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PBE Update 05 05 Banner


New Champion

  • Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
  • Freljord Taliyah

Store Content

  • Super Galaxy Fizz
  • Super Galaxy Kindred
  • Super Galaxy Shyvana


  • Champion Changes
  • Item Changes


  • Champion Mastery 6 & 7


Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.





image (1)Rock Surfing [ Passive ]

When out of combat, Taliyah builds movement speed whenever traveling near walls.




image (2)Threaded Volley [ Q ]

Passive: Taliyah gains increased movement speed when traversing worked ground.

Active: Taliyah rips up the ground around her, firing a volley of five stone shards in a target direction while moving freely. Casting Threaded Volley converts the area into worked ground for a few minutes. Additional Threaded Volley casts over worked ground will yield just one rock projectile.



image (3)Seismic Shove [ W ]

Taliyah marks a target location. After a brief delay, the ground erupts, knocking up and damaging all enemies caught in the blast zone. Taliyah can recast Seismic Shove before it erupts to throw the victims in any targeted direction—even over walls.



Unraveled Earth [ E ]

Taliyah scatters boulders onto the ground before her. Opponents who dash through the fractured earth take damage from an explosion. After a few seconds, any remaining rocks in the field erupt, dealing a second wave of damage.



image (6)Weaver’s Wall [ R ]

Taliyah briefly channels before summoning a massive wall of spiraling rock that tears through the Rift in a target direction. Taliyah can reactivate Weaver’s Wall while channeling to ride atop the wall as it emerges. Taking damage or inputting a move command in any direction will cut her ride short.



image (5)

Freljord Taliyah will be available in store for 1350 RP.


MODEL Banner

j0R5wh5 (1)


Recall Banner

Freljord Taliyah Recall 1 Freljord Taliyah Recall 2



Freljord Taliyah Passive



Freljord Taliyah Q 1 Freljord Taliyah Q 2



Freljord Taliyah W



Freljord Taliyah E 1 Freljord Taliyah E 2

Freljord Taliyah R 1 Freljord Taliyah R 2




Super Galaxy Fizz will be available in store for 1350 RP. Note that the particles are unfinished!







Super Galaxy Kindred will be available in 975 RP.




MODEL Banner

SG Kindred Model 1 SG Kindred Model 2

SG Kindred Model 3 SG Kindred Model 4


Recall Banner

SG Kindred Recall 1 SG Kindred Recall 2



SG Kindred AA 1



SG Kindred W 2 SG Kindred W 1



SG Kindred E 1 SG Kindred E 2

SG Kindred Q 1



SG Kindred R 1 SG Kindred R 2




Super Galaxy Shyvana will be available in store for 975 RP.


MODEL Banner

SG Shyvana Model 1 SG Shyvana Model 2



SG Shyvana Q 1 SG Shyvana Q 2

SG Shyvana Dragon Q 1



SG Shyvana W 2 SG Shyvana W 1

SG Shyvana Dragon W 1 SG Shyvana Dragon W 2



SG Shyvana E 1 SG Shyvana E 2



SG Shyvana R 2 SG Shyvana R 1

SG Shyvana Dragon E 1



Champion Changes


Jinx Final Portrait


Switcheroo! [ Q ]Change Box Switcheroo Final Icon

  • Base Attack Speed while in Fishbones mode increased from 0.531 to 0.624;
  • Total Attack Speed reduction while using Fishbones increased from 15% to 20%.


Nerf BoxFlame_Chompers!Flame Chompers! [ E ]

  • Base damage decreased from 80/135/190/245/300 to 60/120/180/240/300;
  • Mana cost increased from 50 at all ranks to 70.



Sona Final Portrait


Change BoxHymn_of_ValorHymn of Valor [ Q ]

  • Cooldown changed from 8 seconds at all ranks to 12/10.5/9/7.5/6;
  • Radius of passive aura decreased from 350 to 250.


Change BoxAria_of_PerseveranceAria of Perseverance [ W ]

  • Flat shield strength increased from 35/55/75/95/115 to 35/65/95/125/155;
  • Radius of passive aura decreased from 350 to 250.


Change BoxSong_of_CeleritySong of Celerity [ E ]

  • Self bonus Movement Speed increased from 13/14/15/16/17% [+0.075 AP] to 30/35/40/45/50% [+0.08 AP];
  • Bonus Movement Speed for allies increased from 10/11/12/13/14% [+0.035 AP] to 12/13/14/15/16% [+0.05 AP];
  • Radius of passive aura decreased from 350 to 250.


Nerf BoxCrescendoCrescendo [ R ]

  • Ranks in Crescendo no longer increase Sona’s self Movement Speed bonus on E.


Xerath Final Portrait


Buff BoxShocking_Orb (1)Shocking Orb [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 18/16/14/12/10 seconds to 13/12.5/12/11.5/11.




Item Changes

Buff BoxHunter's_Machete_itemHunter’s Machete

  • Bonus experience for killing monsters which are higher level than you has been increased from 25 to 30.

(Note) This also applies to all the upgrades to Hunter’s Machete.



Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7

Socrates New Portrait Hey all,

When we launched Champion Mastery, our goal was to recognize you for playing the champs you love, and give you feedback on how well you play them. We tackled the first part with Champion Mastery ranks (levels), and implemented the second with the grade system shown at the end of game screen.

Now we’re excited to add another dimension to leveling up with the system, with a higher emphasis on demonstrating your actual mastery of your favorite champs. With new requirements in order to earn them, Mastery Levels 6 and 7 show off your skill as well as your dedication.

First, demonstrate your familiarity with a champ by reaching Mastery Level 5

Champion Mastery Level 6

– Once you’re Level 5 with a champion, earn an S- or higher in a champ mastery-enabled queue, you’ll unlock a Mastery token for that champion
– To unlock Level 6 using Hextech Crafting, combine 2 Mastery tokens plus one of the following: 500 blue essence, OR a champ shard of the same champ, OR the champ permanent of the same champ.

Champion Mastery Level 7

– Once you’re level 6, the next time you earn an S or higher in a champ mastery-enabled queue, you’ll earn a Mastery token for that specific champ
– To unlock Level 7 using Hextech Crafting, combine 3 Mastery tokens plus one of the following: 600 blue essence, OR a champ shard of the same champ, OR the champ permanent of the same champ.

We structured the performance requirement and cost in this way in order to ensure this builds on the former system, rewarding a combination of skill and participation. As you rank up, you’ll unlock new mastery badge emotes, new loading screen border flags, and the announcement banner upgrade to indicate your higher skill.

To make it easier to unlock the level once you’ve earned your Mastery tokens, we’re adding a mystery coin that yields a random champ shards that’ll be available for your choice of IP or RP. The mystery coin and Champion Mastery levels are only some of ways we’re expanding the value of shards and loot (especially for players who already own every champion), and we’ll keep looking for more.

We’ll be enabling this feature for testing on PBE in the coming days, and we’re looking for your feedback. Leave us your comments and questions below, and we’ll meet you leveling up mastery of our favorite champs!

[ Link to Post ]


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


PBE 02 03 Banner


PBE 02/03


[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


All PBE updates from Patch 5.5 cycle:


Texture tweaks to Elderwood Bard

Elderwood Bard’s model is now slightly brighter. You can find a full preview of the skin HERE.





Elderwood Bard New



Champion Changes


Bard Final Portrait


Cosmic Binding Final IconCosmic Binding [ Q ]

  • Base damage changed from 85/115/145/175/205 to 75/110/145/180/215



Nidalee Final Portrait


Swipe Final IconSwipe [ Cougar E ]

  • AP Ratio decreased from 0.55 to 0.45 [ revert from the PBE update from last Friday ]



Sona Final Portrait


Crescendo Final IconCrescendo [ R ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 100/150/200 to 100 at all ranks



Trundle Final Portrait


Frozen Domain Final IconFrozen Domain [ W ]

  • Bonus healing and regeneration while standing in the area increased from 8/11/14/17/20% to 20% at all ranks



Urgot Final Portrait


Terror Capacitator Final Icon Terror Capacitor [ W ]

  • Base shield value decreased from 80/130/180/230/280 to 60/100/140/180/220
  • Maximum mana ratio increased from 5% to 8%


Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser Final IconHyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (R )

  • Cooldown decreased from 120/110/100 seconds to 120/100/80



Zilean Final Portrait

[ Note ] Zilean was reworked in Patch 5.4. You can find the full changelist HERE.


Time Bomb Final IconTime Bomb [ Q ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 12/11/10/9/8 seconds to 10/9.5/9/8.5/8



Item Changes



[ Note ] Cinderhulk is a new jungle tank enchantment introduced in a recent PBE update.

  • Combine cost increased from 150 Gold to 350
  • Base damage of aura increased from 15 to 16
  • Now deals 16 damage (up from 15)
  • Damage now ramps up overtime while in combat, up to a maximum of 24 (+ 1.5 per champion level)


Also, Bami’s Cinder now has an in-game icon (you can find more on the item HERE):



Jungle Changes


Gromp Final IconGromp

  • Base damage decreased from 90 to 83


Murkwolf Final IconMurkwolf Camp

  • Mini Murkwolves now grant 16 gold, increased from 12
  • Big Murkwolf now grants 53 gold, increased from 42


Razorbeak Final IconRazorbeak Camp

  • Base damage on Razorbreak decreased from 55 to 45
  • Raptors now deal 16 base damage, decreased from 20



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



PBE Roundup Banner 5 3

Patch 5.3 will hit live on February 11th and the new PBE cycle will begin on February 10th.

[ Note ] You can read on upcoming events, skins and why DJ Sona isn’t in Patch 5.3 in the comments below.


Store Content





Heartseeker Varus

Heartseeker Varus will be available in store for 1350 RP. Sweetheart Annie will also be up on sale for 750 RP at the same for Valentine’s Day.



Heartseeker Varus 1

Heartseeker Varus 2


HS Varus Recall 1

HS Varus Recall 2

For his recall, Heartseeker Varus flies in the air and fires an arrow with the strength of half a Teemo.


HS Varus Basic Attack

Basic Attack


HS Varus Passive 1

HS Varus Passive 2

Living Vengeance [ Passive ]


HS Varus Q 1

HS Varus Q 2

HS Varus Q 3

Piercing Arrow [ Q ]


HS Varus W 1

Blighted Quiver [ W ]


HS Varus E 1

HS Varus E 2

HS Varus E 3

Hail of Arrows [ E ]


HS Varus R 1

HS Varus R 2

Chain of Corruption [ R ]



Marauder Ashe


Marauder Ashe will cost 750 RP and will be in store a few days after Patch 5.3 hits live.



Marauder Ashe Updated 1

Marauder Ashe Updated 2


Marauder Ashe W

Volley [ W ]



Marauder Warwick


Marauder Warwick will also be sold for 750 RP.


Marauder WW Updated 1

Marauder WW Updated 2

Hungering Strike Marauder WW

Hungering Strike [ Q ]



Warden Nautilus

Warden Nautilus will be available for 750 RP a few days after Patch 5.3 hits live.




Inquisitor Nautilus Updated 2

Inq Nautilus Q

Dredge Line [ Q ]

Inquisitor Nautilus W Updated

Titan’s Wrath [ W ] 



Warden Sivir

Warden Sivir is priced at 750 RP and will be available shortly after Patch 5.3 hits live.



Inquisitor Sivir Updated 1

Inquisitor Sivir Updated 2

Inq Sivir Q 1

Inq Sivir Q 2

Boomerang Blade [ Q ]



A new ward skin to go with Heartseeker Varus and Sweetheart Annie will be released around Valentine’s Day.



The Heartseeker Ward, when placed, hovers above the air for a bit before being struck by an arrow and going invisible.



New Summoner Icons


New icon for Valentine’s day! No info yet on whether it’ll be available for IP.



I assume this icon will be a reward for playing Nemesis Draft (new featured game mode, you can find a preview here)

profileIcon781 (1)


You can purchase the face of Satan after Patch 5.3 in celebration of the Carnival of Brazil (Feb. 13th – 18th):

profileIcon776 profileIcon777



Champion Changes



Ahri Final Portrait


Orb of Deception Final IconOrb of Deception [ Q ]

  • Mana cost increased from 55/60/65/70/75 to 65/70/75/80/85


Fox Fire Final IconFox Fire [ W ]

  • Base damage decreased from 50/80/110/140/170 to 40/65/90/115/140
  • Range decreased from 750 to 600




  • Base damage increased from 49 to 52

Conquering Sands [ Q ]

  • Base damage decreased from 75/105/135/165/195 to 65/85/105/125/145


Arise! [ W ]

  • Damage to towers decreased from 90 + 15-per-level (+0.6 AP) to 60 + 10-per-level (+0.4 AP)
  • Attack Range of Sand Soldiers decreased from 400 to 325




Diana Final Portrait


Pale Cascade Final IconPale Cascade [ W ]

  • Orbs now rotate around Diana at double speed (faster shield proc)




Gnar Final Portrait


Rage Gene Final IconRage Gene [ Passive ]

  • Now starts gaining rage 15 seconds after transforming back into Mini Gnar, increased from 13




Gragas Final Portrait


Barrel Roll Final IconBarrel Roll [ Q ]

  • Slow strength increased from 30/35/40/45/50% to 40/45/50/55/60%




Kassadin Final Portrait


Null Sphere Final IconNull Sphere [ Q ]

  • Base Damage decreased from 80/105/130/155/180 to 70/95/120/145/170




Kennen Final Portrait


Electrical Surge Final IconElectrical Surge [ W ]

  • Active can now be cast if a target is inside Slicing Maelstorm, even if the target doesn’t have a Mark of the Storm



Sona Final Portrait

  • Base Health increased from 482.36 to 497.6
  • Health-per-level decreased from 77 to 70
  • Base Attack Damage increased from 50.04 to 52.04
  • Base Movement Speed increased from 325 to 330
  • Mana-per-second decreased from 1.8 to 1.6184
  • Mana-per-second per level increased from 0.08 to 0.13



Varus Final Portrait


Chain of Corruption Final IconChain of Corruption [ R ]

  • Missile width increased from 100 to 120



Item Changes


Fairsight Orb Final IconFairsight Orb [ Trinket ]

  • Now additionally places a visible ward at the target area that lasts 60 seconds


Greater Stealth Totem Final IconGreater Stealth Totem

  • Now stores up to two charges of wards. Regains a new charge every 60 seconds.


Oracles Lens Final IconOracle’s Lens

  • Price of upgrade decreased from 475 Gold to 250


Spectres Cowl Final IconSpectre’s Cowl

  • Passive healing when hit increased from 100% of base HP regen to 150%



Lunar Revel Animation

Lunar Revel is approaching; here’s a login screen to tease the upcoming event:




Range indicators on Zyras plants

Zyra’s plants now have indicators for range. Below are both versions of her plants.


Zyra Plants Indicator



Camera Move Speed Settings


The Camera Move Speed option has been split into two options for both mouse and keyboard.

Options Speed Update



New Options for Locked Camera

There are now two options for Locked Camera Mode: Fixed Offset and Per-side Offset. The former keeps the over-the-top perspective, while the Per-side offset aligns the camera “behind the shoulder” of the character, matching the camera angle for blue side and red side. Examples below:


Fixed Perside Offset


Fixed Offset for Blue Side

Blue Side Fixed


Per-side Offset for Blue Side

Blue Side Perside Offset


Fixed Offset for Red Side

Fixed Side Red Side


Per-side Offset for Red Side

Perside Offset Red Side

Texture Rebalances


Classic Kennen

Classic Kennen 1

Classic Kennen 2


Deadly Kennen

Deadly Kennen 1


Karate Kennen

Karate Kennen 1


Kennen M.D.

MD Kennen


Swamp Master Kennen has also been updated, but I don’t have access to the skin. :/


Arctic Ops Kennen


Classic Fiddlesticks


Spectral Fiddlesticks


Bandito Fiddlesticks


Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks


Fiddle Me Timbers


Surprise Party Fiddlesticks


Classic Veigar

Classic Veigar 2


White Mage Veigar


Veigar Greybeard


Leprechaun Veigar


Baron Von Veigar


Superb Villian Veigar


Lord Mordekaiser 


Infernal Mordekaiser

Infernal Morde


  • The audio bug with Firecracker Jinx’s minigun has been fixed.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



Free Champion Rotation January 27 Banner

The following Champions will be free-to-play until January 27th:



Ashe Final Portrait

Azir Final Portrait

Fiddlesticks Final Portrait

Gnar Final Portrait

Lissandra Final Portrait

Morgana Final Portrait

Shaco Final Portrait

Singed Final Portrait

Sona Final Portrait

Twitch Final Portrait



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


News 07 01 Banner


Red Posts 07/01


Recent News Banner




Sona Nerf Banner 2

 [ Context ] Sona’s base MS was recently decreased from 330 to 325 on the PBE.


Sona isnt stronger than other toptier supports right now

Riot Jag New PortraitI can definitely appreciate the perspective that she isn’t really crowding out support selection diversity. That said, we want to stay on top of the successes and shortcomings of all of our champion reworks, and we feel that some of Sona’s gameplay patterns are not the most healthy experience for bot lane. Fighting Sona has a lot of strategic depth that you talk about (pick hard engage or burst characters like Leona to fight her), but we want counterplay to extend past champion select and still be relevant tactically (in lane). The MS change is intended to give enemies without extremely strong engagement capabilities a fair shot at fighting Sona, without exaggerating her weaknesses to hard engage that something like a base HP/armor adjustment would do.

Understandably, Sona isn’t perceived as particularly strong, given that she isn’t being picked every game (especially in competitive play), and does not seem like she is taking over games that she is in. That said, we have a lot of tools and data we use for examining the game, and in addition to some of the play pattern issues I mentioned, we do feel that she is on the strong side for supports for a wide range of ELOs. Keep in mind, this is intended to be a pretty small nerf overall.

Now let’s talk about a few of the other issues you mentioned.

1) Jungle diversity is an issue we agree we can help improve. Next patch you’ll see some movement towards what you’re talking about (for instance, Hecarim and Skarner are getting a little love).

2) There are some counterplay issues with a few assassins in our game. These problems are pretty complex ones to solve, and some of the champions you mention definitely need some changes to stay healthy (I think Zed is probably at the top of that list right now).

3) Top lane is a much bigger issue. There are so many factors involved here (power of Teleport, relevance of Dragon, power of Marksmen vs Fighters, etc.) that this is a larger scope problem that would take multiple patches to work on. But you definitely make a great point, there are some issues in champion diversity top lane and we need to do some work on that.

[ Link to Post ]



Most of Sonas current power is in her Power Chord Q

Riot Jag New PortraitNice explanation.

The changes we’re putting in this PBE cycle for Sona will be going out with the next patch, but hearing opinions from Sona players and seeing this discussion is very valuable for us in the future if we need to reexamine the state she’s in.

The feedback regarding how players feel that so much of her power is weighted in her Q is useful. Also agreed regarding Q Power Chord pushing out other choices (this is part of what the changes are supposed to address, but we may need more work here).

I also want to thank everyone for contributing your view in this thread (particularly the constructive posts…); improving communication with our players is something I always want to be working on.

[ Link to Post ]



Viable Champions Banner



Almost everyone wants to see champion diversity in LCS

Phreak New PortraitIt’s definitely an odd space.

On the one hand, you’re right: The number of unique champions played in top tier competitive play is dwindling slowly over time. The real question is “Why?”

You could certainly force a wider variety. You could say “Okay, you can only play each champion once per month / once per series / if your opponents haven’t played it either.” Enforcing a wider variety of champions can be interesting because you’ll see more of them played. You could have 20 bans. You’ll definitely see different stuff played if you do that.

Another question can be if just “Champion named Ezreal was picked” counts as one unique pick. What about Mid Ezreal vs. ADC Ezreal? What about Support Nautilus vs. Jungle? Kayle Top/Mid/Support? How about different builds? AP Amumu vs. Tank Amumu? You can track the specifics of “Champion named X was picked.” Does that tell the whole story? Do you care if they were built differently? AP Mid vs. AD Bot Kog’Maw? I’d argue this counts as a “different” pick, but it’s of course not tracked as that. Certainly, an edge case, but it’s food for thought.

On that line of reasoning, I think 2014 was a year full of flex picks. We saw Karma, Lulu, and a whole host of other mages go in various lanes. Would a better line of reasoning be, “How many Supports did we see this year? How many Mid Laners did we see this year?” Double-counting Jayce doesn’t make for a very interesting comparison, but Annie might count. I think we saw more flex picks in 2014 than any other year. There were probably at least two dozen champions that were played in more than one role this year in professional play.

The game has also become more homogenized. Up until halfway through Season One, many teams weren’t running ADC+Support bottom lanes. Now it’s considered commonplace. Not everyone knew Kassadin was crazy strong throughout 2013, Cloud9 least of which, but he defined the first half of 2014’s Ban phase. Nowadays everyone’s watching the Koreans and saying, “Ah, LeBlanc and Corki are contested. We should all learn them.” The fact that all the top-tier players have a standard to look to and compel themselves to emulate shrinks our champion pools significantly.

I specifically asked Cloud9’s Hai about this at the beginning of 2014. He said they sat down, had a meeting, and told me (paraphrased), “We chose to drop our old playstyle. We should play like SKT. They won the world championship. Let’s be like them” Well, SKT couldn’t even qualify for Worlds the next year. I’m not certain that emulating a specific team or style of play in a constantly-evolving game is the right way to thrive. Cloud9 had, consecutively, their worst splits ever after making the decision, “Let’s copy SKT.” Throughout 2013 they made their own rules. Meteos made his own jungle style. Sneaky and LemonNation pulled in their own champion pools and style (Hello, Ashe/Zyra). Certainly, other factors than just “not innovating” led to teams taking more games off C9 than before; I’m just bringing up trends I see.

I think the trend actually feeds on itself. Because everyone’s compelled to learn specific champions because “better teams” do so, everyone shares similar champion pools. And because you can easily predict your opponent’s champions, and magically you ALSO play those champions, it means you have heavily contested picks. I know they want Corki. Well I know how to play Corki! Let’s first pick Corki. This repeats for every role, 2-3 champions deep. Some players branch out and have their own fun touches (Xerath players, Rengar players, Rumble players, Vayne players, etc.) but anything that sees a lot of success falls back into the old pattern of, “Oh this champion’s successful, let’s all learn it.”

In my opinion, almost every single champion in League of Legends can be that champion. The next Rengar is out there. The next Support Annie or Support Morgana is out there. People just arbitrarily started playing them and everyone decided it was a good idea. But people seem to glom onto them really, really hard, so the pools decrease.

What’s the way to fix that? Is it OK to “force open” the champion pools? Should we just track “# of Supports played” across seasons and trend that? What should change?

[ Link to Post ]



Immobile champions are largely unpopular in LCS

Phreak New PortraitI absolutely disagree.

Ryze, Warwick (except ultimate), Orianna, Jinx, Morgana… The list goes on pretty much the entire way.

Very few champions have no mobility abilities, so it’s easy to say, “Well, mobility wins.” Except that Looper showed us both Singed and Kayle as completely dominant champions. Talon can only jump to enemies, and crushed people. Jayce likewise, same impact.

So, I have to reiterate, that saying things like “Cut in half” is very odd when there is I think literally one melee champion without some way of moving faster in Mordekaiser, and then some other fraction only has movement speed buffs… Yet we saw Dr. Mundo played for most of the split. And again, as far as ranged champions go, I think literally every conventional Support doesn’t contain tactical mobility skills. Twitch was arguably the defining ADC of the World Championship. Orianna hasn’t gone anywhere in literally ever, and neither has Rumble.

Now you can make the point that champions can be come non-viable, but mobility is an absolute red herring.

[ Link to Post ]



Alternative champion roles tend to get nerfed immediately

Phreak New PortraitThat’s not quite correct, though I understand where you’re coming from.

We are not, as a game, against a champion being viable in multiple roles. We’re fine with Lulu working in 4 roles right now. We’re fine with Karma working in the same ones. We’re fine with Hecarim as a jungler as well as a Mid Laner (and I’m sure he’s fine Top also).

The changes to champions when they worked in certain lanes came from the gameplay impact of that lane. When Janna walked into lane, Pressed Q in the vague direction of the minions, and then immediately last hit the entire wave, that was an issue. When Lulu clicked “E” and then pressed “Q” twice, causing you to lose 50% of your health without it honestly being a real skill shot, that was the issue. When Annie’s low level base damages and stun were so obnoxiously high you immediately lost any possible 2v2 fight bottom lane, that was the issue.

Notice how literally nothing changed about Karma after we saw Bjergsen get a pentakill on her in the LCS playoffs, despite being played as a support the week before. Lulu hasn’t been changed in about 4 months (E duration on enemies being the big change) after her mid lane pattern became significantly less toxic.

The awkward thing about all of this is that it’s not that pro teams were looking for support mids to play. They didn’t immediately replace Janna with Morgana, or Karma, or Lulu, or Soraka. They played mid Janna because she was bullshit. They played mid Soraka because she was bullshit. Pros really like to pick champions that are un-counterable. Their opponents are, just like them, extremely skilled League of Legends players. If you can find a champion that CANNOT be outplayed, that’s a really strong champion to play in top tier play. So while a lot of people see, “Oh, Janna got played outside of her recommended lane, so Riot nerfed her,” what’s actually happening is, “Janna mid has no counterplay, let’s add some.” And then to pros go, “Oh, this champion has counterplay? Time to find something else to abuse.”

[ Link to Post ]



Zzrot Portal Banner



What does void targets mean in the description of ZzRot Portal

Reinboom Final PortraitVoid Gates (created by Zz’Rot Portal)

Voidspawn (created by Void Gates)

Voidling (created by Malzahar)

There’s a bunch more void things in the game, but the Voidspawn ignore them for other reasons already such as various champions (Rek’Sai, Kha’zix) or Baron.

[ Link to Post ]



So all the abovementioned Void creatures are allies

Reinboom Final PortraitThese creatures (Voidspawn at least) has no reason or natural behavior to attacking other void things.

This may be a normal void behavior – at least for the more “basic” void creatures – but there’s been no other real cases where we’ve gotten to see what the unchained whims of a void creature has been. The Voidlings you see in game are mostly under the control of Malzahar and thus could be directed against what is natural for them.

Voidspawn, unlike voidlings, aren’t “directed”. They have a sense of team apparently, but beyond that you have no way of really directing them. Their behaviors are very simple. This is probably due to opening a portal for them to come through is suitably different than calling for their service. It might also explain their volatility.

Of course the real reason for them ignoring void targets is that, gameplay wise, it was kind of boring to cancel a void gate with another void gate since it just meant inaction for both sides. Making them ignore all void targets was a “clean” way of solving that issue and allowed for a cute “also ignores voidlings” secret behavior.

[ Link to Post ]



Tristana Update Banner



Will there be any changes to Tristanas E

Vesh Final Portrait This is correct! The E is a new spell although it has similarities to the feeling of the previous one (it’s still a targeted spell, still has the passive AoE on minion kill).

The rest of her kit is basically just numbers tuning, and the W will have an interaction with the new E.

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Will there be any changes to AP Tristana

Vesh Final PortraitYes. I have adjusted the AP ratios to be a bit healthier (less free burst for just clicking R) but her overall burst power will still be the same if you use the new E correctly. There will be more emphasis on her jumping in to do her combo instead of just click E click R though.

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Zenonthestoic Final PortraitHello friends of Shurima!

One of the long standing issues that we’ve had with Azir is that his Q behaved a little unpredictably sometimes. UnknownMartian most recently posted a Youtube video to reddit that lays out the problem clearly:

TLDR: When assigning soldiers positions for Conquering Sands (Q), Azir would historically grab all soldiers on the map in random order (most often this would happen to be in order of creation, but not always). As demonstrated in the video, in the three soldier case this sometimes leads to an unfortunate situation where the nearest soldier is assigned one of the side positions, 240 units off your mouse cursor.

I took some time tonight to rewrite how Q works and cleaned up some bugs surrounding the 2/4 soldier cases as well (4 soldiers is technically possible, but very, very rare). Here’s the breakdown, with pictures!


One soldier

Pretty straightforward. Goes where you click. Your click position is a 75 radius green circle, the calculated soldier position is a 100 radius red circle. In this case they’re identical.


Two soldiers

The soldiers align themselves around your target position, equidistant to the left and right of it. The nearest soldier always goes to the left position, viewed from Azir’s perspective along the axis of your cast direction.


Three soldiers

This is the situation from Unknown Martian’s video. I fixed this so the nearest soldier will always go to the MIDDLE, which is the position that you clicked on. The second closest will go to the left and the farthest will go to the right.

Four soldiers

This is very rare and hard to achieve. Hint: both Q and AA extend soldier lifetime by a fractional amount in certain situations. Not something I expect players will be able to exploit in real games, but just in case. As you can see, the first row of soldiers places itself slightly nearer to you than where you clicked, with the nearest soldier going to the center. This is only a difference of 120 units, and Q overshoots by 50 units, so this difference shouldn’t make you miss (we do check forward an additional 100 units at the end of a Q to see if we can find someone to hit anyway, so it’s a moot point).

None of this has been QA checked yet so details may change or the rollout of these changes may be delayed. They will also not be in the next patch; at the earliest, they will be in the patch after that.


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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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PBE 15/12

[ Note ] Dauntless Ahri has been renamed to Challenger Ahri. You can find a preview of the skin here.

[ Reminder ] The PBE is a testing ground for changes. What you see here may not reflect what you see in Patch Notes. Remember that developers want your feedback so if you disagree with a change, you can always submit your thoughts on the PBE Community Forums.


All PBE Updates for Patch 4 22 Cycle

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Big Changes to Renekton


Renekton Final Portrait

Renekton’s basic abilities now all generate Fury.
Reign of Anger [ Passive ]

  • Fury now decays at 4-per-second, increased from 2

Cull the Meek Final Icon  Cull the Meek [ Q ]

  • Heal per cast changed from 5% of the damage dealt to non-Champions and 20% to Champions, to 3/4.5/6/7.5/9 (+ unknown) flat Health for each non-Champion unit hit and (unknown Health) for each Champion hit
  • Additionally, Renekton gets 2.5 Fury for each non-Champion unit hit by Cull the Meek and 10 Fury for each Champion hit. This value caps at 30 Fury per Q cast.
  • The heal values for a Furious Cull the Meek are 9/13.5/18/22.5/27 (+ unknown) flat Health for each non-Champion unit hit and (unknown Health) for each Champion hit
  • Maximum heal values for both normal and Furious casts of Cull the Meek are unchanged


Ruthless Predator Final IconRuthless Predator [ W ]

  • Damage is now split between strikes. Before, Renekton would apply the full damage of Ruthless Predator as soon as it connected. Now, each swing deals half of the total damage. Hits still apply on-hit effects. Stun duration is unchanged
  • Additionally, Renekton is granted an additional 10 Fury per hit for hitting a Champion (20 Fury total)
  • Furious damage and stun duration unchanged and no longer generate fury. As with the normal cast, the damage here is split, but in three parts, due to Furious Ruthless Predator hitting three times.


Slice and Dice Final IconSlice and Dice [ E ]

  • Renekton now gets 2.5 Fury for each non-Champion unit hit by Dice only and 10 Fury for each Champion hit. This value caps at 30 Fury.
  • No changes to Furyious version. Doesn’t generate Fury.



Champion Changes



Corki Final Portrait


Valkyrie Final IconValkyrie [ W ]

  • Mana cost increased from 50 at all ranks to 80




Elise Final Portrait


Neurotoxin Final IconNeurotoxin [ Human Q ]

  • Maximum bonus damage to monsters (% HP) increased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 75/100/125/150/175


Venomous Bite Final IconVenomous Bite [ Spider Q ]

  • Maximum bonus damage to monsters (% HP) increased from 50/75/100/125/150 to 75/100/125/150/175




Evelynn Final Portrait


Shadow Walk Final Icon Shadow Walk [ Passive ]

  • Mana regeneration in stealth increased from 1% of Max mana to 2%


Ravage Final IconRavage [ E ]

  • Now applies on-hit effects (twice, once per slash)





Gnar Final Portrait


Boomerang Throw Final IconBoomerang Throw [ Mini Q ]

  • Catching the boomerang now reduces its cooldown by 45% at all ranks (scales with ranks in ultimate), decreased from 60%


Gnar R Final IconGNAR! [ R ]

Now passively increases the cooldown reduction when catching Boomerang Throw to 50/55/60%.




Hecarim Final Portrait


Spirit of Dread Final IconSpirit of Dread [ W ]

  •  Maximum heal amount from minions and monsters increased from 60/90/120/150/180 to 90/120/150/180/210




Jayce Final Portrait


Hypercharge Final IconHyper Charge [ Cannon W ]

  • Scaling on attacks decreased from 70/85/100/115/130% of Total AD to l 60/70/80/90/100%




Skarner Final Portrait


Crystal Slash Final IconCrystal Slash [ Q ]

  • Mana cost decreased from 16/18/20/22/24 to 16/17/18/19/20


Fracture Final IconFracture [ E ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 12 seconds at all ranks to 12/11/10/9/8




Sona Final Portrait


Hymn of Valor Final IconHymn of Valor [ Q ]

  • Bonus damage from Power Chord [ Passive ] decreased from 50% to 40%




Item Changes


Hunter's Machete New Icon Hunter’s Machete

  • Magic damage over 2 seconds to monsters increased from 30 to 44


Hunter’s Machete upgrades

  • Magic damage over 2 seconds to monsters increased from 45 to 60


Infinity Edge Final IconInfinity Edge

  • Critical Strike chance decreased from 25% to 20%


Morellonomicon Final IconMorellonomicon

Combine cost increased from 680 Gold to 880


Phantom Dancer Final IconPhantom Dancer

  • Critical Strike chance increased from 30 to 35%


Poacher's Knife Final IconPoacher’s Knife

  • Rather than reducing the cooldown of Smite by half, the item now gives you back half a charge of Smite

[ Note ] Smite was recently changed to have a higher cooldown, but two charges in this PBE update


Stalker's Blade Final IconStalker’s Blade

  • Active no longer slows the enemy target by 50% for 2 seconds
  • Active now steals 20% of the enemy’s movement speed for 2 seconds and puts Smite on a 60 second cooldown, decreased from 75

[ Note ] Smite now has a 75 second cooldown. Again, you can find the changes to Smite in this PBE update.


Zz’Rot Portal [ New Item ]

  • No longer grants bonus AD and AP while standing near Void Gates. [ removed from this PBE update ]
  • Voidspawns and Void Gates no longer gain more stats with Champion level
  • After the third wave of voidspawns from a single Void Gate, new voidspawns from that gate will get 50% of both your Armor and Magic Resistance as bonus damage



Jungle Changes

Jungle monsters are now tankier across all camps safe for Red Buff.

(!!!) All Jungle camps now spawn at 2:00, not 1:55.


Gromp Camp

  • Gromp base Health increased from 1600 to 1800

Krug Camp

  • Big Krug base Health increased from 1440 to 1560
  • Mini Krug base Health increased from 540 to 620

Murkwolves Camp

  • Big Murkwolf base Health increased from 1320 to 1440
  • Mini Murkwolf movement speed increased from 450 to 500

Raptors Camp

  • Big Raptor base Health increased from 1200 to 1340
  • Mini Raptor base Health increased from 250 to 300
  • Mini Raptor base damage decreased from 20 to 18

Blue Buff Camp

  • Blue Sentinel (Blue Buff) base Health increased from 2000 to 2100
  • Mini Sentinels base Health increased from 400 to 450



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]


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Free Champion Rotation Week 35 Season 4 Banner


The following Champions will be free-to-play until September 23rd:





Aatrox Final Portrait

Anivia Final Portrait

Graves Final Portrait

Janna Final Portrait

Karthus Final Portrait

Lucian Final Portrait

Sona Final Portrait

Udyr Final Portrait

Yasuo Final Portrait

Zac Final Portrait



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at @NoL_Chefo or e-mail me at [email protected]



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Ghostcrawler shared the balance team’s thoughts on Tristana and that she’s in need in nerfs that won’t be at Worlds, for fear of changing the game environment unnecessarily for training teams. He also addressed Soraka‘s healer-focused rework, ADC itemization and the age-old topic of Ranged vs Melee. Soraka was also within scope of today’s red posts on the community beta forums, along with Sona and her state post-rework. Lastly, Meddler confirmed Sion won’t be receiving band-aid changes before his rework and an announcement that the in-client store will soon be revamped.

TL;DR in featured comments.


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Do you guys have any plans to nerf Tristana

Ghostcrawler New PortraitYeah, she needs nerfing. Realistically it is unlikely to happen before worlds. We like for those matches to take place on as stable a build as possible that has been thoroughly tested, so even very good changes can be ultimately risky. We also think it’s reasonable for the players to expect that numbers won’t go changing wildly right in the middle of worlds.

To clarify, she needs some sort of weakness. If we just lower her damage or something, players may just switch from her to Kog or someone which just substitutes one dominant ADC for another. Ideally we’d like to give her some trade-offs so that you can choose her for her strengths or avoid her because of her weaknesses.

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Follow Up

Ghostcrawler New PortraitI said: To clarify, she needs some sort of weakness. If we just lower her damage or something, players may just switch from her to Kog or someone which just substitutes one dominant ADC for another. Ideally we’d like to give her some trade-offs so that you can choose her for her strengths or avoid her because of her weaknesses.

You said: Remember when you said the whack a mole strategy was something you were trying to steer away from? Yet you just keep doing it. 

I think we are saying the same thing.

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So will every game at Worlds be decided by who gets Trist

Ghostcrawler New PortraitAs a few other players have pointed out, she isn’t as popular in Korea.

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So you’d rather nerf Tristana than buff other ADs

Ghostcrawler New PortraitYou get the same outcome whether you add or subtract numbers. You’re just deciding if the number 20 or the number 25 is the target and adjusting all the others to reach it. The same risks apply because if you accidentally get Trist at 26 and Ashe at 23, then players still understandable choose Trist over Ashe. In fact, bringing all the others up is actually more risky — in other words, it’s easier to nerf than buff — because the more numbers you touch, the more the likelihood that you will change something in a way you didn’t anticipate.

A better solution, we believe, is making sure champions have niches — that they have strengths and weaknesses. To use the same example, rather than asking whether you’d play the champion at power level 20 or power level 25, you’re choosing among the number 20, the letter B or the color green. It’s easiest to see this in supports where choosing Thresh vs. Braum vs. Nami gives you different strengths for different trade-offs and also causes the rest of your team and the other team to approach things differently. We want to make sure fighters and marksmen (who typically have the least well-defined niches) feel the same way. Does that explanation make sense?

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Can’t we get the Trist nerfs on Live, but keep Worlds on the old patch

Ghostcrawler New PortraitThere is some value in players not having to remember two versions of the game (live vs. LCS) because it’s confusing, but overall we agree that there isn’t much point in holding back good changes from live. My point was that we are unlikely to see changes in worlds themselves. You might see them on live. (We do know that a lot of players do gravitate towards whatever the pros are using, even if the builds are different.)

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The problem with ADCs is they have too much self-peel

Ghostcrawler New PortraitI agree. They already have the advantage of range. They don’t also need excellent movement, survivability and tons of CC. I feel like we often slapped those mechanics on abilities just to give the ability a little oomph, not because the ADCs really needed to be more slippery. Part of the intent is that in a team fight you need to cooperate as a team to keep them alive.

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You’ll always assume the most popular Champion has no weaknesses

Ghostcrawler New PortraitWell to be fair, a lot of champions do lack weaknesses. But we’re pretty happy with Lucian, Vayne and Kog for example. Even if they start to feel over or underpowered we feel like we have dials we can turn there. If we nerf Trist’s damage right now, she probably just goes away as a viable pick. For example, she used to be weaker mid game where she needed a few more items to become really scary. Now she can get like 1-2 and be good to go. She also used to be weaker in lane, but we toned down Lucian’s lane bullying. Without explicitly intending to, we removed her downsides.

I don’t know what specific changes we would make to her. I leave that up to the live team. I’m just presenting the problem.

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Some Supports are clearly better than others\

Ghostcrawler New PortraitTrue, but we did recently update Sona and Soraka is incoming. There have been some pitches for Taric. We’ve had difficulty nerfing Lulu mid a little without nerfing her support ability, but she doesn’t feel that far off either. (And to be clear, she’s fine in mid, so long as that doesn’t push out other mids or push Lulu out of support.) We see a lot of Leona. Janna can do things nobody else can do, so I bet we’re a tiny tweak away from her getting picked.

Caveat: I’m also talking a lot specifically about the NA finals here, because they just happened and I was fortunate enough to watch them live. The sample size is small and those guys, like everyone, have their own personal preferences. They tend to play conservatively (though it’s fun to watch when they don’t) because the price for failed experimentation is pretty high. I’m not sure it should be a goal that each game in a pro match has a different ADC and support from the previous one. (Which is not to say Nidalee getting banned or Trist getting pick/banned most games is the target either.)

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ADC meta is going to stay like that as long as you’re in charge

Ghostcrawler New Portrait Is this because of the discussion a few weeks ago when I said melee need love? 

If we look at the NA finals (which certainly aren’t the only measure of balance but they’re fresh on my mind) we saw Corki, Jinx, Lucian, Kog and a whole lot of Trist. I may have forgotten one. Of those, Trist (and maybe Kog) are the ones we worry about being too dominant.

We think it’s safe to say that the ADC itemization tweaks from a few patches ago, while noble in their goal, ended up removing some of the weaknesses that Tristana had. I’m not sure what steps the live team will take to make sure Trist has some kind of weakness again, but when we last discussed it, we all agreed it was a problem. Interestingly, we see her used less in Korea so it will be fun to see how this all shakes out in worlds.

Again, LCS picks aren’t the only measure of champ power that we use, but we know they do heavily influence picks in normal ranked play.

Apologies for the derail, since the original topic wasn’t ADCs at all, but I wanted to share our thoughts on the issue. If you have feedback on the Cas or Soraka updates, we’ll make sure the respective designers see it.

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Questions about GC’s past, Cassiopeia and Soraka’s reworks


Its Ghostcrawler. What did you expect, a rework that makes any sense?? Let me point you to the many ‘reworks’ we had in WoW… Oh ya, they all went just like this as well.


Ghostcrawler New PortraitI don’t do champ updates and I don’t tell that team what to do, other than offer some higher level design direction. What I am interested in is the long term health of the game. So questions like “How do we position melee so they have a chance against ranged champions without just pumping up their passive stats?” is something I am involved in. So is making sure you guys have some insight into why we make the changes we do. More on that below.


Just a question, how do you explain the fact that since you’ve joined Riot ranged champions have been dominant over melees for the most part of your time being here?


Also since I have been here, Riot has updated SR and announced Worlds in Korea. I also can take close to zero credit for either of those decisions. If I were to secretly or overtly tell the designers that our mission is to make ranged dominant but shhh don’t let any players know of our plan, I’m pretty sure I’d be fired. This is a business, not any one developer’s private toy box.


Would you at least care to comment on why cassiopeia is being changed from the poison dot queen to just a ryze 2.0?


You’d be better off talking to the designer working on that update. IIRC the direction was to give her more of a late carry feel at the cost of some of her lane bullying potential, but I’m pretty sure nobody here wants to see a hyperscaling, CDR crazy snake Ryze.


I’m pretty sure at this point the respective designers (it’s Morello really for Soraka) don’t care about the issues the community has with the reworks.


Couple of things. Morello isn’t doing that update. He doesn’t do those either. He feels like he needs to comment because for so long he told players that we thought a true healer wasn’t healthy for League. We are trying it anyway with Soraka, so he wants to provide context for this apparent change of heart.

Second, we understand that champ updates aren’t likely to be greeted with universal acclaim. Some players like broken champs because they’re broken. Others want to see them fixed, but have a specific direction they’d like to see that is sometimes at odds with the direction we choose. We have been trying to articulate our thinking in patch notes, forecasts and rundowns to make that direction clear. Ultimately we do want players to feel like they have lots of options in who they play, and don’t want them to feel that a favorite champion is doomed to stay non-viable in competitive play. That’s a compass heading and not the kind of thing we can fix overnight. There are a lot of updates needed.

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Do you want Ranged champions to have more influence than Melee

Ghostcrawler New PortraitI think ranged champions are too dominant and I’d like to see melee bring more to the table than “I hit hard if I can ever close the gap.” I don’t think that’s a simple matter of just buffing melee stats, because then the seesaw just tips in the opposite way: ranged can never kill a melee until the latter is in their face, at which point the melee dumps out all their CDs and gets a kill. (It also makes melee vs melee duels pretty boring because they are both soaking a lot of damage.)

We want to rework fighters. It’s a big project and not the kind of thing you are going to see in a patch or two. I know that’s frustrating, but really our only options on large scope changes like this are to talk about them early (in which case it’s frustrating that you see no action for a long time) or we don’t talk about them (in which case it’s frustrating because you don’t know if we even acknowledge the problem or are formulating a solution). The option of “just fix everyone next patch” isn’t really an option.

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The ADC itemization changes harmed the game

Ghostcrawler New PortraitIt was something the design team as a whole wanted to do. The problem we were trying to fix was having such static, pre-determined build orders for ADCs. In retrospect you can argue that the change caused more overall harm to the game than good, but at the same time, if we’re super paranoid about making any change with long-term ramifications, it just means we’ll make fewer changes overall.

If anything, the ADC itemization changes (in 4.11 IIRC) illustrate how hard it is to touch one part of the game without touching everything else, which further complicates really big projects like a melee rework. We can try to make larger changes in preseason where players tend to be more understanding of disruption, but there are probably inevitably going to be times when we make a change for a good reason, but have to follow it up with a lot of other changes in subsequent patches.

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We don’t like you because of what you did to WoW

Ghostcrawler New PortraitWhat I did on WoW is get out on forums and twitter and talk to players. That is the only reason most players even know my name and not many of the other leads. I plan on still communicating though, hopefully even more so.

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Current state of Sona and suggestions for buffs

Here’s a link to the whole post; it’s a good read if you’re interested in an analysis of post-rework Sona.

Fearless New PortraitHey all, just wanted to hop in here and say that I have read this post and have been thinking about what next steps Sona needs or can support. Initial thoughts are that while Sona is slightly less successful, she’s still very much on the winning side, so justification for straight buffs is pretty weak.

Usability changes are still something I’m very much interested in attempting, but finding ones that don’t increase her power dramatically may take some extra time. I can’t commit to anything, but I did want to let everyone know that we’ve still been talking about Sona, and we do want to make sure she’s satisfying, even if she’s not in need of straight buffs.

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Will other healers receive changes like Soraka in her rework
Scruffy New PortraitSoraka is an exception in this case: we want to give her healing that is so much stronger than any healer we have ever tried in League before that the health cost becomes a necessary tradeoff.

Healing like Sona’s or Nami’s is within a more ‘standard healing’ amount that wouldn’t need a health cost to stay balanceable.

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What would make Soraka’s heal better than Sona’s

Scruffy New PortraitTo sort of simplify it a bit, Soraka has pretty much the same heal as Sona’s W but on a 2 second cooldown instead of a 10 second cd.

So both the overall sustain and the burst healing are more. This is where health cost comes in, we want her to have extreme healing power that she doesn’t just spam and has to think about when to use it and how.

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Soraka’s new passive seems pretty bad

Vesh New PortraitOk so let me explain a bit about the reasoning here.

The goal is to let armor and MR purchases still make Soraka tanky, but in the correct ways. For each point of armor and MR you have, each individual health point becomes a higher effective amount. The ways we don’t want Soraka to be tanky are in the short window of burst, because we feel that Soraka needs to be vulnerable if she’s allowed to spam low CD heals on her whole team.

We -do- want Soraka to be survivable over the long run of the fight however. This means that the health return she gets for landing Q restores similar amount of -effective- HP in the long term because you still have 80% of the mitigation as raw stats and 20% of the value as AP that is effecting the value of the heal. Does that make sense? 

Defensive stats still make her scale defensively, but a lot of that defensive power comes from her health regen being stronger, and when she has resists each point of HP is “worth” more, causing the value of the health return to scale in two ways at once. This way we can adjust how much of her long term tankiness needs to be dependent on hitting Qs and how much should just be stats. If we find that the health return isn’t offsetting the lack of resists, we can simply increase how much AP she gets per point of resits. It’s already in her favor currently (each point of armor/MR is worth 20 gold and AP is worth 21.75 I believe).

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Why not make Soraka’s W heal cost a % of Current HP, not Max HP

Vesh New PortraitThis gets asked a lot so let me explain. As you get close to the 50% mark, you create a pretty binary situation where if the enemy doesn’t have the tools to burst you, you basically get to sustain your carry infinitely as your costs get lower. Additionally, it creates weird incentives about how much health you ideally want to have to be the most efficient. With the % current model, it’s actually way more efficient to keep your health low, but we don’t really want to *encourage* people to tank their health down for efficiency. ideally, you want to stay as healthy as possible all of the time.

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Will the Store be revamped

Saberprivateer New PortraitThanks for the question. We ARE working on revamping the store as well. The first target for the Unlock team will be the boost page. This is part of a larger effort where we’ve been getting feedback from players and diving into the overall design. In parallel with that the team has been working hard on improving the infrastructure. There is a lot we can do to improve the experience in the store!

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Will Sion receive changes before his rework like Urgot

Meddler New PortraitFair question, in this case I’d argue what’s good for one champ doesn’t suit another though. That’s because Sion’s kit update is a lot closer than Urgot’s. Urgot’s is sometime next year, and not at the start, at the very earliest. Sion’s also in a better spot effectiveness wise than Urgot was. His kit’s pretty disjointed, but it’s more feasible to be an effective team member as Sion at present than it was on pre 4.15 Urgot. 

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Champion Skin Sale August 29 Banner

 The following Champions and Skins will be 50% off until August 29th:



  • Nautilus – 487 RP
  • Riven – 440 RP
  • Sona – 395 RP


Blast Zone Heimerdinger – 260 RP





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Warmonger Sion – 487 RP


Sion_4 (1)




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News Update August 6 Banner



Vesh returns after a lengthy silence on Soraka to iterate on the direction of her rework and Morello‘s involvement in the process. Up next, Diana and Sona‘s state, with player feedback on both champions. Lyte talks controlling your emotions during a match and punishment for homophobic slurs and aggressive language, an update on a skin for OCE and Team Builder’s icons finally available for EUW!


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EU eSports News

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Want to keep up with news on the Public Beta Environment?

Here’s a list of the latest updates:


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Updates on Soraka Banner



Progress on Soraka’s rework thus far

Vesh New PortraitHi guyssss.

Sorry for the radio silence. Been heads down trying to get Soraka’s kit ready for production for new effects and such. While I really appreciate you guys taking the time to make this thread, the kit is pretty close to design locked ^_^.

I’ll be sharing lots more details soon, but the core of this rework was to make Soraka the core healer of League of Legends. We really wanted to capture the feeling of a healer who is constantly managing their resources and attention to keep their teammates alive. We want the core button you’re pressing in a fight to be a heal, not spamming a pbAoE spell constantly.

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Will Soraka be forced into a Support role after her rework

Vesh New PortraitTo be fair, how many times has support lulu had to suffer because she is so dominate in solo lane? Supports that have reliable CC and also decent damage have a hard time not being problematic in other lanes (especially mid) and undermining the less reliable but higher gameplay mages/etc that live there. 

I will say this though, a champion whose core strength is healing allies will probably not be very good by herself, since the majority of her power budget is dedicated to being the best healer in the game.

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Will you be getting rid of her mana-battery capabilities

Vesh New PortraitI went back and forth on this one a lot. The mana battery thing doesn’t seem very cool on paper but it was a cool unique output that only she had. It’s probably going to remain, but the spell as a whole will have a much larger cooldown (and thus a bigger choice) since her silence aspect is also getting some more changes that will make it more impactful.

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Will you be changing Soraka’s Q in any way

Vesh New PortraitQ is now a spell with more gameplay that will be the driver of her healing engine. Without going into too much detail, you will need to be successful at landing these if you want to heal to your full potential.

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When will Sorakas reworked kit be released on the PBE

Vesh New PortraitNo. We still have to make some new vfx for her and tune/balance her appropriately with the new kit

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How much did Morello help in remaking Soraka

Vesh New PortraitMorello was actually the one who told me not to give up on her core healing identity. He pushed for the high-level pattern we ended up going with, and I honestly believe Soraka is a much better character for it. He’s a great leader and really good at identifying what things are cool at a high level.

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Can Diana be buffed before her gameplay rework

Vesh New PortraitDiana is a difficult problem to adjust with just numbers because she is a tank burst assassin with an all-in pattern and no success case except for taking a guy 100 to 0. As far as any potential gameplay balance updates, that’s up to our Core Gameplay team who handles patch to patch balance changes.


We actually had a really passionate producer who loves Diana who did some experimenting during our latest Thunderdome (sorta like a hackathon where you can work on anything you want) and he had some cool ideas. Diana is definitely on the board for changes, and it seems from the many threads like this that have been made in the past that people are fairly opposed to a bruiser direction. The key will be pushing her more towards the light fighter/assassin pattern in healthy ways which means not just going Q->R->R and mudering a guy.

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Challenge Redesign Diana

IronStylus New PortraitSo, I’m not a designer, obviously. But! I’ve seen a lot of Diana threads pop up, and indeed she is on our list of low-hanging fruit on the potential gameplay update of the ChampUP team but she’s not a priority at the moment. I’m actually jamming with Vesh and one of our new dudes, Paul, just ideating on stuff for a potential update. She’s obviously close to my heart, so any discussion surrounding her peaks my interest.

Many times, discussions say fighter Diana, some say Assassin Diana, but a lot of what I see on the forums focus around numbers. Thing is, a lot of our design internally focuses on creating holistic characters and cohesive themes, not just a walking spread sheet of base stats augmented by QWER mashing.

SO! Community, I present a challenge. Make Diana a kit, but don’t use numbers.

Whether you take from her current kit, give her an entirely new kit, or change the order/effect of her existing kit, dandy. Just don’t get into the nitty gritty. In this scenario, granularity is the enemy. Take a look at theme. How does the moon create an opportunity for this character’s play style? Does moonlight application open up different abilities? Does she make the entire map dark aside from a single AOE damage zone? Does she have an entirely resource system different than mana? Is she a symbol of grace and uses her blade as sword play? Think about it. Think about synergy and the completeness of the experience. Think about Diana as a person, as a character through which you can feel is expressing her personality, motivation and core characteristics through her mechanics, not just an icon that’s a series of numbers.

I’m interested to see the suggestions 🙂

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I feel Sona’s rework is completely underwhelming

Fearless New PortraitOne of the coolest things about Riot is how awesome our support structures are so that we don’t have to be experts at everything. I’m not a high elo player, though not due to a lack of love for the game. It’s mainly due to the fact that for the last ten years, I’ve been building games. Throughout the entire process of updating Sona, I relied on the feedback from multiple Challenger and diamond players that work at Riot, many of whom have played a very large number of Sona games and identify as former or current Sona mains.

Never did I imagine that my experiences as a player would be enough for this work, nor even my experience as a designer. The reason I could have faith in the Sona work came down to the fact that Rioters don’t get in the door without being pretty awesome at something, and are really good about sharing what they know to make other people around them more awesome.

That doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes, and it’s entirely likely that Sona may still need some adjustments in the future. We don’t have enough data to make that call yet, but I’ll be very open when we do, and make sure you all know where we’ll be going with her and why. I understand that the lack of communication at the end of the PBE time has really upset people, but at no time have I ever suggested that anyone should not question the choices we’ve made, or that anyone should just “trust me.” I’m happy to explain every change we made on Sona, or at least point to where I’ve already done that.

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 Sona’s E doesn’t feel powerful when you rank it up

Fearless New PortraitOne of the reasons we gave E the scaling it has was because we knew that it is extremely likely to be a one point wonder, especially if we were going to give Sona reasons to level W more often. We’ve also had E values as high as some that you’ve posted, and it was infuriating to play against. It simply didn’t matter how squishy she was, because she flew around like a race car. That being said, we’ve made other changes since we had those values in that directly impact E, both on the cooldown of the spell, the rate of decay, etc.

It’s possible that if we needed to give power to Sona, but didn’t feel good about giving her more damage or more sustain that something like you suggest would be possible. That being said, it’s harder as a player to get satisfaction out of movement speed when compared to satisfaction in damage or heals/shields. it typically takes a lot more of an increase in MS for players to value. Not ruling anything out, but this was something I hit a lot during experimentation with her kit.

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Can we have a list of words considered offensive in chat

Lyte New PortraitThis is a pretty nuanced topic. There really isn’t a list of phrases or words somewhere that dictates what’s good or bad, and usually it comes down to the attitude and the harm you’re inflicting on other players. At Riot, we don’t conjure up a list of “what’s OK or not OK” in League of Legends; in fact, we simply use the data provided by systems like LeaverBuster, Tribunal, Reports, Honor and more to determine what the community thinks is OK in the game.

To the toxic player, that concept sounds crazy because we’re “letting toxic people decide what’s OK in the community,” but actually, that’s just flawed logic. If the average player is good (and we know for a fact they are neutral or good), then letting the community decide what’s OK or not OK should pretty much reflect real life society. Not surprisingly, that’s pretty much what we find. 

In real life, there are small percentages of people who may think racism, sexism or homophobia is OK, but they are the minority–they assume more people are like them, that others agree with them, and they perceive that these behaviors are more common than they are. 

For example, in your own chat logs, it’s not cool to throw around “rape” so casually. It doesn’t matter if you said it for years in other games, this community doesn’t believe that’s acceptable here. In real life, we’re starting to see this trend as well. So, when you say “I raped your ass” or “he’ll f*cking rape me,” it sounds trivial to you because you might be used to it, but the community has agreed that stuff needs to go.

When you say stuff like “i smoke weed all day and get b*tches, im not a kid,” do you think that’s a respectful comment towards women? Now you start stringing your lines together and you see stuff like, “i raped your ass. stfu, i smoke weed all day and get b*tches, im not a kid” and you start to see why the community disagrees with your behavior. Do you really think you can go to a random school, mall, university, library, factory, retail store, or stadium and say stuff like that and actually believe everyone around you agrees with that behavior? Here’s the truth: everyone is staring at you and thinking, “That’s unacceptable. Why is that person doing that?” Do you really think when you get older that these behaviors are OK? How many of us throw around phrases like “dude, raped them b*tches” at work? 

In other examples, it’s not cool to make light of Nazis, or threaten to AFK, or call people ******* and morons non-stop in games. You might have been doing these behaviors for years–I get that. Other games might not have punished you in the past for these behaviors, I get that. But, these behaviors aren’t acceptable online, or in real life, and that’s what this community has decided. You might think these behaviors are OK, but we don’t. 

If you don’t agree, just stop playing League, and spend your time elsewhere. Don’t be another reason people in real life think gamers are terrible human beings. We’re not, and we need to start showing that we’re not.

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Controlling your emotions when playing LoL

Lyte New PortraitThe average League player believes they are more skilled than they actually are, and they believe that they carry when they win, and someone fed when they lose. This isn’t a League of Legends personality flaw, this is just being human and decades of research in cognitive biases explains why humans are this way.

If you understand that sometimes things are out of your control, maybe you’ll have a better time controlling your emotions when things slip out of hand. You should go into every match knowing that you are going to lose some and win some, and that that’s OK. You should know that even in losses, there’s something you learned from the game that makes you a better player. You should know that if you are skilled enough, you’ll come out on top in the long run. Whether it’s sports, games, or business, many successful people tend to have above average impulse control. For example, the top Poker players in the world don’t get pissed and go on tilt making reckless decisions just because they lost a hand due to somebody else getting lucky–they know that in the long run, their skill will shine through and they calm their emotions to ensure the best decision-making.

At the end of the day, if you can control your emotions, you’ll just be a better (and happier) player. I bet you know inside that you don’t play better when you start raging at that other player, so now you (and that other player) are now just playing worse due to heated frustrations. But, I know how it feels to feel helpless–like the game is out of your control and there’s simply nothing you can do. But, that’s why the best players learn to overcome this feeling and play on. That’s why the best players learn how to comeback, by supporting that other player having a bad game and not trashing them into the ground.

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What happened to updating Riven’s Resource Bar

[ Context ] Riven was supposed to have the stacks from her passive indicated on her resource bar, but the project was scrapped.

Feral Pony New PortraitWe did give this a try and ultimately ended to not do this as it causes a number of consistency issues. It was a while ago and my memory on it is a bit fuzzy since I wasn’t working directly on it but iirc what is came down to was the resource bar is fundamentally meant to function as aresource bar, doubling up on the buff bar goes against a pretty solid rule of thumb in UI/EX design which is limit special cases in UI and avoid duplication. Breaking consistency here has a huge long term cost that can be difficult to quantify.

From a gameplay perspective, the resource bar is meant to be a relatively stable and slowish moving bar showing a characters relative strength, current threat level, and reveal their general flow of attrition (how long it takes to be exhausted). Seeing a champion low on energy or mana means they have limited casts available to them and is a moment of weakness enemies can exploit. In this case for the opponent this bar would be incredibly misleading with Riven being most dangerous but also most vulnerable when this bar is empty. With some weird middle ground of when partially full you’re most likely being killed.

The second important gameplay element is that there should have some level of consistency and flow in the resource bar. Rarely do mana or energy users dump their entire bar in one go, while Riven can cause the bar to fill and empty in only a second or two. It can be incredibly tempting to see an open spot on a UI and want to fill it (believe me I’ve been there, as a mechanics designer I want to cram as much information as I can pretty much everywhere) but there is a steep clarity and readability cost which increases exponentially each time you break. Sometimes this cost can totally be worth it, in this specific case we didn’t feel it was. I would love to explore the space of custom UI elements only the player controlling the character can see/interact with though, and this seems like a logical candidate for that.

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Will there be sound proof booths in future LCS seasons

The Flash New PortraitFrom my experience on stage, the crowd may encourage the players, but the noise itself doesn’t help the team’s play.

Most of the live game runs on a delay of several seconds. Actions in the moment occur well before the crowd can possibly react to it, and by extension, if a player could pull any information from the crowd noise it would not be useful. That information (noise) isn’t actionable.

A few people (including OP) mentioned pro players who set a dragon timer when they hear a commotion in the crowd. The crowd noise/chanting is too unpredictable to be realistically used this way. Think about all the “BALLS” shouts you’ve been hearing lately on the streams. If you’re on stage as a pro player, all you can really pull from the crowd is a binary noise vs no noise, because even something like “BALLS” usually comes across as “edowifjndos!”

Thirdly, the teams that do try to secure an advantage from ‘bad data’ through audience chatter usually pay for it in the game. With the boss headphones and white noise, its not terribly hard to ignore the external chatter, especially when you roll into the same studio every weekend. But occasionally I hear a player asking their team about what the crowd noise was for, and each time they get punished for paying attention to external factors instead of the live game happening right in front of them. The teams that trust their teammates and their own skill get by much better than those trusting the audience for guidance on plays.

I’m not the Rioter who makes the call on whether or not to have a booth or deflection screen, but if that person came to me for my thoughts, I’d say that since noise vs noise is still an issue with these sound mitigation options, installing them is an unnecessary detriment to the overall LCS experience.

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Oceanic Skin Update

CptStupendous New PortraitHey party people!

A lot of threads have been popping up which lately and I’ve been called out for an update (rightly so!) I responded in another thread but I thought it made sense to create a new thread here as well. It’s been a journey I can assure you all of that. We have been quiet about where it’s up to and to be honest the reason why we haven’t said much is we haven’t had any meaningful updates. As a Player, when I hear a company say ‘we’re working on it’ my initial thought is always ‘yeah, bulls#@t’. We’re working on it sounds like such a cop out even if it happens to be true.

Sadly though it is the truth. We are working on it. It’s not something I spend all day every day working on, but it’s definitely not something we’ve forgotten about. In fact, each time a new forum thread goes up the other Rioters in the office print out the thread and pin it to my desk just in case I forget:

So Stupendous, if you’re ‘working on it’ why haven’t we produced an Oceanic skin? It doesn’t take that long to create a skin! 

You’re absolutely right about that, but what does take time is coming up with the concept. Oceania is many countries and we don’t feel it would be right to create a skin with an Australian theme or a skin with a Kiwi theme. We’ve chosen to run with concepts that appeal to multiple countries which is where things get complicated. Then mix in the quality control factors designed to ensure all new skins reach a certain bar and it’s really hard to come up with a skin design which ticks all the boxes – a) relevant to Oceania as a whole b) works with a champ who’s due for a skin c) ticks the quality assurance guidelines. We’ve had a few ideas that we thought were cool, but the champions they applied to were too far down the pipeline to wait on.

So what? Does that mean you’re going to give up, sissy?

No, no it does not. We have a discussion pencilled in for tomorrow (already on the books before this post, believe it or not) to discuss a few new concepts we’ve come up with. From there if we think they tick the boxes we’ll submit them to the skins team go from there. There are Rioters in the office as passionate about this as you guys and girls are, so I can honestly say we feel the pain! All I can do is give you my assurances that I’ll continue to do my best..

Originally Posted by iNoob View Post
also make a new zealand skin like Kiwi Leona or Kiwi Lucian
or ANZAC Vayne, ANZAC Graves etc etc

We did think about an ANZAC skin, it’s definitely the most notable bond between Australia and New Zealand. However at the end of the day we decided it wasn’t the best way for us as a region to pay respect to our armed servicemen and women.

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Team Builder Icons now available on EUW

Draggles New Portrait06/08 – 10:56 GMT+1: Icons are now available! Thank you for your patience, now go collect’em all! 

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Viktor scheduled for a rework

Viktor is now listed in the Champion update schedule for a gameplay update!



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