities of when and how to use the slow are opened up and it gives the needed variety to his kit. Skarner is taking some risk to cast the slow, but if he lands the skillshot there is an appropriate reward.

From the many people internally that we have had playtest the new Skarner, they all seem to agree that this pattern is more interesting and fun. I hope you feel the same way when you have the chance to play him.

Champion Rotation – Week 29


Rotation Week 29

The following champions will be free-to-play until Tuesday 27th!


  • Ezreal – 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Gragas – 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Janna – 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Nasus – 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • Rumble – 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Sivir – 450 IP / 260 RP
  • Skarner – 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • Sona – 3150 IP / 790 RP
  • Viktor – 6300 IP / 975 RP
  • Zyra – 6300 IP / 975 RP

Champion/Skin Sale – Expires August 23rd!


Sale August 23

Enjoy the following champions and skins at a discount until August 23rd!





  • Brand – 440 RP
  • Kha’Zix – 487 RP
  • Shen – 395 RP



Atlantean Fizz – 260 RP


Atlantean Fizz


Glacial Malphite – 675 RP


Glacial Malphite


Headhunter Master Yi – 487 RP


Headhunter Yi



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