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Team SoloMid continues to make big changes to it’s League of Legends division, and are looking to fill several positions within their coaching and support staff. Here is the announcement in it’s entirety, from


Following our changes to the League of Legends team, we are currently seeking to restructure our coaching staff and support team. This restructure requires the following positions to be filled, with their necessary qualifications and responsibilities:

  • Following our changes to the League of Legends team, we are currently seeking to restructure our coaching staff and support team. This restructure requires the following positions to be filled, with their necessary qualifications and responsibilities:
  • Head Coach


    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Previous experience working with players in traditional sports
    • A level-headed authority figure able to settle disputes and facilitate further progress within the team
    • Work with TSM staff to create an environment for players to grow and improve
    • Basic knowledge of League of Legends


    Additional Gameplay Coaches


    • In-depth knowledge of competitive League of Legends
    • Ability to read and prep the team for a fast changing metagame
    • Ability to work with players and head coach to develop strategies well-suited for the team



    Online Analysts


    • In-depth knowledge of competitive League of Legends
    • Assist the coaching staff with prep work and research on opponents
    • Must be able to provide information in a way that also helps to improve the team


    In addition to the previous tryout announcement, for every position available (meaning both coachingand player), we will announce when it has been filled within 24 hours of making the decision. We will be processing every application submitted up until when an announcement has been made. To paraphrase: this means that every position should be considered open until there has been announcement that it has been filled.


    Please send your applications to [email protected] with the following information:


    Requested Position:
    Previous experience(s) in (e)sports:
    Motivation for joining:


Update: TSM Head Coach Choi ‘Locodoco’ Yoon-Sub clarified on twitter that he will no longer maintain the head coach role but will remain with the team.



NoL will continue to provide updates to the Team SoloMid roster and staff as the offseason develops.



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Team SoloMid has announced the departure of 3 members of it’s League of Legends team, with Marcus “Dyrus” Hill, Lucas “Santorin” Larsen, and Ham “Lustboy” Jang-sik leaving the starting roster. Dyrus will remain with TSM as a full-time streamer and content creator, Lustboy will become an analyst for the team and assist in building a new roster, and Santorin will no longer play competitively.


As Season 5 comes to a close, we announce with a heavy heart the departures of Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen, Jang-sik ‘Lustboy’ Ham, and Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill from our League of Legends line-up. Santorin will be stepping down from the TSM roster, while Lustboy and Dyrus will remain as streamers under TSM.

Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen and our brand are mutually parting ways. Both him and the team remain on amicable terms, and we appreciate all his hard work in the past year. TSM wishes him farewell and best of luck in his future endeavors.


“I have enjoyed my time with TSM but we have now decided to part ways. Everyone has been nice to me and Andy has always done his best to help me out with everything. I will most likely not be playing competitive League Of Legends anymore but I will try to make full time streaming work while studying on the side.”

-Lucas ‘Santorin’ Larsen


“Santorin was a pleasure to work with. It’s a real shame that things didn’t work out. I wish him the best of luck for the future”

-Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh


Jang-sik ‘Lustboy’ Ham is departing from TSM as a result of his decision to retire from professional play. His retirement marks the end of a very storied career, having been a part of the dominant Azubu Blaze, and spending the last year of his career as a part of the TSM family. Lustboy has left behind very large shoes to fill, and he will be remembered fondly with his hard earned victories on TSM. Lustboy will move to an analyst position, while also helping TSM construct their 2016 roster.


“Due to shoulder injuries and being tired of playing, I decided to step down as a player but I’ll still be involved with TSM helping in anyway possible. I will never forget how much fans and everyone treated me kindly, and I appreciate the opportunity given to me by TSM to prove my skills even though I was a foreigner.”

– Jang-sik ‘Lustboy’ Ham


“Lustboy joined TSM at a critical time, when we were left without a support due to unforeseen circumstances. He was rushed to join the team and was a crucial part of our 1st place finish in summer split 2014. He’s been a pleasure to work with in and out of game and I hope he can continue his success for the rest of his future endeavors”
– Yoonsup ‘Locodoco’ Choi


Last, but not least, the departure of Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill. In the last four years, Dyrus has built a legacy. This is a legacy of dominance over the North American League of Legends professional scene for the previous four seasons. Four seasons where Dyrus maintained a berth on the top of North American standings throughout his career, and became one of only two players to have attended every World Championship to date. Dyrus’ achievements during his tenure within Team SoloMid have made him a legend, and his retirement marks the end of an era. Dyrus will be moving into the “TSM Retirement Home” with ex-teammate Brian ‘TheOddOne’ Wyllie to become a full time streamer.


“After 5 seasons of playing competitive I think it’s time to give someone else the chance to play with such amazing teammates. I am burnt out and it would be unfair to keep going without the same level of motivation. I will still be under TSM and I will support them from behind the scenes. Thank you all for everything I look forward to seeing the new roster soon!”
-Marcus ‘Dyrus’ Hill


“Thanks so much for being an awesome friend, teammate, and employee for the last 5 years. I look forward to continue working with Dyrus in supporting his transition from a player to streamer.”

-Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh


We wish to express our gratitude to these players, all of whom have dedicated an extreme amount of time and their lives to Team SoloMid. Their contributions will have a lasting influence within the organization, and again we wish them all fair fortunes and the best of luck.