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PBE: Updated Headhunter Caitlyn Model

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Fan Art Showcase: Joon Ahn Art, Irelia Action Figure and Baron Art


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PBE: Updated Headhunter Caitlyn Model


HH Cait has had the weird alien face on her head replaced with a shiny new helmet and her arms are now wrapped in armor. Also, her right thigh is covered in metal.



New Headhunter Caitlyn Turnaround


New *head, arms and right thigh

Updated Headhunter Caitlyn



Caitlyn VU And Armored Ladies Banner

IronStylus continues to gather feedback on a possible visual rework for Caitlyn.


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IronStylusRiotlink Button IronStylus: Related question:

If you were to pick which actress would play Caitlyn in a movie, who would it be?

Post suggestions and I’ll see what I can work into any potential VU 😛



[ Follow-up ]


Morgageddon Riotlink Button Morgageddon: Morgageddon pops in.

Yvonne Strahovski.





IronStylus worked on Ahri

IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: And the original Sejuani.





[ Question ] What do you think about the low amount of armored ladies in the league, and how do you plan to address this?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Probably doubling down on Poppy when she comes around.





[ Opinion ] I’m pretty sure that the benefits of wearing pants and not needing to worry about cuts and abrasions far exceed the “freedom of movement” gained by the miniskirt.


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Tactical mini-skirt?





[ Question ] Why can the men of Freljord walk around shirtless and exposed but Sejuani can’t show midriff?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Not sure, didn’t design any topless Freljord champions. The Bravo Ray is your man for Braum and this is mainly a Caitlyn thread.




[ Question ] How conflicted is the art team between having Poppy be an adorable ball of murder like Tristana and her current charm of being an ugly little munchkin (outside of, say, Battle Regalia Poppy)?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: I’d suggest starting a Poppy thread if you’re curious, though I don’t have too much to say on the subject at the moment. But that aside, I don’t think she has much “adorable” in her. Being a yordle is probably only the real thing tying her to a “cute” trope.



[ Question ] Wasn’t your reasoning for the no bikini armor Sej because she was in the cold? If so, as the art lead, shouldn’t you want consistency for all the champs?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: I’m not the art lead. I’m one of a few senior concept artists. There’s one for each content team. Champions, Skins, Champion Update.




[ Opinion ] Champion design moving from “fun” to “serious”


I’d like to say that Sej’s old design was fine because of the time she was released. The concepts back in early 2012 were fun, even if they were lacking in creativity. I mean, we have an anchor wielding diver, a bomber squirrel, magic smurf hippie, snobby french Nikasaur and Badlands/Tundra Barbarian Babe. Right after Lulu, we were suddenly smashed with champion after champion who tried to be ‘Cool,’ with the two exceptions being DRAAAAAAAAAAAVEN and Jayce, the latter of which caused a huge ****storm when he was released due to lore.

After Jayce, we had Angry Plant Lady, Angry Moon Lady, Angry Cat Man, Angry Psychic Lady, Angry Mantis Alien, Evil Spider Lady, Angry Ninja. Even when we were supposed to take Sej seriously, she still was a relic of the time– when LoL champ releases were more goofy/outrageous/cool/fun. Even ignoring the handwave of a reason why she was in a bikini, it still made sense in the context of LoL champs, because the game was more cartoonish. Something I personally liked, and am saddened by riot removing from the game.


On the subject of Caitlyn, the only thing I’m expecting is a hat larger than she is.


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: This is a very well constructed, thoughtful, and in many ways, valid point. This is not an isolated opinion, and I understand very much where you’re coming from.




[ Off-topic ] Why are you getting hate by the community?


IronStylus Riotlink Button IronStylus: Reasons 

Edit: Champion Update is the Live Design of art and theme. I’m bound to get some flack. I’ve grown to accept it.



Curse Voice Debate Banner
 The discussion on why Curse Voice is still blacklisted continues on the forums.


[ Question ] Why is Curse Voice banned for being voice chat software when pros have to use 3rd party programs to communicate?

Riot Sargonas Riotlink Button Riot Sargonas: There are two answers to this, one – Pros are a 5 man premade, and just like my previous answer we don’t care about friends in voice chat or voice chat in general for that matter. We care about strangers being prompted by third part software to join each other together in chat using methods and tools that interact directly with our game. Secondly, believe it or not the pros don’t use voice chat like you think they do in competition. As it happens, their headsets are all hardwired together via a mixunit. They are not using voice software, but old school direct cables.


[ Trolling ] If people are being banned for using Curse Voice, why not ask them to shut down the service?

Riot Sargonas Riotlink Button Riot Sargonas: We’re not asking them to shut it down because Curse Voice is a tool for all gamers to use in any game, not just LoL. It’s a great voice client that does good things outside out ecosystem, and it’s unfair to them and players for us to take that route. Also, people are not getting banned at this time for using the app, so taking our time to resolve it diplomatically is of no harm to the players.



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[ Question ] Can you get a chat ban without typing?


Lyte Riotlink Button Lyte: I’m currently out of the office so I can’t look at your specific account; however, there’s some misunderstandings to how the system works.

If you were communicating in a toxic manner, you’ll get a chat restriction; it’s nearly impossible to get your first chat restriction without behaving toxic in some way.

However, what happens afterwards varies a lot from player to player. In each case, after the chat restriction ends for a player, the system reviews all the games you played recently and tries to determine if you’ve improved your behavior. If your behavior has gotten worse, you will get even more chat restrictions than what you got in the previous set of restrictions. If your behavior has improved dramatically and you are in neutral or positive standing, you will receive no chat restrictions. If you don’t talk at all, it’s still better than communicating in a toxic way so you may receive a few chat restrictions until you are in better standing. In fact, many players never talk in League of Legends and just use smart pings to communicate in-game and that’s perfectly fine.

If the system is unsure about your current standing (because you never talked in your past sets of games, or you showed both positive and negative patterns of behavior in your games), you’ll receive a few more chat restrictions so the system can collect more data. In ambiguous or extreme cases, Player Support will also assist the system with manual review of the data to determine next steps; for example, some players who become even more negative after a chat restriction may end up losing their Ranked rewards or receive permanent account bans if Player Support feels like the player is unlikely to ever reform.



[ Question ] Which support benefits from Ardent Censer?


Riot Whist Riotlink Button Riot Whist: I find it really nice on support Karma, especially since chalice’s nerf to mana regen I don’t find that to be a must buy. Now I typically just get me some spooky ghosts and censor.

The movespeed from the two items is super useful to allow Karma to kite even harder.



[ Question ] Do you ban streamers who use cheats?


Riot Boompje Riotlink Button Riot Boompje: Sure. Whenever we find people who are using tools we don’t want them to use, we punish them. But Naming & Shaming is something we simply don’t want on the forums. If you see someone on stream using such tools, take screenshots (as you did) and send a ticket to our player support (use the button on the top right). That way, you will report them and we will notice your report guaranteed.



Fan Art Showcase Joon Ahn


Do you love League art? Check out some previous showcases!



Fan Art Enijoi

Fan Art School Designers


Katarina and Ashe in Freljord by Artist Joon Ahn


Note: Joon Ahn is a Concept Artist working for Riot.





Baron Art by NA Summoner Ice Hippo


speed_paint_004 (1)


Irelia Action Figure by NA Summoner Luigi87







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